Andrew Brandou

The Weekly Scopes for the seven days from Saturday are posted guys…Taureans are about to go productively bats, Virgos are on the pull and Aquarians may actually be about to do something about their moribund and/or stuck last century wardrobe.

14 thoughts on “Hexabats

  1. Good – I am a multiple aqua/ multiple sagg and I could really do with a new wardrobe!

  2. I’m going to make the most of this productivity and have already started to throw out old clothes

  3. Yes: Water Pig, I’ve been taking Mystic’s advice re wardrobe edits to heart. Any more and I’ll be nude, which is not the ideal work look…although it does make a lot of sense to clear out the clothes that are beautiful, but just not me anymore.

    • Did you too? I gave away most of my clothes last week.

      The stupid thing is, I was traveling last month and the clothing I meant to keep, I forgot them at the hotel. So I am out of the stuff “not-me” also out of stuff signaling “me”. Between going nude and state of my wardrobe stands two shirts. And I am not shopping until I understand what is new in my life.

        • I thought about it, then I decided to let go — just to remind myself sometimes it is necessary to say goodbye even though you would not want to. And it is another country, the postage would not be worth of the clothes.

          In the past this unwillingly to let go business happened and I kept kicking and screaming. This time I took it as a sign of gratitude.

          I just read what I wrote :-)
          If Dark Moon lasts another day, I will end up as a paperback philosopher :-)

  4. What a lovely little picture! And such positive news in the scopes.
    What a contrast to my blood weird dreams atm. Anyone fancy an interp? I can’t come at it..
    Dream 1) 5 million people starving as peak oil begins two years from now
    Dream 2) I realise I can see the living and the dead as I backpack through a town in India. I see a little girl covered in blood and crying holding on to her mother who is unaware of her presence as she is a ghost. Tragic accidents and shadows alongside bright life scenes – it’s so overwhelming I feel like my brain is cooking!
    Dream 3) In an ornate arte deco train station 8 retarded and deformed adults scuttle happy and blank eyed into formation at the order of their nurse. She seems nice the nurse, but I wonder what hideous institution these people had lived in to be that quick off the mark on order…

    Seriously, this moon is done. Bring on Sunday morning already.

  5. ho*y fu*king sh*t, have just finished uploading / editing all my (some 20th century) gear onto eBay.
    srsly, U are in my head.

    absolutely not a virgo.

  6. OMG mystic, aqua sun & Venus and bang on about new wardrobe stirrings. I feel like I’m seriously emerging out of the dark ages. I work in fashion and have good taste but have had a hard time pulling off an well put together personal look that’s in anyway fashionably individualistic or noteworthy. Since Feb things have been changing and I’m loving the compliments coming my way all of a sudden, from fad foward peeps in my circle no less. Feels good!! Why is this happening now all of a sudden?

  7. I really hope a certain Aqua improves his wardrobe. This is giving me the giggles.

  8. His illustration reminds me of Richard Scarey books from days of yore.

    OT i know but it’s 1:59am CST I can’t sleep there’s blustery southern winter type weather going on sans the freezing temp. Opened many windows in the house to usher out the stagnation. Can’t get back to sleep many things coming to surface but resolve or answers are illusive, don’t know spelling. Just letting them swish around without getting caught up. Lots of banging of things outside it’s cool, can hear the cat’s bells. I like when weather mirrors what I’m feeling internally. Is that Aqua sun Kataka or what?

  9. Oh my, have you been looking in my wardrobe? My saggo friend is trying like mad to bring me up to the present. The new me!