The Astrology Of Gossip Girl


So i have an addiction to Gossip Girl and i don’t even have a television. It’s just a screen. So it’s not like i watch Gossip Girl in the morning or feel like it interferes with my work and i have never had a relationship break down because of Gossip Girl.

It’s just, because i watch it on dvd, i can’t stop at one episode or even one disc. Once i start, that’s it. A Gossip Girl binge.

It is actually the only television show i actually watch, though i am aware – from concerned friends – that there are others.

Now if you don’t know what i am talking about, please skip to another post already. If you DO, would you agree that the Blair & Serena friendship is actually THE most important relationship of the entire series? And that Serena is definitely a Libra? But what sign is Blair Waldorf? The character, not the actor, i mean.


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  1. Haha Mystic!

    I’m kind of a TV addict in the same way, although I stream it via the internet and once I’m locked in that’s it, forget my self control. I’ve been known to watch entire seasons in a day (sad).

    I do agree and I think that Blair has to be a Gemini.

    • I couldn’t agree more with you ’bout B.,Scorpion with Cap rising.
      Serene could be a Gem too.Idk.

      • i strong agree with this one. capri girls are all about power and the sense of class that blair has.

  2. God I love Gossip Girl. Best show ever.
    Blair – there is def some Cap there. She vibes quite earth to me and of course is very sarcastic.
    To Serena: “Spare me those expressive eyebrows, I can’t wait till you get Botox.”

    I also LOVE the Gossip Girl books and the best part is that they are not the same as the TV series so you get a whole other version of Gossip Girl! So awesome.
    Is Chuck a Scorp? Or a self-destructive Cap? And Nate – Sagg? I watch it on DVD in binges too, cannot WAIT for next season to come out. Although I have caught a bit of it on Foxtel already.

  3. I am s i m p l y obessed with gossip girl, the novel series not the tv series, however I am casual viewer. I think TV Blair is leo rising, cap moon, virgo moon.

      • I’m glad, I do agree with you that Blair have some Cap but since she is part of Neptune-Uranus and possibility Saturn Cap generation, that’s should be enough? I am having hard time deciding her sun..

        Her sun should be Cancer or Taurus or Cap … There is tons of insecurity/ego that’s she tries to hide, heavy self awareness and unconditional love for her father. 12th/6th/10th.

  4. I <3 gossip girl – also the only TV binge for me. Blair is only big in her own world, which is still tres cute and entertaining. Blair fashion dominatrix virgo/aries vibe to me… would be v interesting to know her post saturn return lol.
    Serena is libby-ish – (in her indecisiveness) I haven't seen her look good in pink though… she can vibe like a lioness however. Leo!

  5. Serena is def have some Libra but with Neptune conjunct with her angles. People ALWAYS have skewed perspective on her and with Sag moon. Rich girl bohemian attitude.

  6. Blair?
    Not an Aries foil to the Libra Serena?
    Aries with Cap rising or Leo with Aries rising or Aries with Leo rising?
    Scorpio moon?

    Scorpio with Aries moon and Leo rising?

  7. Discovered Gossip Girl Fall 2010. Binge watched on DVD also.

    I love how they can verbally go at each other, take time apart and then come back as closer friends. I was taught to watch what I said with certain people in my extended family because they’ll get “offended.” Oh.
    (Not real friendships. Suprise.)

    Blair has power issues/fears. Is that basically everybody or is there one sign where it shows up more for women ?

  8. Is Gossip Girl about gossip or is her name Ms Gossip.
    Whatever, it looks like a series that would have me snoring,
    so have no idea at all but now know why i was puzzled with
    Path of the Soul (K.Falconer) instead of Path of the Stray & so
    got lost, so to speak.
    For made for tv series, i liked Breaking bad & The Tudors.
    But shall check it out next time at vids shop. Still absorbing
    Grey Gardens & Ondine of the 8 movie binge of the holiday w/e.
    So glad to be back at work in my own movie.

  9. Yeah, this is the new way to watch TV. It used to be that we had 3 channels and no VCRs, DVDs, or Tivos, so everyone watched the same shows at the same time. It was a sort of media-generated “collective unconscious.” But now everyone watches the show at their convenience, and I hear a lot of people avoid a show until the season is over, so they can watch it all at once.
    Me, hell, I haven’t had live TV in my home for over a year. I am too broke to afford cable, especially since they went all-digital and raised prices. And since the conversion to digital broadcast TV, I can’t get anything at all on my old TV. The government gave me a free converter box, but I’m behind a hill and I can’t pick up any channels at all.

  10. Oooh Gossip Girl. My secret addiction. I used to think it was the most literarily smart take on pop TV culture, but the last few seasons have been less smart. Now I’m just hooked because it’s addictive.

    I also sorta love speculating on the characters’ astro, second only to filling out those stupid “Which GG Character Are You?” quizzes. (For the record, I’m definitely Blair, just poorer — right down to having been rejected by Yale!)

    So, my thought: Serena is obviously some Libra/Leo mix, maybe with some Sagg or Aquarius, something that explains how she always looks slightly dishevelled. Or maybe it’s the Leo with the mane.

    Blair has always struck me as a Virgo, possibly with Aries and some Cap in there. She totally vibes Prim Princess on the surface but is completely perverted in bed, classic Virgo thing (last seen several seasons back with Chuck). Blair is bossy like only a Virgo with a strong personality can be, and I bet her gigantic walk-in closet is always Extremely. Neat. (Thank goodness she has Dorota to make sure it stays that way!) She also asks a lot of other people, and is very critical, but holds herself to even more impossibly high standards: classic Virgo. However, Blair is also rather blunt: there’s the Aries. I can’t see Blair as a Cancer or a Taurus — no Bull could be bothered thinking up so many insanely complex schemes, they’re too busy in the clover. Cancers are usually more intuitive than Blair and will avoid conflict rather than seeking it out.

    Chuck: I think Chuck’s character is written to do stereotypically Scorpio things, but actually I think he has something more vulnerable in there. Underneath the “dark knight” bullshit and the ladies and the scheming and drugs, he’s like a lost little kid struggling to maintain an emotional connection with someone. But with Cap moon: takedowns make him feel better.

    Nate is kind of obviously a Sagg, but also perhaps with some Taurus? He just wants to smoke pot and watch video games and get along with everyone, and maybe get a bj from Dan every so often. (My favourite Gossip Girl episode recaps are on where the recapper inserts totally fictional and gratuitous gay sex between the boys into the plot.)

    • Totally agree!!!
      Blair is definitely a virgo with all that attention to detail she has. And the non-stop criticism of everything and everyone.
      Couldn’t think of any better sign for Blair.
      And Serena with that golden hair and awesome figure, she must be a Leo.

  11. I get more of Taurus from Blair.. headstrong, big brown eyes, LOVES luxury. Loves comfort, & food. Knows exactly what she wants, & goes straight for it. Will NOT back down, ever. She dresses like a Taurus, too. VERY CLASSIC, well dressed, classic plain colours. Silk. Little to no prints. Always lady-like.

    Definitely, definitely with some Cap in there too, but I’d say Taurus.

  12. serena libra sun, leo rising
    blair a capricorn since she likes ordering servants around so much, pisces or cancer rising

  13. Woah, ladies!
    If you all read the book series, it does tell you that Serena is not a Libra, but a Cancer. Cancer describes her personality – perfectly. She is secretive (lies to Dan about sleeping with two people, when she doesn’t want him to know that she committed murder years ago), protective (towards her brother), forgiving, and has the magnetic GirlNextDoor Appeal.
    If some of you disagree, pray tell that she perhaps is a Libra rising?

    Blair, on the other hand, is a typical Scorpio; possessive, manipulative, sensitive at heart, powerful, seductive, passionate, secretive, vindictive, dark, and very jealous. Her nasty personality (Season 1) often transformed to a patient, gracious person (whenever she was passionately in love).

    • I agree ’bout Blair.I am a scorpion girl & that’s how scorpion acts.
      Not always but the most of nature!


    This is such an interesting debate!
    I was actually doing the characters on my SIMS (university extension) and that got me thinking about their signs, I decided on some net searching and got into this page.
    My mom is actually really into astrology and we have toons of books on the subject, so my views on the main characters signs:

    Serena– Cancer
    (the temptation is to say Libra, but, and altough I believe libra has a major role in her astrological map,- perhaps her moon?- Her relationships are typical Cancer, and her indecision can be easily represented by cancer too. But what really pushes me towards cancer instead of libra, are her professional and scholarly choices, and the way she chooses to solve her problems, not to mention her need for privacy -altough she has almost none- a typical libra would choose a completly different life path)

    Blair– Virgo
    (I think this point was argued brilliant by “twicethevirgo”, and altough she obviously has a ver problematic moon, with the the money and the intrigue stuff, her planning skeels, her sarcastic often critical moods, and overall her public/private persona, are most definitly virgo. Do not underestimate a virgo. Ever.)

    Chuck– Scorpio
    (Really, anyone who thinks otherwise, has either not been watching the series carefully -and I cannot speack about the books since I never read them- or never met a scorpio. :)

    Nate– Seriously Sagittarius.
    (But I agree, some Taurus characteristics.)

    Dan– not sure actually, I have mixed feeling towards Dan, his relationships’ patterns trow me off. The writing sugests earth signs, but the relationships and his role in them say air/water signs. Pratically the only thing he can’t be is a fire sign, he’s too passive for that, then again perhaps I’ve been influenced by all the other fire power men in the serie. Oh, well!


  15. Blair Waldorf is a scorpion.At least on the screen.Just watch the epis. with her bday. Match the time the epis. was on air…don’t forget that scorpions are so vindictive & B. too!She can’t be something else.She may is a Capp rising because of the leader issues.

  16. apparently in the books blair’s birthday is 15 november… maybe someone could figure out the year of birth and we could draw up her chart ;)

  17. It’s has been obvious to me since I got to know the charcters that Serena is a Cancer, and Blair is a Scorpio… The boys? Nate Aries defitnitely mr. high and mighty. Chuck Cancer as well… While Dan is a capp… I believe this right. For sure.

  18. Depending on the fact that she wants to be good at everything she reminds me of an aries or leo

  19. Blair is definitely a Scopio! She is manipulative, jealous, stubborn and loves to dominate people. She ALWAYS seeks her revenge and holds grudges. However, deep inside she is very soft and will secretly have that hidden sympathy for people. She also treasures loyal friends, and her relationship with Serena compliments this.

  20. Blair MUST be a Scorpio,she is powerful,smart and passionate and her rising sign must be aries because of her need to rule and be the best,besides the rising side eventually connects with the way she interacts with people.

  21. I totally agree with Katrina on August 30, 2012 at 12:40 am said
    SCORPIO- Protective,Mysterious,they always have Plan B or C or D they are always prepared,They can be really Brave so be careful and B is the definition of that besides her maternal side that maybe she developed because of having rising sign in aries(my mum is an aries and are extremely protective and caring) My dad is scorpio and he is blair man´s definition in a way of course

  22. i think blair is leo, she is strong and she likes power
    dan is gemini he is GG so he has like 2 personality’s
    nate is cancer he is calm and really on to businesses

  23. blair is definitely a scorpio because she gets revenge and people seem to fall in love with her very easily. Also, chuck has to be a poses because him and blair have such a strong and magical connection, which often happens between a scorpio and pisces. scorpios cling to people, like blair clings to chuck and chuck feels very emotionally attached to blair.