The Four Dimensional Nightmare

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The title for this post is from a J.G. Ballard short story – i have them all – and that is what this current thing in Japan reminds me of.

Drowned cities, apocalyptic imagery, smashed up highway exit ramps, big boats on top of piles of match-stick debris that turns out to be actual buildings pulverized and unbelievable grief, awful dark huge waves with flames in them, numbers that nobody wants to know…

SO yes it’s like a nightmare – you would be an actual sociopath not to feel sad and freaked out by this shit – and no, having endless tidal wave dreams doesn’t mean you’re next. I think it’s like a collective subliminal thing. No it’s not 2012 Mayan merde/end of days or anything that means you (a) flee or (b) tell all your creditors/employers to go fuq themselves.

Seriously guys – Pluto is in Capricorn – don’t bother going there with the anarcha-hippy-dark ages peasant shit. Think in terms of re-structure – not dissolution. Think a la your strength, guts and integrity.

Every astrologer has said Uranus square Pluto will  be quake, upheaval & revolution – i was really willing it to be more like “o.m.g so isn’t it fab that we now have equality, human rights and democracy all across the entire world already?”

It’s hideous and sad but other than the obvious condolences, prayers and/or $$$ to the people affected by this seismic situation, your mission is to carry on un-daunted.

More cool, more amazing, more aware and more powerfully You. And most likely insanely more appreciative of the good things going on in your life around about now…

You think? Vent or be emo here…Thoughts?

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  1. A friend heard a guy on the train say how great this tsunami is for his business. She surreptitiously kicked him in the shin as she exited.

    • Good on her!

      I have dear friends in Japan and hope they’re doing ok.

      • Sorry to hear that and I hope they they are all ok! Another friend suggested we find out what his business is and do a mass boycott.

        • It sounds like a lot has been happening with Pluto in Capricorn. It sounds like Capricorn in Pluto means bloody tough work, because Capricorns in general work so hard and tough. It was the recession, and now recently natural disasters. I guess with all these things happening we all have to be tough and work hard to clean up all this mess. You know how Capricorn rules the bones, some people had to have their limbs amputated in the tragic earthquake.

          • But hopefully, I do wonder what 12 December 2012 will be like after?
            Probably a positive change in life hopefully.
            I do hope something good will come our way after the 12 of December 2012 and also yours too!

            • Jasmin boland another fab astro guru believes that we will all have an awakening. That psychic phenonomen, telepathy, telekeneis,and empathy will become common place. I do hope this destruction leads to some creation. (apologies for the terrible spelling, I’m learning how to use my iPad).

    • Sometimes I don’t think we (people) can really comprehend Mother Nature’s power. Our nature is to control our enviornment. Then something like this comes along and we realize how powerful our planet can be and how we are at her mercy.

      Last week I was in New Orleans, 5 yrs. post Katrina. The devastation is still so noticeable. It’s heartbreaking.

      My heart goes out to all the people of Japan. This will affect their entire generation.

  2. Hi Mystic,
    believe it or not, I have hardly been near a TV / computer all weekend and only just found out about the tsunami… and no haven’t yet watched pictures or got into it (seems a bit much after Brisbane, cyclone Vasi, bushfires, the cyclone that was Supposed to hit Perth, Christchurch, …)

    Thank you for your timely reminder (as quadrupled above says) that going backwards into dark panicky anarchy is So retro peasant bullshit. Coming from you that sounds simultaneously cool, soothing and authoritative. Those of us who are in positions where we CAN do something aren’t helping anyone by buying into the big emo “omg omg” thing.

    I feel like sending 1000 paper cranes or something – or thinking them over there towards Japan. It might not sound practical but it is step 1. send good vibes first. see what to do, next.

    The days of “environmental refugees” might already be on us, I think.

    • My words aren’t here.. I’m dizzy tonight, I really do feel like a floating speck on the surface of this giant rock…

      I just wanted a ‘Like, like lots’ button under your posting Aqua lion.

  3. Just sending as much love as possible, knowing that there isn’t much else I can do personally from over here. Donated money to my favourite charity Shelterbox, they’re based near me and do amazing things for people during disasters like this.

  4. I’ve been hit directly by this shift. Someone I love dearly was struck and killed on her bike while training for a triathlon on the 8th at 1:30 in the afternoon. She was only 27 yrs. old. Sally was a major player in the Running community, was on her way to the Olympic trials next January and was loved and adored by so many. It’s such a SHOCK. She was t-boned by a truck and killed instantly. I layed awake all night tuesday, tossing and turning, trying to process something that just seemed impossible to grasp and I couldn’t help but think about the entrance of Uranus and how this is impacting us all. Then.. we have the Quake in Japan, the tsunami to follow and underneath all my sadness is a stark realization that not everyone is going to be coming into this Uranus era. The stage is being set, times have changed and will continue to change, and somehow I don’t feel it’s going to be a time for the weak or timid. I don’t see this as a negative thought, just an awareness of what’s going on around me.
    I’m enclosing a link of Sally on her last tv interview done about a month ago just because it makes me feel good to share her with everyone.
    Sally’s birth data is Dec. 7, 1983 Tempe, AZ (no birth time) for those interested.

    Thanks for giving us a place to vent Mystic. xoxo

    • so sorry you’ve lost your friend – she was having a saturn return? I’ve had to go the not everyone will come with route myself lately and it felt like someone poured concrete into every orifice in my head. There’s no words anyone can say to ever make this better for you but thanks for sharing her awesome smile with us x

    • Thank you for sharing your friend’s light with us.

      Am having difficulty in finding the right words lately, as if my vocabulary is slowly being erased.. Just want you to know, like whatevs say, I have been thinking about loved ones leaving. In the last four months or so, four people that I had known since my childhood died unexpectedly.

      You are right, it is not for the timid and the weak.


      • ((hugs)) Quadrupled sorry for your loss as well.
        I can’t always find the word either, but I can feel the energies changing like the merry-go-round is spinning faster, ya know..?
        Best thing is to hang on to each other and lift the collective spirit. X

    • I’m so sorry to hear about your friend. Terrible shock and horrible event. Take care of yourself.

    • Sorry to read of your loss, Scorpio Sun/Rising, you simply don’t expect to lose friends when theyre so young. Thanks for the link, I enjoyed watching footage of your friend, and big, big cyber hugs surrounding you as you move through such a wrenching time in your life.

    • but I can’t let the sadness steal the light that is shining on the future path

        • I am going over the emails I sent to myself over time. In one I repeated what I read on a blog: the question is never “why me?”, but always “why not me?” This is the only question that makes me cross bridges to connect: whatever, good or bad, happens, my question is “why not me?”

          Being a human, there are several people I wouldn’t mind kicking off the bridge. Am still hanging to injustice suffered, but also dead sure, given the chance, they will do again what they did. I thank them for keeping things in perspective.

          • I have a vague feeling you’re a toro? Cunning to diarise the events so you could observe yourself from a distance – my moon + neptune’s in scorpio so I totally relate to veils and spying on oneself to see how it all works. Are you having any trouble keeping events that were separate apart in your mind? Seeing it as one big dark thing and not a collection of smaller more manageable grey things? If you do you might need a hand from someone to work out how to channel or resolve the emotions constructively now so you don’t get stuck in a loop.

            Why not me? is a huge concept – especially if you’ve realised you say it no matter what is happening, good or bad. As if someone took something from you at some point and you’ve never felt like you got it back again? Where is your chiron? Chiron is a great star to visit when you find yourself asking those kinds of questions. I hope you’re taking it easy on yourself quadrumpled. Try not to go round in circles in your head without asking for proper help from whoever you think is proper, it sounds like you’re dealing with some really big things.

            • No, I am not a Toro, Gem Sun and Mercury actually but Saturn is conj Venus in Toro. Lately with so many deaths around, I tried to find a meaning in explaining it. Writing emails to my future self for whatever troubles me works for me on several layers; 1. it gets the problem out of mind, 2. I know I will deal with it in future with an inquisitive stance, rather than mental panic of the moment 3. these emails, when read in future, helps me remember emotions without doubting my memory, 4. I can access emails any time, so it is also pragmatic.

              Interesting, I never thought the role of Chiron in this and thanks for giving me another angle, because you are right. Chiron is in Aries, first house. Asking “Why not me?” for good and bad has definitely something to do with Chiron.

              • Glad you’ve got distance and your gem sun + mercury makes sense : o) chiron the healing journey – melanie reinhart is gold x

  5. Thanks so much everyone. I appreciate all the warmth and caring. xoxoxo

    • So sorry to hear of your loss, your friend Sally~ so radiant.
      I always find this comforting, I hope it helps everyone else, also :
      energy cannot be created or destroyed, it only changes form. It is the first law of thermodynamics.

      A friend said something last night that really shifted my way of thinking.

      I consider myself a positive thinker, and remember to this day, one of my favorite teachers Mr. Templeton (8th grade science) wrote in my yearbook “Don’t lose your great attitude” (horrible school year of psycho bullying). The major shift in thinking yesterday was this: still not vibrating high enough. I have improved greatly in the past few years, but still soOo much work to do personally.

      So I spent the morning studying vibrations…planetary, musical, color chakras, guitars, rocks, wood, everything I could find. I am concentrating on my fixed squares and tuning in the dial to the best energies I can create. Love and light Mystic peeps, this is sanctuary here…bless XO

      • That helps tremendously. Thanks for taking the time to help shift the perspective with this, I’m going to pass along what you wrote to some of those closest to her. Thank you.

        • my condolences hon, what a terrible loss for you and yours. much love xxx

  6. Japanese graphic art depicts huge waves in a lot of artists pictures
    now i know why!

    • Been watching Hayao Miyazaki’s ‘Ponyo’ with the kids, it’s totally unnerving.. Wondering if Miyazaki is a bit of a prophet.

        • is spirited away the one with the trees that walk and that sticky goo? Or the hat making girl and the fire that talks? I get them mixed up but I love the one where the dial above the door spins and the house is somewhere else when they open the door – billy crystal is the talking fire. Loves it.

          • Howl’s Moving Castle is the one about the hat making girl and the doors that open in different places and Calcifer the talking fire. I cant remember one with walking trees or goo, but Spirited Away is the one where the girl gets lost at a bath house for spirits and she has to work there before she can save her parents, who have turned into pigs by the wicked sorceres who runs it.

  7. I am relieved to have heard from my friends in Tokyo, finally. The quake was far away, but there are 4 known deaths in Tokyo (so far) and what damage did occur, was devastating. I still can’t believe a video I saw, 4 men come running out of a high-rise building, then 1/2 second later, tons of concrete come crashing down right where they were standing. I have been watching some of the live Japanese video sources, and what we are seeing in Western media isn’t the half of it. Their discussions (in Japanese) are much more frank about the situation than I expected.

    This is a huge tragedy, and the Japanese seem to have adapted themselves to these repeated earthquake disasters, with much sorrow. There is a fatalistic streak in most Japanese forms of buddhism, that these tragedies are just another step to reincarnation in the Pure Land. My own sect rejects those tragic beliefs.

    What is really getting to me, though, is people using this tragedy to push a political agenda. One fringe nutcase astrologer is publishing maps of fallout patterns if the cores went to a nuclear detonation (which is impossible) and is hammering on the nuclear risks, to push his own anti-nuke political agenda. It is despicable to use such a monumental loss of life to push your politics. There will be plenty of time for that later. Let them start burying the dead, before using their corpses for political points.

    • I believe the nuclear power plant situation is really quite serious with a second reactor having lost its emergency cooling system. If they can’t find a way to cool the rods and they are left exposed meltdown will occur. I’ve seen these nuclear fallout maps being posted up on FB too. I think people are just very concerned.

      • People aren’t just concerned, they’re freaking out due to fearmongering. The situation is basically resolved, the reactors are quenched. Sure, this is a serious issue of nuclear safety, although I should point out that with a quake that was about 1000 times the maximum that the reactor was designed to withstand, it’s a triumph of engineering that it didn’t shake to pieces instantly.
        But more to the point, there is something positively evil about using a tragedy like this to advance your political agenda, while the country is still trying to count the dead.

          • I’m sure this situation is still in flux and unresolved, but these reactors have all been shut down since the quake and I suspect #3 had time to cool down somewhat.

            It is at times like this I see people screaming, “Nukes are EV1L!!!11!!! We’re all going to D!E!1!!” And then my reaction is, I hope the best damn nuclear engineers in history built those plants, and that the best damn nuclear engineers alive today are working on the problem. And you know, I bet I’m right. That doesn’t resolve the general issue of nuclear safety, but it does make the fearmongering seem ridiculous.

            • Whilst I agree that sensationalising the issue isn’t helpful, neither is minimising it. The situation in Japan is serious with the Japanese nuclear safety board admitting now that meltdown in two of the reactors is likely. Being anti-nuclear has nothing to do with promoting a political agenda – it’s about the reality that just one serious incident will have catastrophic effects that potentially could last hundreds of years, cause untold damage and not only that – the genetic defects caused by radiation poisoning for generations to come is worthy of serious consideration about usage of this particular energy source.

              • When are we going to realise that the words ‘safe’ and ‘nuclear’ don’t go together or ever will. How dare any one generation establish a power system that is basically an accident waiting to happen, an accident that not only harms those that either make the mistakes or are involved in unprecedented acts of nature, but harms thousands of generations to come. All Australians should take note that this type of ‘accident’/act of nature could happen here if we too were stupid enough to establish nuclear power stations. Imagine, Hunter Valley-gone, Sydney basin-gone, can’t you hear the officials now using the Titanic plea…we are sorry but we didn’t foresee these particular circumstances. Lets face it we cant even agree how a dam should be handled during potential flood times. Just exchange water for radioactive poison and imagine.

            • Well said no nukes, saggigal. Nuclear power IS political, full stop.
              Now IS the time to be pushing the anti-nuke agenda, because it desperately needs to be heard, even if it takes something like this to put the issue of safety back ON the bloody agenda before we have the Abbotts of the world pushing it as a safe alternative to fossil fuels from the position of the Prime Ministership.

              The amount of enriched plutonium that has already been stolen from “secure” nuke power plants is enough to nuke the whole world many many times over.
              The issue of human error, command systems (ie human) error, malignant intent (theft, sabotage) and waste storage are more than ever important. Of course, then there are also earthquake and tsunamis of a magnitude not factored into design…?
              I mean, how do you MAKE a reactor that will not be affected by an 8? Seriously???? And why did they build one that could not withstand it, when this was quite within the range of what might have been expected? Money and politics. Given that these two issues have been huge for decades in relation to ANSTO, the only Australian facility – and which has had more hushed up incidents and scientist deaths/suicides that you can count over the past three decades- and into which I was lead researcher of a Govt/Opposition Parliamentary Inquiry back in 1990 – when the reactor was past its used-by date – and is still running despite bipartisan recommendations thanks to money issues – why do we want to believe that it will all ever be any different???????

              • Yeh, Look, I agree… with anti-nuclear. Nuclear radiation malforms and changes our dna, and if we are lucky that it only does that, we must not forget that it also kills living things, including people. There is already so much depleted uranium in our atmosphere. I hope that this incident does amplify to the mass consciousness the debate around resource energy, what we use, how we use it and what are the consequences.

        • i don’t think being worried about the details of a multiple nuclear meltdown is fear mongering…and i think it’s unfortunately only at times like this that people sit up and actually have those conversations- about the legitimacy of nuclear power as a safe energy source, etc.

          I think it’s actually a very good time for that discussion.

          I also don’t think anyone would call Eric Francis a ‘fringe nutcase astrologer’. He’s a journalist first and foremost and is trying to get facts out, from his sources, even if you disagree with them.

          Rachel Maddow just did an excellent piece with a guy with a PhD in this stuff:

          It’s an overwhelming, scary thing. I think for everyone’s sake we need to stay calm and not be getting our back’s up about how someone else chooses to share information. i think anger serves no purpose in this situation…
          lots of love and good energy to japan.

            • you’re welcome FF. And no one could accuse Rachel Maddow of fear mongering (level headed and informed are more like it).

              Yet she’s saying the same things.

            • I agree. Natural disasters are like wars, there will always be people who try to use it to their advantage, even if it’s unethical to be profiting off of someone else’s misery and misfortune. People deal with fear and uncertainty in different ways, some overreact and some remain in denial about pending danger. Fear mongering is certainly nothing new and neither is political bias in the media when covering stories like this. From all the news footage that I’ve seen the Japanese people are very resilient and almost stoic about the events. It’s a country that’s used to earthquakes and environmental extremes and has some of the most advanced technology and building strategies designed to withstand the impacts. I think like saggigal said, the negatives and the fear are all givens, but they can be used as a spring board to talk about some of the heavier issues like nuclear energy. Maybe as a result there will be a renewed urgency to make better use of alternative energies and fuels. Sometimes things have to fall apart completely before they can be put back together again. I especially liked one story about how the US military was being sent in to help, having more knowledge about how to act effectively since helping with the Haiti earthquake a few years ago. I’m sure a lot of them would much rather be helping people with relief efforts than being engaged in warfare that is often pointless. Just my opinion.

          • I would most definitely call Eric, who is a “9/11 Truther,” a fringe nutcase. He is exploiting a tragedy for political advantage, posting propaganda, like pictures of abandoned kindergartens in Chernobyl. This does not have any place in the current situation, it is not discussion, it is blatant fearmongering.

            • I agree with Charles. There is not a single structure in the world that’s built to withstand a 9.1 earthquake. I have every confidence that the Japanese will contain the threats they’re facing and I mentioned down below that if this had happened almost anywhere else in the world the prognosis could not possibly be nearly as bright. These people really know what they’re doing.

              I think nuclear reactors can be safe if they are pulled into infrastructure and given the funding and investment they need. Nuclear power in Japan is decades ahead of the rest of the world. Putting seawater into the reactor is a worst-case protocol because once its done it can’t ever be used again, adding to the losses their economy will already face. However, there is no doubt at all that that solution would work.

              • “there is no doubt at all that that solution would work”

                you know … it sounds like you’ve got some kind of hotline to the ether that’s not available to the rest of us …

                Your opinion is irrelevant. What’s relevant are the facts. The facts are that as of an hour ago 7am west coast aus time, the reports coming through are that reactor number 3 is not under control, that radiation there is rising, that tsunami warnings are still in effect, that a volcano just went off and that 7+ aftershocks over the next couple of days are likely.

                If people are wigged out it’s for a bloody good reason. And no I shall not be joining hands sending out poxy “love” vibes and singing kum ba ya hoping that it will all go away.

                I will be keeping my fingers crossed, trying to go about my day and hoping that the shit doesn’t totally hit the fan.

              • Well. As an American I don’t know if I could tell a Japanese person they could not have light and heat because I was concerned about my personal exposure to radiation…

            • Charles…if you feel so strongly, why do you keep posting on his website?? When i see a nutcase, my usual inclination is to *not* engage with them… You’re perpetuating negativity, not addressing it.

              And as for the 9/11 stuff…totally irrelevant to this thread, but many a normal, intelligent person thinks there are a few missing pieces to that story, have no doubt.

              this is a time of heightened emotion, shock, and trying to make sense. you could be directing your energy elsewhere than on his site.

              (and not everything that you disagree with makes it propaganda, no?)

              • Well, I’m not going for the propaganda-political-fearmonger accusations. Mostly I’m expressing admiration for Japanese society and the way in which they have layered ingenious disaster-preparedness into its structure. The Japanese really looked at their own challenges and built a structure that mitigated their geographical weaknesses and the demands such a large population would have on such a small island, this little speck floating around in the Big Blue.

                Japan is terrifically responsible, not just for its people but also in the way it responds to its own problems. It is situated on the ring of fire and no one is more aware of the dangers of that than the Japanese. As far as whether there *should* be nuclear reactors: it’s really up to that soveriegn nation whether they choose to use nuclear power or not. But I’d really challenge anyone to argue in their case that fossil fuel usage is the safest or most economical way to provide energy to 127 million people surrounded on all sides by the Pacific Ocean.

              • :). Sorry prowlncrab, I didn’t realize my opinion was irrelevant. I thought I was being invited to share my opinion.

                As far as sending poxy love vibes and singing kumbaya this might work with a country like Haiti wherein the infrastructure was so poor and undernourished that the only hope was a fast influx of donated cash that could only come too late.

                My point about Japan is — this country is not Haiti, or Indonesia, or even New Orleans wherein impoverishment, bad planning, complacency and political opportunism all played as much a part in the devastation as the actual event. This is simply not true of Japan. This country made its choices and prepared for the worst as well and as reasonably as possible as a matter of national priority. I wish I could say the United States had done the same.

                The way to stop a meltdown is to keep a reactor cool. Seawater will do.

              • No I’m sorry roadhouse – my comment was out of line. I guess I’m trying to formulate my opinions via keeping informed of latest news updates, not just what “I think” or “I hope”. The situation has got me tetchy. I have never been a fan of nuclear power. I don’t believe it’s up to a sovereign nation whether they choose to use nuclear power or not since, if a serious problem does occur, the effects have the potential to be widespread and catastrophic. This situation is really disturbing me.

              • I post there because I’m sort of in an ongoing dialog with one of the columnists. I am reconsidering this, as I feel like I’m creating free content that makes money for someone I abhor. Surely you are right, it is futile to engage with irrational people.

                Roadhouse, consider this: the Earth itself cannot survive a 9.0 earthquake (that’s what the Japanese are rating it at now). The oceans overflow and the earth tears itself to pieces under such monumental forces. The very thing we rely upon most, the solid earth under our feet, betrays us.

  8. Thank you Mystic – a beautiful, empowering set of sentiments. I don’t know if it is right to take a positive message from all of these sad events, except sometimes when something shitty is happening at work or I am feeling harassed at home, I am reminded of all the people who have no work, whose homes and children are gone. And I give thanks.

  9. Thank you Mystic and everyone, for reminding me of the subtle yet deeply powerful and potentially transformative effect/affect of empathy and compassion. There is perhaps a cathartic element to these visible global shifts and changes as an era comes to an end.

    To paraphrase Shakespeare, ‘Farewell, sweet world. May flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.’

  10. I dunno … a few years back I was really curious by some of the 2012 Mayan stuff around the place – I thought it all sounded totally nuts, but it was pretty entertaining anyway.

    After the last three months on good ol’ planet earth though, I have to admit that some of the predictions/speculations have come to pass. No I’m not talking about the armageddon stuff or the more whacked out conspirarcy theories – but a few have talked about the earth going through a process of cleansing itself causing the kind of upheavals we’ve seen over the past few months. My Saggy energy healer friend reckons 2012 is when the karma clock runs out – I shall have to ask her what she means by that. So the verdict is out on my side of the street … really don’t quite know what to make of recent events.

    But I do think that human society is a juggernaut lumbering along kinda self powered without knowing what its doing – and creating a fuqin big mess and a lot of insane thinking in the process. Personally I can’t see any meaningful change occuring without a profound shift in human consciousness.

    • It is so odd that so many astrological predictions are matching up to current events, isn’t it? The karma clock.. I am interested to know what that means also.

      My astro teacher was pointing out that astrology gives you in the positives and negatives of a situation without the confusing aspect of personal karma muddling things (like a psychic can pick up an alternate thread for some karmic god given reason, or a tarot reading can pick up on the wrong thread). She thinks of astrology as her anchor in confusing times.

      Have been reading about 2012, the photon band etc. just recently for the first time. It’s hard that there are some people whose work really interests me and they have perceptions of reality that really challenge me, but sort of make sense more and more on another level..

  11. I must agree, that whole zombie-apocalypse-Libertarian-everyone-for-themselves-Ayn-rand crap is so last century. What is needed is humanity, compassion, calmness and the strength to keep going. Sure there are disasters, but there are always disasters. The only thing that can change is how we deal with it. Like I said about the Christchurch thing and the floods, we are just “fleas” on something larger. When we understand how trivial we really are, we will make progress and evolve.

    <3 to Japan and the whole fricking world…even the peeps I'm not so fond of.

  12. thank you Mystic. Nice not to hear more buy-in on global panic/doom fever. What would one do about it anyway? Keep the vibes high, help where we can, stay at peace, compassion for those hit by various events, that’s the best we can do. If more happens, if something goes on in Australia, well then it’s our turn to deal with it.

  13. Hmm – I celebrated Uranus in Aries by having dinner with friends, then heading out for what was supposed to be a couple of drinks, and an early night (which is how they convinced me to join them)…. Got home at 3, slightly pissed, which is something I haven’t been for 8 months. am now sitting up, hungover, but grateful to my body for nurturing me, and for telling me gently – hey; too much grog love. and also love the fact I was dancing my butt off last night, having a wonderful time. Also know hat I am not a party animal. I love my quiet time, and not drinking, and being centred and grounded.
    So not rad new realisations, but consistant, genuine reaffirmations of MY GROWTH, and the sheer joy of being here. Now. With the people around me, new friends, and old friends.
    I’m also interested in my reaction to the disaster in Japan – I have no friends or family there, so am able to be one step back and observe it, and my reaction is a deep to the tragedy, as it was during the floods, cyclone, and quake in NZ, all of which affected me directly.
    I just keep coming back to the phrase: Be here now

    • I’m so where you are at too, Post.

      Had a much bigger night than planned. Got home waaaay too late. Saw lots of old friends. Had them tell me about Buddhist idea that all this upheaval was a Karma thing. Also had someone tell me that Oct 28 this year was going to be the biggie??

      Anyhoo, I hadn’t had a big night in ages so my alc-tinged brain let me sleep ’til noon, (well got up at 6am to see what was happening with Japan. Chilled me to the bone that there might be an impending nuclear incident… what about the poor environment, wildlife, etc? Ppl can flee but nature is going to be fuqed for generations if something does leak… Gawd, humankind makes me mad.) But now I’m hugging my animals, sending positive emails and FB messages to friends for the heck of it, eating fruit and really really enjoying the simple, healthy taste.

      Be here now. Most definitely. With my cockatiel on my head. With my eye on the kettle that’s about to boil so I can have my delish 1st coffee of the day. With this beautiful day outside where the birds are singing in the blooming Eucalpyts off my deck. With my eye laser surgery almost fully healed so my vision is clear. Truly, and I’m so, so lucky.

      But that cold fear lingers at the back of my brain somewhere, reminding me that we don’t know “what’s next.” Let’s hope Uranus throws us some positive upheaval, something along the lines of someone finding the cure for cancer and it involves us all adopting a dog. THAT would be good news.

  14. What about Uranus at the last minutes of 29 degrees of Pisces as a factor in the tidal wave? and square Pluto would be the volcanic aspect of it? Also Neptune was at 29 degrees of Aqua – not sure how that plays in but it must mean something. 29 degrees apparently are the degrees of endings and in Pisces it is supposed to be a “permanent” ending.
    I wouldn’t rule out nuclear accidents either – I don’t believe for a minute that their government is reporting truthfully on this one – when do they ever?
    Immensely sad for people there and I hope they can all get far enough away in the event it gets worse.

  15. Mystic,

    I swore I would never comment in this posts again because of my own personal shit but I want to say sorry for being such a bitch and sooky la la at that time because I look at all the things that have happened around us on this beautiful planet and I am grateful I am still alive and my loved ones (and even the ones who have hurt me) are alive and well.

    You know, many of us here is Oz say we don’t have many connections with Japan but think of the way that country and culture has enriched our lives through food, decorum, artistry, commerce, spirituality, poignancy and honour. We have a our differences yes, just as we do with our Kiwi neighbours but we are a global community now…

    The image of a boatload of toddlers all wrapped warmly in thick fluffy jackets with just their kindy teacher trying to smile bravely for the cameras while the rest of the town floated around them in pieces made me realise two things: 1) its bloody cold over there at the moment. 2) the likelihood of many of those babies have surviving parents is very low.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it: Red Cross Australia is one of the most effective humanitarian organisations when it comes to national and international Emergency Responses.

    Japan and Pacific Disaster Appeal 2011

    Australian Red Cross has launched an appeal to assist people affected by a huge 8.8 magnitude earthquake and more than seven metre tsunami, which hit north east Japan.

    Further tsunami have swamped other areas of Japan. There are reports of hundreds dead, missing, many injured and thousands of homes destroyed. Many areas across the Pacific have evacuated due to the tsunami.

    Australian Red Cross is running the Japan and Pacific Disaster Appeal 2011 to assist those affected by the disaster. You can donate to the appeal now.

    Australian Red Cross is on standby to further assist our partner organisation, Japanese Red Cross Society in the response to this disaster.

    Around 60,000 to 70,000 people have evacuated to about 200 shelters in Sendai, the capital of Miyagi Prefecture in northeastern Japan, according to the Ground Self-Defense Force.

    • Hello Bluelibra, you remind me of Pema Chodren’s point that some of our more difficult features are our very best features also. She said for example a person who has trouble with anger is also someone with sparking, vibrant energy at their best! That you wouldn’t want to lose that. So it’s good to see you sparking with urgent desire to help our Japanese brothers and sisters. ;) Thank you for sharing.

      • This is a completely out of place comment – but as someone who has had MAJOR anger issues most of my life, thankyou Andromeda for giving me something which really has put it into context and shown me a side of this terrible way of being which is positive and also true.

        I already posted what I felt on Facebook. I just want to cry and cry. I think the Earth might be trying to shake us off. We’re such fragile little creatures and we have such huge illusions, but in the end, it hurts.

        • “We’re such fragile little creatures” . nope we are just a bunch of egotistical violent apes trying to pretend to be ‘human’ in that ‘fake it till you make it’ mode.

          • nn, I understand your anger, but maybe seabird is talking about herself too. Maybe you will enjoy Pema Chodren too!
            The following is what to do when the going gets rough, buddhist style.
            Well I love Pema Chodren anyway:
            “The four methods for holding your seat provide just such support for developing the patience to stay open to what’s happening, instead of acting on automatic pilot. These four methods are:
            *Not setting up the target for the arrow
            *Connecting with the heart
            *Seeing obstacles as teachers
            *Regarding all that occurs as a dream”.

            • i dont think that works on the we are all crazy ape theorists…. mind you I manage to appreciate both understandings

            • I’m not angry are you ? And I’m not really interested in Buddhism thanks, is it Tibetan ? so how many slave boys does this fella have ? I’m assuming Pena is a man ? Not many female Tibetan priests ?

              • Pema Chodren is a Buddhist nun actually, based in Nova Scotia. She’s no guru or leader of any cult. Just a woman who has some very enlightened and positive ways of looking at how people deal with difficult situations. We are fragile and angry and peace loving and crazy and ape-like all at once. Being human is having the capacity to be all those things.

              • I’m sorry No nukes, but I don’t understand some of your comments. I understand not being angry and not being interested in Buddhism, but I don’t understand the rest of what you have written. Pema Chodren has written some of the most enlightened, loving, non-judgemental and un-angry words I have ever read.

              • what don’t you understand Jen ? Is it the remark about tibetan buddhism’s history of basically enslaving whole villages, and many thousands of young boys to ‘serve’ them ? or the remark about how women don’t have much power in the buddhist heirachy, to say the least ?

              • I don’t understand the sentiment that seems to behind your remarks about slave boys, and your assumption that Pema is a man. You say that you are not interested in Buddhism. Did you reach that conclusion after reading Buddhist philosophies/teachings?

                You are probably right when you say that men are over-represented in the Buddhist hierarchy. Most religious hierarchies appear to be over-populated by men in the upper echelons, as do most other hierarchies the world over. For me, that does not necessarily make the messages contained in religions/philosophies, including Buddhism, completely useless and irrelevant (Golly, if women used attitudes towards women as a yard stick when deciding whether or not to heed philosophies/religious teachings, women could end up dismissing all of them). Nonetheless women are very active in Buddhism and Pema Chodren isn’t the only Buddhist nun.

                I guess I found your comment to be a tad judgemental and dismissive. I’m not saying that was your intention. I don’t know what your intention was in making those comments, and as a consequence I don’t understand your comments. But I accept that you may not agree with many premises of Buddhism and that is your absolute prerogative. If your intention was to communicate this, then I understand your comments.

          • No, I don’t think most of us are in that mode, no nukes. I think that most people try to do the best they can with what they’ve got. Reaching consensus is very hard for us humans, this is one of the pitfalls of language and choice.

            And yes, we are fragile, because like every other living thing n the planet, we believe we have control because it’s hard to proceed when you perceive that you don’t. But we don;t. This is why so many people have religion.

            And increasingly, I believe, the earth is trying to return to its own equilibrium, the equilibrium that the little fleas with the big bites on her surface have upset.

            It doesn’t matter whether or not we are trying or not trying really. In the end, we finish, and sometimes we come to our ends early and violently, and I find this upsetting. If you don;t, well, that’s your approach.

      • I’m not into Buddhism, but I’ve always enjoyed Pema Chodren’s work, it’s warm, non-judgmental and very thought-provoking. I think she’s pretty neat.

  16. I live in Tokyo and Friday afternoon I looked my mortality in the eye. It was almost a level 6 here. Cant imagine how much worse it was further up north. I was in a state of shock yesterday and didnt leave the house, especially in lieu of all the disturbing news coming out about the nuclear plant crisis 250km north of Tokyo. My husbands relatives lost their homes in the tsunami but they are safe and well. I agree with Mystic it would be too easy to fall into a “doomsday” attitude. We are ultimately in the moment. I have had an uneasy fascination with the whole 2012 thing and last night I realised what it was – a big ugly crow that had taken roost in my tree, that is, my mind. I’ve let it build a nest and last night I dreamed it came and swooped me. Half awake I told it to fuk off. Perhaps I could do some meditation with the Morrigan on this one. At any rate Japan is assimilating this and grieving. The aftershocks still have everyone on edge but I’m sticking it out here as this is my home. Sending love and healing energy to the Earth and to the victims of this event.

    • Wonderful to hear your take on this Hathor’s Horns, sending healing and light to you and your home and people. Xx. (Lived in Tokorozawa for a year, Japan is jewel).

    • Love and heaps of supportive energies to you, and big-time pats on the back for your courage in staying in Japan and being with the Japanese people as they work through this. I’ve just been looking at the destruction and shaking my head, makes you wonder where on earth you’d get started on sorting it all out.

    • Heartfelt love and sorrow to you and your family Hathor’s Horns. If you need a hand to tell that big ugly crow to fuq off I will be there with you. Strength and love to you, your family and Japan.

    • Glad your inlaws are ok, despite the loss of homes. Homes can be rebuilt.

      Stay strong!

    • HH I’m so glad you’re ok and I hope you continue to be so as everyone picks up their respective pieces x

      • Thanks everyone for your concern! Its just insane here… so many people are just getting out of the country as we just arent really sure if the nuclear power plant crisis is under control or not… just rolling with the punches. Think I’ll go and have a nice cuppa tea, a tim tam and a lie down.

  17. If you’re into chanting here is the one to send to out Japnes family by the green Tara the buddhist goddess of compassion OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SVAHA whcih is said om taray tutaray tooray soha. You say it 108 times.

  18. I have always seen 2012 as opening the way for all of us to see how inter-linked we are and to let go of fear and hatred and embrace love and compassion. The earthquake in Japan was dreadful and the danger of nuclear trouble is also awful news. But succumbing to fears and the doomsday scenarios of the conspiracy theorists is cowardice. We need to heed the call of Uranus in Aries, lend our heart’s support to the Japanese people and live on our feet, not cowering on our knees. Fuq fear! I’ve actually been creating a painting for Uranus in Aries (started off as a journey around Venus but diverted big-time) and it’s helped me stay focused and to release the severe headaches I had from Wednesay to Friday and the emotional punch in the heart from seeing those dreadful scenes in Japan.

  19. Gorgeous peeps,

    Buddhist impermanence and the rest of it… let’s not forget the awesome adventure for those who are ready to be 5th dimension love beings circa 2012, of course some already living it… the body is a rental for educational purposes only (lol like high school bio books back in the day). Defs inspired to inject some cash into the relief efforts after reading these posts.

  20. The pic says it all, there’s always a new dawn, whether through life or death. I don’t mean to sound unfeeling or flippant that’s not my point. When I see Gaia doing her thing, her loop, wreck it – build it…we little beings can get caught up in it. It’s her way always has been always will be, til we smug fuqs completely wreck it for her. Yes love, thoughts, muscle power & cash need to be given freely. We just got to keep a grip for those that need us. The strong (& safe) helping those that aren’t.

    • Gaia has been “doing her thing” for 4.54 billion years.

      The agricultural revolution began after 8000 BCE (so, of course, roughly 10,000 years ago).

      The industrial revolution began in the 18th and 19th centuries, so roughly 200-300 years ago.

  21. Such lovely heart-felt positive messages here from concerned caring people. I would add that years ago, during a radio program called Coast to Coast (based in US) the host Art Bell asked his listeners to pray for rain.
    This intention carried on the thoughts/prayers of many many listeners resulted in a flood.
    We are the Grid, the Change We Want to See in the World.
    I am very interested in magnetics (Sun conj Uranus/Pluto) and will share my favorite cookie fortune :
    You have a very magnetic personality, be aware of your polarity.
    Here’s the fascinating bit : We All -animals and humans- have magnetite in our brains, bones, bodies. We can detect the magnetic field grid of the Earth. We Are co-creating by our very thoughts and every choice which polarity we attract / project.
    Blooming in the mud is the ‘jewel of the lotus’.
    Love is the Word, Love is the Answer.
    Biomagnetism: The Foundation of Life:

  22. i predicted this quake in Japan like two weeks ago just after NZ quake i did say Japan was next then west coast USA i am Psychic as lately it is a bit fuqd that i called it we will see what happens with the US next few months ? hope i am wrong .

  23. No stretch of the imagination to ‘psychically predict’ USA next. Seriously Damon – you’re as psychic as Norman Bates ;)

  24. May I also say it’s distasteful to talk of prediction – that’s your ego. I would prefer to reflect on the wiser words of those who have posted above you.

      • Dames look at the comment, (I predicted/I am Psychic) you made this tragedy a bit about you perhaps? Lots of the peeps on this blog are highly intuitive and were tuned in to the event in some way. I hope you are wrong too.

        • No its not about me , it never has been it never will be about me , its about every fuqing one else BUT me .Taken out of context and blown all out of proportion . Excuse me i am not proclaiming that i am the freaking messiah or the new Nostradamis for crying out loud the comment was a passing comment that it was mentioned by me a couple of weeks ago that Japan was next BIG DEAL so it happened it doesnt make me a psychic its a coincidence (if you believe in coincidences) if it was so obvious that it was going to happen why didnt everyone else say yeah i bet Japan is next? and i am sick of peoplle like Derr!! who the fuq is Derr!! anyway and why such a smart arse name never seen you here before . And if everyone on here is so freaking spiritually enlightened , intuitive , wise, and sage like what the fuq are you doing on an astrology blog or ? you should be channeling all your info from the divine source whatever that may be. Yes i can take constructive criticism but i despise smart arses like Derr!! so go and jump! P.S if any of you have funds in stockmarket that seems iron clad , solid performing well ,wake up! pull out dont risk it CASH IN no matter what your broker says ITS OVER. Or just about to be this info is free folks. But surely many of you know this with out me telling you. ALOHA

          • I also think that when you look at a religion’s doctrines, you often have to seperate out those doctrines from some of the actions that people perform in the name of those doctrines. In years and years of reading, I have found that the foundations of all religions are amazing. Buddhism, Tibetan, Zen or otherwise, is as valid approach as any other. 1000 priest pedophiles cannot change the most beautiful and truthful ideas from the Bible, and a thousand ill-educated jihadists will not change the gentle doctrines which form the core of the Muslim religion.

            The rest is down to interpretation. Which means, really, it’s down to the individual. It all comes back to one’s own approach.

            • Also, WOW, this blog is really bringing out some insecurities here. Dudes, lighten up. This is not about YOU. Try to channel it somewhere useful. Open up your pockets and donate to the Red Cross, do some chanting, whatever, but drop the ego please.

          • And again. What am I doing on an astrology blog? Well, most of the time I really like being here. But this is my final comment here for a while, because I find i have better things to do that to read people’s anger. Andromeda, thankyou for the above comments, they were a lovely and timely reminder for me of something that I am really at present sitting at the table with. Damons, frequently I come on here because I find people like Andromeda, Prowln, Sweetpea, who I may not know in person but with whom I find a connection, sometimes a connection that is all the more important because it’s not tempered by a feeling that I have to keep up a front. I can come on here and weep in secret if I have to. This blog has been sometimes a sanity saver.

            I’ll see you all in a while. Those people who are just on here to make inflammatory comments, it’s not that sort of community, you are welcome to go elsewhere. It;s really pretty upsetting, in the face of what has just happened and what has been happening in this region for the last coupla months.

              • Prowlin you of all people must agree that it has got a bit narky in here compared to over a year ago when i first stumbled across this blog , when some one got out of line if anyone, it was you who after a couple of very diplomatic responses at first if that didnt sort them, BAM! you would let them have it with both barrels thats what i love about you no bullshiv. Things change i agree but i suppose as the blog and Mystics fame/ exposure grows there will be a price to pay. Have a great day . Seabird you are lovely…

            • Seabird, you are wonderful to read, I will miss you while you take your sabbatical! Everyone is really upset at the moment and it’s easy to swing into the nature of Uranus into Aries from Neptune I think, lots of emotions swirling about. Let’s all support each other as much as we can while we can!

              Oh, as for religion I totally get you Seabird. I think the great spiritual masters provided vehicles for trascendence that were warped by power-mongerers through time.. The reason I like Buddhism (and not particularly Tibetan Buddhism, which can be full of darkness depending which back alley of it you go down) is that if you stick to the basics you will get somewhere – Buddha taught meditation & mindful awareness of the breath (and if everyone on the planet meditated for two hours a day it’d be a different place imo). Jesus is awesome, but I don’t understand what what he taught became..

          • Damons, this is a mercurial environment, so there are certain ways of communicating required? I like you, you have a little bro vibe, casual and sometimes a little gauche but you mean well and that’s the most important thing. But you do come out with.. well above Pema Chodren talks about ‘not setting up a target’, sometimes you do that is all. Being clear is important especially in these delicate posts.

            Never cared for the name changing for a comment, but I guess that is Mercury too. I didn’t say every one is sooo wise, or we wouldn’t argue at all, but we do! RE your last comment, I would add get control of your superannuation, invest it in gold and silver, things that hold their value unlike paper money.
            Oh, and I like the blog because there are some awesome people here who even if I knew them in reality, I wouldn’t have the time to see or haver the capacity to talk to regularly, what with two gudgeous ankle-biters whirling about me 24/7. Channeling alone all day impossible and a bit lonely besides. Xx.

  25. Sending my Love to all of you who have lost or suffered.

    My Grandmother, whom died at the ripe age of 97, and buried 4 out of her 7 children, “Hard times come to everyone. All you can do is get through it the best you can. It’s how you deal with it that counts.”

  26. THis just came in my inbox. Maybe it will be of comfort to someone.

    The One Life is the Boundless. It is omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient. Its emanation is the Logos. There is nothing in the universe but life and energy in infinite grades of manifestation.The universe is a LIVING ORGANISM. Every life or entity is a FORCE CENTER, a part of a greater center in this living organism, receiving and transmitting energy. Each veil of matter acting as the vehicle for the Monad, is a child of the Monad on a lower plane of consciousness. Each monadic child, creates its own veil of matter so that it can express on still lower planes of consciousness. Each cell in its veil or body has at its heart, a fragment of the Boundless, a monad, which will one day evolve to a human being. At this time it is only an elemental or a deva life to be manipulated by greater lives.

    Madame Blavatsky speaks of Gods, Monads and life Atoms. The Gods are the manifestation of the MONADIC ESSENCE of the ONE LIFE, of the Boundless. The threefold Monad is the vehicle for the monadic essence. It is the ONE SOUL. All monads are part of that One Soul. LIFE ATOMS form the vehicles for the monad. At the heart of each Life Atom is a monad. A Life Atom is the LIFE of a chemical atom. We are all Life Atoms for a God. Our God is a life Atom for a stupendous God. The goal of evolution is consciousness on ALL the infinite planes until it returns to its Source.

  27. My personal history and my imagination are too dark to imagine that we are anything more than carbonic effluvia clinging to a rock in space, so I marvel at people who are surprised when boats sink or levies break or te ground opens up and swallows people. It would be nice to think of the world as one large climate controlled hotel room but the fact is we are living on a very big thing that we are not in charge of.

    My very honest response to this was an instant assessment that Japan would fare far better than Indonesia or Haiti because they are brilliant builders who have invested in a uniquely strong infrastructure that as to be the envy of every other small island nation. It looked scary on the films but as far as I can tell the toll would have been much higher if this tragedy had made landfall on a less civilized shore. So I guess I thought, how truly awful. But at least it’s not New Orleans. With our idiot emergency coding it would have wiped the rest of that population into the abyss.

  28. I also had another thought. Day before the quake there was a massive mysterious fishkill on the shores of redondo beach in southern california. A couple days before that there was a mass dolphin suicide no one could figure out but I can’t remember where. If anyone wants to do any predicting, maybe events like that are the signal to move inland.

    • Noticed that also RoadH, I opened this page and I baulked when I saw the title of this post because I was reading a text that was exactly discussing reality in three, four and five dimensional ways.
      Barbara Hand Clow who channels a.. Pleidian – I thought okay, I have read lots of channelled material (though none of that origin) – and found some useful – be open!
      She said that the animals are leaving the planet, we have lost our connection to them, to our natural world. Kind of in the sense that the Aborigines walked the songlines and sang the stories of the land, animals and stars, sand the world into existence. That was how they cared for the land. But the animals are are kind of falling out an energy matrix with the way we treat the planet.
      Well, it spoke to me quite strongly as an idea as I had heard about the sardines and felt quite down about it. Missed the dolphin suicide ? Sad…

      • Good Morning Andromeda,
        I remember Pegs posting about 107 pilot whales beaching themselves in New Zealand just prior to Christchurch devastation too. How frightening for all creatures great and small, it’s an awfully sad heavy hearted time, i am frightened of nuclear power, and feel helpless, thank you for your posts here, and your link to Pema Chodren.
        Love peace and lentils xx
        PS – on a lighter note, have been trying to find you link for peanut butter song !! my little aqua loves that one !! xxx

        • Morning Goldy Locks, (surely Goldilocks was an Aries?) thanks and have you done your talk yet? Look fwd to the link! Xx.

      • I love barbara hand clow’s chiron writing – have you read any barbara marciniak? I’m always totally “grain of salt” with channeling – which her books are taken from but if you overlook that inner skeptic some of the things she has to say are remarkably insightful and good tools for coping with change.

        • Cool whatevs! I am new to this POV and find it simultaneously challenging but reaaally interesting. It’s so fresh! I can hold several versions of reality in my head and not integrate them, like you say, that way you can overcome the skeptic – saturn’s little goblin. Am trying to give myself permission to immerse myself in things that fascinate without letting my skeptic constantly intervene. It’s actually working out interestingly! I will have to find some of the other barbara’s work. I just ordered the Pleiadian Agenda and am waiting on that.

            • enjoy! you can really binge on them once you get your head into them – they’re really easy to read. I seldom talk about them because it was another time and place when I read them – hanging with the alt science types in geo domes in the bush and people look at you like you’re a total tripper when you start to explain them so I just don’t bother mostly. Happy to share x

    • I’ve never heard of a dolphin suicide (how horrible to imagine!). I think of suicide as human.

      What does dolphin suicide mean?

    • soz to explain an extremely damaging after shock is expected to occur in Japan within the next few days … and an article I’ve been reading about super moons (which occurs next Saturday) coincides with a time known for extreme weather, high tides and possible earthquakes? … I’m getting to the point where I don’t want to read the news anymore.

    • Whenever something happens like the perigee Full Moon next weekend, all sorts of wild theories abound, I guess the doomsday scenarios have been around since time immemorial. I actually feel deep within that the Earth is going to cruise off across the galaxy and perhaps settle in to orbit Venus, now that would be nice, circling the planet of love and sensuality. No, smacking hand, imagination only, sorry. But given the effect the moon does have on earth’s energies, when it is close (relatively speaking) and it’s a full moon, then yes, perhaps more reactions will occur on the Earth’s surface. I guess to me it just shows how interconnected everything is and it’s reminder that we’re all in this together, wherever we live. Smiling through gritted teeth.

  29. Hey Guys – Have tweeted a bit but not posting till later today – let’s support the Libra-Multi-Scorp-Saturn/Pluto man of his generation Naoko Ken already. Yes?

    As for the rest of this; i think the spectre of the sky falling on our heads, ground opening beneath us, mass grief etc is enough to evoke all manner of primal fear but can we please keep comment on this blog civilized and friendly? Freedom of speech but without being personally abusive is PARAMOUNT.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion & in a time of growth like now, it is extra useful to ponder p.o.vs that may not be aligned with your natural prejudice. Don’t you think?

    BTW, i found the 9/11 conspiracy stuff as fascinating as anyone (that Pentagon where is the plane thing especially) but the old-style telephone book 9/11 Commission Hearing transcripts DO actually deal with all this.

  30. Well said, Mystic … ;)

    Here is another way of framing it …

    Whirlpool is well known brand name of a washer in Australia. Only apparel, bedding, household fabrics should go for a spin.

    Supermoon might be a better name for a plasma powered outdoor lighting system for sports facilities. The moon – the real one – knows exactly what it’s doing. Trust it.

    When major events like these spring up your mind needs focus. Breathe inside your body and focus your breath.

    Send nothing to no-one. Be here.

    Peeps in Japan will love you for it.

    Why? They are overwhelmed. Let them heal and deal with their grief.

    When your focus is here you will give them open skies …

    • I completely disagree.

      On all accounts. Especially the moon part.

      Some people aren’t being prompted to breathe and focus on their breath right now.

      Some people just want to say it how it is – to express their fear, anxiety, worry and anger. Honestly. Without being censured for not being zen-spiritual enough.

  31. Synchronicity….it’s Adelaide Cup Day holiday here( & i’m not at the shack).
    Just read Myst!
    OMG, after my morning read of the latest blogging here, i went out
    into the sun for my brunch with a coupla last year’s Harper’s Bazarre’
    coz there ain’t NOTHING like a dose of gloss mag’s to close the doors
    on disasters & emotional overload or whatever peeps are having.
    Gave myself a hug for being such a Sagg with my superciliousness.
    I gave thanks for my learning when to say nothing, how to remain silent,
    being non-reactionary. It has been a Big-Learn for for my 50% Sicilian
    Blood, whose anger used to come tho’ the earth up my legs & thro’ my body,
    then turn into anxiety as it’s impolite to kill some-one, with words, actions, or thoughts
    especially thoughts, to never cut them off when speaking & read what NOT being
    said. Now i just read Minds :-)
    It has taken thousands of hours of practises to transmute than energy when it
    is actually just a 3 -step program (& much yogic breathing).
    How to you think this figures when i read angry words here? Any denigrating of
    anyone else? The earth has vented enough for anyone with anger issues, so
    enough already or i’ll change my gravatar & go the way of Uber & David.

    I wanted to reply to Powlin not to be so opinionated re TLS, who is soo tongue
    in cheek, so subtle, such understated humour, that i just don’t think Kataka’s
    get Leos.
    An opinion is exactly that, an opinion, they have no real meaning & are in flux
    constantly. It’s people’s agreeing or not agreeing that becomes augmentative,
    which is silly coz they are just throw away lines or ideas that happen to clash
    with each other by bringing up emotional issues that have been created by your
    own personal life experiences.
    It’s “Opinionated” that makes me nervous. Opinionated is set in concrete which can
    mean ‘thought form’s set in stone’.
    As a subscriber, i enjoy my first words of the day from MM. The email adds colour
    to the beginning of my day.
    But truly sometimes it feels like a gravatar might come out & bite my finger off!
    Hence i read my own personal ‘gossip column’ here. Love all the links given & you
    tubes & books, art ‘n ALL but grumpy people…………………….and excluded ‘conversation’
    my Cap Rising finds in elegant.
    I Like you all, but critising some-one, usually means critising yourself & i fired my inner critic aeons ago not w/o a lot of begging from it, & refuse re-hiring.

    If you don’t like what some-one writes, don’t buy in by response. There is no ‘like’
    Reframe the Tsumasi as NEptune having an Ejaculation after Gaia had an Orgasm.
    An hour to write this, glad i have, will try not to hit delete button as often do & return
    to the glorious Indian Summer full of ripe fruits & golden glows.
    And hope a prime horse doesn’t break a leg in the race……..

    • Excuse me?? I think Leo Socialite is awesome – sometimes not of my ermm political persuasions but ya know. She teases. I tease back! I’m mostly tongue in cheek too just in case that hadn’t occured to you. I’m surrounded by Leo’s … and Virgo’s. Oh and Pisces. And some Saggs. Leo’s and I get along great, so long as they know my shit stirring propensity.

      And them’s a helluva lot of words for someone who’s learned to bite their tongue? Who’s denigrating who? People are expressing reactions, thoughts and news to a devastating situation which has affected everyone in different ways. A lot of the talk has been about concern regarding nuclear power because it’s topical and a genuine worry. Mystic said “vent here” … so we vented here.

      And what’s wrong with genuine debate anyway? … geeezus Pegs

      • I think this is one of the characteristics about this sort of communication, the facebook-twitter-blog communication style: instantaneous without actually being face to face. It is very easy for people to misinterpret words when they don’t see the actual delivery. I’m sure you meant your comments to be taken in good spirits prowlncrab, as I have noticed you on this site before and your comments have always been great. I guess it’s something that we all have to take into account when we write blogs: when we don’t deliver our words in person, without the nuances of facial expression and body language it is much easier for the intended meaning to get lost. Those who deliver the words could possibly try to remember this and couch their words carefully, and those who receive them could possibly try to see if there as another way to interpret the words other than their first initial interpretation. With this sort of instantaneous but distant communication it is much easier to jump to conclusions and it can make genuine debates in this sort of forum a bit fraught. I guess that might be what Pegasus, Mystic et al were referring to. Please don’t think take this as an accusation against you in anyway. It’s just a thought, something to consider, that’s all.

        • Well sorry but I think the whole thing is bollocks. There was nothing wrong with the commentary on this thread. Nobody was fighting. Nobody was picking on anyone – ok well maybe Damons a bit, but … that’s just … seemingly unavoidable. People expressed strong views which is natural considering the circumstances – it’s not like we’re discussing someone who fell off their bike and scratched their knee.

          And this is the second time in a few days on a blog style forum that I’ve seen feedback asked for – in this particular case “vent here” – only to be censured later. Bloody irritating.

  32. oh god it’s just so exhausting to read the energy pouring forth here. No judgement attached to that statement just amazing seeing how differently people cope and respond to this kind of thing. For me at the moment the simple things like attending to domestic rituals, leaving fruit beside homeless people while they sleep, recycling water to grow things with, squeezing my menses into the water and knowing I will eventually be nourished by them and the act of making food with love for the people around me is where it’s at. It’s all become a lot more simple lately. Less in the head.

    • I have to say this has affected me far more than what happened in QLD and Christchurch, and the middle east – although all of these incidents have been shocking, one of which quite personal to me (Brisbane). I’m not quite sure why yet … I have no known affiliations with Japan. I think it’s ok for people to have their reactions – fear, worry. I don’t believe it needs to be smothered prematurely in a blanket of fake positivity if that’s just not where a person is at.

      • I believe individuals are the ones to judge for themselves whether something seems fake to them or not prowlers. My words related to me and how I’m dealing with things. I hope whatever you’re feeling about this can be used in a way that works for you.

  33. I’m concerned about Sweetpea and her burglary scenario – does anyone know if she’s OK? If you’re out there reading but not speaking Sweetie I’m thinking of you and I hope all is as well as it can be in such a crap situation. You’ve had a lot on your plate and I know it must be awful to have to deal with another thing x

      • I love the sparing way you communicate is Saturn transiting your 3rd at the moment? Sweeties storage cage got broken into a few days ago and haven’t heard a peep from her since – it’s where she keeps her mum’s ashes amongst other things.

        • Were you referring to my communication, whatevs? Because I don’t think I’ve ever communicated sparingly in my life :R First time for anything, I guess. And Saturn’s transiting my first house actually. Thanks for the info on Sweetpea, hope her mum’s ashes are okay and everything else is safe. Talk to us, Sweetpea, holler, shout, anything!!!!

            • OMG yes the fuqing emoticons – I recently had a whole bizarre email stream where I couldn’t understand why the other person was responding the way they were and when I said I don’t really understand what’s going on they told me my smiley had been an angry face – the whole way through I was WTF????

          • Thanks guys. Had 9 yr old grandaughter here this past weekend so doing kid stuff. Was in her world and so that is a gift..

            Have not been back to the storage place to see what else they might have taken since Friday. Hope if they took double Leo Mum that she is giving them hell… :lol: (doubt if they did however).

            Having something taken makes me look at what I was/am holding onto that needed to go. The physical is just the outcropping of deeper stuff, no? My life on a tiny scale similar to nations that suppress things and try to be perfect?


            • Glad you’re ok. Been thinking about you Sweets. I too have felt some personal ‘stuff’ leaving, big thought shifts, changes.
              Glad you were with grandaughter enjoying yourself. Hugs, Love XX

            • Glad you’re okay, sweetpea. Your comment about your mum’s ashes reminds me of my mother-in-law’s funeral. The coffin wouldn’t roll away despite the increasingly desperate efforts of the priest conducting the ceremony. From where we sat we could see her ducking behind her stand and frantically poking the button. My husband whispered; “Mum’s pissed off because my sister arranged an Anglican rather than Catholic ceremony and she’s digging her heels in”. I got the giggles because she was a Capricorn, stubborn old girl but very feisty. So if they did take your mum’s ashes, I hope she gives ‘em hell.

            • good! this was first I heard of burglary so glad you quickly responded here or then I would have been worried!!!

              • LL and Blue, thanks. You are both sweet. Went to the storage this a.m. and all the fuqers ( :lol: ) took was the massage table…

                So, rub your ass away… :lol: Table did not have the face cradle but I’d had the table since about circa 1994. Bought it from a chrio doc. (but ha, my cussing….this is Mercury and Jupiter on my Aries Sun right now..the divine comedy stinks but I must, in April Fool fashion find the humor it all as I cry from the bottom of my heart for humanity and Mother…us all…We be okay, yeah?)

                Looks like they had opened the box whereupon Mothers ash boxes were put in and they did not close it.

                Double Leo scared the shit outta them… :lol: Go girl..

              • 1994 I’d met the Pisces, got divorced (the finality of the paperwork). So much change, guess this is the end of that era…

                Ode to a Massage Table…

                ~Good bye…

                Where I had lain upon you, beside the marriage bed, since even the King Size was not far enough

                to convey my emotional state, as now, I was beginning to belong to myself.

                Little did I know that the battle was yet to come for when I had decided to belong to myself,

                I would have to fight for it, but fight I did.

                And I won~

            • Ha! normally I’m super casual when people drop off the face of the earth sweets – you know, uranian – but with all the macro catastrophes I was really concerned about how things panned out for you in the micro. You’re right about hanging on to things – it’s that whole saturn pluto storage thing I mentioned on the other post x VERY happy you’re OK and off galavanting with your honeychile as opposed to having some kind of torrid sub-plot x

              • Thanks doll. Before the theft, I’d thought about your observation afterwards whateves. Interesting, no? And then that Saturn Pluto place was hi jacked. Sorta like my Persephone trying to be rescused? (by strangers as well?)

                Very timely with current events…

                Again, it reminds me of what we repress will eventually bubble out onto the topsoil of life.

                The Japanese are a very reserved, gracious without a doubt, but a very compliant to the government society. They are perfectionists. Where has the other range of emotions been? Perhaps like me, they have tried to “manage them?”. A Capricornian trait.

                With Uranus in Aries there is going to be “no foolin” with this stuff.

                I look at the idiocy on tv and want to say “look within people, your environment is talking to you”.

                Gee, maybe even the mutha fuqer (politicians) will have to think of someone besides themselves? And all because they are worried for their own sorry assess…

                It takes a village :)

              • ~asses~…

                Humanity’s psyche creates the environment, directs the devas to create the reality/weather. As a whole, we obviously have made it very rigid with rules and regulations, belief systems, etc, and now it is being broken because we need to evolve.

                I remember what Seth said in his teachings “without storms, you would all go insane”…

              • oh I’m pretty sure there’s been some sorry assessing going on too sweets x I don’t know anything about Seth but I agree with him I would go mad without storms. I absolutely LOVE them especially when on a boat – a sound one. that sounds weird actually on this particular post but it’s the truth. Look after you x


    Do you guys (a) want to be diverted with a stream of bimbonic but hopefully amusing astro posts or (b) want to sit with this nuclear-
    quake-profundity but everyone starting to bicker vibe for a bit longer?

    Please comment with your thoughts as that is what i will go on…

    • Don’t you think that’s a bit passive aggressive? It’s your blog Mystic. Do what you want with it … change the subject. And nobody was bickering this morning. We were just talking.

    • I’d love something light and distracting please Mystic.

      Like some of the others I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by yet another natural disaster – especially one with so much life taken so quickly. Gaia’s releasing a lot of energy of late, and I think that’s reflected in peeps responses too … a lot of energy being vented, or sent in good wishes, or both.

    • Can’t there be an option C ? Something inbetween bimbonic and deadly serious? Surely there must be other celestial questions to ponder, some middle ground between nuclear fall out and perfume ads. If people want to get political then they can go to political blogs. Those of us who want to continue to talk, vent and banter about the quake or the human condition can do so by going back to this thread. Meanwhile the rest of us can move on and engage in fresh debate about new topics. People who like it will stay and those who don’t will leave. The world keeps spinning, life must go on, the only constant is change.

    • How about some of those posts about inspirational people or art and the like that you do so well? Not bimbonic, but not gloomy geo political shitstorm either.


    • That is very thoughtful MM – it is true that once a new post is up all the people of the blog tend to congregate there.

      I’d be interested in your thoughts on . . . oh so many things . . . but today I saw a sculpture of Durga which got me thinking about the chanting we did at the yoga ranch, and a comment that a friend made about the healing power of many voices singing/chanting together. Releases oxycontin?

      I also wanted to say a few threads ago when you mentioned suspending blogging for a while due to toothache, that I don’t really consider this a blog, more a direct line to exactly what I need to know. A conduit to the universal consciousness or something.

      It does feel somewhat hedonistic attending to notions of personal spiritual growth when thousands of our friends to the north are cold and hungry and scared out of their wits. But this was sent to me and I post it here because it touched me:!/video/video.php?v=1871618514957&comments

    • Oh I totally need both!! If you just address bimbonic I get anxious and feel depressed as I am plutonic and need to address the darkness!! No one I know wants to talk about any of this stuff, it’s why I LOVE coming here.

      On the other hand, some bimbonic is totally essential for balance. Surely there is some golden mean based concept that would provide an algorythm :)
      D.I.Y., Bimbonic, Fanciful, Vent, Artsy, Bimbonic, Vent etc.
      d + b + c + V + a … not a mathematician I guess.. lol.

      • Ooo. Andromeda, what you said goes double for me. I love idea of using Golden Mean for, well, everything! Same with Pluto nervousness if all is light and fairy dust. Yet with both Pluto and Venus conjunct my Sun (plus Uranus!) I need the glitzy fru-fru and abrupt shifts in dialogue and topic to keep me feeling balanced. I can do dark, but then I have to laugh. Then I have to think about the Golden Mean and diagrams and timelines, then dark, then bimbonic, etc… Thanks!

    • I’d love to know if I ever get a love life again (you know, before Armageddon), but I suppose we don’t want to devote an entire blog to THAT, so…

      I like your usual potpourri

    • right now I think some perfume threads and what shoes match what sign would actually be quite pleasant.

      • And, honestly, this blog wouldn’t be at all the same without Prowincrab. You, PC, are like the secret (or not so secret) spice in the overall stew.

  35. I actually drew a deep breath this arvo and decided I’d got to give the nuclear-quake scenario a miss for a while or I’ll go stark staring bonkers & I don’t think that’ll do anone any good, least of all the Japanese people and all they face. So I’m happy to be diverted with bimbonic posts, to be very honest. I think the posts have been testimony to how deeply people are feeling for the Japanese people and this huge tragedy, plus it’s also informative to see so many points of view, it’d be a dull old world if we all thought the same way. A lot of the posts have given me a different, new perspective which I appreciate. I guess for me any of the aggro has been reflective of the deep feelings people are experiencing. Bugger, I’m having two-bob each way again, aren’t I? Problem with being a double Libran. I vote for the bimbonic stuff. It’s my security blanket at present.

  36. Hey, hey, whatever is going on today, my work was crazy, Facebook went crazy, I’ve never seen this blog go so crazy, is everybody just frightened??

    I felt a vague sense of dread and depression all weekend, most uncharacteristec for me so who knows what the fuq is going on!

    I think we should all just steady up, restorative yoga all round and be kind

  37. I’m with Lauren – a mix in between perhaps? As my brother said, ‘this shit is HEAVY’ … it’s complex, terrifying, confounding and seems to bring to light all manner of insecurities. What I love about Mystic’s blog is the breadth – there are all kinds of peeps on here, many of whom (if not all) are so erudite in the way they express their views, whether in relation to bimbonic perfume ads or heavier stuff. It can be pretty magic.

    And I’m with Torointransit on the yoga. Out of my mind and on to the mat!

  38. Piscesienne, u put it oh so more eloquently than moi!

    I did it tonight, forwards bends! Ahhhhh surrender!

    • Yeah! *attempts shoulder stand* Glad to hear your yoga was good, Toro … I’m SO looking forward to it tomorrow night. And I think the way you described it – restorative – is tres eloquent!

  39. not my eloquence i’m afraid, but Mr BKS Iyengar, the month has a cycle, standing asana, forward bends, backbends, twists and balancings and blissful restorative spread in order over the month, inversions always of course so enjoy your sarvangasana, the queen of asana! XX

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