Going Back To Saturn Where The Rings All Glow

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A Saturn Pain – in the form of a revolting toothache – set me back a few days or so. Thus there ain’t no blogging nor tweeting from me until my Cosmic Consults are all out…So please debate & chat amongst yourselves. I promise i have a metre long list of posts to bung up later this week.

In the meantime:

* Jupiter & Saturn are going to oppose at the end of March…Jupiter in Aries is all about gangbusters go-for-it man or woman-alone self-actualizing to the max. At worse a bit vulgar & brash. Saturn in Libra is suave, controlled diplomacy: at worse a blatant social climbery vibe but remember Saturn is exalted in Libra. Jupiter wants to party & blow money. Saturn needs to be thin, rich and have every moment of time accounted for. Are you on Team Jupiter or Team Saturn? Or are you going to try and honor both?

* Uranus is nearly in Aries! The Uranus in Pisces phase was from March 2003…How did you individuate in that time? Bonus points for pulling in the Pisces area of your chart or you can just wing it?  Did Uranus send you bats or has it been the making of you? Even though you would never have planned that particular path? Are you ready now to pull off a similar stunt only in Aries style?

* It’s nearly St Patricks Day & yes, I am against it. It was (a) an ancient festival of the mystical Wine God Dionysus and the Christians usurped it as they did Easter – really the festival of the Dawn-Fertility Goddess Oestre…And (b) Patrick got sainted for “driving the snakes out of Ireland” – a euphemism for witch-killing and persecution of Pagans…Hence the custom of saying fuq u to the witch hunters by putting Snakes around your front door on St Pats day. Or honouring Dionysus. Does anyone know where I can purchase a decorative Snake Wreath?

See the rants re this here and here.

I am definitely going to pop back and see your thoughts on all this. I realize i am biassed but i honestly believe you lot are the most erudite, interesting, witty and fascinating commenters ever.

198 thoughts on “Going Back To Saturn Where The Rings All Glow

    • ohmygod it means you’re actually going to implode next Thursday…
      No, it means you should be pretty darn good at the work/play, disco/discipline balance already and a pesky Saturn-Jupiter opposition is powerless over you.
      You are doing your Saturn Return however, so albeit boring, discipline should be prioritised at the mo.

        • Smooches to you Nat. Thank you, I did have a lovely Mardi Gras, you would have been impressed, I dressed with a nod to “Black Swan” long feathered eye-lashes and all, thank goddess for the cooler weather. Body decided it’s not as young as it used to be and I was in bed before sunrise, but in soooo many ways, that was probably a good thing.
          Pleased the silly season is now over, must admit, was a madhouse this year – hence my leave of absence from the MM world.
          Hope you’re well and happy!! x

  1. Team Jupiter and team Saturn will be having fisticuffs at dawn…
    Right after I go for a swim and then eat half a cake.

      • It’s getting more polarized! I have planned to go on this horribley fantasic blowout of a music festival. When informing my volunteer manager at a place I have been trying to get a job at for a little over a year a get a phone call saying ‘but you can’t we want to give you a job. Starting asap.’
        *bottom lips trembles*
        I have worked two weeks without a day off for this festival.
        The temptation to blow out anyway and have a shambolic first day is very strong. Very.

        • Go, go, go and have a ball! You don’t want to set a precedent of sacrificing joy for this job… they can wait a bit longer for you.

        • agree – they’ve had you hanging for a year. Surely they can wait an extra day while you assemble your powers post festival.

          ‘You can’t do everything’ is a good motto for life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t HAVE everything, one way or another.

          Go nuts – have fun!

  2. I feel inspired to make a snake wreath now for St. Paddys. :) But it will be green. :p

    And yes, I exploded with Arien rage at some stupidity at work. I refuse to cater to cowards and low lifes. Going to take action.

    Aries is supposed to be 5th house for me.

    Pisces 4th… work stuff 6th (toro) and 10th(libra) …. so it’s not quite right. But i am explosive in loquacious rage.

  3. Valentine’s Day was my 8th anniversary of moving to Sydney, so basically I’ve been in this city for the Uranus in Pisces years. Its been marked with professional growth, personal goal refocus, community service in bucket loads, and all the recent accolades and out pouring of love, influx of success really does make it feel like the climax of an “era in time”.
    Unfortunately it’s had NOTHING to do with my Pisces 7th house – unless Uranus = abstinence.
    Regardless, I feel like I’d be happy if this phase now came to an end. I have itchy feet on all professional, creative and domestic fronts… I’m not sure what yet, but I’m ready to revamp with the Uranus in Aries years, most def… But what would be suitably radical??

    • apparently this was from a martha stewart mag for fancy schamncy halloween wreaths.
      i rather like the idea ! (for st pats day) thank you Mystic, for once again enlighting the way ! xx

      • Thanks for posting the wreath pic – I want mine in green too. My husband will hate it — we’ll be locking Ram horns for sure.

      • I’m sure that it can be arranged :mrgreen:

        Funny how St Patrick’s Day has gone back to its Dionysian roots though – for most people it’s a day of copious drinking and listening to/playing boisterous music. You can’t keep a good god down. I kinda like snakes as a symbol – probably because like cats, they don’t really give a damn about you and other people find them a bit creepy.

        • “you can’t keep a good god down” lol

          Indeed. I would like my home to have a few lovely supernatural touches around like a continuous wreath of live snakes omitting a faint haze of midnight blue or a pair of real sphinx that devour on mis- answered riddles.

          • Have you seen the movie The Neverending Story? 80s high-fantasy flick about a boy that gets sucked into a story that ends up being all about him and a destiny that he has to fulfill, but is yet unaware of. In the story a young warrior has to pass through the Southern Oracle as part of a challenge to test his character. The first gate on the way to the Oracle is made up of two female sphinxes. Only those who have faith in themselves and are true of heart will be allowed to pass, while those who only pretend to be brave get vaporized by laser beams that shoot from the eyes of the sphinxes. It would be nice to have a smaller version that I could set up as doorguards, or as BS detectors. Intruders and trash talkers will be vaporized! :mrgreen:

  4. I have snakes under the house, so I’m sure they’re around the front door. They don’t bother anyone, but witch hunters need to keep their distance or I’ll set the dog onto them. I like Aries; I have Mars in Aries and that’s just fine. I’m a tolerant person but I am getting just a tad bit exasperated with lowlives and so forth. Carefully directed explosions are a distinct possibility. Could be fun.

  5. So this is the excuse for Dionysian revels i have been awaiting? And i can say my spiritual advisor said i have to wear my snakeskin (?) mini dress and get drunk and do anything that might annoy a Saint? Please confirm that i have this correctly, because i am very, very excited about this. Juice fasting preparation already for getting my gear off in front of some young phallus god type.

  6. For the love of balance (not to mention the desire to have it all) isn’t there some responsible way to do Jupiter? Or some fun way to do Saturn?

    It’s probably all there in chapter one of Pantheism for Dummies.

    So much to read…

  7. I have pisces acs and was not aware of astrology in 2003, only since 2009. But during that time I chose my career path eventually (unfortunately the boring against the exiting choice), moved countries, grew up……
    I am Jupiter Sag Opp Saturn Gemini so I do Saturn Jupiter all the time…. does everybody?

  8. also loooovvvving the idea of the snake wreath (sorry for all these comments)

  9. Snakey story: I had a massive carpet python here the other day. But as I’d only had eye laser surgery 10 days ago, my eyes weren’t 20/20 so I couldn’t see it. At first.

    I wandered out into the garden to see what all the crazy bird noise was about. Magpies and butcher birds (my friends who I feed) started diving at me and squarking madly. I got out of there post haste and stood up on the deck to see if I could make out anything. Yep, there was the python curled up in the garden bed about 1m from where i had been standing. My beautiful bird friends warned me away. (Either that or they thought “stupid blind ginger human is about to wake the 3m bird-devourer! We must stop her!!”)

    Question about houses/ cusps/ signs. Another one. Yes, I can’t get my brain about these concepts…

    Aries starts smack bang in the middle of my 6th so should I be considering 6th house issues with Uranus’ entry…
    OR as my 7th starts at 20 deg Aries, should I be considering that house more affected as ppl say the sign the house starts in rules that house??

    Bascially, is Uranus going to fuq with my health/ work ethic or my love life?

    But as Cappy Sun/ Merc/ Venus with Libby rising, I’m thinking Saturn is going to remain my chief influence regardless.

    • EG, I woulda thought that Uranus through your 5th house has already been stirring things up romantically, no?
      My understanding is that it shakes up wherever it is, so if you look at the ephemeris and check the degress of the sign it’s in, and where those degrees lie on your chart, ie. 6th or 7th, that’s whar she blows.

      Also, check aspects to other planets.

      hope that helps

    • yes, what twin fish said, consider that you get a shift in energy in the way you deal with sixth house things, before you may have been more willing to absorb, now you’ll be all me me me.
      And defn look at aspects.

    • I love the way the birds let us know when the snakes are around… Now when i hear them squealing like that, I go outside looking for the snakes…

      I also have aries 6th house… Im thinking that Im not gonna get fuqed with but revolutionise!

      • I also have Aries vibing in the 6th House. I am not feeling the amped up energy in my health just yet, a little bit though. After being ill for years I am looking forward to this boost!

        Birds are amazing messengers. I almost sat on a chair above a rat snake, harmless but being not as astute as the starlings and squirrels they swooped at me to warn me. I am glad I made buddies with the little ones.

        • This must come from living in Australia! Usually, if I hear the birds going nuts here (in temperate part of US) it means a hawk is in the area. Now, I’ll be looking for snakes. Maybe they are upset about a snake and I just don’t think to look for one!

          • I hardly ever see snakes in my area (also in the US), birds going crazy usually means a hawk or a turkey vulture, or sometimes a raccoon or a cat skulking around. I did watch a bull snake one summer for one of my high school teachers once. I volunteered myself before asking my family, oops! hehe My mom was cool with it, but my dad and sister were petrified and refused to go down in the basement where it’s cage was kept. It got out once and everyone panicked, thinking that it would end up in the pipes and pay a surprise visit in the bathroom, but I went down with a flashlight, opened all the cabinet doors and called it by name and out it slithered from a rusted out hole in the bottom of a cabinet. ;)

              • Probably the later, or he was drawn by the heat of the light as snakes don’t have outer ears. :p He wasn’t huge like the python in that video, but he was 5ft long so that was a bit intimidating. I’m sure that video is a fake story, since its The Onion, but when I worked at a science museum there was an 11ft long python that got out of its cage and slithered it’s way into an adjacent room where the birds of prey were kept and slithered up the wall and into the cage of a Barred Owl, which he then sadly ate, feathers and all! The keepers got a nasty surprise by seeing the snake curled up in the owl’s place the following morning, since it was too swollen with owl to then slither back out between the bars. :(

              • Yes! I hope that video was fake or I wouldn’t have the heart to post it!!! Yikes.

                Poor owl. Piggy python. Although I know they have to eat, too…

    • Am one of these people who long for a life without contact lenses but scared out of mind for a laser surgery, even when many of my friends swear on its benefits. Get well soon.

      • I have had 13 fantastic spec/contact free years thanks to Lasik surgery!
        It is truly remarkable! I am 42 now and I truly believe that the sooner you have it done the better. I still don’t need reading glasses (and may never need them!) Just find the best surgeon you can. When I had the procedure it was still classed as “experimental” . It is no longer an experiment, it is a revelation of the world to blurry eyes, JUST DO IT!

        • I only have trouble with reading up close. Is this surgery for that? I would love to not fumble for my glasses to read the simplest things.

          I had perfect vision until I turned 39. Quickly downhill from there! Eye doctor says we are the whiniest patients b/c we are used to having perfect vision and feel robbed (so true:)

        • What if the thing decides to wander off? I have had enough freak accidents to suspect fate may be playing an odd hand here. I close my eyes, imagine/visualize, then the lasik gets close and I just fly out of my skin.

          Bluesky, I believe that option is now available.

          Argh. My nose changed shape thanks to specs.

          I will.. continue… visualizing.. until I declare I can do it. :-)

          • I actually DID move my left eye when having the lasik….. scared the SHIT out of myself ( I have a muscle control problem and thought I was concentrating hard to keep it still and then .. zing over it moved to the right) but the good news is the surgeon is not in control of the laser, the computer IS, so as soon as it detected movement it CANCELLED. They took a while to settle me down and went again. My left eye actually has slightly better than 20/20 vision.

            But for sure YOU are the one making the decision and you have to be settled in that.
            I had worn glasses for 15 years and yep I had the nose dints too as the glasses were so huge(80’s glasses were gross) and heavy and THICK! .. they went away.

  10. Ahem, hate to boast but I’ve been seeing the dentist courtesy of my free $4,500 dental treatment and, after 6 years without a visit, I have needed only 3 minor fillings and one major one. With fibromyalgia you sometimes get toothache which is actually nerve inflammation, so no dental treatment needed. Sympathies for the toothache, MM.
    As for snakes, I found one in my bedroom one day when I lived in Queensland, a brown snake. I’d love to say I was very brave, grabbed it by the tail and threw it out of the window, but sad to say I descended into a gibbering wreck. It is not good to eyeball close-up a very venomous snake. Luckily it hightailed out of it of it’s own accord. But interestingly, given snakes are a sign of transformation, the next day I decided t assert myself in a difficult situation, state my truth and be buggered with the consequences. And it all turned out well. So my Saturnian energy is to gird my loins, step into my own power and stand up for my own limits and boundaries. Oh, I might train as a snake-handler too :-D

    • Some astrologers think Libras have special rapport with reptiles. (i dislike the word “rule” in this context.) :) I do love the lizards, turtles, and snakes a lot.

      • That’s interesting as I actually don’t mind snakes, live and let live. We had a big carpet python around our home and it was fine. Had a few brown snakes, one taipan in the house, green tree snakes, a red-bellied black. As long as you’re courteous and respectful, they are happy to leave you alone. And I love lizards, the small geckos used to run all around our home in Qld.

        • Jeez, nearly levitated then. As I finished writing about snakes, I saw a movement out of the side of my eyes and felt something brush against my ankle, jeez, I nearly levitated. Turned out it was next door’s cat come to say hello. Thank god it was just a cat not a snake!

  11. Shall try to honour Jupiter and Saturn and as usual, fail at both and be somewhere in the middle.

    My God I feel like upping sticks and moving north at the moment. I don’t know how hub and I would earn a crust but I feel so antsy. I have been a hausfrau for three years now!

  12. hmmm, I think I shall have to do thin, and poor and drink a bottle of my stash at home between worrying about all the things I need to do.
    Or I might do the text as WMD thing, under the guise of establishing boundaries/shedding energy sucks because I am bored with the confusion surrounding a situation and think a bit of irrational over the topness might shake it right up.
    or i may just continue on in my status quo feeling mildly unsatisfied with the whole thing and not really doing anything about it because i feel like its all something that cant be dealt with right now

  13. Hi all – this is the first time I’ve posted – Sun and Asc in Pisces with Mercury and Venus then Jupiter in my seventh in Virgo opposite. Mystic I just want to say in answer to your question that this transit of Uranus has been the hardest time of my 50 years plus life – it did send me bats, lost my partner, my health and my home and nearly my sanity. It is possibly the making of me as well – if I could only find all the pieces ……. :)

    • or all the pisces…. Welcome to our humble blog anem feel free to feel free

      • Welcome, Anemone. This Uranus transit just about did me in, too. I barely survived. But agree that it’s “the making of me” in some respects. I’ve had to adapt and find ways to not only survive, but thrive. A work in progress for sure.

    • Welcome.

      I have Pisces Asc, Virgo desc, and not to your scale perhaps, but experienced similar events: divorced, lost job, lost home, and yes almost my sanity.

      Pieces will come together, some will be shining new, others what you decide to carry with you forward.

    • This is like a blog kiss-in procession for you :)
      I have pisces ascendant and Pluto in virgo.
      So you’ll also be having a Uranus transit of your 2nd house. I just bought Money Mojo from this site and I believe it was just in time. Full of brilliant simple but specific wisdom of working your own money beliefs into better shape. I already received 25% more cash today than I had planned on just 2 days ago.
      Personally I loved the first house transit by Uranus. I reckon I got funkier. B)

      • Thanks everyone – I feel so welcomed! :) Also great to hear that others have come through to the other side of the uranus transit – reminded me to be grateful. Maybe I got funkier too twin fish – I’ll keep you posted. Is it possible that Uanus in Aires will be calmer? Actually I have been feeling the energy change the closer Uranus has come to Aires – already that frustrating stalled energy is moving – things I’ve been strugling with for years suddenly sorting themselves out.

  14. Chiron and Saturn in Pisces. (don’t know what this means)
    March 2003 was when I had the sit-down talk with husband telling him I wasn’t happy – I didn’t feel the same about us. Finally separated permanently a year ago.
    In that time have grown up a lot, had an affair as I was pulling away… I NEVER, EVER imagined I was someone who would do that! While I am sorry for the pain and sense if betrayal it later caused husband, it was hugely empowering for me. I leapt off a cliff there. Made the conscious choice to do something for ME. Husband and I related a lot better after this. Have really become more comfortable with my sexuality, even dressing very differently. From dressing like my mother in elasticised pants and lace-up shoes I now dress to celebrate my body. Have a more realistic take on relationships now but I have a lot more to learn. Not getting any practise at the mo.
    Self-employed, I have lifted my sense of self and taking steps to being more ‘out there’ rather than hiding (can you believe I’m an Aries?!), learning about self and business from many different sources. Am fired-up developing a project that I believe is going to be really successful.
    Overall feel like I’m finally coming into my own at 46. Looking forward to what’s ahead.

  15. Ugh, I was feeling so good and then blindsided by weird bout of low self-esteem and weepiness. What happened? Don’t understand, but hoping it clears soon. Feel hideous!

    Can comment of Saturn vs. Jupiter when dense black cloud blows over.

    I might work on a snake wreath, though. I can wrap my dark mind around that right now…

    • Me too bluesky, this was a really hard new moon to embrace. I was crying and yelling and generally feeling horrible……

      I have made a plan and that has lifted the dark cloud somewhat…..Really hope you will be your normal self soon and this too shall pass xxx

      • This is true for me too, I had had plans to sit down and do new moon resolutions et al. and I COULD NOT. Just too cranky, not in the mood. I think the last new moon was like this too?? Hope Uranus in Aries cheers the mood…

        • me too LL had the cranks with kids all week and finding it hard to shake it.

          • Thanks, Sassy.

            I’m seeing a Leo theme here (I’m rising Leo). I thought Leos were supposed to be feeling better. And I was, too. I guess I was so happy about feeling so much better that this dark mood came as a blow.

            I felt like things were *finally* looking better. Much of that attitude was internal. B/c my external life might look like it sucks on paper, still. But internally I was good. Somewhat better today, but like a hangover mood from last night.

            • Hey ya- I feel the same!

              Externally….sucks, internally. all good.

              I pity the fools who gave up their selves for external fitting in….I’d rather look like a fuck up and keep my inside sanity.
              Even if it’s all I got at the mo….

    • I think it could be that last kick of the donkey. Just cry it out or throw shit around (non valuable/not at living beings) and purge it. My friends and I have all been going through a bit of this. Cathartic and passes quicker than normal I have noticed.

  16. what about the good olde work hard play hard. Team jupiter gets the eve and saturn gets business hours. I am still flu recovery the thought of drinking is very gross right now. team saturn has my number.
    its creepy. I am totally getting into saturn 4th house. I prepare meals from scratch with only certain produce and strict regime of kitchen witchery.
    there with you on st pats MM- total bollucks. my least fave day of the year next to australia day. drunken dickheads wearing flag colours like its a football game.
    our snakes still practice :)

  17. not read the other comments yet but i decided that jupiter can *judiciously* blow money and party.
    The money/party continuum has to benefit me e.g. new guitar, book, see amazing shows, catch up with only worthwhile friends / possible lovers.
    SAturn re-approaching my IC so a bit more closing the doors on the outside world for a while, as I see it. Suits me.

  18. My mother died in 2003 and it was a Huge big shock to me. But I have become a much stronger person and also I was having fights with drs who wanted me to have a hysterectomy.nit was such a turbulent time but I stuck up for myself and told them to go to pot. Bunch of bastards. God I hope I don’t have anymore shit this time. By the way my son had to have his tooth fixed today as he has been in agony for months

  19. Sorry to hear about your toothache, Mystic! When I was young I really liked going to the dentist; she was really nice AND she had a lovely big black doggie I was allowed to play with. (she had one of those double zone dwelling thingy, both biz and residential) And I actually liked hearing the drill sound. My dentist even had a special red cup just for my visits. :)

    Blinky bill yeah I’m ready for Uranus in Aries! Red cue!
    Coz spesh I just realized that in March 2003 I went to NZ and it was the (now)blinkin obvious beginning of the end of my relationship. Weirder, during our whole trip, there were these guys trying to pick me up, so I guess to others it was more readily apparent we weren’t a unit anymore?
    And yes, my then-partner pointed out that these guys were trying to pick me up, coz I was dense (still rather dense, though less so these days…) about these things. He was pissed off at them, hehehe.
    And Uranus, with Jupiter, in Aries just so happen in my natal fifth house and solar seventh, so rather apt methinks!

    • OMG UraPluVirgo brilliant – did you just use “Blinky Bill” as an exclamation?! That is the best thing I have heard since “Sisters of Mercy!”

    • That’s interesting about the guys trying to pick you up as your relationship was ending and your husband’s reaction. Same thing happened to me. And I was equally naive and kept telling my ex that he didn’t know what he was talking about. Until I realized that he did.

  20. I had the most VIVID dream last night about a brown snake, it was ridiculously long (like 20m).

  21. Snakes all the way. Just discussing the other day how many women have been murdered as ‘witches’ in Europe in the past thousand years.

    As for me, period from 2003 when my daughter was born was the making of me…no I never thought I’d end up where I am but god I’m so happy I have…I’m def ready for Aries..come on in, and I’m going to be all Saturn from here on in, but with just a touch of Jupiter chutzpah!

  22. March 2003 uranus pisces 5th house – it all got pretty wacky for a while there – eventually tempered by saturn virgo return – uranus aries is 6th (planet heavy) house – am hoping it assists my now daily creative projects generating enough money to sustain simple life of my son and I … thus feeding more amazing travelling creative projects! Toot toot!

  23. Well Uranus in Pisces did send me bats – from 2003 onwards, due to an awful work situation (you think vampires don’t exist? let me introduce you to my former boss!!), I was grappling with an anxiety disorder. Strangely in the last few months, it has just settled down and now my anxiety levels are quite normal. It might have been the making of me but I’m really too tired at the moment to find out.

    Also, as a planet leaves one sign and moves to another, is it usual that its effects get a bit more pronounced and intense? Did I read that somewhere or am I making stuff up?

    Pisces covers my fourth house and there’s one of those node-y things there. North node? My grandmother, who loomed large and malevolent in my life died just before Xmas. Venus and chiron are in aries, in my fifth house, which starts in pisces (sun sign in fourth house as well) but is mainly in aries. Uranus is welcome (and very, very tardy) if it wants to shake up my love-life but only if it is bringing unexpected POSITIVE, smiley developments. If it is bringing more hard-earned, teary,anxious growth, it can go and get stuffed.

    • “Uranus is welcome (and very, very tardy) if it wants to shake up my love-life but only if it is bringing unexpected POSITIVE, smiley developments.”

      Amen to that, Pisces! I’m glad to hear your anxiety levels have been normal the past few months … I hope it continues to stabilise and that the rad realisations that inevitably come from dealing with anxiety flow with ease. Here’s to Uranus in Aries and new beginings! *raises glass*

  24. Get well soon Mystic. Saturn is sending you a reminder I believe.

    Pisces rising, Gem sun here:

    I found an email I sent to myself last summer, summarizing the time since 2003. It seems at first I didn’t get the point (2003 – 2005), then began reacting (2005 – 2008 ) since then had crawled on the long road of self-discovery.

    But Saturn – Uranus opposition was smack bang on my asc-desc.

    Jupiter? Am not sure what to do with it. Its transit on 1st house brought eye-popping weight gain (or inability to shed weight), the Guru better show the same magic when it moves to my second house.

  25. Like my fellow Pisces with Sagg rising, Uranus in Pisces indeed sent me bats. In 2003 I moved to Melbourne to go to uni … despite the fact I had lived overseas for a year after school, away from family and friends I found the interstate move much harder than the o/s one. I also met a boy here (a Libran, my kryptonite) and ended up staying because of him. I was also dealing an anxiety/panic disorder and a whole heap of heavy shit that goes along with that kind of disorder … needless to say, the relationship, although it lasted for nearly six years, was the worst headspace to put myself in. Somehow Mr Libra and I managed to bring out the worst in each other but still stayed together for so long – perhaps because this realisation was a) slow in dawning and b) I was too fearful of never finding love again blah blah blah …

    The past two years have been a process of recovery – so to speak – going over old ground, leaving no psychological stone unturned, really trying to come to terms with my anxiety – which although it still lurks around (and the remnants have surfaced in the past few days since the new moon) – is now under control (and just abotu non-existent). I’m looking forward to consciously working Uranus in Aries, as opposed to bumbling my way through Uranus in Pisces.

    The last seven years have been HARD but they have definitely been the making of me – like a baptism of fire.

    • piscesienne: wow. you and i lived parallel lives this past 7 years.
      right down to the Libran partner who stayed together even though brought out worst in each other, etc , etc, everything you say. i too suffered from anxiety and we separated in 2009, so its taken me two years to feel ‘normal’ again after much recovery.

      i too am looking very forward to uranus in aries!! good luck to you- may your future be fun and enjoyable xx

  26. yes so hard and somehow, I feel stronger, more confident and not afraid of money! Ha! Everything I needed to be..I welcome you Uranian!

  27. With my sun in Pisces, the only real Uranian benefit of the last 7-8 years I can see was in the area of technology, where I gained tons of new skills / insights / connections. That was it. Or I should say: IT. Needless to say it was a completely multi-threaded, non-linear learning experience.

    Btw, in this period I never heard the word “innovation” so badly used and used so relentlessly.

    Makes sense, if you consider Uranus as the higher octave of that cheeky little bugger Mercury (well, according to the little known Queensland astrologer Duane “Kev” Ruddyear, that is).

    Everything else was warped. Often badly so. Exasperating. Saturn in Virgo was tough but at least gave stuff a focus. Very satisfying to get through that one – esp. after so many visits to Virgo ultra-dentist!

    Uranus in Aries had better be hilarious!

  28. An astrologer named Mystic Medusa
    Had a saturnian pain in the tooth-ah!
    In her few days absent
    Her concerned fans went bent
    In the astro shop, spending like Jupiter.

    Ok , not giving up my dayjob just yet….

    Take care, Mystic. We love you.x

  29. Uranus in Pisces most def the MAKING of me.
    How this crazy, quicksilver, take-me-by-surprise Uranus emerged from the fog and threw me about like a rag doll is just shocking.

    Uranus wrenched me from my Neptunian Ex’s web of glittering lies, then shelved me in a kind of misty purgatory living with my parents (opposing my IC!).
    Transiting my MC and Jupiter in the 9th, so study of hypnosis was perfect. Loss of dear bro, less perfect.

    Then Uranus in Pisces bestowed upon me two sons and a marriage at lightning speed!! It was like a cup, that pulled from the bitter ocean, runs over with sweet water at last, self filling.. self-fulfilling…

    Uranus in Aries? Challenges my Pluto/Uranus in Libra in the 4th but maybe it will tear strips off my polite rebellion to conformity and force my 10th house Chiron in Aries to heal my chart in a measurable and public way? Bring it!
    Change is pain. No change is death.

  30. synchronicity: i just turned on the telly and there was a show on SBS about Saturn and its moons. Beautiful stuff.

  31. Hi Mystic I hope your toothache has gone away- how nasty :( Thank you for telling us about St Patricks day. I had no idea and it’s changed the way I see it now.

    I have to say Uranus in Pisces was nearly the end for me. That was in my 8th house so it all makes sense. Fortunately though I lived to tell the tale of that era but it is definitely not one I want to go through again. If it’s true that we agree to pay off certain Karmic debts in this lifetime I must’ve kept repeating the same mistakes each lifetime. This time there was no getting away from it. I think being so young (at the start of Uranus in Pisces) made it hard to accept all that happened. I have mostly made peace with that era and have a couple of things that I loved about that time. I hope the strength I gained from Uranus in Pisces helps me to be more courageous but assertive in Aries.

    I want to try and get a balance of Jupiter and Saturn. My first saturn return will be next year though (Saturn in Scorpio) so I don’t want to get too Saturn now. I definitely need to get more organised and on top of time management as I also have Pluto transiting my 6th. I also need to work at being more efficient but I haven’t had a lot of fun times in the past 5 years or so.

    Thanks so much Mystic for helping me to look ahead! Hope you feel better soon :)

      • Oh gosh someone knows what i’m talking about! Bluesky I admire you for getting through this era. It’s been unbelievable, really. You’re right that it’s still there at 29 degrees. It really is a matter of hanging on now. I really hope Uranus in Aries is different energy for you and that there will be new beginnings :)

        • Me too! Well my Uranus is at 49′ 29″ *tries to give Uranus a BIIIIG nudge towards Aries* and my 3rd house is straddling them both Pisces and Aries evenly. Maybe Uranus will be a sudden influx of networking in the realm of communications, more opportunities to travel and chances to learn all sorts of interesting things…Mercury is close on its heels as well, so that should be harmonious. Right now I just hope it means that all the many resumes and job inquiries I’ve been sending out will start to be answered or that I get a strong intuitive headbutt from Aries saying “THIS is what you should be doing, now get off your arse and DO IT!”

        • Water Pig and Lauren, we’ll have to compare notes when Uranus moves house. Because of the way Aries straddles my 8th and 9th, I have Uranus in a new sign, but still in 8th until April 19th (just checked to make sure!). It’s an adventure, right?

  32. But you know, St Patrick didn’t really succeed at driving ALL the druids/witches/magi out of Ireland – and in any case, his saintly tactics were little more than glorified witch-craft, to judge by the Tripartite Life.

  33. ok…
    have just managed to ditch the confused self-pity vibe and finally growing some much-needed chutzpah. Am trying to encourage the multiple Sagg parts of my personality to come out & play. Go-for-it self-actualising to the max is definitely the plan. I’ve almost made up my mind to go back to college to study part-time again, big step. I’m still a bit worried about the fact that I have zilcho funds and theoretically I should go get a skill and earn lots of money and be a useful member of society, be able to look after my dear mother and so on. I know at this (“middle” haha) age I’m in a mood to have every bit of time accounted for (even if it’s planned partying or Hoochie Juice Consuming time) so I’m definietly getting more focused.
    I guess I’m trying to honor both Jupiter & Saturn and possibly falling between two chairs and achieving neither if I’m not more strategic …

    Uranus in Pisces: since March 2003 I’ve definitely been following my Mars in Pisces which pretty much left me fuqed and at rock bottom by middle to late of last year. However massive failure in practically all areas does have a habit of causing serious individuation to happen. I’m setting about changing how I approach things – the mars in pisces energy wasn’t working to be honest, I was just drifting and far too influenced by my ex (Pisces) and his thoughts and ideas.

    I’m definitely ready to inject some Uranus in Aries energy into my approach although I probably come at it in a more crazy Sagg/Scorp way. I totally need more fire, baby. Bring it on, now I’m up to it. Ha.

  34. Uranus in Pisces was all dark night of the soul stuff for me .. one that dragged on interminably. It wasn’t all epic crap – 2003-2006 the worst, 2007 onwards the slow climb back out of the proverbial merde-hole. But geez it’s been slow … there was a lotta toxic sludge to purge. Yes it sent me bats! It could’ve been the making of me, but it’s too early to see the fruits yet so can’t decisively answer that one. Yes individuate, individuate, individuate.

    Not really into being suave, nor rich, nor thin, nor blowing loads of money nor getting wasted …. only interested in being my best authentic self (whatever THAT means?). This week has been the first time I’ve started to feel really, really, really good since I went vegan. Feel lighter and more energetic somehow. Ready to let go of anything else that has been weighing me down – especially relationships. Lots of letting go in prep for the new beginning.

    • dark night of the soul stuff or me too prowlncrab. Lots of putting up with things ‘I’ would never put up with…bring on Uranus in Aries. Even if it has its own problems, I’ll take them.

      • It’s all Ground Control To Major Crab around here at the mo’ BlackStar! The universe seems to be conspiring to get me grounded on the planet … only took like – nearly 40 years. EEK!!!!


        Jupiter and Saturn square Sun :shock:

        • Wheeee!

          Ya, Saturn will do that….. I knoes you are growing up and growing roots because of all the sheeite….and that’s all saturn can really ask….

          Naw, I was looking for you cause I posted replies on other threads… I know it all moves, but jeez- you ask a question, you gonna get an answer…..

    • Yeah, let go. The past 8 years for me have been incredible, but so so hard. From living on a verandah with my 8 month old, living in West Africa in an abandoned shell hotel, scratching a living first by cleaning houses, then by working in an office, then by teaching, then overseas to teach where I met one of the loves of my life in a place which became one of my spiritual homes, to being grounded enough to finally start the business I’ve always dreamt of. And in there somewhere I lost my health, spectacularly, and regained it, spectacularly.

      And the whole time I’ve been alone with my child. And my child is remarkable. My sister asked me the other day (her hubby has gone away for 12 days on a business trip leaving her alone with their year old for the first time) – ‘How did you do it?’

      I did it because I had to. I was sometimes suicidally depressed, sometimes unbeleivably angry. For 5 years I had no peace, no rest, no help, no space in my head and I was running on whatever I could pull out of my arse. I felt hysterical. I spent several years taking it out on my daughter, until in 2008 we reached a point where we both cracked. i have never felt so low, telling my daughter that she might be better off without me because i felt myself to be incapable.

      But from there, with a little help from a man I shall love to the end of my days simply because he was there for us, and with the gentle hand of the deep Middle East holding us safe – from there I got to here.

      I am now someone who is at peace with everything, and more and more so each day. It’s just bliss. I have a child I love so deeply and the memory of telling her I couldn’t look after her is somehow a depth measure of the love and trust we hold for each other. I would walk through fire for that child, and she would for me, she is beyond my daughter, she’s my soul.

      And last week, for the first time ever, I started to meditate.

      • Wow Seabird – you are amazing. I admire the level of honesty you had about yourself and to tell your child that would have been heart-wrenching.

        So happy for you that you’ve reached this wonderful place in your life and obviously spreading that vibe into the world.

      • Now THAT is freakin intense Seabird. You must be one helluva strong woman to go through all of the above, with your sanity and relationship with your daughter still intact. Incredible!

        Speaking of middle eastern men, oddly enough that was my waterloo of 2006. I rarely speak of it these days because I’m still filled with hatred for the man … and I dislike hating. Angry is fine. But hating? Ughhhh it is such an unwholesome feeling. And yet I despise this creature to the core of its revolting bones and I still have fantasies about stabbing him repeatedly with a sharp object, or even better … getting all Dexter on his ass.

        But basically I got enmeshed in a domestic violence situation with a seemingly charming psychopath and didn’t realise it until I was well over my head. How it happened is still a blur because I only recognised later that he was drugging me with prescription medication – in coffee, glasses of wine .. you name it. It’s the only thing that can explain my passivity in the face of his incredible abuse and then flat out denials that he’d done anything. I somehow felt incapable of leaving even though his behaviour flew against all my feminist beliefs and teachings? Stockholm Syndrome. I survived only because the police arrested him and put him in jail for a significant period of time – enough for my mind to clear of the drugs and to have the wits to ask my family for help.

        Took a long time to recognise this powerless response mirrored my relationship to my father – who was also manipulative, abusive and violent. Really hard lesson to digest that no matter what I’d learned, no matter how feminist I am … unconscious crap will override those high and mighty ideals every single time. You learn to feel lousy with men if you’ve had a lousy father and you get attached to feeling lousy – because it feels “normal”.

        That’s why I have taken a sabbatical from intimate relationships and in fact recently a sabbatical from relationships with all men. Triggers too much anger in me and I draw in fuqtards because that was my role modelling.

        • I AM a freakin tough bitch, yes. But I have also suffered a lot for my approach and I have made others suffer and that is not right. Now I do things different.

          I have a belief that the Universe does a number of things in sequence to us and that when we can recognise these sequences, we can learn to treat them as a form of self-test, a way to freedom in our souls, and a way to giving out to those around us which is effortless and clear and draws only good.

          The first one is easy. Whenever you try something new, you will succeed first go. Wow, you say, so you stake everything you have on this new venture. Bad move. Next go, it fails (relationship, career, whatever). What the universe is trying to show you is that – yes you can do it, (that’s why you succeed first go), but that everything worthwhile takes an apprenticeship, and in an apprenticeship, you learn, you don’t go gangbusters and chuck all your resources at it – quite the opposite, you take in. So that’s the first universal law I live by.

          The second one is harder to recognise, dealing as it does with situations and relationships. It is that you will be given the same situation, under a myriad of guises and people, relationships, relatives, bosses, lovers or friends, until you LEARN what it is in that situation that makes you react as you do, and why it puts you where you are. And here’s the secret. It’s NOT about the other person, however bad, manipulative or evil you might perceive them to be (and in the above case, it sounds as though actually you might have met the devil incarnate!) through these series of situations, the Universe is trying to tell you that all that you have in this world is YOUR self, not someone else’s. Your task is NOT to change the other person or even try to, that’s the first step.They are not the problem (even when they’re evil! Believe me, I’ve had some evils too. thinking about it as their fault helps them to stay evil, and in your head, which is also evil) So No action. So when you meet the devil, I would think, the Universe is pushing to an extreme something that you have failed to address in your self that is causing you pain. Because it’s really not about the other person at all.

          The other little part of this is that if someone affects and changes and helps you perceive, you can bet your life that at some level, you had the same effect on them. Thus proving that the Universe doesn’t like to waste time, kill two birds with one stone.

          The above might seem obvious, but putting it into practice is not always easy. But when you do….oh when you do….
          Then all relationships become easy because you know that its not them, it’s you ,and therefore if they displease you, it’s a sign that they are irking something about yourself…and you can find out what it is and then you can LEAVE! Because you are free. And by the same token, you can have awesome relationships because you can trust that when something feels very right, it’s because it is. And it is so right because it is based on an understanding by both people that they are in that relationship of their own free will, they can leave any time, but they choose not to. They don’t need the other person, they are already complete. This is a very difficult stage to get to sometimes, and often you think, but maybe this doesn’t feel right but it will in the future etc etc, what is right anyway blah. This is just mind-rave. You always know, if you go deep inside yourself, what is right and what is not. That’s another lesson you learn from this. That once you trust yourself totally and love yourself, you can never be brought down by another and you can move freely and with total strength.

          I think a sabbatical is a wonderful thing and I have been on sabbatical for a long time now. But if Mr Middle East flies me back to his place as he is threatening to do (he’s my business partner, it’s all business!) than I shall fuque his brains out not as payment ( I pay him seperatly, we are completely on the level!) or to maintain a relationship but from the joy of doing it and of making him as happy as he makes me.

          Last in this incredible long post – can I recommend a book that I find quite amazing. It’s American and it does have a little bit of that American-speak Oprah-Winfrey sentimentalism which usually makes me throw self-help books across the room. But this one is different, it’s actually an easy and approachable lesson in Zen Buddhism presented in a very graspable way, and if you can read the book and get the picture, it’s just the most amazing way to live. It’s by a woman names Byron Katie and it’s called ‘Loving What Is’. I didn’t do the exercises in it per se, I just sat and thought about the situations in my life and how I could apply the philosophy of this book to them and I still do. To be able to look at everything around you and say gently – it is what it is…ahhhh the happiness in that, truly!

          Be well

          • Thanks Seabird. I hear what you are saying and for a long time had similar beliefs about the situation, but I’m at a point now where I’m not entirely convinced of this universal conscience thingo. I mean why does it need to pay so much friggin attention to me? It doesn’t hassle everyone else I know out in such an intense manner! I truly am a bit over “growth” and being “shown” my inner workings. Denial is bliss. In the meantime I’m just focusing on owning my shit and accepting myself warts and all. Purging a lot of angry energy via writing, being honest about where I’m at and leaving it at that.

            • See, that’s it! Actually, the universe itself couldn’t give a fuque about either of us, any of us. It’s all about energy exchange. The thing is, life is meant to be easy. It paid lots and lots of attention to me for years because I so wasn’t getting it. Energy just likes to flow, the easiest way possible, just like atoms join in the easiest combinations possble. If something’s sticking, it’s always your approach and you always have a choice. Self acceptance is a choice, a frightening choice, but it is a choice.

              I like to throw glass jars at the back fence (but I don’t like to pick them up). And I also have a diary which nobody will EVER read. It’s full of the nastiest workings of my mind, and that’s where they stay.

              That’s what I think anyway!

        • Oh prowln, sorry you’ve had to go through such a thing. I think writing is a good way to purge.

          I may have posted this before but I’ve heard the suggestion of drawing cartoons of the things that upset us. Don’t know if you could ever find something to laugh at in your experiences but it could help to shine a benevolent light into the dark memories.

          Or what about throwing some paint at a canvas and hacking at it with a knife (maybe something not so sharp)??? all the while yelling how strong and perfect you are and noone will ever fuq you around or abuse you again!!

          • that’s why I liked the idea of play therapy (which I’m doing next week). No talking … just drawing, but under guidance in a safe environment. I’ll ask my friend/therapist if it’s ok to bring knives!


  35. Actually…lots of putting up with stuff I would never put up with is a good way to put it for me too.
    Interestingly enough- 2003 was a town, job and boyfriend removal and replacement…..such a totally wierd way to see it, but I have been in this stupid city since 2003. And the job from hell thing, taught me a lot of info about myself that I have, but haven’t figured out how to use yet. so I guess, in a way, ya- it has been the making of me. Once I dig my ass out of the rubble.

    I got the vibe just this morning, that the reason I can’t change a lot of things I have been trying to change, is that there is a change in the works, planned, and I have to get “there”, first.
    Timing, damn Saturns eyes….

    As far as team I’m on – I’m really not sure what my choice is. In my chart it’s all such a clump. Jupiter is sitting on my sun, and all this Pisces stuff on my moon, plus Saturn ( my king planet) is getting ready to hit my natal Uranus. Don’t even start me on Pluto in the 12th.
    Give a chick a break!
    All this hidden enemies stuff clashes really nicely with the suave emotionally suppresive Saturn in Libra people. I’m getting to be quite a paranoid personality.
    I really have a hard time supporting Jupiter with all the freakin saturn, but hey….let the good times roll…..

    • YESSS timing … that damn timing. Ya can’t force the flow. Acceptance acceptance acceptance.

  36. Was reading something the other day. It was about having “caution” to those who tend to hold onto to things (emo especially) as they will hold us back from our enlightenment. The idea is to “move thru”. Yes, I knew that but good to hear it and gauge the progress, ya know?

    Think I am properly purged in the relationship dept. and now on to more existential things. Currently feel the vibe very acutely of where I still have fears, etc., where I hold on. I mean we wake up to it everyday, this reality, and must deal with it.
    This is not an easy time we’re in currently peeps but the crux is about where we’re going, not where we’ve been.

    Funny, listening to “Till the end of the World”, U2. No, not no end ‘cept to ignorance, pain and fear. That’s where we’re going…

    I’ll beat ya to it? ;) :) :lol: :shock: xx

  37. Sweetpea- I didn’t get the first bit of what you said, but think it was important…!
    All my Pisces planets are in my second house, and the Toro vibe of holding on, keeping things the same, stubborn secure rigidity is strong…..

    Gauging seems important. Measurable increments = Saturn, yes?
    And I am definitely with you on the vibe thing….is it poss that all the jupiter light brings forth the darkness??

    • The first part is about not continually looking back and getting stuck. Where we are today is not ‘there’, a tricky expedition, no doubt. “Existential” as in relationships brought forth much of my understanding of purpose but there is still more purpose beyond that and those particular engagements.

      Yes, Saturn for sure as in increments of growth and “ah-ha’s” we move through our stuff. “Time” is karma…what we have not looked at until now/what slows us down and bringing a fluidity to that concreteness. As we look and live thru that concreteness we begin to flow..This can come in a moment or in “chunks of life”, depending on how deeply rooted the karma is.

      I tend to go in chunks :) Perhaps that’s an Aries thing? Without a challenge it’s sorta boring but it still makes me cry as is painful and humbling.

      • I will be glad to get all the non linear threads outta my pisces flow…
        Aqua stuff does my head in…..

        Live through concreteness sounds good. Chunky Karma not so much…
        Maybe “chunks” are an adapted Aries thing… I find the only Aries way is all directions, all at once, completely, at full speed.

        • “I find the only Aries way is all directions, all at once, completely, at full speed”

          Oh but we try.. ; x

          • I seem to remember you have some Saturn influence with your Aries as well….

      • I may be getting what you say Sweetpea. The last week was an intense self-dialogue, let-go-wipe-slate-clean period, no blame shifting onto anyone. All happens for a reason.

        One of the best things it seems I did was to send myself emails. I can’t keep a journal but emails turned to be just as good. Measuring, yes. Pat on the back, yes. Needs work, yes. All lists documenting where I was. Better than my memory.

        Moving through, with kindness and humility, for better or worse. If I learned anything this would be it.

        • ~I can’t keep a journal but emails turned to be just as good. Measuring, yes. Pat on the back, yes. Needs work, yes.~

          You gave me shivers. That’s the best we can do in any given moment. x

          • Is it not surprising how long it may take to arrive self-validation? Some peeps do it from birth, perhaps. For me, and I suspect for many others, it is like rubber band on wrist, a constant vigilance to remind self ~what you did was what you could do then, with what you know, where you were ~

            I don’t remember where I read but the line goes as “don’t let your wounds turn you into somebody you are not”

            • “don’t let your wounds turn you into somebody you are not”

              Oh girl, so tru …so,so tru, thank you for ~that~ validation

            • Quadrupled that is really timely, what you said re ‘what you did was what you could do then…’ I went through a lot of that just after the cancerian full moon earlier this year. It does take ‘vigilance’ and growing up I never got the concept of self-validation and i’m still learning. This might be silly but I sometimes imagine ‘self’ as some person or thing that is separate to me that I wouldn’t want to treat badly. That is sometimes the only way I remember to be kind to ‘self’ and remember ‘you did what you could then…’ I like what Sweetpea said about accepting our Karma and not looking back- at least I think that is what you said… Someone said to me recently that Karma is ending it’s cycle at the moment, that we’ve paid our debts to now, and we are all collecting new karma from here. I guess a lot of us have commented here that we are looking for new beginnings and ‘wiping the slate clean’. I just hope that if I do look back- and I don’t mean to it’s just I am a very reflective person- that I can remember that it was ‘with what you knew at the time and where you were’. It all looks different in hindsight.

        • I have been writing too – letters spewing forth pent up wrath at everything. Have not sent them. Well ok sent one – needed to do the kiss off go away letter with someone. But the writing in and of itself purged the rest.

          • I just did one this morning…man, did that top ever need to blow off….

            • The sludge comes out is nothing short of unbelievable – my inner finger was spinning madly in all directions to find an outlet for explosion.

              Writing, I found, keeps any destructive emotion at a distance, sometimes the only way to protect your nose from the smell that comes out of that sludge.

  38. Tooth aches are the worst. I feel for you. Been there too many times. Clove oil helps numb the gums and arnica for the tooth pain itself before and after surgery or appt. besides the pain meds.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  39. I just ordered a book at the local bookstore called,
    “The Divine Feminine Fire: Creativity and Your Yearning to Express Your Self.”
    _Teri Degler, C.2009

    Hoping it’s good.

    It’s time for me to mature up in certain areas of my life in creating, holding female power. Been hiding a lot over issues of power in relationships, sometimes being a hermit is necessary and sometimes it’s an excuse not to grow.

    The twenty-something girls at work are competing with me over some vague male attention and I’ve been unravelling in my head how I got there in the first place. Poor boundaries, neediness, heart that opened too much after being closed too long, dormant female power becomes passive and owning responsibility in my part is vital.

    Paying more attention to my looks lately has also bolstered some confidence in me.

    I’m going to start dressing like an Italian aristocrat from the … (must find appropriate time period.)


    I don’t know where my planets are but I’m feelin’ something big.

  40. Myst’s tweet….”Mars is no longer ascendant in Washington” The Economist. Love it when mainstream media peeps use astro lingo”

    Couldn’t agree more and I’ve since stopped listening to mainstream media as they have not but vaguely (CNN and others) addressed the thousands of peeps protesting in Wisconsin about their bargaining rights being taken away. It could affect middle class peeps everywhere…

    Meanwhile, as this takes hold, it seems Mars is indeed no longer ascendant in Washington (in a good way) Was it ever?

    • Manhattan and Long Island the ancient capitol of Atlantis… Washington DC a hop skip and away?

      • Yeah what is happening with that situ Sweets? I have not had the time to follow up on this one after floods, cyclones, earthquakes and bizarre political uprisings!

        • Oh goodness it’s about some republican governor playing patsy to the party.

          It’s sorta like a gang bang where you have to prove you’re one of the ‘gang’ and so go out and create havoc to show you are worthy thru seeking to bring down the innocent. All plays into the rich and their power moves/corporate America.

          Doesn’t appear it’s gonna fly but then I haven’t listened to my radio talk this evening for the latest.

          • Ha, I’ve got the ear buds on and “It’s a beautiful Day”

            What am I, fuqing deluded? :lol:

          • Oh dear … more Tea Party strangeness? Or just general stangeness?

            We be livin’ in weeirdass times. U2 a perfect soundtrack backdrop.

  41. teeth / tooth aches make me so unhappy too. anyone else using glycerine-free toothpaste? i buy a glycerine-free paste and add a few drops essential oil of myrrh – which is excellent for gums too.
    glycerine coats your teeth and makes them impenetrable by nutrients and minerals in food and saliva.

  42. hope you are feeling better Mystic!
    how about regular bowls of bone broth (made from fish bones – sardines?) tonnes of minerals and vitamins for you. not sure if you eat bones – sorry if this offends.

  43. Oh wise and erudite bloggers : Help !! I know I don’t post much but I lurk…oh how I lurk..So the thing is, everything has been going swimmingly until monday. Feeling free, authentic, trying to stay mindful etc etc etc. Then I went to a work-mates funeral who took his own life and everything has gone down-hill from there ! Grief from losing my ma last year, losing beloved dog too, just before, congealed into a huge lump of whatever and I have completely busted ! All my addictive behaviours are back with a vengeance and for a virgo sun that is not a good thing cos I’m guilting myself off the planet. And I thought I was doing so well. Pisces in 2nd house. New moon intentions completely blown..Any advice out there ? I don’t want to do a Charlie Sheen. I should sign off, sad and guilty…

    • Hey Tamberlaine – perhaps you are in the eye of a finite, INTENSE catharsis storm? The end of uranus/pisces – totally understandable that such a funeral would create a vent for you to grieve and naturally the addictive stuff swoops in w the helpful intention of propping you up – so tricky, my own is nicotine associated directly with love/friendships and creative practice – I have to disassociate entirely in order to not crave, but isolating oneself during grief not so good … anyway, just wanted to touch base and say most of all, don’t panic, you’re in the thick of it but it sounds healthy to me – you’ve got the insight into what’s going on and you made an outward geture seeking change … it will happen xxx

    • Hey Tamberlaine I reckon Firey Bovine is on the money so don’t be too hard on yourself. Dealing with addiction is an ongoing learning process not a destination. You’re being honest and upfront about where you are at, and have clarity of mind as to what’s triggered you, plus awareness of what you are doing – which is probably the best indicator of sanity! You’re already halfway there. Charlie Sheen lives in delusional lala land and you sound far, far away from that weird little planet.


      • Hey there Tamb…..

        I have been there or a similar place in the grief sneak up and whomp you one department….
        Over the past year I have read a lot of grief books and articles, trying to understand why my grief was so deep. I might suggest that as a place to start? Find some nice simple basic books, something your Virgo would like. No esoteric, all we are one stuff… a technical one about a human process that we all go through, and it connects us….
        Most of what you are talking about is pretty normal for the f’d up process of grief, gut wrenching guilt is definitely part of it…….and you sound very sane to me…..

        • Oh I’m such a trogladyte at using this blog..my posts are all over the place..Sorry if I haven’t answered peeps in the right places…thnks BSA. I will keep my eyes open…books that I need to read tend to jump out and find me..yes, basic, not too esoteric..

  44. Thankyou FB. Mine is nicotine too.. a life long struggle with the evil weed. I freak out when I bust cos my body has already told me that I can’t smoke during the Uranus in Pisces phase, with a small tumour in my right lung that was discovered accidently cos I didn’t feel well..

  45. The SBS doco on Saturn last night was a revelation. The rings & it’s moons.
    That cute Brains Trust man-boy from the Swiss Hard-on Collider.
    Someone here said i was on & a worthy watch. And finally ‘Agora’ out on
    DVD with beautiful depictions of the Library of Alexandria.
    Both (1600 years apart) were drawing the universe in sand as demonstrations.
    You can download some of the amazing Saturn pix from the NASA site.

      • I liked & understood thr meaning of ‘retro’ as could never quite
        figure how planets could go ‘backwards’….only appear to do so
        from our orbit’s point of view.
        Now where is “god’ in all this. Did ‘god’ create the original spin?

        • I missed that part … I heard “blah blah blah … and this explains a retrograde planetary movement”.

          Well I was cooking! :(

          God? I’m a born again atheist. The energy that got that big gang bang going just happens to be infinite and gravity is its love child.

          Ben is an awesome presenter no? Spent as much time admiring his dress sense as I did his knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject.

  46. Hit ‘record’ on the SBS doco so I could savour it at length. The explanation of retrograde planets flicked all my switches!

    btw, who is the artist above? I love it!

  47. Okay – so the go-for-it man self-actuallising thing is happening for me. I’ve just started to plan the most amazing and crazy adventure that honours both Saturn and Jupiter.

    I want to ride my motorbike from the city I call home (Brisbane) through the lands of my ancestors (Indonesia, China and the lands through Mongolia, Kazakstan and the former Soviet States) to the land of my birth (Holland).

    The idea is so Jupiter in Aries – brash and bold
    The timing (my 35th birthday in 2014) is so Saturn in Libra – need to do research, make sure it fits with work etc.

    • Sounds like an epic journey in the making! There’s a television series here in the U.S. called “Globe Riders”, all about a team of motorcyclists who go on a similar trek from Istanbul, Turkey to Xian, China along the Silk Road. I think you can watch episodes of it on Youtube. Might be good research material there for your trip planning! :)

      • Dunno yet. Haven’t got as far as calculating anything on a map. I just have a mental map so far. Haven’t even told my wife yet (haven’t seen her since Sunday :( )… Just know I have to do it.

        Am really unhappy with where life’s taking me at the moment (no matter how much of a brave face I put on) and don’t want to die regretting never following my dreams.

        If I were to live like I was dying, I would get on my bike tomorrow and fuq the world! But I can’t because I have responsibilities to family. And maybe my wife wants to come along for the ride and she’d need a bike & confidence on it.

        Wish I were more courageous! I’d have left already if that were the case … But every journey starts with the first step. That first step is deciding to do it and setting a time frame that is realistic and steps I need to follow to make that time frame.

        Still would be good to say fuq you world though!

        • Hi Herby ! Follow your dream, been waiting for you to post so I could see your garden pics, and wowsers, your walk to work is incredible ! All the best to you wherever your journey takes you ~>

          • Thanks Saturnrox :)

            I’ve been really busy lately struggling to keep my head above water. Haven’t done much gardening (and even less writing) but did get some new vegetable seedlings in the ground last weekend.

            Am going away this weekend to get drunk at a friend’s place (the 6 hour motorbike ride each way will be fab too). I have promised myself a new attitude starting from the minute I jump on my motorbike Friday night.

            I took the first step on my trip – have enrolled in a 15 week motorbike maintenance course :) Cannot wait! Starts tomorrow night (well, the class started last week but the teacher said I didn’t miss too much and I can start this week).

            I know what I need to think about to plan this thing. And I’m determined … Life’s for living :)

            • That’s awesome! All big adventures start with a single step. Throwing yourself into new learning experiences is always a beneficial distraction from the things in life that are getting you down too. My fruitless job searching is really starting to depress me, but I’m looking into ESL training courses that might lead to teaching opportunities overseas. And if I do happen to find work locally then at least I have an added skill to open more doors, plus the option to travel if my rising Sagg really does get cabin fever and needs to get up and go! ;)

              • hey lauren, for teaching english, do cert4 or grad cert tesol if u want to work in aust (r u in aust ?) but celta is most respected overseas … good luck !!

              • @Leony. I’m in the US, but will look at the Celta program. Have been getting advice from different sources, so I just have to wade through all the info and then make up my mind to stick with one. Thanks!

        • ~Still would be good to say fuq you world though!~

          Oh gosh Herbs, I’ve said it a couple of times. Too bad the fuqer still there in the morning…

          Joking….. :) (sorta…. ;) )

          • Well if you’re pimping a new attitude I will too..Have fun on your ride!! x

        • Herby – we lived in the UK for 2 years in 2002-4, since then lived in WA, northern NSW, Victoria and now mid-north coast of NSW. Next year we have in mind to move to northern Cyprus. So follow your dreams, jump off the cliff, and you’ll fly!

          • Wow LL, that sounds major. Just looked at some pix of there…Very nice.

            Knew someone who had been bringing their niece from Tehran to U.S. and 9/11 literally happened while the plane was in the air. They had to land in Cyprus. From there they ended up in East Germany but apparently had a great time…?? (hard to remember all the details…)

            And if you read this Herby, great pix doll! Lovely!!

        • I’m with you on “follow your dreams”—takes courage and a lot of attitude. I won’t get started on a bike trip like this (way smaller in scale) that I once planned in my 20s….was funny though.

          Glad to see you are taking the repairs class!

          I’m trying to figure out this same urge whilst being mother of 3 who truly depend on me!!! But trying to undo mind limitations and identify thought patterns that are restrictive—-challenge my assumptions, etc.

          • It is difficult when you have kids – especially young kids. My son is all grown up so I’m kinda lucky. I told my cousin in Holland about my crazy idea and he has apparently been thinking about something similar …

            Perhaps something will come of this synchronicity … we are both at a point where our kids have grown up. He’s 10-15 years older than me (I’m not quite sure) and we’ve only spent short periods of time together but he’s the only person in Holland other than my grandmother who I keep in touch with. And he rides motorbikes too … Gotta be a sign :) :)

            Someone did my stars half a year ago and I just went back through what she wrote. Apparently 2014 is going to be an important year for me … and a breakthrough year for my creativity – who knows … might be a sign …

            My wife laughed last night when I told her my idea … maybe she thinks I’m joking …

            • It’s ambitious, Herby. Very ambitious:) But I am sure it’s doable and loaded with good stories and adventures. Also think all the preparation will be worthwhile (but we are Virgos, right?)

              It would be truly ideal (from my standpoint) if you were to have a companion. Maybe your cousin will be up for it!

              • I like ambitious :) I’m an ambitious kinda guy.

                I once cycled from Birdsville to Brisbane on a bicycle just because I could. No training, no preparation … just decided and did it with my Dad who was in his early-50s at the time. That’s 1,000 miles (1,600km) through harsh Queensland Outback roads into a headwind the whole way with the mercury reaching high 30s celcius every day. We had a support vehicle for lunch and nights but were alone the rest of the time. The best experience ever! Almost better than my 2 month motorbike pilgrimage through the southern Australian states in the summer 2009/2010.

                From where I stand, I would be happy to have company but would be just as happy alone. I’m a very independent person – I like to do what I want when I want … Though I would love my cousin’s company. And it might be a good way to get to know each other better …

                The scary thing for me is that I know myself well enough to know that I am thinking about this is an ‘I am going to do it’ rather than a ‘I wonder what it would be like’ way …

                And as for the risk of failure – My life motto is ‘For every success, a thousand failures forgotten lie. For every failure to try, a thousand successes prematurely die.’ I don’t know who wrote it but I’ve lived by it since I was 15 years old …

                I’ve reached a point where I’m planning to buy some 2nd hand furniture to turn one of my spare bedrooms into an office to take the next steps …

  48. Wow people are tripping out here in the world and gone and lost their manners and reason. I’ve taken mm’s daily advice for today of solo nurture in high vibrations – well that’s my interp anyway. Having a lovely time with my own company think i’ll think twice about sharing it while uranus shifts revolutionary energy into the war god sign. Be back later.

  49. I left someone a note today saying I can’t see them any more. I can’t maintain the detachment required to be happy with what they are offering.

    I tried to address this last time uranus was kind of at this spot, conjunct their mercury and sextile mine, but saturn was there opposing as well, telling me to be all open and rational and try and talk the issue out, raise my concerns, see what happens.
    9 months or so later and I still feel the same and the change I was looking for (in me or the situation) doesn’t seem to have happened, and I need to accept that its not going to be what i want it to be, and I am not capable right now of dealing with it the way it is.
    This time saturn aint there to ask for some control, and instead mercury adds to uranus’ weight to communicate communicate communicate.
    It will be some kind of ending.
    I was in the process of doing a similar give up on something I really wanted to believe in at the beginning of 2003. Uranus was in my 7th then, its in my 8th now.
    I hope something good comes of this

    • Oh anonymous *hugs*

      That’s always tough. Think a few of us have been there. There’s nothing quite so painful as having to just be friends when you feel more for someone who can’t return the feelings (whether for lack of feeling or due to circumstances).

      Hope something good comes of it for you .

    • *Adds to the hugging!* I was just in a similar situation a few months ago. Reconnected with someone who I used to have a strong “star-crossed” connection with. I think he wanted to just be friends and at first I thought I could manage that, but there’s still a “star-crossed” vibe between us and trying to ignore the obvious chemistry would mean lying to myself, which I couldn’t do. Long story short, he didn’t really know what he wanted and couldn’t commit to a future that would have room for me (despite currently being in a situation where he wasn’t happy). So I made the decision for him and said that we couldn’t be “just friends” or anything else while he was still waffling and didn’t know what he wanted. It wouldn’t be fair to either of us, and I had too much respect for myself to be played or used like that. I was upfront and honest, which is all I can be. I’m still getting over it, trying to work out his perspective (probably an exercise in futility) to fully understand the “truth” of it all, but I need to move on and do what’s best for me. It’s a work in progress. :/

    • Thanks Herby and Lauren.
      Been holding on in hope for too long. Looking forward to the clear air once the last bit of stuff gets dealt with.
      Bloody shame though.

      • It’s always a shame Anonymous. And sometimes it still hurts later too when you think ‘Oh, X would love that; fuq I can’t text them about it anymore’.

        But there comes a point where it gets easier. I know that in my case the person was my muse and I wrote a whole blog in the hope she’d read it. I realised this week that my not writing on my blog lately is because I moved on with my life. Sure, I still think about her and hope that she’s happy. But it’s always better to cherish the joy of friendship for what it was than to feel sad about its ending.

        • That’s interesting re your blog Herby. Do you think you will go back to it? Find a different (broader) audience to write for?
          It’s a weird thing when you realise (or think you realise) you’ve been doing something you thought was for you, for someone else (or vis versa I guess)

          • I will probably get back to my blog but at the moment I need to remember to write for me. I love writing but I only started writing again after I met her and I already deleted one blog after I realised I was writing it for her. This blog that I keep now was meant to be mine … I was meant to be writing for me not for her. And I have recently realised that I was still writing for her.

            I want to write … I have ideas … But when I sit down all I can think is ‘Fuq this, I don’t want to share my life with her anymore’. When I go to the space my blog is in, I remember those last phone calls we had and the things she said to me. The things I liked and those that cut me to the bone and made me feel utterly stupid. A feeling of stupidity I am struggling to let go of …

            I have other people who read and I write for them too … but it’s the fact that she might read it that makes me hesitant to share anything. Even though I know she probably never reads it (she did say ‘I’m not emotionally invested in our friendship anyway’ when I told her that I had a crush on her).

            Oh well, life moves on … maybe I’ll keep writing, maybe I won’t. I just don’t know right now.

            • Yes, it’s a hard thing separating the inspiration from the inspirer. Maybe even more so when you are all 12th house and like layers?
              I hope you can rediscover that desire/focus/space or whatever it is in time.
              Censuring your behaviour because of the imagined opinions of others is tough.
              (not emotionally invested? That’s harsh)

  50. I am afraid I will ignore Mystic’s advice today. Three hours more and I will send a very polite pi$$ off message to a no-show business partner. Today’s no-show appointment is the last one of the appointments he skipped he himself set. Nine fuq-ing months since I have been waiting for him to deliver.

    Even a Pisces rising doing her best to be understanding has her limits. Three hours and 15 mins and counting with patience.

    • My Saturn Grrrl would say you are doing the right thing. However in business – never make it a complete kiss off unless serious infractions and/or duplicity has occured. Do the kiss off in your head. Then send the polite warning note.

      • ps. one of the clients that helped me start out had to be dumped last year. Cause for serious infractions: disrespecting my time (every job was URGENT and I was expected to drop everything on his behalf), asked me to do illegal work, always wanted a discount.

        Crummy lowbrow Taurus. Meh.

        What I found out? I lost nothing by cutting the deadwood. Just made room for a better quality of clientele.

        • This one is low-Toro too, wants to have his cake and eat it too kind. Wow.

          • I have never dated a Toro but they really get a bad rap on this blog. Not in a hurry to start. Apparently the Toro risings are uber cheap.

      • Oh yes. No need to extend my precious energy on an idiot. I will simply point out he failed to show up but business moves on, wish him luck, hopefully there will be other opportunities in future and let’s keep in touch.

        I had talked to him in the past that it would be perfectly OK to opt out, but I needed to know. He said he was in. This was five months ago. Since then, nothing.

        Saturrrn Grrrl is simply doing business and playing with the rules. No need to rile up, politely pick the carcass up, discreetly kick it to the curb.

  51. feeling some business connections of mine could be on the way OUT also! but in such a good Ive moved on way… and very little if any resentment… Its weird, its like I have seen other people behave in this way for so long and Ive never felt comfortable to do it, but now I do… I dont feel like the sky is going to fall, or im creating really bad karma by not leaving my heart open to all, sounds like im growing up hey!

  52. Um since we’re on the topic of Jupiter, Saturn. Has anyone been in a relationship where your saturn is conjunct the other person’s jupiter?? It’s a bit like the struggle that Mystic described above. Not impossible to negotiate but one of the more upsetting aspects to a relationship where you really care about the other person and don’t want them to change for you… Hope that’s not silly. Just realising more insights now…

    • I was really very happy when I met my (now former) husband. His Saggo Jupiter bang on my Aries Rx Saturn. He was fun all over the place and very sweet. He really brought all the fun Leo stuff out in me too, we had a blast ! Then as we grew older, our lives began to take different paths, I felt more spiritual and mystical, he was more about finance. I am heavy in 8-9, he in the 2nd.
      I will say, if I had known astrology then, it would definately have changed my outlook on things. I see now many issues were not to be taken so personally, it was just the birth hand we were each dealt. I may have played my cards differently, who knows…? All the best, Water Pig

        • Thanks Saturnrox! I appreciate your insight on this. It’s like I finally get it. I also wish I had known astrology in more depth at that time- I keep telling myself I wasn’t supposed to know then. My jupiter person always brought out the best in me and was insanely funny- I still smile at the memories. At the time I was struggling to keep up with work (saturn 0deg 2 scorpio) while he was more carefree and in a different place (jupiter 29deg 37 in Libra). Having said that it didn’t need to end there. From that experience I learned not to put my work before others at all costs. He had a full 7th and 8th house. My 8th is empty but moon is in 7th. His moon was opposite my sun and mercury, too. Oh and his Pluto trine my venus. I think with what I know now that I also wouldn’t have taken those things as seriously or personally.

          I know we’re all about moving forward and moving onto a new era at the moment but i’m also grateful to accept these things now- even if it means I would have done things differently back then…

          I noticed you are Saturn Rx, too. I have Saturn in scorpio Rx I have never found out what difference it makes. I also have north & south nodes, pluto, uranus, jupiter, neptune, mercury all retrograde. I guess the outer planets were retro for everyone born around that time. I must look into that.

          So you have saturn in Aries which will be transited by Jupiter and Mercury in Aries any time now. Then Uranus will transit your saturn. I wish I knew more about how to interpret this but i’m still learning! Hopefully you’ll be lucky with saturn endeavours and communications will be beneficial and easy.

          Thanks so much for sharing Saturnrox. I hope you get some more sleep soon.

          Best wishes to you, too :)

          • Hi Waterpig, glad we traded stories, similar thinking it seems… As far as Uranus into Aries, got up for work and had a flat tire, two cats on the way to vet in the truck, so late and 4 new tires.
            Aries in the 3rd (short journeys) so there is a minor personal thing on the ingress. Posted the above before the quake and had been unable to sleep for around week prior- avg. 3-4 hours max. I am Cardinal Earth, wondering if that is why…? Also was reading this and thought of you…(re: Rx motion) ‘red shift’ concerned with the effects of motion on light spectrums of planetary bodies moving away from us. When Venus is Rx is red end of spectrum, when towards, violet. Vibration of violet is akin to Venus so firing on all cylinders, red subnormal. Saturn is the tester, so Rx increase of testing or abnormal vibration of malefic.
            Saturn Rx Good news: we improve with age :) Each planet has an electromagnetic vibration, here’s Uranus: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EzQy9MsOMcE

    • Yep Waterpig and i hope my reply is not too late. I had a 17 year relationship with my ex-scorp-hb – my Toro Jupiter (3rd) conj his Saturn (9th) conj his MC. I interpret it as I brought him luck (much $ made through property through my initiation) and we did build a strong share asset portfolio together. Actually our legacy is pretty amazing, all things considered. Children especially, but also much wealth building. Other aspects were my Sun conj his Leo Asc, his Jup conj my Neptune, and my Saturn conj his NN.

  53. Defn team Saturn here. Maybe with a bit of courage help fro
    Uranus to shed some shit. Accounting for time and money is big. I’ve a busy busy and poorish year ahead and I refuse to struggle/faff my way through it like I have the last two. Managing for distractions which unfortunately means I’ve had to give up some things I enjoy, but can’t give the time to anymore.
    Saturn just retrod back into my 2nd, yes i learnt that lesson the hard way thanks. Uranus very soon trine asc may have had a hand in the home haircutting, which turned out quite well. Maybe I’ll plan a feast for this evening and scoff a bottle of wine in honour of Jupiter and the Taurus moon.