For When You Don’t Want To Admit You’re Pre-Menstrual



The Designer Hairy Thing?  I thought that was done with the Designer Hair Skirt debacle?

What transit? What designer?  It’s certainly not a Virgoan Of Fashion.  A Virgo would be terrified of crumbs and grot getting in them.

No these Hair Stilettos are by Nicholas Kirkwood and he is a Crab-Person so maybe it’s a Comfort Thing?

Well, symbolic comfort more like it.


Oh hello – we have history with this guy – he did the Cancerians On Catnip Shoes.


27 thoughts on “For When You Don’t Want To Admit You’re Pre-Menstrual

  1. Oh i thought you were actually going to tell me what to say when I dont want to have to say im premenstrual… Ive had to say it a number of times today to girlfriends, that I dont want to go out, I dont want to go dancing, I dont want to talk on the phone, I dont want to make plans, I dont want to do anything, and fortunately the truth is Im well cooked premenstrually, in fact I would have thought that by now there would be nothing pre about it. But no no no, the energy keeps building, and Ive locked myself away. Shoes wouldnt cut it for me Im afraid, as no one would notice them while im in the cave, I need a declaration, In fact I should probably plan it all a bit better, and basically cross out those days in the diary. But Im just not like that. Yes thats it I need a declaration. Thinking one up!

      • hehheee… good one… i like it…

        I think i get to this point in pre-men when im like in this powerful letting go space, and im totally transparent, and dont want to hide from the moment of the powerful process going on.

        But in saying that I obviously still carry guilt about not being able to ‘do life’ at these times, and find it excruciating convincing pees that i dont want to participate. And some of them attempt to be very convincing. Maybe there is a part of me also, not sure if I should be cutting off and out and that I maybe should join in. Ahhhhhhh I dont know… I abandon all hope at this stage….

        • Oh yah- I totally get this…

          The feeling transparent and like there is some part of you that just doesn’t want to participate.

          The only thing I can do at that stage is get out into nature…. Go see Mamma I call it…
          It makes me understand menstral huts.

  2. Never explain this sort of thing. Just smile inscrutably and let people think you are doing something fabulous. “No, I’m sorry but i can’t do it” is perfectly fine.

    i think the shoes are just an example of a pmt fashoin choice? I think they would be fab without the fur-hair.

    Moon in virgo and i am collating my old pictures. Other reason i am not out is because champers unfortunately goes straight to my belly these days. pmt is great for a detox

  3. Wow those are seriously ugly. But there’s something transcendent about truly hideous things as those. Of course not everyone could pull them off. You’d still have to have fabulous legs. I do know one in my household who’d did them: my cat.

  4. so ugly. cancer sun and saturn here….like the fuzzy softness. But virgo venus and rising says…OMG what a nightmare to keep clean. why even bother…one spilled drink or splashing puddle and they will be naaassty.

  5. I’d wear them onstage.
    I am a crazy bitch though and been known to wear unwearable crazy shite comparable to Bjork though.
    My Virgo Sun is too practical for them, but my Leo MidHeaven and Scorpio Rising love them!

  6. I like the shoes for the shock value. Kinda looks like flams….if they were fake hair I’d wear them in a Lady Gaga moment.

    Speaking of PMS.

    WHEN is this FULL moon going to be over!!!!!! I am tearing my hair out!

    Gah, urglke.. whimper…..

  7. My aries Mars loves the stilleto, but my Virgo Moon couldn’t imagine putting up with the fuzzy shit. I think I actually enjoyed the ‘Cancerian on Catnip’ shoe… that is something I would absolutely wear for fun. I have Sun, Mercury, Chiron, and Juno in Cancer.

  8. The Saggo luck at work. Never experienced the PMS sydrome
    (too active?) never experienced the menopause stuff either (too active?).
    Most shoe designers have foot fetishes & chiro’s, podiatrists & physio’s
    are glad for the business they bring, whilst denigrating them.
    The damage to polished wood floors & the sound they make on them,
    rules 5-6 ” heels out for me. That’s the practical Cap rising at work.
    Anyone under 5’3″ looks out of whack in them & anyone over has to
    raise the furniture height.
    Heels wound all time.

    • ~Heels wound all time~

      Ha, funny Pegs. Don’t miss the PMS on iota. What freedom! Had a “Moon” a couple of months back. Geez, a bit of a surprise. Peri-menopausal so keep some tampons around just in case. Too much information? Well, it’s just life and bodies pure and simple. As a massage therapist it’s all normal to discuss such things.

      It’s said if a woman needs a hysterectomy she goes into menopause immediately. It also ages her ahead of her time. I’ve not known that to be true necessarily, but Mom and sis both had them and so I’ve had no model, but so far so good.

      • I agree about normal to discuss body affects-effects, Sweetie :-)
        Western women have been found to have far more symptoms
        than non-western women. I personally think that’s because other
        cultures treat ‘elders’ better all round. That they have a secure place
        within ‘the tribe’ as the wise-woman & baby-child carers. Read ‘valuable’
        vis a vis ‘used by date’ in our mainstream media.
        The whole menses thing has received a bad rap with PMT & Peri
        (‘peri’?) menopause-menopause. One friend said to me it means
        “ME-no-pause’, the other said ‘MEN-0-pause’. Power surges vis a vis
        hot flushes. They maybe supressed anger?Or a sexual urge?
        Guess it’s attitude, fire signs have plenty of that,
        pass the fan :-)

        • Fire sign attitude? Fuq yeh.

          Personally, I have side-stepped the whole thing for about 6 years (by taking pill continuously, except for one month each year) and intend to side-step the worst effects of the whole menopause thing too, one way or another – not that i give a crap about menopause or the reaction of men or the rest of the world per se. But i did give a crap about feeling like a vulnerable wreck for 12 days a month in spite of trying all the au naturel health advice. No, thank you, said my Sag sun, Aries Moon, and Leo Mars. No thank you, said my Scorp ascendant: I will be captain of my own ship, and go down with it, if necessary.

          I have Black Moon Lilith on my scorp ascendant. Hence, this IS my statement about womanhood – it is MY CHOICE, as a woman, to say, enough is enough with the suffering and the vulnerability and the physical discomfort and all the rest of the crap given that a child is not on my agenda anymore anyway, thanks to increasing risks to the child post-40.

          Don’t give a fuq whether or not it kills me, increases my risk of cancer etc, or does me lasting damage: if biology is that rigid, then i say fuq you, biology, fuq you universe; bring it on. Who wants to die of dementia at 90 anyway???

          You can crap on all you want about this being a rejection of womanhood, but to me, it is actually a woman (Lilith) taking control of her womanhood and saying “I will define for myself what being a woman means, I will weigh the risks, and I will make my own decisions, thank you very much”.

          You don’t get more Lilith than that…

          • “Me no pause” Ha, I like that one even better Pegs! And really could give a flip about men so yes, “men ‘o pause”. Is that Irish? :lol:

            I mean I love men but I don’t need or particularly want one but did have a very sexy dream last night. It’s those dream boyfriends again… ;)

            Had meant to say above that have no model for not having a hysterectomy since I have not and hope I never have to. Sorta trekking it alone other than what I’ve read, etc. Some women I know that are older than me just would not stop bleeding, etc and had a terrible time.

            Well Fi you sound very definitive on your choices and so good for you, for sure. I remember my Mom telling me to go in the pill when a teen so I would not be a pms biatch..Then one day she says “you know, you really have been more pleasant” gee, thanks… lol

    • Cap rising and 5 foot 10 and the higher the better, as far as I’m concerned. I think it is your Sagg that likes the practicality. The Leo in me sadly likes the attention. Boring, I know.

      • Lucy, heels look better on tall women!!
        So many works-of- art in shoes, the craftsmanship amazing,
        some i salivate over but wearing them actually means walking
        in them. As i am the Receptioniste (as well as cleaner, washer,
        buyer & worker) in my mini-business, i wear them for 15 minutes
        per person :-) before & after their bodywork,so not to be totally deprived
        of the feel & look of them.
        Leo away Lucy!

  9. Anyway, one would only wear the above shoes with a black
    corselette for l’ activitie boudoir.
    Or a goddess style collar adorment & perfume only.
    Concentrate not eau de toilette.