Super-Karmic: Aries & Leo This Weekend

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Neptune in Pisces is, i swear, a drug.

Or maybe it’s like when it combines with Uranus in Aries, another dimension we’re in now.

Did they do another tweak on the Particle Smasher?

The Weekly Scopes are up. Some highlights: Aries & Leo are going super-karmic this weekend, Pisceans are about to start making some serious $$$, Caps deal with any toxic merde from their childhood/deep past and Scorpios experience some interesting sexual nostalgia.

Weird but very now.

Subscribers; the passwords to view the Scopes are changing tonight so please check your Daily Mystic email for the new passwords.

49 thoughts on “Super-Karmic: Aries & Leo This Weekend

  1. Love the pic for weekly Scopes.
    Anyone else feel like it’s the weekend already or have taken the taurus moon call to relax and indulge my body a lil too far?

    • the paint brushes? beautiful… I want that picture on my wall… beautiful texture… Yes I feel like its the weekend already, in fact after 12pm tomorrow Im declaring that it is… and Im off to see the wizards… in the trees and of the earth, in the rocks and waterways… maybe some fairies too… time for me to go to a different vibration. change the chanel so to speak.

      • Oh no I see it is the glamour girl in long sleeved bathing suit and dead animal in the middle of nowhere that you may be referring to.

  2. Sigh.. I’m going to sound like a cranky old crone but honestly, this guy looks like a complete, wet pillock, anything less like Hercules I’ve never seen. Even the statue looks better than the live plonker. And yes, love the weekly Scopes. I am in full work flow, sore foot has healed up, am now mobile again, bring on the weekend!

      • I think the RL Kevin Sorbo is also a Libra which I found interesting.

        • ha, you’re cute.

          I’m thinking the guy in the pix is leaning in to the ~real~ Hercules so he can whisper him some pointers.


          • Have you seen Spartacus ? hee hee (some pay channel)
            I was visiting my gal pal and were gonna watch her giant tv… she says what you got from the library..? me: something Buddhist, space documentary, etc.. gp: Nah, let’s watch Spartacus.
            me: (once I get a load of sweaty Scorp action) …low whistle ooh yeah Waaay Better. lol.
            Plus, as an artist, the costumes / jewelry are incredible

            • Sure I’ve seen Spartacus or at least parts somewhere (should google to jog my memory)…

              Do you think your artistic parts come from Jupiter-Venus square Neptune? Sounds like it to me. And, what mediums do you use? That’s cool Rox.

              • Yes, I agree on the aspects. wood, metal, rock, skull, leather, shiny jewels ha ha, dryer lint (my tower of lint became legendary when some small town local boys spied it while helping me out with a plumbing problem) is about a foot tall or 2/3 years old.
                REAL VIRGOS make Their Own Paper !! :D poetry, and song as well. XO Sweets, Thanks for asking~ do you make art ?
                I know you said you enjoy singing, me too ! My throat is my instrument. lol. Musical ! whatever. not what I meant, but is funny- I’m leaving it.

              • Gem daughter with Sun opposite Neptune and Cancer Venus square Jupiter-Saturn got all the talent as far as drawing and music. Swears she cannot sing however. She is working on some issues with the throat chakra.

                About 5 yrs old she was very fearful of swallowing her food. Some major blocks there but seeking to continue her meditations/writing to unblock.

                A tower of lint! Sounds like a very soft and fluffy Queendom…

                I don’t make physical art per say but do like writing and things like that. Have often said (as massage therapist), that my patients are my “works of art”. You know? x

                • oh yes ! one time I felt the bubbles release !
                  *was Ama-zing !* I thought of you~ just last week, ya know Aries pile-up :D haha of course you know…
                  massuse that comes to our building was totally booked (unusual) and in fact had to make EXTRA time slots.
                  How bout you..? Notice a difference w/ the aspects ?

                  • Gosh, poor girl afraid of swallowing, how sad. Glad to hear she is working through it now that she is older hopefully can clear away the issue…
                    I was reading today that Cancer people can have solar plexis (stomach) issues. Which I have had- with Cancer on the 7th, Moon opp Neptune, relationship issues have tweaked this girl in the past, but am much improved these last few years through positive thinking/visualization/intention.

  3. Neptune first moving into Pisces was MEGA Intense for me, had my own very own “Partical Smasher” dimension hop, but it seems to have calmed down a little now. whew! ;)

  4. Feels very piscean and tres floaty. My gorgeous arian ex lover and i have just had a tete a tete with me coming out on top by finishing with a ”if you feel the same way next week invite me to your place’ ha! . But am taking the astro advice ( for a change) and schemeing not acting. He can stew and squirm.

  5. Aries Dreaming

    Bacchus, Dionysus, thou art my guides,
    March behind me, and so its ides,
    Feytes before me,
    The ever asides,
    Thats how we rolls
    Thats how we rides,
    Crash or crash through,
    Hellfire or lather,
    As long as I get,
    What I’m after or rather.


    • Mars is going out of orb (separating) of Uranus in Aries at 1 degree, but sure there is more aspect wise. It’s all so overwhelming. I don’t have the energy to make heads or tails right now.

      • not that you were asking ~me~, but I put off my birthday plans with my kids just because of this exact reason.


        • sweetie you’re the one who answered so maybe I was asking ~you~ x i like your little tilde thing or whatever it’s called is real purdy. I hope you did something to celebrate your birthday – did you have a nice day?

        • Sorry to hear you are feeling overwhelmed Sweetpea, is all cool in Chez Pea?

          • Oh darling Drom, we’z got our issues to work out but seeking higher ground. Love the ‘Chez Pea”. x :)

  6. Uh oh….. I can’t even begin to imagine what awaits me this weekend. Multiple Scorpio with Cap moon and asc. Oy!

    • Weez gonna squeeze us some boobage to go with them ther curls. :lol:

      (okay, do know he’s a male model but on bent as still listening to Buffalo Soldier this a.m. after walk).

      Where’s my reefer? :lol: I’z feelin’ rasta…

      (Boy boobage….it’s all good. Think his are probably muscles tho. I’ll give boy Herc that..)

      Why yi,yo
      Why yi,yi, yo,yo yo,yo,yo…

        • Oh, that was ho,ho,ho and a bottle of Rum.

          We’z been partakin’….((hic-up)))

          Think I need to go to work now… lol…

  7. Anything will be better than last weekend. At least there will be peace.

  8. Mm, I know its ridiculously early, sunrise, and one would probs be still asleep unless you had a cat or a baby, but just wanted to let you know there is no daily mystic in the inbox.

    • Old ones are still working for me!

      I don’t want any more sexual nostalgia, I’m in a quagmire of it about 90% of my life!!

      • seriously, no more nostalgia and rad insights! not mm’s fault if that’s the astro, but not sure I can take more insight.

  9. Steve Reeves was the best Hercules, ever! He definitely had the face and body of a Greek god. Now, he has moved on to join the gods in the constellations. Thank you, Steve Reeves for the era of sword and sandal films.

    Then there was hunky Kevin Sorbo!


  10. My favorite Hercules song was sung by Johnny Nash for the 60s cartoon series, The Mighty Hercules.