Chez Aqua?


Sombre Boite

Surely an Aqua lives here?  He’s finnicky, bangs on a bit about the golden age of aviation, eats his food in pre-packaged modules that he orders off the net from the same place he sends strands of his hair off to be tested for heavy metals, is very Zen except for when screaming down the (Steampunk) telephone at his ex-wives and is an avid astronomer. Impeccably polite, he is nonetheless a complete wanker when it comes to jazz, homeopathy and his rare hen collection.

You think?

50 thoughts on “Chez Aqua?

  1. I love this, but as an Aqua with Capricorn rising although I kind of identify with this scene but it’s too aspirational brutalist for me. I want more real life, fruit and berries, richness. Most assumptions about Aqua decor are too Star Trek for me.

  2. I love this, but as an Aqua with Capricorn rising although I kind of identify with this scene it’s too aspirational brutalist for me. I want more real life, fruit and berries, richness. Most assumptions about Aqua decor are too Star Trek for me.

  3. Deffo Aqua elements but a Virgo (parent or lover?) has been on an organisation spree. Most (all) Aquas I know are fairly messy, they seem to just love a bit of dust haha and lots of nature, bits of old feather, dried flowers, shells from trips to India, magic stones from some festival by a lake, sentimental mood boards which they use to love people without having to be near them (family full of these creatures) etc etc. Not quite enough ethnic wooden statues either!!

    • Charley, you’re so spot on – my experience, especially with my double Aqua mom, says exactly the same: a bit messy and not too keen on cleanliness (a bit of dirt keeps the allergies away etc.). And – not always the most tasteful of – souvenirs of both places and people! – Me, the double Scorpio, I moved out at the age of 18. :-D Now it’s clean, tidy and no knick-knacks.

      • Haha it’s so true. None of my Aqua’s are very keen on showering, they never look gross or smell too bad but it’s often a fine line. Crazy old things! I’m a Scorp too, love clean, tidy, order, a place for everything and everything in it’s place ete

        • Lol – not my Aqua Mother. Immaculate Zen like home, little to no clutter, she does what I call “the waft” where she moves thru the home and organised piles appear as she passes former clutter installations (such as the saturday paper gets magically ‘tidied’). She showers twice a day, and has an extensive collection of organic smellies in the bathroom to enhance the bathing experience. Cancer moon of course. But her surroundings are organised, calm, and appropriate for her forays into the ether….

        • ROFLOL!!! I am thinking of my son! There’s always a fine line between him looking and smelling fab, and him being a total grot. When he does shower, he is there for ages. Probably to make up for the days he doesn’t bother showering.

          And don’t get me started on him being messy! He’s about to move back in with my wife and me for a few weeks. This Virgo is NOT looking forward to Sir Aqua’s mess!

  4. Gaw!!! YEsSSS! Aquas I know would love this, but it is lacking some “chaos sector” of the room. All the aquas i know have at least one or 2 parts of the house/living area that is some weird mess.

  5. Yeah Ok, Ok, ALL of the above is So true. However, in support of all fellow Aquarians – it’s a very cool room though. The sofas would be a pleasure to veg out in at any angle, they’ve managed to turn scrap and mementos into something new and funky and the only thing that seems new is that interesting looking communication unit on the desk..I want one!! Thanks guys – I needed a bit of a chuckle at myself!!

  6. Me like.

    Must be my Venus in Aqua plus Cappy rising.

    I lurve steampunk.

    Throw in some goggles, and some plants for my Pisces moon and I’m moving in tomorrow…..

  7. Aqua, def, but I could also see it for a Cancer guy in denial about wanting a cozy, “feminine” space (I know so many Kataka dudes who try to stifle their true nature because they’re afraid of seeming weak or girly, poor things. Our cultural norms are so stupid) and so went in the opposite direction, but couldn’t resist some vintage touches.

  8. Yeah I think Aquau too – the bit of mess is just behind where the lense can get too dont worry. A pile of old long sleve T-shirts (worn once) to be washed. Also, love the leather jacket – speaks Aqua to me too somehow. In all those boxes there are heaps of little gadgets, screwdrivers etc

  9. Completely reminds me of the office of an Aqua ex of mine. In fact that looks very similar to his leather jacket hanging up in the corner there. Only thing missing are a lack of gadgets and excess of technology. I remember he always had two monitors on his desk and usually an extra that he was repairing or borrowing parts from. There would also be bundles of wires and cords snaking all over the room, along with several stacks of cd cases and little memo “note to self” stickies all over any surface that wasn’t too dusty to hold them!

    MM, your mention of getting hair tested for heavy metals reminded me that my Aqua ex was into using colloidal silver as an homeopathic antiseptic to combat acne. He claims it worked and washed his face with it for three years. Unfortunately, one of the side effects is having the silver build up in your cells to the point where you develop a condition called Argyria, where your skin takes on a greyish hue. The damage is largely irreversible and the only way to extract it from the body is with chelation therapy. :\

  10. Before reading all the comments I was going to say, “Clearly I’m not Aqua.” (Virgo)

    But then when I saw people mention little bits of shell, bark, pebbles. I thought hmm sounds exactly like me as does little antique gadgets strewn helplessly about. Also the leather jacket. As a rising Leo tho Aquarius is in my 7th.

  11. My best friend is a multiliple conjunct aqua with a fair pisces influence and she’d love elements of this room, the desk and sneaky book shelves, the telescopes, the globes. There does need to be chaos spaces and she’d probably hate the chair – when she’s doing serious work/thinking (I’m assuming this is an office?) she sits on the floor.

    And there’s probably too much light? She gets headaches from basically everything, I think I read somewhere that Aquas are like that? Getting weird ailments that no one else does? It’s probably part of the whole “mad genius” vibe…

  12. Hmmm I never knew my trait of repeating myself for emphasis was an Aqua thing… But if the shoe fits… I’m not messy tho….

    Elements of this room appeal but as an Aqua I want more light/white techno and less cow. Bit too much earthiness and not enough spacepad!

  13. It reminds me of a Cappy post fom the past with a plane… Brad Pitt or Jude Law or something. I would have gone Cappy as the theme of old fashioned aviation is so monothematic (is that a word?) here. But i think Aquas would enjoy a visit to this stylish museum. My Aqua friends are more into ethnic stuff – but maybe they have a lot of Sagg planets..

  14. Tres cool! But maybe only because it’s tidy, has leather seating and lots of books.

    I am definitely not an aquarian of any description. My son is though and I know he’d love it. He has sun, saturn, mercury and north node in Aquarius.

    I just realised that my wife, son and I are all Stellium in our respective signs. I have 4 planets + asc + NN in Virgo (12th house), Wife has 3 planets + asc in Taurus (12th house) & Son has 3 planets + NN in Aqua (7th house). Wonder whether it’s significant that we are all so strongly represented in our sun signs.

  15. Aqua moon.

    I agree with what Panda Girl said, way too much light in this room. But in general, this room vibes Capricorn to me rather than Aqua. Those bookshelves should be filled with things similar to what Charley mentioned rather than those soulless blank white books. And it’s too….full. I need space to move/pace while I’m thinking. It feels restrictive, too business-like in a sterile way. And yes, too clean.

    • Aqua moon + NN, I meant.

      My Aqua best friend is a multiple monitor guy as well, though he is a director/screenwriter/playwright/graphic designer/web designer/actor/video editor, so he needs them.

      • Yep, my ex was a video editor and all around AV guy, so he used them for work as well as all sorts of part-time projects. Don’t remember his birthdate info, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there were multiple Aqua influences in his chart.

        • Yes! I think multiple monitors are an Aqua desk staple, the ultimate clue. So many projects on the go!

  16. Yes, but. I’ll need some primitive Southern wooden furniture, plants that I’ve grown since childhood, silk or burlap drapes, a wood floor, original art and mossy green on the walls. There.

  17. I don’t see Aqua here at all. My expereince of Aqua is light breezy materials, lots and lots of light, high ceilings, and shaker like furniture (or at least simple furniture – the form is the function) etc. They all love fabric, and art, and like to have a clean open space for it….. Sari’s are popular as curtains, or sheer materials if saris not available, modular couches a must. Modern electronics. And I have an aqua mum, grandmother, 2 x aunties, 2 x cousins, brother and sister who are aquas.
    Fark – I need another coffee….

  18. As I spent my teen years as an avid animal libber (I’ve toned it down a little) this Aqua says that leather lounges cannot be condoned. Swanning around on the skin of a cow – probably lived and died in a horrible way– is NOT cool. It’s a constant guilt trip. (There is an irony with Morrissey singing about leather seats in cars making them sound so cool and hip – no?) Saying you need to eat meat to live or whatever is one thing – I have to admit I eat a little organic now and then after years of vegoism – but decorating with bits of dead creatures is not on – in my books. It’s just my opinion and I don’t want to debate it or shove it down people’s throats, it’s just how I roll. It creeps me.
    I agree Aquas are v messy – we are too busy getting totally absorbed in whatever happens to be our latest thing to bother tidying up. I find it soooo boring – yet I love a tidy space – I need a “tidy up angel”.

    • I just had a look at today’s current planets….. imagine the lucky parents of the little mega Aquas that are about to leave the mothership pod and splodge onto the planet, they are gonna need some energy and backbone to cope with their offspring….

      • Lol. And rather large boundaries. But how fun would they be to have around? Thanks for sharing that, LJ, has given me a gorgeous new mooning fresh image of aqua love humanity.

  19. What a cool place. Aquarians own cool. I love it. Looks aqua if aqua is also ruled by saturn ( if we must use that phrase….am so Jupiter Uranus right now it kills me to see anything static or matching…. *I whip my hair back and forth, I whip my hair back and forth* )

  20. Haven’t received this Restoration Hardware catalogue yet. Seems much to conformist for an Aquarian male – but maybe with some really anal aspects it could happen. And this dude is totally aware of his issues – the racer jacket hanging in the corner is a ploy to mitigate them.

  21. My Aqua moon does like this (and maybe all those planets I have in Capricorn?). I love the steampunk feel of it, but my Leo sun also protests how “cold” it feels. I’d love this more if only I could add splashes of color here and there.

    My mom’s an Aqua sun but I’m not sure if she’d like this. She usually hates modern decor (the same “cold” thing applies there) and leans more towards the traditional, or what she calls cozy and homey. She does have a Taurus rising so maybe that’s to blame for it?

  22. As a Aqua I love it but my kataka moons wants some colour, flowers etc tame the masculine energy. Love the desk & bookcase want the desk & book case.

  23. Digging the desk. Aqua Eros, Jup & MC

    How cool is this…went shopping for a new kettle last night with full intentions of finding a quality one to match the stainless steel toaster and microwave. Ended up getting the cheap ($25) Kambrook Aquarius Cordfree 1.7L Kettle just because it has ‘Aquarius Cordfree’ printed on the outside. Love the Uranus=electricity irony of it all?

    I need to get out more…

  24. Trying to remember the birthday details of my Aqua ex now, so I’m stalking him on Facebook, hehe. I have a question though for all the other Aquas. Are Aquas big readers or book lovers? I distinctly remember that my ex was NOT. Whenever I would start reading something around him he would hover a few minutes, then look away, look back, get up, start pacing around, fidget and sigh distractedly until I put the book down. He only liked two books (as far as I know they are the only fiction novels that he’s ever read). They were Jurassic Park and Timeline. Both about time-travel and living in “other” worlds. Would it be fair to say that Aquas don’t live in the “here and now” and that they’d rather be elsewhere, other eras, dimensions, planes of reality? In hindsight it would explain a lot. ;)

    • I love to read and would never choose those titles. I am drawn more to non fiction or something where the main character is someone to aspire to because of their principles – like Atticus in To Kill a Mockingbird. Am guilty though of not really being in touch with the ‘here and now’ at times.

    • I read anything and everything, all the time. Aqua ex read textbooks, professional journals, and nothing else.

  25. * SNORT* Impeccably polite Aquarian? Never met one. Emotionally & socially retarded? Yes. Says incredibly offensive things then completely shocked at the reaction? Yes. Totally self-unaware? All of them. Polite? Never.

    • Looks like someone recently had a bad run-in with an Aquarius. Shouldn’t let that grudge get in the way of how you view them as a whole. Generalizing like that is ridiculous. Aquas aren’t perfect but neither are any of the other signs.

  26. This little aqua loves the biker jacket because motorcycle riding is like meditation, especially if you do it on your own and even better if your dog is on the front with you. Also love the Union Jack because we all know how important it is to understand where our roots lie. Metal desk is good because of it’s industrial quality – giving a connection with the working man and the trees outside provide a sense of ‘all being well in the world’. I agree with others though, it is lacking in a bit of pleasant messiness or ‘this is my shit’ feeling.

  27. I really want to comment but I’m too hot and I’ve been on hold with Telstra for so long today that I’m about to scream

    This room may have airconditioning though?

  28. “Impeccably polite, he is nonetheless a complete wanker when it comes to jazz, homeopathy and his rare hen collection.”

    This made me laugh long and hard – to the point that I now have some serious ear-drum busting hiccups. It’s the best thing I’ve read all day … and the reason I love reading MM so much. Brilliant!

    This could well be my younger Aqua brother’s study – he loves all that industrial, clean-line looking shit and while he is unfailingly polite (particularly in public or to non-family!), he can nevertheless be wankerish about his diet/exercise regime (and it is a regime, NOT a ‘lifestyle’) and his ever-expanding ‘urban footwear’ (translation: sneakers) collection. He is only eighteen, so perhaps his penchant for jazz and rare-hens is yet to develop.

  29. All the aquas i know have at least one or 2 parts of the house/living area that is some weird mess.

    Yah, to stylised for an Aquarian everything matches, no surprise at all. And yeah, no weird mess.

  30. I saw this aeroplane wing made into a table at an exhibition in Genoa in September 2008 with my ex-sagg pilot. he wanted to buy it and bring it home. Instead he bought a very expensive, modern light that broke in his suitcase on the way home from the same exhibition, and a leather flying jacket, complete with fluff at the neck, from a leather shop in Venice. He should have bought the table. So much for free saggs.

  31. Aqua Sun/ Merc. . That room IS cute but way too designer contrived. ‘Everything matching’ is snakey little post-neocon conspiracy in my humble(sic) opinion.
    Wankerishness??? Well I guess it was a dash fancy trying to get my 3 yo to bang out some improv to a jazzy backing track in garageband the other night. Homeopathy?? well better Rescue remedy than dosing up the poor mites with a gov sanctioned B_yer product.. yuc
    And flash chooks? I have 2 breeds. The marbled Lavender Araucanas strut around like Martin Margiela supermodules between popping out blue and green eggs.(exquisite omelets if eggs churn ya butter) and Salmon Faverolles. To stick with the fashion analogy they are like the Burberry of yesteryears ‘Dreadnaught’ collection. The best French table breed . The kids hoik the rooster around like a teddy. Wanky? maybe
    The spruce goose desk is a beauty but yeah, if you turned the Ipad mounting into a nesting box….
    Oh and no self-respecting Aqua of ANY persuasion would have the effin union jack on the wall EVEN as a joke. The poms are talking of getting rid of it themselves..
    Oh politeness.. I have had this intensification of a connection with nature of late. swotting the summer flies away a’la luke practicing with his lightsabre blindfolded and wotnot. When ‘Yasi’ struck the other night my STOMACH went absolutely cyclonic right at the time of landfall. I was the anti-dyson. Yo ‘Tones on February 4, 2011 at 1:20 pm