Voodoo Secrets Of The Virgo Moon

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Danielle Smith

Okay peeps the masquerade is over…

Uranus is in Aries, Neptune about to be in PISCES, Zap Zone looming & a Full Moon in Virgo conjunct LILITH – you’re either edging into a Blue Devil Hoochie Juice sort of a weekend or googling stuff like “benefits of watercress” and “why gluten is evil” as you glug down your blue algae Swamp Goo.

How to work the Virgo Full Moon aspecting Uranus & Pluto??? Your Weekly Scopes are now up – get this: Aries get Nuance and there are perks to the paranoia of our Scorp.

What are the Voodoo Secrets Of The Virgo Moon?  Different for each sign. Suffice to say that by around about NOW, you guys should be grokking the Zap Zone, what it means for you, what’s top of your agenda all of a sudden and the details of how you are going to attain your Grand Vision.


29 thoughts on “Voodoo Secrets Of The Virgo Moon

  1. Am speechless at the timing of your post and Gem/Pisces horoscope.

    My solar plexus hit twice in the last two days. First hit followed clear identification of patterns of deception, the other was after a minion’s attempt to humiliate me. My neck is stiff like a poker out of stress.

    When all at stake is dignity, choosing to walk away responds, explains, complains to no one.

    ATM, I am being Nep-tuned (thanks Mystic for your brilliant consult) but have never ever been more clear on what I want to do.

    Whether it happens or not is not even the question. The journey of sailing away from a toxic past has officially begun.

    • smh…………me too. “Whether it happens or not is not even the question. The journey of sailing away from a toxic past has officially begun.” <<< sooOo true.

    • Lovely imagery of sailing away Quad. Hope your journey is a smooth one and if not it’s “interesting”
      My scopes say i should be the senisble one this weekend but I’ve just run out of sensibily juice and I was heading for the Blue hoochie to escape mostly the forthcoming repsonibility of “that talk” to kepp sane. The sitch is he may be taking a job in another city – that is closish abt 1.5 hrs away but not close enuf.
      Just gotta keep an even keel and sail on through with tiara on straight and head held leonicly high. wish me luck am despondent as we speak.

  2. so you know how the zap zone was a big deal for ages a while ago? If we worked that shit out then will new shit emerge or is there some kind of lull?

    • Oh man…… I don’t think I can handle any more new shit. Can’t some really good stuff just happen instead? When is this zap zone repeat meant to be again? I need to know in advance.

  3. Had little games played on me at work too for a couple of weeks.

    Scared little bunnies on the inside taking snipes at me and their manipulations actually worked and pushed my buttons but that just made me stand up straighter. This Leo’s got her nuts back. Stand behind the perimeter.

    OMG, bumped into a friend I had not seen in 11 years in a coffee shop yesterday.

  4. I have determined that the show must go on no matter how awful I feel at the present.

    Work and career sector is doing great!! In fact, I think I can achieve my dream of a life time soon. When I was all fretting about escaping into the 5th house a few posts back, it came to pass that I sold a major work of art that weekend. I hope to repeat that feat.

    Health-wise, I’m doing great. I’m getting my body back in shape after breaking my leg earlier this year. I’m determined to melt those pounds off.

    I am determined to be a good daughter and take care of my mom in old age so therefore I am …gasp…purchasing a condo so my mom can move in with me. Mom and i never got along well when i was a kid. I ran away from home at 18 y.o., but now that dad is gone and she’s gotten more “toothless” she’s less of a pain to deal with. Also my Fish sis is not being very kind to her at the moment or volunteering to take her in so i have to be “Big Scales” and do it. :(

    Of course, I have worries about something as permanent as a condo,
    I think I’ll call the place “The Nunnery” or something. I will be pretty much flushing my chances at finding a man down the toilet because no man will want to move in with a woman who lives with her “spiteful” mother. As a Libra, not having a life partner is a living death sentence, but I must have earned it somehow in another life. I’m prepared to pay it and stop running away. So I’m putting on the orange jumpsuit and choosing to focus on different things. I am exploring herbal medicine so i can kill my sex drive so i won’t even want to pursue. That should make my life easier.

    • year of the fox, that is a noble sacrifice to bring your mother in with you, but, why? Is there no other option? All I hear in your comment is dormant problems that will eventually erupt. Forgive me if I am over-stepping my boundaries – look at me giving you an opinion when I don’t even know you – but that decision sounds like it needs reconsideration immediately. Try to stand outside of your comment and read it objectively. Where is the merit to the decision of a Libra giving up relationship hopes and returning to living under the same roof as someone she once ran away from? Being a “good daughter” can mean other things other than this heavy sacrifice.

      • I agree with Inchy, Foxy. There MUST be other options.
        Mothers & daughters living with each other when adults
        is recipe for unhappiness. Resentments will occur at some
        stage that are not good for either of you.
        Please re-consider.

        • My bestie lives with her mum for economic reasons and its not happy but they are manging after a year of it.. She escapes whenever she can ( being multiple sagg helps)

        • Pegs and Inchy, thank you for voicing your concerns. I really appreciate it, but this is no snap overnight decision. I’ve been sitting on this for about 2 years. An inflammatory incident with my current room-mate pretty much brought this from red light to green light (the past weekend or so). I am NOT happy where I am living at the moment. (With Uranus transiting my 4th house for the past few years, I’ve been nomadic to say the least.) It’s not like I would be trading my great life for something crappier. My life is already crappy with no hope of getting better in the love dept. I want children so desperately but not without a good partner and my ability to have children will be gone in a few years. (I think having a child at 50 years old is improbable and not a good idea because you could die before they graduate high school.) So buying the condo now is simply thinking of the future. Mom won’t be moving in right away. I’ll have a few years to live by myself and try some more. Mother is an independent woman who loves living by herself. We’ve gotten closer since dad passed away but we still fight. Both she and I know as time marches on she won’t be able to live on her own much longer. I am not rich enough to hire a live in assistant for her. The eventuality even if it doesn’t happen right away is that she will have to stay with either me or my sister or we can share duties.
          Filial piety is a big deal in my family.

      • Yes, please think through this idea very carefully YOTF. Be very clear & honest with yourself about what are your motivations in contemplating this option. It is better to be clear and practical than act on the basis of possibly misplaced guilt, anger at your sister or any number of other emotional fogs. Also, what does Mum want for herself? Has anyone asked her?

        I hope you were only joking about killing your sex drive with herbs! That is not possible, is it?

        • Mom has already requested that we (my sis and I) not leave her alone in old age. My father forced swore me on his death bed that I would not abandon her because he knew that’s the first thing I was thinking. I therefore have to keep that end of the bargain. It would be nice if little sis, since she has more money than I, would live up to her part.

          And I’m not really kidding about the sex drive thing at all. It’s gotten me to make bad decisions, choosing men for physical passion over emotional compatibility. Sad to say I am not able to have it both ways. Better to be rid of such a burden so I can be a more “normal” woman who is happy to have sex once a month or something. I don’t even know how often “normal” women have sexual desire but I can guarantee it’s not 3-8x a day.

          And yes, herbs can be used to decrease sexual desire. It’s been used on monks and sailors.

    • I thought the same YOF when my teen son came to live me full time. Thought it would be a major passion killer and I was only 1 month in to a promising affiar.. However, the current sparkly gem/crab boy did not bat an eyelid and son is cool too.
      Most times when we think the worst will happen it doesn’t. simple,
      Unless you are a pyschic, you can’t predict the future so why worry.

      • Thanks Leogroover. I figure if a guy is attention worthy enough to catch my attention and put up with the mom situation he must be worth keeping. I am doubtful such a thing exists however. I do just fine repelling them as if i needed help. But you are right, the most seemingly impossible things can happen.

  5. Virgo moon? Darn it, no wonder I just had a fleeting urge to shampoo my carpets. It’s spring and the entryways could use a little spruce up.

    And darn it, we’re already in the Mercury retrograde shadow zone, just as I am ordering stuff for my printmaking that has to be shipped here in time so I can send out my proposal for an arts grant. Deadlines are short and there is no time for delays or errors.

  6. Moon in virgo explains why i was cleaning the fridge at 7.30am . Phew its passed but gotta go and get on with this weirdly quiet overcast day. it feels ominous

  7. Hmmm, we just got told we’ll need to leave our home of 10 years. Pluto’s transiting my 4th house.

    There’s a mixture of sadness and hope.

  8. I’ve had the inspiration to get my art organised for an exhibition which I’ll run, because arty-farty people don’t really get how I create with symbols, meanings of colour, spiritual input, astrologicla input, and then hold a workshop to explain it and get people painting themselves. Mentioned it to the owner of a new shop nearby – furniture, crystals, clothing, new age stuff, etc. – and she’s offered me space when she gets her new shop sorted out. Is that good or what? And I’m re-sorting my art into different categories which make it more understandable and explainable. So Virgo’s definitely at work already 8)

  9. Can someone please stop me from killing my sister? I don’t know what house sibling problems are it, but it’s getting mojo’d.

    I hate Virgo moons, especially this supermoon- because it amps up my Saturn in the 6th something awful.

    I am trying to be meticoulous and perfect, really!… Lay off a touch please, and I will buy you a nice wheatgrass shake, and those nice self organizing closet bins….
    I feel like I’m having a ho flash and I have to go to the stationary department to to be surrounded by office supplies to cool down…

      • Right. So , the house my Sun, currently sitting under Uranus and trying to have a birthday, and therefore square saturn and alll the other squares is in?

        That one.

        Thanks YOF.

        At least it makes perfect sense.