Retro Bats

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And is this the most buzzed up Dark  Moon you’ve ever had or what?

30 thoughts on “Retro Bats

  1. Well, well, well mystic I don’t’t know somebody asked for my number today. So i felt good not because of his appearance but that somebody had the audacity to come up to me. and not to mentioned i was in this 4 year unhealthy emotional draining relationship with someone that doesn’t love me but that I still had the energy in me that love will find me someday. the love that I deserve so I was pretty happy about that.

    -pisces ?

  2. Yep… that was a most intense dark moon, went to war with myself. Eventually came out winning but had to overthrow a terrible regime. I think I’m cut out for this aries energy now.

  3. it’s like coming down from a huge bender and there’s so much to do and lists of things everywhere because I keep thinking of things to do and then forgetting and starting one thing and moving on to another before finishing the first and feeling slightly panicked and a bit emotional and wanting to run but wanting to curl up on the couch at the same time and feeling like if I lose control I will shatter into a million shards of mirrored glass…it IS kind of kooky.

  4. During dark moon days, had days off from work which helped me gain some perspective on my job and met up with a friend I hadn’t seen in ten years and spent seven hours catching up in a coffee shop.

    Not experiencing enough fun & joy so working (er, not working on it.)
    Just gonna have more of it.

    Grooving on this Aries feeling.

  5. yeah baby and Gone with the Wind is on the TV. Kooky as. Swoony crab/leo ex pops in and out again of my life. but am determined not to go to lal la land . oh this Dark moon is so cool . Feeling floaty above it all

    • Tell me about it. Attack of the merc retro exes! Just had random bumping into ex moment which lead to beers and v revealing chats about another ex. Info I so needed to know but came in such suprise package. Not complaining, it’s kinda cool.

  6. can totally vouch for the mars + uranus + impending new moon in libra house of love strange love retro bats coincidence = checking playlist of rage seeing ex’s band in the list and not staying up until the early hours to see his face. whatevs has SO moved on. am sleeping an awful lot tho. had a lovely dream about hibiscus flowers.

  7. Well so far this month I have gone vegetarian again, really almost vegan, very little dairy (more when I visit others or can’t find something when out that is dairy free), am meditating twice daily, feel totally connected to the universe and am so excited about life in a new way.

    Have decided not see anything as symbolic anymore, dreams are real, ghosts are real, aliens are real, Christ, Quan Yin and the Buddha are all really there for us and a cigar is JUST a fuqing CIGAR.. etc.

    Acting as if everything is real speeds up my interaction with the cosmos as I don’t intellectualise every thing, wondering what it means.

    Woo hoo! Super charged dark moon – the beast awakens.. :)

    • Sounds awesome Andro, I’ve got ur first para covered, but wow wake up call with second, I’ve been dreaming nutso since about Weds (ex’s, temptations, reconciliations, upcoming events/important dates, future beaus)… its brilliant – all reality.

      Finalising to-do list madness this evening….

      Taurus/Pisces Rising.

    • I resonate with this. Probably the most intensely WEIRD dreams I have ever had in the past few days. Sleep patterns are also out of whack in a bad way. Guess I better get on that to-do list, as well.

  8. For about 3 days leading up to yesterday, I was a total spaced-out vegetable. I accomplished next to nothing. Haven’t had a spell like that in ages. Also, old feelings of lust for Aries crush from ages ago bubbling to surface and making me mizerable. Has since died down, productivity is increasing to usual levels.
    In other news – I went to the Mac store today to replace my busted keyboard. Fella doing my exchange had to fill out a report that involved typing the 25 character 0.00009 micro font, light grey serial number on the back of the keyboard TWICE on his iPad along with all my personal info, and then the thing crashed. He had to do the whole process AGAIN and we sat there waiting for the progress bar until he very matter-of-factly THREW the iPad at a wall. A confused customer walked by and asked “Is it broken?” To which fella responds, “It is now!” He then entered the infos a third time on a different computer and successfully submitted to which we all applauded.
    Also not too familiar with role of Lilith. Mine is Aries in h2, square Mars and Jupiter. I guess I’ve been accused of being a tuff bastid for a wimmin, but otherwise would appreciate insight anyone might be kind enough to share.

    • I’d love to throw my Sony Vaio with Windows Vista Home Premium against the wall – or better yet, over the balcony! What a piece.

  9. Does anyone know of any Buddhist connections / ideas / communities I can get in contact with here in Adelaide. I feel as though I’m on a new path.

    • maybe its your own path this time?!? i tried several options in ADL, nothing floated my boat.

    • Try, this is the Australia wide site for the insight meditation network, Buddhist. Teachers like jack kornfield and Susan Salzburg are involved in this school. My fav is Stephen batchelor, there are talks/audio that you can download, which I find really useful for plugging in. Go to the links and find connections to even more dharma talks. I hope this is useful.

  10. If it is about getting things out of your life and starting a new this last week was really taxing both physically and mentally – I am feeling it. I started with a couple days in bed thanks to some dodgy tuna pasta and spent the rest of it catching up and reviewing my life and work. The last couple of days have given me a more positive glimpse of the future, new ventures and new friends on the horizon. I also had this really freaky fever induced dream where I had a holiday house that was a pod under the sea that only came up for use when the tides were right and it was awesome. Bring on the new moon and the new era if this is a sign of things to come!!

  11. Yes I’m up all night during the weekend. Daylight savings has finished on the 3rd of April. I’m waiting for people to reply on my forum posts.

  12. Oh hell. That reminds me, I still haven’t upgraded my blog’s MovableType software, and there was an announcement to make sure and do it NOW because there’s an exploit going around that has to be patched. Oh well, the last time I upgraded my MT software, it was Mercury Rx and it all went fine. But I feel the need for backup. I finally went out and bought a new 1Tb backup disk, to add that to the 3Tb of backup disks I already have (they were full).

    Well don’t worry, Mystic. I have recently come to believe that Mercury smiles upon they who dare.

  13. Newspeed much appreciated :-)

    As for dreaming/dark moon processing – am sure i was doing co-psychic processing/divining, weird.

    Thurs night exhaustive epic dreaming about moving into house with ex-hb and his new gf and our kids. House massive, museum-like on a mountain top. Much fascination with the deets – house was furnished old style with frescos on walls and ceilings, ancient furniture complete with coats/hats on racks, hatboxes, old fashioned toys – rocking horses, rambling two story house with secret passages and rooms. In the middle upstairs was a theatre where live plays and comedies were held on weekends. Much manipulation by ex so that i was roomed upstairs near theatre (so had to put up with weekend noise etc) and kids downstairs near him (house so massive, upstairs/downstairs worlds apart). Negotiations with gf in kitchen over where to put our stuff etc, and where our furniture would go (the place was already furnished to the hilt, so difficult). Gf then turned into an overweight harridan with 5 kids. Realised the nightmare I was in for. Short version is i realised i was in over my head for misery and planned my escape with my kids and just my own stuff (much of which my ex had claimed as his and “stolen” for his downstairs realm).

    Irl next day when picking up kids gear from ex-hb, walked into his new house which his Columbian gf has decorated – and there were all my paintings/prints from eons ago (in gold frames – ick) from time before and during life with ex-hb. I’d forgotten most of them but it was so weird walking around and seeing my old art selections on every wall. Also my chess set adorning the coffee table, and other things of mine on display. A little like a museum of my old life. I don’t care for any of that stuff anymore, not my taste now but can’t describe how weird it felt.

    Then Sat night dreaming featuring father-in-law in major role. Early Sun morning phone ex re rugby game – and he informs me his parents had been staying at his place and were going to my son’s rugby game that morning. His parents live in a different city. So thankful I phoned as I wasn’t up to the scene of me and new Columbian gf scenario played out for inlaws. So managed to escape that one (in that I didn’t go to rugby game). I actually really like the gf – can’t see what this beautiful girl sees in ex but kids really like her and so do i.

    Neptune conj Asc aspect for psychic/resolution dreaming????

  14. Didn’t even know it WAS the Dark Moon until I got the New Moon reminder, so not the usual at all. Buzzed right out and on a massive mission now last weeks hormonal bleurgh has abated. Seen some amazing sides of this Aries energy this week and some not so amazing sides but maybe that’s just me also readjusting to city life.

    Some hilarious typical Merc Retro scenarios, so textbook you gotta laugh kind of thing. Feel resigned to it this time round, way to much other good astro stuff to ride right now.

  15. i am seriously hating this new moon. Nothing but losers bothering the crap out of me. A jackass today thought it would be a swell idea to draw a picture of me (which wasn’t that great btw) at a cafe my friends & I were enjoying some dinner at. Then he gave it to his friend to hand to me with his phone number on it. >:( I am feeling angry like I can’t even enjoy going out anymore. I feel mentally violated. Also the nerve of not being able to approach me to hand it to me myself. I’ve approached guys with their friends to hand a crush stuff before. If i, a mere woman, can do it and risk rejection, I think the rest of mankind better man up. I hate to think I still have more balls that most men I meet. sheesh. pathetic.