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The Global Tree Project

This image, by Japanese artist Shinji Turner-Yamamoto – is obviously amazing – wish i knew his birthdate…born in 1965 is all i can get. So he is most likely a Snake in Oriental astro…i think he’s downloading Neptune in a really beautiful way. Don’t you think that seeing the roots of this tree (soz the pic is so small) is provocative? Like, what are your roots? The usually hidden-from-view ones that nonetheless allow you to draw sustenance? Trees are not so mobile, they get to draw their life-force from where-ever they are planted, obviously. So…what? They go deeper?  This makes me think of Taurus and that i hope they properly planted the tree used for this installation later. What do you think?

Tree-hugging is going to come WAY back into fashion with Jupiter into Taurus mid-year…It’ll be trining Pluto & sextile Neptune; valuable grounding for all the Uranus in Aries onwards blatting & techno-grokking. We may have flying cars or be able to check our blood plasma serotonin levels with a phone but we’ll be barefoot on the grass.

21 thoughts on “The Global Taurus Project

  1. Yay!! Bring back tree-hugging!!! I practise it all the time and ppl look at me oddly. Wha-ev-ah.

    I would LOVE my house to become overgrown with vines and trees. I started to cultivate a little green take-over down the side but apparently it’s no so good for the house structure. But wouldn’t it be pretty? Don’t know how that fits with my Cap sun. I’m supposed to like structures, not tear them apart with vines – but Pluto IS transitting…

  2. Yes, the exposed roots.. would hope the tree was planted later, properly. At least my Venus is Taurus hopes so. So love the grounding of Earth signs and Jupiter into Taurus, like you say will happen later, will be good for Uranus in Aries.

    ~Like, what are your roots? The usually hidden-from-view ones that nonetheless allow you to draw sustenance?~

    Undoutedly my Cap moon, Venus in Taurus and probably a biggie….Pluto in Virgo, on the IC opposite Sun/Mn midpoint in Pisces/MC.

  3. I found this quote on his website. Love the idea of creating a dreamworld for trees. :)

    “I saw a large uprooted oak in a park. It lay as if sleeping on a gently sloping grass-covered hill. When I returned a few days later, the tree had disappeared. In place of its roots remained a scar, a mound of raw earth. I envisioned a new tree growing on this mound.

    Like Inanna-Ishtar, goddess of Sumerian myth, I wanted to pluck this uprooted tree and bring it to my holy garden. I wanted the tree to lie and sleep, envisioning a new world like the dream of the world that emerges from the Indian god Vishnu’s navel in the form of a lotus flower.

    As historian of religion Mircea Eliade wrote, if the plant and we come from the same uterus, we are twins. We didn’t die from the separation, as do some conjoined twins, but, somehow we need to be together with them. In my Global Tree project, I try to heal our wound from this separation, and reopen our connection with trees, to be whole, and to have a new vision through them.”

    I also learned that the exhibit is made up of two trees, but only the one on top is alive and does need care and regular watering. I took an art class one semester that talked about “Eco Art” and the challenges and ethics of using living organisms in art installations. In one example an artist set up an installation that involved a large mound of earth that had to support living plants and flowers. The problem was that the city where the exhibition was being held was in the midst of a drought, so the artist had to get special permission from the local government to use enough water to keep the exhibit “alive”. Ironically, I think the purpose of the exhibit was to educate the public about preserving natural resources.

  4. Having planted hundreds of trees, and hugged a few myself, I must object to random strangers just going up to random trees and hugging. You haven’t even been properly introduced, and here you are, taking liberties with a tree that is probably older than you.
    You should at least have the civility to find the largest, King Tree in the grove and ask the Tree Deva for permission to play with his trees. It might take weeks of patient waiting to get an answer, but at least you asked, so don’t wait, go ahead and hug your lovely tree. But always ask the tree first if you can hug it.

    • That’s brilliant! I have often refrained from hugging trees though tempted as I have felt a stranger to the tree. Now I know my feelings were just courtesy I feel better. Thanks for the tip ;)

  5. Reminds me I need to get back to earthing on every earth sign moon as I used to do. Even with the snow on the ground.

  6. Very timely,Mystic, I spent half of yesterday tree hugging some giant gums (eucalyptus regnans if you must know) and still can’t wipe the smile off my dial. Sure beats caffeine :)

  7. Have always considered upright humans to be half monkey, ( bonobo or chimp ???) and half tree. Like trees we are dependent on sustanence from both above and below, and everything we do feeds back to both directions as well as fruiting karmicly all around in front of us.
    I often remind myself when walking that every step I make counts upon the earth, she feels my energy just as I can feel hers, then I try to imagine being so perfectly united thru my heart to the heavens and every step then is like massaging mother earth with warm, luminescent love. I wonder if she giggles when I’m stumbling drunkenly.
    If it turns out that my visions are all bull shitake, well whatevs, my motto has always been to choose your illusions wisely. Pisces rising * swims away on a ripple*

  8. There couldn’t be a better time to book in wisdom of the body/earth stuff, with pluto in Cap, jupiter in Toro, and when sun and moon get into kataka – whoah, I’m putting that new moon in my diary right now!

  9. Married under a huge Morton bay fig tree in 83. Ten years later when marriage almost ended we went back to the park and the tree was really sick, with dead branches being removed. We resolved to try to fix our marriage too. Another six years on my marriage was over and I returned to the park to find the tree gone as well. The synchronicity was so reassuring that I’d made the right choice. I hope they take good care of the tree too.

  10. tree hugging is awesome. Hugging a taurus (man) is like hugging a tree too, imho. Barefoot on grass also cures most ills….

    • haha – my sons dad a toro- he’s about as talkative as a tree – which can be nice, but i guess my scorp moon was too much trouble & strife for such a graciously silent man …

  11. Jupiter in Taurus sounds divine!! I shall eat loam and study tree doctoring. Don’t have enough good words to say about trees. When I meditate I often focus on the star chakra and the earth chakra and the more I do it, the more I feel the vibrations as so incredibly different. I feel closer to the trees and the planet since starting this practice.

  12. Barefoot on the grass sounds wonderful especially because it is freezing in NE US. Can’t wait till spring

  13. Every place i’v lived i’v planted a forest – for the shade, the fruits, the birds, the awesome grace & peace of trees – its my virgo venus the gardener i think. But sagg mars moves me on soon enough, so then i do it again !!

    And yes i plant them near the house too – to screen out next door & make shade – everyone lectures me about it but i don’t care – i choose ones that wont be too big & just cut them back a bit in winter – & in summer loooove the coool shade, don’t need air-con when there’s plenty of treeshade

    Currently have lemon lime orange jackfruit grumachuma cinnamon wampi pomegranate papaya davidson plum mulberry soursop & lillipillis in my backyard. Its what keeps me in the burbs – much as i hate having to own a car …

    If the radical pessimist’s predictions come true, at least we still have the backyard for fresh food …

    • That’s cool! An Aquarius is great at getting the fish out of water feeling across too maybe. Perhaps because they feel like aliens most of the time anyway?! This tree is certainly out of it’s element.