Lilith Has Luggage



Love this image of Karen Elson (The Ghost Who Walks) as she is SO Cap  (it’s true that Capricorns specialize in bones/structure) & it’s also an illo that says Luggage-Not-Baggage.

The dog gives it a strong whiff of Bitch-Goddess-Lilith vibe & of course the Red Shoes are insanely symbolic.

She has massive luggage (a.k.a. reconstructed baggage or baggage + $$$) and yet she is sporting a teensy clutch. Also Red.


46 thoughts on “Lilith Has Luggage

  1. Luggage? Looks more like file cabinets to me! What could she possibly have catalogued? That’s I want to know….

  2. When I first heard that song “Lilith” was the first thing I thought. I actually now have a playlist with Lilithic themes, which includes a lot of Bjork and ladies from the 90s. (Remember the riot grrl thing? I was only a kid, but I heard some songs on the radio, videos, etc.)

    Love her, even more so because she’s married to Jack White, whom I adore.

  3. Red boots and small red clutch are symbolic of that ‘I’m heaps of fun’ image that Cappies like to portray to the world. The bright red is distracting and takes your attention away from Master Saturn’s influence on these lovely peeps.

    It’s not until you get to know them better (or more correctly, when you try to get to know them better) that you realise they have this big dark hulking mass of serious Saturn baggage following them around everywhere. Like Rincewind’s funky walking Luggage in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series, it never seems (to me anyway) to leave their side no matter how hard they work to abuse it, loose it or kick it away.

    Now, I have a particular love of and fascination with Cappies so I say this merely as friendly observation rather than criticism.

    Somehow, The Luggage never seems to let this flighty Mercurial Virgo get to know the real soul hiding behind the bright red boots and clutch. Sometimes it’s difficult not to get frustrated by that big pile of luggage that stops my darling Cappy friends from coming out and having spontaneous adventures withh me … but they are always there to listen to the stories and lament their decision to stay home tending their deep dark thoughts ;)

    [Should I admit that at the moment a Libran friend and I are trying to talk our Cappy mate into a boys beachside camping trip that promises to involve a group nudey run to the water and a skinny dip *LOL*. Cappy is adament he’s not coming. And other’s Cappy friends have sided with him while the Libra and I get all excited about the fun.]

    • Think you have some Cappy influenced peeps down to a “t”, Herbs. ;)

      Karen Elson also has Jupiter, Moon and Lilith in Leo so her sportin’ those red boots no lie.

      Am thinking she ain’t got no chump change in that purse, but a black American Express Card. The rest of the room in the clutch for her compact and gloss…And maybe a small flask for when Cappy Sun-Mars/Saturn and NN in Virgo/Leo can’t abide stupidity much longer.

      Course in that case, Venus in Sagg is just ~gone~

      • Hey Herbs, just wanted you to know that “the stupidity” had nothing to do with you getting your Cappy friends out for fun. That is admirable that you care. Cappy Moon here has turned down lots of invits… Re-read and wondered if it had not come out so great. Can’t imagine a Cappy/Virgo peep taking much for long tho otherwise…

        Hey, I’m Aries/Gem rising. Stupidity our middle name. But we love it…lol

        • Stupidity is my middle name too. Along with spontaneous.

          I get ideas and then just do them or at least try to do them. Haha. And it’s not just skinny dipping. This summer I decided I wanted to relive my childhood so I got a tarp and turned it into a slip & slide in my back yard. I’m 31 years old and there I was sliding down a home-made water slide in full view of the neighbours *LOL*

          Last summer I bought a skateboard and rode it around town. I never had a skateboard as a child and I thought it would be fun. It was. :)

          Most of my closest friends are Caps so it frustrates me that they don’t come out to play. I know – most adults wouldn’t. Fortunately, my Libran mate is always up for any schenanigans :D

          • I remember skinny dipping in in the Indian Ocean north of Perth, it was fantastic, utterly liberating. And my husband, 74, likes scooting on trolleys down the aisles of supermarkets – when it’s not too crowded of course!

            • Oh yeah! I’m so with your husband on that. Nothing better than scooting on trolleys :) :) I love parking the motorbike at the lower end of the shopping centre carpark. I leave all my motorbike gear and backpack full of shopping in the trolley then race down the hill. Hahaha.

            • Its true Caps don’t come out to play much. But when they do watch out!

              I water-skied topless at the crack of dawn while the Scorpio observed me from the boat. Thrilling!

              I also love to float on the water naked and look up at the moon.

              Leo Moon, Saggo Venus with a lot of Cap

          • My niece had a slip & slide at her 5th bday party last month. I was standing nearby and it was a scorcher of a day & I thought ‘what the heck” and bam! I ran for the slide fully clothed & had a good slip … was worth it for the expressions on adults & kids faces all round ;)

            My heart still skips a beat when I see a cute boy on a skateboard….*swoon*

            I’m all for spontaneous stupidity Herby – let’s play!

          • lol…used to throw a “long bomb” pass with the paper towels to the girls in the grocery isle….

          • Yes, certainly do get you about the play. Part of me so does play but the Cappy Moon deadly serious about certain things….sigh.

      • ROFLOL! I always love your comments Saturnrox :)

        You must have a better looking and more intriguing navel than me. My navel is always dull. Always that darn same blue lint ;)

        • I have a Revised Navel. It got redone with the tuck. Always makes me feel someone else is in residence on my belly.

        • Yah ! It’s like my 4th eye or somethin’ WooOOoWOoooO :D haha
          Now google: Omphalomancy (Also known as Omphilomancy) cya

  4. I’m not sure that something you could fit inside comfortably could be considered either luggage or baggage. I’d consider it to be something more like temporary housing.

    • Yes, and as well, her hubby, Jack White, a double Cancer with Saturn in Cancer sandwiched between. He’s all for carrying your housing as Crabs don’t mind a built in protection structure.

      It suits her Cappy practicality.

      Born in Wichita, am listening to Going to Wichita as I write…

      And I’m talking to myself at night
      Because I can’t forget
      Back and forth through my mind
      Behind a cigarette
      And the message coming from my eyes
      Says leave it alone

      Damn if that ain’t Cancerian.

      • Out of curiousity I looked up jack white….He is exactly one day older than me. No capicorn planets for me but that saturn conjunct sun sure is a doosy. I have seriousness down to a tee. And staying home is my forte.

        • My Cancerian daughter has Sun in 8th, but Sagg Saturn conjunct Sagg Moon , 1st (intercepted) as Scorpio rising.

          She is a complex being but I love her so dearly. Mercury in Leo. Our sense of humors mesh quite well…hehe

        • me too fushiafairy. I’m a Cap Asc. My idea of fun is staying home, sleeping in or going out for coffee and papers and rolling my eyes at stupid people.

          • Gave this thread more thought today. Realizing that how I spend my time and who I spend it with….well, guess I do have a bit of secret snobbery. Spending my time with you all tho is always fun.

            Double Cappy co-worker a photographer in her spare time and did the red carpet at the Palm Springs Film Festival not long ago. She has invited me many time but I’ve turned it down.

            I mean do I really want to spend my time with the Hollyweird spiritually bankrupt and inept?

            Joking. Just been wanting to use “spiritually bankrupt” for awhile now. Is a Gem thing… :)

            Clicked on the “red shoes” link Mystic. Yes, that gives a whole new dimension to the pix (duh-er). But reminds me also to get “Runs with the Wolves” out of storage for a brush up.


      • Sweetpea: Funny you should mention Jack White. My girlfriend just posted that she’s going to hear him play tonight in Los Angeles.

        • Oh I hope she had fun! I’m not really that, that familiar with The White Stripes but the Wichita song caught me some time back ;)

  5. promptly made dental appointment as per mystics insight for daily mystics today, uncanny, yes! tooth problems started yesterday, they are so consuming that they have to be dealt with…

    • Yup, you’re right, plutonic gem. Got toothache in the night, sort of, so have been chasing up my $4,500 free treatment today. Not sure if it is toothache as, with fibromyalgia, you get inflamed nerves in your sinuses or whatever, which mimics toothache. So waiting to see what is what.

  6. so what exactly is the red shoe thing? I read the link sounds pluto like?
    is this a jezebel harlot thing?

    I have been collecting red shoes for ever. old er, work shoes have always been red.

    • yes, I too was wondering about what people are thinking when I ponce about in me red shoes – although mine are so not harlot on the street, more peasant in the wheat. what I can find is in some places is a gift given by husband on day of marriage – so red shoes = betrothed and then there’s the slut links. But that’ll be the people who’re afraid of colour. You know, beige on beige types & I’m assuming you don’t care what they’re thinking. Someone’s done a thesis on it – the red shoes. Academia, I love you.

  7. ‘I am Lillith and I can do whatever the fuq I like. And yes my dog does have vampic rabies.’

    • LOL! There is a story about a girl who gets given beautiful red shoes but once they’re on she can’t stop dancing…It’s like a nightmare. And Clarissa Pinkola Estes – and other Jungian therapists say it is all about addictions. The girl in fairy tale actually has her own pair of handcrafted shoes that serve her well but she wants the shiny red shoes. Didn’t i link to the clarissa thing re it?

  8. Well goodness this is obviously how one crosses the River Styx in style. This woman is planning to Take It With Her and her little dog, a canny bitch from the seven millionth whelping of three-headed Cerberus. Notice the Scrying Mirror in the background which returns nothing but the purest most pregnant darkness. The clutch contains coins of various denominations and currencies for the Ferryman ( one never knows what they’re taking lately but it does pay for a stylish Daemoness to be prepared) and possibly also cradled the five crown executioner’s fee at her recent but eventful beheading…

      • Hm, that’s me, writing from a Roadhouse on Route 66, washed up on the shoulder like a an empty pack of pall malls.

        Living out of motels is only romantic in retrospect, I feel.

        I noted my chart is very similar to Guillermo Del Toro’s when you wrote about him. Give or take a day and conjoin the moon and neptune in scorpio and you’ve got the prototype.

        I think you’re absolutely brilliant, Myssy, and it’s a true pleasure to float in your universe :)

        • Route 66 just up the road. Meet ya for a cup of coffe. You know that little diner? If I should break down and have a cabernet, I may need to borrow a Pall Mall.

          Love your visual…

  9. she’s a groupie isn’t she?

    for that Italian band Trussardi

    she puts her dog on to of their road cases as a decoy

    red shoes & bag purely attention seeking.
    once she drops that clutch & bends over to retrieve apparently one can see all the way to china …..

  10. Would prefer being in line in front of her, putting on my lipstick with a small mirror looking back over my shoulder…me…Scorp moon in the eighth.

  11. She is too sophisticated for me this lady! I feel paralysed by this image as I have no luggage, no shiny red anything and I feel awed by her cool chiqueness!! Now. Off to Bunnings. :)