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So…I just got sent this pic with the caption “Moon in Taurus Gaga” – that’s it.

I don’t know where it’s from or what it pertains to only that the theme is, obviously, Taurean.

Oh surely i am biassed but don’t you think the combo of Uranus in Taurus & Neptune in Pisces will result in some major evolution away from factory farming? If not more Vegans? I mean come on, Uranus in TAURUS?

I am always terribly predictable with the Moon in Taurus: I find gossip vulgar, I have an insane appreciation of flowers and the texture of things, i have an urge to pay all my bills and eat well.  That’s it. Fuq complexity.  Taurus Moon is all about the Fs of life; food, flowers, finance and fuqing.

I don’t want complicated explanations for anything. I get gardening obsessive, want to walk barefoot on the grass and hug trees. I remember that the gut in our body apparently has its own brain (or something) and decide that digestion is thus more important than actual thinking.

Then i decide that the government (any government) is going to hell in a handbasket and that they should ban G.E, processed etc foods and synthetic anythings but ensure that every person in the state is orgasmic.


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  1. Yup, although I could pick up more gardening and Ha ha…no wonder I’m a colon hydro-therapist…gives the term ‘shit for brains’ a whole new meaning….gut is our second brain. 80% of our serotonin is made there. Cheers Mystic!

      • Tryptophan.. from the nice dark meat of turkey thighs n legs, also appreciable amounts found in parmesan cheese – which is *also* rich in butryic acid.

  2. I have been Super Horny , With a Ravishing Appetite .My Aloe Vera’s are Very Unhappy this Winter.

  3. A State Minister of Orgasms? lol, dnt think i’d want the govt hands in control of that. (It would cost too much and take too long lol). The West Australian Minister for Agriculture wants to redefine “organic” to accommodate genetic engineering. What a tossr. Govt needs a colonic surely. I’d luv to give it to them packed with GMO free turkey & chia.

    • I’d vote for Greg Combet. He’s hot and a Taurus which surely must be the ideal criteria for a State Minister of Orgasms??? … hopefully he’ll also be ahem “hands on” in his new role.


            • I dunno what you saw but I find he’s most attractive when in full flight with a bit of mild gesticulating about protecting the rights of the workers. He doesn’t do that so much any more. I liked him better before he got his new job.

      • eeeww – not my taste at all. Knew his current wife (Chloe) and mother-in-law back in the mid 90s – worked with them with a charity org for several months. GG is an amazing person (genuine), Chloe was …, couldn’t put my finger on it back then, but in retrospect, definitely manipulative with a devious streak. Can’t stand Greg Combet :razz:

  4. I got up, was grumpy from lack of sleep (house guest had a recurring alarm at 6am… which they slept through and I did not).
    Then I hauled my sorry ass to Yoga. Which was _excellent_ . Woke me up.
    Proceed to meet up with my cousin, who is back from studying overseas, and ate a lunch that took over an hour to eat. Quiche, baked marinated Tofu with steamed pumkin and sauteed cashew nuts. Then cake. And ice cream.
    I still can’t breath.
    I stopped eating 5 hours ago. (Apart from half a doughnut I couldn’t pass up)
    I am thinking that I should have a light dinner. I probably wont.
    I want a nice glass of wine. Or maybe a whiskey.
    Something to flirt with will also be nice. Nothing like that I can see.
    Will potter in garden.


    • P.S. I am having an early hip hop party in my mind. Simple beats… all about the hips.

  5. Forget the picture – this movie is the PENULTIMATE movie of the century!!!!! Can’t remember what it’s called – something Mountain….. Mountain something. OH EM GEE!!! I just, I wish I had it on DVD or something. I could so watch it right now for some life coaching. Forget self-help!

    I saw the movie in a uni class – most people walked out with disgust. So, just warning anyone who might wish to watch it….. “The Holy Mountain” by Alejandro Jodorowsky. It was made in, like, the 70s. Wasn’t allowed to be released until a few years ago – legal issues or something. It’s really random, it makes people walk out of the room, it has been labelled “worst movie” by people who just don’t get it. But I get it. I think it is pure genius. For those who aren’t faint of heart, open minded and want to be taken on a strange ride – this is for you.

    “The Holy Mountain” – gets my five stars.

    It starts with a full on tarot/zodiacal theme. Then just trips out. Then pisses everyone off with the most awesome ending (in my opinion, but no-one elses).

    I thank my lecturer for exposing me to this masterpiece!

  6. Being the polar opposite of Taurus, I would love to simplify life and focus only on earthy pleasures, but since I’m a Scorpio my mind is going kinda crazy trying to decipher this photo. It looks like an art gallery setting, but those two guys are dressed like druids or monks or hippie priests and there’s the sign of the holy trinity on the floor. I’m thinking maybe this is an ante-chamber of the Taurean Temple room in the Astro Monastery mentioned in Mystic’s previous post? lol

    • Don’t think of yourself as the polar opposite of Taurus. Think of yourself as on the same axis as the Taurus.

      • Is there any difference in that? In highschool my best friends were a Taurus and a Pisces. Often times I would hang out with either one or the other, but spending time with both simultaneous always made for a tense situation. Very dry jokes from the Taurus. Inappropriate giggling followed by periods of zoning out from the Pisces. Intense “what’s really going on here?” soul probing stares from moi (the Scorpio). ;)

      • It must be a cosmic coincidence that you did this post so soon after the one about the monastery. Mount Athos, where the Simonopetra Monastery (along with 19 others) resides is called “The Holy Mountain”!

  7. The picture is a screenshot from this movie, was my point somewhere….

    Oh and…. no-one I’ve made watch this movie liked it. But then all my friends are commericialised, consumerist goons.

  8. I’m just glad the moon is out of Pisces and Aries. Those are the worst for me. My natal moon is in Pisces, and when the transiting moon’s there too, ugh, I’m a MESS. Listless, spacey, maudlin, and I leak like a faucet–my nose runs, my eyes don’t stop watering, my allergies go NUTS. I know I should try to channel all that excess emotional energy into some yoga bliss or something, but eh. Too busy procrastinating and feeling like a failure for procrastinating.

    Then Aries moon just makes me edgy and hyper, but without any real drive.

    (I just started paying attention to moon transits, and it’s been so fascinating to see what an effect they can have on my mood. It’s one more thing that makes me wish I’d gotten into astrology a long, looong time ago.)

  9. Best watched with Alejandro Jodorowsky’s commentary which is subtitled – but that’s how I saw it class and I would’ve been severely perplexed, and yet still in awe, without it.

  10. Yes that’s them.

    A Taurean recently dumped me, citing my habitual “over-thinking” as Qi-draining.

    The sex was so great.

    Damn it.

  11. oh I am totally my Taurus Moon… ‘the Fs of life; food, flowers, finance and fuqing’… but i go easy on the flowers; take them or leave them. The other 3 rule my life; I eat way too much of the 1st ‘f’, constantly thinking about the 3rd ‘f’ and right here, right now, not getting enough of the 4th ‘f’….. but just met mr new so fingers crossed!

  12. Mooving slowly today, Taurus moon here so glad that Aries with the pointy heads n edges pissed off. Yes, four f’s but Ferdinand-style (like Jxsta) prefer my flowers out in the field – course un ptit dejeuner sur l’herbes goes down a treat too.

  13. I’ve never knowingly encountered a simple it is what it is taurean, never met an all-round amiable clarabelle cow – there’s always something deep / murky / complex going on followed by a migraine or alcohol/carb binging or some kind of machiavellian act that they think has occurred in secret not realising their hooves pawing at the gate were a dead giveaway. I suppose moon in is different to sun in. I have met many taurus ascendants and they are my favourites of most any ascendant – they are like a taste of honey – SO sensual.

  14. Magical cooking moon! Have been serving delicious sweet green smoothies with a perfectly cooked porridge of green apples, banana & prunes with cinnamon and a sprinkle of melting brown sugar. Dinner of chicken casserole with moroccan spices, tomato base, eggplant, zucchini, apricots, toasted pine nuts and then largely from the garden with loads of fresh basil, parsley, cherry tomatoes and garlic with fluffy white rice… Sounds odd, but was just fab. Thank you Venusian Moon! My 3 yr old Earth Trine niece (sun Virgo, asc Cap, moon Taurus) kept saying, ‘I love food!’.

    • Oooh! That Moroccan dish sounds a little like Harira, the Moroccan stew made to break the fast of Ramadan. Only that one has chickpeas, lentils and is made with lamb (though I make mine with chicken). If you have the recipe for your’s Andromeda, I’d love to try it. It’s winter and there’s still snow on the ground here. Always looking for warm, hearty and wholesome stews and rice or pasta dishes to keep off the chill. :)

      • yummy! mouth watering right now Andromeda. Love the make-your-own-dish-without-strict-measurement dishes. Currently teaching the 10 y o to cook his favourite dishes of mine. Him being Virgo rising is a bit unnerved with the approach (me pisces rising lol) but i’m getting that he’ll get it after several lessons and probably be the family historian and put it down in writing (he with multiple planets in kataka and gemini MC/Jups with a mercury ruled chart and Leo Sun). I’m definitely trying out your delish dish – Thankyou!

        • Thanks guys! I feel all ‘shucks’.. Love the Virgo Rising chef being unnerved my the Pisces Rising method. Lol.
          @Lauren, I posted the way I made it below.

    • Speaking of you and food, i saw a thing on the news a few days ago and thought of you andromeda – wychwood farm – they sell their goods direct to consumers and deliver to the door it’s not organic but they say they don’t use any hormones etc. and citrus direct online or something similar – a google should work it out. They both deliver to your house after you order on the web and you’re having a direct relationship with the farmer and getting fresher food. I think they’re in victoria or they deliver to victoria and SA? Highly recommend removing supermarkets from your life if you can – altho that said most of the people our food comes from have been wiped out by heatwave, flood or cyclone in the last few weeks – luckily we grow some things ourselves : o) Imagine the kids growing up knowing the names of the people who grew their fruit and realising it comes from trees? NICE

  15. I DON;T GIVE A SHIT HOW TAUREANS FEEL! I AM SO OVER TAUREANS! well just two of them. men of course. sorry other nice taureans e.g. T. Alchemist.

    thread hijack, last week some guy approached me professing now captivated, heart-thumpingly amazing he felt around me, like THREW himself at me, and i am like, “wtf dude back off, you seem cool from the oh fifty words or so we’ve exchanged but come on??” so we arranged to meet for a (I perceive as) friendly drink, then he goes and cancels on me saying yada yada just not ready for dating etc….who said anything about dating?! ps i hate that word it’s so…loaded and tacky. anyhoo yet another fucking LOONATIC male impinging on my peace of mind! **end of rant**

    • o dear up.. that sooo sucks… reprehensible..

      Got his mobile still? Send, ‘That’s okay honey. I was just going to finish icing my family recipe triple Choc-Mocca-Mud-Cake for us to nibble while we chat but, its cool. :)’ Smiley face. Always end on a smiley face.. just to let him know exactly how increadibly in-sig-nif-i-cant he really is in your life.

      He’ll be drooling and regretting his yada yada on all counts.

      Peace, love light…

      Oh and yeah, the Walnut Bach Essence really fuqing works Mystic – thanks!

      • Ha ha Blue I told my hub what you recommended and he said men don’t thrill over cake. He thought up should mention the tasty steak she had just prepped instead!
        But I am sorry UP sweetie, that’s so crass of that Toro. May yr next encounter be more thrilling and divine, xx.

      • thanks grils , i mean v flattered for the attention don’t get me wrong, its just the behaviour?! anyway could be worse hey :)

      • Oh yeah! I reckon this would work. This man would go nuts for an iced secret family recipe tripple Choc-Mocca-Mud-Cake that was shared while chatting. And if I would like it I can’t even start to imagine how disappointed a Toro man would be in himself for yada yadaing.

    • yeah I don’t think this one was a Toro, he didn’t feel toro-ish, too expressive and impulsive (A toro wouldn’t profess extreme attraction with follow up SMSs and then back the fuq off right?). He seemed too emo for an aqua but then again? Mystic’s the expert :D
      I mean thank god I am learning not to care about these things and even more thank god that i wasn’t that instantly attracted to the guy. MAybe pluto messing around in my 7th house for some reason teaching me not to form connections unless it really ultra means something. Or, whatever. It’s like my social life is a lily pond and I am hopping around from connection to connection with something making sure I don’t get stuck for one minute longer than I need to, except on the Other Toros who I can’t fricken delete from my brain/life. anyhoo, chocolate cake and square meals sure sounds great if only i’d managed to un-lazy myself enough to go to the shops

  16. Lauren I made the recipe up but was literally the ingredients mentioned! Fry organic chicken Maryland, take out the fry onion, add spices, sherry, burn off, add stock, chicken, two cans Italian tomato, dried Turkish apricots, simmer. Throw in pre-salted and washed cubes of eggplant, zucchini, 1/2 can apricots in syrup and syrup, a tablespoon of sugar, pinch of salt & cook a bit more. Add cherry tomatos, big handful baby spinach and pack of toasted pine nuts. Turn off the heat. Add big bunch of Italian parsley and fresh basil and three minced garlic. Serve with cous cous or white rice. Sorry I don’t measure portions, so dunno, just so it looks nicely balanced! I will have to do harira it sounds brilliant.
    Whatevs I spent half an hour this morning searching for yr farmers direct comments, would you recall them for me? Thank you sooooo much for dropping in and commenting will check it all out! We usually shop at Vic Market and don’t use the super for fruit ‘n’ veg, though we do use Aldi for the rest.
    My 2.5 and 1 yr old helped me harvest the cherry tomatoes which meant they were mainly all over their faces!

    • Prarahn (weird word never got to grips with that one) markets at the back – the organic shop on the corner which has the bit you can walk into from the outside if you come in from the street where the little carpark is – it’s owned by one of the peeps who used to part own one of the vic organic stalls. He is fuqing awesome his name is uver if he’s still there I haven’t been round your parts for years – his prices and product range were always great – he had some things other peeps never had and his staff are down-to-earth and normal. But not the stall on the indoors part a few meters away from uver. was always a bit snobby bad service and SO expensive. The dairy was Elgaar farms and Barimbah is also great product range which is in IGAs. If you’re in vic you could go to timboon – they have a shop on their land stuff is cheaper than retail AND you’re about an hours drive from the sunny creek organic berry farm – it’s a microclimate orchard nestled in some hills and they grow the BEST range of berries that you can go and pick and freeze for making shit with later. They have feijoias too YUM. Also way cheaper than the shops. If you have to go to the supermarket be aware Woolworths macro brand is a bit of a scam the one with the stupid hippy ads – you gotta read their packaging carefully – “natural” does not mean organic and what food isn’t natural? Oh yeah, all that other food they sell LOL they bought the macro brand when macro went under and now they just slap the logo on shit like nuts because in the minds of people who eat organic stuff the macro brand was all about organic food. Not any more. Thank you woolworths.

      • lettucedeliver were the peeps who deliver but I’m not sure if they do to vic – they might mail order? But even if they don’t you can look at their product range to see what the brands are that you could scope out yourself elsewhere – they have all that raw food carry on as well. They are family owned and awesome service and people.

        • Thanks very much whatevs, I will spend some time researching this and work out what we can afford time and money wise! It’s good to get more information. I always feel like I am voting with my dollar these days, I really hate supporting bad things with hard earned cash.. Comprehensive as always!

  17. “Then I decide that the government (any government) is going to hell in a handbasket and that they should ban GE, processed etc foods and synthetic anythings and ensure that every person in the state is orgasmic.”

    I feel like this ALL the time lol – Mercury and Venus in Taurus. :) Loving the four F’s :D

    Moon in Taurus is my fave. Getting back into vegetarian cooking and was even perusing a gluten-free site last nite. All I wanna do is juice too (although maybe this is more of a Virgo activity).

  18. I have a moon in Toro girlfriend. All the four ‘f’s and she likes to do everything very s-l-o-w-l-y. And then even more slowly….. and then wait a bit and think about it.. and some more thinking, and then maybe put off the action for a year…. and in the meantime have you seen these chocolates?? mmm.. Best organic ones.. And here, baby, I bought you some of your favourite drinks that were on special offer (hangar load full).

    And she likes my sofa… Good solid build and you could raise a Roumanian family of 11 on it. She likes relaxing on it with the dog, me and a bottle of something nice to hand. And have I thought about getting a TV for when she’s around of an evening? (I didn’t have one).

    Big cuddler and a whizz with the gardening and finances. Kind, thoughtful, beautiful :)

    Does she wash up? She never washes up.

    Ah well, we’ll get a dishwasher.

    • Anonymous, I have sun & merc in Taurus and am laughing in recognition at the image of the Toro moon gf. My dear partner and I just purchased a super-eco dishwasher – it is my new best friend.

  19. Been cooking insane amounts of veggie food… and enjoying feeling fat and (relatively) jovial afterwards.
    Sudden urge to move to the country and live on a farm, nothing like raising your own dinner.
    As for the final F… working on it! :)

  20. I have lot’s of taurus in my chart- sun, mars, mercury, chiron, MC, Pt Fortune. When there is a taurus moon I do eat more (mostly healthy food), drink loads of water and everything slows right down. I also tend to take things a bit more easy and I sleep a lot more. I like to get outside and do those things like walking on the grass or the sand and having fresh flowers inside. They are taurus cliches but to me it’s not something I notice i’m doing until I reflect on the time of the taurus moon. Aries moon doesn’t work for me in many ways and usually by the time the taurus moon comes along i’m really tired (and over everything).

    Uranus in Taurus- how long until that happens??? That will be interesting as I have aqua moon. I hope it means evolution in a good way. It’s tricky to manage venus and uranus influences- one is so quick and forward thinking and the other slow and cautious. I always remember hearing that aqua (uranus) will get you into something quickly but taurus (venus) will take forever to get you out of it…

  21. Yes.
    This post brings back an altered state Deadshow memory~ I was walking barefoot and having the *best* experience, positively orgasmic cosmic connection with the grass between my toes.
    Moon in Toro, Neptune most highly aspected.
    thanks Mystic.

  22. Saturn in Taurus 7th House/Virgo Sun.
    Always thought that meant I was unlucky in love in my teens/early adulthood.
    But, I am very picky about my boyfriends, lovers.
    I love exotic foods, love to cook all day and take all day to eat or feed my lover. I eat very slow.
    I love gardening especially exotic or rare flowers that are brilliant to blood red, deep plums, purple. My favorite is Queen of the Night black tulips in honor of Persephone.
    I am obsessed with textures of material must be organic, natural soft never rough. The only tough material I love is leather.
    I wouldn’t call myself a hippie, but I am into natural organic foods w/o chemicals, pesticides or hormones- always been very sensitive to that and cheap perfume- yuck!

    So, I am very picky about my lover and expect him to have high standards too.
    Anyone else have Saturn in Taurus?

  23. Well, last night I was admiring the crescent moon – and thinking how much it looked like a bull’s horn – while standing barefoot on the lawn and wondering why everything smelled so beautiful.

    So, sometimes?

  24. I want to eat, eat, eat! I fed my kids huge slices of chocolate cream pie on little trays delivered to their rooms (I don’t normally do this at all). (raised eyebrows, “Thanks, Mom!”)

    I went on a late night walk and made the mistake of telling my mom, who is now quoting disturbing statistics about crime.

    Unfortunately the health food piece doesn’t creep in as completely as the huge appetite.

    • It’s difficult to believe the above is a movie. Must google it later and look at all those links!

  25. Moon on my Venus right now. Walked outside for an hour, went to the pool. Heard the birds, saw a hummingbird, ducks, watched the palm trees in the breeze. Yes, I’d say it feels very Taurean to me.

    • Best of all is that woke up wanting to “be good to me today” esp. Hadn’t even noticed the Moon was in Taurus. Healthy foods…more grapefruits :)

      Off to give others a massage today but, that’s my job.

  26. Hosni Mubarak Taurean…Sun and Merc 13&14. Moon conjunct today. Interesting as he’s giving what appears to be a resignation speech. Some astro says he has been stubborn in letting go.

    • Guess he was waitin’ on the Moon to do it his way? However, appears he has not let go.

      One site says “surrender”….wow…

      I will skip my explanative filled sentiments… x

  27. mars and midheaven in taurus… Made my finances from flowers my entire adult life, so yes and yes. Fuq yes. Food…love it and have to eat healthy and very careful due to gluten intolerance. Also have been veggy for many years at a time. Vegan at times. When I am not a total veggy only eat fish and fowl.

  28. It’s from the 1973 flick “The Holy Mountain” by Alejandro Jodorowsky.
    He’s a famous Tarot reader in Mexico City as well as a Writer/Director.