New Moon In Aqua Consciousness

“Broadening our attunement beyond the horizons of the individual self awakens one to the meaning encoded into existence – a kind of cognitive “super-logic” that reveals a different purpose, a larger pattern, than anything we might previously have imagined. That is exactly what a spiritual awakening is – shifting from one perspective to another, until we finally glimpse meaningfulness where our mind could not perceive it before.”

Vilayat Khan, Sufi Teacher (1916 – 2004).

Make your New Moon Schemings as new & visionary as possible.

It’s not just the Aqua vibe nor even that the New Moon is augmented by Mars AND Saturn; it’s nearly time for Uranus in Aries again…this time until 2018.

There’s also Chiron into Pisces.

Then Neptune into Pisces.


The Neo-New? You bet.

But Neptune is so potent at the mo that the unfinished biz from the era now ending is dancing all around your dreams every night.

55 thoughts on “New Moon In Aqua Consciousness

  1. 8O

    Yes! I posted a comment in an earlier post about the dream I had last night… Where I was in a room with a lion, it was huge! I wasn’t scared even when it bit down on my finger to wake me up from my sleep-in the dream…When I woke up & saw him I couldn’t help but be amazed by the size of him & I felt the texture of his mane & coat.

    Pisces rising…

    • omg i had a dream last night about a lion i wont go into it, but the night before and the night before that was crocodiles which i know what that is relating to, im also apisces

    • I had a dream about a lion too a while back. It was huge, friendly and escorted me to a new part of my life with playground and fun. Can’t be bad! No dreams last night, woke with a migraine and have been feeling mugged all day.

        • I read that dreams of Lions are God visiting you.
          Had a dream of a Lion talking to me aeons ago,
          now i understand why the priest i told asked ‘what
          did it say’? Was more blown away by a talking Lion
          that what it said!

    • That’s gorgeous BGem, sounds very Aslan and Lucy. Love it. You are being reminded to claim your strength and get moving in some way? What do you think it means?

      • Wow, there a few of you who have a lion’s in dreams recently… 8O

        I’m not sure what it means but I had a look at dream moods & here is what it said…

        To see a lion in your dream, symbolizes great strength, courage, aggression and power. You will overcome some of your emotional difficulties. As king of the jungle, the lion also represents dignity, royalty, leadership, pride and domination.You have much influence over others. You also need to exercise some restraint in your own personal and social life.’

        How I felt…
        I think it had to come from some work (healing thingy) earlier that night where I had moments of feeling empowered… In my dream I felt it was positive moment & that I had mastered the moment with the lion, even though he was bigger than I, he wasn’t as BIG as I if you know what I mean. 8O

  2. Memories of last night’s dreams a bit hazy tho did wake to go to the loo and said to self must remember last dream – it’s significant.
    In one of them was floating on the ocean (was ex hub alongside?) there were sharks circling below me, was really scared, could see their white shapes moving, then either they became dolphins or dolphins appeared and i felt so happy and safe.

  3. Well thank fuq for that! I’ve been reminding myself all day – ‘transition is messy’…

  4. My dreams have been a bit out there lately as well – and I don’t generally dream. Last night’s was a vivid thing about an ex I’m still super bitter about, but somehow I woke up feeling ok about it all. I thought it was dark moon craziness that was causing it, though!

  5. yes. I hate to talk about it. But I woke up from a half dream featuring the married man I have been on off seeing for 15 years (currently on). Mystic sez classic Neptune.
    Within 2 mins of waking, I had tears streaming down my face.
    I pray I am ready to move on. Head bended, new moon energy xxx

  6. Love that painting.
    With lots of Uranus and Jupiter activity in my chart lately I feel like I’ve been spinning, and now with the new moon into aqua it’s like that jewish dance I forget the name of, with the men in their wide skirts bellowing out in harmony. Aqua moon=beautiful multilayered synchronicities. ie. sorting friend’s shit with them whilst simultaneously clarifying my brave new world decisions are so bang on the money.
    Peace comrades. B)

  7. Eh…my Dreaming Life is already surreal as is, I wonder what it would be like when the Neptune-Chiron conjunction is atop my Moon?!?
    Holy crikey, better get me some really nice pillows and sleep accessories, plus glow in the dark pens or sumfin, and huge sheets of paper for half-asleep scribblings.
    Just as well the Waking Life has some decent Saturn structure to counterbalance…ayayayay…
    Mystic, I will be purchasing some consults next month for sure!!! Funds would be accessible by then, yeehaw

  8. Some of my dreams have been about men that are finito in my life, they are returning in dreams, all talking & smiling but I don’t know what about or remember what we are saying.

    It’s not just the nocturnal stuff either. The insights into my own psych/past behaviours/current needs have been amazing. Sometimes they simmer away and bubble to surface, other times ZAP! Reactions have been from crying with relief to ARHA! Dealing with them has been relatively easy no matter how deep & painful.

    • savannah, i hear ya.

      i had a dream that i woke up from this morning that involved me getting together with a guy ive liked for a while.

      i woke up and the first thing i saw on facebook was that he’s just started a relationship.

      so have no idea what the dream was about, beyond just reminding me of my own feelings…

      • me too saggigal !! – a beautiful dream last night about a work colleague Saggo guy i had a crush on for YEARS. We’re friends on FB too but haven’t seen him since I left that job 3 years ago.

        I woke up thinking ‘my god will he EVER leave my dreams?!’ I do wonder if he dreams about me still. When we worked together he told me he did.

        • That is exactly the same words anon that I said to myself. Then I see him yesterday in a new job where I have to fuel all the work vehicles where I have an account. Why! Why! Why?! I did note a slight feeling in the stomach because there are a few things I will ask him one day.

        • That is exactly the same words anon that I said to myself. Then I see him yesterday in a new job where I have to fuel all the work vehicles where I have an account. Why! Why?! I did note a slight feeling in the stomach because there are a few things I will ask him one day.

      • There’s a version of dream analysis where the person in the dream represents an aspect of yourself. That is, if you dream of your mother, it’s your maternal nature and you might get an idea of what it means if you think about your mother’s qualities. So if you’re getting dreams of a guy, what is it about him that you like and could that be something you take on for yourself? Just an idea, as there are lots of ideas around about understanding dreams.

  9. Dreamed I was in the future on a huge aircraft of amazing quality. It had wooden panels of rosewood. I sat next to a Japanese woman who told me I should give up Facebook, putting info on it was dangerous for my future self.

    The Captain’s quarters had a marble spiral staircase down three flights to a marble floored apartment. He never got off the ship and had 14 cats and small dogs. He also had a 2.5 year old overweight, tame and happy water buffalo he had picked up in SE Asia.

    • Feeling fabulous and my body is on the mend with better food and Pilates. I love this year already. Go Rabbits. Had several good omens this afternoon that this year will be a good one. Flight of bright parrots being one..

    • I totally agree about facebook. Perhaps if you are in business
      for networking clients but it’s trouble & personal info given to Corporations
      equalling one huge world data-base that’s NOT in our interest.

      • Yes, Facebook worries me but it is also great for keeping up with rello’s, particularly if they don’t speak much English. I feel like I should stop but don’t want to.. Darned dream!

  10. I just woke up from a grueling ex-boyfriend dream, ugh. Then I read this post; Neptune is definitely at work–I’ve got to put to rest all of that past relationship angst, stat.

  11. Last night’s dream was of someone smoking an electric cigarette (hey, tres Uranian, eh? :) )..

    But at first didn’t know that until realized that the “smoke” was just some sort of mist and was okay with that.

    Chiron and Neppie still trine Gem Asc and Mars. Cripes but those two have danced around my Chiron too in 9th for ever seems like…Glad to see them move on into Pisces soon!

    When Neppie/Chirry hit my Pisces Sun/Mn Midpoint/Mc…looking forward to some bliss. The idea is to jump start now (which have) so firmly anchored in blissville.

    Gemmy daughter emailed today. Had emailed her a little note on Sunday. She got back today but jeesh how my mind ran wild for a few days when feeling the “unlovedness” of Saturn opposite Sun. So glad a part of me always says “wait…sit this out for a bit until further info”.

    All in my damn head which leads to emo dysfunction override…lol… She doing fondue next weekend and going out. Oh how I miss my Libran gdaughter!

    • ha, thinking now that the cig and smoke and turning out just mist was the clarity of emo’s I got today… ;) (dang we smart, eh?)

      On a Aqua new Moon no less as my Sun-Merc trine Uranus…”sudden insights”

      • As an ex-smoker, I REALLY want yr mist ciggy to chew on! I could make it have a hint of lavender oil so i can ‘smoke’ and mist on hot days!!

        • I used to put a drop of jasmin or peppermint ess oil
          on a cigarette, gave it a beautiful aroma & taste.
          Sobranie made a cig called Black Russians & put
          out a jasmin BR as well.
          Used to think i was so hot drinking a Black Russian
          (Kalua-Tia Maria & Vodka-no cola-lots of ice) nicknamed
          ‘leg-openers’ by someone passing & a Black Russian cig
          as they had gold filtercome mouth piece. Guess the message sent was ‘I’m expensive :-). The different colour Cocktail BR’s were a Xmas must have
          like Terry’s Orange Balls.
          mmmmm balls, cocktails & leg openers, must be close to needing to ‘Tango’ again.

          • I’ve smoked Sobranies year ago when I smoke and yes, they do look incredibly sophisticated, don’t they? I like the bit about “leg-openers”!

            • Oops, keep making typos, should read “years ago”, as in “early ’80s”, hence no smoker’s cough in present days. Had acupuncture to stop smoking and it stopped me first time.

  12. I keep having dreams about arguments I’ve had with people where I just caved to their needs instead of being heard.

    For example, in last night’s dream I asked my builder to come check on some plumbing work that wasn’t done properly. He went off at me telling me that a leaking pipe that was spewing water everywhere was normal and that I should ‘live in the real world’. He was aggressive and nasty in the dream (just like he is in real life). Instead of dealing with the situation assertively, I screeched like a banshee and he just laughed at me.

    I keep having dreams like this.

      • I’m not sure. What should I be looking for?

        I think I have difficulty letting go of past angers and hurts. Especially when I feel like I’ve not been heard. I’m only just finding my own voice (well, only just this past year) but don’t always use it.

        But I’m not sure what energy is leaking (though I know some must be)

        • Water’s often about emotions. Are you bottling them up and worried about letting them out? If so, go for it. I used to brood like the clappers due to all the air signs, but most times now I get the emotional stuff out (feel like a real dork sometimes) and it feels a whole lot better. I’m still too pleasant to people who’ve been rude and it pisses me off no end. But I”ll get there. Rant and rave, Herbie, rant and rave!

          • That’s helpful advice Libraquarius. I’m definitely a bottler. I am better than I used to be but still have that whole emotional control thing happening.

            Will try to let them out

  13. hey herby i was thinking of you last night, was wndering if you were k with all thats happened in qld coz you said you were in the floods hope your ok xxx

    • G’day anonymous :)

      I’m all good with what’s happening up here. We weren’t personally affected because we are far enough south of Brisbane living along the Logan river system, which is independent of the Bremer / Brisbane river systems. I was pretty affected by my mate’s flat getting flooded but he now has a new flat to move into next week so he won’t be homeless anymore. He’s someone I have a strong connection with so his being homeless really affected me emotionally (I kind of have a big bro feeling towards him because we have shared an important journey together the past decade).

      I think perhaps all the dooms-day talk that is going on up here is getting to me. I HATE dooms-day talk with a passion. I can’t even watch movies like 2012 or those other end-of-the-world movies because they give me nightmares. I’m pretty tough but for some reason that stuff really affects me emotionally. So I have learned to tune out.

      I think it’s because I live for the now and get frustrated when people prepare for the worst rather than enjoying the wonderful beauty that is the now. When people focus disasters happening hundreds or thousands of kilometres away rather than allowing themselves to be grateful for the blessings they have in their lives. We can’t do anything to help the people of FNQ here in Brisbane. But we can create positive energy that will flow up there to help with their recovery by enjoying the gifts of sunshine and peace the Universe has given us down here.

      Not sure whether my astro has anything to do with these things. I’m strongly 12th House (Virgo) and have a Pisces Moon in the 6th. I’m deeply spiritual (12th House) and live by intuition rather than rule (6th house moon).

      I’m not sure whether that makes sense …

      • Hi Herby!

        That’s an interesting thought about the Doomsday talk, because I’m the exact opposite! I LOVE anything that has to do with the end of the world. Especially disaster movies where Mother Nature erupts in all her terrible glory and destroys all the would-be permanence of human civilization. Documentaries about massive earthquakes, long dormant volcanoes getting ready to blow their tops or enormous tidal waves wiping away sweeping away and sinking whole islands….love it all! There’s no fear on my end. If it happens, it happens and I know there won’t be anything that humanity can do to prevent such a cataclysmal event. Kinda morbid, but what else would you expect from a Scorpio stellium. ;)

        Btw…don’t know too much about the houses in astrology and if their influence would be greater than the planets. While most of my planets are in Scorpio, most of them are also in the 11th House (Mercury, Mars, Venus, Uranus), though I do have Saturn, Jupiter and the Moon in the 8th House. 8th House I know has to do with Death and Generation, so that makes sense. But the 11th House is the House of Friendship and Being Social, associated with Aquarius right? Not sure how that applies to my Scorp heavy chart or my fascination for disaster flicks.

        • You guys are funny – i am between you both re the end of eras.. On one hand I am terrified and on the other I want to be pragmatic and just find out everything I can. I don’t want to be sitting there going, ‘I can’t believe it!’ as that would shit my Mars in Virgo off! A liitle decorum and control freakiness if you please.

          I have watery 6th house moon too Herby, it’s meant to be good for those drawn to alternative health/healing, I never thought of her being related to rules per se? Yr chart has interesting tensions between Pisces and Virgo repeating everywhere, hey?

          • Oh yeah – big time tensions between Pisces and Virgo. I think it’s the strongest influence on my chart at this time in my life. It’s a better tension than the one asserted by Saturn though (Saturn in Virgo so just made it through his nasty return).

  14. Aquaman’s B-day tomorrow, so off the the beach house for w/e
    partay, very low key, but great excuse for bottle of Moet to share.
    The beach house is very Zen, the minimum of everything, ultra eco
    & all fabrics reflect the sea. he & CowGirl designed it. Him space age
    Her comfort.
    His latest key-word is Simplicity. At turning 46, he’s one of the Aqua in Everything
    chart. Sharp intuition, can see thro’ all media hype, gets to the core of things,
    sans BS. Loves seafood, especially what is caught by himself (not shop stuff),
    loves electrical anything, gadgets, sound systems & everything Apple puts out
    he has to have it tout suite. A great philosopher who has nooo trust in the medical
    or pharmacutical professions & yes, a great humaninarian.
    Couldn’t have a better friend in the world. His Mars in Aries makes him an alpha
    male but all that Aqua results in pass-agg tendencies
    Maybe i could write that on his card……….along with ANOTHER 356 & 1/4 days around
    the Sun as my guardian.
    He would love that room in following Aqua info.

  15. My Moon-Neptune conjuction (the only one) must be the reason
    i have such a prolific dream life. Even if i have a 40 minute nanny nap,
    i still dream. Hence love closing my eyes, so much going on behind them :-)
    Wish i could just buy more memory space like a computor can, although i
    remember most of them, can’t spend the time cluttering my memory space
    with mostly just debris. Sorry Jung.

  16. Have a great weekend, one & all. Off to immerse maself in
    Mother Ocean on the crystal clear gulf waters.

    • Oh that sounds gorgeous Pegasus!

      I’m off to immerse myself in nature too … taking the motorbike for a spin through back country roads to try out my new motorbike boots :)

  17. In the last week I have had two dreams about birds taking my hair. In the first one, the bird was plucking the hairs from the roots, and it hurt. This morning, the magpie was pecking at the ends and cutting off lengths. I saw the hair, correct colour, in the bird’s beak.

    Anyone got any ideas?

  18. Well, the first thing that came to mind reading this is that the hair is to do with your head (no brainer, lol), and is this something to do with your thoughts, have you got worries which are nipping at you. The maggie is black and white so perhaps you need to not be so black and white about things, more nuanced perhaps, and then you’ll find that your thoughts settle down and you get things in perspective. However, that’s only my perspective. I’ve always found it very useful to try the following to work out what message images have, particularly as yours are so clear: say to yourself: “I’m a bird plucking hair and I’m …..” and finish off the sentence. See what pops up straight away. Same with maggie: I’m a magpie, I’m cutting off hair in equal lengths and I’m …..” and see what pops up with the maggie. Don’t try to rationalise – just see what comes up straight away. I did this with a lady who had an image of a black, wooden heart, and the message she got when she tried this exercise was very clear and life-changing for her.