Saturn Reigns Over Kings & Queens


Holy Harlots, oh ALL RIGHT.

A wedding post. Some astro thoughts. Whatever.

I was happy to see Elton and Hubby there, prominently placed, so out and proud etc.

The bride was beautiful and though my Aqua Rising has wedding phobia, this was surprisingly moving. Though i do think the Archbishop went a little over the top with the “dreadful day of judgement” crap.

Astrologically, Saturn is ALWAYS prominent in the charts of those born to rule & on this sort of occasion, infused with pomp, karma and eerie echoes of the past.

On July 29 1981 when THIS happened (see below pic) Saturn was at 5 Libra and Pluto at 21 Libra. Saturn is today at 11 Libra, between the two. It’s both a Saturn Return of the Princess Diana wedding AND a Saturn-Pluto transit.  Pluto was near Princess Diana’s Midheaven the day she married & Saturn is near her Midheaven now, as her son marries. Oh i could go on and on but peeps go CRAZY looking at this sort of stuff, they truly do.

Please vent your royal-Saturn-Saturn-Pluto-Prince William/Catherine Middleton-Princess Diana-how hot Prince Harry is etc thoughts here.


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79 thoughts on “Saturn Reigns Over Kings & Queens

  1. So with Saturn as the ruler of my chart does that mean I’ll be royal one day?!?
    Bride pretty, Groom bald (!), brother of groom hot :)

  2. I think pippa middleton was longing to get off with prince harry. i don’t blame her. don’t start me on diana

    • Yep, she was gagging for a bit of Harry action! What are the odds of the two sisters marrying the two princes I wonder? Scoop for the Wisteria sisters!!

    • Harry no doubt landed the HOT sister, especially after Chelsea fronted in teal, & with bed head … the surprise of the night was Thorpey & the ‘ambitious cake making’ Middleton brother ….

      … & what was up with Testino’s jaw?

      • oh I missed Testino? What WAS up with his jaw?
        And by Thorpy and the Middleton Brother, did you mean that they got it on?? Or that they both looked good?

  3. the singing choirs got me crying. And the passage Catherine’s brother read from Romans, i’ve always thought was such a beautiful creed for living, regardless of religion.
    I’ve never been to a wedding in a tracksuit before.
    And how much fun WAS HARRY having!!?

  4. Oh you monarchists are so cute sometimes, especially at moments like this when it becomes apparent that soon, you will all become the personal property of the new King What’s-His-Name.

  5. haha, triple air gem, i made the same observations as you did 😉 harry is defo hot!

  6. i wanted to feel happy for their marriage, even though they are a ridiculous institution, and also, the british police started locking up every tom dick and harry who looked like they might try and make a scene at the general wedding gatherings, etc.

    no room for dissent, people! how gross, they started raiding squats and saying it was for ‘stolen goods’ which they didn’t know anything about until after they raided the squats, etc…

    so, that shittiness aside.. i really hope that they are in love, and love one another, etc etc, and it was good to see some people having fun etc.

  7. Kings (and Queens) were not a British invention. The idea goes way back to the Ancient Near East, and Egypt; even the Chinese had an Emperor who fulfilled the same role.

    And that role is not just a head of state.

    Jung maintained that Kings and Queens were architypes, and that all humans have a need to think about such symbols. Jung recounts some instances where Swiss patients, who did not have a Swiss monarchy, actually dreampt about members of the British royal family.

    There’s a lot more to this subject than meets the eye.

    Incidentally, I really liked the trees inside Westminster Abbey, almost had a pagan feel to it.

    The offical blub says: “a sustainable approach to floristry, which incorporates as much as possible the use of growing, rather than cut, plants and trees… including blossoms, azaleas, rhododendron, euphorbias, beech, wisteria and lilac… eight 20 feet-high trees… all the trees will be growing in planters… after the wedding many of the trees will be taken to Highgrove Gardens, where they will be planted.”

      • Indigofish had mentioned the trees to me over on the Neptune square thread. I had not seen then yet tho (why I did not reply to that indigo!). But loved them too.

    • I thought that the trees within were marvelous. It was the highlight of the whole thing…that and the Archbishop’s crazy architectural eyebrows…and his melodrama…jeeesh! does he do the narration for every Disney cartoon?

      Harry was super-Puck. :p *got a thing for redheads with button-cute noses*

  8. I loved the dress…..made me proud for a moment to be a Cancer-Cap mix. haha

    All glibness aside, I kept saying up to this day how sorry I felt for her to be marrying into this but I keep forgetting her situation is much different from Diana’s. She’s older, she’s known him longer, and therefore had more time. Though I’m still frowning upon her not being much of a Career woman? She’s a CAPRICORN/CANCER/ARIES, how does she not have any sort of ambition of her own??? *smh* Oh well, I wish them the best of luck! I didn’t expect to be so moved today. <3

    • Not have ambitions of her own? That capricorn commoner just installed herself as future queen.

    • You don’t think she’s made a career of becoming a princess? I think she’s been very directed towards what she wants. Whether she’s conscious of that or not..
      Kate and her mother looked like the cats that got the cream. Wills may be surprised to see who wears the pants now that they’re married methinks

      • Well if you put it that way, I guess it makes sense. I just found it suprising when her friends stated she wasn’t much of a career women considering all the Cardinal energy in her top 3. Of course, I’ve also forgotten that there are ‘royal duties’ that come with it…haha.

      • I’m Aries/Cappy stuff and I suppose if I wanted to marry a prince he would have been my full time job also… 😉 lol

  9. I’m in too much of a romantic/tragic mood to be able to have objective or political feelings about the whole thing. I kind of loved every second.

  10. I loved watching Wills mouth ”you look beautiful” upon the young Capricorns arrival.

  11. Oh the “dreadful day of judgement” was truly OTT. It was said with such vigour and vim too. *shudder* . Things like that give Christianity a bad name….. Got me to wondering – will they be judged on that dreadful day for “living in sin” (hell, damnation, sinnnnnerrrrzzzz) for all these years before they took their vows?? Hmmmmmm…..

    Also, I especially enjoyed the part where one man (her father) handed over his property to the next man (Wills). These kinds of weddings are just a feminists delight. (I know sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but whatever)

    I thought they all looked a bit like they were playing dress ups, to be honest. Also – I can’t see the Harry is hot thing – though he seems fun. Her sister Pippa , now she looked HOT!!!!! Woooo Hooooo!!!! And I thought her dad cut a pretty good figure too. Looks like William got himself some attractive, good stock with which to breed. Not the offspring of the upper class twit of the year. Hooray!!!!

    I’m super glad for them that they seem in love and I think have got a great chance of making it a happy marriage. Best wishes to them. :)

    • Peeps who say ‘sarcasm is the lowest form of wit’ in my experience are simply pissed cause they can’t come up with any quick good come backs!
      As for the *shudder* factor I concur – as ‘GOD’ is me, living through me, the only person I will ever seek judgement and forgiveness from is MYSELF.


    • If one has ever seen the Bolyn Sisters this was progress! But yes, I too, noted the “hand off” but it all, to me, at this stage is very sweet. It’s was up to Cate.

      Diana truly got the raw deal.

      • Neither had Diana. She was no dummy…At least she was not a hypocrite as how many take vows which just end up a lie. I’ve really changed my mind about marriage overall. Technically I broke my vows as I could not keep my promises as I changed, grew…evolved!!

        What’s a girl to do? :)

  12. What did I think? Kate looked so happy I teared up a bit. She’s in love definitely. William looked like he was going to vomit, which I will put down to extreme nervousness. He didn’t really smile that much until they were half way back to Buckingham Palace. I think he thinks Kate is a good sort and he likes her/cares about her and has married her partly because he thinks she will be able to make a go of the role. Not so sure if he’s in love. Or are Kataka men just reserved to the point of being statues?
    The ceremony itself seemed very solemn for a wedding and the music was a bit of a dirge. I was thinking “how about a bit of ‘Ode to Joy!!”

    Princess Mary’s wedding was much better.

    • Princess Mary is glorious and looked it, her wedding won’t be topped for a while!

      • ditto to Mary’s wedding being better. It had a much more exuberant and joyous vibe to it than Will’s & Kate’s

  13. William did not inherit Diana’s thick locks but it is a sign of
    high testosterone, very young to be so balding & looks like Harry’s
    going the same way.
    I secretly hope Henry & Phillipa ok Harry & Pip become an item. The 3
    Middleton women have very fine legs, the Queen with her love of horse
    flesh prob thinks they are good breeding stock.
    As Katherine kept the bridal bouquet, very very unusual, it was suggested
    that it was to lay at Diana’s memorial. She seemed very there in spirit, is that
    why the Queen couldn’t crack a smile, she looked so grim.
    2 billion peoples watching….amazing!

  14. Loved the ceremony, pomp and even pageantry. Loathed the dress! Alas, amazed at Catherine – her poise and delight were touching. (Ahem, Beatrice & Eugenie – take note!)

  15. Well thank goddess I was watching it on the tv in the corner of a noisy pub and couldn’t hear the fire n brimmstone BS. Hate to admit, they won me over. The dynamic and subtle communication between those brothers is awesome to analyse. What a bond that one must be!
    Biased yes, but Capricirn Princess got it all so right I reckon. Alexander McQueen indeed! And yes Numoon, Beatrice and Eugenie – yikes! Ouch.

  16. 😯

    I’m not into weddings that much & doubt very much if I will ever get married BUT I loved it! I can’t imagine how nerve wracking the whole thing would have been for Kate & William but they did well to keep it together. Kate was very beautiful and William was very handsome. I also thought it was interesting that William chose not to wear a wedding band. And I did think he was a little rough twisting Kate’s wedding band onto her finger, ow!

    I also LOVED when they sang ‘God save the Queen’ the Queen wasn’t singing it, why would she i guess… 😯

    Anyway, I agree with Pegs, the Middletons have all got a great sets of pegs on them.

  17. This scorpy gal unashamedly loved it.
    OK, big confession – this cold, detached, distant, unapproachable, sarcastic, freaky scary bitch with the flaming rhetorical wit is all an act and a self defense system…fuqing shields up.
    I am secretly a ridiculously sooky and TRAGIC true romantic at heart…
    My sweet Prince was the one that got away. She got hers, and it filled my black heart with love and hope…
    Refreshing to bawl ones eyes out over a joyous occasion on the TV for a change.
    I believe in ghosts and demons so why not fairy tales?

  18. Well, I stayed up from 3am until 9am to watch it on the east coast, USA. I’m glad I watched the BBC coverage, as the American coverage was a bit embarrassing. Americans seem less concerned with tradition and a reserved sense of class, than they are with seeing juicy pda’s on the balcony. One network even had a “kiss countdown” and then were all disappointed when the kiss (both of them!) actually happened.

    I liked all of it, the pageantry, the weird and wonderful parade of hats, the natural elements that were brought in, how William took some time to greet people before the ceremony (and outside of Clarence House later that night), the music (Welsh hymns are so beautiful) and the dress! Much less dramatic than Diana’s, but evocative of the simple elegance of Grace Kelly I thought. That seems to be much more in line with Kate’s style, which I’m glad she’s sticking to. I’m sure she’s plenty tired of being compared to Diana so I hope she can be admired in her own right. I wish them nothing but the best and luck in the future!

  19. Yes, goodness gracious why that ring so snug? Perhaps so she will not run away? :)

    Have to agree with some of the posts. If I were Kate I’d be like (snicker-snicker) “I got him!!”

    And William looked to me very smitten. The way he was looking at ther when she was doing her vows looked quite seductive. I was married to a Cancer so I guess I know some of “those looks”. Think he is quite sweet to her and liked the “you look beautiful”, too.

    They are showing the whole thing again on CNN right now, early evening L.A., (fell off to sleep about 4:00 this morning so didn’t see the entire end). I got a bit teary again and like Lucious Leo at the top of the posts, I too got a tear for Diana. Saw her wedding too….My eldest is 29 soon to be 30 June 15. She was alseep in her bassinet (1 mo old) when I watched Charles and Diana.

    So esp for nostaliga sake I wanted to see this for sure. The real world will come soon enough tomorrow.

    • yes i think smitten is the word for it…. he definitely seems smitten and i hope she holds his heart with tenderness

  20. I know what Mystic means about the fire and brimstone stuff, hell even I was scared. Bit creepy for a day of joy. Not really a fan of Kate and Wills, they kinda look like they’re always just doing what they’re supposed too, but Harry looks like fun. Can’t wait for his wedding day. I hope he marries Chelsea and she staggers down the aisle, suffering from a hangover and requests smoke breaks! Oh and am I the only one who thinks Kate’s brother is pretty hot???

      • The Archbishop that is. Yes, Kate’s brother (they say) did a wonderful job without a hitch. I barely listened to him either. What was it Mystic said recently?

        Merc Rx (I have in Aries) are more visual… :)

        • Yeah, I don’t see the “fire and brimstone stuff” as being a big deal really. It got one mention and that was it. All the other readings were very uplifting I thought, especially the one by Kate’s brother…who is indeed a hottie. 😉

        • haha.

          All I know is if I were Kate, the first thing I’d do back at the palace is kick off my shoes and go for the champange bottle!! Yipes. I’d be dying of thirst!!

          Chelsea sounds a bit more like my style. As a matter of fact, I was a maid of honor at my Saggo besties Catholic wedding 29 years ago and we had photos done at a park first and the limo was fully stocked.

          I was stone drunk walking down the isle. Oh dear, not so funny at that point and it had not been intentional!! lol!!

        • I know right, just awful lol. Gorgeous girls, hot guy, there is hope for the royal offspring

  21. They are both near their Saturn Return cycle as well.

    She is 29…he is 28.

    Hum…wonder what took them sooooooo long to get to the Altar ?

  22. I could see astrology and symbolism everywhere! Loved it. Trees & foliage display in the abby were especially lovely, and agree with others, pagan.

    Loved the Capricorn combo of restraint AND quality in Cate’s dress and the small bouquet. A nod to her Cancerian traits with the chantilly lace and having family members involved in the proceedings.

    I felt uplifted watching last night. Not because I am a Brit or CofE or a monarchist. But because I can get past the blinding array of trappings and tap into the rich symbolism and meaning behind it. So so so wish that I could have done that at my own wedding! This pair look wise beyond their years and good on them for taking their time. I hope they have the inner strength to support each other through thick and thin. That really means something. I thought the Bishop of London’s speech was surprisingly open and spiritual in a real sense.

    The Beeb’s photography and coverage was simply amazing. Didn’t even bother looking at the commercial stations.

    William just *knows* what to do and when to do it. And it is not ALL about him, unlike so many modern people.

    PS. how slow & awful is this Dark Moon… uurrggh. Even 6 little red Aries glyphs in the astro widget aren’t doing it for me.

  23. Good luck to them but a waning moon (void of course as well?)in Pisces???????

    Then there was that mega intense Aries-Libra-Capricorn Cardinal t-square!

    Not exactly relationship material? WHAT is on the horizon?

    • yeah what is on the horizon…i just left work a long weekend and when i get back my bf was already cold…we were so sweet before i left…he doesnt slip in my haus anymore…i sorely miss him

      • the horizon right now is linking back to the horizon at the december eclipse – eclipses continue to be activated for months + something from the phase of venus going direct after being retro in scorpio for ages last year is being triggered too. Some kind of point where we get to decide who’s with or without us. Robert Wilkinson talks about it in aquarius papers far more eloquently and knowledgeably than I could paraphrase but if you think about the kinds of issues active in your relationship then and think about how they’ve evolved and have or haven’t been addressed it might help you to work out what’s going on now x

  24. The Welsh Mystic Cap theme keeps going … (is J.R.R. Tolkien behind this?)

    I’m not much of a fan of these sorts of events but yes, it was magnificent. How good to see trees inside the Abbey. Very Neptunian image. The choice of music was great – nothing stuffy or stodgy there.

    Thinking of her chart, I’d imagine that music is very important for Kate giving, her a sense of spiritual connection. And she needs it – esp. with all the emo surrounding Wills and The Firm. Deep karma indeed …

    All the same, hope they do well. Could be a bumpy ride, but it would be fab to see them blossom as people and contribute some positive things to the world.

    • I really should drop in this most interesting Mystic Cap echo …

      Catherine “Kate” Middleton: 9 January 1982

      Jimmy Page: 9 January 1944

      Connections: Wales, Tolkien, Music, Mega Saturn etc …

      Prediction: Kate will become the patron of a community outreach program that will make electric guitars more affordable for Welsh farmers. At the same time a version in Cymraeg of Stairway To Heaven will become the official anthem of the RAF Valley base in Anglesay where Wills works.

      You saw it first, here on MM.

  25. what i find fascinating is that we will apparently also have the opportunity to view a live streaming beatification some time soon – how the saturnine relics of past times are being flaunted at the moment and in a very uranian online way and the plutonic aspects inherent in all of these spectacles – popes being dug up and why does he need three coffins and the ring of diana popping up, the old war planes that helped england & the allies win the second world war flew in formation metonyms of imperialism. Is like the saturn-ruled things are flexing and trying to stay current and in people’s minds.

    • interesting, quite like that whatevs. Let’s face it Saturn isn’t budging.
      Popped on to say how much I respect this humble young man for his approach to ‘royalty’. Very much appreciate his quiet humanitarian work (Kate as well) and his stern hand with the media frenzy surrounding both his mother, and now his own life. Wish them both well…

  26. the uranian in me even liked the wedding. i have been to five weddings in the past 2 years and i am never moved, in fact i think weddings are a waste of money. its better to have long lasting relationship all through life. anyway Kate looked so damn pretty, not beautiful, but pretty, and flawless skin!!!

    if i ever do get married i would never wear white, not marry in a church (would be rude considering i am never practiced a religion). she is lucky girl. just 29 and has achieved all that, university grad, married her only true love, and is rich. i was a little jealous i admit lol.