Weekly Scopes, Starring The New Aqua Moon Genius

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Joseph Albers – Homage To The Square

Weekly Scopes are up now – starring the super-fab New Aqua Moon, general harbinger of genius & infused with Mars qi.  Get your gorm on!

12 thoughts on “Weekly Scopes, Starring The New Aqua Moon Genius

  1. Can, umm, something in the coming weeks Aqua astro be happening now? Seems like a lot of the time especially in the dailies that it’s happened or I read a day ahead for tomorrow…..lol. Weird in how often this happens.

  2. Oh, spot on for Libra. Fixing up teeth, getting exercise into gear. Working on expanding in all directions. Go to the top of the class, Mystic.

  3. OH! Josef Albers is one of my heroes and anni too. So nice to find that pic on arrival mystic – thank you for another great pic.

    • And holy shit that scope is bang on for Libra I agree – am in the midst of a ball breaking fake it til you make it scenario having taken on a gig that’s meant I’ve had to do a crash course in some mad programming shenanigans – jove be with me – the fear is exhilerating. Fingers crossed cos I gots ta pay the rent.

    • Oh yeah, I love Albers, that is a beautiful image. I love seeing an Albers print or painting in person, there are usually subtle effects that can only be seen by the human eyes, firsthand, and at the scale Albers created it. That’s something I always tried to do in my own printmaking (ooh it’s hard).

      I remember when I found out my art school had an original copy of his masterwork “Interaction of Color” in their rare books collection, nobody had accessed it for 10 years. It was a big oversize folio box with folders of color theory exercises. You used a set of sheets of colored paper with specific values designed by Albers, you’d cut them up and overlay colors to experiment with the interactions. I did a few of the exercises and then he goes off into the wild blue yonder, I think I recall a color experiment that suggested the use of butterfly wings. I had a hard enough time finding the Albers color sheets.

      • Hey Seuss Charles I think I have book envy (venus conjunct mercury in Libra + gemini ascendant) – is hard to get a good Interaction of Colour, the printing is never up to it – they say the latest released version is good but I would LOVE to see a real one. Would also love to cop an eyeful of some of the last work they did – the posters or whatever it was, when they discovered printing in their autumn years. Such an inspirational pair.

        • Oh yeah.. It has been a long time since I saw it, but I am pretty sure the original Interaction of Color system was printed with solid inks mixed to Albers’ specifications, not the usual 4 color CMYK system. So the colors are strong, vivid, and flat. That’s Albers’ signature: colors that are strong, flat, and vivid. How could his book be otherwise?