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Who says new money is vulgar? Not our Aries.  Especially not this month.

Weekly Horoscopes for the week from Saturday April 23 are up now.

Something new & quickly gathering momentum is upon all of us…but what?

Depends on your sign but read for your Rising & Sun Sign.

Easter = Eostre/Ostara = Fertility Goddess of the Celts = rabbits/eggs symbolism still with us today.

Happily, the Venus-Uranus in early Aries conjunction puts this fest WAY more in line with what it always was for aeons.

Still the season annoys me, usually because some religious leader always seems to take it upon himself to denounce Harry Potter, gayness or push up bras.

58 thoughts on “Weekly Horoscopes Are Up

  1. Normally I love Easter…but the vibe around this one? Apparently not so fluffy. Like a chocolate egg I feel fully foiled…

  2. Oh no! It’s happened again…I wasn’t having a go, merely agreeing with MM about the annoyance factor around Easter this year. I swear to God I couldn’t let a burp slip outta my mouth at the moment without it being taken the wrong way…

  3. We used to live halfway up a mountain in Queensland and on Easter morning the fundamentalist Christians used to drive up to the top at 4 bloody am to celebrate “the rebirth of Jesus” No objections to their celebrations but they woke us up every year. FOUR AM??? We used to lie there listening to the cars trogging up the mountains and fantasise about laying booby traps for them on the way down, or perhaps greeting them with molotov cocktails or flame throwers, or mugging them with a giant Easter bunny. Sigh, fantasies only but when we left we looked around our block and celebrated no more early morning wake-ups on Easter Saturday.

  4. is merc retro over yet? i’m sooo done with the freakin intensity of everything (especially last couple of days) and now we have easter to do. love easter, i really do. in fact gonna carb my way to oblivion with hot cross buns and chocolate till i can’t function…. but seriously, bring on next week when (hopefully) my Sagg Sun and Aries Rising will function on all pistons again…. can’t wait for the “Something new & quickly gathering momentum is upon all of us” to happen….. bugger bloody merc retro ;)

    • Agreed. I usually go through merc rx unscathed. In fact, sometimes, I even feel people bang on about their computer meltdowns etc and think.. surely they are exaggerating just a little? This time though, I get it. Computer crashes, no phone lines at work, dramas with Telstra (related to afore mentioned business line) typos in just about every email, some resulting in dramatic miscommunications… it has been dramatic and stressful to say the least.
      About half the people I know have new jobs this month it seems though.. which is kind of interesting. When is it over?

      • Yep, usually go through Mercury rx unscathed too. But nooooooo, not this time. Even finally happened to my mobile: someone couldn’t get through coz she said my mobile was engaged (it wasn’t), or she couldn’t reach me coz the network said I/the number wasn’t available (it was! the mobile was ON! and connected!)
        Like Mystic said, news fast. Compartmentalizing.
        Not giving a shit, looking ahead, however nebulous, vague and non-descript that new beginning seems to be right now.

  5. Being in the south hemisphere I will be conscious of the seasonal change to autumn, not spring, and doing my own version of Mabon ritual. Drawing in the sun about now has proved to me to have such powerful outcomes later on. And tis a beautiful magick to do.

    (Starts with saying) Big thankyou to all you awesome bloggers on Mystic’s site for putting all your inspiring thoughts here , and Thankyou Mystic for your wonderfully witty wisdom all year.
    She’s apples ;)

  6. I MUST be libidinous! I misread ‘spread-sheeted’ as ‘spread-eagled’ in the Virgo weekly.

      • I seriously considered dishing out $400 to escape to a yoga retreat this Easter too, alas, I have to work. I will be standing around serving drunks secretly wishing to trade places with you.

        • P.S. If they get you doing the right poses it might be a bit better than spread eagle…

  7. MS, yep, you hit the nail on the head… i’m having a total sociopathic bender!… very succinct of you! over it already. beam me up.

  8. Lovin the Warner Bros pics lol the Daily one is so cute esp Daffy. I was planning a very quiet & restful Easter.

  9. Harry Potter, gay-ness and push-up bras are some of the better things in life! jeez. You think if these religious leaders got properly laid once in a while they’d feel a bit better about life? And that maybe they would get properly laid if the weren’t such a bunch of fricken losers?

  10. Barring any MercRx flubs, I have the weekend to my lonesome, which could be productive –or not. I actually have to cobble together a “portfolio” of work someone wants for me. I put “portfolio” in quotation marks because it’s been nearly two decades since I’ve actively developed one, so I’m all a-quiver with self-doubt. What to include?

    Dailies talk of dream wisdom. Dreamed the local guy showed up at my place when I was asleep, beard missing, and threw himself on my bed drunkenly rambling about “what a man’s gotta do”. Apparently real men only confess their feelings on alcohol. I was surprisingly compassionate, but definitely not turned on. Got up to use the bathroom and while sitting on the toilet he bust in needing to use it, too. Found myself deflecting him like a mother with a just potty-trained boy on her hands: “No! Over there! Over there! I’m sitting on the toilet!” Over there was a big bowl.

    Don’t have to be Freud to figure this one out.

    Push up bras are from hell, true. Gay-ness, straight-ness, whatever-ness is just fine as long as you like yourself more than your “ness,” and Harry Potter is over-rated.

  11. carb cravings like no other. bleeding, wanting, yearning. potato and wine. just inhailed a box of chips whilst advising toro ex on awareness of intimacy issues pissing off his current beau
    toro: 1
    ms : nil

    • Same here gave in & gorged a large croissant so glad I did tasted like the French had made it not Coles & devoured some chocolate. Otherwise I’d eat all this other stuff I don’t really want, go to The Source for menstrual cravings I say. Mmmmm chips….

  12. Easter makes me think of the asteroid, Makemake, number 136472. It used to be called “Easterbunny” before it was re-named Makemake. Apparently, astronomers chose that name for a number of associations that roll over from Easter: Makemake is the fertility god of the Easter Island/Rapanui people and he is associated with birds’ eggs and games/competitions (similar to the Easter egg hunt.)

    I have Makemake at 8 Leo in my 9th house, biQuintile my Chiron in Pisces (4th house.) I am not sure what it means but I don’t have any planets in Leo/9th so having Makemake there is nice.

    • oooh thanks for that info… will look up… i have some kind of affinity with rapanui

  13. wait…! we’ve all been counting down until the 23rd for mercury direct to provide answers and now we have to hold off until next week??? whaaaaaa!!!!!


    • Mercury’s going direct in a Dark Moon phase, so sometimes what comes out can’t/shouldn’t be acted upon until the New Moon. This time, it’s May 3.

      And then there’s the Mercury direct “shadow” zone where Mercury has to travel back over the road it just reversed through. It’s finally out of “shadow” zone when it returns to the degree where it initially went retrograde –and we’re back at the beginning before we took that MercRx detour.

      Some people find this helpful. It’s a bit like a bobbin of thread spooling and unspooling again.

  14. should we be reading for our moon signs as well? i like the scope for my moon sign best ;)

    • I always read my moon sign to get some context for my emotional life. Many days it makes more sense than the rising or sun sign.

      • that makes sense – it seems to be the same for me. thanks weathergirl! x

  15. OMG only days until Merc gtfo of retrograding and making my life so unbelievably annoying. Hands down worst one in ages. Liking the feeling of this Toro sun though, apparently signed up for ‘My Yoga Online’ a matter of hours after the sun shifted, classic. Seriously feeling the need to stop the self indulgent behaviour of the past few months and get on it health wise. Venus about to go through the first house along with everything else which sounds pleasant and hopefully now the clog of Mercury is abating I can find a home? Yes plz.

  16. How is everyone going with the incommunicado lust/love interests (as discussed on Retro-Bats Obsessive.

    It’s driving me nuts and am trying very hard to resist the urge to txt…agh!

    • Hey uncoolVirgo

      I am being terrible at the incommunicado love/lust interests stuff. I know I shouldn’t …. and i try so hard…and then I crumble.

      Hopeless! But at least my expectations are low re. replies/outcomes ;-)

      Driving me nuts as well. One more day…one more day…

    • Im fine… they all went to shit anyway, hence why i think following mm’s advice was very sagacious…

      People freaking out everywhere around me.. the aries violence, offensive, abusive, unreliable etc… its all there…

      Just trying to stay in the space of love

      • apparently fine stands for f – fucked up, I – insecure, N – neurotic, E – emotional….

        just remembered this after i wrote ‘im fine’ what a load of bollocks…

      • urgh – one of my ‘interests’ is an ex. We have an ongoing shared creative project. We see each other about once a week. I look forward to it but it is completely exasperating. Ideally, this would be a mature, platonic, relaxed interaction but that appears to be impossible. Our interactions are laughable for all the weirdness/complexity vibing between us. Makes me sad. We were together very briefly but it was significant. Soulconnect and perhaps too alike? I’d almost prefer a shitty proto-relationship with him than this shitty weird friendship.

        • I have an ex trying to tempt me into contact. Bugger him. If he wants to talk, he man up about it. Hmph.
          I would like the waves of anger at my housemate moving in her boyfriend without asking. Add this to the list of house duties she has not done because she us too busy with said boyfriend or the bills she still has not paid me back from. She refuses to talk to me after I cut my leg open on her bike pedal and swore after she left it in the middle of the living room. I am not even going to go into the whole story, but she wasn’t meant to be there… Just came back to eat my dinner and then leave me the dishes. Again.
          Straw that broke my good natured camel was my mum thinking I was taking too much time deciding what I wanted to do for my birthday and has organized it all for me. I may have just swore down the telephone at her. Not feeling proud about that.
          Completely ruined this mornings yoga.
          I am going to have a nap and start this day over.

          • 8O

            *hugs venus-a-go-go while eating a lemon tart and offers a basket full of treats*

            Can you tell your flatmate from me that she gives me the shits because she should be respecting you… 8O

            Your mum is a gemini right? So hopefully she will flexible in doing whatever you wish to do for your birthday… 8O

          • Ah flatmates…. especially ones who owe you money …..
            Hope it sorts out okay Go Go girl.

            I love Gemini Taurus interaction it’s so funny the combination of ‘flit flit be excited’ vs ‘wall/couch’, we do seem to so want you to come play with us ….

              • Gem vs Toro…

                Gem: ‘We can always change it… I just wanted to get the ball rolling’
                Toro: ‘Change it? What do you mean _change_ it? And I was getting close to making a decision’.

                I am sure the whole birthday thing will come out ok in the wash… and it was actually very sweet (if not a little controlling) of her.

                *rolls eyes whilst nabbing BG’s basket of treats*

                Nap was a good idea. I would Looooooooove to discuss my housemates disrespect _with_ my housemate. But I am working nights and she is making damn sure not to come home till I leave for work.
                We work together and we have infact had a very amicable lunch, but I made no move to discuss house stuff etc etc. Work is work. Home is home. I discuss home at home.

                It’s the rules.

    • uncoolVirgo . . I’m the same as when I reported on the Retro-Bats post. I still have not heard from the love interest Mr. Dubai, but my Saggo friend who supposedly knows more about these matters because he’s (1) a male and (2) a local astrologer keeps assuring me that if I sit tight I will hear from the awol love-interest again. I think Saggo-astrologer dude is just being overly optimistic, but his optimism – and mandates to just sit still – have made it easier to resist the urge to write to Mr. Dubai and say, “WTF??” So anyway, you’re a Virgo, I’m a Virgo, and the Virgo ‘scopes just seem to be written with us in mind.

  17. I know re scopes!

    My Libra interest has stuff to sort out. Really nice person, coming out of awful sitch. So I’m giving him space. But it’s real hard. His stars say something about a love interest who is a neighbour (we used to live near each other) lol, go MM. Then I think oh, maybe it’s a new one for him. agh.

    • hey, uncoolVirgo, don’t stress yourself out over micro-analyzing the meaning . . . more easily said than done, though, right? Go with the interpretation that has his thoughts with you. Why am I being positive now? Because the astro wheels are turning as they should . . . Mr. Dubai contacted me early today saying his brother had to have emergency surgery last week, and he’s been at his side the whole time, he even had to cancel all work projects. There’s still the mystery of why he hasn’t said a single amorous word to me since Mercury went backward, but I will take it as a positive sign from the universe that he is still checking the email account he gets no other mail in except from me, and still apparently has the need to let me know why he’s been out of touch.

  18. Let’s hope the “secrets to be revealed” thing is going to be positive. Most of the time, it’s so negative that I am actually scared. Or worse yet, it’ll mean more idiots to bash over the head with a stick. In honor of mercury retro, I bought extra sticks for bashing in case of stick failure, so I’m prepared! :D