Amazingly Excellent New News

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I LOVE this picture.

Now brill news…

The astro shop is now set up so that you get whatever you have ordered instantly…SO if it’s an Astro Confidential you get the passwords to read it instantaneously & if you’re subscribing to the Scopes you get access straight away as well.

And the site has been reconfigured so that it loads heaps faster.

The passwords glitch has been fixed – it was part of the upgrade – so soz for that….Thank you for your patience and enjoy the new speed…Happy New Moon-Mars-Uranus in Aries

20 thoughts on “Amazingly Excellent New News

  1. Happy New Moon – Mars – Uranus in Aries to everyone! I have Aries in mars.

  2. The reply thing is weird though?
    No reply at the end, only under other’s messages … which goes … ?

  3. … underneath, no specific replying to people?
    And are we supposed to see the HTML tags under the reply box?
    Yes I’ve reset everything on my appliance.

  4. What a wonderful world !

    Gorgeous Shot.

    Today at the young Aquarian’s preschool the little peoples painted all the planets of solar system on paper plates and hung them up in the room..Excellent..

  5. A vision cat pounced right up to my face today, whilst I was having a little nap on the couch. It was weird, as I am not a napper, but was reading some theory on imagining, and couldn’t keep my eyes open. Didn’t look like that cat though, nor the little black one sleeping on my chest at the time. It was big and grey and White. You’d think it would be a bit more wary, given I was clearly claimed property, imaginary cat or no, it’s a brave cat that brazenly pounces so.
    I think it was the snoring of the real one that woke me up though.
    Now I’m kind of wandering about in circles wishing it was closer to 7 so the news/dinner thing could begin and then I could go to bed.
    Instead I’ve cracked a Pinot, despite promising myself I’d not. But then a case of wine turned up this morning, and Neptune seems to have osmosified my afternoon.

  6. nice work – onya mystic!!

    supposed to be in final pre-departure lock down. people sweating on 1500 words here, 3 pages due for publishing there – let alone personal stuff like mani/pedi, dry cleaning etc etc but no no no – virus / sinus thingo flared & now on STRONGEST antibiotics which whilst are supposed to fend evil throbbing ear / throat have not so wonderful side affects that have rendered me sofa bound.

    traveling with throbbing ear ain’t the go – & its not the first time ear’s arced up prior to this annual work related jaunt – but if the good doc swears am 100% turnaround by tomozza gonna have to put faith in him. feel like crud tho ;(

  7. if you have some arnica cream rub it on your jaw at the top near your ears – if this happens when you make this journey annually it could be that you’re stressed and teeth grinding in your sleep which can cause ears to be real sensi to illness. Hope you feel better soon.

  8. hi mystic love that the site loads so fast – thank you for your hard work – but it seems like reply doesn’t work?

  9. thanks whatevs – good thinking re Arnica.

    for once am organized & no undue stress, sinus thingo is the tail end of summer in the water …. just not too good with Antibiotics (i dont normally take them) but they seem to be kicking in. yay sleep will be ideal!!

  10. weird whatevs – I replied to you above & landed down here …. mercury rX us off lol …

  11. Mystic I wonder if you have considered making the site smart phone compatible… now that’s big thinking for a communication obsessed luddite like myself. Also html code is visible below the comment box. I don’t care though don’t put me off being here.

  12. J’ADORE!! I used to twitch waiting for my passwords when I ordered stuff, so this is lovely. Have been off site as busy @ the Poison Palace, but wot a delightful surpise. Plus the speed helps when am surreptitiously reading the blog in a meeting.

    Mystic hon, have to say the site is leaps better and am forever grateful is ad free. You know when you’re reading/blogging on a post on some topic, hmm, say how red shoes entice men as they’re vulva symbolic? Then next thing you know you get a pop up ad for surgical reconstruction down there!? It just lowers the tone.

    This is all lovely, sigh..