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Where-ever you have 10 to 17 degrees of Libra in your chart or aspecting it is where you’re “renovating” until September.

Give yourself seriously that long to work a stunning transformation in any of the key Saturn areas: health, wealth, personal accountability, sanity in relationships etc.

16/17 degrees of anything in your chart is also the hot zone for being blasted by Saturn.

For example: my Ascendant is 16 Aqua, Mercury 16 Aries and North Node is 16 Gemini so i am super-Saturn-Girlie at the mo and till September.

Sit down, check out your chart and list everything at 16/17…That’s where you have suck it up, be adult, go deep and forget all about your quick fix fantasies.

Get your Saturn on from NOW and you will (a) enjoy immense rewards in September and (b) mitigate against some of the crappier fallout from the revolutionary Uranus-Pluto square in July/August.

Like any renovation process, there may be a mess whilst you’re effecting the change but identify your Saturn-area, stay on it and laugh later.

Note: The Daily Mystic email & the Scopes are going to be all OVER the need-to-know Zap Zone stuff so subscribers, relax.

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  1. Venus Aries, 16 deg.

    More tough love? Socializing taking a backseat? (Because all my friends were busy today and I was BORED. And this is coming from a Taurus who doesn’t believe in boredom!)

    • Yeah, I’ve got Venus at 14 Aries. Saturn opposition Venus transit, nobody loves me. My astro software says Saturn will be retrograding back and forth here for months.

      • Same here. I natally have Saturn squareing my Venus, so it’s nothing I’m not used to, but still..

  2. HELP!

    i have NN and Pluto conjunct in Libra- at 12 degrees and 16(!) for Pluto respectively. ie, yes saturn is right on my pluto.
    Libra is my 6th house; thoughts anyone?? i have the feeling (eek) this is, um, BIG.

    • Same, Saturn on Pluto at 17 degrees – any ideas on that? Libra is 12th and 11th houses for moi … thankfully too busy to be concerned : )

      • I really don’t…Getting serious about being ruthlessly authentic?? I’m a bit stumped. I guess for you it’s showing up in your friends/self awareness areas, mine work and health. but i’d love to know more about how the north node aspect is involved.

        Astro experts???

        • North Node + Saturn = manifesting your authentic destiny, no less, no crap, no pretensions, no delusions, no distractions, no non-core friendships, lovers

          Saturn in 6th – superb, life enhancing self actualizing mega health and embracing the admin.

          • Thanks for this Myst. Have Sat trining my NN at 0.04 in the 3rd. I’m guessing this makes it a bit more going with the flow type of thing (the trine).

          • That’s awesome on the Saturn on North Node, Mystic, mucho thanks! Good-freaky how it’s how/what I’ve been feeling lately… *cue Twilight Zone music*

          • N. Node is in 16 Degrees Aquarius. Gosh I am having an exhibition.
            Which seems to be getting somewhere (cross fingers) after being told channel my emotions into it. And my”day job” has turned to s*# about a year ago. It seems no matter how hard I try nothing is happening. It has been one long hard slog. And beautiful old friendships are blossoming again. Interesting!

          • Oh and also Venus is in 18 Degree Taurus. Which is close. Arrgghhh. Had enough love s*#t to last a lifetime.

        • mmm – I took a little more time on this and you are on it – so, for me, saturn is on pluto in libra, 11th house – friendship tribes naturally mixing up a whole lot of self-awareness stuff … my situation is of being split geographically and emotionally. Appropriately enough, the conundrum lies in the scales being so well balanced (pros and cons) that it makes decision making bloody ridiculous. I am torn between opportunities and responsibilities. A new, profound tribe and reconnecting with an older, equally sustaining tribe. North and South. Old and New and yet the ‘New’ feels past-life ancient. Creativity vs the Money. Stability, committment, the energy created from transience .. . It’s all there.

          Yet, am feeling the strongest and most joyful that I have felt in years and years. Recovery on the low faces of these mines is swift. (And mercury in aries is seemingly lyrical tonight?!)

    • I am getting a vision of a To-do list –that’s what the 6th house is all about. You might have to establish a very structured daily routine, if you don’t have one already. Or, if you do have a daily schedule, it might be in for a Plutonic transformation. (For instance, Pluto being about birth and death and all that, one might deliver a baby–something sure to turn every schedule upside down.)

      • North node in the 6th house might be about doing something that is a ‘service’ –volunteering?

        • Thanks for your ideas, Sagitta!

          Very interesting. I just realised that as soon as Saturn went retro things changed. I got the desire to start running again, cutting out (most) alcohol, going basically vegan; and had a fit on the weekend where i filed and sorted every piece of financial or work related documentation i have.

          The 6th house indeed.

          i already do vollie work (alot) but have been streamlining it to what i most want to devote time/energy to.
          i think the NN being involved is to do with this needing to be my path.

          so Saturn is amplifying my discipline in these areas, to create a more authentic, transformative life. (i think).

    • The second house is all about stuff, literally stuff –objects and possessions. The moon is about the home. Maybe the Saturn on Moon is about you getting caught up with some long overdue home projects and/or refreshing the furniture/appliances.

    • Second house also relates to finances and worth, as in self worth, and the moon as emotions, or inner life.
      Perhaps a renovation in the way you regard yourself emotionally/internally, and how that impacts on what you think you deserve financially from the world?

  3. Pluto at 9 deg and Asc at 20 deg, both Libra, so just miss out…

    But Saturn hanging at 16/17 Libra is rockin’ my 12th. More self-awareness. Gawd, Pluto in my sign and Saturn in my 12th is just one big “hey, girlie, do you REALLY know who you are?” realisation after another. Ahhh.

    And off-topic but how terrifying is Cyclone Yasi??? Stay safe, all fellow Queenslanders. We made it through the floods and we’ll make it through the nastiest storm to hit north Qld in a century. Course we will. Premier Bligh tells us so :P

    • i’ve been watching the Bureau radar…it’s scary watching it approach. hope everyone has gotten out safely.

    • sending strength vibes and ‘grounding’ literally, tethered to ground, not blowing away, vibes to all you QLDers… x

      • hey guys – see Cyclone Pluto post above…let’s all say good things to the Q-Landers. Hmm. Anna Bligh is a Cancerian. They are AMAZING in crisis…a mess with small things but fab at big things. The Pluto in Cancerian Generation (right before the Pluto in Leo baby boomers) were a sensational generation. My fave is the Pluto in Geminis, poor things, what they had to endure

  4. 10-17 deg of anything??? That would mean almost my whole freaking chart is being overhauled. erg.

    Sun, Mars & Uranus in Libra 17 deg

    Asc is 15 deg Sagg

    Chiron in aries @ 15 deg

    Moon in Scorp @ 17 deg

    Am i eating Saturn’s feces sandwiches? why yes i am. May i have another?
    :( blech.

    I am working on it….working at work…check.
    ..repairing my relationship with money….check.
    working on repairing things with family members esp my mother…. check.

    I have no idea how one can repair love relationships when you don’t have any….so that one I am like confused. I know I should be working on it, but as usual….disaster.

    • To me this doesn’t sound like shite sandwich at all – but then, I am very pro Saturn, but regardless these aren’t such bad aspects you got going on. A Saturn overhaul on Sun-Mars-Uranus. Delicious! cool, composed, focused, forward moving, strategically spot on, results driven. What’s not to love about that? Sextile to ascendant brings mature hotness, opposition to Chiron works on some forgiveness issues – chin up Foxy, I think from here til September will be gangbusters and great for you. x

      • I wish I had your Saturn-licious Attitude Lexicorn! :)

        There are def. good things about it. Many things have improved. But the certain old things I feel like I haven’t budged the load even an inch so I’m depressed about it. :(

  5. I have an incredibly dumb question for you all: am I to also look at my houses or just the planets in whichever signs? If it’s the latter than the only thing I’ve to worry (?) about is my North Node in Taurus at 16. Please advise …. and I hoping that’s the case otherwise I’m looking at a major metamorphosis

    • It’s your planets in those degrees in Libra and any other planets in your chart that aspect those points as well as any planets at 16-17 degrees in other signs. x

  6. All I got is Merc in Taurus at 16 degrees…so, I need to work on communicating more quickly and more clearly?

    I’m taking on new writing projects…maybe that’s relevant.

  7. Venus at 15 in Libra.

    Mystic says: “Where-ever you have 10 to 17 degrees of Libra in your chart or aspecting it is where you’re “renovating” until September” and she never said a truer word.

    Last week, I met my doc and learned that my blood sugar level is the highest it’s been in 10 years. So I am now on a strict diet–carb free, sugar free, caffeine free–pricking my fingers every day and keeping a record of my weight, and before-after-meals glucose readings. Very very Saturn. Measurement to the max. Major “renovation” mode.

    I am supposed to keep it up till May and then report back to the doc. My guess is, things will improve but not totally, so I will have to carry on till September– at least.

    As for the 16/17 degree areas aspected by Saturn– I have Neptune in 17 Scorpio and having Saturn casting its baleful eye on my ditzy daydreaming procrastinating wishful-thinking Neptune is VERY good news. Keep looking, Daddy-o — I need watching. :)

  8. Venus 16 degrees Capricorn, working on social and love stuff??

    Does Saturn always pick the things you’re *least* interested in working on?!

  9. Yeah,

    Saturn cuincux Venus, trine Jupe, sextile Uranus,
    cuincux North Node, sextile MC.

    Something work related, cuz NN and MC, also Uranus. Climax September is my guess.

  10. 8O

    I have Mercury at 16 in Kataka, Mars at 15 in Virgo & Chiron at 16 in Taurus…

    ‘…suck it up, be adult, go deep and forget all about your quick fix fantasies.’



      • 8O

        I essence of this post I did something last night… & it was aligned with Mercury & Chiron. 8O

        Afterwards the person said to me ‘pay attention to your dreams…’
        I was dreaming ALL night long! The most powerful moment was being in a room with a lion. I wasn’t scared even though it was quite big & it pressed it’s teeth down on my finger but it didn’t hurt… 8O

        Btw I can’t remember every having a dream where it involved a lion…

  11. Like the others of my astro-generation, I also have Saturn working it at my True Node at 15 deg Libra, which is conjunct Pluto at 12 deg – in 11th house.
    I don’t know how to put it all into words but the themes of the 11th (goals, friends, hopes, ideals, love received, an individual as part of a collective, etc), seem to be intricately all textured together in the disparate things I’m encountering. Shite, that didn’t make sense… :lol:
    My take is that going over, the rx, means I get to examine my old patterns…? I’m leaning yesh…so yesh it is.

    So then no bolting like a spooked horse that’s feeling claustrophobic when I need to rely on others…? Perhaps…mmmmmhhh…. Damn that very strong pull of Aries south node of going it all alone, agggghhhh!!!
    It was highlighted by a recent convo about moving, in the next three years. Just the thought of having to rely on people gave me the heebyjeebies, and these are my friends, not strangers! Ayayayay…..

    • My SN in Aries also UPV. Do understand the “rely on others heebyjeebies”.

      My nodes in opposite houses of yours -NN 5th, SN 11th. My “alone” issues serve to remind me that’s it’s about reaching out to others (altho I work with people everyday), but in a wider sense, can reach out wider….giving and taking.

      Wish I had not been born so damn independent sometimes (course needed mother for that lol)

      • Isn’t that funny, Sweetpea? My work also requires me to be with people! :) With Cancer Jupiter, Pisces Moon, Virgo Sun it seems rather apt for me to be in nursing, hehehe……although the joke’s on me, coz though I’m good at nurturing others (plenty of refs got through the Virgo block, finally, to take credit where it’s due), I’ve been a pain to be nurtured in my adult years. Well, trying to undo a lifetime’s worth of experiences, though it’s Vulnerable as all shite getup to open myself up to the possibility of being nurtured! Phew… I’ve been better at it for the past few years though, starting to let others care for me. And I have made a pact with the Multiverse that Mr. Man-Person be nurturing (among other things, like patience :lol: coz he’ll need it!).

        Seems that our lines of work simply reinforce that Libra NN message…right? :)

  12. My North Node is 16 Gem too! Good to know.

    Saturn’s chilling in my 7th house right now, but I’ve been single for a long time (no business partners or, I hope, enemies, either). Anyone have any suggestions for what 7th house issues I can work on when I’ve got no one to work with?

    • I’ve got a similar issue as Saturn is natally in my airy 7th house. How can you get better with no practice? I’m not against improving but you have to get chances first. Seems retarded.

    • 7th House is not just about romantic or “love” relationships. Think more broadly about but the way you relate and co-operate with others in the world.

      Especially look for patterns in how you interact with people in a business sense including professionals, therapists, clients, customers, maybe even the people you classify as enemies. Do you come up against the same problems all the time? Could some of these interactions serve as a mirror for you? Ask yourself WHAT IS IT that you find so difficult about interacting with them?

      Use that as the starting point to take a look at yourself. Identify what parts of the interaction are yours to take responsibility for and separate that from the parts that are for the other person’s responsibility (this is Saturn Boundary Control at its finest!). Then work with yourself on the stuff that is yours. It might be the attitude that you bring to your interactions, your tone, unrealistic expectations, or a habit of finding fault or trying to control every interaction, not allowing the other person time to tell their story… Whatever it is, own up to it (maybe also read up on it) and then consciously practice some new ways of relating to others. See if you get a better outcome from your interactions with others in the world. Remember you are not judging them, you are observing and trying to improve yourself.

  13. Hello Astro Genies !
    I have Uranus at 15 deg Libra.
    Could someone please give me a heads up for what I’m in for ?
    Thank you Oh Wise Ones !! x

      • Thankyou Twinfish, it’s happening in the 8th house like yours too, but Chiron is 14 deg in Aries for me…2nd house.
        Charles (from this Blog) got me interested in Donna Cunninghams Blog (Skywriter) yesterday from Mystics ”Does Gaia Rule Taurus” Article, and this morning an email arrives from her all about the 8th house…had me a little freaked as we are re-financing our home, and big work changes happening for Piscean Stonemason Husband…I’ve been a little petrified, but hopefully all goes well, and if not, im notso frightened of big change..its usually the little things that peeve me off (only for a small amount of time, but needs working on,and pulling into gear).
        I also know i need to get off the easy bit of cash on the side work and pull into focus on new start creative work.
        Thankyous for your insight Twinfish ! x

  14. No Planets in Libra or any other sign @ 16/17. Phew!

    Do have s/m midpoint at 16 Libra, what happens with this?

  15. Thank you , MM, I think I’m onto it.
    Chiron at 16 degrees Aries in 2nd house and am getting real about some difficult and potent ye older angst issues that push disruption to the fore if ignored. Well managed Frugality is quite different to boom and bust cycles. Also valuing the areas of growth in myself that wouldn’t have been enabled without ye older angsty issues thus valuing adding myself and respecting my own principals and valuing my limits.

    Have to deal with this as have Uranus chomping at the revolution bit at 14 Libra, 8th house. A catastrophic combo if I carry chironic baggage with an unsteady gait. Can see myself launching a new job scenario doing something I really can’t stomach if i just wwnt to keep the mask on chiron phobias. OR using good saturnian sense to pursue new fields where I can use the insight and skills of chiron’s placement.

    * karate chop* Miss Piggy style

  16. Well here we go. Saturn only finally out of my first house after a three year residency there, and now setting to square my 16 degree Capricorn Sun. But bring it on I say. Something’s going very right for me on the SAturnine front, recognition and accolades galore in the past few months, and am now nursing a hangover having just returned from interstate excursion to be amongst guests of honour at yet another pat-on-the-back-a-thon. Feelin the love, gratitude and the Saturn respect – not too shabby at all.
    Let there be more affirming Saturn vibes I say!!

    • Well yah – you do the Saturn work and you get the rewards. Shun it and yick. So now there is an intense window between now and Sept…Keep at it and Sept will bring tangible rewards.

      • woo hoo. yes. work work work. grunt grunt grunt. trophy trophy trophy. money money money. better work better work better work. grunt grunt grunt. bigger trophy bigger trophy bigger trophy. more money more money more money. hooolidaaaayyyyy.
        it kinda makes sense to me now.

  17. ok, so

    asc 16 cap
    merc 18 libra 10th house
    mars 15 canc 6th house

    no idea what any of that means in the current context

    • in sound bites… personal integrity tests on the public image front, added responsibility and composed grace required on the day job and maybe worth taking it easy on the health and fitness regime – measured, not manic.

      • Yah what he says.

        If i had this chart I’d go get a professional image makeover, public speaking, vocational self-expression. Fame and scrutiny, be ready for it.

  18. I gots nothing… no 16/17 anything… the only thing that comes close is Pluto at 19 degrees in Libra.
    But seriously. Nadda. I even included all my fav asteroids.

    I feel somehow jibbed

  19. Oh dear, oh dear.

    16 degrees Saturn. In Cancer. In 3rd. I am supposed to speak to everyone as though I am their Mummy?


  20. Yay the closest I got is stuff at 14 degrees so no Saturn thwacking here! Also Uranus in Libra at 9 degrees in the 5th – just miss out again although I am doing some major life renovations? And I do consider messing with soy quite fun at the mo’? Is probably my Venus trine Neptune transit about to kick in …

    Has anyone who went veggo or vegan gone through a detox period? Seriously I feel like I’ve got the worst flu crossed with the worst hangover EVA!! Migraine headaches, body aches and pains, dehydrated tho’ drinking loads of water and green tea and completely lethargic … I read somewhere that it’s quite common and the more unhealthy you were to start with (I was in a shocking state) the bumpier the ride back to good health. Should pass within a few days so not freaking out just curious to see if anyone has experienced similar.

    • Hi Prowlincrab,
      When i went cold turkey (sorry couldnt help it!) on giving up eating anything that had legs, i got on to some iron tablets and also a womens mega complex vitamin b (some brands say take 3 times a day, worth checking so you don’t feel like your a walking pharmacist !) that helped alot with the lethargicness of it all …. (recommended by Veggo Doctor).

    • The first three days, or week even, are grotesque… But afterwards you start to feel amazing. Rest a lot, have pain relief handy. I always get a migraine when detoxing..

    • Thank you! Yes have my suped-up vitamin B tablets, a vegan protein shake which is an easy way to get the right amount of protein, amino acids etc … and thank christ for panadol! .. back to bed ughhh ;)

      • Panadol is toxic to liver if you take it for too long prowlncrab. Getting heaps of sleep, gentle stretching and walking, and what u said – water – may take a bit of pain but worth it afterwards. On serious detox’s i’ve done in the past (not invlvg fasting – never would do that), i’ve spent two days in bed feeling like i have flu and headachy/tired for longer but as soon as you turn that corner it’s like WOW – i feel fuqing amazing. Zinc also helps. if you can, get a lymph drainage massage after about a week – will feel amazing a day or two afterwards (can be painful if you have been in bad shape though worth it as speeds up detox).

    • The headaches could be a result of your blood sugar levels dipping up and down, which can happen when your diet changes. The biggest concern though is to make sure you supplement your no-meat diet with enough protein. When I gave up red meat years ago I discovered that making smoothies with chunks of tofu blended in was a good way to get extra protein. Not only is it good for you, but it adds thickness without a grainy aftertaste (which you can sometimes get from other vitamin-type powders).

      • Thanks for that tip about tofu. Since I am now carb-free, I really have to make sure I have protein, so I don’t get that wolf-devouring-my-entrails feeling. I can add tofu to my soups, thank goodness.

        • I’m thinking butternut squash soup would be good with tofu. Some recipes call for sour or heavy cream, but you could use silky tofu instead I bet, and still get that velvety texture. I know you can eat tofu as is too, maybe grilled or baked, but it still tastes like tofu. What I like about using it in the smoothies is that you don’t taste it at all, but you can still pack plenty of it in without making it taste like a “health food” drink. A handful of baby spinach helps with iron supplementing too, and when blended with orange juice and a few strawberries, makes for a very delicious smoothie.

          A warning though: a few of these smoothies will speed up your detox by quickly emptying your system. Very helpful if the diet change has um…stopped you up, hehe. ;)

    • It is most likely just the detox from dairy. I dunno as i never had to detox meat itself.

      BUT when you give up dairy, up to five litres of mucus has to leave your bod. Plus all the antibiotics and hormones that are in dairy. And, don’t hate me, there is pus in milk. Seriously.

      Anything not-good-for-you that you give up makes you feel worse at first because your body has stored it to deal with later. ie; in fat. So given the chance, your bod gets rid of it. Hence the feeling like crap and rapid weight loss whenever you give up something bad for you.

      • ditto everything mystic said here. going vegetarian (ie, off meat) had no major detox effects for me, but by gads coming off dairy was horrendous.

        help your liver etc as much as poss (milk thistle a g-go) and don’t stress about the protein factor; it’s very hard to get a ‘protein-deficiency’, even if you dont eat meat. it’s one of the great myths about being vego. people need ALOT less protein than they think.

        and be gentle with yourself. the emotional part of coming off these foods is highly underrated. X

    • and Superfoods by David Wolfe is AWESOME – think also colonics, steam room, body scrub, epsom salts bath, untold fresh veggies & sleep. Usual for me is shitty taste in mouth, headaches, bouts of tiredness/irritability and the occasional revolting looking pimple thing.

      there is site called something like the Dairy Free Challenge that has HEAPS of info on all this. The Skinny Bitch book also quite interesting

    • soya protein can be really hard on your kidneys if it has never been a consistent part of your diet prowlers – I got really sick from soya milk when I decided to get “healthy” once. If you start getting little cysty fibrous lumps in your boobs you might have to kick it to the kerb. If you’re not descended from traditional consumers of it it can wreak havoc with your bod.

      • and I forgot to say I hope you feel better soon – detox from caffeine alone causes migraines so it could just be that.

      • I’ve heard that re soy too. Not great in large amounts.
        Lots of other ways to get protein. Beans, nuts, legumes, mushies.

    • Dairy detox. Milk and cheese have caseomorphines (sp??) in them. That’s why people reach for ice cream during break ups. Turns right into morphine inside of you. Everything will hurt for awhile because you have nothing to insulate you from pain. Ultimately, i didn’t enjoy this period for about 3 months but my allergies got much better once I gave it up.

    • Hey Prowln….
      I am veg- for 15 yrs now…
      I went thru major withdrawal symptoms….was starving all the time, and gained weight…

      Somebody told me there are “brain chemicals” in meat, that keep us happy….dunno…

      It sucked, but I got thru it!

      I’d ditch the green tea- that’ll keep you dehydrated and caffinated, esp if your body is sensitive right now…

      Good on ya!

  21. ~quick fix fantasies~

    Saturn…~ 10 to 17 degrees of Libra in your chart ~

    Opposite Aries parts.

    Fantasy Team 1…….Reality 1

    They are running neck and neck at times but actually Saturn in the lead by a mile..

    Saturn rules my 8th….”Death and taxes”…(as Mystic pointed out)

    Imagine fingers on the calculator today figuring numbers and taking notes.

    Financial ducks in a row so no surprises mid April tax time. Interestingly today, two actual ducks waddled by my window!

    With Chiron Void, Saturn in 5th conjunct NN – “a testing time”…yes, psychic/wounds, feelings of unlovedness also but it passes, just like all the crap one feels/imagines when on three day drunk. (okay, never been drunk for three days, but you get the picture).

    Could be worse with ZZ Cyclone Pluto

  22. 10 degrees Virgo in Saturn, 8th house
    15 degrees Scorpio in Uranus, 11th house
    16 degrees Sagg in Neptune, 12th house
    17 degrees Libra in Pluto, 9th house (like one degree away from being in 10th house, if that’s at all significant…do you consider cusps with houses?)

    Could Sagg in Neptune mean that those dreams of traveling to exotic places could be coming true by September? If nothing happens locally in the job market then I’ve actually considered the option of teaching ESL abroad.

    Libra in Pluto…hmm, not sure what to make of that. I imagine some potentially destructive, but hugely transformative event happening in September as a result of a charming smile and the inability to make a quick decision. Any thoughts?

  23. Can anyone help? I’m really confused. I have no planets at 10-17 degrees Libra.

    17 degrees Libra is the exact degree on the cusp of my third house so does that mean anything to do with third house stuff could be affected? or is it the second and third houses as 10-16 degrees Libra is in the second house. My second house is empty though.

    The same thing for 17 degrees Aries on the cusp of the ninth? but I have no planets in Aries. I also have an empty 8th house so 10-16 degrees Aries has nothing going on. The planets in the ninth house change to 14 degrees Taurus and the closest thing I have there is the sun at 15 degrees in Taurus. This isn’t making any sense to me.

    I have nothing at 16/17 degrees anywhere in my chart except for the cusp of third and ninth. I know there’s a lot of change and growth happening and things that I need to work on and have courage with etc. but I can’t pinpoint it.

    I know saturn is transiting my 6th house (capricorn) and so am trying to work on health, looking after my knees, and what I think mystic refers to as ‘admin’ stuff- what does that really mean????

    I’d be so grateful if anyone knows anything about the cusp situation being at 17 degrees but with no planets. Thank you :-)

    • Water Pig, don’t worry if you haven’t got any planets at 16 or 17 degrees of anything. That is fine! You are not getting a mega Zap (… this time, he he). Do you mean that in your natal chart Saturn is located in the 6th House in Capricorn? Or do you mean that Saturn in currently transiting your 6th House (which must be in Libra as Saturn is currently in Libra)?

      Saturn transiting the 6th House suggests to me that it is time to:
      – get adult & practical about your daily routine (more discipline? less?);
      – polish your skills & learn more about nutrition & health;
      – be mature regarding service to others (too much? too little?)
      – look at where the ‘brakes are on’ in relation to daily work routines/time management at the daily level/personal health and maintenance.

      6th House also covers repairing and servicing equipment and caring for pets!

      • hi nat..

        can you help with my query?

        mean node 17 cAP in 12th house
        true node 16 cap in 12th house
        saturn 16 in gemini 5th house

        thank you very much

        • Mean node and true node are the same thing, the mean is just an average cause it bounces about. So you get Saturn sq true node and trine Saturn in Gemini.
          I can’t offer you much on interps, but cafe astrology is good for transits, it’ll have info on the Saturn trine, look to the houses it is impacting for where it will play out

          Saturn sq node may be a bit of a contraction/friction re manifesting your destiny, how keenly you feel that will depend on how in tune you are with your node anyway.

        • delilah, the True Node asks us to stretch, to grow and gain new skills in order to express our potential. So if Saturn is aspecting this part of your chart, then it is applifying this and offering you a period of growth and learning whereby you grow up and come into your own authority in some way. As Mystic says here (search for Saturn in the archives), Saturn asks for maturity by putting in the work and learning new skills – the kind that take TIME. As Saturn is involved it could indicate learning from authority figures, becoming your own authority and establishing your own boundaries in these areas or even resolving some issues in relation to your Father/Father figures/ authority figures in general.

          Think and read more about 12th and 5th House issues and you will probably find a couple of areas where you would benefit from learning some new skills (or dropping some old and out of date ‘rules’ that no longer apply). It may be something very simple but whatever it is for you don’t rush it. Take time and apply patience to the task.

          12th House: faith, sprirituality, compassion, retreats, hidden things, addictions, dependencies
          5th House: fun, games, play, sports, creativity, children, inner child

          • I need this reinforcement too. Even at 51, with Saturn conj. the NN, there is stiil need for growth (like until we die, eh?) Forget that I have been primed for just this period of life.

            So feeling the self authority thing toward my spiritual work and book and the way I want to live my life (Uranus into Aries too? Jupiter in Aries, 10th, conjunct Mercury, trine Sagg Merc in 6th right now)

            Saturn natal sq. Aries so no stranger there, but when the heats on, freak it’s hard to stretch these tools. Can’t express the inner battles going on lately. Part of me just wants to get drunk. Part of me, the bigger part with purpose must prevail against the odds and will of course. But not without a battle…Am Aries afterall…

            Many, many years ago, like over 30 years ago perhaps, had my palm read and was told “you will put pen to paper in some way and be very proud of yourself”.

            Some might think that as Aries we are innately proud, and in some ways yes, but to fulfill a dream amidst the obstacules will humble anyone no matter the sign.

            Deep, deep stuff going on lately. Just a mess really but will be okay.

            • Hang in there, Sweetpea. The big picture is scary sometimes when taken in life’s vast scope, but it’s all relative to how you look at it. ‘Baby steps’ remember the Bill Murray movie, “What about Bob?” where Richard Dryfuss wants to go on vacation and Bob is so scared to be without him, before you know it, he ended up following Dr. and facing all his fears anyway? It’s a very sweet and funny movie. You are so helpful here on this board and I for one, have learned much by reading your posts. That Saturn Aries thingy bites, gotcha there. (me- natal Saturn in Aries Rx) So aptly put by the Clash song “Should I stay or should I go?’ is just this big inner struggle by nature of the energies. Hugs hugs hugs. x
              You are doing your best ~ just take it slow at first, then you’ll pick up speed as you go along. baby steps…baby steps…. :-)

              • Read Robert Wilkinson’s take on current Saturn in Libra Rx – (in my 5th conjunct NN). Makes a lot of sense too.

                Have not seen “What About Bob?”

                Heard “Red, Red Wine” on the radio the other day. Thought of you! :) Think after that New Years it will always have a different meaning now….

                Will Uranus and Jupiter in Aries hit your Saturn sooner or later?

        • Hi shell. Yes, huge flood here but at least we had some warning unlike the poor souls in QLD. Most people here have experience & understand (& respect!) our river so were prepared. The flood mud smell really hung around this time and so much debris to clean up, fences down etc. Its a lot of work for months afterwards. Lots of pastures and crops dead but some escaped damage and some farmers are replanting.

      • Thanks Nat! I got confused actually. I’ve been so distracted today. Saturn is transiting my 3rd house at the moment. It’s Pluto that is transiting the 6th. Regardless, I need to work on those 6th house things.

        Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my post. I just thought that I really do have some major things to ‘renovate’ so to speak and think for now i’ll look at the 3rd and 9th houses as a general guide. I know the zap zone is going to hit me big time at some point. Lately with this dark moon it feels like i’m stationary rather than getting to work in preparation for zap zone. Last years’ zap zone was the same- came close but didn’t wipe me out. I know it’s coming though…

        Many thanks again for your help!

        • WP, Pluto, as you know, asks for authenticity in all matters. It puts pressure on what is rotten, fake or dodgy. We shed what/whom is inauthentic in our life in order to become a more authentic (and therefore more powerful) version of our true self. Whats not to like about that?! So apply Pluto’s requests for transformation and authenticity to the 6th House issues mentioned above. Good luck!

      • didn’t catch the trans Saturn thing. Thanx nat. Too close to bed time (looking at a chart heaps easier!)

    • Me too! I dunno? Saturn is fibrillating our LUCK sector? We need to harness our spiritually aware/sensitive/Neptunian qualities and keep them from exploding? We shall gain rewards from watching our weight and blood pressure??? Really no idea.

  24. Since those house cusps are being aspected I would look to the planet rulers of those houses to see if they might be being aspected by Saturn to give further info.

    As well, I think the cusps of houses being aspected is significant so I would look to what those houses mean and then just sort of weave in the Saturn flavor.

    A house cusp on an angle 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th would be especially significant too. But I think you can work with the cusps if you like never the less and see if any thing fits.

    Since we are talking about cusps and not actual planets, I would stick with the actual cusps (3/9th 17 degrees) and not be concerned with the 2nd/8th house 10-16 degrees sorta hanging out there in mid-air.

    Admin-stuff in 6th…Saturn…Capricorn …everyday concerns regarding health or work.
    Organizing according to those concerns, making lists, taking notes, appointments etc. Making a schedule for health issues. Like in the morning ‘exercize/massage knees’ stuff like that I think!

    Hope this helps and I am no expert!

    • Thanks so much Sweetpea that is great advice. I will look more closely then at the 3rd and 9th, as well as venus aspects and mars- both natally and in terms of current transits.

      I do need to be more systematic about making lists, filing notes and getting more exercise in each day. I felt a bit silly asking about the ‘admin’ but it’s just helpful for someone to confirm that- so thank you very much.

  25. mean node 17 cAP in 12th house
    true node 16 cap in 12th house
    saturn 16 in gemini 5th house

    can anyone help? thank you very much

  26. well i havent looked at my chart but i am pisces sun, gem rising, venus and mars in aries and i have been thinking abut it and for as long as i can remember july august always seem to be the worst for me, whether i am heartbroken by somthing that has happened within a month before or during these months but things that hurt me the most and the deepest always seem to happen around this time, come to think of it every relationship i have had either went wrong or ended at this time wtf that is weird xxx

    • you should get mystic sun thing on the astro confidentials page – it’ll tell you wtf is up with that.

  27. Jupiter 16 degrees in Pisces, tenth house. What am I doing intensely right now? I am making myself a completely new career. Part of my career involves me becoming in many ways also completely new as in, the person I have known for years was in there but was so unsure of her own abilities, is now out and proud and working her butt off to use those abilities to make money.

    Is that the sort of thing?

  28. holy shit I’m pretty much off the hook – south node in libra in the 4th is all. Wooohooo let the good times roll.

    • interesting just read about this transit – south node = the past & 4th house is ancestors. My ancestors ARE the foundation/backbone of my future work so this seems like an ideal time to begin the “project” – I have an audition in august/september if I want it. I’ve been wondering since late last year if this is the time to pull this one out of the hat. I like this as a starting point, this saturn as a foundation stone, I like it a lot.

    • Look around your chart for any planet or angle that falls around the middle of a sign. The range from 10 to 17. The degrees will not actually be numbered on the chart, but if you start by looking for stuff in the middle then you cam work out the degrees by the dashes, or by looking at the info for that planet in the table at the bottom.
      Sun at 12 degrees libra means you’ve already been through one Saturn/sun conjunction. It’ll retro back to you so may bring up any issues you were dealing with back that happened, when it comes backs over.
      You can work out when those transits will happen by looking at an emphemris. Or bu playing with the natal and transit charts on astrodienst (just guess dates and adjust)

      Good luck working out other planets, have fun with it.

  29. The only thing I’ve got placed at 16 degrees of anything is Saturn in Scorpio, which the transiting Saturn would be hitting at that 30-deg angle whose name I can’t remember. Very minor aspect, I think, yes?

    Also have Venus at 13 deg Aqua and Uranus at 13 deg Sag; I think the effects of Saturn on those were largely a relationship-reality-check. Oddly enough for a Saturn transit, I think the takeaway message of that was to stop worrying about being in a “conventional” relationship.

    • saturn in libra made the “easy” aspects to your venus in aqua – trine and uranus in sag – sextile; so no doubt the lessons were somewhat easier than the ‘hard” aspects. good that you got the message squeakmaster as somethimes the easier aspects get overlooked in importance.

      And btw you have the new moon conj your venus in aqua tomorrow – gotta be a good thing with your astro and in trine to saturn transit.

  30. Pluto in Libra @ 16, 12th house —

    should work on my compassion with the 12th, right?
    I’ve been feeling benevolent lately. Serious urges to feed someone poor in the street.

    Uranus in Scorpio @ 17, 1st house —

    and what is this?
    Uranus rules “ankles, mental faculties, pineal and sexual glands,immune system, arthritis, rheumatism, gall bladder”.

    That’s crazy, I had rheumatoid arthritis as a kid, and it’s making a comeback! Work on the diet, got it.

    Mental faculties? mmmm :)

    • And by the way, any opinions would be much appreciated! This is just stuff I googled. :) TIA

  31. Well I only have pluto in Libra in 10th house. Presumably it’s a generation thing then and I have no work to do for myself YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY

  32. Helloooo Lovelys,
    Asc – 16 deg Leo
    Mercury – 15 Degrees Scorpio 3rd House
    Aquarius in the 7th house 16 degress
    Cancer in the 12 house 17 degrees, I have Saturn natally in Cancer but Retro so it is more in the 11th house.
    and Chiron in Aries 16 degrees Rx,

    Would love some insights x


  33. Hmmm. Ascedent and, of course, Descendent are at 12. Neptune in 4th house. And, naturally, Pluto in 5th

    • mine seem to be good aspects, but life is very fast paced, intense, and confusing. I am definitely reinventing myself and it’s difficult, but also fun and exciting.

  34. Mystic, you have outdone yourself with this Saturn Libra pic~ well done ! Moon takin a hit at 13 degrees. So back to the Saturn grindstone.
    Good luck all !

  35. Mars is 16 Aries, in 2nd house. Saturn currently Opp Mars and Conj natal Uranus in Libra, 8th house.

    I’m guessing it’s time to take a serious look at my $ situation…

  36. I am a novice at astro but trying to learn. On astro, is my True Node my North Node? That is at 17 degrees Libra 10th house.
    Also have Cancer moon at 17 degrees 7th house, Mercury Virgo at 16 degrees 9th house and Mars in Gemini at 17 degrees 6th house.

    Don’t wanna grow up yet…

    • Read before posting:

      North Node + Saturn = manifesting your authentic destiny, no less, no crap, no pretensions, no delusions, no distractions, no non-core friendships, lovers

      That is pretty much exactly how I feel right now. I am usually a lot NICER. I am fighting with anyone I can. But it feels good. Like I’m standing up for myself and not being walked over.

  37. Venus at 16 in Taurus – 1st house – gettin some good lovin at the mo… fun, light, hot, hot hot with Toro – (lerve the couch! ) but thank god we’re not livin in close proximity and we can return to earth, exhale into our solo daily routines and meditate upon wtf IS happening ?? Going slow but going for it – and observing with some zen detachment. Would love to draw this out until Sept and reap the rewards :)

    Also Moon at 15.59 in Taurus – 1st house
    Mercury at 15.24 in Aries – 12th house
    Mean Node at 15.34 in Gemini in = 2nd house
    Libra at 12 in 6th house

    Not sure what this means but MM is right on … sense the incoming transformational vibe and its all good … and its about time too …