Multiple Taurus – Many Muses

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This is Olga Khokhlova - the first wife of Pablo Picasso. She was a Gemini Ballerina who left Picasso when she heard of his affair with a local teenager.

She looks wistful in this pic, like she’s already figured out hubby is a major pantsman?  But note her beautiful forearms and hands, so classic with Geminis, especially the girls. Seriously, check out your Gemini forearms/hands sometime soon. Exceptionally gorgeous.

As for Mr Picasso – we KNOW he was a Scorpio…His Scorp Sun squared his Leo Ascendant…And get this: Pluto-Neptune-Jupiter -Saturn all in Taurus in the 10th House…Ie: the Brilliant Career Sector. That’s your fame/infamy combo right there. Taurus/Saturn = enduring. Jupiter/Pluto = major mogul legacy. I could go on but you get the point?

Moon in Sagg conjunct North Node. He followed his Muse. And well, women in general.

Are there any examples of male muses in history?   And how’s your 10th House shaping up for fame/longevity etc? No need to answer the latter or even think about it if you’ve got the Dark Moon shits.

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  1. Fell really in love with my Gemini man when I noticed his hands for the first time!
    I used to be way into Palmistry and always check people’s hands, usually finding something weird.
    But his hands were…perfect! Long fingers, large oval nails, strong thumbs, square palm with full mounts that displayed no flabbiness but swelled firm and pleasant.. *yada yada* :)

    • ooh i love the way you talk about hands… I love a strong mount are they called mount of atlas or something…. notice I definitely lose attraction to peeps with flat or depleted mounts! oh so fussy…. I seem to be noticing hairy hands… i mean like just at the supermarket or where ever, no where near me, but they kinda freak me out…

      • Mount of Venus? There is also a mount of Mercury, Apollo, Saturn, Moon, Mars and Jupiter. It was his Venus that attracted me.
        Yes, not a mad hair fan myself…

        For a Gemini Rising I have really ugly hands btw.

        • oh no isnt mount of venus the pubic bone? I dont know, its not like i would know, so you may be right.

  2. The lady looks like Sigourney Weaver the actress don’t you think ? Very androgenous (spelling?) wasnt Picasso homosexual or bi or whatever? She’s looking pretty over it . Male muse ? I would like to give that a go one day, seriously … although there are different types of muses correct? not just nude model. For me i have met women who made me write like i was channeling a 12 th century poet and also inspired me to draw and recently to paint and just be the best man i could be.. Thats a muse, correct? some one who brings out these deep artistic emotional parts of ones psyche ? and when they are gone you become sort of empty and lost for a while…

  3. I’m finding it hard to have the Dark Moon Shits on account of my tenth house being full of Jupiter (oh yes! my seventh house ruler is spreading the love with my natal Venus) and Uranus.. I feel inexplicably happy, even though my ceiling has kinda caved in and my house is full of Italians with hammers all day long, and termites, and structural engineers. .. even tho The Dung Bug has been excluded from childcare because she’s not immunised and there’s an outbreak of whooping cough amongst immunised kids (which means 14 days off work without pay just when I have masses of bills and deadlines at work)… and in spite of my Bogeymum dumping our joint loan on me and leaving the country to take refuge in a Tibetan monastery.. and … AND even though Thing One is continuing his Family Court crapola, and Thing Two’s has commenced a fresh round of insults (apparently I have the world’s scariest and ugliest vagina – !)…

    I even reckon I have nice hands.. must be my Gemini rising…

    • That’s very interesting re the immunised kids being ill and your unimmunised Bug not… The people who got flu shots at my friend’s work had the shot, my friend who didn’t was fine. So tricky, I am not totally sold on vaccination, but am nervous about not doing it. Whatever, I am waiting till the lil’ Capmeister is two before I think about it.

      Sorry to hear about Thing One and Thing Two and the Bogeymum, you have quite a collection of monsters there. And who cares what one’s lady garden looks like, what a nutjob comment, he has issues.

      • whooping cough is hideous and should not be messed with. I find it hard to believe there’s an outbreak amongst immunised kids. More like unimmunised kids.

        Soz no sympathy here. Immunise.

        My only irk is when a new vaccine comes out with less side effects, that’s not covered by Medicare. That sucks. Double Pisces daughter had terrible reaction to the small pox (?) vaccine … sick as a dog and not fair for a young baby.

        • Immunisation is touchy – I agree to the wait until Capmeister is 2+. My parents waited until I was 3 I think – and then I was immunised, but still got the whooping cough virus at 6, and again at 30. The immunisation lessens the impact, but it does wear off over the years, so soon to be parents/grandparents etc, they need to get reimmunised – they are the biggest danger, not un-immunised children. So no suprises its the immunised kids who have it…..

          But TA, it sounds like its all happening, and you’d just like a bit of freaking support already!

          Can’t offer anything tangible – but sending energetic support….

          • Have a friend whose family have Agent Orange issues and she isn’t going to immunise her kids as she feels they aren’t strong enough. Feel sure my kids are strong enough, I will immunise eventually am sure they can take it, but I can empathise with those who feel their child might be type to react to immunisation. Some people can get ill from aspirin or a tap on the wrong side of the head or fluoride in the water. There are documented cases of people reacting badly to immunisations.

          • thanks darlings… yes it IS all happening but I feel really good anyway. I can’t explain it – perhaps it really is all of you sending your energetic support!?! (of course, it must be)

            Ya, immunisation is SUCH an emotional issue – no parent that I know wants to put their child at risk, and there is a lot to consider before making the decision (those of us who make an informed decision NOT to immunise are always considered part of the lunatic fringe). Well. The Australian Government has taken the decision out of most people’s hands by penalising parents who won’t immunise. Mine are in a high risk category, so I don’t immunise until over the age of five, and that is that. In 18 years of this policy (during which all of my children have attended day care, school, after school hours care etc) none of mine have ever experienced any of the diseases, but we’ve observed plenty of immunised kids that did. Ok, I did deliberately inflict chicken pox upon them (we had a chicken pox party so that all of our friends’ kids had them at the same time), but that is a method of improving their immune system that is used in European countries with very low rates of childhood disease. When it comes to decisions about my kids, I know what I’m on about. (when it comes to men I know sweet f*&* all!) *disclaimer, my views on immunisation are not advice*

            My ceiling & roof are being fixed – wonderful metaphor for all the good work that is happening in the rest of my life. Termites are all dead – yay! I quite like the wizened Italian man who keeps smiling at me and telling me he thinks The Dung Bug ‘very beuuudiful’ as he goes about plastering and painting.

            I had a job interview this morning – this afternoon they called my referees so I reckon I nailed it. This job will change life for my girls and I for the better. So wish us luck!

            I reckon I’m just gonna roll with the scary vagina thing.. the scarier the better, when it comes to Thing Two (AKA that CUB). I love my scary, ugly vag. Any man who wants porno pussy has no business with me anyway.

            You guys, thanks – you rock! x

            • I still can’t believe he said something so utterly disgusting and vile to you … and it really is about too much porn watching I reckon.

              Good luck with everything else tho …

  4. Multiple gemini and my hands are my currency.

    And though I don’t practise yoga I have always loved handstanding. Have been busted in odd venues like the back of a bus shelter or a hotel hallway or the bathroom of some stuffy in-laws. Least dignified was in front of a stupa in a hilltop village temple. Well, since Chinese locals referred to foreigners as foreign devil, they can’t expect much more.

    Geminis are always the muse , rarely the musee , don’t ya reckon?
    my only muse is a Gemini friend. ( you know who you are)

    • I totally agree with you on the Gemini muse thing twinfish. Have been a muse for peeps – am multiple Gemini too – and my only muses have been fellow Gems.

  5. True bout those Gem hands, ex hubster is a Gem muso and I still shiver thinking about those fingers on the strings more than a decade later.

    Do love that look on Olga’s face. I could just be channelling my dark moon shitstorm but to me that expression says quietly, “I’m gonna kill you. I’m gonna kill you dead”. Can’t remember who the song is by but it started running through my head when I saw the painting. Who could blame her? It’s like shunting Natalie Portman for something from the Nickelodeon channel. Blech.

  6. I agree TFR rarely the musee, all of life is the musee, how could we possibly be only inspired by one! ; )

    I used to be really insecure about my arms, little form or strength. I then got into massage, Hawaiin massage to be specific, just over 10 years ago now, and massage healed and beautified my relationship with my arms, they are very strong now, though upper arms do have a bit much flesh on them for my liking. I broke my arms three times during my childhood, and received many blows to them from that other part of childhood aka bad parent. I think I had a lot of healing to do on my arms.

    Also, one of the best massages i have ever received from anybody is from a gemini friend, i think the heart energy flows freely through the gemini’s arms, and i hope you know who you are! : )

  7. Yeh everyone always comments on my hands and arms- I do have nice hands actually (1 of my better features- odd, never knew a Gemini thing) and funnily enough, hands are one of the FIRST things I notice on guys – if they have small wimpy hands or give you one of those wet fish handshakes – shudders- I can’t even consider them as dating potential! Good strong masculine hands….mmmmm.. Oh and thanks for good news Mystic (I’ll take it as that- hell I’m a gem with sag moon we can be optimistic about anything!) – have Saturn in taurus (in 3rd- communications) – have overcome limitations and striving ahead now re writing etc (or believing I can!), Neptune in 10th in scorp (will take that as imagination sans the delusion aspect!)- trining my NN Pisces in 2nd- (I’m hoping career/money made from using my imagination etc?!), mars in sag there to hopefully counteract wistful nothingness and give me some drive (moon in sag too but jst in 11th) and jupiter Pluto Uranus (ruler of my chart – aqua rising) conjunct in 8th- so know that’s other people’s money etc, but I like that mogul allusion! Feel like just starting come into own after long period learning, getting over long-held insecurities, raising kids by self etc etc- it all starts NOW! And yes have been feeling very dark moony, full of fears and self-doubts but am tired of it now- so I’m gonna channel that Aries vibe like one of my besties, who’s always filled with self-confidence! She astounds me and I love it.

  8. There’s a website about male muses that has some interesting and unexpected combinations.

    The first thing that came to mind for me was female singers dedicating break-up songs to their misbehaving exes. I don’t think that counts though. I’m sure designers have male models that they consider muses.

    My 10th house has nothing in it but my natal Scorp sun. Still job hunting with no luck so far, although I did get an email from a former boss who said she’d be happy to talk to me and provide advice on where to look. So hoping that might lead to something good. Dark moon + no work + PMS = very sullen Scorpy

  9. Ok, am gonna bust a gemini with ugly hands. She is a ‘maker’, working with her hands as well as tools and industrial glue, but her nails are dry and split and the skin on her hands reminds me of desert rocks. If she wasn’t so scorpionic rising there’s many occassions I would’ve at least offered some moisturizer. She is also a heavy smoker, gemini lungs say nay to this.
    Attractive forearms though, like the dancing limbs of a willow tree.

    • Oh, I was gonna do this too – my Gem friend has really bony hands and forearms, with pronounced sinewy tendons and veins…. She is an artist too, but unpractising (bit like religion…. non practising artist). Long knobbly fingers, with pronounced knuckles. Ick.

      I have nothing in Gem, but have gorgeous hands and forearms. Long slim fingers, long oval nail beds, elegantly shaped forearm. Sorry, its the only thing I am vain about…..

  10. Gem, with Venus, merc, and sun loosely conjunct in the 10th, ruled by Taurus. Jupiter loosely conjunct the mc from the 9th. One day I maybe a super star, but I reckon I am possibly too lazy to have to do the 9 to 5 work. At least I actually believe my work is valuable and get some creative joy about it. Maybe one day an income too? (except for that 9 to 5 problem)
    Yes to fab hands etc, that I flap about like little wings when I talk.
    Couldn’t be a muse though, way too much Saturn.

  11. Sun/Merc in Gem, so I use my hands a lot while talking. Actually it is a nice trick for keeping the attention of my audience, my hands help people to visualize the concept while listening.

    Once I have been called a muse. If Geminis are the muse, then question is: who does act like a muse for a Gemini?

    • “Once I have been called a muse. If Geminis are the muse, then question is: who does act like a muse for a Gemini?”

      A fellow Gem of course ;)

      I use my hands to talk a lot too. I really noticed the other day how much someone was looking at my hands as I spoke. Too much maybe?!?

      • It may depend on the audience and the intention :-) I use my hands to prevent dozing off, texting, daydreaming.

        In your case, it may be the intent of the listener, mental flirting perhaps? :-) Just teasing since I am clueless about the context.

        Good grief, this dark moon tied up my glib mind, correct words are not coming out.

  12. I currently have a male muse. No further comment.

    The only other I can think of is possibly Henry for Anais Nin???

  13. moon in 10th house in Virgo.. Trine Neptune at 0 degrees. And sextile Pluto also at 0. Very tight chart I’ve been told.

  14. Saturn/North Node conjunct the 10th in Virgo. Trine Capricorn Ascendant & Moon/Mars in Taurus. Saturn Return was a bitch – but since then (touch wood) life & career has been Great. A lot easier and finally making sense. Lets see where this Pluto transit goes though ….

  15. haha, im gem rising/ pisces- when i was travelling with my sister in turkey we had our palms read, she (a scorp) was quite jealous when he commented on my ample mounts and after that called me pudgy thumbs for the rest of the trip

  16. Johnny Depp – Gem hands case in point! His hands and forearms alone are enough to send me over the edge.

    I have pretty nice hands myself, especially for a supposed-to-be-puffier crabby. Perhaps I should thank my Mercury in Gemini? And I use them to communicate :)

  17. Poor Olga, she looks tired. The Gemini’s I know don’t have beautiful hands per se but they are always very distinctive!

    Pluto kicking back in my 10th, transform or die. Leaning towards the die right now, 2 rejections from university and nowhere to live. No thanks.

    • “2 rejections from university and nowhere to live. No thanks.”

      I know this is probably no help whatsover Charley but things will happen sweetie. Maybe go out into your beloved nature and feel the universe. Be still and things will come. Feel your way. (I know this sounds trippy dippy but I think you know what I mean). I’m finally getting a more permanent abode after a number of years of instability – some self imposed, some not. Today a lot of things just fell into place – lots of synchronicity that was just waiting for me.

      *hugs to you*

      • Thank you, thank you, I know. I’m having the Dark Moon shits for sure! It’s been 3 years next week of living out of a suitcase, some of it self inflicted (and really fun, very grateful) some not so much. Just ready to stay still so everything else can align, you know how it goes! x

    • Pluto is in my 10th too, just started cranking. But, considering Pluto sq Pluto, Pluto oppose Sun, Pluto transit MC period, I can confidently say five years after, you will not remember the rejections, better yet, they will not be important. Likely you will remember not having a place to live, but that too will not matter.

      • Good-o, lets hope so, I must add that I’m not complaining really. I feel very lucky to have enjoyed some extremely interesting experiences during that time, it’s just now I *need* it to stop but the ball is still rolling so to speak and I’m still whizzing along into oblivion haha!

        • I too didn’t have a space to call my own for 2 years, practically lived in a shoebox size room. The ball stops, but the insecurity of not having a space, am not so sure. Am still living as — if need be, I can move away in 24 hours.

          • We should write a book, I swear I could pack up an entire life in a matter of hours. I’ve been working as a pet/house sitter so I’ve spent a lot of time in other people’s spaces and that’s really taken it’s toll on me psychologically as lovely as it can be. Never feel at home and always ready to go. When I finally did settle last summer I got evicted (they decided to gut the place and triple the rent) a month later just as the paint dried, jeepers. Now I’m even more neurotic!

            Oh well, here’s to feeling settled in some way xx

  18. Have 3 planets in Taurus myself and see life as muse.

    As for the fame/longevity thing: if there are outer planets in the 10th house does that mean fame/longevity is…well…longer? For example, do one hit wonders in music only have Mars or Merc there? Not sure about the whole longevity thing but I do have Pluto conjunct Lilith there – along with a few other asteroids. Very Plutonic/transformative themes I’m guessing.

  19. This has always been one of my fav Picassos. So beautiful.

    My 10th is in Sagittarius. Jupiter is exactly conjunct my midheaven (good, I assume?) but Neptune is there too, which is confusing. In a variety of ways.

  20. Gemini boyfriend had uninteresting hands … pudgy and nails bitten to the wick. Nice forearms tho’ … was like the hands and forearms didn’t entirely belong together? He’s seriously on the cusp of Cancer tho, plus Merc/Venus Cancer. Asc unknown – he was adopted.

    Me Gem Asc … I type fast, really fast. Good with the hands creatively (guitar playing, art and so forth), but nope not beautiful. I have strong mount of venus, plumpish long/square palm and am excellent at massage. Energy healer recently told me I have “green” palms – good for hands on healing and massage work.

      • actually I really dislike most of the artists of Picasso’s era – sexist arrogant pigs. Their work was all “up in the head”, cerebral .. never married to anything really beautiful. Picasso, Gaugin, Breton, Dali .. bleh. Miro was a bit different, although I have no idea of his background but I did like his art. Same with Man Ray (though he did have a tendancy to hang out with wankers).

        Honestly I feel the women artists of that era are so underrated and their work so incredibly beautiful and evocative. Mystic posts their stuff up here all the time. Leonora Carrington, Frida Khalo.

        The only exception I would add to this is Marc Chagall who is one of the most talented and beautiful artists I have ever seen in terms of his work … good god his work still stuns me. A Jewish Russian he was born on the same day as me and his cathedral glasswork is just stunning.

        • I loooove Chagall. Every time I see something of his, I get an instant emotional reaction. He was able to tap into something both personal and universal.

          • same here .. only found out recently that we shared a birth date but way back in art school when I was a teenager I loved his paintings and glasswork. You’re right personal and universal. Just gorgeous.

        • Prowln’, I totally agree with your observation re the male artists of that era (and some of the current crop) and thank you for making it. I am SO OVER the over-adoration of sexist, self-absorbed, selfish, egotistical, boring artists of all kinds! It sickens me the way that “we” the public bestow/project magic and amazingness where it is totally NOT deserved or applicable.

          • When I see the huge hands on artists like Picasso, I think how brutal they look. It seems like with palmistry of artists you notice that these very earthy powerful types do the physical labour of making art, but the really beautiful haute types don’t have quite as much energy or endurance.. so the world misses out on their beauteous visions being made reality.

            • Very interesting observations of the hands of different kinds of artists andromeda. I love hands and am always noticing them. Yes, perhaps the physicality and mental/physical obsession required to make certain styles of art is an outpouring of brutal ego that is not necessarily matched with sensitivity or finesse, let alone “soul”. The more delicate visions that are being made into reality might not be known to the world at large but they would be appreciated by a closer circle of people – no less meaningfully. As we all know, fame does not equal talent!

              Recent societal attitudes about artists have a lot to answer for IMHO. In past centuries artists have been seen as providers of practical and important contributions to social documentation and enhancing daily life. Now they seem to be treated with extreme views – either like “crazy” rock stars or the other equally stupid extreme sterotype of “poor starving artist”. I find both views repugnant and out of touch with reality & authenticity.

              • Yes, from what I understand, artists need to be aggressively charming to make themselves known.
                But I think some really sensitive souls probably don’t get round to picking up the brush! Icky, smelly hard work, physically tough and lots of cleaning doing painting.

          • “I am SO OVER the over-adoration of sexist, self-absorbed, selfish, egotistical, boring artists of all kinds!”

            *cough* anyone we know? ;)

            Yeah don’t really understand it myself. I understand respect and appreciation for an artists work, but I don’t divorce the work from the actual person – an asshole is an asshole no matter how genius they might be creatively. Doesn’t cost much to be a relatively decent human being.

    • Lovely hands indeed Sweetpea, and such delicate wrists, i love a protruding bone from the wrist, i’ve moon and 3 planets in Gem, i have that lovely wrist bit, but my hands are not well looked after, being a gardener and screenprinter has worn them well, but i’m not unhappy with them, they have served me well !….Gem daughter hands look like my Gem sisters, well moisturised !
      PS those chocolate vegan cupcakes look like a tempting treat for winter !

      • Takes after the women on the Persian side I think, but fine boned. 5’2 98 lb. ..called her my “China Doll”. Maybe that’s a Virgo rising thing? Not sure, hadn’t thought of it. Will have to explore.

    • Oh they are Gem hands! 8O

      I love your daughter’s blog Sweet P! I could (sometimes do) read cookbooks & websites all day… 8O

      I noticed in a few posts down from the biscuits that you’re mentioned- putting a gaping hole in the salmon! :lol:

  21. (This painting looks somewhat Tretchikoff-y to me).

    I’m doing Jupiter square Jupiter until March 7th, trying not a spend more than a soy latte at a time ! That’s in my 10th house (capricorn), so does that mean Jupiter is back where it was when i was born ? (sorry wise women and men of Mystic’s Blog…bit green at this still).

    Keeping busy by stripping wallpaper in our bathroom that Venus would be horrified to step foot in, not spending more than a cup of soy latte coffee from T2 at a time and generally laying low like a bilby .

  22. I have been looking at this picture & thinking there is something familiar about it… 8O

    I just realised that my old boss brought in a print of this piece to work one day years ago to give to me. She said she had it at home & every time she looked at it she thought of me & she wanted me to have it. 8O

    I’m not my boss knew Olga was a Gemini…

    • Freaky Gem.

      Am thinking too, with that look on her face, if someone says something one more time to her that is sheer nonsensical or idiotic/emoing & she is not keen on, she is gonna whip them two times till Sunday with that fan…

      haha…oh, maybe that is just my Gem daughter’s and my Mars in Gem? :)

      (no, I don’t whip them…just practice eternal patience…God rest my Soul…lol)

  23. I am a newbie to advanced astro, so I am asking for help on the 10th house stuff ,please.
    Lillith at 17 degrees Aries and North Node at 16 degrees of Aries, both in the 10th house.
    Sun Virgo, Moon Cancer, Venus Scorpio.
    I remember Mystic saying that the 17 degree placements have heavy Saturn right now…
    Any interpretations and advice is greatly appreciated. Life is soooo weird now.

    • Strike your own path & embrace your inner bitch…Saturn opp Lilith and on South node means fire it up, kill off any pass-agg tendencies, stuff from childhood that holds you bk. Read Scruples or that Theodora book i posted about for inspiration> OR the Lucretia BOrgia bio.

      • Oh my!!! Thanks Mystic. With all this Charlie Sheen stuff (a fellow Virgo) I am kind of afraid of the deep end… Fearless and ruthless, huh?

  24. I have nothing in the tenth house whatsoever!!! Or in the first, sixth and twelfth, according to Astrodienst.

  25. Gemini Venus…. now that I think of it, everybody who’s not a family member is always commenting on my hands. Mother had me believing they were chubby, but by Western standards….not really. LOL

  26. Right… it is very difficult to do dark moon in this heat aside from hydrating. Its fairly uncomfortable to be still, move, sleep, wake, eat, think, write or read… Moisturising simply slides of skin. Am now going to seek out airconditioning, while mystic suggested in dailys today, not exerting self too much till the new moon, (and I dont feel I can today) yesterday’s 2 hour walk seemed the best way to deal with the heat by going with it.

    BTW had a talk and apology session with taurus astro-skeptic, and she even suggested that maybe she is like this because she is a taurus – recognising control and stagnant issues… well bravo… she is also incredibly eventually self reflective, like most of my close ones, and this is such a cool trait for evolving and not getting stuck in outmoded paradigms. You know that thing of taking responsibility for how you feel, and realising that it may have nothing to do with another, that they are just your trigger to look at your own issues. And dont get me wrong, i know they are not ‘just’ issues, that they are a deep and wealthy source of self knowledge and real life. But in the play of relationship platonic or otherwise, what a gift to be able to dialogue in awareness and not blame. I love it and Im so grateful…

  27. I’ve had a male muse for some years. It remains to be seen whether it will go down in history. During a dark moon one can easily think that it’s history!

  28. I have Sun, Mecury, Mars in my Libran 10th house opposite Aries Moon. Cappy Ascendant.

    Super driven to become an excellent lawyer like my mum, but I actually hate it. Nice life.

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