Dita Von Libra

Well-well-well so here we have one Multiple Conjunct Libra AND a half: Pluto-Sun-Mercury-Uranus-Lilith all tight together in Libra. NO idea what Ms Von Teese has rising but she’s sure having one STINK of a Saturn transit.

So my question is this: Given that most peeps get more composed, formal and schemed during Saturn Transits, what could she do?

I’m thinking Ugg boots, a calculated make-under and hmmm, dreadlocks?  I mean really, how could she get more Saturn? Unless it’s a range of, um, homewear?

Two more thoughts:

(1) So Dita has Uranus-Lilith: Good astro for reinventing stripping/burlesque/playing with Madonna-Whore cliches, yes?

(2) Librans – how are you doing with Saturn?

45 thoughts on “Dita Von Libra

  1. Mmm….being made redundant by July….but am the one responsible for working out the Business Plan to have that happen in a controlled way….so lots of having to be a grown up. Do the right thing stuff. All the while NOTHING coming up on the future job prospect front. One fond hope, plan B on the job front dashed on Friday when I wasn’t even shortlisted.

    On the other hand, have moved back in to my own home and have been very productively nesting and creating a tranquil haven and safe comfortable cave of nakedness for my body, heart and soul.

    Romance wise….nothin. Am frisky as hell….and need mains powered not battery operated appliances….cos real male prospects…zilch.

    Libran Sun and Saturn and Chiron in my 8th house

    • Sorry that was just in response to (2).
      To (1)….I reckon Dita just keeps on keeping on….more clothes on….reinforced corsetry…and more stuff where she looks tailored.

      • Agreed re Dita more clothes / tailoring!1

        best of luck on biz & love – you’ll crack it, keep seeking new opps!1


  2. She is a Libran?
    She is gorgeous! *sigh* I thought she would be a scorp for sure (and secretly hoped that she was a Toro)

    • Yes, she IS lovely–and at first glance, I too guessed Scorpio and was surprised she is Libran. Maybe she is Scorpio Rising.

  3. Dita makes my heart sing, and I dream endlessly about playing dress ups in her wardrobe…
    Maybe the Sat-turning will be along the lines of a mormon like minimalism, white long sleeved underclothes and hair scarves a la Amish?

  4. .. she does look all up-tight and composed, for sure. This is how my mother would want me to look.

    I think she should have a fling with Swampy (UK EcoWarrior). It would clear her nostrils for a nice-smelling Libran holiday like camping (um possibly not) well.. log cabinning in a field full of French Lavender. With spa bath.

  5. The lady looks and dresses like my mother did in the fiftys and sixtys….SAturn in Cap 1st part. square sun in aries 10th…Gloves and all!!
    LOL That lady was super efficient….period. Never had to ‘work’ on her looks.

  6. Dita might go back to being her natural blond self…as part of this Saturn transit?
    Or, if that’s too far, maybe just go to being her raven-haired current self, except without the pancake makeup. I’ve seen pics of her w/o the pancake makeup and she’s very pretty. Was surprised she didn’t go out more often looking like that. (she was at a dress shop I think)

    • I agree – maybe for her Saturn return she will go au – natural, back to blonde – good ol’ Heather Sweet (a great real name I must say – perfect for her trade – why ever did she change it???) As she is now, she leaves me cold. I love, love, love make up – but her pasty pancake face and painted-on features are a real turn off in my books. And don’t get me started on her prattle on how she’d never be caught dead in a pair of jeans.

      • That was her real name!?! Wow, absolutely the perfect trade name!

        Now about never being caught dead in a pair of jeans, I wonder about trackie daks then….hm…. Imagined if she was drugged for the sole purpose of putting jeans/trackies on her, and let her awake to the horror sight… :lol:

        • I read once she said she was wearing jeans as her Halloween costume – they were THAT scary to her!

  7. She’ll probably will start her own fashion design house.
    I want to know wt heck is going on with Charlie Sheen!

    • I think he is just severely bipolar, poor bloke. I knew someone who had really bad bipolar disorder and he said the mania periods were just like this, he actually thought he was God’s son. He said the mania was great though.

      • Something is going on and it’s really sad. His rants are extremely creative though- but I don’t think he is fit to be around his children right now. I wonder what his astro transits are currently?

  8. I sure I can think of a few new ways to cinch, bind, and fetter Ms. Teese and give her a Saturn treatment.

    • OH FOR GODs sake get your hand off it Charles. Saturn is not some sleazy old misogynist git

      • Oh, get off, it’s nothing she didn’t choose herself as the Queen of structure and constriction.

  9. agree above re Dita more clothes / tailoring – she’s a long way from Marilyn Manson ….. the first place I saw her perform!! she looks wholesome vs having a junky / genius / muso-goth bfrnd …..

    am enjoying being Saturn’s bitch …. after a glorious summer of f.u.n, having maintained balance between varied biz obligations & serious bout of fun/sun/dalliances – recently shifted personal project to priority no 1 & turned up the heat. interestingly similar related opps have popped up. time for focus, smarts & decisions that fall outside existing paradigms. have the hunger back – yay!!

    it’s new frontier territory == love it!! xox

  10. Someone else having a stink of a Saturn transit is Christina Aguilera. She had her Saturn return in Libra not too long ago. She has Uranus and Lilith conjunct in Scorpio.

    Never the less, trans. Saturn is making a square to her natal Mars in Capricorn 11th.

    Her natal Saturn is making an inconjunct to trans. Pisces Mars in 1st.

    News stated she was arrested for public drunkeness.

      • Well, I was only looking at transits as far as Saturn busting her. But yes, she has them in a semi-sextile (32 degrees apart) not a strong aspect but they do touch.

  11. I reckon she’s cursing like a sailor through those teeth, something along the lines of “ýou have 2 seconds to take this shot arsehole, before i stab you in the thigh with my stiletto’ her pose makes me think her corset is going to pop a kidney. I reckon Scorp rising.

  12. maybe the scorpionic vibe people are sensing in her is actually the pluto-sun conjunction. oh, and the lilith. but she’s definitely libra – just think she turns stripping into an art form :). note also that she is not vulgar. as for the madonna/whore thing – i would rather bet she wants to be a woman first, defying labels.
    oh yes, saturn – to tell the truth, my saturn return is actually fabulous! i’m a libra sun tightly conjunct pluto and lilith. things got more structured in my life and i got some rewards for my diligent work, both career wise and relationships-wise. and the most important thing – to feel comfortable with who i am and my limitations. so, a big thank you to saturn

  13. I don’t know her well enough, but her waist surely signals a huge self-discipline. I eat lunch and my tummy gets a capital D shape.

    I too have Uranus-Lilith in Libra with none of her abilities in reinventing the scenery.

  14. I have a lady crush on Dita, she’s beautiful.

    The Librans I know, one is trying to stay stuck and is miserable, the younger one is shining.

  15. Wiki states: “As a teenager, Von Teese’s mother took her to buy her first bra, made from plain white cotton.. Von Teese says she was disappointed as she had been hoping to receive beautiful lacy garments and stockings, of the type she had glimpsed in her father’s Playboy magazines”.

    WTF? What perv wrote this? It’s a biography? Sorry, but it’s nice she like to be a 40’s geisha and probably she is elegant in action, but she doesn’t do it for me.

    I think she should wear plain white cotton, no make-up and transition to doing something else. Maybe marry a royal and do charity work a la Grace Kelly.

  16. She’s so glossy and perfect, it gets on my nerves, I like my celebrities/people/humans to have imperfections because I’m neurotically insecure and skin like that cannot exist. Can it? If so my freaking Libra stellium wants it. Or maybe I’m just jealous because she’s naturally blonde and as such gets to have the black hair I have on my head without having it everywhere else.

    I actually don’t think she has any Scorpio, despite the vampyness. Things look veerrrrrryyyyy different when you strip away the make up + dye, not so Scorpy now huh Dita?


    She’s part Armenian which is interesting, maybe that accounts for the eye smoulder!

    • Like the Kardashians, Armenian. I know many don’t like them but I love Libran Kim. She is beautiful and her Pisces Moon seems to make her sweet.

      • Yes, me too on both accounts, there’s something super appealing about KK’s face but I apparently have thing for people from that part of the world.

  17. anybody who did it with marylin manson has got a screw loose somewhere. so she’s hiding the screw(s) under all that “glamour.”

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  19. She seems very disciplined already maybe she’ll marry an older man?
    I don’t wish a breakdown on anyone.

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