Loving The Archetype

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“I don’t fall in love much, I mean, I fall in love every five seconds with something but I don’t go from boy to boy. I go from archetype to archetype.”

Tori Amos

So wow – i am totally grokking this!  Though I’d feared that i was more doing stereotypes, lol.

Tori is Scorpio Rising – with Lilith near the Ascendant, no major surprises there – and she’s got Uranus-Pluto on her Midheaven so definitely a Gen X/Pluto-Uranus in Virgo spokes-being.

But so far as this particular comment goes,let’s look to her Sun-Venus in Leo…in the idealistic 9th House.

Or do you think Loving the Archetype has more to do with her Moon in Libra?



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  1. Ha! I will go with Moon in Libra on that one.
    To love an archetype seems a bit formal and cool, a way of controlling an unruly passion, being able to file and categorise and shelve it.
    I think of Moon in Libra as needing a partner without always checking the credentials of the the object of their affections.

    Not to say some of us aren’t attracted to pure (as in loaded in one sign) types though too.

    • So true, andie! There’s distance required for Moon in Libra, almost as if really getting into the grit of the relationship straight away spoils a necessary dream time.

  2. Wow, except for the Sun-Venus in Leo, she’s got the same Scorp rising, Libra Moon, and URanus/Pluto in Virgo at the MC as me. . . I think the Lilith part too . . I must check her out more . . . I call this approach as considering love not for love’s sake but in consideration of a lifestyle choice. Are you attracted to them because of a true love emotion, or because of how you think your lifestyle might be with them and/or how your lifestyles blend or don’t blend.

  3. My Moon in Libra has many books on Archetypes, which
    i relate to more than astrology thinking the 12 signs ARE
    archetypal than actual.
    And used to buy YSL JUST for the package design & would polish
    the items almost daily i loved it so much. What does that say for
    a Saggo wearing combat gear with designer marquillage?Salut me?

  4. Mystic, you and i are so bizarrely in sync, I just finished reading her autobiography “Piece by Piece”. It is SO 9th house. All philosophy and religion and I learnt so much about archetypes and mythology just from reading it. She is a study in sun/venus in the 9th house. And her scorp rising means she isn’t afraid to explore the darks sides of each.
    I found it interesting that she didn’t go into surviving the dodginess of the music biz until the final chapter but it was well worth the wait. What a strong, wise woman.

  5. I think it’s a strong Pluto or 8th house thing. It’s not as superficial as some may take it, it’s looking at a person and really being able to read who they’re channeling. Communing with the very depths of them, regardless of the mask they’ve got on that afternoon. It’s what makes public transportation so invigorating. Odins are hard to find though.

    • Yes, Odins are hard to find, though there seems to be an abundance of Ares types, and if you’re lucky you might nab yourself a Dionysus…temporarily! I think I married a Dumuzi…

      Tori’s not afraid to be a spokesperson for the Underworld (her Pluto) and that coupled with her Scorpio rising would make her particularly formidable in the romance game. From what I know of her she doesnt suffer fools gladly and she just has that canny eye about her, she could size you up in a heartbeat. She’d eat boys for breakfast.

      • I’ve got enough Mars energy in me to do without the perpetual war you get from Ares. Conquest being their thing, they’re not likely to tolerate monogamy for long (8th house Venus, I do allconsumingtotaldevotionwutheringheightslove, so if you go elsewhere before I’m ready to depart, I’ll rip your head off.) This world is drowning in Apollos though and I’d like to set them all on fire, their hands always crawl up to your throat. Dionysus would be fun for a Winter. Though the problem with the socially rejected archetypes is their always so wounded. Which can be endearing for a while, I mean you really do want to help them claim their essence, but you also have to know when you’re writhing in a garbage truck.

        I think Tori lost a lot of that when she married, the last two albums have been so…I feel like I’m watching a bad Hera possession. Talking in interviews about realizing money isn’t everything as if this is a profound statement. And all that plastic surgery! Hopefully it’s just a bad transit and she gets out of the deluge soon. Otherwise, I’ll stick with Bjork and Kate Bush. 96-99 Tori was a demigod though.

        • Thanks, love yours too – sounds delish. Tori has been a mentor for me since my teens and seeing how she’s transitioned into wifedom and motherhood while having a rockstar career has been interesting, though her plastic surgery was a let down. I kinda wish she’d done a Kate Bush and disappeared for a while and then released something epic. She’s a prolific artist and while a girls gotta bring home the bacon, perhaps she couldve just taken a time out. I think she knows she’s having a bad Hera trip but is pretty well “kept” now. I know the feeling. Being married does affect your work because the spontaneity isnt there so much. I wonder what her husband’s “archetype” is…

  6. Okay, not to be mean and all, but Aries sis with Libran Moon probably doesn’t even know what an archetype is :razz: Spirituality was all about being from somewhere else (Uranus in 12th?….Probably). But with Leo rising and Pluto in 1st trine Sun do suspect a part of her has caught on that there is much more to the picture.

    Obviously many here with Libran Moons (like Mystic/Pegasus do understand archetypes. Where are you lately Pegs?).

    • Hi there Sweetie, still doing beach & on Aquaman’s mac.
      Have just finished book of short stories on history of Cali,
      no mention of Palm Springs tho’.
      Returning to city later today.
      Hope all is copacetic ‘n all with you :-)

    • (((shout out to Pegs)))

      Hey, thanks for hollarin’ back. x

      Interesting about the short Cali stories. Found Palm Springs was incorporated on my b-day, April 1 but 1938. Who knew when I moved out here? Gives me a feeling of belonging even tho I have not always felt that way here in the desert.

      Copacetic…think that is your word. You know I had to initally look that up when you started using it. :)

      Just saved myself about $300 by doing my own taxes. And they say Aries has a short attention span.

      Cappy Moon got up 5:00 both days (Mon/Tues) to be organized and a jump on the gun. Was done by 9:00 this morning.

      Then to print out. Yipes. My printer not jibbing with this computer but then simply uploaded docs after saving, to google docs. Can print from any computer now.

      Knew there was a way and I found the fuqer… :lol: x

    • Aries Sun and Venus sis have both in 9th too. But she was just never ‘deep’ as far as introspection. It does fit her flight attendent career however and travelling about. People can change of course and that I wouldn’t know about presently.

  7. As the pianist, composer and avid consumer of mythologies, mysticism and gender studies that I am, obviously I love Tori’s work and take on the world.

    We became best friends for an hour on the day after her 46th birthday. I did her Numerology but I was really interviewing her for this magazine, and here’s a link to the only place it seems to remain online… if you want to read the article… It was at the time she was doing the album all about female archetypes…


    • Haven’t read your article yet Lex but clicked on the link. Impressive that you interviewed her! One of my Gem Sun daughter’s fave artists.

      Think it had been you and I who had once conversed here about our love of “Some Kinda Fairy Tale” song. Am thinking I’ll give a listen now..x

      • Whenever I’m in California I hear “things you said that day up on the 101, the girl come undone, I tried to downplay it with a bet about us, you said you’d take it as long as I could, I could not erase it…”

        That album was written along the Native American songlines, and I feel she just got California in that melody, you can hear the redwoods, somehow, clever thing she is.


        • “Up on the Ventura”…for any who might listen to that song, the 101 Hwy is the Ventura highway (freeway) and cuts through Hollywood west to Ventura (a coastal community). Sis used to live there.

          101 does have it’s own unique feel for sure.

  8. Hahahaha, Oh Mystic, looks like you unleashed all of us Toriphiles into an open forum1 LOOK OUT!!

    I think if anyone has ever seen Tori perform, even just from footage, one can see that Sun-Venus Leo in action. What other possible combination could turn what is essentially a sensual congress with her piano into an engaging performance.

    I’ll agree that it’s the Moon in Libra with the archetypes though. I’ve found Libra Moon people to instintively adopt required personas, often archetypal, according to the situation, even place several faces at once to all the relevant parties in a group setting. That Tori is interested in the different masks we wear and adopt on various levels is an extension of this instinct.

    Having met her though, I’ve found her every bit as engagin and endearing as you’s expect from a Libra Moon though. She’s a truly lovely woman to talk to, and incredibly playful as she is insightful.

    • Wow Nate, that Libra moon description… Have you met my ex and been studying his behaviour?

      • hahahaha no. But I’m dating a virgo with Libra Moon and Aqua Asc….. also seem to attract the Libra Moons as friends. They’re everywhere!!!

  9. I *just* want to make an astro note here that her NN IN CANCER is conj Carl Jung’s MERCURY IN CANCER by 1 deg or so, which squared his nodal axis. I think his Merc was so essential in the process cos it’s so imaginative and creative, lots of imagery going on there.