Twenty-Four Hours Of Rad Insights: Can You Hack It?

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Caspar David Friedrich

This is an Extended Play Full Moon in Leo.

Why? Because the Sun conjoins Neptune in Aqua a full 24 hours before opposing the Moon in Leo.

So all the Aqua detachment and sci-fi objectivity gets crucibled (new word) into a dramatic in-a-good-way Leo style statement.

So check out the times for the Full Moon in Leo exact below (these Moon times are always on the Daily Scopes, btw) and give yourself a 24 hour lead up.

Please share your insights here AND because it’s the Full Moon in Leo, you have to emote, be diva-esque and make sweeping generalizations.

Full Moon In Leo Exact

L.A. – Friday 00.36

New York – Friday 03.36

London – Friday 08.36

Sydney Friday 19.36

359 thoughts on “Twenty-Four Hours Of Rad Insights: Can You Hack It?

  1. Currently writing my Churchill Fellowship Application, dreaming of far-off lands and theatre research divine. Washing new red lingerie and preening for date with new Pisces after old Pisces disappeared for far too long. Vodka and soda’s from 5pm, checking into hotel for filming short film (completely above board) and late night rendezvous (less above board).

    • Very nice! :mrgreen:

      I’m hoping the Leo moon energy will extend over the weekend, when I’m going up to NYC to visit a friend and spend the day browsing cool art galleries and museums, eating in quaint but funky restaurants and getting some drinks at a swanky bar or two along the way. If luck is on my side maybe I’ll have a serendipitous rendezvous with a hunky charming New Yorker and maybe it’ll lead to a prosperous career opportunity! Anyway, that’s about as big and diva-esque as I dare to dream for right now. :p

        • Thanks! My friend recently got a prestigious new job there, so I’m letting her show me around since I live 3 hours away from the city and hardly ever get to go there, unless flying out from their airport on the way to somewhere else. I hope you have an amazing time at the show. Venturing out solo can be daunting I agree, but so liberating too! :D

        • Pisces, Leo Mn conjunct Saturn son in law (no, he is not solely a planetary set up ;)

          just got a promotion.

  2. I am so ready for everything in Aquarius to get out of my 12th house already. A girl can only take so much self-examination, and my dreams are just getting too bizarre.

    The full moon will be in my 6th house, and I’d definitely love some rad insight re: a project I’m working on and having trouble with. So far, all I’ve got is “stop being lazy and just get on with it already.” Which is…exactly what I need to do, basically, but eh.

    • agree with the self-examination comment– i’ve been experiencing the same thing and i’m just done with it. can’t handle it anymore. time to move on to other thoughts!

    • I hear ya with the 12th house bizness….. I can’t wait for Pluto to get out of there…
      Going to sleep is like going to work most nights!

  3. Thinking of buying that Aveeno shampoo to repair the damage to my hair, though I’ll probably wait until after a month of using Organix. Probably going to consult my Tarot deck as I’m having some major social anxiety flaring up. I basically hate people right now.

    Oh, and the Full Moon will be in my 8th…where my natal Moon is (in Virgo).

  4. EXCELLENT. I am the mistress of emotive, diva-esque, sweeping generalisations. Well what I’ve been pondering is the global crisis, projected to really hit within the next 10-20 years, but building steam now.

    The nuts and bolts? Oil shortage affecting transport, production and all industries producing a knock on effect to food production and creating food shortages and mass starvation, which in turn is going to be effected by climate change and land degradation, which in turn is going to be exacerbated by our population reaching over 9 BILLION, which in turn creates more pollution, more stress on the environment, more co2 emissions leading to more climate change, more erratic weather … and around it goes.

    Armegeddon type fear mongering? No there’s no god or angels involved in this. It’s about us and the completely unsustainable way we live. We could always bury our heads in the sand and invest in false hope. Or we could start accepting the facts and the necessary actions we all have to take as a result. It’s not a question of if – it’s a question of when. Change and try to make it as orderly and sane as possible, or have change foisted upon us via violence and chaos.

    Oh and I’m trying to write up a job application for a save the orangutans not for profit organisation.

    Am also going to start up a blog dedicated to vegetarian/vegan politics, issues, yummy recipes and write vegan cookbooks.

    It’s a start …

    • Any particular reason for saving orangutans? just curious. Because there are so many endangered insect species like the Cape Stag Beetle that need not-for-profit love too. :)

      Plus a vegan recipe book would be awesome!

      • I love orangutans and gorillas and chimps and rats (obviously) and all the big cats, and the small cats and kookaburras and and and … it’s the only job I saw which promotes animal welfare, that I have the right skill set they are after and which will fit in with my vegan blog project.


        • Look forward to your blog with Vegan recipes, have taken out a sh*tload of vegan cookbooks form the library, and one macrobiotic one, which it turns out was written by Madonna’s macro chef of 7 years, just for a peak, the only thing I wouldnt go so far as, is cooking in spring water…please if the earth goes all pear shaped surely we have to be able to stomach tap water !
          Good luck Prowlincrab, you are an inspiration !!

          • thank you goldfleece … figured there was little point in ranting on the subjects at hand even though my ire was raised by doing the research. Better to just walk the talk and do what thou can within one’s abilities. The cookbooks are going to be different to what I’ve seen on the shelves … will let it be known once I get it all up and running. :)

            • Hey PC…
              I’m going vegan too…. DE-tox fest.

              I’m gonna take it slow- but I’ve been vegetarian since 97, and really only eat cheese, so I hope it doesn’t toally kick my ass.
              I feel ready. It’s time.

        • What about fruit bats, prowln? We sit and watch the empty skies around dusk, then one or two appear, and then the skies are full of thousands of fruit bats flying north for the evening. They’ve also been hitting our tree in the back garden which has been flowering again, making lots of mess, and leaving lots of bat poo over our car. Bat poo has to be smelled to be believed! A very fastidious friend came to see us in Qld and suddenly we got this rancid smell. Couldn’t work it out until he stroked our dog, looked at his hand, and we realised she’d been rolling in bat poo. We were not amused!!!

          • Sorry I’m not going to be helpful on the fruit bat front Libraquarius. I’d be with the bats chucking poo at the humans … :P

            • Honey Prowers, you just gave me a belly laugh.
              It’s been a wierd kinda unpleasant day for me &
              i needed that laugh.
              Have decided to contact the wonderful woman in Vietnam,
              nursing the bile bears back to dignity & possible health.
              Some need major ops to have scar tissue from gall bladder
              Now the whales are saved…..been waiting since ’79 for THAT,
              mebbe i can help her in some way other than pray if i knew
              who-what to pray to :-)…..?0?
              (I’m tired of trying to save men and their relationships).

              • Yeah don’t bother saving men. Let them implode. Seriously. I learned that lesson the hard way. And actually don’t “save” anyone unless they ask. They’ll never appreciate you for it if you just give it to them before they ask.

              • Hi Pegs, Sorry you’ve had an unpleasant day hun (as in honey), you’re always so upbeat and a pleasure to read on here, it wasn’t your fab country road saucy minx wearing, Gem meeting day was it ? I hope not.
                When we have a little groceries shopping money left over we donate a honey pressie for the bears … hope Mystic doesn’t mind me posting the link here, even $15 can make a bear smile!


                Happy friday Pegs ! xx

              • Glad to be of service! ;) … giving up the smokes ain’t easy. That bear bile trade is fuqing vile. Which is why I refuse to use traditional Chinese medicine. Onya Pegs!

            • I actually wish people would learn to co-exist with fruit bats. I just read that they’re going to use loud noise to frighten them from the botanic gardens and a school’s just been given permission to get rid of their habitat even though the school’s intruded on their patch. Grrrrr!

              • O, so glad you’re on the side of the fruit bats Libraquarius!

                I didn’t see this comment when I ranted in their defense below.

            • I lived in Queensland for years and I loved the bats.

              They are fascinating creatures. And they were there long before humans so…learn to live with them Libraquarius!

              Humans need to learn to share this planet, with each other and with other species IMHO.

              (Don’t worry, I have things I have to learn to lighten up about too. It’s all a learning curve…)

              • Yes, I love the bats too, I didn’t realise my post sounded as if I didn’t like them. Live and let live, they’re part of the ecosystem so we need to learn to co-exist. I first came across them in Qld when we lived halfway up a mountain and I’d see what I thought were birds going home in the distance. Then one swooped near me and I realised it was a bat! They used to LOVE our mangoes, the dirty rotten bastards, lolol. But they fascinate me – so big and so silent. On our way into Macksville (about 45 mins south of Coffs) they used to roost in a patch of trees close to the Nambucca River. Thousands of ‘em. They were sleeping to they were hanging upside down and quiet, but jeez, I gotta say that the stench of the poo is still unbelievable, lolol. BTW, have you seen the art piece in the Aboriginal section of the NSW Art Gallery? The guy created all different bats with different Aboriginal designs on them, then hung them from a Hills Hoist, said they were both so Australian they went together. Brilliant stuff.

              • I think the smell comes from their urine? Which they happily do all over themselves …

                With you Calliope … humans need to learn to share the planet and lose this attitude of “entitlement”. The fruit bats are native, were here way before us and we’ve wreaked havoc on their natural habitats and then whinge because they are survivors and make a bit of noise (and poo) over ours.

  5. Going out for live music event Fri eve. I’m so proud that I’m leaving the house by myself for something that is not work or food related…not even with friends backing me up. But it puts me square into the path of Toro with many Aqua bits. (I was the one who broke up with him invoking Saturn Girl Roolz.) It could be explosive or could be all cool. I’m channeling cool, calm, and collected even though on the inside I’m all nervous and having doubts….worried he’s going to be there with some trampy replacement. I got my hair did but I can’t dress to the 9’s due to minor bodily trauma.

    By Jove I’m going to enjoy this stupid show or else!

    • Good on you yotf…Often, I enjoy things by myself.

      Being Leo Moon this weekend, you can take his attention or not, eh?

      Be cool, very cool as even if it doesn’t go the way you expect, you will have no regrets (gawd only knows how it feels the morning after and that sucks….At the very least leave ‘em guessing and ball is in your court if they should decide to play…or not!)

      I hate fuqing games like that but, sometimes it ‘s necesary for self respect.

      Yes, enjoy the show!

      • Thanks Sweetpea for the advice! I bought these tix with the Toro like months ago assuming we would both go together. But I know he’s probably not going to back down. But i won’t stay home trying to avoid either. I’d almost prefer things to explode.

        …but channeling…beautiful and untouchable ice….

        • If the Toro does back down and not turn up I think we all need to hear about it because it might just be history in the making. Never known a Toro to back down from anything. They’re not stubborn – just ask them ;)

          [from a man who just loves Toros]

          • We bought those tickets together months back. He’s so cheap that i doubt he will skip. So that means showdown at the OK corral. But he’s a strongly aqua and gem Toro so i wonder if i can pull off the cool thing better than him.

            But yeah will keep y’all posted.

          • With mutables on all my angles, the time I was called stubborn I was like
            “wow”…that hurt. Venus in Taurus is not allowed to her standards?

            Anyway, today found myself in a real time, veritable ‘grand square’.

            Was sitting at a red light without my seat belt on when suddenly intuited that I should probably buckle up…(can get a ticket for that here in Cali)

            At the intersection, a cop car came up to the right, another to the left and there I was in the middle….

            That only left one “empty leg” of the grand cross…

            Empty leg was the green light and so a “go”

            Had been surrounded by the authorities! Saturn save my arse…

  6. Full moon in 3rd house. Wont be on my Mercury, thank fuq, but this week I have been quite emotional and clingy. Ready to explode, and explode I may do or already done…eeeekkk. I have been a bit weird with the El Toro

  7. Hmm, Friday night I’m cooking for Boy Leo shag buddy. He’ll be coming over at around the time the full moon is exact. We’re set to play Scrabble and watch a pirated copy of True Grit (i know, i know, I’ve already berated him about having mates who pirate films….)

    Don’t know how much of that will go to plan but I’ll make sure my hair is fab, my “librarian minx” look is perfected, my cheesey vego pasta bake is delish (and decadent – screw healthy), and my glassware is brimming with fine wine. For me. Who cares what he’s drinking.

    • Yeah why worry about the calories when you got a Leo rarin’ to go, you’ll burn it off ;).

    • Boy Leo cancelled :(

      He was stressed and in a general ppl hating mode so he cancelled tomorrow night. I suggested we just catch up for drinks and chats in case he needed to vent. He said no and didn’t get why I was getting all stalkery on him. Um, what? I politely stated that I shall see him after the full moon sometime next week. I think that was my best course of action – the ol’ Cap maturity stepping in… Arsehole.

      Sheesh, boys (young ‘uns) can be drama queens. Especially Leo boys!!

      Sigh. Now there’ll be no screwing (healthy or other!) for me tomorrow night. Think I’ll do a catch-up with the gal pals instead and make it home for Sex and The City re-runs with a fab bottle of vino and Kettle crisps that Boy Leo won’t be sharing…

      If only my hair would stop resembling Aslan’s mane!! Or maybe I should just work it.

      • NOOOoooooooo! He cancelled? ugh!
        At least you don’t have to worry about the glasses thing.

        • Leo’s (esp male ones?) might be a little out of sorts this full moon? Good move giving space it’s the best course of action me thinks. They’ll come back out of their den mane shiny & soft and purring again when it’s all past.

  8. Full moon in 10th and the Aha! moment happened this afternoon. Was doing a crossword puzzle where the clue was about bait and switch and then that’s when it happened. The lingering, unresolved work/ authority-figure-situation angst from 6-7 years ago suddenly materialized and right then and there it came to me who was really behind it! Weird and enlightening and exhausting all at the same time.

    • Full Moon in the 10th House too. So far no dazzling insights (yet) about my career in the performing arts/music, but I decide to indulge in some shopping.
      Before I read this blog post. Leopard platform pumps, french beret, art supplies and hair appt! Bought a new pair of sunglasses big black with leopard design on the sides. I must be channeling the Leo dramatic flair.

      Except Life is too short to fuck around with toxic bs and losers.
      Been pulled down for years working with addicts that always let me down.
      Musicians that would rather party than play sold-out gigs at The Whiskey-a-go-go. Big no-no.

  9. Got a letter published in the SMH today (about the crappy stuff by the Coalition in relation to the cost of asylum seeker funerals – may Morrison’s & Abbott’s nuts rot and drop off), shortly afterwards got a phone call from the guy I came to Australia with in 1972. We saw him when we were back in the UK in 2003 but then he stopped e-mailing so thought he didn’t want to stay in contact. Hey presto, he had a bad time when he got back to Oz, and forgot to e-mail back & by the time he did, we’d left to return to Australia. He’d tried to track me down then saw my name surface in the Letters page. Had a really good catch-up and I’m pleased we’re back in contact and making the peace. Wow – just as we’re heading to a Full Moon!

  10. Rightio, just realized that this building Leo full moon may be conjunct my natal Saturn, all in 10th house. I’m more than allowed to feel fuqing fabu about me in career realms, beautiful hair included. ;) And it just so happens that lots of workmates have commented on the gawgeousness of my hair – so viva Leo indeed.
    Good organizer too, both Leo and Virgo parts of me.
    “You light up the room”, another comment – so that totes counts as Leo-glam albeit in healthcare setting, yes? :D
    I may be particular with procedures, infection control, record-keeping, etc., but it doesn’t stop me from beaming smiles while I’m ‘performing’ :lol:

    • OK UPV thanks I just realised because of your mention of the house it’s in for you that it’s in the 3rd house for me and explains why the wanker next door has decided the whole world’s his ashtray again. Will now be haute leo in dealing with the moron for the next few days.

      • Ugh….I absolutely despise that filthy habit! If you wanna smoke at least have the courtesy not to litter!!!
        I’d be tempted to litter other things in his yard or sumfin like that, but that wouldn’t be haute Leo then would it.

        • soz that wasn’t meant to be secret squirrel emptied cache – yeah it’s a weird thing to do – on a power trip he be. And yes must vibe haute, I mean I was thinking of shitting on his doorstep but that’s off the list of things to do now.

        • He has most of the catholic population behind him, even some
          i thought were vastly intelligent. Then many others just don’t want
          Julia, so wil go with him just because of her.
          Between a rock & hard place. He’s making Julia seem a better choice,
          how foolish. His foot-in-mouth disease & her simmpering sincerity.
          I cannot look at either’s face.
          Now Costello has the same f-in-m problem.
          Wonder if Rudd is smirking?

          • i beg to differ re abbott and the catholic pop Pegs. i mix in a significant catholic pop (kids schools) and where i live – definitely not many abbott/coalition fans around here esp regarding their immigration/refugee policies. Poor tony – he’s just not that bright :razz:

            • Hey FF, so pleased to hear that. I have been fed mis-information,
              mmmmmm, heard he had rm church behind him.

              • tho not a church goer anymore, just know that attitude/value would neva resonate with true catholic values. Even better evidence is what their schools are doing and values they espouse. Principal of my daughter’s school will, i have no doubt, receive an order of aus due to her (and the school’s) ethic and work with the needy/poor worldwide but especially closer aboriginal and PNG communities and esp girl’s education. She is amazing.

                Those scary immigrant values just don’t resonate with the community i am part of – catholic or not, just an educated community willing to help our human family.

          • I hope Rudd is smirking and having a fine ol’ time watching the Abbott & Gillard Show. The pair of them are a fuqing embarrassment. I HATE to say this but I found Howard more congruent than these two sycophantic, patronising, backstabbing twats. I would much prefer a Rudd & Turnbull Show.

            • I lost interest in oz politics the first few months after Rudd was elected. Bring back Saggi Hawke anyday…he had real gumption..

              • Yeah never a dull moment with Hawkey around. I found Keating’s bad mouth entertaining as well, distracting though it was.

              • prowlncrab – we still snicker at Keating’s comment about Billy Snedden “A shiver looking for a spine to run up”. Keating was a bastard but he really did have a good line in entertaining insults.

              • lol .. yeah he wasn’t exactly driven by conscience. Funny as tho’ – politically speaking.

            • Oh, pleez, give me Turnbull any day over Abbott. I cringe at the “erms” and wince at the idea of this pillock ever representing Australia overseas.

      • I have re- entered the work force using my trade to fall back on really i have infiltrated the building industry as a spy , with a much grander scheme in mind. It does involve saving the earth and doing good for humanity as i am a humanitarian through and through. It also ticks another box in saving the environment , wildlife habitats and saving the rain forest as well. I came across the idea when i was surfing in New Ireland P.N.G in a remote outpost when i saw a local carpenter building a island traditional house blah blah blah…. anyway its coconut wood! Yes i am working to promote the introduction of coconut timber imports in Australia , my associates are setting up the mill in P.N.G as we speak with 5000 acres to harvest selectively . The senile trees are cut because they no longer produce coconuts and take up valuable nutrients from the plantation so they need to go anyway. The timber from the coconut tree is Magnificent , beautiful , unique, durable, sustainable etc etc it just looks amazing! anyway i am promoting the stuff here in Queensland then N.S.W , Vic etc etc . With a view to American and European markets. It will take time to go through the red tape bull that goes with the grading and rating of hardwood etc etc. With the millions i make i will operate my philanthropy scheme. So prowlin we may be able to work together in the future? I have to nut out a wage package with my new employer tomorrow its so not me…. wage, career , commitment? W.T.F ? maybe i just grew up . P.S…. I NEED A LOVER?

        • Hope your scheme works out, Damons. Am not volunteering for the lover bit, btw, bit too old, in a committed relationship, and too bone idle to bother with anyone new, lolol. Good luck with your lover search!

        • Sounds fantastic Damons and I hope it works out for you. I don’t want to be a stick in the mud here but, if it takes off, how do you stop the PNG-ers from chopping down all their natural forest and planting swathes of coconut trees in their place? Kind of like what’s happening in Borneo, Indonesia etc. with the palm oil industry (actually I think PNG is in on that too). By the way, if you do make millions, I know a fabulous environment charity that you can donate some of your spare dosh to (I work there so I may be a tad biased!).

          • They take 100 years to grow and are senile after 70 years or so . The loggers can cut and mill coconut instead of chopping into ancient hardwood stands usually rain forest type timbers and super wildlife habitats . Simply put the younger trees just arent any good for timber and they produce a lot of coconut which is cash money to the locals so they wouldnt want to cut them down.

    • what kind of thing?… I just hope that pig of a man whats his name, not turnball, oh the other one full of ego and power and racism dosnt get to lead the liberals….

          • He still doesn’t get it LA, just got an email back from his office, pretty much saying he apologises for his timing, and that the funerals should have been held on Christmas Island, he doens’t back down from his remark, just his timing. Who is going to stand up and say “these are people, like people in your family, your children, your mother and father, your friends, your neighbours, searching for a better chance at life…”
            I read an article in the paper a few years ago, with a pretty horrific account of everything this little girl had been through, it was only at the end that the journalist revealed the child was from Afghanisan, i think more stories like this to re-humanise the people who are so anti-refugees might be a good place to start. signing off now .. and i hope your catch up with your friend from ’72 (year i was born!) goes swimmingly ! x

            • Yes, I saw Morrison’s “apology” – the apology you give when you’re not giving one. I’m glad it’s blown up in the Coalition’s face. Perhaps they might get a bit more humanitarian and compassionate, instead of being front people for One Nation.

    • We can but live in hope – nothing too horrible, but it would be good to seem someone a bit more humanitarian and compassionate replace him. I have noticed that Ms Woodentop has actually started speaking a bit more normally, instead of speaking slo-mo as if we’re all a bit thick up top.

    • I agree sassy – he’s never going to rule the lucky kingdom. I thought it would happen at the last election but the chubby guy with the wife and kids will take it out next – I can’t remember his name you know who I mean? The one who criticised the banks last year.

        • Who is a Leo i believe. I just feel like something is going to come out that will be shocking and he will have to step down as opposition leader..

          • Is JH a Leo? Never thought about it before. Really like the guy but not his party. Wouldn’t it be fab to hand select the best of the multiple parties to make govt :-)

              • Interesting list. Don’t worry @ wilson tuckey being a kataka – way earlier generation = different outer planetary influences i suspect. without looking it up am thinking pluto conjunction and goddess knows what else.

                I was disturbed by the fact that phillip ruddock is a pisces sun ffs (have always thought of him as an evil bastard or more reasonably just a misguided creep). Have a compulsion to look into that list when i have time.

                Thankyou Sassy – hope all is going well with the Toro and your lil mulitple Aries boy :-)

              • I think that list might be out of date because Howard’s no longer in government and neither is that pillock Wilson Tuckey. He threw an almight snit at getting replaced which was rather delightful to watch given he’d been such an asshole in parliament.

        • thanks shell that is who I mean. I just tried to find your post about what makes a yod because I was just looking at the moon saturn uranus “shape” for tomorrow – looks like a yod??

          • you are my angles guru shell but I just worked it out myself in case you see this and answer x

  11. Working hard to play hard rocks. That’s my sweeping statement. Largely because I hope it’s true.

    I’m putting in the hours and slaving like a dog. But I am also finding time to escape to Mystic’s blog with the fab excuse that it’s refreshing my creativity. I get to work from home when I want to or is that an excuse to have a 24/7 work shift?

    Mind you, the travel is fabulous. Perth, Melbourne, Canberra and the US. That means sleep ins, restaurants and exploring new walking routes. After my work day is done and before I start doing more work at night I pretend I’m a tourist and take my photo camera to the city sights to let my hair down.

    And the pay means I can have a fabulous holiday later in the year.

    Mind you … the sweeping statement is just that. What I wouldn’t give for a night in front of the TV or by a campfire without the sound of my own fingers tapping away at the laptop keys …

    Not that I’d complain. Life’s pretty sweet right now …

    • Where in the US will you be traveling to when you come here for business Herby? Hopefully you’ll miss the remainder of our winter and get here when the weather is warm and the flowers are in bloom. :D

      • Florida in May (but after Spring Break *sigh of relief*). There’s a conference there that I’m going to. And then I am taking a few days off to play tourist :) :)

        And not my usual sort of tourist. I am usually a ‘natural wonders’ kinda tourist. Nope, my colleague and I have decided we NEED to visit Disney World (Magic Kingdom & BLizzard Beach), Universal, Kennedy Space Centre, the baseball (Tampa Bay Rays v Cleveland Indians), a Segway tour and an aligator boat tour.

        Very un-earthy but then my colleague is a mega Leo :)

        • Awesome! You’ll definitely find good weather in Florida and in May it shouldn’t be too unbearably humid yet. I have family there that I’ve visited, but I still have never been to Disney! The Everglades are stunning though, especially at sunset. :mrgreen:

          • I’m from Brisbane so unbearably humid is my middle name ;) But I am glad to hear it won’t be like that yet.

            That’s the place with the aligators – the Everglades :)

            • Be sure to stop by us here in Palm Springs Herby!! Great weather right now (not broiling yet) and grapefruits are ripe! We’ll bag some up for you before you’re on your way! ;)

    • Kennedy Space Centre is fab a must see, been there many times! Dad (bless his engineer Pisces-Aqua heart) adored space things and retired to Daytona just so he could be close by to see shuttle launches in Cape Canivaral in his old age. Sadly he passed 10yrs ago…buried close to there.
      Oh gawd, natal Chiron 2 deg Pisces mixed aqua vibe and here I am in Oz reading your comment and flashing back to him, life in U.S. and his far out ways. Thank you seriously, always a joy to remember him.
      Is the moon still in Cancer?

        • Ah, thanks Pegs.
          Dad was an eccentric, always loved flying something, homemade model aeroplanes, real ones, red wagons w/wings off roof as child, AF veteran, also one of 500 engineers to design first rockets into space. A true inspiration for the sagg venus in me.

  12. everyone is fuqed and full of shit is my diva-esque, loudmouth leo, bright light idea, IN A GOOD kinda way… that way all expectations of anything else are just not going to be let down. There is a whole philosophy that backs this up and leads to promising intentions, but this is the lead up to leo full moon way of describing it!

  13. On a solo trip to Hawaii. Moon will be full in my 7th house, conjunct my Mars, Merc and POF.

    Prowlncrab, I tried to watch the video you posted but got a message that the video is blocked in my georegion. How odd!

    I agree with your sentiments and am also working to start several projects to educate those with an interest in sustainable food and food independence. I’m launching a website soon about food ethics, and the disasterous impacts of our current model of food production, distribution and consumption.

    • awesome we should hook up at some point and cross link websites … gonna take me some time to organise my end. At least 6 months. But feel free to email me at (that was my old name) and we can hook up and chat via email or on FB if you prefer.

      Shame about the link – SBS is an Australian public broadcaster and they can set view zones due to copyright restrictions. However maybe if you do a google on the name:

      “The Future of Food Food” – riots have swept the world, and tens of millions of people have been pushed into hunger and poverty. Even in rich countries, consumers have been forced to tighten their belts.

      It is a UK production and maybe you will find it viewable from another region? Good luck! :)

          • Succubi?
            How’s the Quit going. Am deleriously happy coz of how the patches
            are doing their job.
            Havn’t eaten meat for 3 weeks, just noticed MM’s Vegan contact in Orlando,
            a Vet. Told my butcher when buying eggs (slowly decrease animal prods)
            that i was returning to veggo & he said ‘that’s sad’…what else could he say?
            Donating half cig money to bears & will plan to do something more active.
            It was predicted by one of my fave visionaries that there are women coming
            to the forefront to protect animals. Inspiring.
            We are needed.

            • the Quit is a no go. *pout* I promptly became way more insane than I usually am after 2.5 days of no nicotine. Can’t use patches – tried them – allergic reaction plus react like I am on speed.

              I LOVE THAT VEGAN VET … god is he hot or what? … just sayin

  14. I’m going to the Canadian West Coast where I lived for nine years after being away for seven years and I’m gong to open up a time capsule (storage locker) on the Full moon day and will visit a special friend/teacher who has helped me with my spiritual development.

    Decluttering, visiting former neighbourhoods, wonder who’ll I’ll run into.

    Leo Sun.

  15. Hello people hope you are all traveling well well here we are and I’m looking around for signs reasons any impetus at all to say YES to taking on a yoga teaching course that lasts a year and will have to take a punt on being able to afford. Not enough GO signs yet! Last time I studied started back in ’98.

    Encouragement encouraged… :)

    Crab sun/merc in 8th
    Archer Ascendent/moon

    • that is eerie, ladysaggicrab, i was thinking about doing EXACTLY the same today. Saw the notice up calling for applications and have been thinking about it all day.

      You should do it!!

      • hmmm…. are you in Sydney? If so I’m interested in other course alternatives to my excellent but expensive one! :)

        • no, west coast. but shop around- there are excellent courses that aren’t exorbitant in fees!! X

    • it’s a jupiter cycle since you last studied – only this time it’s got uranus and all the other planets on its side – what’s going on in your 9th and 10th houses? If it feels right do it.

        • maybe also look at who rules your 9th and 10th and what they are doing, and whether jupiter and saturn are doing anything to bits like MC, or your 9th/10th rulers, or whatever else.

          is your 9th Leo? full moon wisdom?
          merc, the ruler of your 10th caught up in the opposite of it? maybe it’ll all become clear very soon?

  16. yeah, I can hack it: Hit me! I want to be radicalled!

    PS I love a new word. we need more new words. I make em up at any opportunity (see above. Also: Awesomized, bonzarificated)

    • oh, right. vanity and sweeping perfume-scented generalisations in the form of insights. gimme a day or 2..

    • I make up words all the time that are clear in meaning, like yours, and mystic’s, and other commenters here. New words are valuable, enjoyable, useful. We should all do it.

      But I hate when people of tiny intellect, whose tiny intellect happens to be left-brained, laugh in a superior fashion and tell you it’s not a word, as if you are unfamiliar with proper english and therefore uneducated.

      Completely missing the point…

  17. Spent a long time (all year, plus some) being all blase and detached about the stagnation/end of a relationship. Now! It’s been too long. I want him back. I want him NOW! And I did nothing wrong, it was ALL his fault, so he should just come back to me already. Because I said so, and what I say is lore.

  18. Waiting on a possible job op. Some sort of refusal to ponder what I will do if it doesn’t work, as that is tempting fate/ defeatist.
    I am working most of the weekend. Seeing friend on Sunday. Facial on Monday.
    I am attempting to not gall at the fact that I will most likely see the ex soon and often over the next month or two. It was my decision the stop avoiding things I want to go see cos he might be there.
    Look good, be fabulous.
    I want this new job for me. If I could have it before I run into him, that would be icing on the cake. But, remember, it’s about me and not him.

    • heres the first insight ….. i am over myself… every thing is fuqd and the world is fuqd and 99 percent of peeps are fuqd and im fuqd and why wasnt i incarnated as a dolphin? eat ,have sex , play, sleep. eat, have sex, play, eat. etc etc

  19. No, Mystic, I don’t think I can hack it.

    Last 12 months have been massively massively crap since the last full moon in Leo (death).

    Worried about *everything* under the sun. Need more work, need more love, need less pain, need more clarity re: EVERYTHING.

    My full moon is in my 11th house and my 5th house is full of transiting planets. Need fun, laughter, people ASAP!

    My mother’s is in 2nd house – seeming financial struggle – lots of lies from others, no idea what’s happening or what culminates there. Am I helping or hindering? Will I find out in next 24 hours?

    All I want to do is work a bit, fuq a bit, and travel a bit. Why is that so hard?

    Relying solely on intuition ATM and I’m hoping my intuition’s up to the task. I don’t know what I’m doing. Blerg.

  20. oh …… i am in over my head on this post and probably 99% of all other posts and really i am not the sharpest tool in the shed at the best of times or in fact anytime, i have grand ideas or is that illusions of grandeur ? megalomania? not sure , but my heart is in the right place…. really…. it is.

  21. Oh man! 8O

    Be careful out on the roads guys, Dr Aqua was in an accident & NEARLY in another 3 after that!! 8O

    Don’t worry… all ok! Well except for the car… 8O

  22. Hmm full moon is conjunct regulus with neptune opposite I wonder if that means shipwrecks?

    Oi MS I think the full moon’s almost exactly conjunct your mars regulus – great night for some “power” dating “:twisted:”

  23. I might have to check if this full moon is aspecting my 11th house, though leo is my 2nd. Lots of OOooo about inner code, respect and personal boundaries ala work and keeping it pro. Unfortunately there was a couple of let downs this week ala Leo with a couple of spectacular lies being outted (one involving the wrongest canning of a gig ever, which was originally just unprofessional but now a mess)

    The other by Leo rising trying to sell me a room without any walls

    all of this has inspired me to do my own work again, I was working in collaboration but I am surrounded by people who want to hangbag me. flying solo <3

    • Bummer about the work. Neptune’s part of the mix definitely with this moon – full moon in 2nd with neptune opposite = other people’s shady values? Were the walls promised? Or did you just expect them LOL I rented a room without walls once – the walls were promised but never arrived. It was my bedroom hilarious. In retrospect. I just worked out there was a yod of moon saturn uranus today. People seem to speak in hushed tones about yods Uranus was the “finger” – you got flipped a uranian bird?

      • Yes, yods, I think it might be about the finger.
        Get two quincunx’ and a sextile up ya?
        No yod to Uranus, a quincunx/inconjunct is 150 degrees.
        There was one to my Pisces moon though.
        No good real yod material at the moment, Ie from the outer planets anyway.

          • I’m assuming you mean sextile between moon and Saturn, both at 15 ish, to Uranus, at 28 ish. That’s not a yod doll, the two long sides of the triangle are the same (150) plus the 60 side.
            I can’t remember what kind of triangles they are called though.

        • Ah brilliant! Chiron into Pisces sextile north node at 1 cap forms a yod to my Asc! (a finger up my asc, ha)
          And asc, sextile sun forms a yod to the north node, AND north node sextile my Uranus forms a yod to my sun! (ok maybe the last one is not so significant, though I guess that depends on where you want your fingers to Ahhhh stop it)

          Chiron conjunct vertex and square sun, and all those bloody aqua Taurus squares.
          Maybe I might explode? All the being prodded and I’ll just pop?
          (particularly if nothing really that interesting happens)

          Glad I decided I need a road trip next weekend.

          • LOL fizzing at the bung there shell? Something always happens on a road trip. Something WILL happen.

            • Fizzing at the bung? Where’d you get that one?
              Road trip should be post the geometry.
              Weird though. Obviously trying to tell myself something when I brought it up the other day.
              Though I guess finding yods in charts may be relatively easy?

        • oh i did count wrong – the chart didn’t have all the little lines – false alarm soz : o)

      • a yod? sounds ominous
        only flipping I’ve been doing is graceful lines around THE line ;)
        its all feeling a bit used car salesman ala leo ‘offers’
        also, I am on my last $ so hoping to manifest some more work 2nd house style
        c’mon regulus

        • Funny you should say that – I was thinking about used car salesmen yesterday and wondering if there was a classic chart for them. I ended up doing a contra – no walls = no phone bill in the end. We’re all out of yods soz I fuqd up. Fingers crossed for your work/cash horizon x

  24. Had the most craptastic wk with comms (hell for this Gem). Phone out for days at work, email kept freezing, major biz mtg was totally fuqd, and mental block on writing. And now auto correct is messing with my head … and text. Then bizarrely in the midst of it all get the call I’ve been waiting for for weeks from Pisces. Are we that out of sync? Or is it true luv conquers all? I can dream. Moon conjunct Venus, Mars, Uranus in 1st.

  25. Hack it?!! Daaarrrhhhlllings… its bang on my birthtime almost to the minute.!!! Rowl.
    So yep, given its one of 2 days this year I’m allowing myself to hit the juice its Biodynamic French fizz, stormy weather and a zooshy suite in an 1880s seaside pub for moi. Sorting out the rising sealevels stuff Saturday. Yip!

  26. Applying daily-email Mystic advice and strategically planning my full moon un-doing.
    Natal Leo Moon..does this mean I freak out more? The ‘plan’ may fail then..

    Completely psycho over Cap Melb/Shag (now referred to as Mr. Distance due to his Aqua Venus and physical-interstate distance between us) had enough of the Aqua vibe in him and me. I need a reason behind our existence in detached shag w/ respect union and I have nothing to explain it, no grounding, no boundaries..nothing, f-ing nothing but that it feels good. I hate him!
    Give me my earth back and get me a mirror now!!!

  27. OK, here’s my insight:

    I don’t have any. I can’t live my life by radical changes. My preferences, attachments (nice ones), personality, will always be around even if they change form. Gradually or rapidly. I forget or ignore my own resolutions and break new rules the instant I make them..

    I would forget who I think I have redesigned myself to be. Too many things interest and distract my attention to care about “How Do I Want Other People To See Me?” I want them to see me for ME and like that person, if they feel like it. If they don’t, too bad. Maybe the question I need to ask is “How can I make sure I am Me all the time?”
    How can you change overnight? or over one month? Do we disapprove of ourselves so strongly that we have to morph just because Modern Life says so, because we want to be like Someone Else, because we want to be judged ‘favourably’ by our peers? I’m me, and if you don’t like me, then I don’t actually care. That’s my insight. Easy for your average self-assured Taurus to know from Birth, but for a mercury-ruled, triple mutable-influenced water sign, it’s a Big Deal.

    So I guess that’s all about authenticity and self, not bad for a full moon in my 2nd house/Leo where my natal saturn lives x :D

    • UP, my insight into your insight is as follows:
      * you are asking yourself excellent questions
      * we can always be ourselves in any situation by being in touch with our values (Not rules; values. Big difference.). Taking one small step that expresses a value is being yourself and acting according to who you are and what you stand for, NO MATTER WHAT the situation. If you are looking for an anchor on the triple-mutable seas, this is it.
      * it is not as easy for the average Taurus to know this stuff as you might think… Whilst many Taurus peeps give the impression of self-assuredness, in my experience they often struggle with deep issues of self-worth and find change (especially from old ruts) excruciatingly difficult. The grass is not always greener! They probably envy your Mercurial powers.

        • also Nat, ‘we can always be ourselves in any situation by being in touch with our values’ that makes a lot of sense to me – thanks

  28. My birthday today and it was weird.
    They’re usually very cool, because I love them but I had a sitcom moment, where everyone who was coming to the dinner tonight (the one I suggested so I could spend it just with nearest and dearest) wanted to turn the whole shindig into a surprise… so all but 2 told me they weren’t coming, at various points throughout the day. Ended up in angry tears round 3 at home and then thought fuq it.
    Hello Leo moon (mine and the one we’re under) and I emerge with massive red mane embellished with triffid sized black flower, drop dead black dress and a resolve to enjoy myself anyway because It’s My Birthday (yeh I hear the refrain).
    Get there to everyone, presents, wine, food, laughter and just think, huh? You’re all here. Huh?
    Even (and especially) current, er, Libran headfuq deliciousness, him full of you look gorgeous darling and even a gift.

    Good goddess.
    Sure I said no more fuqbuddy bullshit last week after months of really lovely everything because I really truly can’t handle sharing my toys and pretending to be casual… thought that was the tailend of my more than a decade long Neptunian relationships phase. It is, actually.
    So he drove me home and I got out of the car. No really, just said goodnight and Got Out Of The Car.
    Seriously, good on me… finally not caving because I Want even when I know how bad it will be for a tender heart .
    Liking this new year already.

    • Many happy returns Aqua Fey. Thanks for sharing your birthday story. Maturity and self assurance rock. So does the non-clingy, low-drama simplicity of Just Saying Goodnight & Getting Out of The Car. Nice work!

    • Happy bday Aqua, great insight and good for you for ending it, if you want something diff or more…Strength and love to you!! xx

    • Happy Birthday chickadee! Good on you, a real man who loves you would fight for you, don’t be tender with the hard arses.

    • Such a public display of random subconscious imagery in flight – hilarious. Neptune/Sun opp Moon.

  29. This is my insight: what if we could map the planets (at least the personal planets) into the Five-Factor Personality dimensions aka the OCEAN dimensions– Open, Conscientious, Extroverted, Agreeable, Neurotic?

    I am not going to explain the OCEAN model because the people on this forum are so well-read I don’t think it’s necessary. So here goes– I think it would map this way:

    Open= Mercury and Jupiter
    Conscientious = Saturn
    Extroverted = Sun and Mars
    Agreeable = Venus and Moon
    Neurotic = Saturn and Mercury

    I am high in Open, Conscientious and Agreeable; average in Neuroticism, and low in Extraversion.

    It sort of corresponds to my chart: my sun is drowned in the 12th house, and it’s conjunct Neptune–that explains the low Extroversion.
    I am very Conscientious–both at work and at home–that goes with my Saturn-moon conjunction.
    I feel a bit silly saying this–but I really am a very Agreeable person :) –and that goes with having Venus in Libra in the 11th house of friendship and having moon in Aquarius (friendship again) in the 4th house of family.
    My Openness could be related to having Mercury Rising.
    Neuroticism –well, I have Saturn conjunct my IC and squaring and opposing practically everything else, except my moon, with which it is conjunct–now who wouldn’t be neurotic given that configuration? As for my Mercury, that also squares everything in sight. So I guess I am lucky I come out “average” instead of “high” on that dimension.


    • Without deeper thought on ur theory, first instinct is that surely the Moon = neuroticism as well.

      • I agree. The moon’s placement/strength could show neuroticism. Which reminds me– my moon is in Aqua in the THIRD house (communication) not the 4th.
        This is not the first time I have made that mistake; I have to keep reminding myself that my Moon-Saturn conjunction is in the 3rd house, not the 4th– I wonder why. I don’t make mistakes with the placement of the other planets.

  30. lol….ex hubby with leo asc. at 26degrees has moon transiting 12th house said last night he dreamed he was a super villian..sure have thought that about him over the last two years. Full moon conjunct his asc!
    me…moon natally in leo in 12th. CRAZY dreams last night. one in half abandoned schoolhouses where I have very inappropriate sex with someone(another leo moon) changing genders?*! wtf!!! huge extended family vacation where ex hubby and I fight but concern later when I see he is injured(not by me). pets at exes, good looking men I connect with in stairwells, and fondly thinking about an encounter with an ex where we could have gotten back together but chose not too(this never happened in real life).
    Full moon will be in my 12th conjunct my venus in 12th! Unfinished business with supervillan, needing intimacy in a huge way, even if you get a second chance to get it right you may realize it isn’t what you want after all.

      • Among other things she described in detail the man I’d marry. She described how I’d meet him and everything about him. And she was right. I met him the way she said I would, he is exactly how she said he’d be down to all specifics, but for some reason it hasn’t worked. He doesn’t love me. So now after meeting him I’m totally adrift. But still, it’s kind of awesome, nothing like a blank canvas I suppose.

        • Expectations are the killer in that case, sorry that you are having a hard time. My clairvoyant was in lieu of a therapist and I found she gave me great hope in a terrible time. Maybe you will have a better experience with both men and clairvoyants next time girl. Best of luck.

    • I don’t feel that anyone can run/ruin your life for you. You have choices too. So if you decided to follow the clairvoyant, you are responsible for that choice. Perhaps it’s given you insights you may not have had about self-empowerment. Live your own life, not anyone else’s or what anyone else tells you.

      • high five! the future is not fixed … and a hard lesson learned about handing over your power. It’s got to be about what “sits right with you” on a gut level … not what somebody said. Couldn’t give a shit if they have a 23/7 hotline to god. Our own bodies tell us the truth.

  31. I have been told for the past week to listen to the Gil Scott Herron and Jamie XX effort “We’re New Here”

    I got a stream link in my email yesterday evening and I haven’t had a chance to listen till this morning.
    Oh My. Oh. My. Ohmyohmyohmyohmy….

    This could be the soundtrack to my full moon. (especially the first track)

    Just have it running in the background.
    Trust me.
    Do it.

    • “I did not become someone different
      That I did not want to be
      But I’m new here
      will you show me around?”

      (last track is a bit cheesy dance for my liking. But the rest is pretty golden)

      • Bill Callahan (smog) wrote that song. It’s on ‘a river ain’t too much to love’. His version is way better. His stuff is phenomenal.

        • I know Smog wrote it ‘A river ain’t too much to love’ was one of my fav albums of 2005. Bill is truly a breathtaking song writer.
          I just like how much of a blend this album is. It is a cover, but feel like they give the song a little bit of a different spin.
          It has soul/blue/jazz reacher of GSH and the electro/nu indie/dance of the XX. I think they get the balanmce right for most of the album (there are a couple of dips, but it’s fairly consistant).
          It just kinda illustrated what I feel like with the Leo moon. There is alot of same old element’s, but when I look at it different, it means that it can become something different, enlivening and special.

          • I thought it was odd that one would have slipped you by. I think I prefer the GSH solo one to the remix. Am not a big bleeper (unless done by sufjan, or radiohead) and have some irrational thing about that album that sends me running back to bill!
            I’m so glad you mentioned it though, caus now I have ‘a river’ helping me out of the house (slowly)

      • ‘Running’ is sounding good. Thanks for the link.
        My morning started with Smoove & Turrell.

        Hanging out for the new Radiohead release on the 19th.

          • Im planning a special private party for me & them only so no one dare interupt while I take it in.
            ‘In Rainbows’ caused emotional breakdown when I first heard it. Is this the nervous you refer to…

            • Nerves= What if it sucks? What if it is unredeeming in any way? Everyone hits a creative speed hump. Will this one be it?

              They haven’t disappointed me yet… but, it’s a nervousness that is with each new release…

              • wasn’t Amnesiac their creative speed bump? I’m assuming they are well past releasing shite because they may feel obliged to release something.
                Looking forward to my clear 10″ vinyl in the mail, yay!
                I’m nervous cause my home internet connection is completely unreliable and thus I am probably going to have to go out somewhere to download the thing in the first place.

              • I am not sure it was… It was pretty obtuse at the time, but if you go back and listen now… they were pretty futuristic and it holds up better now.
                It was certainly a diviation, with it’s bleeps and beeps… I don’t think it was a speed bump.

              • No i’m with you, as in, given Amnesiac was their most ‘uncritically acclaimed’ album, i don’t think there’s much to worry about :)

                but yes, speed bumps will be personal.

                ahhh I’m way to fidgety to get any work done today……

            • I ordered the Newspaper thingy too!
              Leave it to them to release in unique way. Just thinking I won’t download any other stuff over weekend in case my speed gets stuffed. Fuq I need a plan B now. Thanks for reminding me. We need to meet back here for official review. I need a valium.

              • Where are these drinks????
                My neptuian itch needs a-scratching…. And an old old old (like seven years ago) cap crush who I haven’t heard from in about two years just a quick dip into my life again.

              • fitzroy!
                god i wish some old old or new new or old new or something crush would quick dip back into my life. i’m struggling to not send a come hither text to one who i know wouldnt come hither anyway but whom make me want to use texts as w.m.d’s cause he just wont bloody come hither.
                shall go for a walk up the street for an ice cream and vibe some wonderful new new thing instead.

              • Not that sort of dip in. It was a monosyllabic telling off… Almost.
                I just told him, in a detached fashion, whatever.
                It was pretty much a non event. Ice creams are great:)

              • Oh f-ing Gawd!!!!!!!!
                They just posted new Lotus Flower video on FB page!

                DRINKS FOR EVERYONE!

              • It’s good. It’s a good song, it’s a good clip. I am well pleased!
                I am watching the video on repeat after some very stupid google stalking.

                shell- I am in North Fitzroy… how fricking weird is that!

                At workies (last early shift in a row of four) so no drinkies (no matter how much I want one). Maybe I will just crawl under my desk and disappear into my headphones for awhile….

    • so hey ladeeez GREAT to hear you talk about music (always liken GSH to the sensation of rubbing against the nap of velvet mmmm). Such a lovely layer of texture it adds to your online presences.

      Neptune has me in his thrall and I feel no need to resist – enjoy the moon and the tunes xxx

      • Toonage is excellent!
        It soothes everything quite nicely. Hopefully.
        (these early mornings are killing me)

  32. Yuk – keep doing a tarot reading about a certain new love interest and keep getting the same message – you have to live on your own / you cannot escape life by attaching yourself to a man. Sigh. I know I have to listen and will be rewarded but it is probably the hardest thing I have ever had to do.

    • What sort of Tarot say you must live alone, none i have heard of.
      People get attached to other people, it’s the way of the world.
      Redo…try another pack is a suggestion.

      • THoth tarot – love card followed by devil and 6 cups – or few sevens and fives – ok ill try Rider Waite, thanks for response…but will still keep my cynicism about this relationship – just alwayslook to men to make me happy…surely should find happiness on my own first. Attachments are the way of the world – nice to have another point of view.

        • Try the I Ching for divination perhaps?
          Happiness is elusive, aim for Contentedness.
          You just haven’t discovered your OWN unique gifts yet,
          & a Scorpy-Sagg can be quite a contradiction, says some-one who
          is triple Sagg with lots of 8th house placements bought up by Scorp
          Turn the dial up on your self-esteem with constant affirmations.

          • “Happiness is elusive, aim for Contentedness.
            You just haven’t discovered your OWN unique gifts yet”

            you’re on a roll pegs – such good advice

    • Anromeda, there is a CD called ‘Chysalis’ of the singing crystal bowls.
      On cover it says to eat a banana after listening???? In part sounds like
      cicadas. Took it to Tahiti & the cicadas actually started singing whilst it
      was on.

      • *absolutely fascinating *
        Who here bought those planetary tuning forks I linked awhile back…?

        • that’s the kind of thing my earth geomancy whatever the hell she was up to friend had – the one who gave me dowsing rods. You’re into sacred geometry right? Do you do that thing where you make contact with the ancient egyptian archetypes and eat white powder gold?

          Pegs I had a whole summer of wooing the cicadas in the middle of the night with Bob Marley – they were most into the 1960s Lee Scratch Perry era. I often wonder if I caused some kind of cicada population explosion in the inner west that year.

    • Cracking up about the line ..
      “We are also able to legally marry couples in Australia from any country, accompanied by crystal singing bowls!”

      Aware its a spiritual thing, just sounds hysterical like bowls are dancing around the room singing whilst you exchange vowels.

  33. Sleepless night for she who goes to the underworld deeply & truly.

    Golden Fleece….that’s the site i wanted, so much easier to donate
    instead of going there armed to the gills to stop the vile practise.

    The festival wouldn’t allow me in to see my old friend, said i would
    have to pay 275 to join for a 30 minute talk, had to bite my tongue
    to tell the little 18 yo door bitch, that i didn’t want to have sex with
    him, just to see his face again! Said the published email address
    to join kept getting returned. She said no-one had that problem.
    Publicity girl came out as had been given her name if any problem,
    she looked askance to said vertically challenged & she shook her head.
    And to think i walked 1/4 km in HEELS!
    So whilst in CBD decided to take photo of sign where i received a
    250 parking tix last Sun to dispute it, & dropped the camera. It fizzled
    & died, but managed to download existing photos. Now vibing it to heal.

    Patches interfere with sleep but the JOY of no desire to light up is a high
    in itself. Freedom. As i used to smoke only Cartier, thought if i get lung probs
    they will give me a bracelet & rings to be a well dressed corpse.
    That saved money can seriously go to the Bears. We both benefit. Poor babies.

    Thank you well wishers, all copecetic :-)

    • Hi Pegs,
      Gotta rush to swimmings lessons with little people, but re patches,
      Piscean girlfiend had hard time at night, whacked out dreams disrupted sleep and what not, came to the conclusion that she didnt smoke when she slept before, so takes patches off when she goes to bed and puts back on in morning…hope this helps. Has helped her, in fact i think she’s “clean” of them now. xx At least with all the bloody mishaps you went through yesterday you looked absolutely positively bloody radiant and oozing style !! Good luck with the patches ! x

  34. Had a terrible night’s sleep last night and dreamt that I brought back a love interest to my place, only to realise that we had to share the bed (two single beds pushed together) with my mother (?!). I made the poor guy sleep in the middle and no hanky panky was to be had.

    In my waking life: I was recently set up with a man who turns out to be VERY similar to an ex. Their birthdays are two days apart, they work in the same industry and look similar. All I’m craving at the moment is someone COMPLETELY different.

  35. Realisations for me are centred around a casual relationship/full-on friendship that I chose to end yesterday. After all his emphasis on the importance of us remaining friends, even after embarking on certain physical benefits, he ended up going against his word and treated me in a much less than friendly way. I am better than that, so I waved goodbye. Sad, but for the best. I woke up this morning still angry, but with this lining of positivity in sight. I feel literally as if a weight is being lifted – I can be myself again, and I can start dreaming again. The world is there for me to grab. I think I’ve just begun a major growth phase – so exciting. I realised last night, the next time I see this guy again, he probably wont even recognise me. I like that idea.

    • OOOOps sorry Saggabee!!!
      Shall take the arrow outta my mouth.
      ONly my personal observations as for some silly reason have been
      thinking of men lately. Just an age thing.

  36. Realisation…looked in diary & listed Sagg Men i have known &
    all listed as ‘tight assed’ financially that is, indicating a tight heart
    & ‘lack’ mentality vis a vis ‘abundance’.
    What one gives out from the heart comes back threefold.

    Stuart Wilde’s Blog site is very interesting, he doesn’t post his visions as
    a Spiritual Warrior that often. One of the very few men my generation that attracts me
    with his humour & tripful mind. Worth a read if you are curious about Ayaushca.
    Went to his blog last night a few hours after his posting it.
    There are clear instruction on ‘how to write’, simple & better than anything
    i have browsed re ‘writing’.
    His predictions of complete monetary collapse are super informative & how to
    prepare for the radical changes.

    • Wow Pegs, I have just read the writing blog, this has come in at a most perfect time, was asked today to talk at a major charity fundraising event about being the mother of 2 children with special needs, afterwards a painting of my childs will be autioned off…(minimal words, but a fine expressive hand – my Aqua Leo rising boy – oh and Sagg moon)

      Hearing the words about making & creating a pitcure or cartoon with as minimal words as possible and making the reader (but in my case listener) be able to follow my story like logs down on a traintrack is like an Eureka moment !

      I’m contstanly having 8 conversations at the same time and going off on all sorts of different ideas and tangents, in and out if my head.

      So thank you Pegs. I feel like i have structure and direction to follow .. bloody speech is on 18 March, moon in Virgo .. will have to look impeccable. Maybe I shouild write to Karl L !

  37. Listening to “Madonna, Something To Remember” album and going crazy cleaning the house and throwing dead weights and dead dreams out.
    and staying clear of my Leo mother…lol

    • OMG Sassy, I looked up David Icke and was bowled over.. I mean wow, he’s been banging away at the same stuff in cohesive enough fashion for near 50 years.

      I hate the topics and am riveted. My Gem dude is in Economics and he was very interested in how Icke inked some of the information and said of what he knew it was sound in terms of history and logic.

      Then you get to the reptilian stuff… My friend the psychic Aqua boy shrugged and said, “Of course he is right on some level. He has the emphasis wrong and he keeps making everything black and white, life isn’t like that”. So now your comment has me on this really weird road!

      • Freaky I know Andro, just be careful of taking everything he says to the ultimate. I think if you did you wouldnt be able to function in the world. I can make that mistake very easily.
        He is very extreme, reminds me of the Ultimate search of truth and rightness, Im sure he has Saggi somewhere prominent in his chart. Yes psychic Aqua boy is right, he needs to stop talking about the reptilian race et al and put it in a way that sociologists would, so peeps are not going this guy is a nutter!!

        • Yes, it is pretty unhelpful to use the word reptilian, I prefer ‘other worldly’, ‘alternate energy field’, sounds much nicer without losing his point. He does have a Jupiterian idealism and bingo Sassy! He has Sun conjunct Jupiter

          Taurus, Rising Libra, Moon conjunct Uranus in Cancer (nurturing, emotional, erratic) in the 9th – there’s more Sagg. And all that plutonic dredging through crap with so much energy – Mars Rising (almost) in Scorpio 1st House. His Saturn with Neptune in Libra 12th House – he must be having a Saturn return…

          • V interesting. Quite charming with his Lib rising and can make anything sound sweet. I cant believe he is a Toro.?!! The Saturn-Neptune in 12th is interesting, very idealistic, but has trouble with putting some of his theories into words that are real and sound. Thanks for that Andro…

        • I would love to know how sociologists would reframe David Icke’s spiel and whose model they use / who taught them how to say things. Seriously. As a libran with strong venus mercury I’m intrigued and that is a dead set question.

      • ohmigod don’t read that stuff Andromeda! It will make your brain explode and spaghettify with visions of apocalyptic futures filled with reptillian zombies and chemtrail sacrifices and Illuminati conspiracies and how the Jewish manufactured the holocaust and Morgellan’s disease and how George Bush is really an alien clone … seriously. Drink herb tea, start a worm farm, compost your rubbish. Far more productive. ;)

      • Well, I don’t think the dude is a racist, he is a bit of an alienist though. I mean who says all reptilians are bad? :) It’s way too extreme for me, but he is an interesting person and I feel he does care.
        Yes, it is all too depressing for words, but some of what he says is on the money even if he does have the emPHAsis on the wrong syLAbull…
        In a holographic universe I don’t see why a reptilian race couldn’t adjust the frequency to appear something like us, it’s not that big of a deal (well in my little world!). God knows I have seen enough crazy sh!t in my time.

        But yes, chinese herbal tea – check, worm farm – check, compost – check, dairy free – check! Was going to say prowln, I look forward to your blogging, I too have been inspired by your passion on the vegan front though I am not giving up dead cow just yet!

        But I do have a couple of questions for my friend who is a Grand Master Freemason…!!! Lol, don’t be concerned for my mental health guys, am just remaining open and not making any judgements.

        • *bows and makes the funny hand signal*

          It’s only depressing if you read the depressing armeggedon peeps. And I mean they have their place … in the locked ward or a parallel universe. What I’m saying is they just throw negative shit out, blame it on some freakin law abiding aliens, an amorphous god or a black hole that’s minding it’s own beeswax and pronounce DOOMSDAY COMETH without proposing any useful strategies.

          Tres annoying.

          No one person can save or change jack shit. But one person following their own conscience multiplied by a few billion peeps doing the same, equates to social movement and change that any government, organisation or regime HAS to respond to (regardless of how thrilled they are about it).

  38. Very cranky this full moon – I guess both sun & moon are squaring my sun right now.

    • me too, been all over the shop, crabby, insecure, whingy, whiny, then now hypo, cleaning the house and wired. Hope you ride the full moon emotions TLE!! xx

      • Thanks Sassy. The Venus/Saturn square is kicking my ass, too. Work work work. Am off the booze though, will get a massage tomorrow, hopefully cheer up. Biggest insight was, unless something changes drastically, I think I will prob only do my current job for the next 2 years, then start looking elsewhere.

  39. This moon is in my 3rd house and I am waiting on hearing if there is a space in a course going to land in my lap. Man, it would be perfect, the ultimate Neptune, Moon in the 3rd experience.

    And the fact that I got the date wrong and missed my first Astro lesson last night (smacks head) must mean something, I mean the Universe just isn’t that arbitrary…is it? Waiting, waiting..

    • Good luck Andro.It is in my 3rd house too. Whatever happens will be perfect for you….Is it on your Sun also??

      • My sun is in the second and has been passed by already! I think whatever happens will be fine too, I have two parties this weekend, so there’s other Neptunian things I can do too.. :) Short trips will bring warm emotional experiences for us? I hope so, I am going to the beach on a day trip if the course doesn’t happen.

      • How do you know what house the moon is in for you now? Mine is natally in Virgo in the 8th. Do I just input the current date and time and see where the moon is located?

        • Using you go to extended charts and choose ‘natal chart and transits’. Around your natal chart you will see the planets in green – too easy!

          • Ooh, interesting. My moon is still in the 8th house. What might that mean? Hopefully nothing too bad, since I’m trying to stay optimistic for this weekend. :) And thanks Andromeda…always wondered how people were figuring that out, but could never understand it.

  40. Going to visit my own lion/ cat on this leo moon. Am expecting a change since I doted on him day and night for 4 years and he’s now living in a house with 4 twentysomething workaholics.
    That is my romantic update. Ha!

  41. I’m feeling very feline at the mo and my rad plan is to smudsge with sage the bed we are sleeping on tonight out in the reainforest after hippy dance. To help smudge any other women out of his mind and heart and it may work for me also. Got the outfit together and I’m off to ROAR!

  42. Sometimes love is not enough. (Line from Grey’s Anatomy last night – put in a nutshell my thoughts about my ex-marriage the last few years.)

    People are creating their own hype to elevate themselves into some kind of celebrity.

    Want to sack the casual shag – we’re not shagging often enough for me to feel that we’re lovers, we don’t talk in between like we used to so we’re not friends, we don’t hang out so we’re not companions.

    • My situation exactly – I fobbed mine (casual shag) off yesterday. It gets to the point where you ask ‘What is the point?’ I’m in a place in my life where I definitely am up for a casual arrangement, but beginning to realise that it’s just as complicated as an actual relationship.

        • So should I do what I felt like this morning and tell him, or take MM advice of ‘look good, shut up’ today? Perhaps do the deed tomorrow and I hope to feel as liberated as you guys.

          • Depends on the guy some see it as a strategic move to snare them closer, others won’t like it and try and go back to getting it on track & will grovel/whine/lie maybe. Casual shags are like bona-fide relationships, emotional responsibility to each other and plain good manners still have a high priority.

            I’d sleep on it, let the answer come to you.

            Can I say that your last paragraph of your original post are like lyrics to a song, beautiful :)

            • Yes I loved that last para too! I do feel liberated. Like riverwalker, it started out as very much friends with benefits and has over time diminished to him contacting me only for shagging and seeing me only for shagging. Thanks but no thanks. Casual I can do, disrespectful, I cannot do.

  43. Ok final (yes really) rad insight: this middle eastern situ smells funny … actually smells a bit like oil to me. I mean Tunisia I could understand. Egypt …. ookkkkkk. But now Bahrain and Libya??? Dunno how to put it exactly but my spidey senses are tingling.

    • not discounting your oil link because it’s what most war is about and god knows the west could have triggered all this surreptitiously – history tells us it’s happened before – but their culture isn’t like the most of west. The people share religion and tribal bonds that our societies have lost due to mobility and globalisation amongst other things. We’re relatively watered down and homogenised when juxtaposed as a “culture” with their strong cohesive system of familial and religious bonds. Therefore it’s harder to see why a whole lot of separate nations would get it going on at the same time.

      When you think about them as tribes and sects and not places and lines on a map it does make a bit more sense that the region would be rising simultaneously. I’ve known people whose parents and grandparents were nomadic bedouins etc. and it’s not so long ago they were on the camels living the good life with the fab rugs and cushions – 30-60 years ago. They see the people in the other countries as brothers and sister of the same sect etc and they want some of what they’re having. A bit of freedom.

      Meanwhile behind the scenes democracy is being fundamentally changed as well. We’ll hear more about that later when it’s already happened. We were having a latte or something when we had our chance to voice our opinions to our local members so our system just went grinding on without us.

      as far as astro is concerned for the middle east – and the world – celeste teal has a great book “eclipses – predicting world events and personal transformations” It has all the charts for the nations we’re seeing in upheaval at the moment and how eclipses will happen there up to 2015 and it also has tables of the eclipse charts and signs from 2000 onwards and all the industries and conditions those eclipses had dominion over so you can see what you were doing and how it panned out and try and steer your life more consciously by using the latent energies at hand. Eclipses aren’t just for the moment of the event, they’re triggered by subsequent alignments of planets on the point of the eclipse. Amazing book recommended reading for astro fiends. Robert Wilkinson who used to be in mystics list also refers to them – superb. The eclipses are the key.

      best thing is they’re not just happening in the middle east, they’re happening to us – we’re all having a revolution if we want one. Good luck with orangutan gig prowlers and the vegan trip too – may the force be with you.

      • dude that is incredibly insightful and thank you so much for writing about your views on the subject. I “try” to view human social structure realignments from a positive perspective, but yes perhaps a bit of cynicism in my comment wondering why these particular nations, at this particular time are moving in this particular direction.

        My mum actually travelled throughout the middle eastern nations in the 60s on her way to live in a kabbutz in Israel. She was the first person I ever heard state a negative personal reaction to Israel – irritated that she was warned that to travel on into Palestine would mean never being allowed back into Israel. Her response? Fuq you lot. Well she is a Leo. She described the Palestinians as friendly, loving and hospitable … whilst the Israelis as selfish, cold, with an ingrained belief that the region owed them something. Their alliance with the US, who has supported their land grabbing tactics, beyond the scope of the Geneva Convention wins no votes from me as an adult.

        Therefore I am suspicious of intervention by the US in that region – it’s proved to be self serving and never in the interests of the people. I’m not exactly a fan of Islam, but personally I believe that only a cowering people would fall for fundamentalism and most just want to be free to live their lives in peace.

        Let’s hope that is the case here eventually.

        • mmm fundamentalism is weird because ultimately it indicates an imbalance and a propensity for a lack of tolerance but we’ve got it too – in obvious ways like pro-lifers but it also manifests in our consumer driven society as brand allegiance and aspirational social / lifestyle trends. The way children are advertised to is grooming them to be loyal to brands from cradle to grave. But that’s a whole other story x

  44. Rad Insights: (Totally unconnected to each other):
    1. I cannot believe what I have I let some men I have been in relationships with get away with
    2. If a guy engages in behavior of one minute telling me he really wants to see me and the next minute completely ignoring me, there is nothing wrong with me in being driven crazy by the behavior. I am not made of stone and am not immune to that type of behavior. Anyone who tells me I am weak or should be able to instantly forget about the guy, or who otherwise suggests that I am abnormal because I am affected emotionally by that behavior is the person with an unrealistic grip on reality.
    3. I am psychic even when I don’t realize I am being psychic.

    • 1. Women are indoctrinated from birth to believe that behaviour you’d NEVER accept in your female friends is ok when it comes from a man.
      2. Agreed. Work on breaking that subconscious belief pattern that you’re not a real or whole woman if you are single for a period of time – or permanently if you choose. Your life does NOT have to be defined by a “significant other”, “soul mate”, “marriage” or other such nonsense ideas. Men are what they are … there’s about 4 billion of them. Keep your expectations of them non existant. Work on yourself … it’s actually fun, liberating and awesome to be freed from the emotional roller coaster of relational competitiveness – which exists even though peeps are unwilling to admit it.
      3. Dunno. What’s psychic?

      • Completely agree with you, but who raises the males? Us. Lol, I just read this when my lil Aries is shouting at me from the loungeroom watching his fave movie for the 1000th time, to get him a drink and something to eat….Yelled back “Get it yourself”…

        • I have a friend (an awesome single mum with little family support) who got stick from other so called women “friends” because her boy has house cleaning duties – they said it was child slave labour. What the? … it’s insidious.

          • Yeah, a lot of women can create monster men, by treating them differently to there girls. Girls from a very young age learn how to cook, dress, clean etc and the boys get away with doing nothing “Oh just let them play”!!

          • I have to say with all due modesty that when I picked my partner and later husband, I hit a winner. He’d been in the army, trained to be tidy and look after himself, so does all his own washing, helps clean the house, does the washing up AND, wait for this, put the toilet seat down. How good is that, eh????

        • ps. personally I wouldn’t respond to anyone shouting at me. I don’t give a fuck how old they are.

            • Guess it’s a personal matter. After living predominantely with a quiet Lion dominated by toro planets got used to non-yelling – except in extreme circumstances. Then met the Greek side of my family and friggin hell it was on for young and old – they sounded as if they were having an argument even if they were only talking about what to chuck in the salad. Couldn’t stand it.

              • We used to live next door to a Portuguese family who conducted all conversations at decibel level. Thought it was domestic violence till we realised it was normal for them. They had a particularly raucous party one night, keep us awake, so I went out an bawled at them at the top of my head, and no-one heard a thing! There was a lull shortly afterwards and I popped out again, they were so lovely and friendly. A couple of days later we were accosted by a huge man from next door about the noise, and thought he was going to get a bit aggro. But no, they were fishermen and he gave us a huge sack of fresh cray tails! One day they invited me in to partake of their illicit still, and my husband found me still sleeping off the grappa when he got home from work!!!

              • Had noisy neighbors once. Younger ones partying on their balcony.

                Opened the door and stood there in my flannel p.j.’s nearly blank like..

                “please?” I asked, quite meekly for an Aries (but who had to go to work in the morning)…

                That was the end of that….

                Aries dad and Leo Mom yelled for all and sundry to hear.

                Wrote about it as neighborhood kids would taunt me..

                “And that shame was swallowed and sunk to the pit of my stomach”.

                This is not directed at anyone, just that our household was hugely dysfunctional.

        • Funny only this afternoon idling chatting with psych about parents and their slavish behaviour towards their children (primarily coming from guilt), he said slavishness goes on to produce slaves.

          Got 2 boys of my own, cleaning the dunny is one of the core skills for when released into the wild around 18yo.

          • hmmm well wouldn’t go so far as footing the entire blame on the parents. We live in a society that places zero value on child rearing and seems to despise the time and cost that incurs, whilst trotting out a bullshit line that family comes first.

            Check out the constant palaver in Australia about getting some basic systems implemented such as paid parental leave. It’s like people are asking to take time off work and be paid for it by sitting around on their arse. Insane if anyone has had first hand experience of a newborn, or child up to the age of say four, when they become a bit more independant.

            Our system invokes a passive aggressive sideswipe saying “oh geez I SUPPOSE we shall have to support you”, whilst needling parents to “get back in the saddle” of paid work. Then hassles them incessently with rights of the child and if you don’t do this your benefits get cut or you get sanctioned by some deaf, dumb and blind bureaucrat.

            • ps I know I’m arguing for all sides here (Gem Asc I suppose) but seriously the parents I see who I think totally rock have taken big financial hits in order to be parents. Some are lucky – two parent families that have stuck together and between them managed to not only bring up sane children, but also some viable assets. Others, like single parent mothers … well their kids are great but geez they are under extraordinary stress really. Taking hits left, right and centre economically.

              • Gem daughter asked last weekend if I could be there for her next child’s birth (guess her and hubby considering it)..

                Told her yes, if I can. Of course I can be there for the birth but as when Libran Gdagutehr was born I was still officially off work due to surgeries, ex Cancer paid for my plane ticket to Germany, where she was born.

                Now, I don’t have that luxury. I have to make a living. But all is not lost! Pisces/Leo Moon son in law’s point of fortune conjunct my NN and Libran Gdaughtger’s Sun..

                Dude has a master’s degree in finance… ;)

                Only joking really. I never look for anything for free but I will need help to sustain myself if I should take time off to help with baby.

                Aw, how exciting would that be?

      • Being psychic without knowing it is doing things without even knowing why I’m doing them, but then later finding it out it was a good thing I did them. (To be contrasted with when I am ocassionally psychic but have actual premonitions). Good example of first is calling my aunt last year and basically ordering her to come visit my dad (her brother), whom she hadn’t visited in a long time. It was bold of me to tell her that, and I had no idea at the time why I was emboldened to tell her. A week later was when we found out he had but days to live. (And calling it being psychic is a bit woo-woo; I’m sure it has more to do with just being hyper-sensitive to minute clues).

        • I would call it ‘following your gut’ without needing to ask why. Or acting on intuition without needing to consult your head first.

      • Wow Prowln Crab, I like you!

        RE: your point 1) above – this is a simple fact but when I calmly state it, or similar observations, women start backing away from me, as if I am a dangerous militant feminist, possibly terrorist, who is going to blow things up or at least be very difficult and scare all the men away. This is not an accurate description of me at all. I simply have studied history and observed the world I live in since I was born and have noticed how things are.

        • That anonymous comment above, addressed to Prowln crab, is me. It submitted b4 I was ready.

          I wanted to also iterate that I wish my life had more people in it who aren’t afraid to call it how they see it, and who aren’t afraid of those who do.


          • well you can include me as one of them :mrgreen:

            unfortunately you get no favours for stating the freakin obvious. People have often said that I say the stuff that they secretly think, but won’t express publically. I don’t get why they don’t say it for themselves, but there you go – I don’t get humans, even though I am one apparently!!!

            Welcome to Mystic’s blog btw .. I don’t believe I’ve read you before. :)

    • Inchy, I totally second point #1 (note to self: refer to years taken to work on self after you ended the relationship with ex-partner), and also point #2. We are not crazy for expecting a man to be able to walk their talk, spesh when we are capable of doing so ourselves.
      Oh, and also point #3.
      You rock for stating these!

    • Hooray for insights 1&2 (&3!). Good for you, and I’m actually with you on the insight train. The bizarre and inexplicable behavior of others is not my fault and I do not have to accommodate myself to it for their convenience. I realize I have let people (read: men) get away with things when I could have chosen differently at the time. Actually, this last statement can cover friends, family, and co-workers, too. I see where I’ve turned a blind eye to behaviors when I could have confronted the behavior or walked away from the relationship entirely, post haste.

      Other insight (among many): Addictions. People with serious addictions are in need of help, but not from me. I wish them well (literally), but they are toxic for me to be around and I can better recognize their M.O. now (see “bizarre and inexplicable behavior” above).

      • “The bizarre and inexplicable behavior of others is not my fault and I do not have to accommodate myself to it for their convenience” – YES to that, Bluesky!
        I used to personalize pretty much everything, and had to learn to undo all the stuffs that helped build that mindset since childhood. So now am able to see better, yeay…
        Doesn’t make it necessarily easier now when someone said he was gonna call, he didn’t, to firm up our travel plans. And Mystic said to look good and shut up, so all I did was a txt asking plainly if he forgot and have a good night. No pass-agg shite from me or needy shite, coz for all I know he might’ve, say, been helping out a mate who needed help or smth like that. If he’s feeling insecure and is unable to say so, that’s his stuff to deal with.
        So I look good doing housework and shutting up. :)

        • Glad to hear it. The non-passagg, no-shite-taking, and glamorous mopping/vacuuming. AND the excellent boundaries:)

          And you’re right, stuff is not necessarily easier overall (emotionally) when someone else is bats. But it’s so refreshing to have perspective and some degree of distance!

    • oh god yes to point 2.
      moving on/managing/addressing that fact once recognised is another thing altogether though – particularly when it in part stems from different communication styles and senses of priority (which it defn did in my case, and prob does in every case?)

      • “different communication styles and senses of priority” – FARQQQQQQ!!! Nailed it, shell.
        Although really, any male wanting to get on the good side of a Leo Venus female absolutely would NOT stand her up or forgot about a standing appt with Queen Lioness, as she’d be swatting atcha and roaring instead of purring. Yesh, I know how this sounds but don’t care as it’s a Leo Full Moon. Hahahahaha!!!!
        Really, what part of walking your talk do some people not understand? Hooray Inchy for putting it in writing here!!!

        • The point is that you may know that you are that way, but he may not. xxo I hope it all goes super well UPV

  45. * A dream came true for me today ~ sat in on a full MooOon drum circle with the fabulous ‘Thunder God’ and his lovely lady Lauren and their friend named Moon * WoOooT !!

  46. Why do people send out a negative stream of consciousness out to people they barely even know? I keep experiencing this with a Libra in my program (with hideous makeup) who thinks she Queen B. I barely even speak to her but its so obvious when she turns around just to stare at me that she has such ill will against me. I don’t care if she likes me, I just want to be as FAR away from her as possible. UGH.

    • whatever you’re experiencing from her direction, gather it all up in a little ball, wrap it up with loving intent (if poss) and send it back to her with the intent that it be for the greater good of all. If you’re struggling to feel loving and unconditional and instead would like to stick daggers into her head, then try this as a send off message “I don’t need this but thank you for thinking of me. I’m sending it back now. Take care!”

      • That’s an exercise I completely forgot about…..and completely excellent for this 4x Cancerian (I absorb waaay too much sometimes)

        I’ve also tried to be sympathetic to her situation (which I’ve heard about many times) but she just radiates so much negative energy. I don’t know if its because she coped poorly with the whole ordeal or what, but that afflicted Pisces Moon is so obvious in her, and in the worst of ways.

        • yuh know the feeling from a crab x 2 ;)

          good luck and let us know how it pans out … may take up to two weeks.

    • Can I add, people read stuff off my face all the time, when really it is reflecting thoughts of mine that are somewhere else completely. She may be looking at (or through) you, but that doesn’t mean she’s thinking about you or that those expressions have anything to do with you.

  47. Do you know that feeling when someone takes up too much of your thought and care and they are entirely casual in return though occasionally they dash in and swoon and compliment? the complimenting and muse factor is fun. Actually it’s much more. But they sometimes pull up the rug up at the last moment. It’s a pattern and painful even though now I don’t expect change. So it’s time to let go of caring quite so much. Once I put all of this into my own projects it will be better. I know it, and therefore don’t understand why I don’t do it?

  48. I’m very sensitive and I read an article about Borderline Personality Disorder and went hmmm. So this could be it? What does astro have to say I wonder? I know there is something in my chart about idealizing people and then being disappointed which is quite BPD. In a way they are all labels that I don’t completely subscribe to but if their are genuine people out there who want to help others with these certain sets of personality traits I am open to finding them and discussing it.
    A bit scary but maybe interesting…

    • that’s quite brave so I’m thinking the astro would say you’re brave but I’m not so sure an astro blog can be used to diagnose something like that. It’s a full moon in leo opposite a stellium in aquarius – you might get some lunatic diagnosing you with something decadent and incurable. I think there are genuine trained people out there who want to help people with BPD and if you think you need to do it to answer your questions about your tendances then that’s what you need to do. x

    • Just about everyone would fit the BPD criteria to some level. Possibly a case of a little bit of info can be dangerous (2 ur psyche).

    • I idealise people. It’s always going to lead to disappointment.
      Doesn’t mean you’ve a classifiable disorder. Take what’s useful and move on would be my suggestion.

  49. Ah well I have been watching closely for rad insights that have all that leo stuff you are talking of… but no… still recovering from a virus that knocked me all week, so the most glamour i pulled off was just keeping a pulse and finally getting some colour back in my skin. Glad i didnt have to go out actually and try and survive all the leo energy.

    The neighbours dad is away so the twentysomething cats are playing and kindly remind me that I did the same thing at that age and therefore I must now definitely be old, getting my disturb the neighbours karma, a teetotollar, and am still saturns bitch.

    Love is the only drug that neptune is gonna spike me with this weekend, and Im channelling compassion, compassion, compassion.

  50. I am worn out. I’ve been trying to do some complex printmaking stuff, working day and night, and my alcoholic ex-gf is on a goddam rampage. Today she was absolutely convinced I had congestive heart failure. She had a stethoscope and listened to my heart and lung sounds and pronounced I would drop dead within 7 to 10 days, if I didn’t go to the ER instantly. Now that is ridiculous, she has a couple of semesters of online education to be a medical assistant and has no training in cardiology other than how to take a pulse and BP. But she insisted on calling my doctor. I told her I had just been to the doctor a couple of weeks ago, I still have a terrible cough from my recent cold, but it is gradually getting better. But no, I would cough once in a while and she would cry and cry that she was going to come over next week and find me dead. Sheesh. I finally told her, if she doesn’t respect my own health care decisions, she’s not respecting me.

    Well at least my printmaking is working particularly excellently. I made some great prints with my favorite, but obscure pigments that have just come back on the market after 15 years of unavailability. But I did have my own rad insight, I finally solved the one biggest technical problem that has plagued me for over 30 years, woo hoo!

    • charles .. regardless of your alcoholic ex-gf or your gemini nutbag ex-gf or whatever other girlfriend is hanging around …

      Please go and get some help will you? I’m not being glib or facetious. Dunno how much you are drinking or what drugs you are consuming … or perhaps none of the above. What you’re describing is mania … look after yourself please.

      • Well it’s not my mania, I am trying to take care of my own business and not get involved with my exgfs mania.

      • Why did you describe him as experiencing mania?

        Artists will often stay with a project intensely for a while. I’ve known photographers, writers, painters, even project managers and event planners to keep long hours on a project toward the end.

        Sounds like Charles is learning to set boundaries with his ex as well.

        • No, I think she’s just generally objecting to my usual whines about insane women. I don’t really blame her. Yeah, I’m dealing with my problems. And my exgf’s problems are not my problems. But I can’t be totally heartless, and she is a sad case. I won’t go into details, but she was just rushed to the ER in an ambulance for alcohol poisoning. Medical and psych professionals can take care of her problems. If she wants to drink herself to death, I can’t stop her.

          • Working day and night can be an indicator of it – though yeah I know arty types do get really into their work.

            Not objecting Charles … but there does seem to be a bit of a recurring theme in your writings on that subject. Just hope you are ok is all.

    • nice work on the breakthrough charles. do you wear a mask? if you’re around inks a lot breathing pigments in can make it hard to get over illness. do you have time for a cup of tea and a lie down to get over your cold now that you’ve had the epiphany?

      • This printmaking stuff has some toxic chemicals but no fumes. The pigments are all safe. It’s all water based so it’s easy to flush and keep away from toxic exposure. I’m a real stickler for chemical handling protocols, and I only use tiny amounts of chemicals.

        I’m presenting these prints to some galleries and getting some interest, I’m really happy with the new work. But I’m sending out for some negatives that will take some time to ship so I’m going to take some time off. It’s almost spring-like weather here, I need some R&R.

        • LOL I might’ve known you’d be a stickler for the safety Charles (that’s friendly jibes in case you think otherwise) Congrats on the interest you’re getting and also being happy with your work – I find that part the hardest – letting go at the point when it’s finished AND being happy with it are an elusive combo. I’m about to start a visual vs words binge myself. I’m a lot better about keeping track of time and meals than I used to be – the aqua has taught me the value of the grounding power of breaks for drinks. Sends me txts asking if I’ve eaten. Gentle nudges. Good luck with the galleries – I love that you’re harnessing the breakthrough power of the current astro in your creative work x

          • LOL texts to remind you to take breaks and eat dinner.. sounds like me. My schedule’s all backwards, I’m sleeping in the day and working all night til 5 or 6AM. When it’s dark outside, the sunlight doesn’t expose my photo paper (it’s safe under light bulbs but exposes in UV sunlight). So I suppose it makes sense, but I feel all out of sync. I am all out of sync.
            Yeah, I figured this current astrologic influences could be propelling any project I wanted to really devote myself to. And I might as well apply it to the one thing I enjoy most and could maybe make a living at it, you know, that thing I went to university to study and worked on for 35 years and never made a dime off it.

            • great logic charles – harness it cos it’s gonna manifest in some way, better to be wise to its ways and use it to change your world for the better.

  51. That moon really did bring gifts. There was briefly no traffic or if there was I couldn’t hear it, no drunk feral human sound either. A pause. Then 1 or 2 revelations of life changing proportion and then the throbbing of traffic gradually fades back in. Some questions have been answered for sure.

    • how lovely. I have often wanted to point a remote at the world and put it on silent. I would love it if I could put silence in my headphone to counter-act all the white noise as I stroll x

  52. Tonight is the night of the full moon for me here in the US. Already I’ve had an interesting day. Last night I got a call from a friend that I hadn’t seen in awhile and she asked me to go with her and her daughter to the natural history museum. We both used to work and volunteer there when we were teenagers, but I hadn’t been back there for like 10 years. (This was also the same museum that I had the dream about just the other night, that I posted about in a previous thread.) So we went there this afternoon. Had perfect weather (in the high 60s, which is insane for February!) for walking in the city. Even took a short cut through a park, which I remembered had a big bronze statue of a lion in it. While we were at the museum we saw three old friends of ours that still work there and told us about some job openings that they have now. I hadn’t thought about applying there, but maybe with the dream I had about working there again and hooking up with my old friends who I can network through, it’ll lead to something good! I felt a little weird about going back there. The first guy I ever fell in love with still works there. We never got involved because he was quite a bit older than I was, but I was young and bold and brutally honest (in true Scorpio style) about my feelings for him, which I think scared him off. Our friendship ended badly without any closure, so I thought it would be awkward seeing him again. But he at least remembered me and said hi. Oh well, I’ll send in an application and see what happens.

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