The World’s Top Male Model Is A Multiple Conjunct Scorpio


F.Y.I. the world’s official top male model is a Multiple Conjunct Scorpio…

Baptiste Giabiconi is Mars-Pluto-Mercury-Lilith-Sun all tight together in Scorpio.

And practically everything else is in Capricorn. He is part of a mini-generation born late 80s/early 90s who have nearly all of their astro focussed in Capricorn & Scorpio…

He actually looks really Scorp, don’t you think?  Heavy lidded eyes, strong, patrician style of nose and super-intense aura.

Where-as here, he looks more like maybe a Leo Rising/Zoolander type. What is the bottom necklace signifying?

51 thoughts on “The World’s Top Male Model Is A Multiple Conjunct Scorpio

  1. The bottom necklace is the fleur-de-lis, a French symbol. Is he French? That just adds to the sexiness…

    I think I’m part of that Cap/Scorp mini-generation. I was born 1990. Saturn-Neptune Cap and Pluto-Lilith in Scorp. …We’re quite the bunch.

  2. Nice profile. Male Scorps do nothing for me (I maintain that Scorps are immune to each other), but I can see the appeal. He has a unique look.

  3. Also, I’m really jealous of other Scorps who got the classic aquiline or Roman nose. Mine is definitely, er, unique, but it’s ill-defined and shaped funny (Pisces rising. Except for my eyes, my features are so soft they’re practically blurry). No fair.

  4. I wish I could be immune to other Scorps, but alas I draw them to me like a magnet, or is it the other way around? This guy sounds like my Scorp ex, who has penetrating icy David Bowie in Labyrinth-like blue eyes and hooded brows, though not the aquiline nose. He’s got Scorp Sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto, with Cap Moon and Neptune.

    The second pic is hot. The first I don’t like, not too into long hair on guys, though I’m envious of his lips, lol. The third looks too much like a mix of Charlie Sheen and Vanilla Ice. Especially with that cocky smirk. An upside down fleur de lis could be some kind of anti-nobility statement, but I doubt it.

  5. meh. He looks boring. Maybe he was a boy scout and that’s why he’s got the necklace.

  6. I’ve got my Moon, Mars, Mercury and Venus in Scorpio & my sun in Saggitarius (hence the name:) Virgo rising holds it all together. Mostly.

    I come across as really fluffy. I’ve worked on that for decades :)

    I do have very intense looks – I’ve got Black Irish blood on my father’s side so I have dark hair, brows and eyelashes and fair skin, that tans easily.

    Saggie likes that I don’t need mascara. Virgo wishes I’d make more of an effort with my eyes. Scorp wants to use vaginal juices and soot…

  7. Third photo ruins it. Girl pal with almost identical placements is uber intense, dancer, beauty pageant queen, oceanographer and sex freak. Fancy that.
    As for me, he lacks the roughness I so crave. Pass.

  8. He is the official top male model??? Says WHO? Sorry. he simply does not “have it”. Yuck.

  9. Wikied him. He IS French, so I’m thinking that necklace is more toward that than a boy scout sign. But why is it upside down?

  10. Pretty hot wild man/ Shaman look – the rest – too pretty boy for me…but damn, wouldn’t kick him outta bed if he farted…
    Musta missed out on my inoculation – cause immune to fellow Scorps: not so much. We just kinda ‘get’ each other, no explanation’s needed or questions asked.
    Scorpio Sun, Moon, Mercury and Neptune with Aries rising. Happy happy joy joy…

  11. agree totally, 2nd pic is the only one that speaks to me also.
    and that is quite a forehead for someone only born in 1990?! (or is it just fake tan making it all crinkly?)

  12. Thats right I have scorpio in pluto and capricorn in uranus and neptune.

    I don’t like the top picture it looks really intense, the middle picture is alright he looks innocent, and the bottom picture looks like a shy person trying to impress girls out there with his looks.

    I guess he does have Leo rising because of the hair styles in these photos. Those eyes are so penetrating in above and below photo.

  13. yes, he does have that scorp thing happening I guess. male models rarely do it for me though, they are too pretty.

    May I please hijack this with my own burning question??? I am currently orbiting a multiple Scorpio as well: Venus, Mars, Sun, Uranus, Mercury. My plan is just to sit around like a vague but pretty fish (in a non-effort sort of pisces way) ’til he drifts a bit closer. Maybe bait him with the odd piece of tasteful but x-rated innuendo. I don’t know.

    BUT a scorpio is the LAST sign I would have guessed for him: he is one of those outdoorsy, chatty, genial types. A little subversive perhaps. He has a fairly intense job I guess. My first guess was Sagg, then Aqua, then Leo… (he as moon in Leo) He has zero percent gothic intensity that typically resonates when I am around most Scorpies.

    So, I am going slightly crazy wondering where TF he channels his scorp-ness. And libido, for that matter. I mean, does this guy secretly own a brothel or something? Have 5 girlfriends? He just seems so STRAIGHT. GAH help me. I like scorps generally because they are just interesting people, at least all the scorps I know, anyway.


  14. um, mystic I think the web site reboot has done something funny to the ‘Reply’ function…. xx

  15. UP
    I’ve a dear friend who is Scorp, with Sagg rising, her sunny disposition helped along by Jupiter, merc and Venus all on the ascendant. She really does not come across as a Scorp at all, keeps it a bit hidden. A 12th house Scorp sun may mask the intensity a bit?

  16. Ooh.

    “What is the bottom necklace signifying?”

    It’s tickling my anus to think about it.

    Just a thought balloon: Peter Greenaway and Rembrandt – the dissection of J’Accuse the film maker posited some interesting ideas about the placement of a fleur-de-lys type motif on the end of a spear.

  17. Reply to UP re Scorp Person Of Interest:

    I am no expert on such matters UP but Scorpio digs authenticity, so perhaps don’t try to ‘trap’ him with techniques but instead be your authentic self.

    If you think he is interesting, say so. Perhaps ask him what he thinks about a few things; topics related to his job for example. Scorpio can go deep and focus so I would try to tap into that rather than frivolous superficialities or pretending. It is a nice feeling when someone genuinely wants to know what you think, right? His replies will give you some time to fill out the picture you have of him. Don’t stalk – he will pick it a mile away! Good luck.

    • I echo nat’s sentiment of don’t try and trap him so much as let be genuine. Scorps can smell a faker a mile away usually. Plus there is no sense in worrying if he’ll be caught because he’ll only do so when he wants to, I’ve found. Scorpio is a sign of extremes, not “goth-ness”. I think it ends up manifesting as “goth-ness” in many cases because that’s a lazier effort. I know just as many Scorps who are intense in a “light” way, but just as extreme. Just take a peek at their lifestyle and see if diet is extreme or other things.

  18. I can’t believe the 3rd photo is the same person as 1 and 2 – love his profile shot best. That last pic is a total turnoff.

  19. Ms Noir, from what I can gather, he’s the current ‘top’ model due to having been anointed by the Kaiser himself. And not just campaigns with Chanel, but other ones as well, plus runway work.

    I don’t usually bother but was intrigued enough to see his folio, and wow, such physicality to his body movements…was surprised too coz it was a visceral reaction. Don’t usually look into models but was compelled and found that he was a multiple-Scorp. Surprisingly different looks.

    Not saying I agree with the assessment, just passing on observation.

    *goes back to daydreaming about Dr. Reid*

  20. Ooooohhh, Damon Salvatore is such a delish character, and I love how Ian Somerhalder has SUCH good fun with it!

  21. Attempting to reply to Nat and shell , see how I go –
    thanks ladies, will ponder. I have to say I am not really trying to trap him (I am terrible at those machinations), more just sort of be a little intriguing I suppose. Was just struggling a bit lately with how TF can I maintain someone’s attention, after not really having much luck in those realms. Caused a few re-thinks – mostly along the lines of it’s nice to just be me and not give a damn.
    We have good conversations, I don’t feel any need to be fake. It’s a crush where I can actually talk to the person and actually feel like I am connecting, not dying of shyness. It’s new and interesting. We’ll see.
    12th house sun might explain things.
    And shell, your scorp friend must be divine! A deep 12th house sun and all those yummy planets on a fun, joyous ascendant. Love. Give her a hug for me :)

  22. Yes she’s way cool. And such a breath of fresh air for my Saturn bits. Good luck UPV. A crush you don’t feel awkward around sounds like a great step forward to me.

  23. No he is top as in top earning – these things are actually terribly plebian when they come down to it and it doesn’t really matter what k.l. or anyone thinks.

  24. This is a reply but obvs not going to work so I’ll just whack it here.

    Agreed, other Scorpios = repel, repel. Actually only the males, I love other female Scorps.

    This dude is SO Scorpio, wouldn’t have guessed him as anything else.

  25. True LS, though his earnings was considerably helped when the Kaiser decided on him as a muse.

  26. Just wanted to say one more thing. A lot of people are down on his third photo (rightly so imo, I’m not a fan of it either), but it looks like he’s on a runway so we should keep in mind that he was styled that way. That isn’t him, it’s just a persona someone else gave him… Likely in the other two shots too.

    Now I want to see a picture of him OUTSIDE of the fashion industry. Him sitting in the corner of a coffee shop or something, in his regular clothes… See how true to form he is then.

  27. Wow, those are my Scorp planets as well…Sun, Merc, Mars, Venus, Uranus. I wonder if he shares my birthday. He could very well be a Sag or Gem Rising, which would contribute to the chatty outdoorsiness. I only show my subversive Scorpiness to those I know best. The genial-ness might be a disguise and his Leo Moon might aid in acting the part rather well. Being vague might not get you anywhere. Personally, vagueness irritates me because it can seem like you’re playing mind games and no Scorpio likes to be apart of that. But the perfectly timed sexual innuendo or witty remark would certainly draw our attention. ;)

    • Thanks Lauren :D god, I love a bit of useful info. I was mentioning ‘vague’ because for other (no doubt completely different) men, a friendly, straightforward ‘let’s catch up’ approach gets me, bizarrely, nowhere. I decided once and for all not to bother (fruitlessly) pursuing men because frankly, if they are interested they’ll let me know anyway regardless of the amount of effort I put in.

      It’s hard for me to maintain any kind of act for longer than 5 seconds (thanks Gem rising) so I really do just go back to being me after that. Unless I am super nervous around someone.

  28. Oops, web gremlins are still lurking. That reply was aimed at Unpredictable Pisces.

  29. I love the profile. . . it’s almost majestic. I don’t like him front-on.
    His profile doesn’t look scorp. . . too soft.
    . . . but front on he looks scorp enough.

  30. For the pics: of course he is dressed by someone!! Obviously. But underneath that, something very attractive! Plus I heard him talk, and wow I like what he says, even more attractive :)! And yes he’s wearing the fleur de lys, but again, the way he appears on photos has nothing to do with his own style! :)
    And when exactly is the scorpio mini generation? Im a scorpio born in 89 :) All of scorpios between 89-90 are there?