Your Full Moon In Leo Cleaning Outfit

So, have you got your Full Moon in Leo LOOK organized yet?

Because it is all about The Scene with this one.

The Full Moon is opposing a whole pile of stuff in Aquarius…including Neptune, so you can lie a little, yes?

So this means the combo of Aqua-detachment, like “say what?” uttered in ditzy tones because you’ve got space-lag AND Leo hotness-obsessive-grooming-worship-me-or-remain-forever-a-prole IS a winner.

The above outfit is for the casual Friday Full Moon in Leo ambush as in “oh hi, i was just about to dust the mantel piece in my bedroom” sort of a look.

Remember;  for this Moon, you look like a Leo but don’t act like one. Big hair need not equate to big mouth.


127 thoughts on “Your Full Moon In Leo Cleaning Outfit

  1. Noticed the Moon was almost full while driving home from work.

    “Remember; for this Moon, you look like a Leo but don’t act like one.”

    Good thing in the sense of dusting with that get up on as I would have no patience for this bullshit right now.

    “Big hair need not equate to big mouth.”

    My hair not big… **blush** :)

  2. Oh gawd, I just got back from the laser sight Dr and got the okay for laser eye surgery to fix my short-sightedness. I haggled to get in ASAP and scored a $200 discount – yay!! BUT I can’t wear contacts from now until the surgery. Glasses it is. Boo!!

    I hate looking like nerd girl. How is Boy Leo shag buddy going to find me attractive now, even if I wear the glorious outfit of the minx in the pic? I look like how I did back in high school when I was uber-Cap, quiet, academic, terribly un-shaggable. And to make matters even more un-Leo, it’s raining so I’m fuzzy ginger-haired nerd girl.

    I guess I’ll have to try to channel “minx” and draw attention to my cleavage…

    • Simple. Introduce Leo boy to the Sexy Librarian fantasy! Glasses, heels, a short skirt and a step-stool. Some anti-frizz serum and you’re good to go! :mrgreen:

    • Can you do the sexy librarian / secretary / intellectual look? I sometimes wear my reading glasses to the station & low cleavage top, hair up and it does tend to make some of them go a bit la la… The semi-stern look over the glasses rim, one raised eye-brown, slight smile…

      • Slut heels, cleavage, short skirt
        plus glasses and anti-frizz serum
        Librarian minx.

        I am so ON it!!!!
        THANKS xxxxx

        • Stockings and suspenders if you can handle it.. if he’s a bonk buddy…

          or, silky smooth legs

        • I don’t know why but i am very much thinking longer skirt but the bum is really shown off- you can’t do short skirt AND cleavage my dear

          • Who f**king say LS? Not the bonk buddy I’m sure.

            So OVER Leo’s saying what can and can’t be done.

            • LeoSocialite was meaning to be helpful, BlueLib,
              here’s a Sagg saying don’t let your annoyance with Hot Leo
              (didn’t you call him SlutBoy also?) get in the way of women
              friends who share blog space.

              • No – I hate gorgeous women too! Pegs. I hate everyone, didn’t you know Pegs?

                Slut Boy was is a Gem but hey, I stand corrected. Just what I needed.

          • She’s right, it’s too much. Don’t forget the pearls – long strand wrapped once tight around the neck

      • I have to admit, I look like that alot…lol…I even worked in the library as a teenager. I loved it. Trust me, it leaves the boys wondering.
        moon in leo in 12th. venus in virgo in 12th conjunct ascendant….”She seems so sweet and quiet, but….”

  3. Feeling a bit like that pic. Because it’s so hot today and I work from non-aironditioned home office, am wearing double layered (one hot pink, one blue pattern) chiffon, wraparound skirt as halter dress. It’s a bit glam but I’m so pulling it off. Shame no-one’s going to see me.

  4. forewarned & forearmed – added KILLER ankle boots to quiver this morn ….. walking 65 feet high, hair prepped, gob zipped – aloof detachment in place, not so sure re sheer attire for where we’re headed lol …..

    ps mystic are you referring to your own Ambush plans?

  5. semi-transparent blouse, well fit..

    Don’t know why I’m saying all this. Just clocked the ex-Gem-slut-boys Texan girlfriend walk out of MY son’s school. She is even more fuquing gorgeous is real life – ugh!!!!

  6. I have just bought a lovely black top with big butterfly decoration so that’s my Leo outfit. The great thing is that it was out of stock on line, rang a store in Port Maquarie and the only one they had left was a size smaller than I wanted. So took a punt and it fits perfectly. YEAY, watch out for Butterfly Leo gal!

  7. No outfit as such. Big hair I can do.
    Very tired… Should have possibly kept big mouth shut today.
    Oh well… If I shut up now, it might be damage control.
    Odd times.
    Is it just me, or are people more bonkers today?

      • I am attempting to follow, but my Leo mars is making more brash than elegant.
        Elegance, elegance… Where for art thou elegance?

        • here i am. …… :-) actually have a new unworn outfit for
          tomorrow’s meeting with old friend not seen, but used to
          be ultra close, Gemini.
          Top to toe Country Road,, fabulous wedge heels
          in Zebra type skin, all kakhi- beige & black. Knee length draped
          skirt (horizontal draping) & ivory-silver-bead large tribal necklet
          with 3 matching bracelets.
          Well, i AM a maven after all….

          • Ok… that outfit sounds remarkably smooth and good looking:)

            It’s not ‘new’ but I don’t wear it often. I have gone for dark blue skinny leg jeans and a leopard print jacket.
            It’s too cold at work to wear my dapper (and New) seesucker shorts from country road (with a shirt and plimsoles).

            It’s an odd thing about being such a womanly woman with woman’s bit. If I wear dress, men cower in my rpesence… if I wear masculine clothes… they are all over me.


        • Howevah having said that I did send a mesage to Bear Grylls telling him he was disgusting for killing a snake by biting it in 2 WTF! and a baby crocodile on his show last week. Soo outraged about that.

  8. Saw a young woman today whilst sewing machine shopping, with a tattoo of Leo glyph just to the side of her left eye, very Vali Myers.

    also have failed miserably at the big mouth bit, that is if emailing the pillock politician who was complaining about the amount of tax payers money spent to sent refugee ”boat” people to their families and friends funerals, for the people who drowned trying to make it to our ‘safe shores’, nothing too mouthy, just letting him i was looking forward to his resignation and how ashamed i feel to be Australian when bigots like him come out with comments like that.

    Oh well, only Leo in chart is South Node, so i figure what the hell !

    I figure i’m taking the Leo angle of “True democracy is goverment of the people, for the people, by me.”

    • I’ll join you on that one, godfleece-risingfish. I phoned the politician’s office and said he should resign, that it was the most insensitive, tight-arsed, crap comment I’ve heard in a long time. Plummy lady got knickers in a snit and hung up on me. Also phoned local politician and told him the same. Sigh… so much for being retiring! Looks like One Nation is ruling the roost in the Coalition. And on the day the poor bastards were burying their dead. Those scenes on TV were harrowing, especially the poor little boy who’d lost his dad and was burying him, and the little babies who’d drowned being buried. I too was ashamed of being Australian when I heard and read people complaining about the cost. Whatever happened to compassion?

      • I have no idea what happened to compassion, and the man’s electorate is Cronulla, where all those race riots from southern cross tattooed shirtless mindless gutless wonders took place a few summers ago, so he is certainly doing his part to help mend the situations isn’t he ! … I can’t believe the man has a small child and still come out with rubbish like that – next step is emailng the papers in the morning I think…. Piscean husband in the background earlier today asking ‘who’s getting in now?’….pass me my war paint !

        But aside from that, i feel positively fine, Piscean girlfried in labour with first born, in New Zealand, awaiting the time to see the chart of a fresh newly arrived little one, oh and on another topic your butterfly top sounds just perfect ! love the magenta in your backgorund gravtar pic LA.

        • Excellent work Libraquarius & Goldenfleece. Well done both of you for expressing your outrage at said pillock politician’s comments. Totally agree with you about intolerable insensitivity of political point scoring on what is a sacred, private and deeply sad event. Heartbreaking. The whole thing. Apparently The Pillocks issued an apology this evening. Don’t be ashamed of being Australian tho'; be heard so that it is clear that compassion has a voice (and a vote). Also like your new avatar Libraquarius. Is that a flower behind your ear?

          • goldfleece-rising fish: I did send a short letter to the SMH and they told me it was on the shortlist so whether it gets published or not remains to be seend.
            nat: The Pillock said that he was sorry he’d made his comments on the day of the funerals but didn’t regret cricising the cost: the apology you make when you don’t make an apology. What a plonker!
            And no, it’s not a flower behind my ear, I was fiddling around with Photoshop and it did things I didn’t know was possible, lolol. So I managed to change the background but ended up with a dirty great blob near my ear – hehehe.

              • That’s okay. I can handle that. Funny you should say that, I once got the most convoluted message for a complete stranger in relation to her mother in the spirit world looking after the child she lost in a miscarriage (the stranger, not the mother) and the ID was a gardenia. Finaly ID’ed the woman involved and she went white as a sheet when I told her the message as her dead mother adored gardenias. Weird shit, it really was.

  9. Look, this has sod all to do with the topic, but they’ve just announced that the Japanese whalers are winding up this year’s hunt and are quitting the Antarctic and I think that’s out-of-this-world marvellous news. Good on Sea Shepherd! And great news for whales.

    • Marvellous news, we are a Sea Shepherd supporter household here ! I think this years “Óperation No Compromise ” with an agresive forceful looking Neptune as their insignia seriously helped…He is magic after all !! And I’m sure if he was called upon/summoned up like that, to help protect his own world, well, how could he not ?

    • Just heard that too LA, it soo gladden my heart. Been on about
      ‘save the whales’ since 1980. Peeps use to laugh at me then.
      Altho’ said it could have been a subterfuge to get Sea Shepherd
      off their tails. Only 1/10 of usual catch caught…excellent.

  10. hands deep in gunk today twas not glam. Been surrounded by mega leo action though I feel a bit cinders sans ball. Intensive yoga ensures my leo hot action plan is more spiritually grounded beauty while my whole being/style takes a re shape inside my head. I hate wearing clothes at the mo can’t explain it.

    my perfect housewifery clean up is sky high heels, a headscarf in bold print and matching lingerie. possible martini.

  11. Remember; for this Moon, you look like a Leo but don’t act like one. Big hair need not equate to big mouth.

    lol. perfect.

  12. I do my best housework when a little dressed up; can’t really explain why. Am also following all MM’s advice regarding the full moon, dignity, restraint and poncing up for the next few days.

    I love being a Leo!

    • When I used to get mad at my ex, early on in relationship, I’d put on a dress, high heels and vacuum. Not sure why, now. Some point about being treated like a 50s housewife, I think.

    • Now now bluelibra, don’t go off in a snit. See Pegasus’s comment to you, which somehow posted above. She is being nice to you! Remember its a Full Moon building… Full Moons are meant to illuminate (reflect back to us) things that need our attention… especially in the realm of emotions, self-nurturing and self-nourishment…

      • That’s so true as between Leo Mum synchronicity and “Badge” kitty (on this post somewhere), I’m feeling a certain resurgence to my childhood that I feel fondly about and it’s taking me way, way back to a time.

        I’ve stayed up far to late this night but it’s been worth it if not to just connect with those times and feelings.

        The song by Cream espeically says “she’s cried away her life since she’s been out the cradle”.

        Not me all around even tho Saturn square Sun-Merc, but got me to thinking where I can be more positive in current circumstances and so forth. Do take things very seriously sometimes and get bogged down.

        This full Moon about where we can find more passion for life, apparently, and it makes a grand trine to my Gem Mars-Asc with the Aqua placements (and my Chiron, in 9th).

        So I feel a healing vibe and grateful if Leo Mom was/is part of it!

      • I was thinking about you this morning bluelibra, and wondering whether a name change to something like ”ascendinglibra” or “soaring ibra” might help a little ? You are welcome to tell me to bug off, however, from reading your past posts for a while, i thought maybe a little small step rising above it all might be a good place to start ? you know, positive affirmations and all that stuff….signing off now, and hope this is read in the right light, that is really coming from my heart to try and help. xx white light blessings ! x

      • Late degree Full Moon will be at the end of my Leo 3rd house…

        Siblings…youth…communication…neighborhood , for a few. This thread jogged alot of that.

        Full Moon late degree conjunct my Pluto in Virgo 2 degrees conjunct IC 5.
        So something deep going on as Full Moon opposition on my Chiron 25 degrees (9th) as well.

        A gratefulness to reconnecting to my inner child and couple tears… x

  13. I am an Aqua and have the whole amazing Aqua hair thing going on the Mystic talks about and I was planning on getting a new do this Friday – so I think I might go ahead and do that, glam it up. That’s Leo-esque.

    But I’ve put on too much weight due to life with can-eat-anything-and-not –get-fat- do –you –want-some –too Scorp boyfriend so the outfit may not be for me right now. He just saw the pic says I should wear it though – he just told me I’m hot and I would rock it – ahhhhh Scorps, this is where they are very good for the soul!!

    • Little Joey is your new avatar to honour the Full Moon in Leo? Were you previously the dancer with the red shoes? That is a funny little cat face. Don’t worry about your weight. You will shed it soon enough if you decide to.

      • She’s my fat little cat – one of her many names is Joey! She is such a funny wubber blubber – I just felt inspired to put her on.

        • As a kid, Aries sis had a cat named “Flubber”…He nursed on her flannel night gown. She’s wake up all wet at the neck…


          • He’s a cutie pie Joey. My cat, a grey darling thing, got hit in the street and died. Libran bro and others would not let me out of the house to view the debacle.

            His name was “Badge”… after a song by ‘Cream’

            • ~Yes, you better pick yourself up from the ground before they bring the curtain down…~

              Very fitting for a person with Saturn Square Sun-Merc.

              How perceptive children are. I was 10 yrs. old when I named that cat.

    • I’m hesitating over getting bangs on Friday. (bites nails) Haven’t had them in years, but have urge for bangs.

      Funny how this kind of decision seems so “big”:)

      I think it’s a sign that Saturn has left the room (sort of). I can focus on these little things again.

  14. Just put hair in a ponytail and cut 4 inches off it with the kitchen scissors. And it didn’t cost me sixty bucks going to some uptight salon who use products that’d melt enamel or they test by dripping it into bunny rabbit eyes. Take That leo hair moon says all my aqua bits!!

    • Ha, I’ve done that Prowls. Actually, my hair about 8 inches too long for comfort. Just haven’t gotten to it yet. One time, hadn’t cut my hair in a year. Used to give Leo Mum permanents and cut and color her hair. If you gots the touch ;) …I still color my own hair but dark brown a no brainer really.

      • I cut my sisters hair a few weeks ago and I did a good job – just a backyard “stand straight so I don’t make a mess job” – I’m too scared to try it on myself I would probably butcher it – though I could try…. nah I’m too gutless I reckon

        • My youngest, Cancerian/Scorp rising/Sagg Moon/Leo Merc in 9th, actually got her certificate in cosmotology but Cancer Sun in 8th said, “I want to go to a real school”…



          Anyway, she used to cut my hair.

          • Actually, think that was her Mercury in 9th. But Cancer in 8th feels the need for something a bit deeper as far as helping others – underprivilaged, etc (Virgo/Venus Mc)

      • It was almost straight … give or take a few inches :oops:

        Ah well at least it feels a bit lighter and not like carting around a nest of triffids

      • It’s hard to cut your own hair if it’s short and you can’t see where the clippers are going. But when my sis lived with me we cut our own hair quite often. Also layering your own hair is a skill I haven’t managed.

        • I watched the hairdresser as I have really short hair, and when they tried to force me to pay for a blow-dry when my hair was dry at the end of the cut, I said “Thanks, but no thanks”, and pretty much manage okay. The back’s a bit tricky but I use a mirror and cut away. And as I’ve been asked by a few peeps where I get my hair done, I figure I haven’t done a bad job.

  15. I read once on a beauty blog that because Leo is ruled by the Sun that a Leo Moon can make for dry hair. I always have oily hair, so I don’t really notice, but since it’s winter here and the air is dry it might be a good night for a deep conditioning ritual…maybe in combination with a nice soak in the tub, with LOTS of bubbles. What bath salts or oils would be good for a Leo Moon?

    • Gold dust, marigold, sunflower. With noble and uplifting classical music and beautiful lighting. And champagne.

    • Don’t know that particular Lauren but double (Su-Mn) Leo Mum’s hair was very thick (before she was older of course) and always told how much moisture it held when hair dressers would blow dry.

      Virgo placement stuff? Mother very conservation aware? Even with her hair?

      No, if the palm frawn waving servant peeps were not around, she could cool her herself :)

      Sorry I’ve been basically no help at all to you query :)

      • Thanks nat! Champagne is a bit too sweet for me, but I might do some sparkling cider instead. Or maybe I’ll just crack open a frosty golden ale and shampoo with it. Beer is supposed to add thickness and volume to hair as well. :mrgreen: I’ll really embrace the bubbles, in the tub and in my glass! Noble classical music is good too, I’ve always had a soft spot for “Jupiter” from The Planets by Gustav Holst. It’s overused, but I still love it. My Jupiter is in Leo, go figure.

        @Sweetpea: I checked the blog again and the Virgo moon is the time to thin out thick hair, degunk and do a deep cleanse from product build-up and declutter the bathroom of any extrenious bottles and potions of things that aren’t being used or are past their prime. So that’ll be coming up next. :D

    • Great pick nat. Mother loved classical music.

      Omg, just had a deju vu moment. I wrote that weeks ago…

  16. Last night was just weird, so many peeps in an emo mood, myself included. :(
    Today will hopefully be better.

    I’m going the “hair therapy” route.

  17. Agent Provocateur, here I come! Every day is my lingerie day. I love the stuff.

    My scorpio beau was just complimenting the contrast between my bright red hair and bright green tiger print balconette undies.

    & now you have me hooked on Artemis Dreaming, too. I’ve been doing a thesis on French film and so the Godard and Karina is timely

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  19. I have a leo moon and this is EXACTLY how I would be doing my housework. Why not feel good inside (by looking good on the outside) while sprucing up the place? So fun. I’d probably be dancing while cleaning as well.

  20. have moon in leo natally, in the 12th. If I wasn’t so sick, I’d put on something feminine, but causal, in my favorite spiritual colors…purple or fushia, with periwinkle. Clean while I think of the bizarre dream I had this morning with beautiful brick churches that had rounded towers, old neighborhoods, and a cute walking only downtown. home? Moon in perfectly conjunct my natal moon right now….

  21. Saw your Twitter on Lara Logan Mystic. Obviously it is raw to anyone who has been raped (or not..I have not).

    Heard this on the news. As Aries with Medusa conjunct, my rage is nearly numb and so no comment. Have not internalize it yet. x

  22. Going mad decluttering! The Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui book is amaaazing! My sister is decluttering too! I tell you it’s like taking drugs. Did 5 garbo bags last night. Ahhh.

    I start my new Astro course on Friday on a Full Moon in Leo! Or is it full moon today? I so need a moon calendar widget on this blog. What do you think MM?

    Anyway, I am so happy about getting lessons at last in person. I met an astrologer at the shops today (as you do) and when I told her who my teacher was she really approved. That was like a nice omen!

    • Ooh, another book to look into! With the list you gave me in the previous post I started to declutter some of my bookshelf. Usually I’m an unapologetic bibliophile and have scads of books all over the place, but lately it’s become too much and I’m finding more comfort in getting rid of all but my essential and best loved books. I haven’t yet crossed over to get a Kindle or one of those other e-readers though. I don’t know if I want to get one, I just like the physical presence of books too much.

      That’s so cool about getting astro lessons. I look forward to reading your informed insights! :mrgreen:

    • Andromeda, Full Moon Friday night late round midnight & close
      to being void-of-course before entering Virgo.
      With Astro, it’s the more i know the less i know. Could intuite sun signs
      previously, but knowing what an exact science it is now maybe stops
      Your book line-up is phenomemal…the next rising star of Astrology is you.
      All the best.

  23. I’m working up an outfit for trance dance on Friday. i’m thinking tank top with sexy black bra showing off big time with shorts and sexy black hat. Now for the Sparkly Gem/Crab boy?

    Any tiips on how to get him out of denim and into hippy/funk gear?

    • Perhaps spend $20 at Op shop by choosing his outfit shop & dress him yourself?
      Then call him ‘Ken’ :-)

      • very funny pegs. however it is a dilemma for a Leo gal that their manbag/partner be as stylish as said Leo. I’m asking coz I’ve never been out with a Gem/crab before.

        • Gemhub is moon crab but he dresses like his ascendent (unfortuneately) in Aqua. Menswear simpler but physique must be taken into account! I say stick with his beloved denim but accesorize with techie jewellery and a cool T that fits perfectly.
          I miss trance dancing, psychadelic trance so spiritual for me…have fun!