Cancerian Snarky Cards…Handmade

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Well, well; this Cancerian chick is doing handmade Snark Cards and selling them via her Etsy.

It’s brilliant. Crab Peeps are good at craft and arty, they have an exhaustive capacity for accurate emotional perceptions and not always is it expressed in a new age fashion.

11 thoughts on “Cancerian Snarky Cards…Handmade

  1. Reminds me of my Cancerian best friend. SHE can pull this off. Not all the Cancers I know can pull it off without being too snarky or too pass-agg

  2. Kataka Sis is the snarkiest person I know! She is also wonderfully, tastefully crafty and makes all her own cards. She is offended that I don’t keep them all and cites the ‘collectors’ amongst her friends as examples to follow.
    But then her cards aren’t as funny as that one above! Hysterical, I want a set to send to my Kataka Sis.

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