Sombre Boite.

I cannot find who did this artwork, which is infuriating as I really think the artist is Aquarian and i want to see if i am right.

Why Aqua? It’s partly how abstract is + i think Aquas love text art and the very words themselves remind me of how my Aquarian ex used to bang on…all the time.

Or maybe it’s not official art but just something an annoying Aqua printed out and put on the dunny wall to make a point?


48 thoughts on “Aqua-Abstract

  1. The quote itself is by Libra Japanese fashion designer, Rei Kawakubo. That explains the sassiness in that last question.

    That’s what I can’t stand about some kids on tumblr, they take away credits from artists. I traced it back to this website, which has a lot of similar art:

  2. Reminescent of Saturn in H 3d, possibly conjunct Mercury ?? I wouldnt go 4 Aqua if i focus on the txt meaning, Aqua’s simply dont buy the “i dont know” words . . I would rather go 4 a Cancer with a strong/comunicatively prominent Saturn or somehow misplaced Venus, inconjunct Mercury again possibly ? Anyway . .

    • LOL Sha re Aqua and the “I don’t know” words….made my morning.

      Thank you.

      Still laughing…

  3. It’s a totally Aqua question I agree!

    Just discovered this astro-twin ex heart throb from days of yore (we are born two days apart) has two boys like myself.
    While all born in different years, it appears the eldest two are Cancer born three days apart, the younger two are born on the same day?? OMG. That is sooo weird. It’s like we are all oscillating at the same vibration!!?

  4. And what a strong Libra she is: Sun, Moon Mercury, Venus, Mars and Neptune, all in Libra! She’s got Gemini in Saturn and Uranus. That’s a very breezy chart. :D

    • Where did you find her coordinates ? I see a strong Saturn/Cappy statement neerthless, i wonder to see her chart now :O

      • Her birthday is listed on her wiki page. October 11th 1942 Just ran her chart with astrodient. Strangely enough, nothing in Aqua. 8O

        • You don’t have to have anything in Aqua to get some Aqua flavour. I have Uranus conjunct Sun and many people say I’m very Aquarian but i have nothing in Aqua at all.

          • Ya totally- my Libra sister has Pluto conjunct Sun and man….. she love the vampires, and power trips, and works on a crisis line when she’s not working in the hospital mental health ward.

  5. “I can’t explain myself, I’m afraid, sir,” said Alice. “Because I’m not myself you see.”

    Lewis Carroll was an Aquarius. ;)

  6. Hm, there are no bold, hard, dark interplanetary aspects, asside this mild -7 Moon-Pluto sq, but now it makes me really wonder where does this goth strive of hers comming from . . postmodern nihilism ? That could pass under one strong Libra . .

    But then again, there IS an undeniable Uranian edge to her style, eaven the “Kawakubo toon version” played on that mad-eccentric-hyperactive-genoius card . . :/ So, if we place her rising degree in mid Capricorn, her chart ruller would be cj Uranus, MC would be in Scorpio and Venus in H 8th, Libra stelium H 9th, and, wonder wonder, she’s a rx Mercury cj Mars & Sun, you dont dwell into her head, she’s a bold enigma mistress :D Huh, whadda ya think ? :/

  7. Im an Aqua sun. I disagree.

    I want to explain my creative process to you, in great, verbose detail. Even when my artistic process is unexplainable. I think it would be good for you to listen. You’ll benefit from it. I also need to point out that I am just winging it with whatever explanation I give you because I: a) like to talk and assume I have insights you dont have and b) I like exploring ideas, even hypothetical ones.
    I also reserve the right to change my opinion of myself, and my artistic process, at any given time, because I might just be playing devil’s advocate. After all. Im a genius. Just sayin’. Oh, and Im always right. One day you’ll realise that.

    PS: This is not a piss take. I really am an Aqua sun, and sadly, while I intellectually understand what insufferable, excruciating, unempathic bores we can be, deep down – this is probably how I think. At least some of the time.

    PPS: I dont think its an Aqua. We would never stop at 3 sentences. Im thinking taurus.

    • “I think it would be good for you to listen. You’ll benefit from it.”

      Can I steal that and add it to my Scorpio manifesto? :D

    • We might try to stop at three sentences. It won’t work. There’s too much to say.

      • Because there are two sides to everything — scratch that, there are more sides than even we can manage — but we’ll try, because all sides must be heard, explored, considered, and thoroughly analyzed.

  8. I agree with bun that we can be bores a lot of the time and yes my drivel has been called verbose before… On the subject of art funnily enough after visiting / stalking a very gorgeous artists exhibition on Sunday at the Noosa regional gallery after watching the legends final at the Noosa festival of surfing . Her name is Evangelina Cachinero she is super good looking , and clever which i find really sexy. A N Y W A Y …. she wasnt there but i did ending up flirting severely with the curator. Then on the way home i stopped in to Eumundi for a bite to eat , totally deserted main street, black 4×4 pulls up out steps the most elegant sophisticated gorgeous stylish woman i have seen for ages. Hair up in a tight bun little black dress plunging back etc, sexy black heels , three strands of Paspaley pearls the size of dollar coins WOW! WTF? watched her stride into art gallery , quickly ate my fish burger composed myself and went in to check her out. The lady was so lovely and nice welcoming me to her gallery we chatted about art not that i know any thing about it , she could tell our eyes danced with eachothers as we engaged in a flirtatious banter. Moments later i was being invited to the next “gathering” of artists , poets , writers etc. WOW! WOW ! Later that evening i googled the art gallery , the lady was actually Margi Lim ex high fashion model come New York based artist with her works selling for up to $20000 US each , philanthropist as well . I didnt have a clue who i was talking to i just spoke to her like it was anyone else i meet. It was a good day. How verbose was that ??? I have decided i will be an artist and a poet now so i have entered two poems in a annual competition where i live , see how i go? And my creative process is simple, man meets woman – man writes words or paints a picture. No woman- no words or paintings.

    • art people are super fun to flirt with. all the better that you are also now inspired! and with poetry no less, my long-time favourite medium :)

  9. Big fan of text art espesh street art you spontaneously find as you walk about.. Reminds me of exhibition at MoNA in Hobart wher a curtain of water falls and creates a word each fall. amazing

    • I live near an art school mostly populated by Gen Y hipsters but I do enjoy the regular plastering of chalk art and chalk scrawled messages around my suburb. I love street art that intends to inspire questioning and joy… you know, rather than just the pissing on a wall stuff.
      I didn’t make it into MoNA when recently in Hobart, but that does sound AMAZING. I would love.

  10. hey l’groover, have to agree – that water fall of words is just stunning. so much to get lost in at MONA, love it.

    • looked up the website but it doesn’t show very much bugger. But I still ahve my tour via email do you?

      • slack me – didn’t look at the tour email – still sitting there unopened in my inbox. but i’ve got lots in my head. going back this weekend to have another look. am leaving this state soon so won’t have easy regular access :( such a fabulous place. i love, love the walls of sandstone – and walking down that corridor/passage and coming to the fall of words made me want to burst into tears – so beautiful. went on a bit and there was woman crying at the patrick hall exhibit. so moving. amazing place.

        • with you CaCC. Can’t wait to get back and take it all in. Make sure when you go you “love” eveyhting on the ipad so you get to record the whole tour.

  11. I agree with the sentiment, whoever composed that. I can imagine my highly creative father saying that too. Perversely, I am often curious to hear how various people whom i admire undertake their art. Most often it simply reinforces that everyone does things differently. One has to work to one’s own rhythm. Self-doubt is more common than you might imagine. Examine the demons for best effect, to start with at least.. Remain open-heart and open-mind. Focus. Say Yes. Forget to eat, ignore the phone. Remember who your friends are. Introspection. all these things. i love art and creation… <3

  12. Venus in Aqua. I love letters, fonts, old typeset blocks. LOVE. Taught myself calligraphy just for the joy of painting letters. Theory works for me, but then Mars in Libra might heighten that interest.

  13. Jenny Holzer is a Leo… I don’t know, I don’t actually find this very abstract. It seems to me that this statement DOES explain the person’s creative process, in what some might call a rather didactic fashion. (I am, however, a Pisces myself.)

  14. I like this sort of slogan style artworks, reminds me of artists like Barbara Kruger, Jenny Holzer, and John Baldessari. There is a particularly apropos Baldessari painting at the top of this blog post:

    Anyway, I am reminded of an old apocryphal story. A woman asks, “Mr. Picasso, what does this painting mean?” Picasso replies, “If I could tell you with words, I’d be a writer, not a painter.”