After Shock

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This new Earthquake is just awful…Hideous.

Amidst reports of people screaming from trapped buildings etc, i’m not in the mood to do my scheduled frivolous & surreal rants; they will be back tomorrow.

Meanwhile, please share your thoughts/emo on the quake here if you like.

The astro? Oh god, i sigh. It’s Jupiter sq Pluto which i have been saying is like a little omen of the bigger Uranus sq Pluto in July-August. If only we could just keep it to the over-throwing of tyrannical regimes etc, yes?

This is a mega-bimbonic query but does anyone know if earthquakes are linked to anything eco (as we know storms are) or is it just geo-thingie fault lines exist and crap happens?

SO sad.

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  1. Just ghastly and my prayers to them.

    Mystic, being on the San Andreas fault here in California, from time to time I click on this link just to see what has been going on.

    Us, like New Zealand, are part of The Ring of Fire in the Pacific and it’s particularly vulnerable to plates shifts. As far as eco, I don’t know.


      • New Madrid for me, supposedly changed the direction as well as the course of the Mississippi long ago. Have had 2 noticeable quakes in recent years.

        • Yes, notice that yellow dot there in middle of U.S? A small quake in Arkansas for cripes sakes.

          Yes George, had commented about a tremor I’d felt just recently one morning. Mom and me had an emergency stash….battery operated lanterns, 10 gallons of water (should have more of course…three gallons per person, per day I believe it is). A wind up radio that would not need batteries, cash on hand. I’ve been meaning to get protein bars and drinks/non perishables stocked up rather than just the normal pantry items.

          Also had a battery operated water bottle with a fan for Mom as it gets so hot in summer here and she would have been stuck in her electric recliner had the electricity gone out and I not home.

          • Oh, and we each had (I still do) a flash light in our nightstands. Just some hints for others but they say quake here overdue.

            • We too have an earthquake kit. I’d also mention extra batteries and food for the kitties. Also, having an agreed upon meeting place or a person out of state who you can have as a relay person.

              • Good points George. Taking into account about the astro omen Mystic mentioned I’m not fooling around and getting my stash restashed asap. Was in the quake of Sylmar 71′ 6.6. Slept with my bible (was a teen) and scared crapless.

  2. Horrible, scary, wonder when Melbourne is next on mother nature’s clean out list. Oddly, some latent dyslexia thing in me keeps reading “Earthchurch Christquake”.

  3. My mum’s a geologist and she insists this just just happens. The earth is moving, doesn’t matter who/ what’s in the place that’s moving…

    • Yeah I don’t see that quakes are particularly related to climate change and other eco issues, astro ones though often seem to tie so who knows.

      Sad, sad, sad to watch.

  4. omg. I’ve been getting the ‘tower’ card in spreads today. Prayers going out. Our Mother earth is always shifting and moving. There are faults where the earths crust will sortof submerge under another, and another kind where they are side by side and the the friction will move horizonatally until it snaps and gives away. Sweetpea is right, there are certain areas such as the ring of fire where the earthquakes happen more frequently. Seems I read somewhere once there would be an ozone buzz and funny lights in an area as well as animals picking it up early. I will be back with a link if I find it.

      • Yesterday on a remote New Zealand beach, 107 Pilot Whales beached
        themselves. Non were able to be saved.
        This is a sonar reaction warning before the earthquake according to that
        site mentioned.

        • omg, thanku pegs for that non-mainstream info!

          The animals always “know” – they are in tune with M nature. Whatever your relationship with MN atm, u have to concede her power and her “take no prisoners approach” – i feel her fury – perhaps in revolt against much of our human injustices, eg, animals/crops/earth/our own pple!!

          Pluto in Cap (even on its own) plus square Uranus in Aries – DYNAMIC

  5. New Zealand is situated between two tectonic plates which makes NZ prone to up to 14,000 earthquakes per year usually not this bad.

    Remember the September one last year in Christchurch? Well that was one was bigger and it just happened to occur during a time when people were out and about (holidays maybe?) and not in buildings and schools. This one was smaller, just, but occurred at 12.51pm NZ time when everyone was heading back inside buildings from lunch or heading out. The aftershocks have continued making the rescue efforts difficult.
    I saw the first part of unedited footage on abc news24 & I was watching this guy lift up huge blocks of concrete with his bare hands & then he pulled a person out from underneath the concrete. Abc News pulled the coverage from that moment and the news reader, as everyone who had just watched it – including myself – I can imagine were just in absolute shock.

    • See, this is the problem with live rolling coverage. No editing. I hate seeing ppl in shock, quivering, seeing what’s happened for the first time, trying to assess their injuries, etc etc. It feels voyeuristic, not journalistic.

      But yes, I continue to watch – I just yell at the TV to leave the ppl to have their moment in privacy.

      • Ok I’m back from my ride! 8O

        I agree with you E – Girl! 8O

        I would much rather the media put the cameras down put on a hard hat & help the search & rescue team instead of sticking cameras in the faces of the wounded. It is just wrong… 8O

        • I saw the footage of the dude they pulled out of the rubble. I caught the bit where they were carrying him, face down, limp. He looked like a young guy, brown t-shirt, jeans, scruffy-looking… I’d hoped he was okay but thought it odd he was face down and being carried the way he was.

          Just now, ABC 24 showed the bit you were talking about a few posts back, B-Gem. Guys lifting chunks of concrete off a poor soul who was pale and limp – and wearing a brown t-shirt. It broke my heart. RIP, Scruffy guy.

          There are so many confirmed deaths now. It’s so so horrid and sad. Get the media out of there and let ppl recover. Keep the footage limited to helicopter-view only. Let photo-journos in to document it all but keep the live stuff away. It’s not a spectator sport, watching our Pacific neighbours go through this…

      • i saw the raw coverage today and it was shocking but interesting to see how much is edited out now I ‘ve seen the news whcih is also shocking and my heart goes out to our NZ family. my webmaster company is based there and they are the most lovely people ever to put up with my incessant questions.

  6. Like poor Queenstown hasn’t had enough earthquakes already! My heart just flies out to all the people affected. No doubt my wallet will follow when I find a charity worth giving too. Any suggestions?

  7. This earthquake is awful, because my best friend lives in Christchurch city centre and I don’t know how she is. She lives in a unit in a high-rise. I’m praying I’ll hear from her but I’ve only got an internet contact, no phone numer. This really is terrible, what with buildings collapsing and loss of life.

    • I can’t add anything to that LL. Just hugs to you and I’m going to do my meditation and ask for help for this suddenly nearly worn out, worn weary, emo wrung out world xxxx

    • Thanks for your thoughts, lovely people. I’m just sitting here in tears, as I have no idea when I’ll hear from my friend. Have packed in anything else, can’t concentrate. And for everyone else in Christchurch, it’s awful too.

      • LA, there is an Aussie hotline number 1300 555 135. Hoping she wasn’t in the city centre, which according to sbs news was the hardest hit, particulary Christchurch Press on Catherdral Square. thoughts with you and all. xx

    • LA – both phone lines and internet are out over there atm. My meditation/ healing vibes will be focussed on Christchurch. Blessings x

      • Yes, I thought the communication lines were down. I’ve posted a “search” item on Google, but just been watching footage on SBS, it’s appalling, absolutely appalling. Christchurch Press was collapsed and burning. thanks for the hotline number and I know my friend’s apartment block was in the city centre, goldfleece.

      • Yes, I’ve registered my friend, thanks, and I’m contacting another friend on the South Island to see if she can track down my Christchurch friend for me.

      • Brilliant, divine M. I’ve been trying to find a couple of friends there. Didn’t hear about the quake till today cause I gave up way too early yesterday and was in bed by 7pm. My heart truly goes out to everyone affected and their families, the tragedy.

    • I just heard, folks, that my friend’s okay! I suddenly remembered her Facebook page and found her daughter-in-law on it. Sent her a message and she’s just got back to me to say Lisa was out shopping and had just got back home when the quake hits. So she’s fine – what a relief, I’ll sleep so much more easily tonight!

  8. Not helpful for people under walls, but can anyone offhand remember eclipse routes of last 18 mos.? As for victims, I think about the children at school. Wishing for good news there.

    • Must explain at risk of sounding callous: severe earthquakes have some history of following eclipse paths. Chinas big quake comes to mind.

      But more importantly, I wish all in NZ safety and welcome reunions with missing loved ones.

  9. Confirming that tectonic shifts “occur.” There’s no predicting (except to within 10-100 years—if that) or stopping it.

    So sorry to see how bad this one in NZ is. Very upsetting to watch.

  10. *Hugs* to all the peeps who need them!

    Things like this remind us no matter how powerful we get with science and military dictatorships, we really are simply “fleas” on the back of a huge “dog” shaking his/her fur out.

    • yuh I have a feeling this year is going to be a constant reminder of “just that” …. sad as it is to see these visions of flooding and earthquakes and people in desperate circumstances, I guess we as a species are long overdue for a wake up call that we’re not “entitled” to a damn thing. That we’re here by the grace of nature and must start respecting the planet we call home.

  11. My mother came to tell me about this (she saw it on the news) just as I began reading the post. I can’t imagine how scary it must have been. Earthquakes are the freakiest things.

    • Yes T, I experienced quite a few as a small child living in PNG in the late 60s. Dream-like visuals now – ribbon roads, shattered mirrors etc but fortunately no highrise where i was so never felt life threatening.

  12. i just got back from yoga to this. So horrible. I just rang my sister to see how her partner is as he is from Christchurch and his father only just had a massive heart transplant. The family is OK but he is waiting on contact from a few friends who seem to be missing. Such a horrible feeling. Christchurch you are in our thoughts xxxxxxxxxxxx

  13. We booked tickets back to Christchurch last week. Have very dear friends there. One is fine, not sure of the others. I’m gutted, its my second home, having lived there in 2002. Don’t travel back for 4 weeks…. feel sick, and didn’t sleep last night at all. Was I tuning in energetically? After the floods, the cyclone, my body is on overload….

    • Hope all your friends are okay, postmodscorp, I’ve got a friend in Christchurch too, and I imagine there will be very worried Kiwis in Australia at this time. The latest I heard was an update from the PM that 65 had died, with more fatalities to come. Unbelievably sad.

        • Yup, heard last night from my friend’s daughter-in-law that she was okay. Heard from my friend today and – gulp – she was in her apartment when the ‘quake hit. Nearly got flattened by the fridge, trapped inside, neighbour finally helped her get out, block of units is a write-off. She is one mega-lucky woman. Have you heard from your friends, postmodscorp? Are they okay? Hope so, really do. It’s hearbreaking watching the devastation and grief. And you know what?

  14. Taurus Husband geologist says earthquakes are caused by various geological processes, and they are not connected to ecological processes.

    My prayers to all affected by this terrible event.

  15. Wow, a friend of a friend was predicting more natural disasters last night and said, think there will be another earthquake in NZ. She’s a earth goddess, Maori energy worker….spot on she was.

  16. I have friends from Christchurch, and last time I saw them they were saying the clean up was not finished from the previous quake – now this. Really sad. Prayers and good thoughts to all the victims.

  17. eclipses – the eclipse point that triggered the other one must’ve been triggered again. also super moons – I found them all and posted them on a post last year I can’t remember which one. if i could breathe i would probably vomit i can’t get through to my friends i don’t know what to do i really don’t know how to cope with this

    • felt that way during the brisbane floods when couldn’t get hold of my daughter for a few days and had no idea how she was, where she was or what the fuq was going on – she was living in one of the hardest hit areas Fairfield and it was damn scary and frightening. Good vibes to you and everyone else affected. *hugs*

    • I hope you get news ASAP, be strong, feel for you, there is NOTHING worse than not knowing *big strong hug* xxx

    • thanks both of you for your kind thoughts – you are my favourite stealth toro LL was nice to hear your voice x – awful stories but good news has come.

      Eclipse last year in cancer was over NZ – saturn uranus and jupiter squares that day, last earthquake aspected some of the angles of the eclipse chart. This time chiron and mars are conjuncting chiron and neptune points of that eclipse with some other ass-pects that are intense – ceres conjunct the vertex of the eclipse chart. All those big retro phases last year are being retraced by everything being direct now. 80 years since the last huge quake in napier so I’m guessing this is the beginning of NZ’s mega quake uranus returns. Christchurch was never considered a danger zone for quakes so maybe there’s a new fault line emerging. Same one that blew up the mine on the other side of the alps. Time will tell.

      • WOW. Thank you, Whatevs! Thought I remembered the eclipse path over the NZ but didn’t have access to my software.

        Those ancient people and their “superstitions” don’t sound so superstitious to me after this last series of quakes. Pluto in Cap is bringing new meaning to shaking foundations.

        Posted from a city who experienced a 3.8 quake last year –rare occurrence. Just looked it up: first big quake in 2008 showed up just months after Pluto entered Cap.

        Last year even experienced a 5.1 quake from the middle of my former state –150 miles away. REALLY unusual.

        All in the middle of the US.

        • no wuckers but I got it wrong – pluto uranus & jupiter were square the day of the eclipse in cancer 2010 and saturn was opposing uranus & jupiter + jupiter & uranus were conjunct in the 8th – 8th house of eclipse chart is at 29 aqua + chiron at o degrees pisces. Gives new meaning to the repetition and futility aspect of chiron transits. Maybe those of us who aren’t having a social upheaval will experience a physical regroup? Is interesting that earth stuff’s happening where you are too – in unusual locations compared to what’s usual. There’s some peeps in the north island which is nestled on top of the plates feeling quite edgy right now. Meanwhile lybia (almost typed labia) is pretty sad too.

  18. My 3 year old ‘white wind’ daughter saw 30 seconds of a report before I realised it was not looking good and changed over. She says.. oh, man slipped over.

    The very young children in our communities feel the distress and see the effect on their families, the kids at our schools were carrying massive anxiety with the recent floods/cyclone and I played with my son mixing blue paint and green paint with water. We are working our way through the elements.

    I want to go and lift the rubble. I want to be a hulk-sized hero and go helping.
    Much love.

  19. I dont have a T.V in my cabin i banned it … No radio, just the p.c and mobile . This is news to me and i do know a couple of surfers who live in Christchurch i met them i Tahiti last year, fingers crossed they are ok. As for why or what ? We live on the ring of fire. Its a numbers game. Its been building for centuries. My lil sis lives in Vanuatu and they have had so much activity in the last 12 months its not even funny. Tanna islands volcano is off its face spewing constant lava, pumice and fury and is off limits and has been for a while. All the little pumice stones you find washed up on the shore or your local beach was born inside this volcano the most active in the pacific ready to blow its stack at any time. Sis lives high on a hill with gentle rolling grasslands behind her house looking down into a deep lush valley. She has seen the actual earth act like wave moving through water in a 6.9 quake they had a few months ago and when i was there i awoke to find my bed shifted into the center of the room by a minor tremor during the night its surreal and freaky if you have ever experienced an earthquake let alone what the poor people of Christchurch just went through. Blessings to them all . P.S. California is next thats my insight, the BIG one and another smaller but still catastrophic one in Japan…. I will lay money on it .

  20. None of these natural disasters are “acts of god” as the politicians or insurance companies proclaim they are “acts of nature”. When will the powers that be learn that SHE is in charge and we are like fleas on a dogs back to the earth. All the manipulation by man is ” folly”. When Gillard stated in her heart wrenching address to the nation after the floods that “we will fight back and rebuild no matter what nature throws at us, we will overcome” i thought you silly bitch you have no bloody idea what you are saying…

    • agreed again regarding the empty rhetoric of Gillard
      (if this posts twice soz, initial one disappeared)

      • Well, I’ll be honest and say I felt the same thing when Anna Bligh (oops, mistype first go of Anna Blight, lolol) puked on about we are Queenslanders, we pick ourselves up, blah, blah, blah. Hey, we’re all Australians, baby, and we’re just the same as everyone else around the world who gets hit by a disaster, grit teeth, pick yourself up, dust yourself down and get going again.

  21. Adelaide in South Australia is on a fault line.
    A 5.5 richter scale in ’55 & mild one last year that just sounded like
    a mighty train going thro’ the house.
    Gaia shrugs & we weep & stumble.

  22. In you really want a spiritual explanation to these events then the ancient Chinese mentality does provide such a model.

    If an earthquake occured, or a river burst it’s banks, then the ‘explanation’ was that the Emperor/Empress was not in Tao. The Emperor/Empress would need to examine their consciences, etc, etc.

    Carl Jung was very keen on this explanation. This idea underlies Jung’s theories about synchronicity, and the reality of the psyche.

    This example, about an earthquake in China, is difficult to read out of context:

    The article goes on to say “Your Majesty [the Empress] must cultivate repentance in obedience to the warning from heaven… All older Chinese thinking was oriented in this way to the principle of synchronicity… Events in nature mirrored the psychological state of the emperor’s court”.

    • interesting … that follows contemporary spiritual thoughts that one’s personal world experience is a reflection of their inner conscience and belief systems. It follows then that extraordinary world experiences are a reflection of the mass global conscience. However that is pretty anthropomorphic – it may to some degree describe what we are seeing in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Syria … but not in sync with the possibility that the planet is an organism itself, with it’s own conscience and evolutionary pathway.

  23. This astro is giving me the willies, especially what’s coming up …
    Too much happening. Am heading home to Oz.

  24. It’s geothingie fault lines, and crap happens. It’s always happened, and it will always. Not really predictable. Very difficult for us to imagine, something we can’t control.

  25. Hey Mystic,

    Earthquakes aren’t related to anything eco, instead it is related to seismic activity off the faultlines. My brother is a geologist who trained in Christchurch and earthquakes can happen at anytime, …..What has happened is just awful and it could not have been predicted – (well scientifically anyway!)
    I’m in Auckland, and watching it on TV is awful!!!

    If anyone needs info or is looking for anyone the New Zealand number for help and info is:

    (064) 0800 779 997

    • Thanks Sara, calling girlfriend in NZ now to pass on number, she has yet to hear from 4 family memebers and quite a few good friends.

  26. Do some research on solar flares and earthquakes. The past few weeks have had us some of the most intense solar flares in a year or so. As a matter of fact, some scientists – well, not the most mainstream kind – link solar flares and the ensuing geomagnetic storms to earthquakes.

    In Russia, where I grew up, geomagnetic storms have long been considered actual phenomenon that affect people physically, as well. There are more heart attacks during severe ones, as recorded in the Soviet statistics. The most recent one – from a few days ago – knocked out radio stuff in China.

  27. My heart goes out to those who are suffering so much in this and other horrific events elsewhere. I feel like the images I’ve seen in recent weeks continue to tear out my heart and transport it to the places where people are suffering.

    Maybe one tragic way by which we are reminded of our responsibility to nature is to be reminded of our connections with others – by exercising the very human capacity for empathy – to feel for those who are just like us but for the brutal oppression they have bear at the hands of tyrants or the inexplicable course of nature.

    While it is time to reflect on effects rather than causes, there is some value in scientists being humble in the face of the overwhelming uncertainty that surrounds predicting the place, time and magnitude of such events.

    As a final note, there was a paper published in the journal Science in the late seventies that suggested a possible link between rapid climate change and volcanic (and seismic) potential – even suggesting the possibility that both might have a single extraterrestrial, that is astronomical, origin.