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Susan Seddon Boulet – Sky Watcher

Sick to hell of the war between Saturn and Jupiter?  (You know what i’m talking about Spinach Juice-Pilates to Blue Devil Hoochie Juice-Dumb Debt fluctuations HOURLY?)

Wondering where the fuq your Escape Pod is?  Answer: Where-ever you’ve got Zero Aries in your chart.

Needing tips for dealing with Superstar Guru Aries without becoming a snivelling minion?

Or are you a Virgo wanting to know why your life is about to be imbued with Sex, Magic & Money all of a sudden.

Ladies & Gentlemen, your Weekly Scopes are up now.

70 thoughts on “Astro-Minimalissimo

  1. SSB??!!!
    I fell in love with her art as just a young thing. I remember cutting mats at uni to frame her postcards and calender pix. This is one of my favorite of her paintings. It speaks to how and why I became an astrologer among other things.

    • Curious, how did her art help lead you into becoming an astrologer et al? Love her Shamanic portrayals. I have this pic as a fridge magnet lol

  2. Escape? Looks like there won’t be any escape for me unless a miracle happens. My 0 point in Aries is like in the 5th house of romance (NONE), children (NONE…see the romance section for reasons), and creativity (LOW to NONE).

    I guess I better develop a love of spinach and blue hoochie jooce during my pilates class. :/ Wow this shit feels bleak.

    • I have Zero in Aries in 5th House too.
      I feel creative inspiration (spring fever) starting to hit.
      Give it time to work! ;)

      I am manifesting creative energy and money from my 5th House.

  3. So maybe you meet a lover with children and who wants to open an art gallery with you, like, this weekend. Have you ever heard of a thing called creative vissualization? You are doing it in reverse..

    • I’m sorry if I sound like a downer LS. I’ve used it for manifesting new clients and more money. It def. works!
      But I have heard that creative visualization does have “rules” . For instance, you shouldn’t try to manifest something that is against someone else’s free will. So wishing for a generic lover with certain attributes isn’t against the rules but wishing for a specific person is. And if I am honest with myself, which I am, I am still wanting a certain specific person and not open to any other possibility. (Sucks & I know it!) But it is pointless to pretend or be inauthentic to the universe from my experience. If you know any good tips, please share.

      • My tips are downer. :-(

        First I needed to let go of the person. I visualized putting him on a lug in a river, watched him slowly drifting away with my best wishes. Whenever I longed for that person, I thought the said person was dead, and asked if I really wanted a spirit to contact and spook me. Over time, these helped me to release my fixation.

        I haven’t wished for a new love, but that is no longer because am not open to other possibilities. Give life a chance to surprise you :-)

      • Sorry YOTF, no tips … But hoping someone perfect walks through the door, doesn’t take no for an answer, hangs around long enough for you to totally fall in love with him (or her if you prefer) and that he (or she) is 100 times better than the person you still want.

        (Though I totally agree with you about the free will thing and wishes)

  4. 0 Aries is in my first house. So…I need to be more up myself and generally awesome? DONE. I’m already having the best week ever.

  5. No Superstar Aries here. Was late for work Monday…that never happens! Had my start time mixed up. Then Double Cappo co-worker had her time mixed up today. Nothing like that has happened in the four plus years I’ve worked there. We both have Cappo Moons….very uncharacteristic…

    Office went upside down with them trying to get ahold of me to take her patient but I had stepped out to run an errand and no more minutes on my phone. Just felt sorta nuts today…Too many planets hedged in on my Aries Mercury… Leave me alone!…

    Guess Uranus now in Aries means I will have to be available for communications on and off planet? :)

    • Oh, almost in Aries. Mercury is enough thus far and Uranus running a close second behind :???:

      Mercury Return very shortly. Will have to run a chart…

    • What do you think life will you like for you Aries peeps Sweetie? Uranus will be exact on your Sun at some point and you will be inspired you think? Channeling a Sirian or something?! Do share.

      • Well, although middle eastern men have always gravitated towards me, never dated a Syrian but that’s not to say I would not listen nor channel his renderings… ;) lol… (I know which Sirian you mean)

        Just caught a blurb, but Libyan woman speaking of Gaddafi’s crazies inflicting wounds to “necks and heads”. Mary Mother of Joseph…..How more Aries could that be.

        Venturing on with my book. Some puzzle pieces have fallen into place lately actually that have been very helpful as to what the hell I’ve been doing these past several years. In the past, I have tended to stumble quite blindly on my path but then at the zenith hour the right guidance comes and all makes sense so, I’ve blubbered a bit about that lately as I’ve felt very grateful and now have new clarity about the healing process and my own stages of growth. If stuff don’t feel real, we can’t very well be authentic in our sharing nor just plain human for that matter.

        So pretty much my life is all about that. I would love for this bright and shining Sun to come out and we all be uplifted into an enlightened world, but there is obviously some slogging yet to be done. I will help in the best way I can.

        Thanks for asking Dromie x

        • Hahahah, you and your middle eastern boyz Sweetpea, channeling a Syrian? I say! That sounds really good re your healing process, I want the sun to shine kindly on us also – you are a help to many already.

    • me too mr creo. escape pod is in communication mmmm? Had alovely d & m with the sparkly gem crab lst night . that was enlightening.

      • Me three! Mercury is right on 0 Aries point (0 29′) and in the 3rd house. But it’s a cold rainy morning and so far all I have to show for it is a headache that’s tensed up my neck and shoulders. Maybe this onslaught of Arien energy has overwhelmed my Scorpy sensitivities.

  6. jeez mystic. so correct weekly. Dragged self from flu hangover to make every appointment for all Drs I need to see. Super huge mission get this done with work health plans scorpio at the moment. the other is re align social modes outgrown certain peeps gemini. love your wisdom lady

  7. So essentially you’re doing a Peaches and telling me to “Fuq the Pain Away”, right?? Will try to arrange…

  8. 0 deg Aries in 10th House, and yes, what you said about Las Lionessas manifesting an escape pod in various ways – I am doing a three day course next weekend with Raym R. Soooooo excited!

    Maybe it is where I am headed in terms of career? Perfect that Uranus will be in my 10th igniting all my crackpot, innovative and shocking interests…

  9. We are snowed in today. Perfect timing and scenery to visualize the next 7 years. I have Aries in 1st house, Libra 7th. Jupiter – Saturn is playing on 1st – 7th house, mentioned before: both are intercepted, so Aries and Libra expressions come late in life.

    I will meditate today on Zero Aries point and what once I read: To relate (in Libra way), first you have to know self (in Aries way).

  10. 0 Aries in my 8th, trine my asc, sextile my sun.
    Maybe if I look hot and radical someone will pay me a squillion dollars for sex and I can use it to fund my brilliant career jag.

    • Ah yes, the execution bit

      What seems more apparent unfortunately is that a whole heap of things that I associate with the life I wanted I was trying to build in this newish city are falling away, and tonight I am going to a gig that’s very much of my old city with people from another old city, both places/bits of my life I cane to this new city to try and move forward from.
      Even without reading any symbolism into it it’s crap.

  11. Aries in the fourth house. BORING. I’m sick of this family business. Really. There are ZERO family issues for me. Everything is peachy. I want something to HAPPEN already. All I feel is a sense that something big will happen….. but what? And when? And…. why not NOW!?! North node at 6 degrees…… is that closest enough to zero for something exciting to happen?

    I WANT A LOVE LIFE. If there was ever a time to use “astro-weirding” it applies to my love life. Had a stalker for one week – and then he disappeared (thank F!). And some “ex” (not that we were ever together) stress(? is it stress?). I don’t know. I just want some happy loving. I’ve been single long enough already.

    • Me too! Zero Aries as well. I am trying to negotiate a property settlement – could be good?
      Frankly I’m just thankful I have zero Aries SOMEWHERE in my chart as I need change damn it, yesterday.

    • It’s only stress if it stressed you Woohoo. Otherwise it’s just white noise that can pass over … if it’s their stress then you don’t need to take it on board.

  12. I don’t understand the houses that well but does this explain why I have been zapped of energy and on a bit of a downer the last few days? Cancer sun , scorp rising

    • If you want a really good book on the hosues, Lizzy, try Howard Sasportas “The Twelve Houses”. Really informative and written in an easily accessible format.

    • If you want a really good book on the houses, Lizzy, try Howard Sasportas “The Twelve Houses”. Really informative and written in an easily accessible format. And good ol’ Aries in Uranus must be kicking in because WordPress just told me I”m posting to quickly and to slow down. Fancy getting rapped over the knuckles by a flamin’ programme, for god’s sake :D

      • Yes, well I seen (hill billy talk ya know) your triple happy face emo on another post you did. Your smokin’ LL. Love the sun glasses one’s too.

        And, I got the Libran grand baby doll this weekend..!! We’re going to the movies first off when I pick her up Friday night. Bought this little barbie so we can cook out on the patio and make “smores” (after a reasonable dinner of course), but bought all her faves. How does a casual jaunt to the market end up $125? Ever mention I once let her make cookies for breakfast?

        :lol: Next book “The Sins of a Grannie”… Oh but it will be juicy… hehe

        • Jeez, Sweetpea, if you lived in Oz, I’d ask ya to come on over and have a barbie, along with ya Libran granddaughter (said in my best Aussie accent :D). Except I don’t do barbies and never have done. Messy stuff. Maybe it’s the Libran. Dunno. But I do a mean Tandoori Chicken so you could both nosh on that instead, and you g-d could get nice messy, sticky red fingers!

    • Uranus is going into 0 degrees Aries on Saturday until 2019 and so Uranus will be conjunct with your natal moon within 4 degrees either side of your moon. You can look on google to see what Uranus conjunct natal moon means for you. Also, look at the house that your moon is in as that is where there will most likely be big changes in your life.

  13. Lizzy and Maria,
    Have a look at cafe astrology website, and info on transits of Uranus, to your moon and prob either 5th or 6th house for you Lizzy?
    In the predictive Astro bit there are all sorts of goodies.

    • Thanks I just had a look at my chart and Aries is in the 6th with nothing but chiron in it.

    • Oh sorry shell. I didn’t see your msg- it’s late. Yes Cafe astrology is a fantastic resource.

  14. Aries in the 7th house. Well, now I know why I’m focused on getting healthy, organised and systematic. Quite enjoying thigns at present, perhaps I’m in tune with the energies at present (now watch some sod stuff it up, lol).

  15. 0 Aries in 8th, Jupiter & mercury are close there.

    Lovers’ stuff is hotting up, Big Pisces Man stopped me in my tracks yesterday by saying hello after months of hiding/running. LOL I didn’t know what to do but say a naff squeak like hello back damn it. I should leave it be but I’m wanting know why the change of heart, why now.

    • Just looked at current lovers and he’s got Jupiter & Merc in his 5th 0 Aries.

        • Lol cool is that what it all means. I’ve been doing a Peaches, but the painful one has returned. Money has been unusually lean hope that changes soon.

  16. 0 Aries in the 12th *yawn* so overrrrrrrrr the 12th house. Can’t wait for this to hit my 1st! Enjoying the energy though, the time last year when Jupiter + Uranus were in Aries felt good for me, I can feel that feeling again. Movement, it’s happening!

  17. Ha… Lilith at beginning Aries. With Jupiter and Saturn going for it I’m thinking The way to own this is to channel Mae West. Super seductress, queen hostess, who went to bed before midnight and drank water whilst topping up her guests vodka…

  18. 0 degrees Aries in 8th. 9th house starts at 17 degrees Aries so the impact of Uranus in Aries will cross both houses. I don’t understand the 8th house (pisces on cusp) all that well as it’s empty, except for Juno 24 degrees and vertex 5 degrees, and doesn’t aspect anything. I guess at some point though the planets in Aries will trine my Leo ascendant which sounds good. I have been really stuck for a long time and this could be my chance for new beginnings. I’ve worked hard but not enough courage and action to date so I think that will change. Maybe the Aries will help me fake it till I make it.

    • same here. wondering what this will bring. last year when this began I can’t say as I felt much of anything except foggy yet determined to move forward, but that’s been my M.O. for a couple years. I did yank together a lot of stuff at the same time, but that’s another skill I can have when I need to. I suppose I “found” the energy to do all that I had to do. people around me were saying “wow” but I just felt like a zombie determined to move forward—which is kinda part of the definition of a zombie. they just keep going. can’t kill’em. they keep coming back.

      • My questions about houses is this:

        If in our natal chart we see Uranus at a very particular spot that more resonates with our rising sign (in my case 8th house Uranus–Leo Rising), then how do we use our sun sign horoscope? Should we only consider the rising sign scope as valid because the house representation is more accurate.

        Or, do we also take into account how many houses Uranus is from our Sun (7 houses away from my sun, so a 7th house influence)?

        • Bluesky, I’ve wondered about this a lot, and my experience says, look at it all. Solar and natal, any aspects. Consider how they may work separately, and together. I’m Leo rising too, and have the 8th over Pisces and Aries, so that shift is more about same thing, different approach which I find hard to recognise. Whereas, and moreso in hindsight, it seems easier to see shifts according to solar houses, Uranus entered my 10th and I made some career shifts, that is starting to wind up now and as I was whinging about above, it seems 11th house things (and how I sacrifice them for 10th house things) are coming to the fore now. Of course the sextile to my natal 10th house sun also plays a role in that, and making decisions, or having others make decisions about where you expend energy/share etc could be seen as 8th (and getting more selfish about it as a shift from Pisces to Aries).
          Anyway, you’re a libra ain’t you, not a Leo, so you’ve got to take the 7th house stuff into account (particularly given libra rules the 7th) and more broadly, given Astro is essentially a system of symbols and archetypes that you interpret as you will according to your own experience, then why not search far and wide within it for clues to understanding a situation? (see I’m defn a gemini, i just come across as a know it all Leo :) )

          • Thanks, shell. I agree that it works best to look at it all. Just confuses me to think of 2 separate natal wheels with 2 meanings (the rising and the sun-count-the-houses-routine). But I do find both wheels or ways of looking at it have some echoes of truth. I think the rising sign is stronger, though. It seems that way. Though with all the predictions of an enhanced love life for Virgo (really a sun virgo, I guess virgos are headed to 8th house issues with Uranus, and not 7th), I wouldn’t mind that!

  19. 0 degrees Aries in the 1st house right on top of my Mars (0 degrees Aries). Going to hit the gym in my new Lululemon workout outfit and then I have a date with a hockey player. Win!

  20. OMG Mystic. I’ve just realised that maybe it’s the Jupiter / Saturn battle that’s been doing my head in lately.

    I started feeling rotten and getting into arguments with everyone (including someone here who used an anonymous name to heckle me with) since this about the time you mentioned the Jupiter – Saturn thing.

    And I just haven’t felt like communicating with anyone unless it was to pick a fight (and boy does that scare people because I’m usually a lover not a fighter).

    I think I’ve got 0′ Aries in 7th House so my escape hatch is my partner … Gorgeous woman that she is – who is being extra lovely today and buying me beer and cider so I can get royally drunk when I go visit my friend tomorrow … I’ve not been drunk in over a decade so should be interesting :)

    Did you say I’m going to be getting more sex? Fantabulous!!!! There can never be too much sex :) :)

    • PS: I HATE Saturn with a vengence but I adore Jupiter. Maybe that’s why this current transit is doing my head in

      And did someone say sex???? :D