Born Under Saturn In Sagg

“…Don’t be drag, just be a queen
Whether you’re broke or evergreen
You’re black, white, beige, chola descent
You’re lebanese, you’re orient
Whether life’s disabilities
Left you outcast, bullied or teased
Rejoice and love yourself today
‘Cause baby, you were born this way

No matter gay, straight or bi
Lesbian, transgendered life
I’m on the right track, baby
I was born to survive
No matter black, white or beige
Chola or orient made
I’m on the right track, baby
I was born to be brave

Not loving this pic of her at ALL but everything i said about Lady Gaga and her astro previously on this blog is clearly correct, yes?

And Uranus is not hitting on her Sun in Aries till 2012.

One thing i just realized re her chart: She has Saturn in Sagittarius Rising. So Sagg Rising wants everyone to be free and accepted for their authentic selves, a la the above lyrics from her new song AND Saturn Rising means she got this message in childhood, not necessarily so easily…like about the mid-90s, when Pluto crossed her Asc. She’s coming at all this from a very deep place.

AND she’s a brill example of Mars-Neptune worked the haute way; mega-creativity, artistry and principles.

Most peeps would scream if they knew how hard and how long she obsessed. If Mars in Capricorn hooks up with Neptune and the pair of them don’t go downhill on the Blue Devil Hoochie Juice and associated sychophants, the potential for visionary pragmatism is enormous.

She’s very now and the Zap Zone is only going to make her MORE so…

48 thoughts on “Born Under Saturn In Sagg

  1. I also particularly like the saturnine coverline bottom right – Cry freedom – one woman’s life after 29 years in a cult.

  2. I saw her in concert last year, very theatrical to say the least. She absolutely means it when she writes these things but part of me wonders if in freakdom, she’s created an inadvertent alienation of the regular.

    However, as a visionary, I can utterly respect that she has to be extreme. Her musicianship is excellent, her voice and song writing are solid. In that aspect, she has every right to be where she is.

    • I like her music, she has a good voice. I don’t care for the get ups and I’m an Aries and dressed as David Bowie one year for Halloween when 15.

      But more power to her. Whatever turns her on. Just not my gig but then she’s half my age….

      I have a loose sextile of Mars on the Asc to Neptune in 5th. Oh yeah, we just stretch it a bit in the “alluring and charismatic dept”… :)

      “Most peeps would scream if they knew how hard and how long she obsessed”

      Scorpio Moon too…

      “If Mars in Capricorn hooks up with Neptune and the pair of them don’t go downhill on the Blue Devil Hoochie Juice and associated sychophants”

      My 24 yr old Cancerian daughter, Scorpio rising has them in 2nd trine Virgo Venus-MC. Hmm, will have to keep an eye out Mystic just in case. Thnx

      • funny sweets I dressed as david bowie for a year when I was 15 – the mothership freaked out because the thought I was a lesbian. Shock Horror.

        • ha…lol

          Yeah, gaga born the same year as my Cancerian (1986) but later ( daughter was born July…well, obviously), my point tho is that Mars and Neptune had separated a bit between gaga’s birth and my daughter’s so my daugher’s conjunction not as tight.

            • I’m thinking so. A good thing, eh?

              She also has Sagg Moon and Saturn in 1st trine Leo Mercury. She made a comment today about her boyfriend’s “beer drinking”….in a joking way, but she’s obviously aware….

  3. That song: I’ve already heard a huge argument over her white privilege and “who is she to tell anyone what to celebrate?” (These were a bunch of sociology students.) And I kind of agree with that, since after hearing this song I just wanted her to shut up with this song. Sagg asc explains why she won’t though. Then again, I have a bunch of Pisces and all those labels, however she meant to use them, just have me freaking out. Specifically, “Chola* descent.”

    “Chola descent”? Really? As Mex-American, I was a bit offended… I mean, really. She could have used “Chicano,” which means Mex-Am and isn’t derogatory. Sagg rising or not, she really should have had some Virgos or Gems do more research for her. That song just vibed lo-Sadge for me.

    *Cholo/a = Mexican(-American) gangsters/ghetto folks. Not every Mex-American would be offended by this, but some still would.

          • Here at work Mex/Am co-worker calls us chica or torta (I particularly like torta :) )

            But being from So Cal, no, cholo/a has a negative connotation. Do think she was tying to use it in a positve way but perhaps ga-ga tries too hard in some regards to be cool and sticks her big fat Sagg/Aries foot in her mouth, in ignorance even.

            I’m from the Madonna era and in fairness to g-g, we thought Madonna was trying too hard to be like Marilyn Monroe.

            Just read today Katy Perry wanted to be like Jennifer Lopez. Suppose it goes on and on.

            Maybe I should have tried to be the next Liz Taylor. Maybe I’d have heaps of diamonds and a string of men… :) And an Oscar or two!

            (Do think Justin Bieber getting more good looking as he looses his baby face a bit. I really only caught a glimpse of the Grammys last night)

    • Where I’m from that word has a negative-stereotypical slant to it.

      Anyways, I don’t listen to her music (its not that original, people) so I’m not aware of these things.

  4. that was really weird… I was watching four corners about wikileaks, and manning the guy who has been arrested for leaking documents and they were reporting how he named his cd’s Lady Gaga…. and the synchronicity was surreal, at exactly the same time I opened this thread for the first time today…

  5. Her new one sound’s like “Express yourself” by Madonna, I like her swagger but musically I think she’s very’s nice to have a rock star pop star on the scene!

    • Yeah. Music boring. Fashion is shock value and unappealing even on her. Don’t get the mass fascination

      • I agree. The lengths she goes to, to be noticed and ‘different’ comes across to me as a bit sad. I don’t think people will forever be intrigued by the predictability of her attention-seeking ways. I know it’s a bit morbid, but I predict a self-perceived Marilyn Monroe-esque early death will follow from an inevitable loss of relevancy.

  6. Gaga is a hard worker and talented. I think she also tries to make pop rock into her life art and I kinda respect that! Not really so fascinating to me, but I appreciate her ‘now-ness’ (like I know what that is! Went to a pub for the first time in three years the other day).

  7. Saturn in Sag may have a hand in her artistic flair..serious and yet super innovative.
    I have Saturn in Sag in the 12th house and I always feel as if I am incubating something.

  8. i actually love this picture of lady gaga!! this is quite normal for her norm. i’m in love w/an aries man….. but your daily tips hav been helping me mucho :)

      • yeah I’m a pisces with a moon in libra and rise in capricorn…. and been in love with this aries guy for 3years now…. smh… DRAMA FILLED!! like lady gaga’s bizzare outfits!! yeah mystic sends out daily emails and the horoscopes thats provided for her services.

  9. I actually don’t find her creative at all :( I think her voice is beautiful, but the lyrics are Fergie-terrible. The only thing I see in her is the capacity to steal other people’s features and make them look like her own, and now. Moves (Kylie Minogue’s), Madonna’s pantless suit, the meat dress, one eye make-up and illuminati references… However, eventough I couldn’t stand 5 seconds of Poker face, now I could listen to it a couple times, I guess she will grow on me somehow.

    • Yes, she’s highly unoriginal, but you know that people that are buying her crap are the younger generations (my gen, unfortunately), who haven’t seen anything like it. Or, they’re people like my 44 yo dad who seems to have forgotten Madonna and thinks Lady Gaga is “cool.” (I swear, Libras and their need for what they think is trendy… Or is that his Gem rising?)

      • I’d point to the Gemini rising, since I’m a Libra sun. I’ve just listened the “I’m a Libra-Scorpio” line for the 6th time this year… my Sun-sign needs to be defended.

        (Why, people prefer to be Scorpio than Libra?? And that includes you, Natasha Khan)

      • I’m Gemini rising and not into trends whatsoever…at all…

        Hell, I am a trend ;) (joke)

        But younger ones, perhaps.

  10. Just for the fact that she’s justing being herself and is out there doing it in her work and didn’t settle for a some ol’ job is huge. Great for GaGa.

  11. Not into Lady Gaga, but I don’t see how her song is that much like some song Madonna made.

    Also it’s a very catchy song, but the word “cholo” is just yuck… I mean she might have just as well used more derogatory words for everything else too.

  12. I can appreciate her drive and artistic flair, but being a child of the 80’s I’d agree with those who favor Madonna over Gaga. Musically, I think she is far more talented. But Gaga is still young. It’ll be interesting to see if she can maintain her popularity and relevance for as long as Maddona did. Maybe in 10 years there will be people saying, “Oh, her early stuff was alright, but I much prefer her later work…when the shock value wore off.”

  13. In the world of Lady Gaga every day is halloween. Trick or treat? I’m no longer a fan…she’s become too much of a freak show. She should be on the cover of BIZARRE.

  14. Mystic and music industry peeps
    Has anyone else come across that she is not actually said year of birth and twas changed to much younger year as to create greater following?
    more like 1974?
    Designer I know swears it from NY camp
    of course it could be bollucks, but it makes a lot of sense on her timeline of things completed in such young years with large finance backing. I am not anti gaga but I am curious to know if anyone more connected has heard this?

  15. HOT!!
    een her live & get her – even if new song;s a sad Madonna has-been – La Ga’s gonna be around for a while.

    LOVING yhr (denim?) McQueen get up in this above shoot…. am yet to check out in depth – but atta glance – hotness inc!!

    PS yeah yeah yeah my dad said the glam rockers were crao, gay & should be locked up …. mom just called him narrow minded & utterly mind-set!!

  16. She has a really good voice, but I will say that this is one Saturn in Sag (with Uranus conj. and a Cap Rising) who does not care for her music. It’s processed junk marketed for sales….like almost everything else out there today.

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