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Hey i am actually a teensy bit (okay, a lot) ill – some sort of revolting cleansing crisis from dairy detox i think, so definitely no posting this weekend…BUT it’s annoying as i have heaps of fab things i want to post. But they will keep.

Pls send me beautiful vibes and/or any speeding up detox/whatever tips?

And check out me Tarot reading above. I did it half-delerious with aching joints & all, not really concentrating – that’s when i think you often get the best results with Tarot, when you are actually not even subliminally trying to influence/will the desired outcome.

And it’s the Practical Advice spread: From left to right – past, present, future, advice, outcome and wisdom/blessing.

Wotcha reckon?!

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  1. Lovely spread! Such contentment coming up for you, even if you are in an isolated position of enforced sacrifice now, the change of perspective you derive will be natural in the end, and not an onerous burden. Also very practical and real contentment/ situations. Nothing theoretical or in the realm of allegory. I think there is nothing you need do but let it happen. Bliss. :)

  2. Ooooo…Looks like a new man on the menu ! Tall dark handsome … happiness ..and ‘ your cup shall over runneth’.

    Sending you speedy recovery vibes, and like you say, it’s quite often when you don’t look too far into the abyss, that things/life/magic can flow/come to the top more easily.

    What about an earth sign man ? i know theres the leo ex, the aries ex, and currently the aqua stud ruggers .. might be time for an earth man .. won’t be suprised to read about him in the future !

    You are an absolute treasure Mystic, i love your dailys, and think you should be made a national/international treasure ..

    PS re Virgo’s and their (was tempted to type there – joke) then/than – i only ever use than for ”rather than” and then for everyhting else !

    Hope you have awesome dreams ! xx

  3. hey mystic hope your ok, i feel like its all tension, you need to relax take a bath with salt init, its just sort of like a brain overload it happens to me to, i think i read that your a pisces as well, i get heaps f tension headaches anyway your tarot reading, my specialty!!!!
    well i figure your past present future is 2 cards each, but im just going to write what i feel, and it helps that you werent influincing the cards so in my opinin
    past: q of pent and hang man: i feel that you are quiet happy and secure in life at the moment although there seems to be a nagging feeling of discontent, for whatever reason, maybe even stuck in a bit of a rut which at the moment i feel like you dont really want to come out of, you need to take time and ride out this time,things will come together for you, you seem to have quite an active mind, that is either always in the past or the future its not always in the now, i also sense that you are loking for new avenues of money, dont wrry its all good

    present:knight f pen ten of cups: ok alot of emotions and feelings and happiness, im thinking a yuong boy or teenager, it feels like he has accomplished something that you are really proud of, he is most likely an earth sign if not he shows these qualitys, if this is not the case i feel it is good news that made you happy coming from a man you once knew

    future:k of pen ace of cups: ok first i have a feeling to tell yu that you are loved by somebody{in case you are worried} but the ace of cups can be interpreted as somebody either in your life or who has left yur life{like an ex etc} will always love you and have a deep respect for you, its love that lasts forever even if you are apart, and sometimes even if not traditionally its stands for lving memories, king of pent, is somebody either in your life or coming that is very trustworthy, stable and like a father, with good advice, if its romantic he will make you feel loved safe and cared for and most likly would be very understanding as he has been thru alot of ups and downs in his life, but he needs time and patience and kindness coz he is prob a wary soul, if it is not romanti this will be someone who is like a mentor and supports all your doing, and will grow into a deep unbreakable friendship xxx
    overall i read this as a good reading where you are secure and overall quite happy, if anything there are some doubts of where your heading or even some boredum, but there are good times ahead and some celebrations that you will be happy with and maybe even two men or more vying for your attention
    im sorry if that is a bit to much to be posted on the blog hope it all works out xxx
    there might even be somone at a distance who you think about or will travel towards and they think of u to xxx

  4. boo
    diet comedowns are so under rated in terms of body swiping
    btw I walked past a beauty salon called “Aquarius” and I though of you lol

    how interesting re tarot.
    I am unfamiliar with this spread
    apart from wanting to ask a million questions about your love life!? I am seeing the hanged man about perspective in biz to do with money and direction of. Like you had to come (or in tail throws) of new understanding of business and cash flow. It feels like some self worth mission though that creates an understanding for whole that sets up self esteem as foundation of love and money. Really earth values? There is a lot of happiness for sure but I am seeing related to family, like a man who fits or is part of. More wholesome than the usual. As well as the fruition of something biz related? xx

  5. apple cider vinegar is excellent for ph balancing if you have aches from detox, and of course a coffee enema!! and Im sure you know the rest!

  6. I have this quaint little private cabin nestled in the rain forest 15mins from the beach . I share the property with a lovely hippy surfer couple and 1 emu three chooks 4 cockatoos tropical gardens in ground pool veges gardens only 35 mins from nude beach at Noosa come for a visit…

  7. Wishing you a good recovery Mystic, grapes (purple) are really detoxifying food, sprouts are live (as you’d know) and whatever your body is telling you! (I craved cabbage & peppermint tea when I was really ill & recovering from severe allergic reaction)
    Love you, love your posts – get well! x

  8. Hey Mystic, if i could read your tarot, i for sure would! But me no good at Tarot! Hope it has good news for you!
    However, i can advise from a health perspective!…. my neighbour got me onto this great herbal tea; i’m normally not a tea lover; just a coffee girl, that’s me ;)
    Anyhoo, it’s called Dr Stuart’s Detox Tea (available from Health food outlets and Coles) and i have to say it is soothing and really uber palatable. Seriously. Not sure about its ‘detox’ value, but for the sake of drinking something soothing and healthy, you’d have to be a happy camper. yes?
    Hope you have a speedy recovery. I’m an impatient patient; hate being sick so i feel for you :)

  9. Try not to stress too much about speeding up the detox. It’s most effective when it’s allowed to happen gradually so your body can rid the toxins at its own pace. Any sort of restrictive diet is taxing to your body and its immune system, so it’s important to pamper the organs and systems that do all the work, your liver especially. Milk thistle is good for that and be sure to keep eating lots of fruit and veg, but careful of too much acid (citrus and spinach) if your stomach is upset. Bananas or yogurt with whole grain toast is a good snack. If you’re feeling overly tired then you might not be eatting enough calories, so frequent small meals are better than one or two big ones. Lots of water and lots of rest helps too. And gentle yoga helps to tone your interior and keeps things moving along at a steady pace.

    Hope this helps and that you have a restful weekend! :)

  10. No clue unfort re tarot but sending lots of love and warm waves! Hope all the nasties are abandoning ship for good!

  11. Poor lovey …. isn’t it amazing this dairy detox thing? I was shocked myself. You’re doing the right thing Mystic so just focus on the fact that you’re not participating in a hideous industry that tries to make itself out to be benign.

    I had migraines for about three days and I never have migraines, my body ached all over, I felt lethargic and dehydrated and like I was in a weird brain fog. I slept about 48 out of 72 hours. It passes quickly though … after a week or so started waking up perky 6am on the dot. Tonnes of water, dairy free chocolate (one must not feel deprived), sleep, sleep, sleep and crappy movies.

    There’s no speed up – it takes as long as it takes. Which is not long. Think of the bobby cows and the poor cow mums and the pus in milk and that cheese is an addictive pollutant.

    Homeopathics? I’d recommend Pulsatilla at 6c … but get a consult first.

    Will check out tarot spread shortly.

          • excellent! … I hope you have used spf30+ because skin cancer of the penis would horrible.


            • just jokes prowlin and yes that would b nasty i dont even want to think about it …. but if i get one it will be on my back before down there . Already had a suss one removed by a foriegn 4 foot nothing spoilt brat plasitc surgeon wannabe from korea whos mummy and daddy bought him a practice here on the coast so he could do his time removing sun cancer before he could get his license for plastic surgeon so he could make perfect boobs on glamazons on the gold coast butchered me for practice but gee he stithed me up good great hairline scar …

    • the reading talks about your son and his father. It appears someone has to give “up” something to allow the family dynamic to flow harmoniously. The wisdom suggests a new emotional beginning – detoxes do that!

      • fuq you should take up tarot reading prowlin. That makes sense a bit but i see the knight as a younger man making an offer. It can be either accepted or rejected. The two of cups doesnt always mean peace love and mung beans and happy ever after but its possible. The king is definately a man set in his ways firm with his view outlook and decisions . Anyway im still a novice at the tarot…

        • well if you read tarot by “describing the pictures” there will be as many interpretations as there are readers dude.

          • true its so fuqued isnt it prowlin ? i went to see this dude at Montville the other week his name was James Murlyn aka James Crockford i mean please dude what the fuq is your real name ? he charged $80 for a halfa supposed to be clairvoyant reiki psychic healer and a few other things what he said was nice to hear i would like to think hes right but im sure hes full of shiv and no predictions have come true yet nice bloke but …? Another lady Karen the psychic taking bookings from the local heath food store $150 or an hour fuq that ! she has a book out an everything.. believe me i actually owned a new age book store for 5 years and we must have had 30 readers employed though the shop and its all bull… Jokes on you and the money is better going to your super or charity….

              • dont know. simply, i find it fascinating and i met a woman once who was %100 accurate so i know it does exist …she saw it as a pain in the arse and only did it to pay the rent when she had too. The thing with her was she was in and out of a mental hospital half the time and lived under full time care . I know its real but %95 of folks who claim to be this and that are frauds… Sad but true…

  12. I would see the spread as this … you dont need any one to be happy. Hanged man , well in limbo , expect the unexpected and be cool. An offer is on offer from someone you may know , could be the real deal its up to you and the possibilities are endless , then you have lets say Mr big or just Big arrives on the scene and which way are you going to go? then either way you are laughing cause its all good . Lucky You! Or the young knight who courted you last time and made you an offer has transformed into the man and you have a second chance….? fuq i should be a tarot reader…

    • oh0oh0oh, think the “knight who courted you last time” could be Mystic’s rugger stud, yes? :)

      lol…I threw my cards away over the Pisces lest I went bonkers… Need to get to bed!

      Have fun! x

  13. Wish I knew more about tarot. I used to have a Celtic: Book of the Dead deck and whatever spread I did the “Island of Cannibalistic Horses” would always feature prominently. I can’t remember what it means but I think it had something to do with getting in my own way with things. Obstacles like self doubt keeping me from reaching my potential. I wonder if that card is the equivalent of the Hanged Man.

  14. hi lovely myst,

    the dairy detox is intense. far more so than off meat (i found). i had mucus (to put it politely) coming out of my head, felt like i had the worst flu ever, and felt ill even thinking about butter/cheese etc.

    it lasted 4 horrible days. and then the next morning : pow!
    so energised i didnt need a coffee. sudden urges to start exercising full on again. no cravings. lost 8 cm from my waist in a week. i kid you not.

    dairy is actually unagreeable to most people’s bods, even if not thinking the ethics thing. it takes ALOT to maintain it in our system.

    anyway enough of that. my tips for a speedier/better detox? accept that its the gunk coming out, drink loads of herbal tea, eat whatever else you want (my comfort food was pasta), take milk thisle and non-dairy pro-biotics (to rebalance the gut) and sleep.

    you’re going to feel amazing very soon. xx

      • Yes you can get it as a tea, capsule or tincture… I love tinctures I find they have the fastest effect for me… I used milk thistle detoxing at the start of last year, it helped my liver anger for sure… plus kava kava capsules for calming the f down.

        Interestingly I have started a dairy detox too, Im only on the reduced dairy level at the moment, but have reduced a large amount, plus no wheat, and reduced sugars. Felt tired for two days and now feeling great… I have done so many detoxs’ and have decided to go slow into this one, rather than shock my body. Of course I cant expect that I am having the full detox crisis as am not doing it fully, but even a slight adjustment has been beneficial.

        Also, interesting to me, when tfr was exposing me to the very important information of nodal astrology nearly 10 years ago, it was found that the lunar eclipse of my nn (is that right tfr?) recommended I be careful of dairy, that I use it for emotional support, and it is true. I always feel so free when I stop or slow down on it, but when Im caught in a dairy addiction, I cant see that I would want to be without it.

        Have had sheeps milk yoghurt this week, apparently easier to digest, can do goats cheese thank you very much, but not goats milk lattes, prefer black coffee I think. Or no coffee at all. MM and Prowln what do you think of the sheep, goat alternative? or are you doing full vegan thing – no animal products at all?

        • As a dairy free person for 10 years, I find that goat/sheep products are fine. I love goat yoghurt, and cheese, and never react.
          I’m always amazed when I have cream how dry my eyes get. Its like a weird instant dehydration!

  15. Shit photo,
    I think it says you need a new camera.
    Whatevers inspiring you at the moment has maybe drained you, I wouldn’t be so sure about the dairy thing.
    Does tarot do landscapes ?

  16. foods high in acid help detox faster – grapefruit, tomatoes, lemon juice in hot water etc.

    Negotiating a fiscal deal for a new way of doing things or a new creative project?

    • So does sticking your fingers down your throat, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Faster does not equal better. Balance is the key. Too much acid leads to all sorts of trouble…degradation of bone calcium, kidney stones and nasty ulcers and reflux, especially if your immunity has been compromised. Your body will do the work for you if you treat it well.

      • It really depends on the acidic fruit. Some items like lemons are acidic but burn alkaline inside of you.

          • I’d be pretty amazed if your bones degraded after 3-4 days of eating tomatoes or grapefruit which is apparently how long this detoxing of pus takes?

      • The only dairy I have is in my skim cap & have been avoiding that whilst my fave cafe has been closed….didn’t really notice a significant change. Was thinking of completing going dairy free but worry re: calcium intake as I’m pathetic at relying on supplements…I noticed that whilst I wasn’t haivng my usual caffeine intake I had no problems with afternoon exhaustion but now that my cafe haunt is open again & i have my usual fix = afternoon overwhelming exhaustion hit again. Newton’s pharmacy should be able to give me a milk thistle tincture, I’m assuming?

        • I didn’t get mucus attacks either but I went off dairy and meat cold so the effects were really noticeable, but only for a few days. I also cut back on the coffee as a side effect of switching from milk to rice milk. Just didn’t taste as nice and accidentally cut down from an 8 cups of coffee a day to barely 1 to 2? Dunno about the afternoon exhaustion because I always have siesta in the afternoons .. hehe. Soy and rice milk are all fortified with calcium. Bok choy and broccoli are naturally high in calcium. Or choose a breakfast cereal fortified with calcium.

    • not everyone has such a horrible detox reaction, it’s very individual. depends on how well your body was processing the particular food in the first place. but dairy is a mucus producing product so that;s the most obvious manifestation of a detox.

  17. a woman obviously, considered benefic and admired…. psychic flashes, uranian erracticness and lack of balance are also the core of individuality, power and talent… the core strength. loneliness, longing. plutonic underbelly of the personality causing alienation; a superficial exterior hides the true character. underlined by miraculous spirituality, connection with the beyond, karmic pay-off, abundance.

  18. fuq check out cairo right now that’s insane I totally fear for those people’s safety. It sends CHILLS down my spine.

    • maybe they need the fight whatevs … I mean they are trying to depose a dictator. Perhaps the energy needs to be released … I say power to the people and good on them for standing up to something instead of being passive victims. More muslim countries need to take a stand like this – I hope it spreads and all the fuqing little despot imams and their nasty islamic regimes get slammed into the gutter where they belong.

      • insightful. Have a great weekend all you detoxers and retoxers must dash, I think I hear a bell ringing. xxx

      • i don’t think this is about religious regimes so much as wanting a change from stale political leadership. could you imagine having any australian PM in charge for ~30 years? I’d be starting a revolt (revolting?) too!

        • Yes, hope other governments (esp. U.S) are taking notes. Hope it’s a wake up call to change their ways or watch their back… ;)

          • T.v. just said that 32 years ago to the day, Iran collapsed (and more crazies took over). That was the reason I never went and lived there after I got married. Got married in 1978 and Ayatollah Khomeini took over 1979.

            Previously tho, others had their fingers in the pies of other’s affairs…

            ~The 1953 Iranian coup d’état, on August 19, 1953 (known as the 28 Mordad coup in Iran), was the overthrow of the ~democratically~ elected government of Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh orchestrated by the intelligence agencies of the United Kingdom and the United States. The coup launched 26 years of dictatorship under Mohammad-Rez? Sh?h Pahlavi, who relied heavily on U.S. support to hold on to power until the Shah himself was overthrown in February 1979. ~ Wikipedia

            I already knew this from some years back. But from the fire into the fying pan (Ayatollah) An outrage really.

    • Just read that Mubarek has gone which is terrific – no bloodshed and people over the moon. Terrific news for the Egyptian people, what a brave crew they are!

  19. Get well soon
    On the reading – a rest, spiritual or otherwise [the hanged man], that gives time to absorb and connect to intuition and discover the source of a particular emotion or inkling [ the ace and the ten of cups in their positions] sees you going from strength to strength [ the 9, knight, king progression in the pentacles]in the ‘real’ world and within your physical body. Others will notice this change too. A lovely reading

  20. let love in. Time 2 look at life in a new way. Yes does ur ex stil hold a torch for u? Love is coming And agree get urself a toro man!. The best i hav ever had! Lol. Rest up mystic!! Love and light to u. Xx

      • Hahaha was talking about other things, but trust a Ms Scorp to think of that!!! Supportive, caring, practical, earthy, homey all those wonderful things i was talking about that women want…yes he does give a good doorknob too….lol

        Interesting fact i realised today…All my long term relationships have been with Libran men, now met a Toro (first time ever been with Toro) and have been with him for 3 months….( I have a thing for Venus ruled men) I Toro rising but Mars in Scorp…….no problem there…Toro keeps up!!! ;-) and Librans are pussys no offence…Cant keep up with a Mars Scorp!!!!

  21. in my mind, i am running you a hot bath with muchos epsom salts, lavender chamomile & geranium oils; candles flowers & favourite music in ze background and a warm fluffy towel and big bowl of vegetable broth for after – get well soon

  22. I have just realised that diarrhea is a ‘cleansing reaction’. bugger that!

    I swear by Oolong tea (taiwan), ginger tea, grapes and sprouts or snow peas. also rose water splashed/sprayed on the face. also ginger steamed rice is excellent- just grated ginger in the rice cooking water and a bit of salt.

    stop layin out the cards and start scoffing grapes on your chaise longue.

  23. 9 pent–previously you found it easy to detox and had perhaps a too blase attitude about some kind of “work”

    hanged man–you need to pause and reflect and take time with this–don’t rush things

    More pentacles–hard work with payoff

    ace cups–you will be cleansed and feel better, emotions should be attended to and noticed as your cup runneth over—purging emotions as well

  24. I’ve only being doing this since I was 17 but I’ll give it a shot.

    It seems to me like you’re in a sort a limbo….. of a soul searching sort… at the moment (Hanged Man). The Ace always heralds new beginnings so perhaps the detox is what you need for a fresh outlook. Somebody, perhaps a man in his mid-twenties, may come to you with an offer you can’t refuse…haha. The ten of cups suggests there are things in your life to be thankful for, and the King of Coins suggests you will be content in the end.

  25. Hey Mystic, I don’t know if it’s just me but I am feeling a bit dredg-y and as though it’s a full moon in scorpio. So maybe that’s neptune vibing a bit, I don’t know. All I know is that music and some super duper day-dreaming imagination activation with my mind 10,000 miles away is making it better.

    If you’re still feeling like crap, maybe a super soothing bath with lavender and roman chamomile, a drop of Rose, one candle to calm your mind…

    I am sure you know what you’re doing re detox management. take it easy. you’ll feel great soon. lots of water and sleeeep xx

  26. You can use the imagery of the Ace of Cups for Wellness….allow the flow of Wellbeing to cleanse all the toxins from your body….imagine fresh Qi flowing thru…

  27. Mystic , Happy Trails , I like Triphala Ayurvedic Cleanser.
    Thanks for your Love!!!! Sending you a Special Prayer Of Healing .
    Things look good on the Horizon , This is the Year for the Perfect Mate.

  28. Depends on your symptoms Mystic.

    My guesses for general detox:

    –Epsom salt bath.
    –Magnesium supplement like Calm Vitality or if you can’t hack internal Mg, then use transdermal magnesium.

    The magnesium helps with tense muscles, headaches, PMS, cold fingers & toes, etc…

    –Also add some probiotics to your system. It may be messed up from dairy.

    —The old standby of fresh lemon squeezed into quality water helps too! If there’s any nausea, some fresh ginger juice in the lemonade might help.

  29. Mystic,
    Crab Apple from the Bach Flowers Remedies is a really good detoxifier as well. you could take some drops of it and getting realised from all sort of unpleasent, non-Gwyneth Paltrowed things from the etherical to the bodily…
    also, call upon Archangel Michael…it helps restoring good vibes around you and helps restoring and calming.
    you can simply ask for his energy upon you and your chakras, and it will be done.
    and, as far as you reading..
    it seems to me as you are somehow having a very personal fight with your body….well this argument here is going on well for you, and nope, it’s not only on a phisical level, it’s somehow that your are taken some sort of initiation, very zenlike, very earthly, very simple, but oh so amazing…!
    the blessing and the outcome are related. it seems that when you’ll get out of this you’ll be very in tune with everything, very soothed and in communication with Gaia mother earth.
    there’s a great fullfillement coming up for you, joy and inspiration of every sort, and most of all your heart will be blissed.


  30. Ha, I’m happy to see I’m not the only person who takes pics of tarot spreads with a phone. Some Tarot readers say you should immediately forget about readings you do for other people, it isn’t a good idea to carry their spreads around in your mind over a long term. But crazy Miss Gemini said, “oh you should take pictures of every reading, then blog about them. You could call your blog, ‘Tarot Whore.'” I didn’t like that idea at all, for multiple reasons.

    Ah such nice cards. Dare I read cards for Mystic? Oh what the hell, I often rush in where fools dare to tread.

    I usually do elemental analysis. Lovely arrangement of Earth-Water-Earth-Water-Earth-Water. I am assuming the Ace of Cups was the final card. Earth and water are friendly but passive. This reading lacks the energy of air and fire, it’s about feeling and being. This is a very moon-in-Taurus reading. I will translate back into Mystic-ism, “the earth and water make a muddy soup of sooky goo-goo.”

    I usually read cards like this as pairs, rather than past present future positional meanings. You can superimpose the pair readings over a positional reading. So here goes.

    9P-12HM Abundance on the physical level, but restraint and sacrifice on the higher levels, in order to attain enlightened states.

    12HM-KnP The knight is often about identifying with one’s job or role in the world. He identifies himself through his sacrifices and struggles towards enlightenment.

    KnP-10C The knight also identifies with the abundance of love and happiness coming from the environment.

    10C-KP The happiness is expressed on the physical plane, it manifests itself through the actions and intentions of your being.

    KP-AC Oh, such a strange pair. That ace is a wonderful sign, the fount of all happiness and joy. And that King rules the physical plane, establishing happiness and abundance in the world is the reason for all his actions and manifestations.

    OK, I tried to keep it short.

  31. Drink as much water as you are comfortable with, get lots of massage to help your lymph move and visit your colon lady. That will speed the detox. Try an (yes) enema if you don’t want to leave the house. It works. Yoga if you can stand it. Gently.

  32. Don’t know anything about the Tarot but I am sending loads of white light your way. Hope you feel better soon Mystic.

    if my wife or mother-in-law were here I’d get them to tell me what to tell you about your Tarot. My m-i-l is gifted at Tarot (and also other types of similar skills). Late last year she told my wife (among other things) that the man surrounded by Leos would be traveling overseas this year. That said man didn’t know it yet and that the travel would come out of the blue. Well, I’m the man surrounded by Leos is me and while I didn’t know it then, I am traveling overseas in May. And it’s not self-fullfilling prophesy because I had no control over this travel – work said ‘you are going to the US for a week or two’ so I said ‘yes’.

    Get well soon :)

  33. You could try not putting anything in your system but water and mineral water. And try the drained water from boiled rice if u can keep it down. Add significant salt to rice water.

  34. 8O

    I know just what to do… a healing dance! 8O

    *dances around in circles chanting ‘get well Mystic… get well… get well Mystic…get well!’*

    …& just a suggestion, maybe take some calcium supplements, trick the body! 8O

    Ok Tarot spread looks good! I’m new but I’ll have a crack… 8O

    9 Pentacles: There is a woman already in your life to support you during times of need…

    The Hanged Man: Bide your time & trust yourself. Steer clear of peeps who aren’t particularly healthy if possible. Does someone around you have a bung leg?

    The Knight of Pentacles: Good news is on the way! An investment finally paying off or a win!

    Ten of Cups: All the hard work will pay off, so don’t worry!

    King of Pentacles: I’m thinking this has something to with banking or the stock market, getting involved or know someone who is in it. Could also be a Gemini man who is around you, someone who is into communications or just has that energetic Gemini energy. Either way your world is about to expand!

    Ace of Cups: Abundance! A wish granted, a leap of faith, love, health improves and/or a new start!

  35. Hey all,

    I see a lot of you interpret tarot but I’m wondering if any of you have psychic readings? If so, who do you recommend?

    Cheers- Scobra

    • When you find a good one let me know please , i will travel for genuine psychic. I would love to do a thesis on psychic gifts if i ever take up a degree in philosophy i will … Do you know you can now do a degree on philanthropy? go figure . I wonder if they tell you how to get ridiculous amounts of money to give away to the philanthropic cause. I want to be a philanthropist, have done since i was a child before most of the adults in my life knew what the word meant….

    • Hi, Scobra -I do psychic readings as part of my Tarot readings, but I’m not suggesting myself, just passing on some hopefully helpful hints. We all have psychic abilities but we’re not trained to use that aspect of ourselves. When we do, we bring ourselves back into wholeness because we’re working with all aspects of our being. Alice Bailey talked of the lower glamour realms of psychic work and it’s something you need to keep in mind. Psychic abilities can operate from a lower, mundane level. A psychic may operate from that level to predict future events or give fearful predictions, but the reality is that the future is changing all the time, you have free will and so does everyone else around you. Those who predict death or the break-up of relationships or whatever need to be given a wide berth, you should emerge from a psychic reading feeling empowered, positive, energetic and confident in yourself. The other aspect of psychic work operates at a spiritual level and raises with you who you are, what strengths you have, what challenges you have, what is holding you back from achieving your highest potential, and the doors that are opening for you to achieve that potential. The aim should be to uplift you to the highest expression of yourself so that you can bring forth the gifts and talents which you brought with you when you incarnate. It doesn’t mean that you have to be famous or do great deeds, but simply that each of us is an individual gift to this world and once you know who you are and how you can operate at your highest, you’re living your true potential. Just keep that in mind when you’re looking out for a psychic reader and make sure you know what you want. Do you want someone who’s psychic or someone who’s a medium and has contact with the spirit world. Go for whom you’re drawn to, that’s the important part, because your inner voice is then telling you they’ve something to offer you, even if it’s a snippet of the whole reading, doesn’t matter. And remember, you still have free will. A reader should leave you feeling uplifted. If you get a negative reader, then let them go and don’t take their words to heart. There are shonks and good psychics so be discerning. Hope this helps.

      • Hi Libraquarius,
        I had my chart done by a psychic when I was 12 and the session was tape recorded so I could keep it and refer back to it. But later I was told that I shouldn’t hang on to it because it was only meant to be heard at that time in my life. Is there any truth you think to readings like that having a “shelf life” so to speak?

        • Well, I always say it’s up to you basically and how you feel about it. But who you are at 12 and who you are now are most likely quite different. Listen to the tape and see how you feel about it – does it give advice that’s relevant to you now? If not, chuck it out. I have had a taped reading for myself from a very good reader/medium in Perth and so did my husband, he was very good and very ethical, but once we’d reached a point where they ceased being valid, I chucked ‘em out. See what you want to keep and see what’s out-of-date. We move on and hopefully grow into the new part of our lives, and with any luck a reading helps you do that. Hope this helps.

      • Libraquarius i like your view point on all this and in fact i am drawn to you. Also a question in regards to mediums who contact spirit i dont particularly like the idea of it, in fact it makes my skin crawl. I dont want to know what my granddad or dad or whoever has to say it makes me feel like i dont want to bother them and certainly i dont like the idea that they are watching me or there with me i would rather leave them be. Can these spirits see the future? I want someone to read my future and guide me in all the ways you suggested that a good reader should. The last gentleman i spoke with didnt use cards he put his hand on me as i lay down and i just talked as that day i was in a mess . When i left i felt so great , uplifted and i was standing tall and smiling. He said i had been reborn on a cellular level and on the threshold of a beautiful new life. The words he gave me were good advice it seems and with me it seems patience is something i need to cultivate. He charged $80 but refused payment from me and said i needed to allow myself to accept and welcome gifts and abundance into my life as previously i admit i have been to proud to accept any form of help due to my stubbornness and independence . He predicted other things and as there is someone else involved , who knows as things are constantly changing and we have free will. I am suss on him tho as i checked him out on facebook , google etc and found he operated under different names and was claiming to be all types of things from healer , life coach, clairvoyant , psychic, etc etc. Time will tell if he is right and look i hope he is..

        • far out you again, is there anyone you are NOT drawn to? And what did you do to our mystic that you need to grovel?

          Also this is the wrong post for it but i am getting that joseph campbell quote and the picture as well made into a poster and laminated.

          I am on here compulsively commenting as therapy for a man i have been seeing suddenly NOT callinog me, inexplicably cutting the juice off. Have searched all posts for advice on this – can anyone point me in the right direction please? Is mercury doing something? have i lost my moxy?

          • I did a bad thing and there is no excuse for what i did and its between Mystic and myself i sabotaged myself and i am good at doing it believe me, furthermore i am not groveling and nothing has changed here except i do like sweetpea and prowlin and a few others i dont like you tho i just dropped in to see what was happening . I am allowed to be drawn to libraquarius if i like, she looks and sounds like a nice intelligent fair minded woman.

        • You can get addicted to running round to different people for readings, but it’s a bit of a waste of space, imho. Get a reading and stick to it. If you say you’re impatient, it won’t open up the future any faster for you. Been there, done that many years ago, and I’m still trying to fast forward to the future, lol, but it’s never happened yet! I was at a psychic fair once and did a reading, and then the women complained she’d had a similar reading from another reader. It’s really no good having a fixed agenda and flitting from reader to reader until you get something that suits you. I’ve had people fix up readings with me shortly afterwards and I have realised it’s a repeat, so I’ve pretty much told them the same thing. If I’m very tired – and I’d done a lot of readings on the first occasion. I won’t do a reading within a year of giving a reading. – I don’t remember faces or what I’ve said, I’m on another plane. But to my mind, to keep getting different readings suggests you don’t trust yourself and your own intuition. No-one can tell you precisely the future, and that’s not the role that any spirit brought through a medium does. If they do, run a mile. I have actually ended up with a medium reading bringing through my parents, which I hadn’t asked for or expected, and the material was quite unexpected and filled in a few gaps which the medium had not picked up. Seems to me the gentleman gave you some good advice and, as he didn’t charge you for it, give it some good consideration because it’s pretty positive stuff. Although he goes under different names, you may have hit him on a good, ethical day and he’s given you pretty constructive advice. The only thing I boggle at is “being reborn on a cellular level” as I’m a bit suss about stuff like that.

          • Sorry, I’m not clear about the reading with my parents. The reader brought in information I was not aware of at all, so they couldn’t have done a cold reading or picked up on it from me psychically, but for me it filled in a few gaps which had puzzled me, and also provided me with some unexpected info which left me pretty gobsmacked. I meant to say above too that psychics can pick up your thoughts or memories, I can do that but I only do that if it’s appropriate and if the person has given permission, otherwise it’s unethical, so watch out what sort of info you get.

          • Thank you for that reply libraquarius yes i am suss on that kind of thing too although he did help me. On his facebook page folks were referring to him as” guru” which made me more suss. But you know i think he meant well he wore no shoes and i feel really living a true spiritual path which is very hard in this day and age You hit the nail on the head when you say fast forward the future. I thought i was patient in some ways i am but in other ways really i am so impatient its not even funny especially when it comes to love or matters of the heart. He runs a service called ” two people talking” in victoria look it up on the net see what you think? it certainly was different..

      • Thanks Libraquarius,

        This is exactly the kind of discussions I want to be having. Its important to be able to sort the good from the bad. Hopefully I can find the right advice!

  36. Hope you pick up over the weekend, Mystic. Here’s my take on your cards:
    I get the feeling it’s an opportunity to mull over the past, sort out your priorities, and then move into the future with confidence, emotional stability and caring for yourself a whole lot more than you’re doing at present – a bit too busy taking care of others which is draining you a bit.
    The Empress, in the past, is where you’ve been going through an important part of your life in building your world, nurturing yourself and others, and feeding your own sense of what fulfils you.
    The Hanged Man is an opportunity to stocktake, to sort out what you need to move into the future, feeling more confident and less needing to worry about financial stability. In this respect, you need to care for yourself as much as for others – a cookie jar, where you’ve been handing out cookies to others – needs to be replenished so that you feed yourself. Time to work out a good, sustaining balance in your life so that you live on an even keel and manage your affairs effectively.
    Future – The Knight of Cups indicates that you’ll manage the Hanged Man phase of your life very well. Don’t be in a hurry to rush forward, get things on an even financial keel and you’ll be more balanced emotionally and far more in charge of your life because you’ll stay on top and manage the whole emotional-work-family balance with calmness and stability. It’ll bring more emotional sustenance into your life.
    Advice: 10 of Cups – There are two aspects of this: firstly that you need to say goodbye to a part of your life which is to do with past family matters, but by sorting out your emotional stuff, you’ll be able to do this with compassion, wisdom and a deep sense of release and relief. The other aspect of this is that you need then to turn away from the past to the future where you’ll be able to build an emotionally and rewarding enviroment for yourself at a family, relationship and work level.
    Wisdom/Blessing – Ace of Cups – Can’t get more blessings than that, can you? Your cup runneth over, emotional balance from making sure you feed yourself emotionally as well as caring for others, and great emotional happiness opening up.

  37. A question for everyone here that’s doing the dairy detox. I’ve heard giving up dairy can help clear up skin ailments. Have any of you noticed changes good or bad with your skin or your hair or nails? Other members of my family have developed roseacia and psoriasis as they’ve gotten older and I’m curious if I could avoid that fate and cheat genetics by cutting out the dairy.

  38. A bit of being fab, glam, independent and succesful, then a wait and ardent love offer from earthsign biz man – WRITER! Sent u pink light – is viral bug, rest up – and a few drops of tidewater xxx

  39. I am with red lipstick girl for the tarot – chick in garden is you successfully single and independent but where is your mate? Hanged man means wait, the knight is the earth boy who becomes the earth sign mate…?

    NONE of the top models do wheat or dairy. Whenever i meet a chick who looks amazing (and who is not 19 or something) i always ask what she does – no wheat and no dairy comes up time and time and time again. I stopped it a year ago – makes a massive difference. I am not vegan like mystic – i still have the occasional high quality fish or chicken at restaurant.

  40. I would like to record my annoyance at the level of comment that seems to have surrounded Damons turning up again (hi Damons). Particularly that which has been critical of the nature and content of his posts.
    Please let’s acknowledge that there is a crap load of very banal whinging and moaning that can go on here, myself included, and some of it is pretty bloody boring you must admit. So I personally am happy to see damons back with his slant on life, and let’s face it, we need more boys here.
    So my point is, as with everyone elses comments that you don’t bother reading because they bore or annoy you, how about you just let Damons be. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. There’s no need to engage in personal criticism. Just walk (surf) away.

    • Ps, like all rants on this site I wrote this without reading all the comments (and thus not being fully cognisant of context) and (after embibing a bottle of wine). But because you are allsuch lovely generous open minded people I am assuming you will either not read it or not care
      Bored with myself now. Maybe I should complain?

    • with you shell … don’t think it has anything to do with Damons per se just that he stands out as a guy on the blog. There are tonnes of posts where I think to myself “oh why don’t you shut the FUQ UP”?? So I cruise past mostly and figure I’m not in the same space as that person. Whatever they have to say is not resonating or interesting to me. I’m sure people read my crap and think exactly the same thing. I admit to exteme verbosity thanks to Mercury Leo aspecting virtually everything, plus Sagg moon and Aqua mars – just so willing to blat my stuff out willy nilly. Some people dig it and relate whilst others don’t. Fair enough. Tolerance.

      • well said shell and prowlncrab – i was rather gobsmacked at the level of intolerance shown to damons. as p’crab said, there are heaps of posts where you think’ what the fuq?’ but it’s okay, that’s where that person’s at, you don’t have to read it or take it on board. go damons! nice to see you back. hope you’re feeling better soon Mystic.

    • Wow that is so cool thanks heaps and unlike last time i wont be so sensitive to negative criticism from negative people on here . I do lay it on a bit but i am mainly stirring and so what if i like to go for a walk on the freaking beautiful beach at Noosa now and then and swim without clothes on its the only place i can go without being arrested by the nazi qld police , so freakin what im no stalker or weirdo i am a healthy reasonably well adjusted young man who happens to like to see a woman in super high heels and corsets lingerie etc. There are heaps of nice respectable attractive young women who go there for the same reason as i do and they arent weirdos, god they perve at me so what who cares its not weird its freakin natural and so am i a natural man i dont conform or take shit or suffer fools or take orders and yes i suffer for it , Yes i live in THE most beautiful , quaint, peaceful , magnificent little cabin nestled in a pocket of rainforest 15 mins from the beach, saturated with wildlife and the most beautiful lush tropical gardens (which by the way all the ginger flowers and bromiliades are in bloom ) nestled the hinterland built just for two. Yes i am still single and i am here because i thought it would be a great place for two friends to fall in love and create some happy wonderful memories that we will look back on and tell our children about how we used to live in this magical little cabin . Frankly i dont care to fit in , compromise and i choose to keep my mind open and have a opinion on most things even if i dont really understand the ins an outs of everything and who really does ? You are free to comment and so is everyone else . I do find where i live its hard to find folks that i can articulate my thoughts to and here is a great forum that Mystic has provided . Anyway live and let live and each to his her own.

    • Actually, I didn’t feel my response to Damons was negative, I was trying to be helpful. I’ve never come across the guy before, not since I joined MM anyway.

      • no, your response wasn’t negative – your response was great. there were some others that were negative. not to worry. onwards we go.

  41. sorry guys, at the risk of annoying everybody, what is all this detox stuff?? WTF?? spoil western peeps, wake up, the body has its own detox organs, liver and kidneys, you don’t need to take crap, cut out stuff, assuming your diet is even half way reasonable. we are all over-engineering and worrying, just eat, drink, exercise, have sex, laugh, love, live in moderation and stop stressing! that’s the Toro take! RELAX! HAVE FUN!

    • Yeah it is about spoilt western peeps toro but you’ve got the wrong end of the stick. Spoilt western peeps think they have some kind of special privileges and proprietory ownership over the planet and the creatures that live on it. That it’s all there to be used for their own personal benefit and pleasure, at the expense of anything that gets in the way of that, and that cruelty, enslavement and abuse of other living beings is acceptable.

      Vegetarianism and veganism are ethical standpoints taken by people who have reached a turning point in their own consciousness whereby the idea that humans are somehow superior to everything else and have the right to torture and abuse other animals is simply not ok anymore.

      The discussion on detox is a natural process that occurs when removing meat and dairy from the diet. If you’re not there right now then fine. But please respect the right of other people to discuss the shifts in their own conscience even if you don’t share it.

      • Just read back over my post and saw that my tone was excessively strident. Apologies Toro … to put things into perspective, six months ago I would have read over this thread and thought “oh here we fuqing go again …. more don’t do this, don’t do that … more people getting all superior on my ass because they’re holier than now non meat eaters” … and would’ve got thoroughly pissed off and either said something sarcastic or skipped entirely.

        Something changed since then. I’m enjoying the journey of veganism. It’s changing me somehow, subtly … it’s interesting. And I’m passionate about it. I still stand by the sentiments and ideas I expressed, but apologies again for the tone of voice – was not required.

    • “just eat, drink, exercise, have sex, laugh, love, live in moderation and stop stressing!”

      I agree with you 100% toro in transit. I’ve had a gutful of the whole obsession with detox and stupid enemas! WTF! Don’t eat rubbish and you won’t have to pay a fortune for someone to stick a stupid hose up your bum.


  42. Toro In transit but that is a very pleb perspective to take. I am not down on plebs. I had a gorgeous pleb lover a while back who would say similar things.

    But even if you accept cruel, evil factory farming, you can’t say milk etc is good for you. There is poison in that shit that people in even the 1960s would have w.t.fed at. Bovine Growth Hormone got invented in the 90s. Our bodies have NO FUQING WAY Of dealing with it. Don’t be naive. We are not cavewomen detoxifying a few extra beansprouts.

    So when you stop doing it, like I and frankly most of the beautiful people do, you get one hell of a detox reaction because you are finally letting your body do its work and deal with shit.

    I drink shitloads of wine/champagne, smoke occasionally and love (vegan) choccie and french fries.I have the occasional toke on a joint or line of toot, I date unsuitable men. I am by no means a health nut. But i don’t do anything that hurts animals (Stella McCartney does the best vegan shoes and handbags, fyi prowling).

    When i stopped dairy i felt half dead and then i looked ten years younger ten days later so i am a convert. When your hairdresser goes ‘oh my god you look the best i have ever seen you look, your skin is glowing, your waist is tiny, you look like a teenager, wow your hair is so fucking soft…’

    you should read The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone or Skinny Bitch. They are my BIBLES>

    • LS just looked up the Skinny Bitches and read some their excerpts and comments. Fuqing hilarious! Ladies after my own heart … awesome. Thanks for the reference.

  43. I’m not seeing anything at this moment, blocked or something. But I totally get what you mean about doing it when your shagged out Mystic. In fact I did similar reading like that last week totally out of it from slog and what’s freaking me out is how 3 cards in your spread were in it & there was 7 cups cards.

  44. @prowlin’, no apology required, I love robust debate, ‘swhat it’s all about, and totally wasn’t having a go at any peeps food choices from an ethical point of view, they’re not mine but I’m just a slacko spooky western peep and say, yep bang to rights on that front, I just meant I think people can over worry and that is toxic in and of itself and a light happy approach can be as beneficial as anything else, effect of attitude is often overlooked IMHO.

    And @TLS, yup ur right too but you rather misunderstood me, I’m not advocating intake of any food group that u know doesn’t suit you, that’s basic, huge proportions of populations are lacking in lactase therefore can’t deal with lactose, I have almost no dairy in my life, tiny amount of milk but virtually no cheese and certainly no yoghourt etc, and I suspect my diet might well even be less liberal in some ways than urs, my point was simply that the whole detox thing is just the health/diet industry selling us stuff that we don’t actually need, a bit of a con!

    On the other hand, if it’s want u want to do, then we all know the placebo effect is a wonderful thing and well worth harnessing and please don’t take that as being patronizing In any way, ‘cos I apply it equally to myself

    • Yes Toro I actually do understand that precisely. Those detox kits are so naff and wrong thread but i am heading out to yoga; i know a lot of people considering withdrawing their children from certain schools over that gay thing. How ridiculous. We are not paying Wounded Bull college (i used to get heart palpiations whenever a letter arrived with thier crest on it) upward of 20,000 per child a year to get dark ages crap like that.

    • Toro in T. You know not whereof you speak. Sorry. Yes, detox kits, pills, etc are crap. The body does go into a detoxification when you cease taking in toxins. There are certain things that can increase the body’s release of toxins, one that was mentioned is coffee enemas. I do NOT advocate increasing the amounts of toxins when you are already in a situation of not handling the toxins being released, which is why when detox is a bitch, you want to support your organs of elimination, not tax them more by taking things that increase detoxification. If it’s a difference of being functional or not, sometimes backing off the detox is indicated.

      People would not become so miserable, uncomfortable, unfunctional etc due to it being all in their heads. You just haven’t been there.

      • but i totally agree with you ArienScorp! we are not on different tracks!

        and promise you, i’ve been there alright, whom among us has not, i daresay.

  45. Sounds pragmatic, but sounds like in the past (last year) you were more exicted about saving money. But now you’ve bought a big ticket item and feel like you have to start from scratch again in regards to saving. And thus you’re looking for a new outlook re finances. Perhaps you feel like your waiting for your next paycheck/money that’s owed to you.

    Future brings a new man into your life, not necessarily in a
    romantic way. This dude might even be a new acountant. Whoever he is he’s gonna give you great advice on how to increase your savings.

    It’s reminding you that you can always go to family/friends for a loan or investment advice, this is what you’re forgetting. But there’s the idea that you won’t resort to that, and So you’ll have to wait a bit longer for your financial situation to be the way you want it to be. The reason for waiting longer due to not referring to mates/fam is coz the presence of this new man/business parter I mentioned earlier will be the trigger of you financial happiness.

    This financial aspiration of yours is a result of your recent sense of emotional freedom. Somehow, this year you got rid of this dark emo luggage and it’s inspired you to be ambition and focus on the real-world tangible rewards.

    Good on ya

    Lol I know no one will read this but it’s good practice for me.
    It’s so hard to get feedback on my tarot interpretations :( wish it were easier to know where I’d sit, as with everyone in relation to anything in life haha

      • Haha :) I know hey, and I’m not even a Virgo! I felt like I was doing the wrong thing by answering, just coz my response didn’t at all fit in with the general vibe of what everyone was saying. Gee, I didn’t realise I wrote that much though