Scorpio Intern’s Astro-Bachelor Findings

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Anthony ‘Harries’

Here in Australia, a womens magazine called Cleo hosts an annual (extremely popular) Most Eligible Bachelor Competition. Helpfully, they bunged up all 50 nominees and their Sun Signs.   I think poor Anthony, above, looks horribly pensive for a Leo. Maybe he is Libra Rising and Saturn is transitting. I bet i am right. If you know Anthony the Leo Lifeguard, please tell him things will be HEAPS better in September.

Anyway, i got my Scorpio Intern to analyze all the pics and their Sun Signs to see if she could come up with any interesting astro-data. Yes, she loves me. There are worse jobs to have in between bouts of studying than working for me lol.

So here is what she came up with:

9 = Taurus
7 = Cancer & Leo
5 = Pisces (inc. Barbie’s Ken)
4 = Aries, Gemini & Capricorn
3 = Scorpio & Aquarius
2 = Libra & Sagittarius
1 = Virgo

22 = fixed
17 = cardinal
12 = mutable

15 = water
14 = earth
13 = fire
9 = air


Geminis all have low set eyebrows. ‘Shifty’ eyes.
Most Cancers have a softer, relaxed, happy look.  A lotta fleshy lips and/or doey eyes.
Leos are all ‘posey’ or obviously trying for the natural look but still posing.
Librans – up-brushed hair
Scorpios – no smiling, terse, lil uncomfortable being scrutinised?
Aquarians no smiling either but a steadier gaze.
Pisceans all appear very relaxed despite high-energy jobs.  ‘Soft’ look.


All 7 Cancers are either involved in fashion industry, are actors or are footballers.
Bit of a theme with caring that women are comfortable with who they are.  See below..
Cancer #1:
Q: A sure-fire way to your heart is …A: An easygoing girl who’s low maintenance and comfortable with who she is.
Cancer #2:
Q: You don’t understand why women …A: Think they need a heap of make-up. Wearing make-up can easily grab a guy’s attention, but being comfortable about what you look like without it will keep him there.
Cancer #3:
Q: You don’t understand why women …A: Don’t push themselves in life. Big generalisation I know, but there are so many talented girls out there who are holding back.

Leos tending to work in public domains where they can show their prowess – act, flaunt bod, attract crowds..

Capricorns – 3 of the 4 are presenters & 3 of the 4 have limelight positions on television as entertainers or presenters.

Aquarians all have careers directed at informing/bettering the wider community (reporting, good food for the public, urban design).


Pisceans seem very apt at being in the now. 2 out of 4 are chefs.

33 thoughts on “Scorpio Intern’s Astro-Bachelor Findings

  1. One of my Libra besties has been married to a Pisces chef for ages. He is amazing at food works of art!

    It doesn’t surprise me that there aren’t that many Libra men on there. They are either married by now or simply not eligible enough. LOL!

    I expected to see more Cap men on there.

    I am also surprised so many Cancer men not married? They always seems to ache and yearn to be in relationships.

    • I know a lot of aching, yearning Cancer men or Leo men with heavy Cancer who just seem incapable of actually doing it.

      • They always stick like glue to me. I just assume they are all like super-glue. lol.

        • Oh no, I know the sticky ones too, was with one for 7 years who still insists on having dramatic phone calls at 2am even though we broke up 3 years ago but the incapable ones exist. The naughty ones haha.

          • LOL! I know those dramatic phone calls and texts at wee early hrs also transfer to Cancer Moon Men as well!

              • Would like to stick up for Katakaman and the aforementioned velcro habit but fear that I’m on a hiding to nothing!

            • I swear I’m digging out all the caddish non committal Cancer Moon/Venus men in the UK, WTF? Maybe it’s me and my hideous commitment phobia making them run for the cover of a nice cosy shell. Ha, oh god I need some new signs to think about.

      • yep was on the pinty end of a cancer/Leo boy and the most phobic fearfeul ma I have ever met.

      • Kataka fear of rejection outweighs yearning for relationship is my guess

        • its funny how Kataka men are the most talked about here. MM should start a whole new category on how to get over a Kataka affair or similar.

  2. Just have to say mystic, daily astro in inbox has been super amazing and apt advice. I am able to use your advice in my own context, and yes, fluttering began yesterday at a velocity I have not performed for quite some time, old nearly everything is going. And I love the idea of the big red ostentatious list, its on today to do list. Brilliance and genius.

  3. *fluttering* is most def not fluttering but decluttering, but my phone didn’t know that

      • oh monte and goldfleece, it would be wonderful to do a bit of fluttering, and wonder if I have not used up all my fluttering tickets in life already, have done ample time fluttering, and its like ive been sent to the tower to consider the uselessness of my fluttering, and have had to draw up new terms of reference when it comes to being a gemini butterfly. At this stage, the idea of using my obsessive communication techniques, need to know what is going on around the place and sharing of information for the wellbeing of all beings… ala service mode. NOw just to get that job that lets me do that..

  4. Cool info Scorp Intern! Strangely (or perhaps not?) all the Piscean men I know *love* to cook (and garden, but that’s relatively standard I think?).

  5. Hey check out “Astrology and Vegetarianism” link … circa June 2009.

    Mystic is wishing for an astro-intern and Prowlin is swearing she could never be a vegetarian! : ) love it x

  6. I thought this pic was from the early 70s — like you were doing a retrospective of all the bachelor searches. And then I realised it’s just for this year!

    Gawd — how much does that petulant lifeguard look like creepy old Ryan O’Neal?

  7. i think the Leo lifeguard is HOT. He probably is just suddenly figuring out that his girlfriend might see the pic and so he is worried poor dear. They should have put which beach he was a lifeguard at so i could go and flake out in front of him.

  8. Didn’t realise this would be put down word-for-word lol! FireyBovine, I remember that post!

    Leonic Lifeguard reminds me of Oz’s Cowardly Lion, dontcha think? Quick google of Ryan O’Neal pics and ditto for him too..

    As for those Piscean chefs it must link to their ability be in the present moment that has them in the zone to create nurturing artfoods. Keeps them away from fairyland?

  9. Not surprised water signs outrank, these contests do always seem to favour the SNAG softie types, but Scorpy Intern… Theory as to why Taureans come out on top??
    Is it the inherent masculinity of the bovine jaw line?
    The penchant for tailored garb and casual knits?
    Or does their entrepreneurial smarts see them more likely to be eligible?
    Maybe just sign-most-likely-to-be a bachelor??

    Shared my bed (and unfortunately nothing else) with a Taruean for 2 months a decade ago. Still swoon at the thought. Oh those sleepless nights.

  10. Oh, and according to their promos, one of the bachelors this year is gay, which naturally means he simply must be mine. Can’t pick him tho.
    Here’s hoping for the Cancerian fashion designer.
    Anyone got a theory / hot lead…? It’s time I got myself a faux celebrity boyfriend. Willing to travel.

  11. And leave it to a pisces to pretty much philosophize how this bachelorette is feeling….”A bachelor’s life is a fine breakfast, a flat lunch, and a miserable dinner.”

    I hate being a 7th house sun sometimes.

    P.S. that Leo lifeguard is giving me the heebie jeebies….can’t you put up another pic? :p

    • Totally re that Leo Lifeguard!!!
      He looks like some sad soul that is hitting the blue devil way way due to childhood issues, only has sex with prostitutes and is wondering if he should do this Cleo shoot or just shoot himself…

  12. Great assesesment by your intern MM well done. Cancer goo goo abounds . I quite like the taurus look and the Leo’s – what a bunch of poonces. Are we really that bad? Don’t answer that.