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  1. “Buff Jesus”…you are hilar Mystic.

    If Aries, well of course he had to be prepped to kick ass…lovingly of course ;)

    No, think an evolved Aries Jesus would have muscles on the inside and not concerned about them on the outside…

    And a “Father” tattoo…think not.

    Any sign can aspire to Christ’s teachings of course and actually, just found an old book I never finished “The Nine Faces of Christ…quest of the true initiate” in my boxes.

    • Have actually had the boxes here at home for quite a bit now (not in storage where xx Leo Mum is :??: ) Hope she is not pissed that she is in storage…lol…No Leo would ever like being in storage and of course her spirit IS NOT. I know that for a fact…But that is astue of you in remembering you history vixen you…

      Anyway, am into joni mitchell’s “california” tonight…”take me as I am”…

      Will have to do for now. So for this Aries, no Jesus (beyond egotistical complexes that I am ruthless in facing)….

      I mean, isn’t that really what it’s all about?

      Jesus tho seems very Piscean to me. x

  2. Jesus was a carpenter, right!?
    … so buff, smart, scruffy, forward-thinking AND kind…
    what’s not to love ?

  3. Every religion was ‘started’ by an individual. There may be many people associated with the early days of a religion (disciples), but there is usually just one individual who has the highly original ideas.

    No religion was ever invented by a committee.

    Kabbalah is a more recent ‘new’ religion. The expert on the early history of Kabbalah is Gersom Scholem. He says that, at the bottom of it all, it all points to one person who had ‘deep insights’ (Moses de Leon).

    So what personality attributes does this sort of thing require.

    The person does need to be highly individual. This is all about not going along with the conventional wisdom, to the point of defying authority.

    And the person needs to be ‘lucky’ – not quite sure if you’d associate ‘luck’ with one particular sign.

    I have the impression that this is the sort of person who be a good entrepreneur.

    I’d defintitely buy the Aries theory.

  4. Nah, to me he couldn’t be anything other than a Pisces. =) There’s too much symbolism that points to it for me to overlook.

  5. Mentor told me of an Edgar Cayce book that had reading with Jesus birth time. Book may be Secrets of Astrology. Do not have it (yet) anyone..?
    Been googling, will post if I locate.

  6. I reckon aqua. He was a feminist , had 12 mates rather than a confidante, never married and was up for parties, defied the Sabbath laws to heal the sick , wandered off solo in the desert for 40 days on a spiritual quest ( ok that’s pretty sagg), the guy danced the beat of a different drum. And from documents about him he was not particularly atttractive and was of short stature. But had a lot to say. Very uranian , no?
    I mean, he left a big impression , but I can’t see an Aries giving talks on a hillside on philosophy, they’d be beating down a politicians door somewhere or strategising for change. Leading an army etc.

  7. Technically, this year he would be a Taurus, right? Which I think fits with the whole Last Supper thing and hanging out with Mary Magdalene all the time. Clearly he loved food, wine, and sex. What other sign would, knowing they would die next day, make sure the last thing they did on earth was sit down to large meal with wine, etc… near a garden, no less?:) A lover, not a fighter (turn the other cheek, etc…)

    • Oh, and stubborn as the day is long, too. Would NOT concede that he was not son of God.

  8. LEO! Jesus was a LEO!!!

    He turned Water to Wine. He was good at catering. He walked on water – show off much? He liked banquets. He had disciples as opposed to mates. He thought God was his father. Leo men always have father issues. He had excellent hair.

  9. Had a gorgeous sleep today and had the most bizarre dream where I was in the outer stratosphere of earth looking at a machine harvesting in China, I then was told if I climbed up higher I would get a better perspective. I was then getting a better perspective of the earth by falling through space, it became terrifying.

    What do you think?
    Also having mouth problems, burning tongue and discomfort, any advice?

      • heheee…very clever…. ; )

        realise the dream is about getting perspective… maybe a grander larger perspective, maybe one that terrifies me…

        burning tongue about so much anger that i have to speak that has been silenced…

  10. Oh dear. I feel ill. Spitting image of my Aries ex, who looked, indeed just like an extraordinary buff 6’1” Jesus (Cap asc and all), and played drums like the devil (well, as well as John Bonham, whom he is better looking than). He is back in town – and thought of running into him and whoever is on his arm at some gig or other (we like the same music, which is what got us together) makes me feel very, very queasy indeed’, since I have not met another man I remotely feel like sleeping with since I met him 12 years ago now, and he left me two years ago, for someone else.

    • oh, and he major father issues as well as his father used to try to punch him out when a teenager…and he had to hold back, knowing that if he let his anger out, he could easily have done daddy (not as big) very serious damage…

  11. HaHa. Seeing as you’ve reposted that thread, should I confess…? ‘tWas me who posed as Taurean Jesus this time last year. Was working on the long weekend and looking for a distraction and couldn’t let DavidL’s Aries Jesus-complex jo unjibed… :-)

  12. He’s everything. That whole Alpha and Omega thing. So we could play Jesus ’round the zodiac…

    Aries: Goto kind of guy. Gets the job done. Alpha thing. “Before Abraham, I AM” Knows he’s always the first and doesn’t have to prove it.
    Taurus: not above partying with the common folk. Preferred to save the best wine for last. Talked a lot about about money and resources.
    Gemini: People couldn’t figure him out, but he told fantastic stories.
    Cancer: Ah! The Mother thing… Mom sent the sibs out to tell him he’d gotten to big for his britches, but you know, she was there for him until the bitter end. Compassionate to children; sympathetic to women.
    Leo: Hello? Lion of Judah. And there must be something archetypal going on with the hair. Major art figure for 2,000 years.
    Virgo: Loved to trip people up on their bad logic. Servant, bread multiplier.
    Libra: Social justice. “Measure for measure,” and all that. ’nuff said.
    Scorpio: Brought a man back from the dead. Predicted his own death and resurrection. Had sixth sense about traps laid for him. Knew how to use a whip.
    Sagittarius: Wandering rabbi, prophet, but never popular in his own town.
    Capricorn: Leader, obviously. Didn’t take up his calling until after his Saturn Return. Strong understanding of history. Knew his job and did it with integrity.
    Aquarius: Preferred a crew of students/friends to close intimacy with one. Unorthodox teaching; thought nothing of hanging with wierdos and unsavory sorts. But strangely attached to certain traditions.
    Pisces: Omega. Knew so much he could be bothered with only telling you bits. Liked to invert paradigms. Fatigued by crowds.

    Happy Paschal everyone!

  13. ~Aries Nation. They are now going totally APE.~

    Went to the casino last night.

    Merc in Aries on my Point of Fortune, exact. My Mars in Gemini so in mutual reception.

    Had tons of fun. Up & down with the same $1,000 (that I’d won) for hours. Hit another $400 before I walked out the door.

    Ah, can’t break all my habits. How fuqing boring… ;)

    ~Girls, girls, girls~

    Now I gotta go cook and get in granny mode :lol:

    • Our little almost 3 yr old just left here, cute as a button with ballerina ruffle sparkly pink skirt. Stomping. Feet. Monster. Style. Through. Whole. House.
      My Sis, (her G-Ma) arrrgSIGHargg. heehee Lil’ Toro. :D

      • Libran gdaughter has Moon in Toro. She can stomp for sure when in a hissy..lol

        What a great Aunt you must be tho!!

        • :D hee hee My Leo stuff knows her way around toys.
          Spesh the eye candy ones
          I encourage things like ‘put bug eye lenses on BOTH eyes’ OooOoAhhh

      • Think that stomping is a way of pawing the ground before they charge?

        :lol: No, my baby doll would never charge me (wait till she’s about 15-17?)

        Let her charge her Mother first… lol…

    • Home at 7:00 am (yes I gambled all night but still picked up some extra potatoes and asparagas at the local market for Easter today)..

      That poly~spaztic~ sleep came in handy right about then Myst ;) x

      LOlllllll I feel very irreverent lately…can you tell? x

      • Co-incidently SweetPea, i also have my Mother’s ashes stored
        but in an antique oriental trunk at home. Sure some would think
        it a little bizarre. Unfortunatley the black wedgewood urn she wanted
        to be placed in happens to be under glass in the art gallery & haven’t
        figured a way to steal it and she didn’t like imitations.
        It’s like i couldn’t get her full attention whilst she lived, so now i have
        her all to myself.
        Am i twisted :-)

  14. Sitting in a park in Paris, France
    Reading the news and it sure looks bad
    They won’t give peace a chance
    That was just a dream some of us had
    Still a lot of lands to see
    But I wouldn’t want to stay here
    It’s too old and cold and settled in its ways here
    Oh, but California
    California I’m coming home
    I’m going to see the folks I dig
    I’ll even kiss a Sunset pig
    California I’m coming home

    I met a redneck on a Grecian isle
    Who did the goat dance very well
    He gave me back my smile
    But he kept my camera to sell
    Oh the rogue, the red red rogue
    He cooked good omelettes and stews
    And I might have stayed on with him there
    But my heart cried out for you, California
    Oh California I’m coming home
    Oh make me feel good rock’n roll band
    I’m your biggest fan
    California, I’m coming home


    Oh it gets so lonely
    When you’re walking
    And the streets are full of strangers
    All the news of home you read
    Just gives you the blues
    Just gives you the blues

    So I bought me a ticket
    I caught a plane to Spain
    Went to a party down a red dirt road
    There were lots of pretty people there
    Reading Rolling Stone, reading Vogue
    They said, “How long can you hang around?”
    I said “a week, maybe two,
    Just until my skin turns brown
    Then I’m going home to California”
    California I’m coming home
    Oh will you take me as I am
    Strung out on another man
    California I’m coming home


    Oh it gets so lonely
    When you’re walking
    And the streets are full of strangers
    All the news of home you read
    More about the war
    And the bloody changes
    Oh will you take me as l am?
    Will you take me as l am?
    Will you?

  15. Since I’m a buddhist, on christian holidays I often think of “Republican Jesus.”


    There was an ongoing Republican Jesus comic strip, I’d link but that would put me over the antispam link limit, so just do a google image search on “Republican Jesus” and look for the comics that are all the same except the speech balloon, with Jesus wearing a blue suit, white shirt, and red tie.

    Oh, I forget lots of you are Aussies, this is an American thing, I guess.

    • ‘Lick my boots’….sorry….. sandals. No cow is sacred anymore according to
      Julie Burchell’s book Sacred Cows.
      On census i always put Christian-Buddhist, not that it’s their business.
      There was an expression in Australia, Bush Baptist, if anyone asked &
      you were non-denominational.

  16. all religions are made up. Political and made to control masses. Jesus may have had the best intentions..they used his words to perpetuate wars and still fight over their made up religions. And even before that, with the Moses business. 40 years to find a place to live in an area no bigger than Rhode Island? Really? And then more war about land rights and holy this or that..
    Yogananda says, “bow to the stone” and I will but totally to swallow the myth about Mary being virgin and giving birth and remaining virgin? Common? I can’t..Jesus never said it either. they made that up..oye! Don’t get me started…