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  1. I don’t know if aquarians are as home-stitchery and mushroom-growing-woodstocky as you might convey babe? Maybe your collection of Aquas is, I’m not sure though, I’d hate to judge or whatever? They are a pretty variable bunch. All my Gen x-y Aquas (and an aqua-leonic father) I would characterise more as an anarchist-non systems oriented-level-playing-field-nothing is sacred other than objectivity-and while you’re at it who are you to judge-what do you base your argument on-morals are bullshit- etc.

    BUT nonetheless I see your point. xxxx

    • whoa. As I write that I have strange brief flashback to dream from last night. and various scene/s from other random past dreams. hm. Yes so while we’re on the subject, vivid dreams lately but not so much ‘subconscious msg dreams’ but more ‘there’s a lot of shit going on that you need to know about’ dreams. If ANY of that makes sense.

      *dinner now*

      • More epic dreaming for moi last night (as transiting Neptune approaches conj my Asc). This time involving my first real love, an Aquaman, so much going on in my psyche atm, i feel i could burst. The sex was always amazing (we had a long affair whether we were officially together or with others), we kept our sexual relationship going for years during our late teens and early 20’s (some aspect i have loves an illicit relationship, but I forget what – but draw the line at married men). Havent thought ’bout him forever, so weird, now half expecting to come across him or info re him as everything I tough upon soon appears lately.

    • That’s how my known Aquas are too. Seems like Aquas get confused with Pisces a lot here but if I recall correctly, Mystic is a Pisces with Aqua rising, so the blend is very natural for her. :cool:

    • interestingly enough my aquarian son was recently talking about growing mushrooms in bags under the house…. and he had a time of def loving the magic kind… some of these books are def very him – maybe not quite stitchery but, yes, hand made houses – he build an awesome cubby at the age of 22!

  2. as an aquarian, who has dated many an aquarian, both male & female, aqua types are faaaaar from the spaced out stereotype we get pinned with. i think of us as lateral thinking virgos…in a way. it does take a special type to find the sex in the brainy aqua being. but then, whats hotter than synapses firing at light speed between 2 sychronised brains?? aqua men are fab, they allow you to be exactly as independent and individual as you should be. nab!

  3. odd. was just looking at pics of my bookshelves last eve.
    Have also been wanting to re-read the book about cleaning green. Great subjects, I have the Woodstock craftsman manual, is great source of info. Dig the Aqua vibe.
    I feel sometimes they are the only ones who ‘get’ me, intuitively.
    Whatever the sitch is, it just IS, no need to explain.

    • Yes, I think this is true re: Aquas. We seem to mesh. Or they seem to accept me or “get” me when others do not. Maybe they accept everyone.

      A regal pilot?
      A creative politician?
      A vain inventor.
      Life of the party (perhaps to the dismay of others who want to get a word in edgewise)?
      A hands-off, macro-manager leader.
      Aloof yet might crave attention. But then again, shuns fawning.

      • I’m a Leo Sun/Aqua Moon.

        I’ll take vain inventor, please. :D And much to my personal dismay I am NOT the life of the party, but my Scorp rising is probably to blame for that…

        You’re so on about that last point. I’m aloof, crave attention, but once I get it I start to feel suffocated and like the person needs to back off. Yes, the contradictions can be troublesome but at least it keeps things interesting.

        • Know it well Cm. that bcking off has driven me nuts being on thepointy end of said Leo/Aqua moon ex, But I have learnt to back off and pace my attention with him. and not getting upset is the key.

          • Yes, not getting upset is definitely key. I don’t know about your ex but I’ve never met anything bad by it, it just is what it is. Thing about Aqua is that unlike other signs who might withhold things to test people, Aqua usually does it without even realizing it. We just always have a million thing we’re thinking about so we aren’t as attentive to what’s right in front of us as other people might like.

            Are you a Leo too leogroover?

            • yep but with moon in scorp and aqua asc so not an ‘out there’ leo and aloof yes but lovable. Helps me understand the ex a bit but he has kataka rising so a bit tricky and puzzling for me.

  4. Oooo, we get a little peek into the elation MM so mysteriously spilled in the Daily Mystic email. Nice. Uranus must be coming within orb of her Moon. This is one of the ways it manifests: uranian-influenced men appear. So not only is he Aquarian, but with Pluto opposing, even with a wide orb, the Aquarian is intensified. Don’t have time to look at an ephemeris right now, but Uranus in Leo possibly too,? which would add more oomph to the Aqua-ness.

    Met a similar guy last month who fits to a “t” Bluesky’s possible portraits of the astro representing a vain inventor and generally someone who you can’t get a word in edgewise around. Someone involved in the nuclear industry is another possibility. Visionary, for sure, and filled with esoteric knowledge that you won’t otherwise find unless you haunt university lecture halls regularly, but sometimes you do need a breath of air. So Mystic please remember to keep punctuating your posts with “lol’s”

  5. Never mentioned my nephew but his is Aqua, born Valentine’s Day! Sweet…

    In his thirties now, but as a child he was quite talented with the Leggos. :)

  6. A contrarian view …

    No! I say wannabe Aqua. A real baby-boomer Aqua would shun most of these titles.

    There would be have to be at least one book on Film Noir, a copy of Mac OS9 Handbook (1999 ed) in perfect nick with neatly inserted sticky notes and the Complete Book Of The Freshwater Aquarium.

    Perhaps a tome on Charlie Munger (if American) or Paul Keating (if Aussie) or Cornelius Cardew (if Brit). In the personal dev dept: David Deida, Vietnamese Buddhism or Maslow.

    Possible: Economics in Late Habsburg Spain (1643–1700) and CD of obscure but interesting Japanese experimental techno stuck in the middle. Items about The Vatican or Enron are not out of the question either …

    PS: Hope this isn’t a “close personal friend” – lol!

    • blog away. This site is well known for its excellent and highly experinced cyber counsellers. Pull up a couch Revived – (passing you a cup of chai/ tea or glass of champers) Welcome.

  7. Can’t rave highly enough about my Double Aquaman!
    They can forego the neptunian vices! IF and when they truly WANT to!

    • His bookshelf contains such gems as the Readers Digest Guide to Vegateble Garden Planning and Planting to Robert G Barrett’s “Ultimate Aphrodisiac”

  8. I have Aqua rising and pisces intercepted in the first with aries sun iin second—I have a lot of these interests–my book cases have quite the range of these subjects represented—-I just ‘know’, some will be collectors choices somewhere/time down the road….