Waiting For Uranus In Aries Already…


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The future’s so bright…we’re waiting for Uranus in Aries already…four more weeks to go but Jupiter square Pluto is like a taster of the thing.

You can read about THAT in the Weekly Scopes for the seven days from Feb 12,  now up…

13 thoughts on “Waiting For Uranus In Aries Already…

  1. Christopher Robin goes
    Hoppity, hoppity,
    Hoppity, hoppity, hop.
    Whenever I tell him
    Politely to stop it, he
    Says he can’t possibly stop.

    If he stopped hopping,
    He couldn’t go anywhere,
    Poor little Christopher
    Couldn’t go anywhere…
    That’s why he always goes
    Hoppity, hoppity,

    • Christopher Robin being Jupiter in Aries y’know. He’s self-directed and like MM says, move it or lose it! I stared at this post and it was all I could think.

      That and how much that picture looks just so pre-nuclear tanning prep. Bright as a thousand suns but this girl looks Saturnian and prepared.

      • Good gawd woman, how many story books you been readin’ them kiddies?

        lol…just joking…Actually, quite sweet as reminds me of story time with the girls when they were little. Like puppies, why do they have to grow up? :???:

        Didn’t know Chris Robin is Jupiter in Aries and you bring up a good point as to whether Jupiter on my Merc is hoppin’ to proper capacity. :) (oh probably…lol)

        • Ha ha, I always remembered that one from childhood! Mine a bit young for A.A.Milne yet. C. Robin not really Jup. in Aries, just I imagine him like Jupiter, Pluto being the bears that he thinks live in the cracks of the pavement and me going, “Stop!!” but he has to keep going and he knows it!

          • Makes me wonder about the astro of Winnie-the-Pooh. All I could find was that he made his first appearance in February 1924.

            Who has the undeniable lust for honey, Aquarius or Pisces? ;)

            • My Aqua Sis loves sweets but is fructose intolerant. She even has an extra vertabrae which is surely the sign of Uranian alien types.
              Mind you bees are a bit alien imo, like all insects.
              Even so, I will go with PISCES. Pooh Bear seems very Pisces to me with his vague wandering about and completely charming selfishness.

  2. Hey MM, am feeling your major vibing and have been pondering
    (ponderously of course), your “seven words summing up seven years”

    No easy way through that one, which is i guess the intended message.

    Trying to avoid the lack lustre internal dialogue, i clicked on one of the tags stage left, ” astrology dating tag and saw the post by the sagg made diamond dude who was about to try and extract his loaned cash from the ex- c_list celeb,

    what happened i wonder

  3. Loving these pics.
    Big Uranian vibe in schemings for a streamlined work process and a brave new twist to project involving travel, trees and new technologies that I need to learn pronto. Pulled two cards today re this ambitious project: The Fool followed by Strength. Yes thank-you. Saturn of course is the deal breaker.

    With venus and pluto transitting natal jupiter I’m like the girl with the weight of the world in her underpants. Haven’t put myself out there for months, contentedly solo, but this venus transit is intense! Or is it just the return to Sydney with it’s steaming summer nights?
    Something to contemplate whilst swimming skyclad tonight.

  4. Just read a book called ‘The Schumann Frequency’, fiction based
    on something real. It explains to me why the major earyh upheavals/weather,
    birds falling out of sky & whales beaching.
    The earth’s frequency is changing from the placid 6.5htz & going up & up,
    resulting in esculating violence.
    It then goes onto the 2012 dateline, when it is supposed to be restored to
    the harmonious level.
    Lots of quantam physics involved & portals in Mexico/Egypt & Stonehenge.

  5. Dear god, I don’t want Uranus in Aries. I’m going to get fired/laid off/pulverized/end up homeless, I swear. I don’t want THAT kind of freeeeeeeeedom, thanks, universe.

    (I especially say this because odds of me getting another job here are virtually nil and I can’t move yet.)

  6. Off topic but is anyone else having trouble accessing Daily Scopes? My password doesn’t seem to be working! WAH…