The Dead Dreams Laboratory

Daphne Guinness in vintage laboratory

Dead dreams have to go somewhere to be processed before Uranus gets into Aries so why not the Dead Dreams Laboratory?

The sooner these suckers are all out of the way, the quicker we can get onto flying machines, invisibility cloaks, placebos-that-work-and-they-all-smell-like-violets, doubling the human life span, healthy revolutions, superfood genius and rad liberation in relationships.

What happens to the tired old fantasies that don’t get zapped in the Dead Dreams Laboratory?

You don’t wanna know.

Oh all right, they turn into zombie-mind-entities that sap all your energy from the future and feed it back into the past, which then haunts you, only casually and without any real commitment. Like a stalkery ex who mis-pronounces your name all the time.


Image: Bryan Adams

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105 thoughts on “The Dead Dreams Laboratory

  1. This is kinda like dead “zones”, the places I go when I zone out. I’ve found that lately, I can’t zone out like I used to. The fantasies/ dreamy places/ ideal scenarios I usually escape to just don’t interest me now. They’ve lost their sex appeal.

    Which makes exercising a bitch. I’m just so… so… exercising. Blah. Can’t escape therefore no zone out therefore I feel every minute, pounding along the pavement, straining every butt-lift..

    Maybe I need to completely overhaul my music library? Maybe that’s what Uranus wants me to do?

    • My fantasy dream places have lost their sex appeal too.

      I want to be able to have a guaranteed quick way to fall asleep by fantasising about ideal scenarios like long exotic motorbike trips in which I meet cool people and write a best-seller. Or about exotic activities with a certain lovely Toro in beautiful locations.

      However, I am stuck mulling over ways to fix the storm water pipe I busted 6 months ago, or how many forest red gums I really can get away with planting in our garden, or how to balance the budget and get more mulch for the garden.

      Mind you, maybe it’s just a chance to let the old fantasies fade and new more exciting ones take their place. Just wish it would happen soon because it’s boring staring at the ceiling thinking about real stuff instead of sleeping. πŸ˜‰

      • I know. Thinking about reality isn’t fun because you’re already living it! Ahhhhh! I’m having trouble sleeping this week too. Yawwwwn.
        Come on , fresh fantasies! Attack me!

          • I was bemoaning the fact that I can’t be bothered with my beloved TV anymore to my dear friend the Aqua Psychic – I sit there twiddling and twitching and end up doing dishes!
            He looked at me and then said politely: “This is because you need to be doing other things right now sweetie. You must feel how the energy wants you to move and go with it”. Darnit!

        • The builder ran the storm water outlet under about 10 gums already anyway (Moreton Bay ash, forest red gums and iron barks). And there are suckers volunteering up that I’ve not been keeping on top of. So think I lost that gamble already … It’s a long way from the house though … I should fix the broken bit though … *blushes*

  2. Perfect timing Mystic.

    Sometime this morning in between sleep and semi-awake, I left a dead dream. Too much analysis is not good, there comes a point when the dream has to go to open up space for the new. When the conditions are ready, all it takes is a simple mental order “drop it”

    Not knowing what to do with it, I simply put into a mental box and made a promise to spend my mental energy to those dreams and people deserving.

    If it appears again, it will be welcomed as my meditative practice – let go let go let go.

  3. do. not. mention. ex’s. w stalker. issues.

    waayyy long story & waaaay too busy to elaborate – but arhem dead dreams & stalkerisms et al WILL rightfully deliver me a rock hard Bellstarjacket, reward for being super-trooper in the face of THE MOST complicated, crap-tastic sitch some dumb old crumb (Le Ram) roped me into ….. details aside, he phoned late last night, apologetic from some point in world transit to grovelize for his crap-lications – but um – soz. fix it or fug off dude. not my probs. or actually thanks for the acknowledgment but keep your own life & bug out in yr own time …. or something.

    OMG found dog 2 … trials with alpha female wobble legs this weekend. SO WAY excited!! way more excited than otherwise re Craptacular. super duper, fingers & paws crossed it works out πŸ˜‰ xox

    • Rlp can I borrow your words craptacular & crap-lications? Too funny. Stalkers should be minced & fed to the hounds!

      • LOL – craptacular i believe is in the urban vernacular but I think, maybe not, & crap-lications was a last night spur of moment invention. borrow away Savannah!!

        actually told him to get his mid-life crisis out of my face – even he laughed at that one ……

        LOVE Dead Dreams Lab – been so busy Zapping have shed many skins…… πŸ˜‰

  4. *scrunches up dream, chucks it in the direction of a Bunsen burner and hopes like hell it all goes away*

  5. Ha ha – good luck. I did that the other night…..took 48 hours of hard work…but got there or made a first step at least…(which I think actually in deaad dream cases is perhaps not much more than is needed)

  6. Woah.

    I’m actually up now distracting myself from a vivid dream; a series of doors, wooden, heavy, opened by old fashioned keys. People would come to them and you’d see them one way through one door, another way through another door, wearing clothes from different eras in each scenario. It was quite scary.

    In fact, all week, have had the most vivid dreams…

  7. I had a letting go dream last night. What was weird was that the ex sent a messenger to tell me something about why he wasn’t there and the messenger was—tahdah!—my long lost twin (?). It was her I couldn’t let go of. We were reunited in that moment and I didn’t want to let go of her, but the underlying implication was that I had to know about her and let her go at the same time.

    Hmmmm. A powerful dream. Can’t suss it all out yet. Got that it was about me and not the ex, so got that part. It also had implications of him/ex being my twin. But still too powerful of an experience to really understand it.

  8. Non-sequitur. Has anyone seen Red Desert with Monica Vitti? Just watched it. What captured my attention was the first scene with her when she grabs a sandwich and runs off behind a fence to gnaw on it like an old bone. That’s how food is for me lately. I’m busy, busy, busy, don’t eat, don’t eat, then grab something and literally tear at it with my teeth, a la Vitti behind fence.

    The movie is about “modern” life. My modern life includes grabbing food and gnawing on it.

  9. I’m having a hard time figuring out whether a Pisces in my orbit is a dead dream or on the bring of something real. He is in an obsessive neptunian phase about his work and only remembers how awesome I am when he’s around me, not wanting to leave, extending our dates again and again. However, he doesn’t remember to be around me all that often. Dead Dream? Or should I be kinder on the dearly distracted?

    • OMG… same, Pisces, possibly dead-end or not, busy with work, not around that much.

    • Ditto. Pisces, totally tied up with work, not sure if a future. Sunday reframed rel’nship in my head as Friend w benefits for my own sanity.

      • 8thHouse & Dee-

        I know! He is so kind and wonderful when we are around and the Scorp-Pisces mind reading flies off the charts. But then he disappears into his work obbsession. He wants to retire by the time he’s 40 but I am not interested in 9 more years of playing last fiddle.

        How do you guys deal with it?

        • Pisces = Disappearing. They do it better than anyone. Move on I say. Or friend with benefits is about right.

          Scobra, the old retire when I’m forty line from a workaholic hyperactive fish…bullfish…can’t see it happening.

          You are right. I might be a bit jaded.

          • You just broke my heart. Really? Move on is the healthiest sanest option here?

          • Monte- I guess Pisces are going on the ‘do not date’ list after all!

            Shell- I’m planning too. If I get to see him in the next decade. Well, thats an exaggeration. But yes, Im unfortunately waiting for some face to face time to voice my frustration. Although the daily mystics keep telling me to play cool and aloof! Between a rock…..

            • Every time I think I’m going to tell him how it is he calls, is so sweet and I melt. Pathetic I know.

              Ph call today … come round? First face time in weeks. Can’t … no … don’t want to say no … making my bed and hoping to do more than sleep in it. Even if just as friends.

        • Saturn Girl roolz Scobra. You can’t force him to change his mind, he’s got to want to on his own. That’s been a painful and long lesson I’ve learned. And when you reach a point in the relationship where you can’t move past, the best thing to do is move on. :(

  10. Yep. Lots of dreams this week. Last night featured me needing to push a button, kind of an emergency measure –which had the unintended effect of depressurizing the installations in the building — a museum. Had to dash back to my first position, avoiding deflating horses at mid-gallop and most terrifying, the gauntlet of creaking and swaying huge dinosaurs hanging upside down from the ceiling. (If you looked up up at the ceiling, the room would look like a scene from Land Before Time –a great river of dinosaur streaming…somewhere.)

    Dodging the stegosaurus was the worst.

    Clearly the collapse of an old regime.

  11. I had an amazing mental breakthrough about loser Pisces with many Aries traits from 2009 re: MBTI type. I finally found out what he is and realized his ISTP-ness could never make my INFP self happy. EVER. I would always be in a cloud of self doubt that would never be assuaged while he’s still looking for that perfect “trophy” gf or wife. It was good things didn’t work out and that he never contacted me again.

    • Sorry to hear the Foxy! I had a rule about dating not dating Cancer men due to the cowardly, addictive mummies boys I have once known. Now I’m wondering if Pisces should be added to that list! Hope you’ve found your MBTI compatible partner.

      • Pisces men are loving and adorable. No one knows how to play up vulnerability and manliness to the 9’s more than them. But they suck because they disappear when they don’t want to disrupt social harmony. I consider myself lucky that I only wasted 2009 on him and not more of my life. When he disappeared around Oct., I blamed myself and sank into my own sorrow until spring 2010 when I gained other focus.

        I’m ok being by myself but when others show up: adore you like you are a Queen for several months, hang out with you all the time (every weekend), buy you stuff, say loving things, etc…and then one day….no reply email, no reply text, no reply to phone. It makes me feel like I did something wrong, when in reality I was being myself and he’s the one being schmucky. I remember I got one text back where he issued a vague-ism: “won’t be texting anymore, trying to streamline my life”. After that, I deleted him from phone and life, but i couldn’t shake the ill feeling for months. and BTW: This guy is like 42 yrs old, not like some young idiot.

        • Ouch- I know that scenario well. I had that with a Cancer, Venus in Gemini and I am a Scorp, Venus in Libra. So felt like soulmates and despite my rational approach to the whole thing, his adoration, kindness and emotional vulnerability were intoxicating.

          Instead of the disappearing act, this one did the slow with-draw. Avoid Confrontation but treat you coldly so eventually you will leave- manovere. Cruel.

          Your ‘streamlining my life’ text…..heartbreaking. Who does that? You must have had so many questions and no answers. :( What an ass.

          • OMG. That sucks. I can say I’ve never exp that with a Cancer, usually with me they are loyal to the end….almost too loyal….like stalker loyal. 3 of 3 stalkers I’ve had are Cancers. :( So yeah I only do friends with Cancer, never dating anymore. I do love them terribly esp the female ones.

            But that’s got to be heart breaking to wake up to coldness after so much work put into a relationship. And it’s different to hear from Scorp POV because we always hear about how ruthless Scorps are in relationships.

            • Ruthless maybe, but once we love you, passionately loyal until the bitter end. A lot like Leo’s in that way. Which is why I thought ‘oh you are being cold, I will just work harder to fix this and be better and more loveable so you know how much you are loved’. ‘You are not being cold, it’s my fault, i’m nuts, I need you too much, here- take whatever you want, it’s yours’.

              Never. Again.

              Maybe that’s where the ruthless part is learnt. It is the shell we form after one of our many phoenix moments.

    • nice closure. I wondered about your myers briggs when you mentioned the 2% window with the online dating peeps – this sounds like a cliche but it’s true – it might not be easy but when you do find someone it’ll be totally awesome. I saw your 2% and thought yeah, that’s doable but it might take a while : o) That’s why I reckon friends and family could be helpful. They know you already – they can quality control. I’m a 1-3% of the population with a 4-6%. He’s my rope bridge to humanity LOL

      • I’ll be honest. I don’t think I can trust my friends anymore. The 2nd date I ever went on in my life was set up by one of my best friends in 2009. It was horrid. He was a gross, fat nonathletic man, with a diseased liver who smelled of sewage. He only liked talking about topics he was into and anytime I tried to channel topics away from his topics (because i didn’t like his topics) he would re-force them his direction. He also slugged back 2 beers and 2 martinis before even coming up to talk to me…so already on his way to getting wasted. I was so insulted. I’m not a fashion model, but dammit I do not require *that* many drinks to look good. And then he had the verve to bitch to my friend who set us up that he thought i wasn’t dressed up enough for him since i was not wearing a dress.

        and the last guy I am trying desperately to get past, the Toro, was “set-up” by another close friend. I spent nearly all of 2010 with him, still not over him, but observing the Saturn Girl roolz.

        I’m all out of heart and just want to be alone. I really hate men right now.

          • In all fairness my Gemini friend has anosmia (can’t smell) from a head trauma so she can’t smell when men stink. So an honest mistake. It’s not she knew he smelled like garbage.

  12. I had a very alive dream actually (and I’m sitting here typing this at 5am because it woke me up). I dreamed I was in bed with my husband when a wise man came in and gave both of us a pill which would activate divine wisdom. It was a tiny pill and I almost lost it when he put it in my hand but then I swallowed it and waited for something to happen and it didn’t. He smiled at me and I realised that instant transformation wasn’t the answer, the whole point was an ongoing process, if that makes sense.

  13. Interesting. Dreams about the Cap ex all week.
    And we talked on Valentine’s. I only realised he was attempting to flirt with me later in the evening. I believe I might have been telling him to get his shit together too loudly to notice.
    I keep on letting go… and he keeps on reappearing. Like one of those old vaudivillian gags with the sticky piece of paper that is stuck to your hand, you use your foot to get it off and its stuck to your shoe, you pick it off your shoes and its stuck to your hands.
    I am a cross at myself for liking his attentions and please that I am not leaping through the same hoops. Something has changed in me, even though he might not recognise it. Scratch that, he probably has..

    Him: I like some of the stuff you have been doing..
    Me: Only some?! That’s not really a compliment, is it?
    Him:… Oh dear god what is that thing over there

    Dream last night was one where I kept on waking up in my sleep to check the time. I was also conducting broadcasts from a horse farm on the moon.
    Not touching that one with a barge pole

    • P.S. I got a haircut yesterday. It looks fantastic
      *swish swish*
      Seriously… my hair hasn’t looked this good in… months…

        • I don’t think it is untill Thursday, but I had been to the beach for a holiday twice and it had been a little while between cuts. The last cut did not make me feel great. This one is alllllllll good:)

              • *fantastic hair high five*
                I went and got deflocked yesterday also.
                My housemate narrow her eye at me and went ‘you look different’… thought about it a little while ‘but you look great!’
                A scorp wouldn’t lie to me;)

  14. i am sure my dream is dead, but i find i have to keep visiting the grave and laying flowers.

  15. Pretty sure this Uranian thingy started for me at the end of last year when I poked my head out after a year of intense work and instead of feeling a sense of satisfaction or accomplishment, felt drained and bored like I wanted to chuck my career (and in fact my entire life) in and go turn into a cheesecloth wearing, hippie, batik maker. Which was very disconcerting.

    I thought it might be a passing phase but nope.

    • I just had that transit prowlers, considering all the inner stuff you’ve worked on it’s going to be hard-core for you – of course. No wonder you feel like you have nothing to show for your work. You’re in neptune’s fog. Mine happened with saturn in tow so it was like dredging the inner harbour with a fine-toothed comb.

      One of the things I noticed about the transit was that I had some fuqing awesome ideas that swirled in my head and I felt MENTAL because of them – too much thinking/dreaming. As a result I have all these random text files I made. Please don’t talk to me about john forbes nash, that joke is old in these parts. Every time I had a weird/amazing thought or idea I’d type it out so I’d put it somewhere and then get back to the hazy neptune weirdness. The thoughts don’t stick so well if you don’t catch them. Some moon in virgo I might file them. I also kept an envelope in my bag so I could keep the random things that were inspiring and the scraps of paper in. So I have some bulging mangey envelopes scattered around the place also.

      Catch some of your thoughts and ideas prowlers. You can go back to them later and use them when you can see more clearly. Get some mood boards going on – whatever works for you. You’re a creative soul and this is a fertile time. Use it well and it will reward you later. Of that I’m sure.

      This is an awesome place to channel neptune constructively and cheaply

    • “…go turn into a cheesecloth wearing, hippie, batik maker…”

      You say that like it’s a bad thing!!!

      • not a bad thing … just that I’m not really set up to be a cheesecloth wearing, hippie, batik maker. And it’s annoying when the neptune in your head keeps whispering … what a boring waste of time … when yer just trying to mind your own business and design a logo or sumfin.

  16. I can’t even remember what I used to dream that’s dead cos some weird things are happening and some of my dreams are actually coming true. Like shit I was dreaming of 12 years ago that I thought might be dead cos it’s taken so long to get close to and I thought I might not have gone about it the right way – wham, right here right now seems to be happening. Stuff that I was thinking of doing in the old-school analog way which has now morphed due to technology and suddenly the dream might be real because all the random things I’ve worked away at separately in the meantime make it possible for me to jump the gap and merge with the new way. I wasn’t getting away from my goal I was circling it apparently. It feels like destiny but I know I also made some choices consciously to get to this point.

    This is Uranus’ last throes over the MC + conjunct the north node. If any of you have uranus over the MC coming up and you feel stuck with whatever that zone means to you I recommend hanging in there to see what happens cos some shit will definitely happen.

    • My MC is currently gaga … mars, sun, neptune and chiron all bunched up there ready to pass over. All currently in the 10th house … no wonder I’m questioning significant life structures/career.

      Glad to hear you’re zooming whatevs.

      • Thanks love – I can see why you’re feeling the way you do knowing that. VERY frustrating and full of mars energy that needs action. I know it can be irritating that I look for the good in all things but if you’re able to channel some of that oomph you’ve got going on in the 10th you might be able to instigate a rapid career move that might not be so possible at other times. Or at least a hobby that gives you a release? I know… hobbies. I’m not suggesting tatting but you know, something that gives you a way to channel the vibe so it doesn’t eat away at you from the inside.

    • I have no idea what that means, but it sure as hell sounds good to me, and I hope it works for you — because it sounds as if you’ve damned well earned it.

  17. Whilst I’d love to be able to rid myself of some apparently dead dreams, I am guessing that merc, mars, sun, neptune, Chiron in 7th all square my Jupiter, mc, Venus, merc and sun in 10th, plus moon in 12th may not be a good time to assume I am thinking that clearly or can act very rationally?
    Which is a shame, because I am kinda tired.

    • Ha, or a vitner, that would be better.

      I forgot about uranus, which is (exact) sextile my merc and trine my saturn at the moment. The latter is about being aware of limitations apparently. Which would be funny, except right now its not.

      One day next week neptune, uranus, merc and mars will all be a few minutes off exact aspecting my mercury (mostly squares). Maybe I should fester over it all and then let it out then? That would be dramatic.

      • mmm you could dress for the occasion – red, languid, fluid and floor length? and let rip suddenly. Not like porn but if you do take that road can you tell me what you’re wearing?

      • Wow shell! That is serious line up you’ve got going on there. I would not be stressing about a friendly little sextile with all those squares asking for your attention.

        Squares and other “challenging” aspects can get a bad rap at times but they represent forced growth, an opportunity to harness the strengths of what is squaring each other and use it to motivate yourself to grow in some way. What’s not to like about that, eh? I’ve said here before would any of us really choose growth if we didn’t have some forces or circumstances to motivate us? Probably not!

        So get cracking on a motivational interpretation of your squares. I think it is exactly the time to think clearly and act very rationally to uncover the lessons/growth that these squares are offering you. Remember the slower moving planet is applying to the faster moving one. The House gives you an idea of what. The Sign gives you an idea of how.

        • Lovely Nat, when I saw you on the other post I hoped you’d have some wisdom for me. Re the growth, I know, I know ahhh. Neptune has obviously been slowly dragging his lazy bloody arse over that bundle for ages, (and for ages yet). It’s really been that all the inner planet actionin aqua has been making it all so present. Once they pass by I’ll go back to my Neptune haze. I’m kind of glad for the Uranus sextile, I am seeing it as an antidote. Just not when mars is there winding me up that’s all…
          But yes there is something that must be dealt with that’s getting in the way of my manifestation of fame and fortune. Luckily for me my fame and fortune seems to insist on manifesting anyway, it’s just a bit harder work when distracted.
          I hope you’re good lovely.

          • Interestingly one of my procrastination excuses is the person I have to deal with is in the midst of pluto sq pluto, Pluto somewhere near cap moon, Saturn opp sun and sq Saturn and all that aqua stuff on their mars. So I keep going, hmmm dont rock that boat right now.
            Realised this morning I will prob have to be their transit, eventually.

  18. Talking about washing away Dead Dreams- I’m in Darwin on Cyclone watch! It has been storming for the last two days and (if you have ever been to Darwin you will know how much foliage is around!) half the roads are closed either due to flooding or trees falling down and blocking them off. Bring it on and wash the old old old away!

  19. Dreams have been amazing. I want more. I’ve Slapped Down both the (unfortunately) Love of My Life, who doesn’t deserve me and can’t have me besides, and his wife, who doesn’t deserve much of anything because she’s already taken ten times her share, plus more than that for her children — which speaks well for her, as a mother — and I liked it. T’ell wid’em all.

  20. Neptune is opp my venus right now. So that should only go on for another three years ;~)…so fantasy is rife. And probably inappropriate. Fuq knows.

    Just checked…Uranus is in exact quincunx to my venus as well. Right now. To the minute and second. What does that mean?

    I don’t mind writing quincunx but I can’t come at saying it too much.

    • an quincunx/inconjunct is somewhere between a square and a trine as far as I understand it. Some astrologers seem to call it a minor aspect, others seem to like it cause its friction, but easier.
      when you get two inconjuncts and a sextile, you get a yod (an isoceles ? triangle), which are apparently significant cause the energy of the sextile planets gets channelled into the one they are both inconjunct. different to grand trines where the energy bounces around evenly. most significant is two outer planets acting (yodding?) a personal planet from what i understand.

  21. Good gawd Mystic….a dead dream? You scared me for a second this morning.

    Hell no. My dreams are all Uranus in Aries… πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜†

  22. this is not astro but is tres neptune and pluto in cap – metropia on sbs tonight at 10 has whatevs VERY excited.

  23. Like it’s not serious being haunted by scattered pieces of mind
    without commitment and it’s okay to not know this could happen.
    Like half people on here don’t have that already..
    Better not to know any of this, such things…
    Especially these days.
    We are all so scammed,
    heads so f’ed with
    can you hack it? -um, no.

  24. This is a bit odd, very literal:
    dreamed that my Grandma died, but she’s been dead for a few years now.

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  26. Still hanging out in the lab, pulling an all-nighter on the eve of Uranus in Aries.

    Toro-‘soulmate’-who-got-cold-feet-when-it-came-to-the-crunch has been haunting my waking thoughts. I thought I was done with him? It’s been 3 months since I called foul on the prevaricating and have heard nothing since.

    It’s all processing right? A rush and a push and the land is ours?