Do Capricorns Always Over-Do Their Saturn Return?

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“…When Catherine Elizabeth Middleton marries William Arthur Philip Louis Windsor, a prince of the royal blood, in Westminster Abbey on April 29, she will be scoring a number of firsts. Kate will be the first royal bride to have a university education, the first to live with her husband before marriage, the first to have a mother who used to be a flight attendant. Most impressively of all, Catherine will one day be the first queen of the realm to have fallen over at a roller disco in a pair of yellow hot pants…”  Newsweek


So, this will be Kate Middleton’s Saturn Return. Way to go. I mean seriously, over-achieve much?

And actually, my sympathies are republican but still, i’m on team Kate. She’s Mars-Saturn-Pluto in Libra – super-diplomatic, Moon in Kataka conjunct North Node – awesome mothering skills in the making and Neptune-Lilith in Sagittarius for a damned rich Inner Life/Sexuality to tide her though all those boring state occasions. It looks to me like the Court Astrologer totally checked out her astro.

And Capricorns in general DO over-do their Saturn Returns.  Obviously it helps that their Sun ruled by Saturn but still. It’s enough for most peeps to sober up, get an accountant, see the dentist or maybe have a vaguely sane relationship but a Capricorn having his/her Saturn Return likes to try and rule the world. Or achieve a series of ‘firsts’.

You agree?

And without needing to narrow down the exact date, what was your big Saturn style achievement age 29? Or what you do you hope it will be?

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63 thoughts on “Do Capricorns Always Over-Do Their Saturn Return?

  1. My Satrurn’s in Capricorn, trining my Sun in Taurus, so, um, yea. I won’t have snagged a prince or anything, but definitely have gotten somewhere in the area of fiction writing. (All these Aries planets in my 1st house is bloating up my ego…)

  2. I left Australia and went to the UK and married a brit who I had only know for 6 months. I met him in OZ the year before. He went back and I followed a year later. I just said to my poor old mum that I was going to the UK and that was that. I look back now and can’t beleive that I done it. Left all my family and friends behind and set up house in UK amongst strangers. I travelled all over the world with my husband and kids( had 3 and one from my first marriage) with his work in the army. Lived in some amazing places. Left there after seventeen years to come back to OZ. I often wonder if I will ever travel again.

  3. My Saturn is also in Libra. During my Saturn return in 2007 I got my Associates degree, as part of the the first step in going back to school with a new career focus in mind. Shortly afterwards I lost my job when the company I was with went bankrupt. I had been saving up for a down payment on a house, but decided instead to devote the bulk of my savings to continue with school and get my full B.A.. Still waiting to see if it’s a decision that will pay off. I’m hoping it will be money and time well spent.

    • Oops, I keep getting Saturn and Pluto mixed up. Pluto is in Libra and my Saturn is in Virgo. Maybe that’s what gave extra dedication to my going back to school quest.

  4. At 29 during my Saturn return, just as I’d decided to enjoy life on my own,I met my husband by sheer synchronicity, chance introduction by a friend a week before he was due to go back to the UK. He moved in that night and we’re still together 34 years later on 16th April.

    • Nawwwwww. Gorgeous story!!! Good on you and continued good luck to you, Lib!

      • Thanks, EG, I still think he’s gorgeous and he still tells me every day how much he loves me and gives me huge hugs. Been very lucky.

            • Thanks for hanging around here! We do need to hear these stories more often.

              • I think, because we met when I was 29 and he was 40, we both had a sense of who we were, if you know what I mean, but also we were more appreciative of meeting each other given we were older. Mind you, it’s not all been plain sailing, we’re both very independent, strong-minded people but even after stand-up arguments we manage to laugh. I think a sense of humour is really important because when you can laugh together, you get a shared sense of the ridiculous, puts life into perspective.

  5. I left my lifelong faith. Absolutely changed the course of my life, my genetic line, and the cosmos. No small thing.

  6. I didn’t listen to my inner needs and was humiliated publicly as a result. :)

      • Extremist that I am, now my inner needs are paramount! It does feel better, thanks FA, that is sweet.

  7. Gosh, this is taking me back. Yes. 29. Was the age when I knew I would eventually be divorced, even if it took 4 years from that to officially happen, I knew it then.

    It was definitely the age of reckoning that I’d be single and really living life without constantly thinking about someone else’s problems. I also left a really demanding job and changed industries without having a new job to go to right away, though I knew there was something better out there.

    On my side? Hard work definitely, and a lot more hard core believing in myself.

  8. Saturn return i graduated uni with honours. I started my degree later in life at age 25 so i’d been putting in the slog pre-Saturn return. Must be natal Saturn conjunct my Ascendant. Final year was hell though – got really bad flu in second semester and left a folder with a whole year’s worth of work in a critical subject in the library one night half delerious. No-one ever returned them, so i had to listen to the whole year’s lectures again from some kind soul who had taped every lecture. At the time i thought i would die or fail. ExScorp-hb (bf back then) had graduated and started up an IT business working from our house, so i also had to put up with a group of aspy programmers in my space at all hours of the day and night. But somehow i got through and ended up with honours. Saturn never say die.

    • Like you FF I’ve Saturn rising, so it’s not just Saturn return is it? It’s the dirge of Saturn in your 12th then conj your asc then in your 1st.

  9. I lived on my own for the first time in my life, was harrowed by demons, gave up drinking and my entire social life (post relationship breakup), realised I could never rely on parents for emotional support, took up astanga yoga fullon, started jogging at 4am, and was absolutely devastated most of the time.

  10. I am the middle of my Saturn Return. Quit my job, left my boyfriend, got creative, revised my views on fidelity. Next step, a move overseas. I’m Sagg with Pisces rising and all my scopes say that the future looks bright. I’m optimistic about it, definitely got the merde over early in the return phase!

  11. That silly poor girl marrying into that god awful family. Why the hell would anyone with half a brain, which she obviously has, consider such a life. Saturn return, oh yes, she’s got it coming to her big time.

    • its an interesting experiment I feel sorry for her too but hopefully her cap will pull her through. when the older ones die off she might do some interesting things if the country doesn’t have a french revolution by then

    • kind of sorry for her…..- in that way you wonder if she gets it kind of thing

      • Maybe she’s in love with him, and is entering into with an awareness of the crap that is going to piled on her by everyone and their opinion and is going to do it anyway because she is in love with him?

        • Yeah, maybe – they have that nice Sun/Moon synastry – He Kataka Sun with her Kataka Moon. I’d like to think so :-)

          • I hope that it is all worth it for her. I’d also like to think that Love Conquers All.

  12. At age 29, my previous mistakes catapulted me into a period, which is known as Saturn return I later learned,

    when I had to question every aspect of what I think of as “me”:

    It was then when I listened to an academic telling that age 29 is, on average, when people are most unhappy. After age 30, the studies on happiness suggest life and your outlook improve.

    Perhaps the best thing about getting older is knowing that now I can make other mistakes.

  13. I really like Kate, she won me over while I watch a short news clip of her meeting people and she seem quite genuine! Anyway, I think you would have to be a Cappy to join the Royal family, I mean sheesh it is like working 24/7, only a Cappy would enjoy that! 😯

    At 29, I stopped running and faced my fears… 😯

  14. Middleton marries Windsor, a possible future Monarch… I love the W’s and M’s in this union, it’s very wiggly and zig-zaggy in a symbol-of-Aquarius kind of way

  15. I wouldn’t call it an achievement but my Cappy Dad drowned when I was 29. It was the end of a turbulent era.

  16. My Capricorn grandmother, whom I owe so much to, also died during my Saturn return. The one woman in my life who unconditionally loved me was no longer.

  17. Stopped trying to juggle job/study after being told by someone who shouldn’t have had to I was doing it badly. Decided to not worry about where the money would come from, or ideas about ‘career’, became a ‘student’, moved back by myself and got my gorgeous cat
    6 years on still studying, still relatively poor, still living by myself and still have my gorgeous cat.

    • aww I did on the retro student life and twas hellish. I love learning I hate school. go figure. Lots on career too. just had about 5 themes at once. 6 years you must be a powerhouse of knowledge now my dear x

      • That’s the great thing about postgrad, you dont really have to go to school!
        Am well sick of the bureaucracy though. Rarely go near them as institutions, they just pay the rent really.
        I should note different degree, different city, different house (same cat).
        I’m not sure I’m going to be able to hold down a ‘proper’ job when its finally all over…

        • eh, who cares as long as you can make crust and be happy. I would like to study more one day when my feet decide to plant and I can feed myself more than the short term movements. I love that you have changed everything except your cat x

          • Ha, yes, well she’d already been given up once before.
            When you taking your older, wiser, more learned self back to the big smoke then?

          • Ha, yes, well she’d already been given up once before.
            When you taking your older, wiser, more learned self back to the big smoke then?

            Ah, I keep dropping my phone and my Internet is deathly slow, which I’m taking as a sign to go to bed. I do want to hear about your upcoming adventures. You seemed pretty excited pre illness. How is the health by the way?

            • eh, epic long scary but I am on it though it gets to me some days.
              No cancer- so that’s good but a lot in between to sort out. So much to learn its almost overbearing but its liberating me too. I am still amped I just have a lot more limitations on how my rad future can manifest physically so I feel much the tightrope walker. Dr says I can’t go OS till my condition is ‘stable’ but I am confident that will be soon. Adventures ahoy!

            • learned a lot from pressure demanding to know what I wanted on a soul level and in my heart. when boy was sent home had to do soul searching and did it hard but stayed strong. Met some amazing people who taught me about my inner in a creative sense and how to shoot. who I could be not the naff crap I had in my ear growing up or the BS people spin to keep each other down. Now I have no patience for F wits. love to you homegirl. you will soar I can tell xx

            • I had a similar, but way less serious health spanner in the works when I was going o/s the first time. One minute you’re all yay out of here on to my amazing future, the next your stuck in health no mans land. It is crap. But also becomes another of those things to be done so as to enable you to manifest the amazing future. Much easier to be amazing when healthy. I hope you are all ‘stable’ and glorious soon.
              Scratch the surface of many an adult and you’ll find health issue I’ve discovered. A reminder to appreciate just how amazing our bodies are, and allthe crap they tolerate from us? And to be our best in a holistic manner?
              Ah, enough lamo platitudes from me.
              Time for a walk in the sunshine.
              Take care of yourself love xxo

  18. My Saturn is in Gemini. For my return, I realised I wanted to be a mother. After spending my whole teenage/adult life swearing I would never want kids, it was a huge shift in my self-perception and took me a year to admit it even to myself. Very glad I did, though.

  19. my saturn return was nuts. not one theme either and can’t relate it to the house nor sign. It was some kind of personal commitment to living on the edge for now and living out my heart, throwing myself against the masses and trying to manifest as much as I could without combusting. Decided not to marry my ex after solid suitcase living, became a catsitter for muso londoners and re established fetish links and styling shoots. made 3 sets for a kitsch porn studio and some other more credible ones. very prolific time yet proper 3 of swords heartbreak as my lover chose to gamble me and I did not want to be travel puppet despite loving him to death. Met someone who shook my heart world but, was a bit of a dick who I am about to see again soon (no expectations friendship first) and go back in the firing line hopefully older, wiser and less, mental?

  20. I think I’ve blocked my saturn return out. I do recall not long after I turned 30 that I moved to America, worked my ring off for two years and came home melted down post Sept 11. Maybe my return was slightly late?
    And on the Royal thang? I think Kate’s gotta be made of steel, but I seriously can’t think that a Cancer can cope with a Cap. Every Cap I’ve ever met is missing the empathy bone, and every Cancer needs a constant hug and a kitchen full of food. Maybe she’s he’s backbone?

  21. Cap. Overdid my Saturn return. Married a nice fellow at 29 because I needed to survive. Practical does it, Cappy-dear. (Our composite chart Venus is in Cap, and of course! living in the second house of resources/money.)

    Personally resentful that all inside me could not find an expression for lack of stability, funds, etc. Resentful that I’d tried very hard to be a “good” person and no one seemed to care. Surrounded by folks who, as Ms. said, wanted to pour nothing but naff crap down my ear. I temporarily soothed their sorrows by following their script.

    The problem with Caps at their Saturn return is the “parent thing” to the nth degree. Wanted very very much to be considered and respected an adult. But the special trick for Caps at 29-32 is that they have decided who the parent is –you gonna parent yourself and listen to your *own* authority, or are you gonna continue to live other people’s version of the “mature, responsible, we’re all counting on you” role you’ve done since God was a boy? Most of us chose to tighten the screws down a few twists, I’m afraid. Thus, the perceived “lack of empathy”. We’re doing our damnedest to prove that We Matter –and likely to a bunch of people we shouldn’t bother trying to impress.

    Now 40 is different animal all together. For me it was like being locked inside a lightless Pandora’s Box and finally finding the cordless drill, batteries still charged…screws off!

    Blessings to dear Kate for choosing such a challenging path. She and Capricorn Michelle Obama have all my dearest hopes that they can (re)model a different sort of Capricorn leadership than we’re getting from the crap bankers, et al.

  22. At 29, I changed major career paths for the better and settled down and moved in with what I thought was the guy of my dreams. The career path has lasted but the guy not so much. Perhaps he was a product of nasty Neptune transit rather than Saturn, but it all happened at the same time so it was hard to distinguish.

  23. My first Saturn return at 19 degrees Libra will be this October. It’s in the third house and I have been having a lot of lessons as of late regarding my communication style. My engagement was broken off last April, and reflecting back, I was very aggressive with him and never want to be that dominate over a partner. Hopefully I will be rewarded for my lessons learned! My brother also moved in with my recently so I wonder if he is part of my lesson. I also recently graduated with my MBA so maybe a new, rewarding career will be on the horizon…..But deep down, Saturn in Libra keeps this optimistic Sag dreaming that a new relationship will be the reward, because my heart overflows with love to give :)

  24. My first happened in September, I made lots of massively practical, adult and very Saturnine decisions, none of which seem to have come to fruition yet and I’m still as ridiculous as before. Except now I have this millstone of forced growth round my neck and I can’t go back on anything or be silly about anything anymore. I feel like Saturn which is pretty heavy in my chart as it is just got heavier. Not a bad thing as such, it’s just making me want things (like a sensible life, not to be in debt, a career etc) that I hadn’t put the work into before, hence not having a foundation to build upon and everything being hard because of that.

    I’ll be happy when it backs off my Venus, that’s been harder tbh.

  25. Lessee. Saturn in Scorpio conj. Venus and MC in the 9th. Mars conj. Jupiter in Capricorn in the 11th. I have no idea what to make of that, but I have a raging desire as well as massive anxiety regarding “finding my way”
    29 is looming, so I sure hope I find it by then.

  26. 29 it was probably non stop slog to survive as a single parent, no support from anyone, I’m tired of looking back because I’ve done the time, learnt the lessons blah, blah!

  27. At 29 i became an Outlaw in a foreign country. Told the
    judge ‘sorry, your Honor, i was just trying to stay alive’.

  28. am a 32-yr old Cap in the middle of my Saturn return. What has happened so far? Let’s see..
    It all began at age 28 ( i had been married for 1 year) with vague feelings of “needing excitement”. No longer felt enough that I had a lovely husband, who I had moved to the other side of the world with, great friends and family close by, good health, interests outside work, a beautiful home, a bachelor degree and no real money worries. I felt only boredom with my life in general, and despair at my dwindling sex life with my husband. A few months ago I suddenly thought: “life’s too short”.. and it was like something inside of me broke free. After our work Xmas party I had a near one-night stand with the hot guy from my work I (and my husband) have been friends with for the past 5 yrs. Couldn’t go through with it and told hubby about it. Changed jobs. Put myself and husband through counseling. Currently doing some intensive soul -searching and trying to resolve my issues and negative self-beliefs. Questioning every aspect of my life- marriage, relationship with parents and friends, career. Started singing, belly dancing, pole dancing, rock climbing. Got hair extensions… Started meditating and writing in a journal. Became very interested in spirituality. Started wondering what the purpose of my life is, and how I can help others. Friends think I have lost it..
    Caps go overboard you say?…

  29. My Saturn return is coming up…I’m a capricorn and yeah I’m planning to get some major stuff done lol.