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Weekly Scopes are up with need-to-know info re Monday’s Full Moon in Libra (yes, Saturn IS a player), Sagittarians acting like Virgos & Aqua-Peeps getting their Mars on.

Speaking of Saturn, i just had a wisdom tooth extracted & so anticipate  v.light blogging – if any –  for next day or so.

Thank you in advance for your sympathy & understanding!

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  1. Ouch. A time for extreme self care and doing as little as possible. Hope you rest, sleep and heal quickly.

  2. Rest well. May you bounce back post recovery in super form.

    That is a beautiful flower, I have been really tripping out on natures beauty lately.

  3. I went to the dentist yesterday to see if my wisdom tooth could be saved. The dentist said no it cant. He said the roots were deep and it was a big job. As i was walking out i said to him’If i won the lottery would you save it and he said of couse he could. That really pissed me off. Its all about money. wish i could win lotto then i would make him fix it. Its getting so sore. take care mystic i hope you feel better soon.

    • Well to keep a tooth in that shouldn’t be in would cost the lottery, and you’d still have to have surgery because the tooth is the problem…. if it wasn’t you wouldn’t be at the dentist. It’s like building your house in the middle of a river then wondering why water keeps getting in, then constructing a damn the whole way around your house to divert the water.

      That’s not to say that dentists don’t want money… think of all the goddamn root canals people have… costs about three times more than just getting the tooth removed, which is the easiest and cheapest way to fix it.

      • My dentist once quipped ‘The biggest cause of tooth loss is dentists’.
        Ha ha ha very funny, she gurgled a he was removing a tooth.
        Never had wisdom teeth (unusual) so had to get my wisdom elsewhere.

  4. Better out than in with wisdom teeth, more trouble than a errant bloke. Hope your feeling much better soon Myst.

    I’m doing the Mars thang already, it’s wearing me out!

  5. Oh you poor thing MM! Take care and rest. I’ve heard that tooth trouble is the manifestation of the need to make an important decision.

  6. Hope you have some nice vegan soups on hand! And tell the person administering the anaesthesia or whatever numbing procedure they use to double-check things. Don’t want Mercury Rx to mess that up. This comes to mind because I discovered when I underwent the procedure eons ago that I am ultra-sensitive to the stuff (12th house Neptune prob. the culprit). This was handy knowledge to have though when I was in labor with my son. Ultimately they had to give me an epidural, and I told the anaesthesiologist to cut the dose by half. He did, and reported later that I was right on!

    • I supposed you didn’t read the story here in Ozland about
      the woman who was administered antiseptic instead of anaesthetic
      in an epidural?
      Now paralysed, never able to hold her boy. Hospital was very sorry
      but was a non comprehensible shocking error!

      Bad time with Myst ‘n all to be telling this but the word ‘epidural’ triggered it.

      • Yes, I did see that article, Pegasus, and I got very snarky about the weasel words using by the hospital when they have totally fucked up this poor woman’s life, and that of her husband and her baby. Awful story.

  7. Get well Mystic! Hope everything goes perfectly!

    This little Libra is a tad skeptical on the “love luck” thing so I’m vibing more with the Saggo rising and “job luck” thing. I think the last time peeps predicted a love encounter would happen, it did, but it sucked. Twas a homeless-looking (& smelling) stranger drawing a (horrific) portrait of me on a cereal box with his phone number on it. Of course that went in the Saturn “to-do” bin.

    • Hey Year of the Fox
      I’m a Libra and feeling kinda beaten on the love front. It’s all work, work, work and workout and then sometimes lame love with Mr Inappropriates. Surely for us Librans it’s nearly time for some awesome love luck? So ready for some good news on the love front!

      • I do agree, but his Libran is in a place of seeking perfection in this area as I am done with learning at the moment, need peace need fun, need perfect (as in just the right one for now for me – NO games No lessons, accepting me as is and I am happy to do so in return). Too much? oh well I’ll wait then :) .

        • I’m not sure there can be perfection in love. Love is such a flawed thing for us humans. We have his breakable shell of meat surrounding us and demanding things like food and sex. It’s hard to have that ideal feeling. But I do commend you and wish you luck on the love quest. I’m tired of “practice” bodies myself and painful “lessons”.

      • Wow you totally get it. I’ve been working hard and channeling Saturn Girl to the nth degree. Call me the career alchemist! I’ve been turning feces to gold in the work dept. and in most other aspects of life except love. I’ve no luck there. Last year was better than this year so when I heard that 2010 was only a sneak peep at how awesome 2011 was going to be love-wise for Libras I was elated. But already in April and it still sucks ass. However I heard we have to wait until June for good things so i will keep my hopes up and try not to be overly emo. If all i can get are losers, I’d rather have no one — Saturn girl with her boundaries. What ever happened to wooing a girl with flowers or going out to dinner/lunch?

        • Right there with ya!

          I hate being a sad sack about it all…am heartened that love is on it’s way (gotta believe it :-) )

  8. Thanks Mystic! I’ve been meaning to write and let you know how right on your scopes have been. They’ve especially been helpful for my Crab husband and what’s been going on in his career realm.

  9. Oh dear, Mystic, you had your wisdom teeth in, all this time as an adult? I hope you feel better soon, I’m sure you will. You have a great excuse for a mandatory short term vacation.

    I’ll tell you a story about teeth that is vaguely feng shui-ish so it might amuse you. I saw a video on Japanese TV a while ago about their cultural traditions when kids have a baby tooth fall out. It’s like their version of the Tooth Fairy. If you have a lower tooth out, you toss it up on your roof. If you have an upper tooth fall out, you toss it under the foundation or crawl space of your home (most Japanese homes were elevated on posts slightly, no basements). Then you recite a little poem and clap in a little ritual. The idea is that an upper tooth will grow towards the ground, and a lower tooth will grow up in the direction of the roof.
    The reason for this little video was that millions of modern Japanese families live in condos or apartments, they can’t get access to the roof or crawl space in a huge building. So some parents save up the teeth and eventually take their children on a trip to Granny’s house out in the country, so they can toss them under or over her old house.

  10. Wisdom teeth are the ones I believe the toothfaire should pay-up on!!!
    Rest well…

  11. I remember having one wisdom tooth removed and it was a shock to the system. So have a good rest, Mystic, and look forward to seeing a revitalised MM springing back into life shortly.

    • How clever, how synchronised.
      South Oz country is having a mouse plague at mo,
      people devising all sorts of different methods for exterminating
      them much to my horror. Could never be a farmer & be ruthless.

  12. Oh gee, I hate to boast but I had four wisdom teeth pulled at once and was eating that night. No pain, no meds, nothing. Just this plastic syringe thing to flush out any pieces of food. Course I was 17 at the time but even still, have missed only one day of work in 4 1/2 yrs.

    Aries you know ;)

    Get well Mystic!

    • Did I mention Mars is conjunct my Sun? I have to boast SOMETIME….But not at Mystic’s expense. Hope it didn’t come out that way (there goes ‘ol Saturn keeping tabs on me).

      xo to you Myst.

      • Thanks yofthef :) ….

        Had my 9.0 lb Cancerian totally natural, no pain meds. Aries sis had 10.4 oz Leo daughter totally natural too and with her leg in a cast and on crutches! (Course she was not on crutches at the time of birth :shock: lol She breastfed my niece. Keeping that child fed was actually the challenge!! x

        For Mystic’s Aries parts….Was never a fan of Kiss but like this song…

    • Ha, bugger being tough, when I gas my wisdom teeth out I dud it under general and took many codeine laced drugs afterwards for as long as I could.
      (Pisces moon sq Neptune)
      Though I didn’t know the extent to which the general would screw with my brain then. Less keen on the stuff now.

      • i too went under, i turned into a blowfish, and took lots of codeine afterwards. my brain seemed OK – hard to tell from where i was floating – but my bowels were not. then i read the fine print on the codeine packet. constipation. o my. when things started up again, it was like giving birth.

  13. Hey, you know what’s weird? I don’t think I’ve ever met a Leo. I probably have but not that I know of. I seem to have all aquarius and pisces friends with a smattering of Aries and I am not even sure why as Aquarians and Pisces shit me :-). (I’m Libra Sun, Libra rising, Pisces moon, some other stuff that I never remember).

    My train of thought here was: ‘hmmm I am having a terrible hair day today despite/because of the overnight treatment I put in last night. Hair. Leos. Leos have good hair. Why don’t I know any Leos?’

    Such are the things I think about when evading work :-)

    Anyone else got a strange bias in their friends signs?

    • Who else still has their wisdom teeth? I’ve never had to have them taken out. Got all four of em.

        • Really?! That’s fascinating to me. I wonder if it has anything to do with your Cap rising…?

          • I wonder also. It might just be you know. Saturn ruling bones and time. Growing up I always assumed they’d grow and I waited and waited and waited…. and waited. Story of my life, all that waiting!

            Pegasus is Cap rising also I think. She mentions above that she never got hers either!

            Even weirder is that my dad’s grew in his late 60’s and he had to have them removed almost immediately as they were too painful. No idea what rising sign he is. Hope i haven’t inherited THAT particular gene! :shock:

            • Exactly! Saturn, Chronos, time.

              Re: your dad’s, damn, that is late, innit?! Though I spose it’s better than having gall stones, hm…

  14. Though my face looks normal, my jaw is so small that I had to have teeth removed as a child and then the four wisdom teeth as an adult. I only have ten teeth on the top and ten on the bottom – so 20 rather than normal 32.

    • Me too. Though not quite as many out as you.
      That’s why I went for the general at the wisdom teeth stage. The sound of then ripping teeth from your mouth … Aaaggghhhh

      • Oh yes shell, I was put to sleep too! Just no pain afterwards even tho when I had some fillings replaced around age 42, searing sharp pains in the face off and on for about a month Think pulling did not affect me same as DRILLING…

        Aries don’t like drilling in their head :)

        • I have discovered that one advantage of being slightly deaf is you can’t hear the drills so much. So there are some advantages in not hearing so well. I have just had a few fillings and the gap in my front teeth filled in courtesy of the Federal government dental scheme for those like me with fibromyalgia or other illnesses. Am very, very grateful!

          • Cool LL. Glad you have good health care over there. I have none. Luckily I’ve only had the flu once in my life (age 14, for one day) and am becoming more and more diligent about taking care of my health. Walked for an hour today and most days.

            Fibro a pain, eh? x

            • Have had several patients over the years and they each have learned what works best for them diet and bodywork wise. Suppose you have found that out too, eh?

              • Yes, do half of what you think you can do and “she’ll be right, mate”. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had a good day, hummed merrily, did lots of stuff, then conked out the next day. Moderation is the key but sadly it’s not something I’m terribly conversant with ;) As for diet, yes, I’ve worked on that and had it sorted out until I saw a dietician and put on weight. Hey-ho, back to my own inner wisdom!

      • Ok then, maybe it IS just me…! Even when I was little, I liked, nope, loved the sound of the drill! Really!!! I couldn’t feel it anyway.
        Just loved the thought of having whatever was wrong taken out, blitzed forever.
        Could be the Scorpy rising, all those equipments fetish from a young age. :)

        • yes! i had my first filling recently, aged 31, and altho i found all the fingers in my face confronting, with eyes closed, and semi-meditative state, i also enjoyed the drill; sanding away rot, cleansing … totally get it!

          • Yep, you nailed FB, “semi-meditative state” with total cleansing!

  15. Poor MM, there’s no ache like tooth ache – except perhaps heart ache?

    Oddly, two friends have admitted to have a mental illness or disorder on Facebook today? They don’t know each other so I can only assume the astro is at play..

    Venus/Neptune in Pisces? Or is it an identity ruled by the Sun.. One is Cancer, one Gemini. I am thinking it’s Neptune being at home but feeling lost affecting us.

  16. Hope youre recovering well mystic.

    A perfect time maybe to go offline and into retreat or recovery with this mercury retrograde. I’m finally having communications go astray, after a period of intensified I.eternal mercury processing. Though your astro threatens work buzz will return tomorrow and sat, I was thinking of declaring an early holiday for myself, well truth be told I started six days ago, and may just continue all the way through till next weekend, I have no work anyway, and job hunting was proving to be a 24/7 head stress, its time for me to relax and get real. It’s very confusing with all this aries energy though.

    Anyway I hope the drugs are good.

  17. It must be bad MM – i think I remember you telling me not to get surgery in merc retro. rest up doll x

  18. Dear MM,

    I hope you get better soon. If it takes time I am will to be very patient until you are fully well again.
    I have everything crossed for your swift recovery, anyways:)

    Best wishes,


  19. mystic… for when you are ready, I had an idea for an astro-confidential…

    a diary or calender of dates good for dentist, surgery, hair, herbal tinctures… I would so buy it with the prospect of much dental work to be done

    a friend does one of the moon diaries (i think there is a couple in production) and it has dates in it for the good times to do these things and the not so good times to do them throughout the year… What do you think?

  20. why do they call them wisdom teeth when they often cause pain and need to be extracted? because wisdom is pain?! Hope you are feeling at least buoyed by some powerful painkillers or much better still you are over the pain and have felt a surge of extra wisdom to replace the tooth…!

    feel better
    Not the typical Virgo