Mercury Retrograde In Aries Really Means It

Ah yes you have got to love Mercury Retrograde.

No it’s not actually retro until March 30 but yes it is in shadowzone.

Purists count the shadowzone – I don’t usually but this time around, i think it’s operating.

Explanation of the shadowzone is here.

I’m counting it as retro till the end of April. No technical purchases. Even though i apparently need to actually go out and get a new O.S. (can’t be downloaded – has to be installed) just to use iPod. No contract signing. You know the drill.

As my Mercury actually IS in Aries, i am attempting to re-assess some preconceptions, reboot my thought style…

And hands up who has ALREADY had strange biz with peeps re-manifesting from the past or ex-lover surrealism?

98 thoughts on “Mercury Retrograde In Aries Really Means It

  1. I laughed so hard when I saw that mug. How on earth could anyone make that mistake?

    I haven’t been having too much trouble yet, and no blasts-from-the-past either, but I have been feeling generally fuzzy-headed and just not at the top of my game. Mercury retro will be in my first house, so I’m going to be extra careful to not come across as a hopeless spaz.

    • was looking at printing, then o.m.g. !
      That’s whopping Royal Fail , yah ?!? haha

      • hahah agree! I was wondering what the problem was then thought…’look closer UP’… and lo!! haha

        • Yes, I think that baby’s been bulk-produced in a far off place where they don’t know what the Royal family looks like. Which is understandable. It’s not like I know what the Sultan of Brunei looks like.

          Hilarious that it actually got all the way to point-of-sale though!

  2. ipod fail. check !
    DVD fail. check !
    Clingy pass-agg guy at work creeping me out with in my face annoying psychoanalysis. check !
    Seriously, wanted to give me tips on ‘dealing with things’ : this coming from someone who when I had dinner for him a couple years ago went on unasked- about ex for no kidding 30 mins or more. Runs if he thinks he sees her coming. Seriously- Do not Engage. Do Not Make Eye-Contact. nice weather we’ve been lol. Aries has brought a whole new side me to the fore. kinda like it*

  3. Broke my little toe yesterday. Maybe its not Mercury(r) though – same break, same spot, same toe back in June 2002. Aries Sun with transiting Saturn shooting lasers from across the table maybe? *whimper*
    My Mercury is Aries as well and I am working to push away as much bias and projection as possible. Also … working hard to shut my mouth until/unless my spirit has a chance to insert a higher intention into my words. Not easy at all.

    • OUch Liz. Hope toots is better soon. x

      In same boat with Aries stuff and Saturn. “Forced growth,” indeed. Do they know just who they are messing with?

      ;) :)

      • haha I think they do know – that’s why they took out my ability to move too quickly!

    • Ow, Liz, I cringe in empathy (& recommend icing and using a good arnica cream).

      According to New Age healer Louise Hay, toes represent minor details of the future, feet represent our understanding of ourselves, life & others, and breaking a bone represents rebelling against authority. An affirmation for foot problems: “I move forward in life with joy & with ease” (a nice thing to affirm regardless. :) )

      • Odette- I love Louise Hay’s affirmations in ‘You can heal your body’. Those are good recommendations!

        Liz I know someone who hurt their little toe badly yesterday. It must be awfully painful for you and I hope that you can get comfortable. It’s not easy to go with your higher self/intentions but having a go is the best you can do :) My mercury and mars are in taurus but they are conjunct the sun and close to Aries so it’s hard for me to not get upset sometimes. Except, in true taurus fashion it takes quite a while for me to say i’ve had enough and that is not helpful. I’m now trying very hard to nip things in the bud. I love that aries get over things quickly. I find that very challenging. Take care Liz

    • I just got done with a broken leg bone (broke in Jan). I suggest getting with a chinese medicine doc and getting those bone mending herbs. They really work. I shaved off 2 weeks of healing time. I don’t have time to be “sick”.

      • Envisioning myself on the train to Chinatown right now! Thanks for the idea. This is literally all about me diminishing my own needs – I didn’t take proper care of myself the first time I fractured my foot. I was all too stoic and laughed it off. Its time for me to find a balanced way to finally do “me” in every way (even if [please never!] it means asking for help) and if it has to the universe is going to mash the point into me.

        • Deffo find Arnica gel if you can and slather it on, I sprained my ankle last week quite badly (mega bad timing) and it was better within a couple of days. Could have taken week, Arnica really is the best stuff ever.

  4. Ive been forced to get LinkedIN so trawling through last 20 years of contacts I’d say that’s a pretty good manifestation! Some shadows but also dome rays of sundhine

  5. BTW 12 months ago I’d never have Bren capable of firing the connection invites (for fear of rejection I guess) but now I couldn’t give a flying…,wonder where that’s come from LOL

  6. The elusive Aquarian ex is back. Speaking of a match possible made in hell, am I the only one who doesn’t find Kate the least bit appealing….?

  7. I couldn’t see the mistake on the mug, but Merc will be retro in my first house, so my brain is taking a hike.

    Actually this slow-speed-huh? mindset has been going on for two-three weeks, and I catch up with life by 1/ keeping quiet 2/investing time in my to-do list 3/dealing with projects that needs revision.

    No ex-blazing-from-past, and as long as I don’t become one, am OK.

    oh, wait, is it the groom or his brother on the mug?

  8. What about signing contracts you’ve been planning to sign for years – isn’t Mercury Retrograde supposed to be very good for completing things you’ve been procrastinating?

    I have a lot of things ending & beginning in the next month, including moving, job-hunting in a new city, basically changing my whole life – but it’s been long-planned & long agonized over. Do I have Merc Retro working with me or against me?

    • I hope so…… finalllllly made a will a few weeks back, lawyer has been stuffing me round for ages not actually doing his side of things (and making mistakes when he does!) and I have no choice but to sign this week, cause
      I’m going o/s.

  9. Am natal Aries Mercury Rx. Will see how it manifests altho mentioned that last week internet connection was up & down. Perhaps they were just doing maintenance. Perhaps I could have called to find out but all seems well now.

  10. Looks like Prince Harry on the cup, not William. And he seems to be smerking? “Of the century”. Which century are we talkin’ about.

  11. No ex-lovers or peeps from the past yet….

    But so far lots of re-doing things i thought were already done. Power outages galore.

    • Who needs blue hoochie jooce when you can google-stalk sober? Went on google-stalkery binge just now and found out ex who dumped me late ’97 to secretly marry his high school girlfriend had a child with her in 1998 which meant he impregnated her during the time we were together. He had kept this woman a secret from me, his parents, his employers and all of his local friends until he upped and moved one day. I guess I got closure on this one. yay. Not that i still want him or anything, but it kind of damages a woman’s self esteem when a man suddenly disappears when he had no prior history of fights or arguing recently over anything with you. He was a Virgo.

  12. Here’s a question for you: if you were born with Merc. in Rx are you less affected when it’s in retrograde?

    • GS, yes, the experts say that we who have Mercury Rx natally are not affected. Based on my own experience, this is partially true. The greatest irritation is unbungling the messes created by those who attempt to proceed as if nothing’s amiss with Mercury during this time.

        • i have too I think its kind of meh though cause your brain might be working but machines and transport still fail so its a juggle still. x

  13. um totally! hand WAY up!
    lost my iPod.
    had beer with someone who broke my heart in November 2009.
    crazy crazy.

  14. This all started around March 15th, and from what I read the shadow started on the 17th, right? So I had pre-shadow fail-experiences!

    Exes reappearing, machinery failing, clients disappearing, paperwork taking forever etc etc.

    I did finish my tax return last night. Do you think I should file it as is? I’m half-tempted to try and see :)

  15. I almost gasped out loud when I read that last bit, because JUST YESTERDAY someone from my past did decided to contact me out of the blue. The dreaded low Virgo… I think it’s been a year (probably even more) since we last spoke, then suddenly there she is sending me an email…

    I did respond even if I’m not sure I should have. Just recently read that Leo’s “forever optimism” can stick them in a bad situation/relationship. Want to believe that no problem is insurmountable. I know I am guilty of this and even though I thought I learned my lesson here we go again… Half hoping that she’ll get ugly with me again so I can cut her off. I don’t want to be hoodwinked twice over. :(

    • I have that unrelenting optimism leo thing happening too CM. often lets me down but we always rise to the surface of course. An ex returned this week via a dream where he had an abcess on his leg. This means somethng is still festering DUH! that be my feelings for him. aaagh cannot get him out of my sub conciousness. he is not in my heart or my head but i still dream of him regularily even tho I haven’t had any contact with him for almost 4 months. I am having a lovely time at the mo with the sparkly gem crab don’t want to spoil that.

      How can i get hm out of my dreams? help

    • Me too! Someone who was a ‘prospect’ a year ago recently emailed me. So strange that they should resurface now when I’m so happily loved up with another.

  16. I thought that was Harry! I didn’t get the connection at first, but now I see. And yes, just came from my sister’s house where she was asking for internet connection help. First no connection, then no phone service. We couldn’t figure it out and her Aries husband didn’t want to admit defeat and call the help line, so she’s calling it while he’s still at work, lol.

  17. …. interestingly, yes. Back in 2006/07, I saw this guy;s art work and was very taken by it, felt instantly connected at an aesthetic level, curious …

    well, I met him a couple of days ago – very randomly. Didin’t know who he was until half way through the conversation in which we seemed quite attracted to each other. Pretty great revolution/resolution.

    Am also a natal mercury aries …. 6th house …. opening my eyes, opening my eyes – don’t think too much, don’t think too much etc etc.

    (actually on that note – have been seeing my chart in new light – I have all these planets in 6th house facing off the rest of planets in 1st to 9th) hm.

  18. Officially over with the Toro. Revealed true colours over the full moon weekend. If fuqing hurts.

    • Just received email from a friend, who lived next door to me last year. Its been a year since I have heard from him. asking how I was, la di da and at the end he wrote

      “I bet everything is fine with u, u r a smart girl, i think you can over come any kind of difficulties u face”!!! Just what I needed to hear..god bless him..

      • I’m sorry for you too, Sassy. That’s so sad and i’m sorry it was a taurus who did that to you. I am taurus and love cancerians and sag… I found that full moon it was difficult to not get upset. I don’t know what happened for you but I felt that full moon was also a time of knowing you deserve to be treated with respect and issues with boundaries was a big theme.

        I think that friend is right. From the little bits that we know of you have overcome difficulties in many situations. I admire your strength and your little aries is lucky to have you as a mum. Be kind to yourself and take care. We’re thinking of you- would send you a hug it I could.

      • Sassy, precious, I don’t know what to say! Other than to agree with those words of your neighbor . . you ABSOLUTELY can overcome every difficulty. *quietly passing pieces of dark chocolate*

      • Thanks guys, very kind and gracious of you all. I feel shock and hurt, he just did a complete turn around of character. So Im left feeling shocked, confused and ‘what the hell’ just happened? I can’t eat, feel really sick in stomach, like its just ripped me apart. Forgot what it feels like to be heartbroken.

        • That sick feeling is horrible. I’ve just come through a can’t eat phase. We don’t want you to go through this :( It sounds like he was scared if he did a complete turn around- i’ve seen that before. It doesn’t make it okay though. Sometimes no explanation will make you feel better. I hope that when the shock settles that you can get closure. I once read that it’s not realistic to expect closure but I believe you can in many ways. I hope your friends are there for you right now :)

          • He was also born merc retro taurus…fighting the urge not to contact him, since he is the one who literally told me to “fuq off” and stormed out of the house, collecting his things and ripping his key to his house off my key chain and throwing my key at me.

            God, i just wanted to have a civil talk with him, he just went off in a huff.. maybe he did get scared.??

            Friends are there, but I ignore them, I tend to isolate myself when feeling down.

            • So he’s got Mercury retrograde natally, hmmm. One particular ex- who had it (and I do too), would “combust” during Merc. retro times. He would start resisting the relationship every time Mercury went retrograde. Not saying that this is what is going on with toro, but do watch the Mercury clock. Especially since you used the words “he did a complete turnaround.” That’s a signature of someone tuning into the retrograde energy. Once we get on the other side of the retrograde phase, if he shows back up again, then you’ll know that’s one of his wires that’s going to be tripped at these times. Hang in there. Breathe. x

    • :( I’m sorry. I heard Crabs and Toros make a good pair though. I wonder if he’s just going through stuff and will be back?

  19. Guilty. I have Venus in Aries, in th 1st house, so naturally, I’m chatting up my favorite ex and getting all re-enamoured, but I know better. Flirt, but nothing else. Maybe a small date here or there, but nothing else. Nerd up the lit, but NOTHING beyond that.

  20. ah right…. I had surreal emails from past lover, I just would not have put that person in that category though! so odd, so odd… Computer is making loud noises, like constant grrrrrrrrrrrrr…. im like using the computer at least 10hours a day, I wonder if its tired and worn out and just wants a break and a bit of love ; ) really must buy external harddrive….

    I finally feel like ive got my aries ON! sweat+sacrfice = success!!! which is quite a contrast to a full moon weekend of what I would call plutonic hanging out on the bottom of the ocean floor, and seeing that NOTHING was there.

    Had communication with Aries peep yesterday who cracked a narneee this time last year and we have had a good year break… thanks to mm., I will expect some rad changes, and not get attached to any ideas about this aries being as they are…

    BTW I have mercury conjunct chiron today for a few weeks, and in the 6th… Im looking forward to it… talking about healing, healing through talking….
    I think I have Mercury trine Venus going on right now too, and Mercury opposite uranus so yes to nat from the weekend, a lot of mercury going on. happy days ; )

  21. I’m Mercury in Aries. Tried to tell someone they were pissing me off, ended up contradicting myself and apologising, then got pissed off I was saying sorry for nothing and now aren’t talking to them.

    My internet’s been fudged lately (although seems slightly improved now.. ?) and batteries are dying left, right, and centre.

    I’m trying to reboot my thought style, but it’s going from happy to otherwise.

  22. no (favoured) lovers returning, aries rules my 10th so i was wondering if it was more of a career re-think (that’s WELL under way) or old colleagues / bosses / jobs re-appearing. but that happens all the time. i don’t know. we’ll see I guess.

    • totally. same same. more interested in that than old lovers. don’t we get rid of them for a reason? x

  23. Laughing my ass off at the mug as that is the one entertaining thing I can get out of this shadow zone crap.

    Its been awful….I somehow winded up with 2 speeding tickets in the same day last week, and I’m now in a silent war with a Quintuple Capricorn. Aries rules my IC and boy was that apt this weekend.

    • My mars is also in Aries in the 3rd, I should probably check the degree of mercury right now to see if a light bulb goes off.

  24. started weeks back for me too – busted new mobile phone, lost all my contacts, mis communications and ex lovers surrealism – but it seems to be for the good – finally processing old baggage and fresh starts on the horizon.

    silly question – how does merc retro bode for starting new relationships – wise or unwise?

    • you will have to renegotiate rules of engagement as a theme of the thing – which is not such a bad thing – is good to refresh and re-assess otherwise things get stale – but if you don’t want it as an overriding theme then give it a swerve until later on.

  25. ah yes – purse lost / stolen (same thing happened last Merc Retro)… jobs & money all evaporating before my eyes.. need to get organised but cant. Got a $300 bill from my daughters old high school for outstanding library books which resulted in her screaming at me that it wasn’t her fault that she’s lost them!

    Taurus male that I had the most AMAZING date with last Friday night has gone into politie ‘Hi – I’m in relationship dissilution hell at the moment’ re: moving out of his and his ex fiances house…

    wtf? what does one do with a Taurean that says things like that? Is that his way of saying, ‘Yep, nice date but see ya.’ or ‘I need to fix my home situation so see ya.’

    Offer gentle support or stay completely away and wait? For all I know he might be reconsidering his options and deciding to return to the fiance he found sleeping with the best man to be…


    Love some suggestions. Understand if everyone is overwhelmed with their own muck. Wish Aphrodite would just rise from the sea and use her beautiful shell and cool down those reactors in Japan.

    • Yup ditched the Toro back in January. Kicked him off of almost all my social networks. (That way he has to deal with *some* social embarrassment.) Still <3 broken (not publicly) but at least free from reading about him pining over his ex and him stalking his ex's current boyfriend. :/ F-ed up i tell you.

      My advice: just walk away. Toro will come when he's good and ready to and not a moment sooner. Chasing after a male Toro will only bring heartbreak for you. They are stubborn and are immune to most Libran-Venusian charms, as they are the other side of Venus themselves.

      • totally agree YOF. I have 3 toro’s in my life 2 sons and an ex and they do everything on their time.

    • I agree that Toros will make up their own minds and come good when they are ready. All the Toros I know take their sweet time with everything – and if you push they will push back just as hard because they don’t like to be told what to do.

      Having said that, I think they do secretly like gentle no-nonsense persuasion …

      • I do wonder if Toros suffer much in this modern world. In this internet age we admire versatility and speed, which is so NOT Taurus. Can’t imagine them looking good when our dating paradigms are shaped by texting. The time frame and the mode are just too quick and shallow.

        Not speaking specifically to Sassy’s sad situation, but it may be helpful in the broadest picture. I think many younger Taureans are conflicted by the desire to appear successful today (be sharp and fast and adaptable)– and their basic make-up: slow and steady wins the race. It can’t help that the century in which they flourish ended with WWI. ;-)

        As someone who’s quietly tended a little flame for a Toro for probably more than one lifetime, I know the lesson of patience. And perhaps that’s why I’m attracted to him –simply to learn that lesson. Because I do find myself having to address my impatience all over the place now.

        Astro point: Uranus AND Sun are now sitting on their 12th house 0 degrees Aries Point. My bet with Toros is not to bet on them right now. Uranus sitting there could be like electro-shock therapy. And entering the House of WTF is not easy business. They’ve barely visited the place this lifetime. Once they get used to it, I image they’re show up with surprises for us. But only Toros can truly speak for the experience.

        • Much thanks weathergirl…

          This Toro seems to be exactly like that – at great pains to tell me how important and busy his work and media appearances are yet responds with great enthusiasm when I’ve mentioned whipping up plum crumble whilst volunteering at my local school….

          Yes.. this Toro seems to send sms almost at random.. polite with slight sexy undertones (although the one he sent this morning was MOST SPECIFIC!) to which I replied (Mystic did warn me that I must learn to mellow with the sexiness thang!) then he said he had to go to a meeting and would sms me later….

          So.. slow & steady wins the race…. Meanwhile I try to focus on WORK! Argh!

          And this Merc shadowzone thing… eek!

          • Plum crumble sounds enticing enough to me. But Taurus rules my 5th and 6th houses, so if the food is good, the wine is excellent and the music fine, I’ll soften my Cappy cool substantially.

            Focus on work. I am. Won’t harm either of us a bit, and earth types do respect good effort. Hard to capture the heart of one if you’re a slug or neurotically over-texting/emailing. They may party with you but they won’t respect you, deep down, if you’re not solidly producing something.

            Another thought just occurred to me. Toros (all I’ve known) really love that they’re supporting something/someone. They want to be someone’s bedrock because that’s secures their 12th house Aries WTF zone. But the truth is, Toros can easily become a rock for the wrong reasons or the wrong people, and sentiment and habit perpetuate that stand. Taurus will spend the next 8 years exploring the truth of their commitments –which are well founded and which are not. And that will challenge them to look at themselves differently. Expect flux.

            But enjoy the plumb crumble!

  26. GAh, spent months flirting, only to find out today aqua man-child is with someone! Pfft! Or is is just a ruse, hmmm, aquarian style fo sho!

    • Do it matter… you wanna be with someone who keeps one foot out the door for other options?

      Narrow escape, my friend.

      (or is it a case of ‘Garry’?)

        • Ach, Its ok, we were just flirting, not heart broken or anything, I am probably waaaaaay too AWESOME for said lad. He is just so dam pretty. And while we are uber flirty we really are just friends. She is probably 20 years younger than me! hahaha! I am looking forward to meeting her after performing onstage…poor chicken. Interestingly too, since letting me know, his comms are more relaxed! I think the guy really likes me, but I am just too much Hotness. Seriously!

          • I’m glad his comms are more relaxed now. It is always a tricky situation when one really likes someone but is already taken. Am glad your mate is able to remain friends. Lucky for both of you :) I’ve never managed – but my astro is too intense for that …

  27. I really, really, really, really need to learn to check my email before sending.
    I am research aproject and just sent someone a information request with the wrong name of the exhibition, which was put on BY THE COMPANY I AM WORKING FOR.
    Now, I look like a twit.

  28. A few minor “send” snafus that I cleared up (I think). Cracked a tooth. A story I’d forgotten about got published. Began writing poetry again (did this years ago, now getting the “urge”).

    Almost got run off road by an x’s wife (it was unintentional on her part, just coincidence). She was in car, me walking with iPod blasting.

    That’s a really funny expression on Harry’s face! It’s Harry, right? He looks like he’s about to play a practical joke on her.

  29. Most ill timed Merc retro ever, what a pain in the butt. I HAVE to find somewhere to live in the next month or else but I guess I’d better not sign anything until it passes. Nothing mega yet my end, did spend best part of the weekend hanging with my ex but there wasn’t any avoiding it and it was nice. Transition to friends made, I think. I have all this Aries stuff happening in my 1st house, feeling very unsentimental, all about the new.

    I’ve just got bats PMT.

  30. Question — I am changing jobs soon. I’ve just been offered one job and am about to find out about another one at the end of the week. Both are on different coasts of the USA, and both would involve serious relocation. I’ll need to decide pretty fast on the one I choose and probably I’ll need to sign a contract shortly after that.

    So, any advice on how to go about unavoidably signing a big important contract in the middle of Retro Mercury? I don’t think I can really put it off (unless I make the contract go “missing” in the mail or something finagle-y like that.)

    • I think the phase isn’t about us making wrong decisions at this time, but more about technical issues going wrong. So make your decision but be prepared for delays and misunderstandings with paperwork. That’s my amateur interpretation.

    • I think if you are in the position of having two job offers that you are also in the position to tell both your prospective employers that you need a bit of time to consider which option is best for not only you, but for them. Also life is very different on the east coast from the west coast and you need to make a serious lifestyle choice before taking any job…because where you live will affect the way you work…And don’t push the envelope…don’t force the issue. If they don’t give you any deadline than don’t give one to yourself.. no doubt they have taken their time to decide to hire you so you can take your time to make your own commitment. It is a HUGE decision and one that should not be made while feeling under any pressure, regardless of whether Mercury is retro or not.

      • Really good advice, virgorising. I was about to reply to the question, now glad I didn’t. You said it better.

      • Thanks virgo rising! That is seriously fabulous and rock solid advice. I’m full of lists about where I want to live, which would be better — and yes, the lifestyles of the coasts are so totally different it’s crazy. Thankfully both jobs are one or two year contracts, so I don’t have to decide exactly where I want to live FOREVER. (I already know where I really want to live long-term and it’s the SF Bay Area, but I have to wait for the dream job to come up there!)

        It’s amazing how much more pressure I feel subject to in this situation where I actually have a choice, instead of simply getting one offer and having to make do with that situation. A fait accompli is kind of horrible but at least it’s easy.

  31. Fuq … am I going to have this no energy to communicate, cutting all ties to the online world thing every time Mercury goes retro?

    I miss my Mystic convos but really don’t have the energy to communicate online with anyone just now. I got like this last Merc Retro too and disappeared from everything for months …

    It’s not the talking, it’s the keeping up that I’m finding really difficult. Maybe it’s a good thing though because I’m being really super productive at work. So by the time I log on there’s all these posts and comments to read and I can’t follow them anymore :(

    Am the same in every online setting that I play in. Except Second Life – but I think that’s two-fold. Firstly, it’s strictly immediate – no history and no rehashing. Secondly, it’s strictly fantasy – my real life does not exist and neither does anyone else’s (as far as I’m concerned anyway) – heck, I don’t even look at hot IRL as my avatar looks & I know the same goes for other people there too.

    Anyway, I miss you all and just want this Merc Retro to pass so I can be back to normal. Perhaps the huge impact on me is that I’m so fuqing Mercurian to start with …

  32. So far so good with merc retro- touch wood. No computer problems but isn’t it weird for an ex to add you to their facebook and then delete you (not long after) over the weekend- right on full moon. But this is someone who got married in venus retro so i’m not surprised, really. I know it’s childish but I wish I had refused his friend request first.

    My biggest problem is organising my thoughts with merc retro and I often have speech problems- can’t say what I want to. The words just don’t come out right and then I get nervous, which makes it worse… I haven’t had this yet but it will and does happen in actual mer retro every time. Was born in mercury retro in taurus. You know last year my mobile phone died right before merc retro and I waited the whole thing out to sign a new contract and am glad I did.

    Right now i’m trying to do a review of four systematic reviews and I can’t concentrate to get a logical discussion going- hence why i’m here at this site instead :) Shadow zone is not a good time for this sort of analysis is it?

    Good luck everybody!

    • My parents signed off to have home improvements done in that same mercury retro- with the mobile phone issue- the one around August last year. Well, they still haven’t got it finished and they’re not entirely happy with the work that was done. I have a funny feeling that the tiling man will turn up when mercury is actual retro again and there will be more problems. There is more work to be done after the tiling! This has been going since August last year- mercury retro is not a myth. I tried to tell mum about it but she didn’t believe it till now.

    • With the ex adding you on face book, it was probably his wife who deleted you der. He added you, she deleted you and he will probably make contact with you some other way in the next month.

  33. Was alarmed to discover that mercury suddenly made a significant aspect with my natal sun, venus, mars, neptune, ascendant and pluto just in time for it to go retrograde and grind away over those aspects, for like, until the end of may or something. Maybe I should go to bed for the next three weeks (months?) and eat licorice allsorts? And its in my ninth house, and “higher education” is the cause du jour of of my life at the moment.
    I have jupiter (in leo) in the first house, so I can be an insufferable optimist. I choose to believe this will be positive. (Eep). As long as mercury opposite my natal pluto doesnt turn me into some psycho, obsessive stalker or something.

  34. OMG totally experienced the “peeps re-manifesting from the past or ex-lover surrealism” this past weekend!!! so crazy!!!

  35. Peeps re-manifesting – the exact correct word being ‘manifest’! Spent the weekend doing a Crystal Dreaming course. A lot of past-life recall involving many, an ex too.
    Feeling very drained right now.

  36. no bung electricals but ex’s crawling out of everywhere.

    Le Ram & I had a few transactions – both business & via things we both collect, during which I swung him major favour & today he offered to cover my impending annual Europe trip with his freq flier points. biz class as thank you – nice!
    every part of European former existences also surfacing, this morning saw missed call from a beau from 11 years ago, we hadn’t seen each other until last year.
    lib soul mate chimed in via email & we spoke ….
    non of them dramas, in fact great to hear from all!!

    untimely Merc Rx as desperately attempting to launch new web project (communication based) as well as blog with new system from o/s in Merc rX ….. Oh well life must go on & this is an annual fixture.

    wasn’t it Merc Rx when I got stuck cos of the Volcano ie ‘on volcation’ ;-) this time last year?

  37. Wow its so hot here in bris today and I’ve been working very hard on job applications most if the day. I realised this afternoon how hard it is to think clearly in this heat, and have decided its the end of my self imposed work day. Though I can’t help but feel like I could be using this time to nail it. If that kind of never stop work ethic is arien… oh having revelation aries 6th house no wonder I think like this when it comes to work! Yet, I refuse to be ruled by merciless work ethic and have to maintain balance which is actually I think where and how aries energy needs to transform to come into the new age. Well I definitely do, I need to learn pleasure in my work and health, and not just charging on. Ah this is such a revelation I’m having here right now! Considering my chin is in my 6th house aries and is today conjunction transiting mercury, that would also make sense as to why I’m even talking about how to heal my 6th house aries….woah! Profound moment! Maybe I need to become a food and wine conesseuir sp? And take up sexercise for fitness!

  38. *chin* of course is chiron but stupid smart phone is not offay with astro speak

  39. flights cancelled uncontactable flight co wrong trains through bad translation delayed arrivals email addresses down slot machines swallowing cash YEP I think I can say mercury shadowzone is absolutely kicking in already!!!!

  40. Wild.

    Have had a few recent conversations with an ex, which always leads to thinking… you know.

    And had major computer problems at work yesterday.

    Bought a new camera a few days ago, so praying that nothing goes wrong there. Am going on a giant 2 wk trip thru Australia in a few weeks, right in the middle of this retro. Fingers crossed that everything travel-wise goes well!

  41. have most literal manifestation going on re old colleague out of blue aries 10th transit. opposite my natal pluto with aries planets dancing on around the MC

    • agreed. and of course, the f-up will make that mug even more valuable as a collector’s item.

      buy up big, peeps

      • no, but I don’t want to be petulant. As a Gemini on the Cancer cusp, (1964) am I rellay being affected by this cross? I’d like to think I’m being more logical than emotional, but my temper has had a short fuse this last week. One place I interviewed with last week said they like me, but now this cross and Mecr going retro I don’t know .