I Wish I Had A Different Star


Jacques Olivar Marie Claire Italia


“…At the beginning of my Neptune-Square-Venus transit, i liked to just go lie out the front of her house. I was always careful to appear nonchalant so it was a shock when she called the police. Everyone said i was on drugs but by that stage i was already a breatharian. The energy field of even a carrot was just too intense for me to stomach. Literally…”



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    • David Wolfe eats bugs which is fine by me. I’m not one to miss them even though they are a valid part of the eco-system.

      • I saw him on a documentary once, but didn’t get a good vibe from him. Has the same selling technique as any infomercial or ’12 step program’ guru. Highly effective in terms of making money, but I didn’t buy into it.

        • I saw him on that reality tv show way back when when he made people eat durian fruit. Twas hilarious!!!

          • I LOVE DURIAN!
            Just difficult to obtain & needs to be eaten outside the house.
            Just spent breakfast time reading & watching David Wolfe as
            not familiar with him.
            He’s great, why all the putdowns?

            • Me too! But i love watching first timers eat it. There is this delicious smoothie you can get here with durian and raw cacao.

              • Did the David Wolfe Eating For Beauty book advice and it WORK, i love mystic’s astrological re workings of fashion pix

  1. Breatharian? I mean … living off oxygen and universal light? That is one of the most dumb arsed, fuqed up, plainly stuuuuuuuuuupid ideas I’ve ever had the misfortune to come across. The whole purpose of incarnating into a body (as displeasing as that can be) is to actually partake in carbon exchanges, which unfortunately does involve eating and drinking.

    I mean if you want to commit suicide … great. But really. I wish people would utilise their minds in better ways. For example: eco communal housing with shared ammenities, solar power, water tanks and vegie gardens, ban SUVs, vegan food (ok vegetarian food at the least) …

    • If you really wanted to Go Neptune – create a still in the eco-commune-vege patch joint – you know like … blueberry wine.

      Like the Wombles.

      At least we wouldn’t be putting money in the pockets of legalised drug pushers who profit from the misery of the masses.

      • Many mac users are not able to access you-tube…it’s a problem.
        Can via FireFox but not going there too complicated.
        Could be a Safari glitch? Apparently this has happened since Feb 18.
        Wonder if it’s to do with the current increased solar activity flares
        …..nah, but my radio has been increasing & decreasing volume at will.
        A ghost in the machine.

  2. “Everyone said i was on drugs but by that stage i was already a breatharian. The energy field of even a carrot was just too intense for me to stomach. Literally…”

    No wonder she’s laying on the lawn. Probably too dehydrated and malnourished to move. Is she hoping that steely gaze will lure a passing bread truck or someone who’s on their way back from the market?
    Sorry, nothing insightful to say regarding the breatharian movement. I’ve been in the ‘too lovesick to eat’ state before and don’t wish to romanticize it because it truly sucks. Maybe if your day consists of little more than meditating then you could get by with very little, but otherwise the body is a machine and as such functions best when fed the right fuel. Human beings are not epiphytes!

    Probably has nothing to do with the intent of this post, but just felt like ranting. Rant over now. *feeds the love lorn redhead a carrot*

  3. Soz re the breatharian thing … was escaping the heatwave trying to work at night on a website project and thought “oh .. wouldn’t it be nice to know other vegans in my community?”. Did a bit of a searchy thing … First blog I come across is peeps bitch fighting about … who knows and I didn’t care. Second was about someone seriously considering becoming a breatharian .. like. What. The.? Immediately had to resort to sensible things such as the Wombles .. and the Double Deckers.

    Ok I shut up now. div blah open bracket close bracket top 100px etc …

    • Don’t feel bad prowln, it’s too ludicrous not to comment on really! I remember hearing about it in the 90s as a new New Agey trend, so I re-acquainted myself with it and had a good laugh. I especially like that the founder of the Breatharian Institute of America believes that “people pollution, electro pollution, air pollution and food pollution” are all inhibiting his ability to go without consuming food, yet also believes that periodically ingesting junk food provides balance to the fasting. He also thinks that a McDonald’s double-quarter pounder with cheese contains a special kind of energy and that Diet Coke is “liquid light”! Beginning Breatharians are encouraged to visit his website after beginning this diet so they can test if they can “feel the magic”. I’m guessing the “magic” is likened to a tightening sensation in the chest, a pounding in the head and a general irritability in the bowels. But no worries! Should you need to contact him you can do so by way of his 5th dimensional phone! If the line is busy, then you should meditate on the 5 magic words and try again later. Sounds legit to me. No quakery here! :roll:

        • Ha ha what a freak. His website is so 80’s. God, why would you bother. I’d rather eat and go to hell (or not be airlifted off the planet, whatevs)

        • MacDonald’s & CocaCola must be paying him.
          And he can’t spell!
          That site is truly from a madman. Goes with the man wanting a ‘Goddess’,
          maybe they are besties.

      • yeah and looks like he’s created an entirely new form of mind pollution! Hopefully after breathing in a considerable amount of McDonald’s double quarter pounders with cheese, the “special energy” will transport him to the 5th dimension permanently.

  4. I don’t know this girl’s schtick, but I really want those ultra bleu boots and matching tights.

    If she’s on a love sick Neptunian thing, then I both sympathize and feel sickened by it at the same time. No patience for Neptune at the moment.

    *Steer clear of writhing girl on lawn. Toss breadcrumbs from safe distance. If she rallies, inquire re: boots.*

  5. An ex-boyfriend of mine, of whom I often think vengeful thoughts, just had the last strike of Neptune squaring his Venus. In fact, Sun, Mercury, and Neptune all did an exact square to his Venus within the past 7 days. I hope whatever romantic delusions he’s been having about anyone new in his life will be royally deflated.

  6. Sorry! Thats so fuqing FUNNY!

    Ah, in summer I flirt with being a breatharian, its too hot to LOOK at food, let alone consume it…..


  7. The American guy was Wiley Brooks, but Jasmuheen must be his Aussie equivalent. Both equally crazy.

  8. Did a 10 day fast aeons ago. Butterflies started fluttering past me
    & clouds dissolved down on me when i looked at them.
    Was reading Lord of the Rings at time & it came to life, twas very wierd.
    Was early 20’s & people kept mistaking me for a child. Fasting like that is not recommended nowadays if at all & only 2 max 3 days. Very trippy natural high.
    Was when the fruit, veg & rice only movement commenced, and the macro
    thing started in the west.
    On rereading letters from the Polynesian Sojorn, they repeatedly said how
    healthy i felt…from a fruits, many coconuts & coconut water, raw vegs (breadfruit
    & taro needs fire) raw fish,all eaten direct from tree or picked/caught same day.
    This explained my constant desire to return….health!

  9. I love hearing about Tasmanian David Jubb being a breatharian having but I did have a little bit of honey, a little bit of honey and tea for ten years. The herb lists look pretty interesting for the things he says they contain. His books are great etc. Then (after that) practicing calorie restriction with a soup broth and a salad every few weeks. I had a (my definition of) heavely few weeks a few weeks ago on one green smoothie (though looking at these mineral and amino acid charts I might do more) a day (based on this (USDA RDA) data, we can conclude that greens are the most essential food for humans, Boutenko) and cacaoliente (rather often 6tsps a day plus honey). My dopamine (wanting to do things) must have been through the roof (probably like Ann Wigmore founder of raw transcending the need to sleep), it didn’t make an appearance in 2010 and was working 12 hours where before I had a 2 minute concentration maximum, on the internet every five minutes timed. That to me is staggering. & I felt like I was at the bottom of the sea and sat in one position feeling like I was in bliss for hours not fidgeting with a feeling of bliss in my arms/muscles. Also I wasn’t finishing four hours early at 7pm and didn’t have the awful black feeling between 5 and 7 before an hour jog at 7.