Are You Team Saturn Or Team Jupiter?

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Jupiter and Saturn are lining up in opposition. It’s intense till Tuesday. Obviously, the most brilliant result from this undeniable tension would be the perfect blend of Jupiterian optimism and big thinking with Saturnine sophistication and pragmatic discipline. But actually it’s more likely that you’re on Team Saturn or Team Jupiter.  Oppositions tend to polarize.

So you’re either slugging back the green tea and about a 1000 vitamins as you spreadsheet, your mind rapidly calculating a variety of scenarios, aware that planning is the key to everything…OR you’re about to go drink Blue Devil with a dozen new acquaintance, determined to bring your harebrained scheme/latest gamble in with a flourish.

Could you do/be both?

Check out the relationship between Jupiter and Saturn in your natal chart. If they’re talking – like a sextile, trine, conjunction or even – yes – opposition; you’re tres fortunate indeed and more likely than the average person to be super-successful. Because you get the blend right. You do with Jupiter square Saturn as well but it’s sometimes via learning the hard way.

Too much Jupiter can see you fat as a pig and down at the race-course every weekend, bullshitting to your potential “investors” whilst too much Saturn can have you recycling dental floss and refusing to love as it doesn’t compute.

Now through till next Tuesday: Calibrate your Jupiter-Saturn blend.

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159 thoughts on “Are You Team Saturn Or Team Jupiter?

  1. my jupiter 6 aquarius and saturn 29 capricorn , is this sextile, trine, conjunction or opposite ???

    • That’s a conjunction Jac, but not a cut-and-dry one as across two signs. They still work together as a team, but saturn in his ruling sign probably wins out with the sensible level-headed tempering of the jupiter fun times

  2. Saturn-Jupiter conjunction here, I do spreadsheets and risk-management planning with a bottle of Blue Devil Hoochie in hand… Always…!! I also sing through a crisis as a first-call response.

  3. Saturn is tormenting me with deadlines, Jupiter is driving me to the fridge to self-medicate with food, argh. Just popping the kettle on for a green tea!

    • I can relate! I feel like I’m in the crosshairs of both these planets.

  4. I dunno because my Saturn in Pisces and Jupiter in Leo is one of the only parts of my chart sans aspects. So what does that mean?

    But if I were to characterize my state right now I’d say: optimistic but wary.

  5. Natal Jupiter in Pisces square Saturn in Sagg here.

    Feeling really, really nutty and ill up until today when I sat down and finished a project that I thought would take much longer. Rewarded myself with a burger. Then I slayed it at Bikram, and now I am straddling my Jupiter-Saturn confusion by working at midnight while I eat a piece of RAW VEGAN German chocolate cake. How Jupiter Saturn opposition schizophrenia is that?

    Anyways, I’ve definitely been hit hard by it this week but I have a strategy! More Bikram tomorrow, followed by something virtuous and light like a green smoothie.
    Stay in and cook with my guy, maybe go somewhere lowkey after.
    Bikram again Saturday, a work date with my friend midday over wine, get my hair did (SO badly needed) then after the work’s done and I’m lookin’ good, out for something decadent but healthy (probably sushi) aaaand party time.

    I think the trick to this transit is setting goals and then staying really present, then tricking oneself into getting Jupiter satiation by little things.

    Yo Mystic – I used the Bach walnut essence over the summer when Pluto was on my Venus and it actually seemed to help. Do you have something you prefer for the current astro landscape? I tired another (damn, I forget which) but it didn’t seem to help like the walnut.

    • Jupiter is in Pisces and Saturn is in Sagittarius as well !!

      I am team jupiter and saturn… I need them both!!

      I guess my position in life right now is not being motivated today anything after my Aries lover doesn’t want me ….. so I’m pretty much on suicidal watch. Not to mention, I’m in my twenties and I feel like I have mid-age/life crisis. shaking my head. Not motivated to do anything!! But theres this thing call faith that I’m holding onto…… so, we will see.

      • “I guess my position in life right now is not being motivated today anything after my Aries lover doesn’t want me ….. so I’m pretty much on suicidal watch. Not to mention, I’m in my twenties and I feel like I have mid-age/life crisis.”

        You are my life twin.
        Just turned 24 a month ago and I’m freaking out. Some days are a battle to get things done because the chatter in my head is on full blast.

        My dude is so busy with work (his startup just got funded AND he trades markets and they’re going mental with this political unrest) that I feel like he doesn’t want me. And then I sit at home and try and write and work at odd hours with bursts of inspiration. And feel like a piece of shit while he’s busy all day with what seems like “Real Work” and I’m getting up at 11 AM and living this seemingly life of leisure reading, going to yoga, chillin in the tub, drinking wine at 3 pm. lol

          • I agree with you…I personally find that i feel better when I spread the sessions out out across the week.

            Since I was sick I have not attended one class this week and I have been going three days per week every single week since January 1, so stacking them back to back to fit them all it is kind of a principle thing for me so I don’t feel like a quitter. ^_^

            Some hardcore Bikram peeps go every day but I don’t think it’s healthy. Three times a week is my sweet spot.

            I remember now…I had been using olive but I think I’m gonna just go back to the walnut. Thanks for the link. :)

        • “My life twin” yeah!! I like!! 😀

          Yeah it sucks majorly and its funny we aren’t the only twenty year olds that is having this crisis about life. I don’t know what is going on….mystery waiting to unravel itself.

  6. Saturn trine Jupiter, love my spreadsheets but get bored having to go over and over them making sure they balance (should mention I’m a Sagg…). I’m doing my budget in the other window as I’m reading this :)

  7. Striking a good balance between the two! sending off invoices, checking off to-do’s from weeks ago, triple checking the taxes… and having a 4pm bath with a glass of red.

    Vacillating between strict vegan lent and pigging out on “butter first” oatmeal cookies (entire boxes at a time).

    Also did the bit about BS-ing potential clients, but felt more like “I really knew what I was talking about”, so they were confident in me.

    * Natal Jupiter in Leo semisextile Saturn in Virgo, pretty neutral.

  8. My Jupiter and Saturn are not on speaking terms. Jupiter is in Leo and Saturn is in Virgo. They occupy opposite ends of the 8th house, with my Moon in Virgo in the middle. Does this mean big, positive gains will come from practical, constructive behavior? Or vice versa? Not sure which team I’d be on. I tend to be inherently Saturn-like while wishing I could be more lucky, jovial and Jupiter-like.

    • Yeah same here. Tend to be more Saturnine and like you the two are not even close.

      • GS, how do you visualize Saturn in Pisces? Jupiter in Leo is easy, since big, jovial and carefree seem like Leo qualities to me. I think of Jupiter as the happy planet, happy for the sake of being happy, no drama, no ulterior motive, just happy to be happy. Saturn I think of as the opposite, the “I have to worry about the consequences of everything I do” planet. You can’t be happy while you’re analyzing every little detail. Even my Virgo Moon makes me feel like sometimes I don’t know how to be happy. Saturn in Virgo is Cinderella and she’s jealous that Jupiter in Leo gets to go to the ball and have all the fun! :p

        • Yeah… Jupiter in Leo is effusive, expansive, hot and dry. Saturn in Pisces is restrictive, depressive, cold and wet. So I guess together they would be….. steam or ? Lol!

          • Saturn in Pisces?

            Dream your structure…..
            Jupiter isn’t all happy… maybe if you find the unfun side of your fun planets- you can find the fun side of your unfun ones?


            Sound fishy enough for you?

            From the Cappy rising , pisces mooner

            • Thanks Black Star. I think the way I’ve managed to harness that Saturnine Pisces thing is that I’ve become very adept at just going w/ the flow without completing dissolving. And that, I attribute to my Capricorn moon and asc. :)

  9. I’m going away tomorrow ’til Wednesday…. so I really don’t care how this manifests because I won’t be in my normal environment. I’ll be with family though – so I guess much more Saturn and low-key/sensible….. (going to museums and family dinners) I think if I were to stay in town Jupiter would’ve won over and I’d spend the entire weekend “Charlie Sheened”; there’s too many birthday’s on and I would’ve convinced myself the astro-love aspects lined up would find me my Prince Charming.

  10. saturn conjunct my asc, jupiter conjunct my midheaven. they prob dont aspect, 76 degrees – too wide for a quintile?
    anyway – i’m budgeting big time, but always have wine in the hoose (pisces moon), have just remembered the big slab of triple cream brie i purchased the other day and may have for dinner, and am hungover, and have crap loads of work to do and will spend most of the weekend doing it, in between bits of faffing about, and a few vodkas in the sun.
    If it wasn’t for my saturn rising and overall poverty I’d be a lush.

    • currently in 2nd (saturn), and 8th (jupiter). So i’ll watch my own cash but happily indulge at other’s expense…

      • I was actually in the mood to indulge yesterday, had my eye on a few things that I would have had to justify the expense as early birthday present. But they failed to live up to the dream and I ended up purchasing sensible socks. Team Saturn is me.
        But now think I’ll spend my last budgeted 20 bucks on a shoulder massage at the local shopping centre, after ascertaining of course that all other necessary purchases have been made. Cap moon is telling me it’ll help me get the work done.
        I did sleep for about 11 hours though. Full of nonsensical dreams. Its a recovery phase I think.

  11. my natal Jupiter and natal Saturn are unaspected to each other.

    However with the current transit, I feel I am still struggling because my chart ruler is Jupiter and Saturn is current in Libra. :/

    • There’s no aspect between my two natal planets either.
      Jupiter Scorpio in 1st House
      Saturn Taurus in 7th House

      but, there’s a pull now. It’s actually a good balance right now for me. I can always manage to add some Scorpio sleaze spin on my diet or write some spicy lyrics while drinking iced green tea organic and opping my vitamins.

  12. got a pretty loose square.

    i think i’ve found a pretty good spot to ride this one out. things are going quite well. all i want is time out to work on side projects and work out at the gym ie do ‘real’ work. i have a pretty good focus on what i want and am working fearlessly towards it. I feel like i have luck on my side and that my boundaries are self-patrolling.

    i even found out that my dream job is up at my dream company and i was encouraged to apply!

    my weight is starting to creep up without really even trying so jupiter is definitely shining on me (for better or worse) but i don’t mind the fact that my only goals for next week are to do a spin class every day and get my taxes sorted. i’m sure everything will balance out and keep flowing smoothly.

  13. I Have both Jupiter and Saturn in Virgo in the 9th house (but not conjunct). I’m not sure what that means exactly but I think I tend to swing wildly between the two every few months/weeks. Either getting drunk, spending too much money and not getting in till 5 or going on a detox and obsessing over admin for a while.

  14. I think I am definitely more prone to indulging Jupiter – I am Sagittarius so perhaps this makes sense… but Saturn seems to be riding me hard lately. In natal chart – Saturn in Scorpio, in my 4th house; Jupiter in Capricorn in my 6th house. Tonight I’m heading out, but am hoping to get stuck into academic work over the weekend… Part of me is kind of gunning for something awesomely unexpected to occur tonight though (Mystic’s daily email has gotten me all curious as to how the weekend is going to play out!)

    • same here. i am intrigued how paranormal romance is gonna coccur when I’m chilln at home with a glass of chardy having a precious night to myself apres beautiful surf with the most beautiful sunset.

      • scratch that. Jsut had a friend send me a youtube for ‘Angel in the dark’ which is almost word for word how I’ve been feeling about an ex. I’ve been dreaming about him and a blonde. helloooo. A little psychic is my friend eeek

        • I wonder if this counts as my paranormal love weirding: going out for a drink with my ex’s girlfriend’s husband and lo and behold my ex and his girlfriend are at the bar??? The odds were astronomical (haha!).

        • I think my weird romance thing occurred last night while out and about spotting a friend-with-benefits-that-recently-went-awry. He was over the other side of the street, I’m quite certain it was him. I pretended not to see him as I couldn’t be bothered with the awkwardness that would ensue. I’m thinking he did the same. I’m not sure what the universe was telling me with that one – I felt fine, but I did feel a tinge of sadness that it fizzled out and we aren’t friends anymore. Ended up indulging in a sneaky drunken pash with another friend – I am regretting that quite hard today as I really don’t see him as more than a friend… Ugh – I’m abstaining from alcohol and men for a while!

  15. I have Saturn in Leo and Jupiter in Taurus. Not sure what that means but I am feeling a lot better about work and hopeful about my love (Gemini with isshues) who has retreated to the cave.
    I think I will just go with the busy productive air and not wallow in love angst this weekend.

  16. I never know how to calibrate Saturn-Jupiter. I have them in sextile, in fact, a yod. Jupiter retrograde in Libra, Saturn retrograde in Sag. That’s the sextile, the base of the yod pointing to my Sun/Moon conjunct in Taurus. I never knew what to do with that. One astrologer suggested watching for transits over the Saturn-Jupiter midpoint, that would be opposition my Sun/Moon. That doesn’t really make it any clearer to me at all.

    • I have a yod too, and don’t know how to read it. Venus and Mars pointing to Neptune.

    • I have a yod too – scorp uranus 10th house, jupiter virgo 8th house, pointing to venus in aries in 3rd house – 1 astrologer told me it’s like a big finger (the finger of god) pointing to the area you need to address – that I need to learn to play the game of love and not make myself too accessible to love?!!! Huh??So sorry no answers here either! It seemed to sound to me that wherever it’s pointing is an area you need to address, as maybe you’re allowing the negative aspect of that planet in that sign to rule…or something???? But can combine the energy of the other two planets with 3rd one it’s pointing at, to create something special…

      • Mars + Venus ? Neptune = “Let’s get drunk and screw?” I dunno. But Neptune’s in the 2nd H. Maybe I should charge for it? I missed my calling?

        • LOL if neptune’s the finger then it could be let’s screw THEN get drunk. I have lilith chiron + neptune – I was thinking feminist propaganda films or porn for women with subtitles.

      • I was told the finger of God thing too. An astrologer told me that a Yod refers to esoteric spiritual soul energies that lie latent in the chart. It shows the direction one should take in life that was planned before one’s life began – areas of talent and the individual’s unique energies. It is where one needs to take action and direct their focus in life. If not, it is likely there will be a sense of dissatisfaction and life could feel quite bland. It can be compared to the Ace of Swords in the Tarot, one should pay particular attention to this point in the chart.

        Not everyone has a yod. For those who do, the planets that sit at the base are what prop up the point of direction we are apparently meant to take in life. The house in between the ‘propping up’ planets are also significant, can’t recall how though.. Blue lines positive, challenging lines could be karmic.. What needs to be worked on.

        Can google how they’re formed, bit complex for moi atm. I do know I have two yods though! A strong, positive one to the house of the unconscious J that incorporates a couple of stelliums and a more karmic one or so I’m told. My work and study relates well to that one though so I should be safe for now lol.

        • i think the one in the middle is called the funnel so it’s what the energy gets funnelled into? It’s like the spout it comes out of – the filter?

          • The point of the yod is the way to deal with the issues raised by the planets at the base of the yod.

            • I have them in a yod too. Jupiter (in the 6th), Saturn and Neptune. Balancing my lifestyle for the benefit of my health is the biggest theme in my life and I could do with some pointers!

              Saturn is the point of the yod – but it’s conjunct the South Node – what would that mean?

              • PS My chart as a whole makes a symmetrical shape pointing towards Neptune…I’m confused…

              • I have the saturn south node conjunction as a transit right now and some people have said saturn / south node is all about information about past lives coming up or meeting people from past lives. For me it has manifested as a truckload of familial inheritances (some of them unwelcome hereditary health scares but others really nice things like family recipe books handed down) – is in my 4th which also relates to family/home of origin. How it manifests in your reality will depend on your house placements of the Saturn and Neptune – jupiter in the 6th would mean some kind of expansive energies to do with your skills and how you relate to “service” or work – the astro sign that rules your 6th would also colour the energies. Neptune would have a creative and illusory effect on whatever the house it’s located in relates to and Saturn being the funnel would be really handy at “pinning” both the jovial and neptunian energies down or anchoring them in a way that relates to the house it’s placed in – it seems like a really handy yod to be having. In some way I’m guessing it would be about being able to temper the potential of the energies of both jupiter and neptune at the same time and using innate (or past life) abilities to do so. Jupiter and neptune being sextile would be a “living large” kind of energy to deal with that’s for sure : -)

              • Thanks so much xx

                I seem to be in a boom and bust cycle – overdoing it/getting ill/getting better/overdoing it and so on. At work I’m very conscientious. Outside of work I’m hopeless with discipline and routine and that’s probably where I need to make some changes.

              • full on whatevs. eerie family disease inherit 4th house saturn transit. what chiron book you reading? I think chiron is my actual culprit here and having bucket chart with chiron handle think I need to read more. chiron is retrograde as well natal in taurus 11th house.

                you made reference to legs its not diabetes?x

              • Doctors never know what’s wrong with me – neptune + moon in the 6th in scorpio tends to obscure health issues. what is the legs connection with diabetes? I don’t watch RPA or Dr Harry so I don’t know so much about diseases. No familial diabetes. Other unnerving precedents. Fingers crossed just have to wait and see. Mercury retro for tests I’m happy about – revisiting old ground.

                the book – I was sure I must’ve mentioned it to you already – I’m like the poster-child for it. Chiron and the Helaing Journey – Melanie Reinhart. It completely answered some of the things other astro info hasn’t. Major cascading breakthrough moments. Go get it tiger x

              • Looked it up cos I know you’ve got low ebb $. Skim reading just for the major themes so this is not all of it but a fair idea xxx

                Your natal chiron is about finding your soul tribe – that’ll be why you feel like you’re not with your peeps. You’re all about giving expression to ideas without surrendering your individuality to the mission – having it in taurus would amplify the need to make it “real” and aesthetically pleasing. Is also all about frustrations with limitations and has strong links to saturn/uranus energy so the transits of now are going to be pushing your buttons big time. And if I didn’t already have an innate love for your overall vibe, you have exactly the same chiron placement as Gabriel Dante Rosetti. So you’re all about wanting to contribute to society and make it a better place but also inclined to become lost in the mire if you aren’t able to make your vision real. Steer clear of the laudenum and redheads lovely. So creatively you’re about linking old and new – which is something we’ve talked about before – you’re right your chiron is pivotal. You’re an iconoclast but you have to watch you don’t get lost in other people’s ideologies.

              • yeah I have always thought of myself as a bridge of old and new. or how to make new fit in now. interesting re chiron and thanks for looking that up. will read book as chiron is all over my arse atm. Good thing I am militant bout the vision then. all this is being spurred again re current astro. love to you xx

              • meant to say I have same moon/neptune placement so I hear you. I only thought legs for circulation and amputation re diabetes it fucks your blood/circulation. Don’t know why i thought that for legs. Hang in there doll with health. I am in same boat but pushing through. Getting theta healing to reprogram DNA

      • robert wilkinson talks about yods in aquarius papers a bit – do you find love in the neighbourhood or on public transport? Or find work or inherit things / lucky through acquaintances or neighbours suddenly? Just fumbling round with the houses and the things they and the planets stand for can sometimes lead you to some interesting and canny answers – shell’s super good at that, she’ll say something weird cabout your chart cos it’s astro-nerd funny without knowing it’s in some way true. Is a fun + low key way to learn about the aspects.

      • Let’s see.. Jupiter Rx at 23 Libra 3rd House, sextile Saturn Rx at 24 Sag 5th house. Apex 10th house Sun at 27 Taurus conjunct Moon at 26 Taurus.

        Apparently I am supposed to be balancing Jupiter/Saturn energies that are inconjunct to some 10th house Taurus Sun/Moon thing. I have no idea what to do with all that. However, I do note with some trepidation, Saturn will be transiting over my Jupiter soon.

        • Well Jupiter expands, so tendency to be overly verbose? And Saturn contracts and restricts, so perceived limitations relating to creativity (or kids?). You balance the tendency to talk about rather than do, by making that blend of communication and creativity your career focus?
          You paint rather than write though don’t you?

          • I think charles does printmaking – is that right charles? which is such a particular and detail oriented thing that your jupiter / saturn explanation makes a lot of sense shell.

            • I paint and draw, but my specialty is a complex printmaking technique, yeah, somewhat detailed and geeky technologically. And yeah, I worked in computer graphics and printing, I was the guy with the microscope ,always trying to measure graphics in increments of 1/3540th of an inch.
              Recently I rectified my chart and discovered I had Mercury at my MC, which probably explains why I’m making more money writing than painting or printing.

  17. mine are in same house same sign but not aspected
    jups conjunct NN and saturn 3rd house virgo

      • is it? Jupiter is non existent.
        I hated school, was disliked by teachers and actively picked for learning disability. Loathed our neighbourhood and marched out of there as early as I could. My relationship with my sister is loaded and strained and both aunts are psychopaths with extreme issues. no jupes love at all! x

        • AAAAAH! I’ve inadvertently hit your knee with a rubber hammer and you kicked? : -) Just had a lightbulb moment reading your words. Gotta go to work but sometime in the next few days when I’ve got some minutes will dish xxx

          • ha yeah. it is I guess. was reading a lot about jupiter and how to liberate it from saturn drowning but I only get naff interps like basic arse 3rd house things like “good relationship with your neighbours”
            who cares? x

            • Ms, just a thought, Jupes conj NN may be the more difficult planet to get in touch with earlier in life – not sure of yr age but know you are what? @ 30ish? Just speaking from experience and other astrologer’s wisdom. SN is always easier but we are compelled to our NN as we get older. Saturn nearby would not help either (or alternatively it could be massively helpful if you listen). Meditation would really help. I’ve only really thought about our individual difficulties in activating our NN potential recently after a reading with a spiritual astrologer who focusses on Chiron and the nodes, and it really fits for me and has been life changing. He’s based in Sydney and I’d be happy to give you his name if you wish; I’m sure Mystic won’t mind, it’s a completely different style. I have Jupiter in Toro, third house and have experienced wonderful “wealth” with my siblings, neighbours, and learning environments from school to university. North Node is more difficult than most astrologers give credit, but it’s what we are here for, our alchemy, our gold from the dross, and well worth the effort. xox

              • hey I only just saw this thankyou so much FF. would love deets if I may, trying to get ontop of all my shit as its, well time. Saturn is not conjunct its on other side of 3rd and NN is in the 2nd (last degrees of) conjunct mars on other side. Jupiter at start of 3rd with lilith. x

              • Ok Ms I’ve tried 3 times to reply to you here but won’t come up – not even a “your comment awaiting moderation..” See if this comes up without the link… hmm

              • Right – seems i can’t post the link. Astrologer’s name is martin lass at dancing with the stars astrology. He’s given me invaluable advice re my healing path, this life’s path for me and insights into my own chart. I have Mars conj NN too – seems we are really driven in this lifetime, my son has it too in the same sign (Kataka). x

              • Nice timing I just came back to post as promised – hope neither of you minds but I’m gonna call him too!

                Ms my thought the other day was maybe the astro is activating your “pet peeves” re neighbourhood / friends / siblings etc right now because it’s giving you an opportunity to assess what’s worth taking with you from your childhood/adolescence/south node issues to do with this 3rd house zone. (your words made me smile – I have mars jupiter uranus and pluto in my 3rd so who cares about good relationships with neighbours? The one with a stellium + god of war in her third that’s who : -) One thing I’ve learned about via the astro of the last few years is how to let go of learned responses and stop myself when I go on auto-pilot. So if a response is familiar I’ve made a conscious effort to stop and think hang on this person isn’t a clone of the very first person/situation that taught me to react like this or any of the others I’ve encountered since so do I need to reassess how I respond to this? I’ve been quite surprised about some of the things I thought were innately me but actually turned out to be things significant others taught me because of their own patterns. We are imprinted by our families and part of accessing the north node is learning how to let go of the “comfort zones” – sometimes the comfort zones are actually what’s making us feel inherently uncomfortable. So not saying you’ve got it wrong and really it’s not as shit as you think it is but just that some things might not be as they seem due to conditioning. Hopefully that came out coherently because I’m feeling so not lucid right now xxx

              • o and my point was i just wonder if jupiter could help you unlock some of this stuff – by assisting with expansion on the north node themes.

  18. No aspects between Jupiter and Saturn for me. My natal Jupiter is in Capricorn and Saturn is in Scorpio … not quite sure how to understand the Jupiter in Capricorn but Saturn in Scorp does mean I can worry, fester and spend ages analysing every possible outcome of every possible scenario I can imagine. By nature I’m definitely more Saturnine – slightly melancholic and focused on the details, big time. I’m certainly feeling more Saturn-like at the moment, focusing on streamlining my life (finances, health,social life), drinking H20 like a fish and just generally getting over myself (as in, consciously ending self-defeating patterns). I guess this is where the Capricorn comes in too, streamlining with maturity and all that kinda jazz … I’d love a bit of Jupiter’s jovial nature to shine through though!

  19. Oh damn…was hoping to find am have some cooperation happening between jupes and saturn, but no…seems have more going on with jupiter conjuncting/sextiling/even squaring one planet and saturn only conjuncting my venus…don’t wanna become overweight bullshitting gambler…but have been feeling very saturn all of a sudden and then jupiter in the next minute! (am a mercurial gem anyway) – wanna be super healthy YEAH! and then, stuff it, let’s drink beers/vodkas/get smashed and smoke cigs YEAH! (even though stopped smoking and only been doing that on/off since xmas!)…now I know why at least! You’re a star as always Mystic

  20. My Saturn conj Asc in Pisces is (wide) square Jupiter in Toro conj IC (3rd). Still learning lessons of the balancing. Neptune opposing Jupiter doesn’t help matters as they are my joint chart rulers :-( My Leochild however has Saturn end of Toro conj Jupiter in Gem conj Part of Fortune all in his 9th house – am both jealous and thrilled for him.

    • Am doing Saturn today/tonight, getting through my to-do list in a whirlwind; staying in sans wine and having an early night. Tomorrow is Jupiter’s turn – shopping (the fun kind) and a themed 40th b’day party where the champers will be flowing :-) Not thinking about the early morning rugby game i have to be at on Sunday at some woop woop location.

  21. Saturn In Taurus retro (1st house)
    Jupiter conjunct Sun in Libra (6th house – jupiter)
    No aspect

    Being so Libran heavy may have rendered me undecisive and I have stopped just about everything at the moment to reassess.
    I think that may be Saturns influence though, because I think I could be up for just about anything jupiter sounding if it were offered and I had to answer there and then.
    Also Jupiter is opposing my natal Jupiter, so not sure if that has my scales metronoming on high speed to the point where I do nothing.

    Also have Sun conjunct chiron today and have been feeling quite crap, but have Mercury conjunct Asc which will repeat due to the retro phase, so I may get to have a few goes at deciding stuff. I need to do more study on oppositions as I have a few transit ones and not sure how to work them. “Oppositions tend to polarize” – wonder how that works with the same planet in Natal vs transit. Also have Uranus oppose Natal Uranus and Venus and Pluto at the mo.
    What to focus on!!??

    What is a yod? – sounds like such a cool word

    • Hippychic a Yod is when 2 planets make a sextile aspect to each other and a third planet is opposite their mid-point. The 3rd planet must make 150 degree (Quincunx) aspect with the other two planets. It looks like a Y shaped formation that points to the 3rd planet. The energy of the 2 sextiling planets directed at the 3rd means a driven compelling emphasis on the area where the 3rd planet sits. The signs involved flavour it as well. The Yod pushes you to find solutions and is often not simple. It’s nicknamed the Finger of God as some say it’s a “special destiny” aspect.

      • Even if you don’t have a Yod in your chart you can still get the energy through transits and progressions and even people in your life. For example my Pluto/Merc (7th) sextile Neptune (9th) natally means transits to 12-15 Aries (2nd) is a Yod energy-pt and transiting Jupiter is sitting there right now. I also have a sextile between Moon (5th) and Merc/Uranus/Pluto (7th) making the energy point 9 – 12 Aqua. My daughter’s Sun conj Uranus in Aqua sits right there. Interesting to watch for the transits to these points, even the Moon. Can explain compulsions towards people who have major planets/asc on that energy point too. Hope this makes sense :-)

        • 😯 just realised I have progressed Asc sitting right there in Aries with Jupiter in the 2nd. And I am currently exploring new ways to earn money 😯

      • OOOH thanks fluidfeline *nods wide eyed* all very interesting.

        Had a little peak, I think I just missed out on a natal yod
        I have neptune sextile pluto neptune Q MC but not quite the pluto.

        I did on looking around find out I currently have transiting 6 oppositions and 3 squares. So I feel better about not feeling so great and will look more into what I can do to turn the tables. :)

        Haven’t delved into progressed charts yet, sounds really interesting but I think I need a bit more grounding first.

        Thanks again

        • Hippychic, i don’t know all that much about progressed planets but have found progressed moon most interesting – progressed moon moves through a sign in about 2 1/2 years. It’s like a second Moon quality focussed on a particular house/sign. Interesting to look back at significant events in your life to see where prog moon was – can do on astrodeinst. Mystic has something here on Progressed Moon. My progressed Sun through Virgo has made me a honourary Virgo (plus i have a heap of Virgo planets) and it’ll be moving in Libra in @ a year or so. Looking forward to becoming more Libran :-)

  22. OMG – have just worked out how to read my chart (well I’ve started cracking the code) and it is FULL of oppositions, including Jupiter opposing Saturn, as well as sun opposing uranus and pluto, mercury opposing pluto, venus opposing uranus, mars opposing jupiter, uranus and pluto opposing chiron.

    My life hasn’t been a picnic, in case you were wondering…

    Oppositions are meant to mean conflict right? Is there any good news with oppositions?

    • ahhhh brilliant! well done Pegs xox

      Oppositions create tension that usually plays out in real world while squares are internal conflict more so. Try not to see things as bad and good because squares and oppositions make interesting tension and its still an aspect, I see it like art- conflict in its right place makes interesting composition, too much harmony is boring xxx

    • and the number will tell you how hard the opposition is, i have some but they are like 9 or 8 degrees off exact so its only a minor vibe, the level will give indication of major and minor lessons so don’t freak babe xxx

    • Yes, while being one of the “difficult” aspects the rewards are a balancing between the two polarities involved. Opppositions are generally easier to deal with than the square. Hard aspects can be the making of your astro potential – as without the hard aspects, how else will you become polished? Not easy but worth the slog.

    • what houses are your planets in Pegs? It sounds like you have some conjunctions too which will amplify your energies and alter the oppositions. Do you have any capital Q’s in your chart tables?

        • they totally activate my pleasure centres : o) I figured it’s a good way to ease pegs into the oppositions – a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.

      • Jupiter is in my 12th house in scorpio and Saturn is in my sixth house in Taurus, conjunct Mars. Pluto in Virgo, Uranus in Libra. Mercury in pisces, venus in aries.

        I have more semi-squares than squares.

        Conjunctions? I have a few – sun, mercury, chiron; venus chiron and mars saturn.

        Thanks for explanations. :)

  23. Jupiter Kataka trine Saturn in Pisces.

    It’s very tricky doing both. Team Jupiter is more fun, Saturn for work, usually. Consciously, but that don’t always happen. There’s crossover stuff going on, best to be on ones toes at all times.

  24. My taurean Saturn opposes my scorpio Jupiter….
    And my scorpio sun….
    And my scorpio Venus…
    And my scorpio mercury.

    At the moment Saturn is transiting mars and uranus and I am the closest I’ve been to a meltdown in years.

    • Hang in there. I too have Saturn in Toro oppose Scorp Jupiter – to the degree, to the minute. As if I planned it. Worse, Saturn is conj Venus to the degree, to the minute.

      I discovered one way to beat Saturn – to be more anal retentive than Saturn is. He wants a list, I produce three. He wants measurements, I provide in meters, yards, kg, pounds you name it.

      Work on your lists, your goals, your disappointments. When Saturn squared my Sun, conj Pluto, I listed: things done well, things need improvement, things gone horribly wrong. And revised every month.

      • Ya- I have a bunch of exact aspects too… near meltdowns are more common than meltdown free zone lately and I don’t exagerate here… but really important, steady bits peek through….

        Hang in there.. stay standing…the rest is fluff…. you’ll get through…..

  25. no aspects but I always have had “seasons” of bizarre verging on supernatural luck + phases of total stalling at every turn but the stalls always turn into something better in the end than anything I was imagining myself which makes it easier to handle the irksome leaden feeling of saturn – saturn can feel like sylvia plath swimming with bricks in her pockets. I’m both of their bitches when you do those quizzes to work it out and I have extremes of both – swings and roundabouts with wide orbits. Saturn used to depress me now I see it as a really long game of strategy.

    • I’d love to know how astro works cos it’s uncanny by the way – this saturn jupiter opposition is perfectly illustrated by this: today when someone suggested I whip up some info in excel i thought fuq you know the day’s going downhill fast when someone asks you for a spreadsheet yet later in the afternoon I found a time-saving way to process the paperwork that gets me paid.

      And wtf us up with wikipedia – that’s a total jupiter saturn schism. Freedom of information hindered by rules and regulations. Wanting scientists and empirical research to back things up – do they realise germ theory is exactly that? A theory. Thought up by Dr bach the inventor of flower essences yet flower essences are poo poo’d by practitioners of allopathic medicine, Do they realise the theory of relativity is also just a theory? I wish uranus upon them one and all.

  26. Jupe trine Saturn, THANK the Elementals, or I’d be pushing up daisies by now.

    Hm, Team Jupiter but in a 10th house spiritually focused fashion. No Diablos Azules for me today.
    Saturn is trolling through my 4th making hospital edges on the beds (tricky with the doona’s), I love a paternal fusspot saturn…

    • do you find yourself overcome by moments of extreme love whilst folding your tribe’s laundry? Sometimes I experience waves of love if there’s a rogue aqua sock.

        • oh! Stroking freshly laundered socks and t-shirts and having romantic reveries is mental? Am gonna have to watch that.

          • Sounds quite good actually, maybe it’s just a time-lack thing. Tired babies interfere with romantic revery every time.

            • OH bummer : – { there I was thinking your chances were exponentially increased.

  27. Jupiter trine Saturn.

    Well, I’m sick as a dog, but I just demanded from my boss a vacation.

    I think I get what you mean about the “swinging” I was totaly aglow listening to some of the pop songs on the radio on the drive in this am.
    Now , if you will excuse me, I have a deadline to meet in 2hrs……

  28. Today has been one of days I shouldn’t have left bed. But I did. And from the start, it was full off Saturn-spin-Jupiter.

    I received a record number of job application rejections, finished a half-hour task in two hours, ran longest time in two years to an office (winter coat on) while thinking I might drop dead with my heart thump-thump in my ears. But a street cat with the most hilarious mustache I have ever seen stopped me on my tracks.

    I have this opposition in my natal chart and can easily switch to monkey-swinging-from-tree-to-tree mood: up, down, up, down.

    Now experimenting with a new approach: In my business I am Saturn (2nd house, manic attention to details), in dealing with others I am Jupiter (8th house, smooth, smile and regal), today it seemed sticking to this approach makes energy easier to handle.

  29. Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Libra both in the 7th house. Saturn usually wins out, it’s pretty strong in my chart.

    Today, I’m Saturn’s bitch and everything is difficult and draining. This week has just been ugh, just many levels of ugh. Could so do without incoming Mercury R things are complicated enough.

  30. Jupiter in Aries and Saturn in Leo, but not trine.
    Jupiter conjunct moon though – in the 7th.
    Am feeling out the balance between green tea/walks/worky work and wanting to rush in to every crazy romance.

  31. No conjunction but just had boozy lunch with Aqua ex and about to move country. Guessing I’m team Jupiter…

  32. Oy, I am sooo trying to do/be both as I am confusing others but so amusing myself.

    I believe that I may have been trying to pull this off my whole life.
    Doesn’t everybody want both or not ?

    Maybe time for me to get my astro chart done.

    I’m developing a strong, healthy ego for the first time since I was a child and felt then that I had a child’s healthy ego but…adults & their esteem issues yada, yad.

    I’ve recently discovered fine vintage wines and hot yoga and that I may be setting myself up to be one of those women (we are all those women but must believe to pull it off), whom men consider to be a “catch”.

    Let me revise. Not all men will feel this way about me when I’m done.
    Soulmates are still soulmates. Hopefully I can draw/attract from a pool of my soulmates.

    Oy, time for some breakfast.
    Be well all.

  33. I am oscillating between the two. Time of retreat Saturn in 12th House vs. Jupiter in my 6th House.
    Take time for my songwriting hiatus and work on art in private, not performing publicly at the moment and working on my artistic career.
    Been focusing on health issues through Saturn and Jupiter.
    I’ll take my iced green tea and organic gluten-free mocha brownies- thank you!
    My natal Jupiter Scorpio in 1st House and Saturn Taurus 7th House is always trying to balance sensual responsibilities and sleazy, decadent over indulgences.

  34. Saturn for the block! Heading out this weekend with a friend who once again tried to invite herself along to a get-together I’ve planned with someone special I rarely see. She did this last year, too, just as Uranus popped into Aries, and I got side-swiped by the deal. This time I said an unqualified, ‘No’. Also notified other party, just soze no one gets the wrong story.

    Saturn’s crossing my 10th, and yes, I work with this person sometimes. She’s in the position to hire me, so dealing with the authority is the theme.

    Jupiter seems to be expanding my, erm, base. As soon as I get my juicer unearthed I’ll do something serious about that. Moving into my own (very) little casita next week.

    • funny – I had a power jupiter & saturn returns combo living alone with my juicer – ENJOY such a nice way to expand – into your own space.

  35. Did an ‘event’ chart just awhile ago as found on my doorstep today a FedEx’d letter from estranged Aries sis from 5/6 yrs now.

    The event chart shows current Libra Saturn in 3rd (siblings) opposite my (and her, but more bang on mine) Aries stuff with Jupiter conjunct, 9th.

    Haven’t read the letter in full. Glanced at it and what I found was her talking about how double Leo Mom was always jealous of her relationship with Aries Dad. Wow, just so not in the mood to rehash her childhood right now since Mother’s passing was one year ago March 20th and I have no guilt but I guess she might.

    I found Mother dead. Where was now near 54 yr old sister all those years except to judge the obese, the old and feeble as if she would be immune. I’m in no mood for other’s “a-ha” moments now when they could have had the insight to come forward before someone dies. Yes, guess it takes that sometimes for some to cultivate compassion.

    I tore up the letter and threw it in the trash. Not my usual Cappy Moon, Venus opposite Neptune M.O but my current Aries Sun, one.

    ~refusing to love as it doesn’t compute~ How apropos Mystic and of course I give that thought.

    Yet, I’ve never refused to love anyone in my life but my sis had and now she must live with that bitter pill. She must learn to forgive herself. I can’t save her altho I just might save the letter from the trash tomorrow after I sleep on it.

    All very interesting. Very interesting indeed.

    • wow sweetie i hope you’re OK. Saturn’s retro = going back over old ground for her and boundaries for you? Family is such a complex thing as is forgiveness – she’s got a shitload going on around her sun right now so I guess now is her time to unearth all those relics even if it doesn’t seem appropriate timing to you. So hard. Look after yourself lovely – you’re right to take it at your own pace and not be bulldozed x

    • Thank you guys. This was an added heap I don’t feel I really need right now but what was it Mystic had said? There is really never a good time for death nor a good time for child birth as far as convenience wise. They are beyond us.

      Thank you too, Mystic. We do hear you even if we often talking about ourselves!

      Tomorrow Aries Dad’s 78th birthday. I’m going to call and act like I didn’t get the letter from sis. It will be hard as a part of me would like to kiss the whole lot off.

      Really. Quite really. I am not terribly happy about some of his choices in the past regarding how he treated Leo Mum and my lack of respect is somewhat repressed in my dealing with him, altho I do love him like I do love sis.

      I am now being challenged (amongst other concerns) to open my heart even wider for things done in the past.

      Good thing is, is that today I don’t have to make a decision on sis but do have to on Dad. x

      • You are always a doll Rox. x

        Think I need a good Aussie lie down, a cuppa and a cry. Flippin love the “lie down”. Oh and to live in Europe and have 8 weeks vay-kay. I often wonder where the hell we rushin’ to anyway?….Ridiculous.

        Did I mention the other latest?

        According to Gemini daughter, Libran gdaughter/Gem rising/Toro Moon Angel was constipated for about four days running 😆

        Gem daughter/Cancerian Merc and Venus bought her Pedi-lax. She took and little Libran “went” so to speak :)

        Never the less, Libran/Gem rising Angel reads the bottle and asks about ‘what does bowel movement mean?”

        Gem Sun daughter explains and Gem risng gets such a kick outta it that now when she needs to “go”, she is announcing “excuse me, I need to take a bowel movement”


        • Kids are so cute !! With a sly smile, they’ll be the first to own a ‘Silent, but Deadly’ : “I farted.” Cracks me UP. I miss all the younglings in my family. Don’t get there as often as I would like, awhile back some of them were standoffish~ until I brought my djembe and crested gecko. :) Instant popularity, lol. Your gdaughter sounds funny, like you ! I love the way kids see things, reminds me of getting in trouble for asking ‘why’ all the time when I was a peanut. …some things remain the same…

          Hope things get better ~ take a breather for You, family stuff sounds so stressful. You can only control yourself, so take care of you, follow your (kind) heart and you’ll land on your feet.
          My dad was ill for a very long time, and we got to say our peace, and talk about family, finances, taking care of my Mom, etc.. so that was one thing I didn’t have to deal with at the end. Intuitives have helped with one remaining question since, and his energy will show up on occasion, if there is a need. So all the best to you and yours, Sweets. Hope you find a way to juggle all the balls in the air.

          As far as the Jupiter/Saturn thing…Want a new ipod, don’t Need one, so pass (for now). I had thought I had made a final decision on this already, then Venus cozies up to Neptuner and here I go again ! …but Saturn Rx Girl is a stubborn old cuss so Jupiter will just have to try harder…lol. 😀 giggle

      • Sister issues can be the most disappointing kind of relationship issues. I know I always hold out hope on my elder sibling and am disappointed… It must be equally hard with a dad? Good luck making decisions, am sure you will be guided by the best team to the right conclusions as always Sweetie, xx.

  36. Jupiter in Aries/8th & Saturn in Capricorn/5th. According to my chart, they are trine, not square, by -2 deg. Not entirely sure what that means! All I know for sure is that my productivity is way down this week and I am not ok with that. Giving myself extra pep talks and caffeine just doesn’t seem to be working.

    Anyone got any insight?

    • Deeja, transiting Pluto (a very slooow mover) could be on your natal Saturn or squaring yr natal Jupiter. Also trans Saturn in Libra is in yr second house, opposing natal Jupiter and squaring natal Saturn at some point (effecting productivity). I’d be checking out transiting Pluto and Saturn aspects and meanings. Cafe Astrology website is easily understandable for astro newbies.

  37. Hrmmm. My work is all about spreadsheets at the moment, as in I have never been in a spreadsheet so much before in my life! To balance this I am going out to a birthday party and two gigs with a group of people I see (and have great chats to) at parties, but have never organized to head off for adventures with. Much hoochie juice will be drunk.
    I am prepping by eating a giant breakfast and hanging out in my bed, catching up on writing in my languishing journal.
    Maybe I will nap a little more before lunch.
    Saw a shocking photo of myself on the book of face this morning from last nov. Was painfully skinny, with bags under my eyes and a crazed glint in mine eye.
    I am resting and eating. Resting and eating.

  38. Can I just say that the impending (effing) Mercury Retro + Zap Zone weekend are already giving me the merdes… soooo tired from giving out at work all week and my hands have already gone clumsy as per every Merc Retro. Horrible nightmares last night. Whingeing much? Oh yes. The Sun is out but I feel like I am wandering around with a rubbish bin on my head, unable to see my blessings, let alone count them. Team Saturn winning here so far. Spent an hour in Excel this morning trying to reconcile the bank account… now freaking out about lack of funds. Team Jupiter hubbo is off somewhere exotic (AGAIN) and seems blissfully unaware of small matters like reality/other people. Grrrrrr. Jupiter, where are you? Sorry for the vent.

    • Ah have a good whinge Natty, you are always so positive and other-focused I sometimes wonder if you are super human.
      So in some ways it’s kinda refreshing to hear you whinge, it gives me hope that less evolved folk such as I can perhaps reach your wise heights one day xxo.
      If I was in your hood right now I’d pop over for a cup of tea in your sunny garden. But given I’d take me a while to get there, maybe you should step away from the spreadsheet and treat yourself to one anyway. Talking to the plants must be an instant cure all for you?

      • My whingeing refreshing? Eeeek, gawd help us! You are so kind shell. I wish you WERE in my hood right now – we would have a lovely afternoon drinking and talking astrology in the garden! How nice. If you ever are in my hood you are always welcome. Yes, lack of gardening/plant time this week would contribute to my funk. Well spotted. Its been an unkind summer for the garden. It is looking a bit shabby and in need an autumn tidy up. A few cooler nights & some Sun this week were a welcome relief.

        I love my job but my under-funded workplace and shrinking staff numbers to do the work are very frustrating. Not to mention the vagaries of state politics in NSW. Agriculture/food production might be further up the ‘favourites list’ with a new state gov’t today… but it is unlikely that there will be a hiring spree any time soon. The new gov’t will inherit a massive debt. How does that happen in a state with such a large tax revenue? Where is the money going?

        More importantly, where is that Tanqueray… :)

        • Ah, well if vic is anything to go by, very little will change, except anything labor pledge in a last ditch attempt to appear to have a policy, particularly if to a very ‘labor’ area, like the environment, or social housing, will all get ‘reviewed’ and all the attached ngo’s who rely on the funding will be in limbo.
          But yes maybe the Nats will splash some cash, the only things that seem to have happened down here are pro farmer (like ‘scientific’ grazing in a national park).
          Gardening with gin on the other hand…

        • that must be so frustrating Nat. I wonder if a bit of media coverage would put pressure on to boost funding….

    • you give way more column cm’s than you get kind nat – whinge your heart out. Personally excel makes me want to slit my wrists and sit in a warm bath with a gin with one foot trying to ease a small appliance like a heater or toaster into the water at the same time. Hopefully the mercury retro turns up some forgotten or mislaid funds for you? Fiscal deficit is a hideous thing x