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  1. Oh my, where to begin. I could say a lot, but I think I’ll just say that while the hair is big and blonde, it’s terribly matted and I don’t think any proud and dignified Leo would be able to stand the tangles…let along being tangled and bound to another Leo. Cats being fastidious groomers and all with highly independent natures.

  2. I think it’s supposed to be Gemini–especially since they are “joined at the hip”–maybe Gemini with Leo Rising?

  3. Leos are all too often depicted as topshelf label groovers but they can be king of the streets ( and sheets?) , leader of the ratpack etc too. I love this gaga grownup grunge, opulence without eating look. Fits the pluto workaholic astro of the mo’. Oh, to be strong, spunky and sparse.

  4. The guy looks a little ‘David Bowie in Labyrinth’-ish. He’s a Cappy, but has a Leo Moon. ;) I think this couple’s attire must have been designed by a Scorpio though. All those straps, belts, chains and zippers…and the extreme cut of the girl’s top. There must be some industrial strength fashion tape keeping that in place, lol.

  5. This image reminds me of the sort of thing that should really be painted on the side of a panel van….. 21st century style ‘ya all. Or it could pass as a “fresh take” on a Meatloaf album cover

  6. LOVE the bitchface he’s got on! Nothing subtle about that. Had it moments ago. :lol: Though should be thankful what the Venus-Saturn square showed, coz it’s for dealing with what IS. Apparently negotiable? Hm…..

  7. yer probably… dont think i would dig that kinda leo, i struggle with the old school type enough.

  8. Surprisingly, this reminds me of how me and my Kataka girlfriend looked back around 1985 (although I was not blonde nor did I wear makeup). As a Leo, I always thought it was my hair that made me a punk rocker. I did blue-black dye way back when it was punk and before goth. And oh I miss my cheating, worthless, Kataka gf, she actually was kinda hotter and sluttier than that painting.

  9. Actually, have nothing to say on this affair ‘cept it’s reminiscent of Billy Idol and he has Uranus in Leo trine Sagg Sun and Merc which means he’s having a wonderful grand trine (“time”…when did Billy ~not have a wonderful time?~ :) ) with Jupiter in Aries.

    Cotton candy brain Major Tom link up to his fem side?

    Billy is evolving and it’s a good thing as I need to go to bed… :)

        • Well cripes Gemmy, maybe it not accessible for some reason on your end? Notice that happens sometimes here…

          Anyway, it’s Cradle of Love…fitting for Leo Moon, eh?

          Love…cradle….(Leo rules 5th house of children :) And babysitters…hehe)

            • And I mean “babysitter” in the sense that the scenario of the video was very much like my baby sittin’ situations when a teen (not about Leos)

              Red wine, crawling on the floor and tuggin’ men by their ties….Wife was getting ready in the dressing area meanwhile unawares…. :)

              • Yes, think that man she traumatized was a Virgo…basically because he was frantically trying to wash the red wine out of her blouse in the sink! ahahahha

  10. This is so absolutely perfect for tonight’s astro,he mentions moon.

    Hot off the press, Radiohead’s new release (Shell & Venus Go-Go where are you damit? Oh lawd its good)

    • Cool song capfire…Dancing a bit on the jittery side for me (spaztic?) but since up in the middle of this crazy night, going to go look at the full moon! (thank gawd it’s Friday and can do a nap tomorrow afternoon!)

      • I SEE YOU CAPFIRE (I believe, from recollection, RLP is a radiohead fan also…)

        I am at work and have been listening to the album via streaming
        ( http://www.thisisfakediy.co.uk/articles/news/listen-radioheads-the-king-of-limbs-streaming-in-full# for anyone that is keen for a wee looky)

        I _like_ him dancing like a creep. It’s both mesmerising and horrific. There is just a little something something about ol’ Thom (he could loose the hat and cut the hair tho)

        Thoughts on the album, CF?

        I think I am crushing on Separators… but I am on my last early of a 4 day run and would genuinely like somone to wake me up:)

  11. Was thinking it must be early, early morning for you.

    Spaz for sure.
    I just checked his chart Libra Sun, Aries Moon, Scorp Merc, Venus.
    Seem to recall a few us doing synastry charts with Thom when we got carried away talking about R-Head music on one of Mystic’s post. Think it was the ‘Which Camp Are You In’ or something like that???
    I love him with all my big pounding natal Leo Moon heart!
    The entire album is due out in a few hours. Think I might stay up late and wait for it. Watching the moon and him singing me to sleep = heaven
    Best get some more hochie juice before shops close! Its going to be a toxic full Moon Neptune night!

    Oh…had a squeeze around for reviews. Found this one from Gavin Haynes (Viceland)
    The King Of Limbs. He describes the tracks on the album, including track 10, ‘Outro II (Intro)': “As a stuttering, almost tango beat builds from wafts of diaphanous electronic noise in the background, three minor chords ring out insistently on a grand piano, and a single cello etches a heartbreakingly rich, redolent tattoo of warm, regretful passions, over which Thom Yorke sings about how much he loves pussy.”

    • Reviews already?
      I was thinking it’d prob be released am uk time?
      Weird synchronicity, listening to bill sing I’m new here.

      No matter how far wrong you’ve gone, you can always turn around.

      • And given this is like the 4th time this song has cone into my orbit today I’d have to say it’s the closest I’m gonna get to a moon realisation.
        But he’d already told me that many times before

            • ARAGGGHHHH!! I should have scrolled down.

              Please read above.
              Codex seems to be everyone’s fav…. but I liek Feral and the track I mentioned before.

              Radiohead has knocked my breath out before. This album is good, but I have not had a punch in the chest from it yet. I am giving ti a second pass now. Infact I will probably listen to it for the rest of my shift… Maybe it needs time to punch through my sleep deprivation and bad mood:)

              • I’m with you venus a-go-go, I’m not feeling the breath knocked out of me… 8O

                I think I like Lotus Flower the best.

                Now for the Radiohead song that DID knock the breath out of me… 8O

              • ~She lives with a broken man
                A cracked polystyrene man
                Who just crumbles and burns
                He used to do surgery
                For girls in the eighties
                But gravity always wins
                And it wears him out, it wears him out
                It wears him out, it wears…~

                Fitting Gem for Leo Moon into Virgo..

              • Nice call on ‘Trees’ lyrics SP.

                VGG, equally as tired when I listened last night.
                Immediate reaction GREAT as always with them. Having played it 700 times today to digest all the layers, my take on it.
                Overall lacks the ‘punch’(as you & Shell put it) of previous offerings however it is there only lighter, different flavour which is refreshing. Good on em as artist to do this. Should we always expect the same greatness?
                Less deep emotional (if not sadistic) hell as in some Rainbows tunes ‘Nude’..”you go to hell for my ordeal…, ‘All I Need’…”Im an animal trapped in your hot car..”.. or other greats ‘Punch Up at Wedding’, ‘High & Dry’ (all mentioned personal favs) Feel guilty for comparing (bless them)

                ‘Lotus Flower’ is the stand out here, take away the video (which I luv) listen in the dark, soul fuq at the end, you feel the heartbeat deepen/mix twist…ending with “this is who you are” MIND BLOWING!!! (his Scorp Venus shows here)

                ‘Codex’, simply beautiful, vast landscape of serenity, jumped in big time, healing song and so appealing to my cautious Cap nature to let go Saturn and plunge water.
                Plus I love swimming naked in a secret world…ok then next..
                Yes to ‘Separator’ see the appeal and lets hope the conspiracy theories are true and there is more to come (the blog link, ta). ..that 1st review I posted when desperate for info he mentioned track 10???? Or was that some random crap…

              • Ahhhhh… Capfire, I have been waiting all day for you. Your article post was Vice writing a pisstake article. Vice likes to screw with people. It took until the last song review (where Thom was crudely proclaiming his love for lady bits) that I cottoned on:)
                I have to admit, I am very addicted to lotus flower. The lyrics to that song are fantastic for me (at the moment)
                I think this effort will be a slow burn, as I keep on returning. I may just need more time to process.
                It’s a credit to them that they keep on testing themselves creatively.

              • Whoa~~~> late to the party !
                Radiohead week Wheeee! Heard Lotus Flower live awhile back and lovin the raw Thom jig in the vid

              • I’ve only managed a listen and a half, I reckon it’s a grower, as in rainbows was, but yes, more them al la kid a/amnesiac years than ok computer or hail to the thief. In rainbows was quite like the bends in some ways, hail to the thief and ok computer seem similar to me. Something in the kid a vein makes sense. I quite like the ‘give up the ghost’. But only had one real listen.

  12. The gal looks to me like Anna Paquin making a funny face—I thought it might have been some kind of promo for True Blood—but then, I can’t recognize the guy.

  13. I have to agree with the other folks here who were teenagers at the time:

    It is, like, TOTALLY 80s!

    • Good question Bluesky!!

      Hadn’t thought about it but the Uranus in Leo folk like Billy- born 1955…and me 1959…were in our twenties/early thirties back then!!

      Cradle of Love was released and went to #1 in 1990.

      So yeah, bring on dat big ol hair…We were rockin’ it…esp Billy :)

      I was married…was not that wild. But even so, had a terrible past life crush thing on a Leo/co-worker of my ex husband’s…Wow, it took all my restraint but my conscious would not have let me rest. He told me he loved me and I loved him (one time while we were dancing and that was the end of that). He was Catholic with probably helped the situation!! So, never kissed etc., This song so fun from back then tho and reminds me of the Leo…

      Half Spanish, half German….tanned….blonde hair, blue eyes…Deadly…(and I usually always go for the darker hair, etc…)

      Can you imagine a huge Xmas party with Leo and Cancerian Iranian ex and all of us out in our garage smoking pot? Hilarious…I had to go lay down….Cancerian could not feel his legs… Leo brought the dope… :lol:

        • Also interesting re: Uranus in Leo! Hmmm. “You will one day really go for electronic sounding music and super gel your hair in large spiky manes.”

        • And his hair in golden curls. My big past life crush thing and “woebegone” tear jerker was “Out of Africa” movie during that phase. Of course he was Denys and I Meryl and the lion layed down on his grave when he died.

          I burned and buried my emo’s in the backyard. Thought I’d never get over it and husband never knew. Some things us ladies just have to keep to ourselves, like Eleanor Roosevelt. Go in the toilet, flush, and then cry.

          • I loved that movie. I wanted to “live” it. Of course I was living in NYC at the time, so I had to use my imagination. I wore gauzy neckerchief sort of scarves, cameo things and lace up boots. And then walked to work on the Upper West Side. Or Upper East, depending on where I was supposed to be. I wore fedoras then.

            Was an Isak in search of a Denys. Never found one. Only a cheerfully argumentative Swiss German roommate who was avoiding a stint in the Swiss Army. But he introduced me to foreign film, so it was good:)

            Sweetpea, he didn’t really die, did he? Is that a symbolic death?

          • Oh no darling, he didn’t die in real life. After I wrote that realized it is sounded such!

            “I had a farm in Africa”…”Will the Earth remember me?”

            First time I saw OofA. had not met the Leo by many years yet but cried my eyes out at such heartfelt words as in my twenties didn’t know if my life was worth squat but that she wondered what I wondered touched me very deeply.

            Yes, the earth remembers us! She is us, of course.

            “Must you whip them so?” She asked, regarding the cattle. Made me glad I had done so to my own children and I took that to heart and felt the compassion.

            So cool about your N.Y experiences and life. I’ve never been there…. x

        • Yes! Some of course did the spikes instead of the one deadly tendril on the forehead…. :shock:

          Pisces had that too! Just a sucker I guess…. ;)

    • The Glam Rock movement seems like it should be ruled by Leo. Can the same be said for leather pants? They go hand-in-hand with the big hair. :D

  14. P.s I dislike this picture.

    Her body reminds me of a crucifix. Caved in….

    Eyes? been done. Attitude? Mean without a purpose? What are you rebelling against?

    Maybe I’m just cranky.

  15. Had meant to add that the way this gal kitty kats across the floor and plants a big, wet deep one on him…

    She’s a Leo… ;)