Your Most Surreally Inspirational Body Part Is…

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So Salvador Dali did the Lips Sofa based on Mae West’s pouty kisser.

Perfectly brilliant homage for a multi-Leo, yes?  Art-major-flattery-perpetual fame etc.


Someone’s got it in their private collection.

It would probably be an excellent casting couch, with plenty of opportunities for conversational leads.

So whether or not you are a Leo, which body bit of yours do you think would be most inspirational if a Renowned Surrealist Artist were to be depicting it?

Vanity can, remember, be healthy.  What else are you going to do on a Dark Moon in Capricorn?

Apart from the dental paranoia, Soul Restoration Serum and fat-hacking “research.”

So, which bit?  I’m just going with my eyes as they’re pale green and can look quite alluringly alien. Apparently.  Then again, i usually only date Aqua-men who are reliably bats.

169 thoughts on “Your Most Surreally Inspirational Body Part Is…

  1. A photographer friend of mine loved my small feet so much, he’d take pictures of them. That’s the closet I’ve come to that.

    I really love my legs. They’re not long or thin or anything special, really, but I work them out a lot and wear really nice stockings, tights, knee-high socks, etc., to show them off.

  2. My eyes are super large.

    My upper lip is a perfect bow shape.

    People like my hair.

    I think I like my eyes best, a window of soul thing. I judge others by their eyes (not in a beauty sense, but just what I see in their eyes).

    • Virgo Sun, Leo ASC, Cap Moon, Virgo Venus (but Merc in Libra so they do that thing I cannot remember the name of, but they can switch houses to take on traits of other)

      • Oh, and if we’re talking away from face. I have a heart shaped butt no matter what my weight! I never really “see” this, but it’s come up at times.

        • Okay, my Virgo need to provide exact detail is taking me over:

          for data posterity, I’ll say that maybe my Cap Moon provides me with good cheekbones? The older I get, the more prominent they are. I just took a picture of myself for Match (this is a humbling process…), and thought “holy cow, I never noticed how wide and defined my cheekbones are.” but “also thought, holy ____! I think I’m getting jowls!!!”

  3. I have expressive hands. I can’t talk without them;)

    I will be having a nap (the four earlies in a row are killing me. A room tidy, food shopping and maybe the gym, if I can fit it in. It’s been almost a week since I have gone and I planned to go on the way home, but my knee is playing up. Tired… would be good to do so, worried I will do more damage to myself by going.

  4. And we are talking SIGNS…Please…Sun, Rising or Moon…This will create a valuable database, no?

    Venus A Go-Go – my new Superfoods book (David Wolfe – unreal) says aloe vera juice is good for all that and it is. My kickboxing teacher said my kicks were way better after just a week of aloe vera. You add a bit to h20, tastes amazing and lubricates all joints.

    Also – msm powder….

    • Mystic, I’ve started doing superfood micronutrient meals in the mornings and it’s amazing. Pine pollen powder, MSM & bio vitamin C taken together, green powder, another ‘brown’ powder, and chlorella tablets, all about an hour apart, before having a smoothie with a superfood protein mix. It’s taken me to the next level. I get my giant aloe leaves 2ft long and fresh, and peel and put 1/2 a leaf into smoothies.

      Venus — add vitamin c to the msm to increase its effectiveness and don’t be afraid of large doses. It tastes nasty, but it should not just help but heal and increase your range of motion. Be gentle with the knee.

    • Thanks for the tip. I have a giant aloe plant… Do I have to buy the juice or could I used that? If so… How?

      • I love aloe. I severely burned my hand a few weeks ago and doused it in aloe for an hour—-completely healed. Before the aloe, I was thinking I’d have to go to the ER.

      • Just peel the green skin off with a knife to get to the gel inside and rub it on your skin or pop it in a blender.

  5. Well on my dark Moonie in Cap, Cappie Moon ultra productive…

    Washing, ironing, grocery shopping, prepping food for the week, paying my rent, writing a note to the landlord, calling dad and picking fresh fruits off the trees around here with Saggo. Fresh grapefruits so sweet knocked my socks off.

    Anyway, the eyes. blue or green depending on what I wear. Have been told have bedroom eyes but I have not used them in quite some time ;) (and I still don’t care to…)

      • SP , you have pisces rising, yes? The eyes being the windows to the soul and all…tres sexy.

        • No, Gem rising but wondering too, if since Aries rules the head and eyes are in the head?

          But getcha on the Pisces eyes thing. Never thought of my eyes as bedroom really. Aries Dad pointed that out as did one other guy (a Leo, Scorp Moon)…so well, I’ll use them now if need be….lol

  6. My wife makes me shave my legs so that she can enjoy looking at my well-defined calf and thigh muscles. And I reckon I have nice tight butt muscles.

    Mystic did ask, so am telling ;)

    • Sorry – super charged Virgo with Piscean Moon. No planets in Leo.

      Has anyone noticed that Cappies have divine cheek bones, lovely eyes and gorgeous mouths? I reckon that would be their best qualities. I’m wondering whether the actresses who played Wallace Simpson and Mrs Logue in ‘The King’s Speech’ are Cappies. Does anyone know?

      • Eve Best played Simpson and she’s a Leo. Looks very leonine actually, don’t you think?

        • Now that you mention it, yeah. She did have a different quality to Jennifer Ehle. More regal. I don’t mean her character, I mean her looks.

          I preferred Ehle to Eve Best but Eve Best is still hot. I don’t usually go for Leos … maybe because both my parents and one sister are Leos … Familiarity and all that ;)

          • Check out the Capricorn category for some awesome cap cheekbone examples – Marlene Dietrich is my personal Cap cheekbone archetype but posting a more contempo one later today

            • Ooh looking forward to that post Mystic. I love Toros and Cappys. ;) [not that anyone would notice *LOL*]

              And yeah – I’ve seen some of the Cap category cheekbones you’ve posted. I remembered them after I posted :D

            • Faye Dunaway is one of my favorites re cheekbones. I also love how she was the hyper-achiever career woman in NETWORK .

      • Don’t know about said actress but last lover was cap rising with all those qualities. Interesting..

      • Jennifer Ehle (Colin Firth’s co-star in Pride and Prejudice) played Mrs Logue in the Kings Speech. Wiki says she was born December 29, 1969….a Cappy indeed!

        • That’s her. I think she’s SOOOO hot! I knew she was a Cappy.

          She was my favourite actress in the whole movie. Not for her character, just to look at ;)

          [oh I’m such a boy!]

      • Since you mentioned it Herby…my eyes (marble green/brown) and lips get the most compliments. The only good bone structure I have is my hands. I do get told I look young for my age though. 4xCap LEO MOON.

        I can understand the wifey’s desires im a eyes, ass and legs luster when it comes to guys.

        • yes, love men’s legs! shoulders and jaws, too. Oh and hands!!!

          I could go on.

          Is it obvious I haven’t been around enough men lately???

    • A man ~must~ have well defined masculine legs for me Herbs. No wimpy calves. Just turnes me off.

      • Here! Here! Sweetpea,
        I don’t see the attraction with wimpy metrosexual types wearing skinny jeans with no FIRM ASS. Manly man only! A hot Aries type could toss me about anyday. Leo moon is showing :-)

        • oh dear, “toss me about” …you gettin’ me to thinkin’ I may have to crack out the bedroom eyes… :)

          • lol
            Just thinking…the Cap Melb/shag is Cap Sun, Aries moon ~ so similar to you in astro. He has great BR eyes too, likes to look at me intensely with them. Of course the Leo moon in me enjoys the attention ;-)

        • toss me about— yes, need to work on my heart shaped butt and figure out how to get bedroom eyes

      • Sag stellium ex had THE BEST legs evah, other ladies agreed, and a funny cocky walk with knees pointing out. I fell in love with that walk !

        I have high cheekbones, Cap ASC, but pro model type photographer used to call me the “hair girl” (his daughter was my bridesmaid but he couldn’t ever remember my name ?) that is probably my best feature. Venus conjunct Jupiter in Leo.

          • O0o0h the Pisces/Leo-Mars Moon/Pisces rising (but 28 degrees so I considered him Aries rising), was 6’2, legs to die for. And his walk and butt were criminal!! So, so masculine…ye-ouch

            Yes, afraid I got spoilt. He could put on weight tho (cuz Jupiter conjunct Asc I think) so I hope at 47 now that he has a paunch and is bald…. :lol:

            • oh yeah, the legs the walk and *the look* Scorp ASC, he had some serious baby blue bedroom eyes. resistance is futile.

              haha. So I gotta question… since N Node conj ASC is tall, what is N Node conj Nadir ? wide ?! LOL.
              No really, wondering !

              • Hmmm good question. Gdaughter has NN conj Asc and looks like she will be tall like her Dad. 9 years old but longish torso.

                Yeah, the Leo Moon had a cocky type walk but I found it quite sexy. Notice Prez Bam-Bam is Leo and he sorta holds his head up at times like he is scanning his subjects. Pisces/Leo did something similar as he walked…

                One time, I was spying on him as knew he was cheating and there he was, walking along with that walk and head up. I wanted to smack him down… :shock:

              • I have NN conjunct nadir.,,,I am not wide. I am curvy, always have a waist even when hugely pregnant. At times have gained weight easily but seemed to have settled at a nice size. solid bones and muscle size.

              • Thanks ff~ I have N Node conj Nadir too, just threw out a line to see what I would catch ! Sounds like you and I are similar in body shape, I am of average height also. Well except in the 80’s when big fluffy Leo hair was in :D
                oh just looked, Bon Jovi- Aqua stellium with Uranus in Leo

              • OOoo Sweets, you should have ! I had one of those too. Dared use those come hither eyes in front of me on another gal. Arg. Ignorant fool (his neptune 1st, perhaps) could not see I was reading him like a book. haha got my Toro Moon snorting and stomping, and that is a seriously. bad. idea. lol

  7. My brain could inspire a landscape, a vast, vast, everchanging world….lol.
    But for vanity’s sake- My lips and my instrument-playing fingers. These are the touchstones of that blur I live in between illusion and reality and I find them beautiful to watch. Is that vanity or narcissism?

    Dark moon in 11th house and I’m doing f* all. Rescheduled work to daydream and take notes.

  8. As a Sun-Venus-Sappho-Aphrodite Crab I was not blessed with well rounded or big breasts..(I dont know what happened there??) but I do have a well rounded and a handful of butt….courtesy of Moon-Uranus-Neptune in Saggi.. lol

  9. My eyebrows & my teeth… 8O

    It is one the most commented features I get from people. I have a brow that kind of sticks out & a bit of forehead that probably draws it out too. 8O
    *raises one eyebrow*


    My gappy teeth! I have a big gap in my front teeth which everyone notices but my teeth are just gappy… :D

  10. My eyes which are a light blue than can appear steely or like a petrol colour.

    My small, round and perky breasts (which are still defying gravity, despite my advanced age.

    Lower lip and mouth is quite sensual as well.

    Quirky eyebrows.

    Gem sun, aries rising and taurus moon.

    • Oh and my hands. Long ‘piano-playing’ fingers that people often comment on. My photography lecturer when I was 18 who had been a successful fashion photographer in the 60s and 70s told me I could be a hand model. LOL

    • Quirky eyebrows…hmmm.
      My mother and I have good eyebrows, she Jup in Toro, me Moon. Sis is Toro ASC and has v. hairy arms. We had this old nickname for an old b/w photo of us 3 girls: the hair bear bunch. omg hilar Mom in beehive, Sis in hippie long straight middle part, me short boy cut ~ Give me down to there hair !! shoulder length or longer !!

  11. I don’t have anything nice to look at or inspirational. :/ Born plain I’m afraid.

    I had to work on many things too (like exercising) or artificially alter them to look decent (like hair dye or contacts) . I think the least ugly thing is my shoulders at the moment.

    Libra Sun

    • I am sure you have plenty of really gorgeous features. You’re just a Libra so you can’t make up your mind which one ;) :D

      • Thanks Herby! It’s not that I think I’m ugly with a Capital U, but my sis the Pisces got all the good stand-out traits–big soulful eyes,perfect nose, great brows, pale skin, dark hair, etc… Unless I employ some artifice, I look like the wall. Utterly forgettable.

        and thank goodness for artifice! Otherwise I wouldn’t stand a chance! :)

        • I’m with you Fox. I have nothing. Nada. Have thorougly depressed myself now :( I think I’m going to the powder room to have a cry. Or re-apply my red lipstick

          Taurus sun Gem rising Aqua moon

          • Not that I’m partial with the Gem rising LL ;), but it’s said that they have high foreheads (not me particularly) but it’s because of those slippery brains plus a twinkle in the eyes.

            Add in a little charm and wit and well, sure you have something going on there!

            I have a widow’s peak and so at times when I’ve worn my hair back up offa the face, I’ve quite fancied myself a temporary queen of sorts…hehe.

            As a pre teen I hated my widow’s peak and actually shaved it off!

              • And LexLimbo–there’s nothing wrong with a little (or a lot) of red lipstick. You’ve seen pics of Marilyn Monroe without makeup right? Very plain, or just normal. But look at her legacy.

          • Sorry…didn’t mean to depress you like that. Take heart that both of us have mutable Ascendants so that means we’ll look young or be young at heart for longer than everybody else. :) We can be young-looking/acting and invisible.

            This is the first time I’ve thought really hard about a question Mystic asked. Most of the time I can come up with an answer instantly lickety-split, but this is something that has stumped me. It’s actually made me feel a little emo. I may be a Libra but I’m normally hella decisive unless it is about what to wear or what to eat at a restaurant…tiny things. It’s occurred to me that no one has ever said I have a nice anything that was actually natural on my body ever and I’m like 40. Ever. Not even my parents. :( I get compliments all the time and I’m not fishing for them now, but it’ll be stuff…like “hey nice hair colour!” or “nice shoes!” or you “look like you lost some weight” or a generic…”you’re cute”…. but that’s all, none of that is actually me.

            • OMG – shazaam! That’s what I get too. The “look” I have attracts comments all the time. The clothing. Shoes. blah blah blah. Totally get what you are saying. It works for me, I make the most of what I have but essentially feel meh when I’m completely au natural. Am happy to schlep around but feel ugly & invisible when I do. Which is fine. All in all, I TOTALLY identify with everything you’ve said above. I’m not alone – yay :)

              Hitting 40 this year & no one believes it. Especially mself! Refuse to act my age, wouldn’t even know how to…

              • Sounds like you both have style. May not be a physical feature as such, but something from inside that let’s you shine … or not, as the mood takes you.

  12. I think that curve of my waist and swell of my hips, especially when lying on my side. Then, it is my favourite part of most women…

    Or my eyes, which are green and apparently feline. Steely if the mood so takes me. My son has inherited them (in cerulean blue *sigh*) and they came with the Withering Look Of Death, must be in the DNA.

    Or my pixie ears, which are set high, slightl pointy and, er, noticeable. I love them when they stick out through my mane.

    Aqua sun, Leo moon, Taurus rising

  13. Been told my mouth is really hot. Men seem to like my butt and lower back. Eyes deep blue – ex hubby loved them.
    Aries Sun, Cancer rising, Sag Moon.

  14. known for legs but its not my fave bit. I have a long gradating torso and neck so I would do man-ray back piece. Failing that dali could just make me a vagina couch

    gem asc- scorpio-sun-merc-uranus sagg moon-venus-neptune

        • This fly would be trapped in a couch of that shape. I’d never get up off it. Actually, my wife might like that – might mean I sit still for more than 5 seconds instead of driving her chilled out Toro self crazy with my wriggling … (she has her own couch so that she can chill in peace).


    • Haha I’m a Scorpio Sun w/ Cap moon and rising and I said my best feature was my Mound of Venus…. True. Oh and I have Venus in Scorpio, is that relevant to the discussion?

        • Front porch. Damn this puritan predictive text keyboard. Yesterday he wouldn’t let me write anal, kept inserting analog. Today he’s afraid of front? Aha- doesn’t want me to say front bottom . Deliver the Front bottom couch on the front porch please..:)

          • me wants one delivered too. I could model for said couch now I have been shaven by the sparkly gem/kataka over the weekend. Quite a jolly time we had and all is well. ( did my aqua rising just say that?) i have been complimented on my long neck . love a good neck pash anyday – giving and recieving of course

      • Where can I buy one of those? Think it would shock my parents when they come to visit ;)

        Mind you, not as much as finding a real dildo when helping me moving house *ROFLOL at the memory*

  15. Could I re do the Mae West couch with my avatar here and go teeth with void?
    Or vagina with teeth couch and lips

  16. i’ve had past lovers swoon about my
    a. ski jump nose
    b.feet (apparently very good looking/symmetrical?!)
    c.teeth (small)

    perhaps just weirdos? ;)

    but i personally think my eyes (very dark) are the best part. oh and i like my wrists- compared to the rest of my (quite athletic) body, they are very dainty and thin.

    Sagg sun-venus-neptune/aries rising/aqua moon

  17. As a Taurus, obviously my formidable feet are most surreally inspirational. I once put a photo of my bare feet on my blog, and I got hate mail.

  18. I’d have to go with eyes, which are blue-grey with a dark green ring around the iris. As inspiration to a Surrealist I’d imagine them being painted as churning, frothy seas, full of mysterious creatures being stirred up from the depths and spilling out in waves like a primordial ooze. Not so much cute little colorful fish, but the freaky sorts that have adapted to a life where the sun can’t reach.

    Scorpio Sun, Venus, Mercury, Mars
    Leo in Jupiter

    Been reading “Maldoror and The Comte de Lautremont” by Isadore Ducasse. Dark, satirical, misanthropic and heavily influenced by Surrealism. Perfect reading for a dark moon. ;)

  19. Lips and eyebrows. My lips were once described as long and flowing; my eyebrows as enthusiastic and talkative. Cap sun, Sagg rising. No high cheekbones though, probably because of my Taurus moon.

  20. My breasts are Fab. Even after 2 children and feeding for 5 years straight, admittedly are a little lower, ok a lot. But they are still fab. My Cancerian hubby adores them, which helps!!

  21. Libra Sun, Libra Ascendant, Aquarius Moon – my eyes. I get lots of complimentary remarks about my eyes. And my short hair. I took five years to get it long, went into a top hairdresser and asked for a layer look, and watched in stunned silence as he cut the lot off to very short. Best thing ever, once I recovered. Cool, comfortable, easy-care. I cut it myself now & get asked lots of times who my hairdresser is. And I also get lots of compliments now I’ve started dying the front part purple. It’s great, not the compliments, but because you get talking to people which I love. People are just lovely (well, most of the time).

  22. My legs and butt. A gay man once said I had a such great arse (like a mans) and even he found it attractive. And a straight man said that I had the best shaped bum he had ever seen. And men do love my legs. Note to self maybe show them off and I might actually attract someone!
    Gem sun Cancer asc Libra moon.

    Ps. I have swoon for nice noses, hands and collar bones.

  23. Aries Sun, Pisces Rising, Gem Moon.

    Mainly complemented on strawberry blonde hair.
    Back before having 2 children it was most definately arse !!! but umm ..those were the days my friend !! it’s now a size above what it was and i’m working on it (losing it that is) !

  24. Double Cap Moon In Taurus : My Large Bedroom Eyes, Crazy Curly silvery Hair, Large Lips . Hands Long Fingers , Touch is important for me i am a Feeler .

  25. actually . . . my boobs OR my cha cha
    my eyes and hair are nice, but the menfolk are way more interested in the boobs and the cha cha

  26. My brain. Personally I find it a bloody liability but that’s probably coz I haven’t worked out how to drive it properly yet and keep bunging the wrong kind of fuel into it.

    When I work out (which I haven’t been doing at ALL – me bad) … then get a lot of comments re the legs. That and the ten pounds of curly hair.

    Crab sun, Gem asc, Sag moon

  27. An arts events journalist once described me as having “earthy eyes.” She was probably picking up on all my Virgo. I was a little miffed though she didn’t make that “piercing eyes” which I think is my birthright as a Scorpio rising

  28. Eyebrows – I very defined, arched brows, which I use like italians use their hands. No conversation is complete without the eyebrows. and the penetrating black gaze I own…

    Altho I was once told by a beauty therapist she wouldn’t dye my brows so dark….. ummm, they’re natural!?!

    And my waist – I have a classic 50s silhouette. Over the weekend I tried on a classic 50s high waisted skirt – ended up 2 sizes below my normal size as my waist is insanely narrow. and my hips appear massively wide in comparison – so size 10 waist, 14 arse and hips. Sigh.

    • I also have a tiny waist and curvalicious hips/bum. 10-14. Makes finding clothes that flatter a challenge XD

      • LB, me too. If i simply must have them i put a safety pin in the waist and the bum wears out fast. I discovered Apple Bottoms a few years ago but am not always aiming for a Jenni from the block look.

  29. My eyes .. blue and piercing. I’ve had people tell me they feel I’m looking right into their souls, even when I’m just discussing the weather! Must be the double scorp thing.

  30. i am, quite frankly, a surrealists dream. i am tall and viking-esque, except for my bone structure, which is all native american cher-like (pre surgeries) cheekbones. i have fair coppery hair and golden freckles, and dark grey eyes with a hazel starburst at the center. i have delicate eyebrows, a full, wide, and shapely mouth, and a large, but delicate, eagles beak of a nose which saves me from being just another cookie-cutter blond. i also have a facial birthmark, for that extra bit of strange; a light brown inverted triangle about an inch wide and 1/3 of an inch high positioned above my right eyebrow.

    all that said, i also have a spectacular ass. i was a ballerina for years, so my legs are still pretty fine, and my rear has literally stopped traffic.

    oh yes, and fuq modesty, while we’re at it.

    virgo sun/taurus moon/cappy rising. venus and mars in leo. approaching my saturn return. :)

    • Like Herby said, Mystic did ask afterall! lol And besides, with all of us here, what’s not to love?

      Cancerian daughter/Scrop rise has a very distinctive birthmark on her right chin line a ways back. I think it quite charming.

      • i LOVE my birthmark. and in many cultures, facial birthmarks are signs of divine favor or of distinctive status. :) so your daughter is extra-blessed!

  31. When I was born, my mother’s obstetrician was quite impressed by the shape of my head. It is still quite nice with no funny bumps or lumps.

    (Aries ASC conjunct Saturn)

    The other feature that comes to mind are my eyes. I have much darker eyebrows and eyelashes than my hair and eyes that are that dark blue of newborn babies’ eyes. Mine never changed despite the fact that I have one parent with very light grey-blue eyes and another with cornflower blue eyes.
    (Aries ASC, Kataka Sun, and Libra Moon)

  32. I’ve always felt that my clavicle/shoulder/neck area is incredible sexy but I mostly get compliments on my legs (I’m a Sag girl) so either or.

  33. Actually, what’s really supertremendous about this thread is that so many people are seeing great things about themselves and SAYING it. How supercalafragalistic (spelling???) is that? What a fantastically brilliant-looking bunch we are!

  34. I’m skinny and have a long neck. My collar bones stick out, kind of pronounced against that dip at the base of your throat. So that bit. In fact I have a weird (lovely) me as alien painting that accentuates that bit (and my pointy chin)

    That or my shoulder blades, which wing out quite dramatically when I put my arm up behind my back. Good inspiration for furniture that bit I reckon.

  35. Mine would be my waist to hip ratio. Size 10 swells to size 14. My husband finds it fascinating.

    Libra with Pisces rising…

  36. saturn conjunct sun…..chiseled collarbones and high checkbones.
    My collarbones are sculpted.

  37. Ok, so you asked.

    My whole body. I am straight out of the 1940’s. I am so not noughties, I am not a waif, I have all the bits where they should be but i am pretty slim. All my life I have had comments, from random women (God i wish i had a figure like yours), good friends (how come you got all the tits),artistic boys (you have hands down the best body I have ever seen ), women in department store brassierre fitting (you have an amazing figure but we can’t fit you because your back is so small and your front is….), old Cuban men (legs and arse – and you can dance!), young women(how come you look so good in clothes)

    it took me years to realise that this was mine tho! A coupla years ago I was walking along a part of my local tropical resort looking at this chick up ahead, thinking badonka donk, that chick is outta sight, what a figure, what legs, wish I looked like that in a bikini, and she moves beautifully, jealous etc… get up close and I’m walking towards a huge sheet glass reflective window. That was me. That IS me. Wish I’d understood this in my teens.

    My favourite story though occured in my mid twenties. Waling up the street on a hot summers day i passed two very elderly men, one in a wheelchair with his friend pushing him. i saw them on the way down to the beach. On the way back from the beach I passed them again. I walked past and a huge wolf-whistle followed me. I turned around and there were these two 80 years olds grinning at me. The one pushing the wheel chair said ‘We’ve been waiting here hoping you’d come back (I’m sure not, they were probably just winded). The one in the wheelchair said ‘I can just see your legs, and what legs! i haven’t seen legs like that for decades’ Then they apologised but didn’t mean it and told me that I looked like an old-time pin-up girl.

    I love compliments from really old men!

    Gemini sun, taurus rising. You DID ask, Mystic. It DID take me years to learn how to be even a bit vain!

  38. I guess my smile. My teeth are naturally straight and my lips are fine (separately I have seen more beautiful lips), but somehow the smile works! Right cheek-to-teeth-to-gum ratio? Though I am not sure what a surrealist would do with a smile.

    Funny, erm, I was nearly the face of Taco Belle in Oz. After the shoot was done (the photographer was then-boyfriend’s step-dad) the franchise fell through.
    I was never so relieved by anything that much in my life. I had just found out there going to be billboards with my face on it and I completely freaked out and hit the road not long after that.

    When I was slenderer I loved my arms, not that anyone else commented on them! Leo Sun, Gem Rising, Scorp Moon.

  39. Oh, and the time in peak hour lunch time in Melbourne, crossing Exhibition street, summer, me in short tight dress, again early twenties, sports car runs a red light, u-turns across busy intersection, comes to rest right next to me, gorgeous guy staring at me. He says, ‘You look absolutely amazing walking down the street, wanna have lunch?’

    Sadly, he had a voice like a de-testicularized goose. There’s nothing I hate more than bad voices in my menfolk. If you don’t have a deep, beautiful voice, there’s simply no hope for you. So I turned him down.

  40. i would go for my hands – long, delicate, slim fingers, very cold to touch (oddly, i am proud of that) or the general shape of my body – again, longiline, waifish like …

  41. If we’re talking face, I’ll go with lips- they’re a perfect bow-shape. And us Gems tend to have pretty mouths, yes? I am not so photogenic, but I do quite like my smile…I have gotten many compliments on it.

    Men seem to love my ass. I’m an all-around slender girl,but I got this badonkadonk, you see. Looks great in jeans…needs a lot of “upkeep” tho. So I like it better in the jeans.

    Personally, I like my torso a lot. Long-waisted…looks “statuesque” to me. I have a very narrow waist, with long, sleek abdominal muscles (now let me just lose this fat layer covering them, lol), curving into some nice hips. Makes clothes fit very well!

    I feel most lucky to be well-proportioned. Have had many friends tell me I look better in their clothes than they do.

    Gem sun, Virgo moon, Aqua ascendant

    • Agree DM, seems to be a mouth theme here with gems. Maybe it’s where all the action is ;)

  42. Oh, and on men….I look at shape of lips/smile, broad shoulders, and ass. OK….I am missing men but not quite ready for a new one yet!

  43. As a Leo, i am loving the healthy level of vanity in this thread. Embrace the vanity, people!
    For me, it’s always the legs that get a load of comments. Men and women. They are long and thin and I guess shapely. I am Cap rising.
    This reminds me of this WICKED article in Good weekend about Carine roitfeld. She was saying that she was not pretty, but had The Legs and The Eyes. And that we would always love Kate Moss bc she is ‘not beautiful’ but has an emotionally vulnerable quality like Marilyn Monroe.

    For myself, I love my height. I am 5 10, which for me is not TOO tall (sis is 6 foot) but tall enough that I can put on a statement heel and stride haughtily, glaring at all and sundry.
    Bane of existence = hair. It is naturally brown and curly and of COURSE I spend my life attempting to make it long, blonde and straight. Ah, the Leo/cap combo….

  44. Thought! Aren’t we all on MM’s facebook Like page? Let’s check each other out and discuss! ;)

  45. Tits. Kataka asc, moon & Jupiter.
    Eyes. Aqua sun, merc & venus.

    Combination always works on the male species.

  46. To inspire a surrealist artiste – I think perhaps my tits as they are very asymmetrical – pointing in quite different directions !!!

  47. Oooh, plugging back to this, sweet! Will exercise my Leo Venus and ignore the protests of the Virgo sun. ;)

    I get compliments on my eyebrows, though I know they’re not exactly body parts, hehe…
    My black eyes, well, they’re very, very, very dark brown, but in pics they still look black, like a Betazoid’s. (I think I’m half Betazoid and half Vulcan anyway, which fits my astro too) Fantastic for channelling the Scorpy rising stares, or staring right through persona non grata types.
    My dimples – again, not exactly body parts, sorry.
    Cheekbones – thanks to my momma *and* paternal grandmomma.
    I have a birth mark (darker pigment type) in the shape of a love heart.
    Have been complimented on my legs, which was like, wow thanks, completely a surprise!
    My hair – black as, thick but not coarse, with a natural kink (my hair magician said ‘even your hair is kinky, hon!’)
    And Dali could do a combo homage to my brain and tongue, thank you very much :D

  48. Cliche Sagg here would say legs. 10 years of ballet & 10 of ‘on the dance floor’.
    My weight hasn’t varied more than 2 kilos since 20 yo so it’s a real dancers body,
    defined allover & slim. Peeps spot me for an ex-dancer immediatley or ask if i ‘do yoga’.

    But i like my green eyes with the topaz yellow bits (could be interesting to an iridologist
    but they might spoil it for me).
    Cap rising cheekbones were very patrician up until 55 but good if i smile.
    So i shall keep grinning from ear to ear for beneficail effects methinks :-)

    For a Surrealist…………my navel…… the centre of my world.

    • Oh, deeply envious of your legs. Mine have always been the bane of my life and now my right knee looks like crap due to severe damage. Treasure your legs, blossom!

  49. Most comments on my curly hair (think Shirley Temple) but my big hazel eyes have attracted more than a little attention and freaked a few out because their color changes.

  50. What a fun post!

    * My brain is surreal galore!

    * Sagg sun, Aqua moon, Virgo rising.

    Sagg: Curvy, muscular legs. Aqua: Eyes that are amber-green-dark blue from the inside and outwards. Virgo: Blemish-free skin, no ageing signs though I´m 36. Also: Constant statement hair. Distracting tits.