Sleazometer Is Nearly Live

Sleazometer – the newest Astro-Confidential – is nearly live.

It’s a Mars-Venus compatibility guide, with a delineation for each combo – Mars in Aries with Venus in Aries through to Mars in Pisces with Venus in Pisces; every possible Mars-Venus, completely user-friendly whether you’re gay, straight or just horny all the time + it’s got each Mars & Venus sign described individually AND an explanation of how to figure out the infamous Sexual Napalm Mars-Venus aspect between two peeps.

Oh and the illos are all like the one above: retro-bawdy. So it’s not at all new age but it is useful in its own sleazy way…

31 thoughts on “Sleazometer Is Nearly Live

  1. Haaaaa!! Oh that is too fabulous, Mystic!

    I’m so so so over my current shag, Boy Leo. What a friggin’ petulant brat. Sigh. Have a Gemini buddy coming up from Melb soon for 2 weeks and figured I may as well take up his offer of friendship-with-benefits. He’s also younger, but only by about 5 years this time. I shall dub him Gemini Thirty.

    What I’m hoping your wonderful sleazoid guide points out to me is why this Cap is all crazy horny workin-her-way-thro-the-ages all of a sudden?? I may blame it on Uranus/Aries… or Pluto in my sign… But I shall be reading all about my Cap Venus/ Saggo Mars combo and then maybe understand how current astro is triggering this… this… something! Emancipation? Finally “getting it” about what gorgeous, sexy creatures we all are and that our childhood repressive body issues are sooo 1998?

    Can’t wait for the Sleazometer to keep/ refer to forever!

    • Sorry to hear things aren’t working out with Boy Leo. Mind you, Gemini Thirty sounds pretty cool … and it sounds like you’re going to be turning up to work exhausted for a few weeks ;)

      Yep – repressive body issues are soooo 1998! I have to agree. We ARE all gorgeous sexy creatures! Every one of us :)

      I can assure you sudden crazy horny is not limited to you … This Virgo is definitely suffering a similar fate at the moment … Though my darling wife will say that it’s nothing new (much as I pretend to be shocked by her saying that). :D

      • Lol, I too am Virgo and going through a very similar thing, especially the emancipation. Bring on the younger men! :-)

    • So cool you have a ‘back-up’ :). Cancels out the some of Leo boy stuff. I have been going through similar, like an awakening. Figures after Low Libra/Leo nut since 1998, but it’s like I’ve never noticed my effect on others. Think it’s Uranus/Aries too.

  2. Sleaze-o-meter or lust-o-meter?…. i’m in lust so bad at the mo that i can’t think straight. he’s sun and venus and mars scorp…. i’m sun & venus sagg with mercury scorp. man we are lusting big time and kissing hasn’t felt this good for a loooong time!! the chemistry is crazy and the best part is no one knows cos it’s a tad ilicit…. gush!! :)

        • I have Merc conj Venus too and by golly I love kissing. I could just about reach the O just by kissing if the kissing is good.

        • Venus what we love/find pleasing, and Merc is the accent, the language, the mouth..the conj gives Venus exactly what she wants to hear (just isolating this) in synastry, in natals..I’ve found many to love expressing themselves through art and language..based on aspects they may be quite the smooth talker ;)

          • oh i get it now – i always though mercury was about “handcrafts” and manual dexterity … but i can see how the mouth is also integral to the mercurial drive. Thanks lonake – had never thought about it like that.

  3. I want it but i also want a scanner where i can scan people whose birthday i dare not ask and it comes up with their mars etc signs. Flying cars, bamboo spaceships, surely uranus in aries can deliver this?

      • I’ll third that – it sound PERFECT. Particularly for when you really want to know but don’t want to risk sounding a) bats and b) getting this reaction: a slightly cocked eyebrow along with the ‘of, you’re one of THOSE, are you?’.

    • Haha yes please, can they also provide their time of birth before saying hello too that would be great. I have all kinds of creepy ways I managed to Scorpiofy people into giving me their birth data but it would be easier just to scan.

      • can’t you just do it with your eyes? I always sniff em out even if I can’t get deets ;) x

  4. PS: Mystic why are so many of the men in the pictures you are using looking like men i know in real life lately? I am finding it a bit scary.

    • Socialite you checked him out as well – he is such a dork! I only hope this schlub in his tightie whities is over-paying for the show!

  5. This report sounds great, but I’m too broke to buy it right now. So can you just send me the sleazy pictures instead? LOL

  6. Is it for all sorts of sleazebags? Any tips on how to handle one? Just.cant.wait. :-)

  7. Reminds me of a book I picked up years ago: ‘How to Spot a Bastard by His Sun Sign’.

    SPOILER: They’re ALL bad!!!

    • Lol I love that book, whenever I feel getting pissed off with one I read that. Or start getting stupid notions I get it out. Bring on the Sleazometer!

  8. Oh, man, I want this. I’m gonna go get a poncho and a sixpack and wait outside the auditorium.