New Neptune City


Michael Whelan

Monday is when Neptune gets into Pisces for the first time since the mid-1800s.

Neptune RULES Pisces so it is actually a way better placement for this planet than Aquarius, where it was technically in its fall.

Now is totally the time to farewell old dreams, stale visions and apparently busted-open-delusions of the now dying Neptune era that went from January 1998 until now.

What dream did that era encapsulate for you? And what new fantasies do you have going on for the Neptune in Pisces era?

Neptune is in Pisces from April 4 until August 5 2011. Then there is a little retrograde back into the end degrees of Aquarius before Neptune is in Pisces from Feb 2012 until 2025.  So, new dreams are vital, no?  And you know what they say about old dreams getting in the way of new ones…

52 thoughts on “New Neptune City

  1. Wow! This is totally exciting. I think the reason things feel so hard, apart from the fact that they ARE so hard, is because new dreams have been so hard to come by.

    Welcome you wonderful Neptune in Pisces, now just stay on that wagon and you’ll be right..
    What was happening in the 1800’s fashion, dream and drug world?

    • The empire waist (ala Jane Austen, Sense & Sensibility) and opium? Morphine was formulated for the first time in 1803. Cocaine was also first used to treat depression, fatigue and impotence in 1859. So maybe be on the look out for health fads that could potentially be dangerous if abused? I dunno, lol.

      • Thanks Lauren, more thoughts on that era – bicycles became the craze (like a fish need a bicycle, or a Piscean needs a Penny Farthing), fighting for the end of slavery in the states, the Civil War, revolution in the Ottoman Empire, solar flares are discovered, Darwin became a hot potato, telegraph goes transatlantic, Neanderthals are discovered, and most importantly, “Distinction between coats and jackets begins to blur”.

        Sounds to me like new science, new ways of communicating and travelling, less formal clothing and ‘new’ relatives are discovered.

        • For Neptune in Pisces we are looking at the mid-1880s, roughly 1847-1861.

          Since this configuration is so rare, I am fascinated by the historical references!!

          Other 1850s stuff: In US, horrible corsets that cracked ribs and made women faint just by wearing the fashion of the day. Potential dissolution of the US. Freeing slaves in Western cultures. 1st US female medical school. first demo of ice refrigeration, gas mask breathing apparatus is patented. the Gold Rush (an illusory quest for most). communist manifesto is published. world wide uprisings and republics forming. Jews of Prussia granted equality. ice cream freezer patented. first telegraph link between NYC and Chicago. Potato Famine (large exodus of the Irish pple). Ways of communicating are expanding with post offices opening and telegraphs and pony express. gas lights installed at US white house. The 2nd Opium War. 1st aerial photo taken from a balloon. steamships are coming into use. first iron clad war ships (seafaring technology).

          • Okay. I’m Virgoing out here and going back to the Neptune in Pisces era previous to the one in the 1850s.

            So we are in the late 1600s, roughly 1683-1697:

            The first thing that occurs to me is the Salem Witch Trials, a horrible time when single, independent women were singled out as “witches” and burned at the stake. A time of confusion and delusion. Ick…

            Other stuff happening: emerging theory of gravity. surgical practices are evolving. Robinson Crusoe leaves his island after 28 years. Matsuo Basho, zen poet, leaves for 150 days journey on Honshu Japan. Russia began taxing men’s beards. Heavy earthquake strikes Innsbruck. Thomas Neale granted British patent for American postal service. Mt Etna erupts, Sicily. Too many battles and charters to list. 1st woman’s magazine “Ladies’ Mercury” published (London). Dom Perignon invents champagne. A window tax is imposed in England, causing many shopkeepers to brick up their windows to avoid the tax. 3 VOC-ships anchor at Dirk-Hartogeiland, Australia. 1697, Peace of Saki (ends 9 years war). 1697, Germany signs French/English/Spanish/Neth/Brandenburgs peace treaty ending 9 year War. 1697, English parliament accept army reduction. Era ends in peace and army reduction, but after much upheaval!

            • All I’ll say about the LAST Neptune into Pisces era in 1500s (for fear of being a complete Virgo drag on details!!!) is that the era began with grisly event of 30 Jews of Posing Hungary, charged with blood ritual, burned at stake and ended with Anne Boleyn crowned Queen of England (major taboos broken, boundaries crossed, liberating yet horrifying re: Henry madness and beheadings).

              • These are all stunning insights.
                Somewhere between witchunting and the birth of champagne neptune has something to do with going with the flow in Pisces perhaps? Wisdom over wigging out, yes please. Thankyou.

  2. Weird. ’98 was when I got heavily into screen writing for the 1st time. I was a young’un, lost amdist the contracts, evil producers, users, arseholes, etc. It was years of broken promises, smashed dreams, stomach ulcers, anxiety disorders, etc, and no screen credits at the end of it all. So I quit writing and gave up the dream.

    And then I’ve been slowly getting back into it over the last couple o’ years. Today, I got shortlisted for funding for a script I wrote (just a short – but hey, it’s something!!). And big weird-out is that I’m actually going to be dealing with someone who I almost worked with back in ’99, a very clever writer/ editor/ producer dude who I felt I was fated to work with but it never eventuated.

    And here we are, all these years later. I’m back. He’s there. New project.

    Am I now where I’m supposed to be, learned, cleverer, more life-experienced and hence I’ll get it right this time? Actually see something on-screen and maybe, just maybe, make some income out of this???

    And it’s odd because acting-wise, I’ve been missing out on every audition lately, losing every gig. AND I’ve been dropped from an on-going gig I had. We had shows coming up in May and they were going to earn me some much-needed moola. Nope. Got a call from the producer TODAY to say he wanted to go with someone new. Funny, he hasn’t recast anyone else. For no reason. Thanks for honouring my loyalty, arsehole. And thanks for paying me for all the publicity pics i spent ages photoshopped for you!!! (Grrrr, mutter mutter…)

    So it’s like the planets are telling me my beloved acting is not what I need to be focussing on now. Say hello to long hours in front of the computer, writing, writing… and fulfilling my new destiny??

    • Sorry. Sucky spelling – “amidst” “Photoshopping”

      Ironic. I’m getting back into writing and my spelling is going down the loo!

    • lol wow, i just had a b-slap sesh with my agent who i first had to deal with in 2002 and screwed me over then and attempted to do it now. Wedged a success.

  3. YESH! V much looking fwd to this. c 1998-now has been post-uni rollercoaster career, finance, relationship wise. Hard working Taurus has pathetic setbacks while supporting free-rides. But great to have gone through it to realise what I do and don’t want in my reality now.

    Taurus/Pisces (rising) – i.e. Neptune in Pisces is infinite fantasy in action.

  4. The cover art above is from one of my fave MZB Darkover novels, “Exile’s Song”. Its about a ethnic musicologist who returns to the place of her birth to uncover the secret of her clairvoyance and the legacy of her family. Neptune in Pisces sounds so at home, like we could all go live in an underwater city and practice heightened clairvoyance, scrying, dream interpretation and interracial breeding with mermaids…

  5. Neptune may still be in pisces but will remain in my 8th house for a few more years. I am dreaming about Really Hot Sex….

  6. This will be interesting…. I havent come up with any particularly new dreams, they are really just the same ones Ive had for over a decade that continue to grow, and find new ways of expressing them. Though I can specify that the last decade or more was spent starting, practicing and now changing my endeavour into healing work. Today I had this great thought that released me from any holding on I had to that, that said, “its okay, you tried that, gave it your best shot, it didnt pay the bils, you got a great reputation, and can still do it, but it just wont pay for the rest of the dream”. Off the hook. Just like that. Well the rest of the dream and particulary 1998, was idealistic romantic eco-and self sustainability, living on the land, in a commune of women, being powerful women, loving each other blah blah blah… that dream I also realise could not eventuate….but that developed in many other forms along the way, and I still am passionate about living to my highest potential and with the lowest impact on the earth. Im doubting how to do this also. Do I keep the dream alive? Or just go for something like finding love/partner, great friends, nice place to live, fulfill all the other little goals along the way, which I have alist as long as my arm of…

  7. I was starting to teach a course I devised myself called “Live Your Dream” at a women’s health and rape crisis centre. All sorts of things taking off then. And on Saturday, when I went to vote, one of the Greens candidates handing out leaftlets outside the polling booth made a comment to me that gave me the title of my book and just opened up what I need to be writing about. Amazing how the universe works.

  8. 1998 my marriage ended and my dream was of independence, freedom and climbing the corporate ladder – no time really for looking after me and doing anything creative.

    Six months ago met a man I want to share my future with – he encourages my independence, but also my creativity in a way no-one has before. I’m writing and enjoying it, and even emails turn into poetry.

    And I’m trying to step back from the corporate ladder and make time for me – more exercise, less crappy comfort food to help me squeeze that extra ten percent out of my soul for big brother.

  9. February 1998 i became a parent for the first time. And life throughout Neptune in Aqua has been all about them really. Neptune into Pisces is my Asc and 1st house. New era, more time for me – a new me.

  10. 1998-2010: saw my offspring through school ang into adulthood. Now I’m empty nesting and downsizing my abode, and all kinds of things are beginning to emerge, with a welcome [re]emergence of my creativity.
    It’s a little bit exciting!
    Sun – Pisces

  11. Gem/Pisces rising

    Neptune in Pisces will still be in natal 12th house and continue to square natal Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn, Venus.

    I will try to stay grounded.

  12. Neptune has been squaring my Venus, merc, sun stellium since late 2008. I don’t I remember feeling so uncertain about who I am and what I deserve to expect since I don’t know, Pluto opposite them all? Though I think I was too young to recognise that one properly, instead it just tore my existence apart. and Saturn conj them all just made me ill. Anyway. Was reminded today that somehow some people see me as a doormat, whilst others thinking I’m intimidating. Great. Looking forward to exact Neptune sq sun.

  13. What a reality check it’s been in many ways, having dreams stomped on. Like my fave comic says about potential “leave it you’ll only stuff it up”, maybe the same for dreams. lol So now I have very few (travel) & enjoy Neptune being out of Aqua. Some new ones might formulate in time.

  14. Aside from Neptune going ‘backwards’ into Aquarius in . . . whenever, I am so glad it/she/he is pissing off out of ‘my’ sign. Neptune hovering about ontop of my sun, mars and saturn has not been exactly a barrel of effing laughs. Still under the influence ’till January 2012 according to Astrodienst. Yah. I AM COMPASSIONATE ENUFF ALREADY. FFS!

  15. Jan 1998 till now is most of my adult life! Hard to segment that from any other part of my life just yet.

  16. In 1998 I wrote on a bit of paper “Everything is sacred and time is not money” and stuck it on the wall ( well actually it was a canvas wall of the annexe off my boho caravan living at the time) . Moved several times since and never thought of that quote much all this time but I think I’ll mine that from the era that was and plant it at the foot of new dreams.

  17. neptune crossing my saturn in 3rd house, opposing my mars in 9th, and squaring my venus-neptune-eros-psyche ascendant in scorp has basically put the kybosh on any dream I ever had – including the love of my life, who I met in 1998 – slowly, in succession, since then.

    all of them trashed. every single one. finding it very, very hard to find a new dream, and feeling as if I am unlikely to do so, now that neptune will instead, be squaring my sun merc, crossing my jupe/chiron, and opposing mega-heavy tenth house (where everything is already falling apart) and which has stationary Uranus on MC, Pluto conjuct Ceres, Vesta and Juno in the mix. Enough already with the fuqing squares and oppositions, eh???? Pluto squaring my moon (and Uranus on track to conjunct it) have been heavy enough…

  18. I’m so sorry guys, I would usually keep this to myself but I’m a bit perplexed. Instead of everything being difficult it’s suddenly SO GREAT and EASY. Happy, social, no issues with love and just found out that Rage is playing my new music video.

    WTF? I was bracing for hell but it feels a bit like the end of a horrifically long tunnel.

    Not sure if this has anything to do with neptune though. Or uranus in Aries.

    So it can be good, is what I’m saying.

    • I agree and think Neptune in Pisces will be a breath of fresh air wherever it is in our charts. A cycle that takes so long plus the fact it’s going into its “exalted” sign seems like a good thing, ultimately. I don’t think Neptune will be as potentially vile and confusing as it was in Aquarius. It should be “at home.”

  19. 1998 was a horrid year and I associate this whole time with cosmic bitch slap.
    Lots of dreams were made and shattered during this time period, including grad school hopes and train-wrecks of relationships but the one thing that was really present was a feeling of optimism for the most part. There was a feeling that if one really persisted, things would get better.

    I definitely made new dreams…like better career than the one I thought i wanted then. I’m accomplishing more than I thought I could in this arena. I still have train wrecks for relationships. Less optimism than i originally had. I’m also making headway patching up blood-kin relationships. Pisces is in my 4th house anyways. Hopefully that will be good. I had nothing in my 3rd house, but it still affected me. :/

    • I can’t help thinking that the “feeling of optimism for the most part…that if one really persisted, things would get better” was more Pluto in Sag than Nept in Acqua – ie the faith and optimisim and persistence (pluto) part. I had a hugely tumultous and challenging Pluto in Sag era, given my chart, but in spite of the deaths, the job losses, the having to start from the ashes, etc, I was basically driven like crazy to improve my life and live my dreams, optimistic, and resilient on the back of simple faith and a willingness to work my ass off, against all odds, pretty much til Pluto entered Cap back in…2008 was it?

      • I actually have Saggo rising natally so maybe it was interacting with that at the time? idk.

        But seems i still have the *drive* to succeed but everything is much greyer. Optimism isn’t enough and I always seem to be short on supply. But that could be Saturn. I smile so much less than I used to. It looks like I’ve aged 10 years.

  20. It all sounds lovely and promising but for me on a personal level it pretty much corresponds to the dates of ending a tumultuous relationship, having a year of reprieve from all matters of the heart and then meeting my husband (Oct. ’99) under Neptunian circumstances/themes: working on a film, getting drunk together, and then the rest is history…. But here’s the clincher: our professional dynamic (we work together) and our personal relationship need some major overhaul and I (and he) are at a loss at how about doing it….. Ugh. Needless to say freaking out a little!

    • GS, understandably you be freakin out a little but change brings renewal for whoever is up for it. Pluto in capricorn is not for the faint hearted but with the chance to change , under this influence it could be worth assessing how you both view success for the relationship.
      Just a thought.

      • Thanks TFR. You are right. I need to reassess and redefine. I guess this of all times is the moment to do so….. so says my Scorpio Sun, Cappy moon and Asc. Oy….!

  21. Between 1846-1861 Australia , then called Van Dieman’s Land, ended transportation of convicts from Great Britain. Western Australia was where the last boatloads of transportation convicts were sent. Goldrushes went off. The miners’ strike known as the Eureka Stockade took place and soon after the states seperated and formed. Sydney University opened. Tasmania’s aborigines on Flinders Island in Bass Strait , ho had been herded there under false pretenses,petitioned Queen Victoria and the first native police were sent from New South Wales to Queensland to “open up the country for farming”. Poisoned blankets issued to aborigines across the colony after Democratic rights were increasing for “natives” ( later becoming the Aboriginal Protections Act ). The first immigration legislation to charge a fee to migrants on racial basis ( anti-chinese). And telegraph lines are put in connecting Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

    Perhaps this time we’ll get the human rights and respect for culturally sophisticated knowledges right and see the benefits in diversity, build lightrail and have Wi-Fi everywhere, especially on the lightrail!! Looks like Julian Assange could force another Eureka on us to strike out against control of internet.

    And as recompense for charging all those Chinese to ‘deter’ them back then – maybe now a bamboo bike manufacturer in China and solar/wind energy generator companies in China do well on the Australian markets.

    *sigh* who knows….

  22. Interesting, Ive been having strange dreams that suggest some thing might give for me. I have to agree that Neptune in Aquarius hasn’t been much good in terms of hopes/dreams. In fact I think I’ve become ‘hopeless’ by the end of this transit…LOL. Maybe this new Neptune will be great for my water stellium.

  23. omgeee so excited about this !! Mein I jus recently had a new dream some days ago… but idealistic not mines to keep… so hopefully I can dream something new :) so excited.

  24. in 1998 i was a pre-teen and it was a very tuff period for me….hopefully this new neptune era in my sign can work out something for me!!

  25. so…my self delusion, marriage to a liar and then series of imaginary lovers will dissipate and i do something real?

    • That’s a great way to sum it up LS, I was trying hard to articulate it all in my & you just said it all. Gawd I hope it’s gonna be the opposite of that for us.

  26. 1998 – I was 13 or 14… Obviously a very awkward period that I feel has come to an end this year. I feel like I’ve made the transition from adolescent (a rather prolonged adolescent at 26!) to an adult. But this is the only thing i can think of in terms of significance. Had absolutely crazy dreams last night though – have been taking more and more notice of them of late, which seems to increase their vividness.

  27. Hm. Married in 1998. Finished that, officially, in 2008, soon after Pluto’s ingress to Capricorn. Neptune in Aqua has been characterized by dissolution of old friendships and “the sort of people” with whom I used to play and work. A pleasant, at times, sort of illusion that I was living a nice middle class life. But my contacts with people have been vague, idealistic, tenuous. Blasted at the end with Neptune transiting my Venus. Neptune and dolphins, et all.

    Have to say, though, that while Neptune can bring terrifyingly disorienting experiences (years), I needed a reorientation and a heart transplant, too. I’m looking forward to Neptune in Pisces, if 2011 is bringing tidings of my future. Neptune will be transiting my 3rd, and the projects/ideas people are bringing to me say “third house watershed”. Water pun intended.

  28. I’ve been having a recurring dream that I have to sit my hsc exams soon, and yet have not attended any classes for a number of subjects, at all. in my dream I’m a bit surprised I’ve managed to get away with all that non attendence, and just kind of figure I’ll swot up right at the end and it will all be fine. But also am a bit stuck about whether I actually have to sit the exams anyway and worried that if I dont I wont get accepted into whatever it is these exams are dependent on.
    Been having a lot dreams right on the edge of wakedness lately, tiring. So dreaming this I’m at the same time going – um duh love, that phase of your life is long gone.
    so I’m worried about passing a test, and whether I really need to, and whether i really need to be worried about it.
    what a load of blah.