Phillipa Finch – Officially Virgo

The Demise Of Phillipa Finch – screening on Australian tv & going global soon – is totally all about a Virgo. Officially.

“…In this whimsical animated 17×2 minute series, narrated by Emmy Award-winning actress Toni Collette, The Gradual Demise Of Phillipa Finch follows acclaimed artist Emma Magenta’s newest character, Phillipa Finch. The pin-up girl for the emotionally thwarted, Phillipa Finch tumbles back through her past relationships and reflects on her search for not just love, but AMAZING love. Phillipa’s failed relationships have left her unmotivated, uninspired and with a bruised and battered heart – she’s ‘died’.

Thankfully help arrives in the form of her forgotten self – her true self – who knew how to love properly….”

How do i know she’s so Virgo? Because the producer, the Turbo Taurean, says so:

“…She was always meant to be triple virgo but then when we did her chart the Cap and Saggo elements made sense as her method of dealing with any emotional anguish is through compulsive cleaning and excessive amounts of jogging! You see a lot more of that in the next clip that’s coming out.

Creator Emma Magenta is a Sagg: artist, poet, mother of 2 boys, capoeira master, cup collector, opera singer, white witch….”

19 thoughts on “Phillipa Finch – Officially Virgo

  1. My Saggo Rising and Venus in Virgo approve. I love what I’ve seen so far on youtube. It’s like someone made a story about my life.

  2. Love it. A message for girls and women everywhere. Why wasn’t SHE the patron of International Women’s Day?

    A few eps are up on ABC iView for those in Australia.

  3. I was watching this the other night agog with fascination. It was then followed by the Artscape episode chronicalling the making of Collision…. OMG. My soul moved.

  4. I think it’s lovely that we get our own show ! Seein’ as we are such a humble bunch generally, misunderstood, maligned as nit-picking perfectionista’s. LOL. I just hope there is no spelling mistakes in the credits….

  5. I LOVE Emma Magenta! Discovered THE PERIL OF MAGNIFICENT LOVE during Neptune transit to my Venus –conjunct. Should be REQUIRED READING for any Neptune/Venus transit. Seriously!

    Bought two copies of the book: one for me and one for my girl –for when the inevitable first heartbreak arrives. Sigh.

    Refreshingly lack of cynicism and very life-affirming without stooping to any bit of preachiness or saccharine.

    Phillipa is totally on time for U/A. Yay.

    • Weathergirl I also love ‘the peril of magnificent love’ and I have ‘the origin of lament’. They’re both wonderful books that are really reassuring. Some of the more basic illustrations really resonate with the intense emotion of lost love and hope for new love. What I mean is, sometimes it can be so overwhelming that all you need is one word or picture to explain how it feels and she does that in a brilliant way.

      • I agree, WP, and I think that’s why the books appear deceptively simple. Her illustrations were a revelation to me, too; helped me get over some mental blocks I’d created about the value of my own self-expression. And they became an inspiration for a later project, which has been well received for its “simplicity and charm”. It’s all a lesson in using whatever tool or material you have at hand –if you have a good thing to share, it doesn’t much matter how fancy you present it.

        As for lost love, I think Magenta does an EPIC job at presenting the truth of the matter: you must love and value yourself FIRST. Falling “in love” is very much about seeing yourself –or parts of yourself– for the first time. It’s no joke that people use the term “my better half”. We forget sometimes, tho’, that other person has a half-life of their own. :-)

        Falling in love is journey of self-discovery. (Spoken like a Sagg rising!) Not of novel expression, but so true. I’ve discovered much along the way, and battled profound cynicism much of the journey, but I have a lot of Jupiterian hope and optimism on my side to battle the blacker days. I’ll come through. And I’m glad I’m reclaiming my curious and creative brain back. Ready to explore. Now see that as a prerequisite to healthy functioning with anyone –child, partner, friends, the couch…

        thanks, MM for posting about Magenta. Such a treasure.

  6. Gorgeous… caught an episode on abc, and was fascinated. Will try and catch some more on iview. Magenta is my sisters old capaeoria master!

  7. That’s it I am changing my name! Magenta is an awesome surname. Colour names can sound so, well, vivid! The rise in popularity of Sienna and Indigo as names isn’t just the sound (though I wouldn’t choose them for my kids myself).

    But maybe this another example of me wanting to overthrow the old patriarchal system atm..

  8. Love this but thought she was a LEO…you know ART, dramatic true self realizations, on TELEVISION, art AGAIN.

  9. well well of COURSE our dear little philly finch is a virgo…she’s seeking nothing but the purest distillation of love :) and in the process will find, through some seriously alchemical life stuff, the ultimate virgoan secret…heart of gold + spine of steel

    (super linda goodmanesque but hell, it’s true :)

    ms magenta got it right again!

  10. ha ha! There is a Phillipa Finch iphone app – for negotiating tricky emotional terrain! ‘Watch out for exes!’

  11. Isn’t Charlie Sheen a Virgo?
    Right now he’s playing the Anti Christ.
    And declaring himself a Warlock!

    Coincidently reading a book on Wiches & War Lords,
    there’s a hierachy wouldn’tcha know.

  12. Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments. So glad that the work has resonated. Thank you Mystic for supporting my work and for your impeccable insight laced with deep humour.

  13. Love your work ,touches me deeply . I recently had a dear friend , a teacher , who went through a dreadful experience involving cruelty to a fox ( country ) ….deeply disturbing to her and myself . She out of the blue , as if an affirmation received a book with a young girl standing on a black fox arms to the sky . The comment about fire is so apt to this ..still disturbs me , however her actions were correct and right….Is there a history to the picture and the comment ? I do not want to burden you or take up your time. I send love and best wishes from Down Under, kindest regards and thank you for your time , Deej x