Tranquility Amidst The Zap Zone

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Michael Whelan

Yes, well. It’s not just YOU.

The current astro is basically the Zap Zone redux.

No Uranus won’t start squaring Pluto till mid-year.

Yes, the Sun square Pluto, Lilith on Uranus and starting to square Pluto and Jupiter opposite Saturn as Mercury comes to a standstill is QUITE enough, thank you.

Yes, it can be cathartic. My apres midnight emailing with my site host turned up some very interesting info and i know now what i need to do to make the site 10x faster, crunchier and more reliable.  The chat with the dentist was likewise instructive. The fact that a situation flared up with a fuqwit i don’t even know has given me more confidence and aplomb in handling myself + now i know who’s really backing me. Sleepless nights and crazy-bats dreams have also their own wisdom. The argument with the guy delivering Socialist Alliance newspapers even though i have a ‘no junk mail’ sign…I don’t know what the message of that was?

So if you’re feeling bitched up and under pressure from all sides, what can you do?

As with any Zap Zone astro-weirding, you either go under in a haze of self-pity and extreme irritation or you get a grip and man/woman up to whatever the challenge du jour actually is.

The beautiful pay off du jour is that Venus-Neptune-Eros are all conjunct in Aquarius so in between bouts of screeching down the phone and yelling expletives at your computer/staff/whomever, there is also something beautiful gathering momentum in Art and/or Love. It also means you’re more likely to be snorting lavender or downing Blue Devil as you send off ruthlessly vicious emails to cull the crap from your personal and professional realms.

Told you this week would be intense. And I’m counting the Zap Zone as being ON from now and reacting accordingly. It’s why my Daily Mystic emails are bi-polar at the mo. They’re part oh-my-god Neptune is soon in Pisces like wow and how magic is that (because it is) and part ‘on guard’ already.

Lilith caught up in the Zap Zone between Uranus & Pluto releases a LOT of anger, especially from females. Keep it productive!

Also, Jupiter opposite Saturn makes it easy to vibe between over the top optimism, let’s spend up big and grow to be great/miserable oh my fuqing god this is disastrous states of mind.  This is not stable astro – it’s drastic astro, that favors the change-adept.

So who’s doing cathartic forced growth and who’s just irritated to the max?

45 thoughts on “Tranquility Amidst The Zap Zone

  1. Firstly I still in the recovery phase from that last dark moon – that was Nasty. My physical body still hasn’t regained much sense of momentum or energy.
    The rest of me has however noticed the little syncronistic and magical little inklings and underlying not yet manifsted scenarios brewing away. Very very excited about all that – but getting from here to there….
    taking note of all the wisdom and facts being offered here.

    Bipolar indeed – life is very much like that at the mo but with a surreal intensity. – eg : Witness to the most amazing morning I have ever seen – amazing colours, sunrays through strangely beautiful fog shapes – just wow mother nature experience. Look in rear veiw mirror and there is a lunitic in a ute magnetised to my rear bumper. I was not sunday driving, I was doing the speed limit and wham there he was trying to overtake on the wrong side then goes to the other, then dangerously manages to overtake me, he then sits in front of me for the next ten minutes. What did he just need to be first and then he chilled and noticed the amazing morning?
    Truly amazing magic – truly amazing what the fuq moments!! I guess we should get used to these hey?

    • Hey Hippychic, did you read Mystic’s twitter from earlier today ?

      “The FuqWit Alert today is at a high orange – nearly the 2nd highest setting possible.”

      ps – saw a great bumper sticker the other day, would be good to make our own adaptation of it “‘Even Jesus loves tailgaters” .. i nearly pee”d my pants!

  2. the former – thanks for the forewarnings my life would be shit right now if I hadn’t had a few years warning this was coming x

  3. Once again Mystic, you are bang on the nail.
    Whilst burning beautiful lavender incense from oxfam in the kitchen, i let the Piscean have it….which really boiled down to me complaining about what women have been complaining about men since the dawn of time …

    Pick you’re own shit up !!! And while you’re at it, pick some of our kids shit up too … and i think i’ll have a pair of hands on deck for a good week now (or day or two) .. i love a good eruption/roar .. it’s like ripping the red and white check table cloth out from under a magnificent meal, without losing the glassware. viola.

    Lilith in Scorp. Will reign in from now and try to use as green fuel. thanks once again for the magnificent heads up.

    • great visual, gf~ love !
      Pillows dashed with lavendar oil, and have gifted some also. Mental post-it to keep cool, smile and be kind, though distant if need be. The emotional atmo is cracking with electro energy like before a cloudburst- gooseflesh and all. Blues are helping me sleep, which does wonders for my attitude, otherwise, hermit mode, studying and working~Capricorn steady on.

  4. Forced growth would have to define September 09 until….last week.

    And then some ancient calcification dislodged in my psyche.

    Uranus finally moving out of my sign (Pisces)?

    Haven’t felt this energised and free in years.

  5. I got a grip and womaned up!!! Career has been in the shit house, went and spoke directly( a crabby miracle!!) to my boss, I have no idea where the words came from but they were cool, calm and collected.
    Have had a ridiculous amount of positive feedback today, and I have been pumping out the positive vibes to all.

    Been growing a spine, and now creakingly exercising it. Angry all the damn time.
    I think it wiser to stay off the Blue Devil atm…

  7. *Sleepless nights and crazy-bats dreams have also their own wisdom. Check Have had 2 dreams of ex and a blonde. This is not a dream it is my reality -pay attention gf (note to self – no better still tattoo it onmy forehead)

    * snorting lavender and downing Blue Devil Check- lovin it

    *The beautiful pay off du jour is that Venus-Neptune-Eros are all conjunct in Aquarius YES YES YES I am soo feeling this vibe

  8. Maybe it’s the Lilith Zap Zone that amped me up when I read an article in our local newspaper. I even called the reporter! Poor guy, but he should have done his homework.

  9. Haven’t slept more than a few hours in days but having fun playing with my new identity! Transformation and energy +++

    No real ass kicking from the universe yet. I figure I’m doing SOMETHING right.

  10. Me too! sleeping in small bursts. Massive transformation. Hypnosis last week triggered something HUGE, it has blurred the edges of my reality and ‘forced growth’. hmm, unavoidable now, even the cloves and blue devil hoochie cant subdue those urges.

  11. My goodness, Mystic. Liz Taylor just passed away. So sad. Such a giving generous spirit. I remember reading here how Pisces changing signs can bring the passing of an icon or legendary public figure. As discussed here, Liz was a Pisces as well.
    I know astrology works, still freaks me out sometimes…

  12. yeah..yeah..forced growth… Working hard at work. Love life still sucks. Nothing new. I just feel exhausted and like there is no magic left. The world looks grey. To make matter worse, I binged on comfort food last night: chicken and dumplings. :/ Maybe I should be grateful that nothing is happening instead of complaining? A lot of peeps are saying this week will be filled with surprises.

    • Sign me up. Irritated, depressed, angry, nothing new unless new happens to be more depressing.

      • same here. the new era seems to be about even crappier astro! jaded just this second. maybe I’ll feel better later…

  13. Only balm for horrid turgid energy is finding good music, good poetry, and nature. And occasionally getting the bandwidth to actually accomplish something. Sleep is difficult. Focus is difficult. Teenager is difficult, both of them! Incredibly difficult to motivate self. Like walking in quicksand. Constantly gritting teeth and tapping foot really fast. Would think this restless energy would turn to action and production. But there’s a brake on. Don’t know how to dislodge. All that said can feel magic in air at times. It’s art related. Not love, or not visibly/tangibly. Wondering how I’ll get through it all. Lots of doubt. Feel I’ve already endured lots. So, yeah, self pity creeps in. Trying not to indulge that too much

  14. Forced growth and irritated.

    Does anyone know if Valerian as any side effects ?
    Got some in some chamomile tea I bought called ‘mother’s little helper’ and it helps.

    Feelin’ my magic but I won’t get to the goods until I buckle down, use my communicative abilities and become less sensitive, proud, but also must maintain dignity.

  15. feeling the anger well up and trying to challenge into positive energy to accomplish stuff with some success.

    Also making positive steps towards new job.

    After being treated like a lackey, am monosyllabic with those not on Team K-Gem, aka ‘yes’ or ‘no’, ‘hi’ and ‘bye’. Not THAT monosyllable.

    Weird dreams but creative energies are up.

    Thanks for the explanation MM – helps put the week into perspective

  16. MMM – Had a strange, circular conversation with that Toro I’ve been mentioning lately.. He’s sleeping on the couch at his house, his ex fiance has the bedroom, his son’s been shipped off to his mothers while he tries to find a place to rent.. meanwhile he’s saying he doesn’t want to even think about having a relationship while all this is going on (AGAIN I’m being told this!) but would like to ‘catch up and get to know each other better over cheese and a nice bottle of red sometime next week’…

    Woke this morning and wrote a massive sms: ‘I really like you but I’m actually looking for a man to be by my side. Been bonk buddies before and I just got hurt in the process. See you on the next trip maybe.’ (We are Dr Who fans…)

    I can’t do it anymore. I just can’t play the stupid game where its ‘hey I’m the fun time girl’ who you won’t invite out or introduce to any of your friends.


    I can’t remember the last time I was asked out to a movie. I give up.

    • And yes I KNOW its a bad time and Merc’s in the fuqing shadow zone, and everything is Zapping and the sex was awesome and maybe I should perservere and be patient because he’s a Taurus and everything but you know what?

      Surely if its this difficult then its not right.

      Changing gears – again.

      • Stay strong. If he’s meant for you, he’ll come back when things are proper. It’s what I’ve been trying to tell myself.

      • bluelibra, the longer you keep yo-yo’ing with the guy the more you’re going to regret it . . . don’t give up on looking for the next one, cuz even if the next one just turns out to not be the one who stands by your side, at least he’s not going to have as many problems as the toro guy.

      • Oh man- I was just there a few years ago.
        I got totally burned.

        CAn I just make a suggestion?
        What if you look at it this way? What if you had your ex-fiance in the house, and all the rest of the set up…. you’d be a mess right? And you met someone you really liked.
        You might try to keep them out of the mess?
        Anyway you slice it, I think he’s in no shape at the moment.

    • Stay strong BL, its hard. been there done that. And if you want a man by your side, well, thats what you want. Next in line, please!!

  17. Not sure how this fits into the Zap Zone happenings, but my grandmother died this time last year and after a year of gathering up and sorting through her things, cleaning and repairing and making improvements on her house, it’s finally ready to go up for sale. It’s been really hard on my mom (who grew up in the house) and has been trying not to be too sentimental about hanging onto the past. The house is big with a lot of character and charm and we’re hopping it gets sold to a young family that can inject some new life and vibrant energy into it. I plan to get some sage so I can burn it to purify the space before the real estate agent starts showing it. Does anyone know if there is anything in the stars that would signify that this is a good time to sell a house? Real estate would be governed under Capricorn maybe? Business and the home?

    • what are your stats again? Sun, Moon, Rising???

      Some signs have better real estate stars right now.

      • Mine are Scorp Sun, Virgo Moon, Sagg Rising. My mom’s (since it’s in her name) are Scorp Sun, Cancer Moon, not sure of the rising. It really needs to get sold as soon as possible, but even that may take a few months, so if the best offers come in May I’ll take that as an auspicious sign. April here in my region of the states is always cold and rainy, so May should be when the flowers start blooming, which will add plenty of curb appeal as well. We’re also holding an Estate sale on April 2nd, so hopefully that’s a prosperous day too.

  18. Trying to stay strong, logical and realistic. Concentrate on my studies, my boy, my friends and finding a job. Forced growth is an understatement.

    Geeze, didnt know it would hurt so much, but using CBT on myself and that seems to help. Slowly eating again, getting to the gym, re-connecting with friends again. My lil aries on sunday told me I was a phoenix.

    Tuesday night couldnt sleep went outside, and an owl was perched on my verandah railing, stared at me and flew off. That is a good sign… Athena warrior I am!!!

    • aaawwww

      sweet little thing, don’t they just say the best things when you need it the most.


    Australia post ended up costing me $100 instead of $35 to post a simple international document, due to their shit service, all the while calling me “luv” but shaking their heads, shouting and clucking. so furious.

    also friends wedding on sat, doing so much work for it (which I am happy to do) but being fuqed around by other “helpers” on holiday.

    my ariesness just hates bad time managment!

    • Your Ariesness has time managment?


      Maybe it can teach mine. I’d rather say fuq this, I can do it all in two seconds if you’d let me. Get out of my way.

  20. My goodness, the tryly awful behaviours on display at the moment are fascinating to observe if one can just detach! It says alot about the people exhibiting them. But, I can feel, deep inside, the power of this astro. If you can detach, observe and think amidst all the awful behaviours and emotions, you can SO see the road to take…and no, it’s not revenge, point scoring or bitcherel …. it’s living the future you want to see. Sorry if too philosophical but this hit me like a ray of light during one awful moment today!

  21. Amazing, simply amazing. This whole week has been like a mini-kaleidoscope of my life to date. Got to tell someone who needed it what I thought of them. But more than that, got to finally get it all to work. It’s all working, and I can’t say what that is but by gosh this is incredible. I am a different person.

    And Andromeda, if you are reading this, thankyou for the post from about 10 days back where you quoted Pema Chodren. The two first lines: ‘Hold your seat”, and ‘Don’t make a target for the arrow’ are about the most valuable words in my life at the moment and I repeat them daily as I go about my business. Big thanks!

  22. Like this from now on??

    I woke up at 3:00 this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep.
    I am counting it as a plus cause of all the insights….. I don’t know how long I can do this though…. 4th night with less than 6 hours sleep….my sleep loving cat-self is refusing to work today, and I will have major push tomorrow.

    What does this intensity mean? How do I know if I am moving fast enough?

    I am taking a night course which I have just figured out is going to be using antiquated software. Do I stay with it and revamp my outlook? Or fuq it and look for the next thing- appreciating what I have learned?

    I also told my boss I am taking a vacation. This is the most radical thing I have ever done. I never ever take vacations….As in- since I started working when I was 14- I have taken two…Two years ago- and they hired someone to take my role while I was gone…..

    • Interestingly I woke at 4.30 this morning, thought about meditating, had a cup of tea instead, went back to sleep had beautiful and intense dreams woke at 7am pumped and ready to go! I feel there is intense energy at the moment!….

      Maybe take some sleep when you can bsa, like an afternoon or midday nap… get physically exhausted and see if that helps the sleep thing… i know it sux to not get good sleep…