Sphinx Cairo On The Dark Moon


Leonor Fini  – Pagan Sphinx

My friend the Scorpio Sex Academic literally just got back from Cairo – it was a conference – and so i will be interested to hear from her about the situation in Egypt at some point…but as to the astrology, i would LOVE to have some fancy explanation…

I even checked the positions of the Ancient Egyptian asteroids – Bast is currently at 17 Pisces/Sekhmet the Lion Goddess at 8 Aqua/Isis at 24 Katata/Hatshepsut at 7 Pisces/Nefertiti at 11 Libra – SO as you know.

But i actually think this whole thing is like the warm-up for Uranus square Pluto mid-year. It’s forming from now & this rare situation is what i call the Zap Zone (search this site for previous refs to it) and i’ll be on about it increasingly in the future.

For now, my Daily Mystic email for subscribers is always Zap Zone central as if there is a single thing i think peeps ought to know, i’m lecture ranting re it & there is also some stuff re Uranus sq Pluto in the AstroScape 2011, Plutonic  and the Uranus in Aries Astro Confidential.

Thoughts? Emo? Dark Moon Rants?

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  1. The eclipse shadow of January 4 began over Algeria & travelled over North Africa did it not?

  2. There are rumors flying back and forth on which country is next in the region. I understand what is driving people, years of political repression coupled with frustration over poverty, unemployment. What I don’t understand is why Uranus – Saturn – Pluto zap zone of last summer did not shake up as the coming zap zone likely will.

  3. Maybe because Chiron is coming ?
    Chiron in Pisces – the sixties, new millennium style?

  4. Print money willy-nilly = Commodity prices rise = Food riots.

    Expect more food riots people.

    • i had an inner riot yesterday Andromeda, when the price of an iceberg lettuce was $4.99 in one store and $5.45 in another..

    • Agree Dromie. Another economic bubble to burst has been being created to make commodities go sky high.

      Meanwhile, heard Ahmadinejad (Iran) give his speech for support for the Egyptian populace. Had to turn the t.v down. Oh shut the hell up you hypocrite.

      Neferititi at 11 Libra conjunct Saturn square Pluto makes sense Mystic.

    • Agree andro, ‘a hungry man is an angry man ..’
      Lets hope that uranus aries sees more success for warriors for the people & democracy that means equality rather than the ‘freedom to make as much money as u can’

    • Getting used to eating two meals a day won’t happen without issue for western nations that’s for sure. I know get quite snippy when my blood sugar levels drop.
      The Uranus square Pluto time is tipped to be very interesting by people who don’t know much about astrology too. Interesting link for those of contrarian persuasion re possible times ahead. http://www.stansberryresearch.com/pro/1011PSIEND49/LPSIM181/PR
      I think I am getting quite contrary as I age. It must be the white hair I discovered in my hairline last week! Or maybe I got white hair from reading the article, don’t read it if you prefer a more upbeat viewpoint.

      I love your sense of humour goldfleece! I want to say you are a riot.. but anyways. ;)

      Does anyone know of a site/book that looks at Uranus Square Pluto and it’s effects throughout history? My Merc/Saturn in Cancer would be really interested to have some more information on this.

      Don’t be afraid to rant MM! I like it when you repeat yourself as there is so much going on, I need constant succinct reminders like you provide here and in the daily scopes as I am Gemini rising. Just purchased the Uranus in Aries Confidential, look forward to that one.

  5. Am gonna jump on my Neptune bandwagon again, grab your floaties-
    Neptune returning to point where it was first discovered raises momentum for oppressed groups in tidalwave uprising? Sorry am too lazy / busy dark mooning to scout for deets ATM but anyone else heard of this phenom ma namana?

    Mega magickal dark moon reflections and actions going on here, drawing board is like a temple. A rather messy one. Reward is hanging with a mob of fluffy kangaroos at sundown while they graze. Soooooo damn beautiful.

    • Think that’s a good point Fishy. Wonder what was going on back then. I’d research more too but just got back from “the errand run from hell” …lol

      Love your Roo watch and phenom manamana…. :)

      Wikipedia – “Neptune was discovered on September 23, 1846 by Johann Gottfried Galle, of the Berlin Observatory, …”

    • Not entirely a bad idea to get on the Neptune bandwagon, twinfish, but this is my take on it: Neptune rules oil and there is a legion of astrologers who keeps an eye on Neptune & Pisces events in the sky to predict the future of oil. Unrest in Egypt, as is true anywhere in the Middle East, stirs anxieties around the world about oil supplies and the resulting impact on oil prices. If the conflict continues as Neptune moves into Pisces, it will be interesting to watch what happens with oil prices.

      • Any excuse to for a price hike that might seem legit.
        I was having a discussion about how people are looking for the ‘one source’ of energy to replace fossil fuels. Bah! why not have many and then, if one source is not performing, there are back ups and then we aren’t rooted. So that would be wind, sun and a little bit of bio-fuel, so we still have enough crops to feed the world.
        Moderation in all things, I guess.

        And that is my 2 cents worth.

        • Absolutely, but that sounds a bit like co-operation and management with obligation and insight! Hooray, pluto in capricorn, maybe the monopolising of power over resources will be superceded. Then I get an image of the Chinese army in my head and the spreading influence of Neo conservative christian org called The Family and I think we have a long ways to go with this Pluto transit.

  6. This is not the fancy astrological explanation Mystic is looking for, only a simple psychological and philosophical observation. Comment on recent post was that Egypt is a Gemini. I can see that. The country is split between Muslims (as the majority) and Christians. (The vast majority of the population is also youthful, under 30 . . . v. Gemini). A Gemini personality split can become sound only through integration. That is in the psychological sense, with each side acknowledging the other and not condemning the other. Any further division and mutual abhorrence will only intensify the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde low-Gemini trouble that has erupted.

    • So if we build Egypt a big blogsite where it can share and disseminate it’s info to reconcile it’s twin self it will calm down and balance? I like it. Need a Virgo country to do it for them :)

      • I think you meant that for twinfish, Sweetpea – letting Egypt build a big blog site to aid in integration of its twin selves, now that’s a brilliant way to use astrology to solve world problems. Have the Muslims pretend their Christians for one day and vice versa too?

        • Both you are briliant, but being Gem rise, I particularly took to your initial “integration”.


        • a very uranian way also – need to get an end to the internet shutdown they’v imposed tho …

    • excuse me.
      this is (very very very late) but egypt is as much ‘divided in two’ as countries like the US are divided into thousandths when it comes to religious/cultural diversity.
      the idea that muslims and christians are at ends is exactly the idea that needs to be extinguished here to begin with. power of suggestion is all too powerful here.

      also, i don’t remember any egyptians themselves talking about problems between muslims/christians the time this was posted? i think we were all too busy with, idk, the REVOLUTION? and sure the country was divided into twos- except maybe for and against the revolution- which would be a lot more logical and less snark-inducing comment to make atm?

  7. Well after reading this:


    I have decided to trial veganism. Dunno if this is a zap zone Pluto/Uranus thing, but that article left me STEAMING MAD at the casual indifference human beings have to life on this planet.


    Originally I thought vegetarian – but wot’s the point if still consuming products that promote, and via apathy condone, unethical and cruel treatment of animals?? So bye bye meat, cheese and milk – soy you are my new friend. Oddly enough I have no problem with eating eggs as I don’t believe is a “life” – it doesn’t feel stuff. But I’m concerned about how the actual chooks are treated even tho’ I do only purchase free range.

    • Hi Prowlincrab (great new name),
      Just found out about a Vegan cooking class thru Macquarie Uni, it’s only one day, but there might be one in your area, and maybe a community college? I’m not Vegan myself, just vego, but a few friends are, so would love to suprise them and add into our weekly menu here at home too..the only off putting thing was it’s $160 and runs on a sat for 6 hours! . .it’s on the list when there’s a surplus splash cash!

    • I am lucky to buy eggs from my neighbour for $4.50 a doz. The big boon isn’t the price, it’s getting to chat with the chooks through the fence in the morning. I know they’re happy ladies.

    • It’s so disgusting. It makes me really despair that we have no alternative farming industry that we can support who can guarantee ethical treatment of animals from womb to the tomb. I am not a vegetarian anymore and I don’t have an issue with eating animals. I do have a problem with wholesale cruelty. I buy fresh soy milk from Chinese shops but I feel sick from Oat milks. If it makes me feel sick I ain’t giving it to my little kids. Anyone got any tips on where to source ethical animal products? I just can’t do vegan or veg, I don’t feel good on it.

        • Soz, I meant from the other post where you asked about what was happening with JA this is for you!! xx.

          • Re the Bobby calves.
            There was an ad & article in last Thursday’s daily rag.
            It made me sick to my stomach…..so angry as well.
            Am giving up milk in lieu of soya or coconut milk.
            Don’t eat beef anyway but not vegatarian either, but the article
            made me consider it again as was for many many years.
            Travelling stopped vegitarianism as often it was eat meat or starve.
            The poor babies. At least we KNOW now. Had no idea this happened,
            such blantant unacceptable cruelty.

            • I just tried rice milk – excellent! Nicer than soy milk in stuff like coffee with a much milder taste. Soy yoghurt excellent tho’.

              • Do give updates on your progress Prowln, I know you are a foodie like me so I am interested to see how it goes for you, I have been veg, but never vegan. (Gemhub calls me the Dairy Queen as I used to order cream with a dessert on the side..).

                I buy oat, soy and rice milk and try to either mix with dairy or have on its own as much as possible. I give the baby goat’s milk with fresh soy in a bottle with a smidge of honey and cinnamon – Tiger Milk I call it. He loves this beyond anything I have seen and wraps himself around the bottle and goes into a blissful nirvanic state… So can’t give up buying dairy entirely.

                We had veggie burritos for dinner last night and green tea! But we did have cheese..

                GemHub’s specialty used to be roast pork but we came to an impasse. He couldn’t source cheap free-range pork, so I banned pork from the house.

                I may have to commit to this when the kids are older as I just don’t have the energy to cook so many different meals and I am not going to make my kids vegetarians.

                Have read that people usually do respond to the food their ancestors have eaten best and as my husbands mum is Malay Chinese that is basically a food pyramid of pork, beef, chicken, etc. Hub finds my food a bit lacking in B12 and Lysine I daresay… He is type O, the hunter or wotnot on the blood type diet too…

                Have a Gemini friend who killed, skinned and carved up a cow ‘for the experience’ then ate it. He was vegetarian for many years and decided if he was going to eat meat he wasn’t going to be a hypocrite about it!!

              • Great as don’t like soya much, it curdles in coffee.
                As we both have Euro parentage, we LOVE good coffee.
                Shall take a calcium suppliment.
                Have taken an extreme dislike to peeps involved with animal
                production. Nothing produces such an anger in me.
                Dead people don’t phase me in the least, but a hit dog will bring
                me to my knees with hurt.
                Puppy farms & 250.000 pets put down in population of 20 mill in Oz,
                yet the English only had to do 25.000. That is some ratio!!!
                When i’m 80, gonna go out armed to the gills with amunition to
                destroy animal experiment labs.
                Ecco-terrorism is not a brand of coffee, i say.

              • Ditto with the vegetarian thing Pegs while travelling. I must say developing world have odd relationship with animals, one hand more loving and nurturing and close and on the other, I have never seen more animals in agony and nothing done. Dogs with parasites eating their brains walking around. Horses with no ears.. Everyone becomes a nurse in those areas.. or they stop caring.

                I know how you feel re the Eco warfare, it’s really fury inducing all this casual cruelty.

              • Have just been advised by a reliable source that Bonsoy is also the best soy milk used in a lot of cafes so maybe give that a go too.

                Droms: yeah look I think this is something that you have to be ready for. I have no little children to worry about only my own lifestyle. Follow your conscience and make adjustments as is practical.

          • Andromeda, there was talk in the 70’s that if you WERE going
            to eat meat, then be able to killl it yourself.
            I also can’t get the pix outta my mind.
            What can we collectively do? How to direct the anger?

            • Yeah, I am not sure that going vegan is the answer for me. I would like to write to organic free-range people (Demeter/Farmers Union?) and find out if there are any small farms that are trying to do better and perhaps order direct from them. I could try to get others to join too? That’s all I can think right now.

              • I just know that I DON’T want to give my money to people to continue so they can continue hurting animals. That’s not a moral use of $.

              • there are quite a few of them – barimbah, elgar farms are two that come to mind immediately. I don’t know where you live/shop but they’re a good start and are available at IGAs. There’s plenty of organic delivery services around – lettucedeliver is totally awesome – doorstep organics is the opposite. If you want to eat organic flesh check out the lettucedeliver site and see if any of their brands are availlable near you. It’s much easier than it was a decade ago – you have a choice now. I haven’t read the links so this may have been covered in them but don’t be fooled by the free range label if you’re going hard-line – especially with swine. Bred free range is not “lived” free range. It means it was born free and moved to a cage. If there’s a history of hormonal breast cancer in your family be careful of how much soy you consume – it has phyto oestrogens in it and is a whole world of googling in and of itself.

              • Thanks whatevs – that’s great information! Especially about bred free not being lived free. What kind of sick double speak legalese is that sh!t?? I swear it’s this stuff that is making me angrier all the time..

    • There’s actually a tonne of online vegan resources (have been doing my research) so shall start with those and maybe invest in a cookbook, then when ready to expand the repertoire try a cooking class. Thanks for the tip goldfleece. :)

      Wish I had chooks twinfish … shall have to add to complete lifestyle revamp manifestation list. ;)

      It is sick andromeda – to think that fellow humans justify basically starving and dehydrating a baby animal for profit because “they’re going to get slaughtered anyway” is just ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Makes me ashamed to be part of the human race.

      The reason why alternative farming struggles is that it’s just not supported by protective tarifs such as they do in France. These guys struggle to make a liveable profit competing against mass industries that artificially depress prices both in Australia and overseas.

      I’ve been doing some research on the vegan thing and found the main problem is B12 and lysine deficiancy – both of which are quite easily supplemented if you know what you’re looking for. It’s these deficiencies that lead to the problems you were describing such as fatigue, not feeling “well” etc. I’m going to give it a go and see how I fare … will get back to you with initial results. :)

    • Agree….Have been veggo since age 5 but totally transitioning into vegan. Cheese, they say, is addictive and with morphine like substances. Milk has an allowable pus count. You drop stacks of weight dairy free.

      i mean, really and i don’t mean to demean anyone for their dietary choices, truly i don’t but how logical is it to enslave another species, kill their young and steal their breastmilk for us to consume as adults?

      Don’t get me started on bovine growth hormone. My doc thinks it is implicated in all sorts of yuck things.

      neptune in pisces and uranus in taurus are going to be very interesting.

      • Uranus in Taurus, of course!! That’s v. interesting MM, didn’t know about morphine like cheese – makes sense though. I think the interesting part of what’s happening lately with all the crazy stuff in the world is that I am seeing things much clearer and differently. I don’t know that I heard comments like yours about the enslaving of cows before and reacted so strongly… I wonder if others feel the same, that we are all seeing that en masse would be amazing, or at least, like you say, very interesting!

  8. Nothing astrological there except the wonderful influence of the internet. Some youngsters in those parts actually use it to educate themselves as opposed to looking at porn and Chrsitina Aguilera. There’s a lot of anger there, a lot. I hope that anger results in something useful. I hope the influence continues as a chain reaction right across the Arab world and back into Africa. I really pray that the next generation of young Arabs get governments that actually care about them. i won’t be holding my breath however.

    • Know you lived/live? in the mid east Seabird. When I’d gotten divorced so many jumped to conclusions that my Iranian husband would take the girls to Iran.

      Mother even said that she would ‘bar the airport’ but alas, he’d said ‘I know there is nothing for them there’….as far as the opportunities here in U.S. and he is U.S. educated.

      Heartbreaking when I see an Egyptian man on t.v. crying. Just breaks my heart.

      But when we think in terms of the collective and what has been brewing in the subconscious for so long, the freedom of mind and life and love and prosperity, the right to BE whatever that means for an individual.

      I will never forget what I read with Seth ‘your existence is justification for your right to being’…So simple but when even that simplicity is messed with, people will eventually fight for that right which is instictive and proper.

      That energy must rumble up from somewhere and the world certainly is rumbling.

      It’s like Uranus is pushing up the roots of Pluto to find the Sun.

        • Oh God Sweetpea, I know. i had the French Catholic relos in Paris lecturing me about stolen children (before we were even married), and one of my close relatives here – my Godmother actually – said to me about a year ago, ‘well, we all knew it wouldn’t work, too much difference’. Like marriage between two white, middle-class Westerners never ends in divorce.

          Now that things have finally settled between me and my ex, I am relishing what he does bring to the table in terms of our daughter. He has finally noticed that she exists, bigtime. They get on so well it’s ridiculous, and his pride in her and his attention to her is making me forget the years or neglect and the lack of dough. Sometimes she and I will be talking about stuff, and she’ll recount enormous long traditional African stories, or come out with quotes from her now-deceased African grandmother. She has an enormous pride in her background now. Just today she said to me ‘We’re not normal are we’, meaning we’re a little different mother-daughter combo, and we move round a lot. i said, ‘no’ and her reply was, ‘good’. Alhamdulillah, nothing could be greater balm for my soul after years of struggle and wandering. And it’s a poke in the eye for those members of my fam who couldn’t see any good in the situation.

          Meanwhile, the ME marches on. I am not living there any more, though have strong connections as I have a fledgling business for which the bulk of the stock comes from the Middle East. But years of dealing with there and with Muslim Africa has made me well aware of the seething anger of a lot of the youth. Some of this anger is directed at the west, but the more educated angry can see the neo-colonialism in their own countries. Egypt is a total tragedy of a country. People say you get the government you deserve, and this is always true, but there’s a qualifier. I do not forgive Australians or Americans for their election of John Howard or George Bush repsectively, because these are countries where there is a democratic reign, but most importantly, we are EDUCATED or we have access to free EDUCATION, even if we misuse it. But Egypt/Tunisia/Algeria/Syria – How many have access to even basic education. How can you understand how your government is manipulating you if you can’t even read a street-sign.
          Bless the internet. May it continue to power the people.

  9. Sorry for above rant. I wanted to add one more thing before i go do some work.

    The depth of stupidity of the comments Australian people have made about the culture that I was living in for two years has flabbergasted me. Not stupid people, people i know well, educated middle class Australians. If you are one of those people who likes to make sweeping statements about the freedom of women in the Gulf etc etc, I would strongly advise you to go for a bit of a travel and actually talk to these people. You could even find some Gulf women in your local city, doing secondary degrees in our universities.

    Lots of Gulf Arab people come here to the West for education or for business. The majority that i know about do not live a rarefied existence, but must work, play and deal with us, the locals – and most that i know of do it very well, and when I meet them back in the Gulf, they speak highly of what they see in the West (except for the lack of family and lack of care for other people, even strangers. Everyone finds that frightful).

    The same is not true for Westerners going into the Gulf, who almost universally in my experience CHOOSE NOT TO live anywhere near the local people, send their kids to private schools, and work, play and socialise entirely apart from their Arab hosts. Saudia Arabia is the only country where it difficult to interact with the locals, everywhere else, it is choice. I have met tens of Western ex-pats who’ve lived in the Gulf for years, sometimes decades, and can’t even say ‘please’ in Arabic. If you met an Arab person who had chosen to move to this country and had lived here for ten years earning money here and he or she couldn’t say ‘please’ in English, what would you think?

    In all my perambulations around the globe, most of my encounters with Westerners make me cringe, but none more so that in the Gulf, and here, at home in my own country, where everyone seems to be an armchair expert on other peoples cultures.

    Rant and rave over! Sorry!!!

    • Many thanks for the rant Seabird, very interesting to hear yr experiences. Sad that a relationship that ends (or rather changes) is deemed to have failed – surely its an achievement that it has lasted so long ?

      I agree about the ignorance of people who should know better – it seems to me wilfull ignorance & laziness – scary because also ultimately self-defeating I think, & dangerous for us all. And yes the language thing – multilingual people have a much richer experience I reckon … I’v worked as an english teacher – because it gives me the opp to learn another language & culture

      I lived a year in Turkey & loved it, really lovely friendly welcoming people. Also have a longtime (persian) Afghan friend & have worked with Iranians & hazaras. My experience is of charming & caring people with social skills I wish we had …

    • I have heard wonderful things about the warmth and hospitality shown to strangers in that region. I am curious to know more about women’s freedoms over there, we certainly hear a lot about the really unfair and discriminatory behaviour. Middle east (gulf region, same?) is where the ‘western’ world derives a great deal of its culture and language, seems only to suit the various power mongers to imply that divisiveness has always been the way.

      • mind you not that women are not subject to unfair and discriminatory behaviour in the western world too. Lucky for us! It’s universal! but more extreme and screwed up in some places than others

        • Re womens’ status and religiosity, Colonizers are the best at deflecting and projecting their own dirty laundry. I love Australia but up til now the prevailing norm of hypocritical racist attitudes towards both aborigines and so called ” foreigners” is so perverted and stupid it makes me weep.
          Did I mention I love Australia…

          • I know. I love Australia too, I love it love it love it. And many of its people. But look in your own backyard/fridge door/cupboard etc…

          • i’ve lived out in the country for a few years and my GOD the racism nauseating

  10. This is just the beginning – power to the people! Uranus is shaking things up….and the internet is a key part of this.


    When we have Governments like Egypt that shut down the internet and mobile networks to stop people organising against authoritarianism and Governments that used their country’s ISPs to deploy malicious code that harvested Facebook passwords – something must be done.

    Here in Australia our own Government planned to censor what we could access with a mandatory internet filter. This is a problem.

  11. A propos ancients, just been reading tweets that the Army secured the Museum in Cairo.

    Fingers crossed no repeat of Bagdhad, ancient booty grabbagging (by small fry for greedy elite western institutions with long track records in plausible deniability).

    Power to the People + save the heritage for all the people!

    Tangentially, dear MM a request – is there something relating men with kataka sun scorp moon to the middle east? maybe Pluto being in cap ie opposite kataka…? all i know is this is called electional astro?

    To wit, Julian Assange the wikiman, John Cusack (2008 movie War Inc, about wholescale plunder of Everything), and Mark Steel a prominent english comedy marxist cum columnist for The Independent (was kicked off Guardian for being too bolshie) all have this.

    I got curious today because while browsing wikipedia noticed that their birthdays were only a few degrees apart.

  12. Uranus moving into Aries soon…with Mars joining up this spring in Aries as well….gonna be a whole lot of Revolutions .

    • human & volcanic. Don’t pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and head to Japan anytime soon MS.

  13. Among this ‘Leading Edge’ stuff i re-read, there is supposed to be gigantic
    caves & tunnels under the Sphinx & hidden scolls under the shoulder.
    Sounds very Raiders of the Lost Ark to me but i question: WHY would anyone
    make this up???