8 thoughts on “Victory March

  1. I love this picture as i love so many of the images you post but please can i put in a request that you do your customary don’t eat crap food on the dark moon reminder. Or is it okay to think of uranus into aries as such a strong new thing that all bets are off till then?

  2. I was worried with lack of twitter feeds Mystic, glad to read soon your tweets will be back. Synchronicity of your tweets is sometimes scary :-)

  3. Oh, I needed that reminder an hour ago. I inhaled what I’m sure is half a chicken. But then I’ve been practically vego the last 2 weeks that I likely needed it.

    Other than that, I’m thinking this Uranus in Aries jaunt is making me business like about the diet. As in, it’s all about the numbers now and accountancy is the best tool I can think of to keep on it. I just told my Hot Scorp Geek Trainer when he unexpectedly rang me today that I USED to eat my feelings, and fuq, I’m a Kataka, so you can bet that was a whole lotta feelings..

    And for once, I don’t stress about it. Ate too much yesterday? A deficit is required. Re-balance the ledger via a work out, or an all fruit day. If the number on the scale doesn’t move, I just think it fuqing will by next week if I keep on it.

  4. so stoked about the gem and scorp monthlies… just what i need, work and fitness… bring it on!

  5. I was concerned when I read my monthly horoscope as you say I will be ‘motivated to a new standard of fitness’. My current, unmotivated self, felt immediately tired and poured another vodka! :)

  6. I have Mercury in Virgo. Is there any way we can declutter the annoying comment from moon child from the scopes page so I don’t have to see it all the time? Just saying.

  7. This is an amazing Carrington pic, never seen it before thanks Mystic swooning my head off!