Drops Of Jupiter In Her Hair


David LaChapelle

So here we go again with Jupiter in Aries…the prequel to Uranus in Aries. Who wants to get down with this via some RAD resolutions. It’s Jupiter and it’s Aries so forget about what you’re NOT going to do anymore. Let’s keep this fresh, positive and in-the-now.

What are you resolving to get cracking on with Jupiter in Aries?

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129 thoughts on “Drops Of Jupiter In Her Hair

  1. Total rethink of image. I intend to make a success of my art, it’s time to polish up, express myself and be sure to present very well; work, self… the lot.

    • plus I’m re-tooling my thinking about support networks. Lately I’m discovering a little about which people in my professional/social network are actively supportive of each other, and who’s just saying they are.

  2. Love this song Mystic…

    Jupiter conjunct Aries Mercury (5 degrees in 10th so close enough) trine 1 degree Sagg Jupiter in 6th.

    Jupiter trine Jupiter…feeling a bit philosophical but then when did Jupiter in Sagg trine Mercury not?

    Oh, lots and lots of dreams to make true.

    • “She listens like spring and talks like June”

      LOL…Does he know any Aries with Gemini rising? (oh we hear alright for the most part).. :)

    • Yes George,

      When you get to the end of the cul-de-sac, make a wide turn and double back and then, TAKE IT…

      Oh, sorry, I beg your pardon, really talking about me and my Saturn square Sun-Merc Rx which Jupiter is now moving in on….

      Remember that particular street where I raised my girls. Jupiter should now be on their Sagg Moon’s. I hope they have daring…

      “Taking inititive and wide”….yes, right…Totally right.

  3. Ok so today marks the 20th anniversary since my mum passed away…

    I’m focusing on the positive side of this day & I’m sending her lots of love.

    I also commented on the previous post about a dream I had last night where a woman handed me a cheque for $9 million dollars for the ‘services’ I did a few years ago. I can’t comment on what it was but it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do & it was really scary. I’ve often reflected on the ‘protection’ I felt around that situation & I know someone was looking after me. I like to think that was my mum & dad… so yeah today also marks 20yrs since I’ve been an orphan but I’ve never felt that my parents actually ‘left’ my side. 8O

    • Oh Gem, can’t imagine what the hard thing was that you had to do but your services must have been well worth it to be worth so much given how frightful it was.

      First day of spring this year Mom will have been gone one year. Can only imagine 20 years from now if I’m still alive.

      Jupiter is a great protection and the compositie chart of my natal with Mom’s death chart had Jupiter on my natal Moon. That gave me comfort. Can you do such a chart?

      • Hey sweetpea, my mum passed a year earlier than yours. The first year is the most awful. I don’t remember anything until about June last year. But after the first anniversary, you will be surprised how quickly things get better. It’s anniversaries of dates special to you both which are the toughest.
        And mums – well, we just think they should be around forever. I do, anyway.
        You’re not alone:-)

    • You never forget when your mum dies, do you, Baristagem? Mine died of lung cancer just after her 63rd birthday and I buried her on my birthday just over 21 years ago. Great memories of a lovely lady. Glad you feel your parents around you, sending you hugs, Darl.

      • Awoke wee early a.m. to John Edward’s “Crossing Over” show. Of course thought of Mom and if she thinks I’m doing a good job and hoping she’s not fretting over my failures (eh, she’s probably not as concerned of my “earthly failures” as I am..lol..at least I’ve got a grip since).

        Lately tho, the hummingbird seems to be my totem and I so appreciate the encouragement wherever it’s coming from. I’ve had a few tears hoping she’s with the Masters and that they’re looking out for her. I haven’t felt Mother around for the most part but that’s okay, I understand if she has other business….

    • So glad you are focusing on your parents love, BGem. I am sure if you feel them looking out for you, then they are.
      I feel my Dad and brother around me sometimes. They have visited me and my family after their deaths too. Love goes on and on. hugs

    • Aww thanks guys!

      I feel a bit like a veteran… 8O

      I know it is a little cliche as I think ‘butterflies’ are a common symbol but I really do feel my mum’s fluttering about whenever I see one… 8O

    • our lot does not see those who have passed as leaving your side, only in the physical. I am sure they are right there with you homegirl xxx

  4. Finishing my screenplay, working smarter and gettin’ the damn film MADE!!! (Thank you, Jupiter in my 6th).

    And flirting more. Taking the initiative, no matter how far it pushes me out of my Cappy comfort zone. I just lost Pisces boy (he moved city. Waaaaa!) so there goes another major crush that I never acted on :( Shall not happen again.

    And not being afraid of having no money. Letting go of my insecurities and anxiety about finances. Sometimes computers, TVs and microwave just blow up. It’s nothing personal.

    • If it makes you feel better, sometimes “the one that got away” was for the better. A similar incident happened to me about 3 years ago. I spotted a fine @ss specimen of Scorp that I was too emo to ask out (hung up on Toro and other Scorp at the time). 2 years later, I ended up working on a volunteer project with him unknowingly and had more chances to interact with him. Turns out he is scum on toast. Cheats on his Aries girl with another Aries girl. Keeps secrets from his girl. Texts his gf 10 million times a day. All sorts of crap. yuck!

      So sometimes… it’s just meant to go…

  5. I’m not that fond of the song, but I’m loving this rad positive makeover feeling.

    –Getting very serious about work. Making little piddley squat sums aren’t good enough for me anymore. I’m sharpening my skills and will be doing better. I sent an advertiser packing because she didn’t give me what i requested in the ad. The ad they wanted to run was “deceptive” and “unethical” IMHO. I know I am losing money but i gain integrity.

    –Getting very serious about my fitness level and my health. 2010 was a bit of a crap year in that regard…gained weight and didn’t lose it during the summer like I normally do. Part of that has to do with the fact that I no longer have dependable, drama-free friends doing the sport with me. Therefore, I am switching sports! I wash my hands of the whole mess. My newer sports are more independent: such as taking up the aerial hoop and tissue, trapeze, and skating! (phew! I think I just combined change of friends and fitness there but there were intermingled so i couldn’t just dump just one.)

    –Love life…still an F-ing wreck. I’m hopeful but have no new plans as of yet. I’m still not over him. gah.

    –I’ve given myself a little mini-makeover by changing my hair colour and a trim. I may want some coloured contacts to go with the look.

  6. Quite simple aims – write my book, have confidence to teach and earn $$$, and get healthy and fit. Might be simple but doing it day by day. Read a great comment in Australian Yoga Journal last night, as sometimes I get down with the fibro pain: “Just restart”. Might be my slogan for the year.

    • Got a magazine in the mail today “More” (for the 40ish on, set). Haven’t cracked it open yet but headlines “Reinvent Yourself”….hey, I’m up for that!

      Lovely Libran, what is your book about?

      • ZOMG. They made a magazine for the 40’s . @_@ I don’t know if I am pleased or annoyed. I kind of want to peek at it. =^_^= I wonder if it will be filled with ads for tummy tucks and no-line bifocals.

        • Oh dear gracious,

          When I moved in where I am now, there was a pair of reading glasses which I’ve found DO WORK on such small print like a med bottle of aspirin and such…lol

          Oh goodness, had a dream that I had them on….What has become of me? :lol:

          Hopefully the message is to just “Read the Fine Print” when we have another Merc Rx. lol

      • Book’s about what I’ve experienced in life, places I’ve travelled to, terrific people I’ve met – and how astrology ties it all together. I realised this when I came to Australia as a 24-year-old Goody Two Shoes par excellence and suddenly morphed into a raging social activist (really weird when I look back – ta muchly Pluto), charged into metaphysical activism – art, tarot, teaching, astrology – halfway through my life – aha, dancing with the stars, lolol. Hope to inspire other people to know they’re born okay, are okay and our journey’s to know our okayness and live it.

        • Oh, and I also found I had a huge connection with rocks and crystals and could communicate at some unknown level. Now for someone with 9 air signs, that was one HELL of a shock!

          • I can’t wait to read your book about communication with rocks and stuff! I’m a Libra and have only found out recently (past 5 yrs) that they can communicate myself.

          • OoOoh I do so love rocks, you have a lovely writing style LA,and would love, just love, to read what you feel about stones. Funny, I stumbled across this book today was tickled at the title, and when I opened it, the images and words are just magical.

            I have crystals and river stones all over, and have spent hours happily combing huge rock beds, meeting them all one by one ! x

        • That sounds great LL. Have thought of doing an astro tie in in my book as well. You’re an inspiration and confirmation in that regard.

          And who better to knock a rock on the head and say ‘what up?’ Than a 9 Air sign peep? :)

    • Oooh I like ath mantra too Libraaqua “just restart” I think that is very appropriate. Another I heard on an add (and I hardly ever see tv) was “don’t hold back”. Just need one more to balance them out….

  7. I am living the ‘additive’ approach. I plan to see how many glorious, creative, wonderful, healthy things I can add into my life this year!!

    Lots of new beginnings as I say goodbye to my old hound. My longest serving friend.

  8. I don’t like this kind of music but the lyrics are really really sagittarius aren’t they?!

    Now that she’s back from that soul vacation
    Tracing her way through the constellation, hey
    She checks out Mozart while she does Tae-Bo
    Reminds me that there’s room to grow, hey

  9. Getting fitter and healthier. Lost 25 kg over last few years and have a few more to go, so upping exercise … more disciplined going to gym, started aikido, hiking up hills, and trekking in Nepal twds the end of the year.

  10. I finally ended a five year marriage to a man to whom being married felt like having a team of Egyptian physicians pull my consciousness out inch by inch through my left nostril with a melon spoon. Only months into it I felt the color drain out of my Secret Ka like the sun in my heart had gone supernova and died. This was a heartbreak of such tremendous proportions I can not even express it now: my true love did not love me back and spent the entire duration of our association trying to Civilize me.

    Persephone is not my middle name. It is my first and last. This is what happens when you eat too many of those seeds girls. But I will find that girl again and this time when I hit that meadow I know not to pick the tulips. I wll see myself in the mirror again.

    • Civilize you? Pygmalion story much?? How arrogant.

      Good luck thought putting this chapter behind you and starting a brand new and better one!

    • No, does not sound like Persphone is your middle name.
      Are you having Pluto square Pluto by any chance?

      When I’d had such it was also square Jupiter and Jupiter is square MC-Sun/Mn midpoint in Pisces and so “the sun in my heart had gone supernova and died” was apt big time.

      So many here should be poets. Swear to God.

      Only my journals of the times can reflect such airliner sized bottles of Jack Daniels on the way home from work (dare I did more? I did not at the time and have not since), but the angst in my chest, Leo tarot lady said “you are walking around with a broken heart”.

      But you know what? The trip back to the reflection in the mirror may not be pretty but you will look again and see You.

      As an Aries, and a wounded one at that…it’s taken another decade to heal…

      As Uranus hedges into Aries, I had the most pleasant of conversations with my 84 year old Kataka (Cancer) Leo Moon patient and we somehow got onto how I am going to change my name.

      When I get certain other legalities outta the way, sometime this year, when Uranus goes into Aries, I’m going to legally change my name to April.

      Mom shoulda named me that to begin with because my nature is spring and I believe (Gem Mars on the Asc trine Aqua Chiron in 9th) and birthday April 1st…I love April, and Kataka, Leo moon, quite concurred with this and see’s me much more April than my given name.

      So she did it for me and I feel fortified in her wisdom along with what I intuit.

      So hell all and bring on Uranus in Aries. I’ve been to the pit and tasted the seeds and lived to tell like so many others here.

      I name myself now.

      • Great name – April. Go for it. I shortened Maureen to Mo when I lived in the UK in 2002-4. My husband’s always called me Mo, everyone in the UK called me Mo, and numerology-wise it’s a 1 and new beginnings. I never liked my full name, I was named for my aunt who died of diphtheria when she was 6, and I never liked being named after a dead person. When I changed to Mo, I did a ritual to honour my aunt and I felt this great flash of gratitude, that finally she was being acknowledged, because we never talked about her and in those days if a kid died you just were expected to grit your teeth and get on with life.

        • Thanks LL. So sweet that you did an acknowledgement. It’s important to honor those that have passed on.

          But right you are about the numerology. Thought about that the other day and haven’t done it yet with a new name. Right now I’m a 29/11 and not one to mess with destiny but as I’ve already felt “a pawn on a larger chess board”, who says I can’t mix it up a bit..

          “Queen to your Knight”….CHECK! hAHA, don’t know squat about chess but I DARE the gods…

          Double Leo Mom would probably not be too pleased that I change my name as Aries sis, years ago, changed her name to her “Angel” name that came to her in meditation. Mom used to say “she’ll always be Pamela to me!”

          But things change, as we do too…

        • I think the name you have chosen, April, is lovely !
          I full-on support you in this one because…
          I legally changed my name when I divorced, (first and last) and was so happy to do so ! Like so many others here, who have struggled in relationships, I felt so changed. My new name represents rebirth of self, a stripping away of my former outlook both within and without. Worth celebrating !!
          It is groovy, unusual, and has the lightning strike letter ! :D
          So YaY ! Really excited for you and the new chapter in your life !! x

          • Thanks Rox! Cool that you did it! The Iranian married name has been somewhat fortuneate and not willing to give it up right yet. But first name, yes.

            I’m hoping the married name might open doors toward other women who relate to the plight of all women everywhere. As crappy as the U.S. might seem sometimes lately, so fortunate in many respects of the freedoms we have compared to other places.

            Knowing this also, and the married name at least, we might meet on middle ground (Libra NN/Juno/Pallas Athena?). Feel overwhelmed sometimes but spiritual teacher used to say “that’s because we feel something so important”. He meant it in a derogatory sense. Hell, dude, then you be a women then!

            Need to do the numerolgy still.x

      • I’ve always wanted to be named April too. Mine’s 15th. Yours is foolin’ and mine wants money.

        • Ahahaha,

          Now if only the bastards were foolin’ about us givin’ our money for wars….

          Wonder if I could send in a note “I’m a conscious objector” instead of a tax return. (Tax return deadline April 15th in U.S for those who might not know. This year they given ’till the 18th…Oh big woop te do!! lol)

          Am so sick of it all planning to run away to oh, I’m not sure yet, but I be runnin’ somewheres…. :lol:

        • Aries sis b-day the 13th. On Mom’s side, Grandma and Aunt were/are Aries (as is my Dad)….Gee but there are several of us come to think of it.

          Just like on my Dad side, there is so much Gemini energy starting with my Grandmother. She, a Gemini, had twins…my Gem daughter had once been pregnant with twins, and then all of us with Gem risings and Draconic connections…etc.

          Anyway, let me know if you ever change your name to April too, hehe. Would be nice if they keep the tax date to the 18th, eh? (they probably won’t tho, knowing the government).

          One of my other on line names is Poalua….means Tues or Wed in polynesian….can’t remember so guess it might be dangerous naming myself…lol

      • :). I actually considered that, myself. At one point it felt like I couldn’t touch any part of my past without breaking in half. I’m kind of over it now. In fact it’s been so long since I was called by name it’s kind of like meeting it over it again…

        :) Thanks for the ping, both of you.

      • actually I’ve wanted to change my name by dead poll for years.

        despite no one can spell the 1st, 2nd & 3rd part – I get sick of explaining my name. it’s boring. banks can’t get it right. plane tickets can read the hyphen.

        guess I can change my journo byline.

        excellent plan – all credited to you April.
        beautiful name! ;-)

    • Glad you ended your marriage, roadhouse41. You don’t need a knucklehead trying to “civilise” you. Cheeky bastard. I’ll bet he has low self-esteem and was trying to pull himself up the ladder by putting you down. Backfired on him, didn’t it? Heh-heh-heh. I taught a class where the women had gone through heartbreak but all of them agreed that they were glad they’d moved on and respected themselves. I wish the same for you, blossom.

    • love your work, roadhouse 41. when you are able to see her reflection again, as we can here, in your writing, you will notice that she is beautiful and powerful indeed….

  11. Yes indeed, ‘value adding’ is the theme of my year. That and ‘embrace necessity’ (so much more graceful than whinging about it).

    If someone doesn’t add value to my life, they are out. That goes for new and old friends and acquaintances, and lovers in particular.

  12. I am going to receive more. More money, love, compliments, opportunities. My Cappy daughter sung this song for her graduation so I play it often LOUD in our house.


    Get on that pink horse and ride into the sunset yeah! :)

  13. Jupiter is about to slide over into my 5th house for a few months. I’ve had a wonderful year of moving house and finding peace in my woods and home, but now I am actively getting out there and being seen. “Hey, World, I’m here,” is my theme till June, in order to have myself in a prime position when Jupe then goes into my 6th house for a year. I’ll have all the clients I need.

  14. House 1 – Aries 0° Jupiter, Aries Sun & Merc
    Funeral for the indecisive, servile faithful ol’ pal today at noon.
    All about creative self expression and expansion.
    This rock is gonna roll. Come along in service or get off my back.

    • My Aries sun and Merc are conjunct in my 5th. I completely understand the desire for creative self expression and expansion. In a 5th house sort of way. ;)

  15. Had a very physical day, which was very helpful. Things feel like they are shifting along finally. Have a huge month of social and fun lined up next month so am keen to get lookin and feeling good, need some clothes for all this stuff though. Feel like I haven’t done anything fun for so long as life has just felt like learning, dealing, surendering etc. Hoping Feb is like a graduation party of sorts before the round of classes.

    Neck is TOTALLY FUQed today, more than in years and I have had a lot of saturn neck in the last year, but today I am doing the head moves – whole torso moves sort of deal. What is that Saturn doing? Has he come to his stop yet, think I am feeling that, Yowza.

        • will look into that.

          Had to upgrade my security and virus software, so I have given the software full control of the computer settings.


          Do you ever have those thoughts of ….what if some one from the past popped into the now and read that line … ‘do you have your cookies enabled?’…. where would the mind go. LOL have those thoughts alot nowdays, we are so in an interesting time :)

            • Reminds me of driving along with my friend who’d had knee replacements due to rheumatoid arthritis. She casually remarked: “I think I’m becoming allergic to my knees” and I told her it was a good job I knew her well because she could get some weird looks from strangers with a remark like that, lolol.

        • lolol. I am going to the supermarket right now to enable some cookies…of the choc variiety

  16. Geez Baristagem, my mum passed away 20 years ago today as well. I wrote a blog piece on her and the female line of the family to mark the occasion.

    As I’ve recently retired from work, I’m still thinking about reinventing myself, but being a lazy Leo kinda feel life is just sweet as it is

  17. more of the same but with more fire…jupiter is still in my 9th house til april or something

  18. I’m getting married this summer to a wonderful scorp man, Jupiter will be transiting my seventh house! Excellent timing!

  19. I’m going to….gulp…go to the gym, do some dancey thing with my beautician. It’s all part of body & mind reboot, everything that’s gone before is GONE! And I’m going back to being social outside of my work environment & overhauled the people I’m friends with to co-incide with this. End of last year was purging this year is refining & exploring uncharted ‘territory’. It’s really exciting.

  20. More creativity in my life, more discerning social life- DEF NO BAD BOYS
    More supportive of my son who is starting year 12. More patience and deep breathing and exercise lots and lots. i’ve just started jogging again and feels great. Aiming for a half marathon by May sooooo more of all the good things.

    • the next chapter ‘life after bad boys’ lol ….. see below!!


  21. RAD happenings is more like!
    I have Jupiter (and Uranus later) into Aries in my 5th house (natal 7th).

    This past Monday have just started my nursing course – the training manager encouraged me to go for it, so I did. If I may say so myself, I aced the entrance exam, so got the fully-funded spot for Enrolled Nursing! My class is also one of the very first ones with the revised curriculum, now at a higher level, so that when we all finish, if any of us wanted to go on to do Registered Nursing level, it’s one more year. (previously it would’ve meant two more years)
    Taking on a different/more responsibility at work too.
    I might end up also applying for a domme apprenticeship while I’m at it – being in nursing doesn’t pay half as well as in domming, and astro-wise I’m well-suited to both. Besides, a good domme requires decent anatomy knowledge. :)
    Then there’s a long-awaited holiday of a reunion!
    Am also getting my health on a better track, with money allocated for a holistic overhaul. So excited!
    As part of my dreams coming to fruition, also visualizing moving into a unit of my own. :)

    As my momma says, I go into the next phase of my life with joy, safety and harmony. (woops, mistyped harmony as ‘harmoney’, though that doesn’t hurt!) I embrace and receive prosperity in all the positive ways, and work for them too.
    She also said to keep a smile on my face to attract good things. :)

  22. Finish landscaping my gardens. Not that radical I guess except that I’m going all out … building a bridge over a man-made creek, a board walk and more retaining walls. Creating an orchard and a bushland picnic area. It’s going to take about 6 months to complete it and I still have to keep the vegetable gardens going through the process.

    • WoW Herby, what a big job ~ that sounds fabulous !
      I sit on my back deck and dream up yard/ landscape/garden ideas all the time. Somehow they all have a ‘henge’ factor. :-)
      Bet you saw that comin’, huh ? ha Seriously, more tomatoes and lots more herbs this year. My cats go bonkers when I fetch the mason jar full of nip, and I plan on taking some of the lovely Mystics herbal advice this coming year !! Will you be posting pics of progress..? Would love to see !

      • Tomatoes and herbs rock. I just pulled all my tomatoes out though because they had gone NUTS and the fruit fly attacked them. I’ll get some more going come Autumn when the fly quieten down.

        Love herbs! I am redeveloping my ‘orchard’ and am going to incorporate herb spirals. At the moment the herbs are running amok too.

        I’ll be posting pics on my little blog. Just click my name … I think it takes you there. Have just started getting into the hard work this past weekend. Will be doing it on a $100 a week budget so it won’t be a quick transformation.

        • Oh good, I’ll look, and I am right with you on the sweat equity factor. My favorite plant is one that I buy once , it comes back next year, and keeps getting bigger. More bang for my buck !

        • Good luck with the herbs. When we lived in Boonah, we had a basil plant that went utterly berserk – grew and grew until we had to prune it otherwise we’d have been climbing it like Jack and the Beanstalk.

  23. Jupes just sent a ray of happy relaxed expansive vibes to my 10th!
    I have 0 degrees Aries right on my MC. I also have Chiron and Venus in Aries, so there’s a bit of healing going on too, i think.
    Feeling super confident (very unusual for me) career-wise, finally, all the hard work has paid off and i have returned to a big news org i worked for 10 years ago (yes!) as a lowly do-anythinger.
    Now I’m being served by the do-anythingers and it all looks so different. I walked around the news floor last night marvelling that I could be alone, on this floor which produces the daily news for Melbourne’s most-read paper, when not long ago i doubted i even had the qualifications to pitch a story (confidence has never been my strong point, darn you Saturn in Leo in the 2nd!)
    I always wanted to sub so i could write freelance and do books and travel and not have to worry about money like i did when i was purely freelance. So Jupiter – thanks for the nine of cups from one happy fish:-)

    • Congrats fishgirl! Amazing how it’s come round like that. :) Hope your book’s doing well!!! Awesome to have Jupiter doing the rounds in your 10th house.

      And yes, I too have Leo Saturn, so confidence has been a lesson alright, AND in my 10th house to boot, but lately have felt that dammit, it’s ok to feel confident in my profession! Hehehe…

      • Hey UPV, long time no ‘chat’, thanks for the well-wishes on the book. I think it’s doing well, don’t really have anything to compare it to! I have Saturn in Leo in the 2nd, ALWAYS feel guilty when i buy expensive stuff. BUt my last boyf was a Leo of the nth degree (I’m talking $500 shirts on a whim and boast-eroo), so I decided to do a bit of Jung work and embrace it instead of being fascinated/repulsed….have you read Surviving your Saturn Return by the Saturn Sisters? It’s great, even if you aren’t having a saturn return, has tips for Saturn in Leo…
        Happy J in Aries (in your fun fifth)

  24. On friday night I stashed $900 worth of champagne that was gifted, by luck to me by random accident. Hid it in the bushes, bushranger style, whilst wearing heels and took another case of it into the very Babylonian style art opening vip afterparty I was at. Had a wild night and woke up in a caravan surrounded by fluffy ducklings and then that setting moon, did anyone notice that on saturday? Mystical. No hangover, amazing! My friend “rescued” the treasure the next day, shared it around that night , all 18 bottles, and brought 2 of his new friends on a hike today, where we hugged some of the tallest trees in the world.
    They came back and i massaged them each for 1/2 hr and they cooked up a salmon feast followed by raspberries and cream .
    Jupiter has happened at me this wkd and I plan to let it happen more often in future.

    • Question – were you at the MONA opening in Tassie?

      love your work!!

      • Ya ha. I didn’t wanna mention it since I stashed the champas, kinda illegally. Were you there?

        • no, very unfortunately, but I interviewed David Walsh today.

          as well as another known art collector – who said twas THE MOST LAVISH ‘do’ he’d been to in years. he didn’t do the concerts tho.

          did you see any of the gigs?
          I saw HEALTH (for the 2nd time) last week in Sydney.
          those kids are off the hook!!

          still LOVE your work. Hope you stashed a tray of lobster tails as well lol …

            • I thought Cruel sea weren’t playing so well that night, I saw the pyrothechnics tho. Spoonfed caviar, tables covered in vodka shots, Babylonian is the only word for it. Teas an awesome party. A friend commented tho that his museum was was a bit like what Ksnye West would do if he had one. I say it’s more like David Walsh’s poolroom. NOT complaining.
              MOFO was brilliant leadup also. Methinks you woulda loved it all. X

              • wetting self laughing at the Kanye ref. should I add it to the interview questions for tomorrow with the architect Nonda Katsalidis lol?

                did you walk on water to get to the Mummy?

                Tex should be a monument.
                few years back took dog to closest beach to my door. as I walked in the water this beast pulls out of the water, grabbing his surf board & flicking his long wet hair back in a single movement. almost fainted. Tex. Another time my gfrnd (who, unlike me, actually is a publicist, & a rockstar), anyways was laying on her sofa coveting her record collection & in walked tex & said – who wants to go to the footy? damnit I had to fly home to Sydders so couldnt go.

                yer right. totally woulda dug the MONA event – another art dealer taking a few of us in June. staying at the winery. perhaps future husband will let me play with his art budget?

  25. I must be dense. Feeling nothing: no insights, no inspirations. Worse, I try to think 12 years before, still nothing. Perhaps something else is poking into my chart at the moment.

  26. Got a ton of work done early -something I wouldn’t normally do; now free to enjoy my life with nothing to worry or think about!

  27. Fabulous new well paid job which fulfils my need to contribute to society. Really getting into my creativity and doing a photography course, and continuing to develop my very new crochet skills! A major focus on me – health, fitness and beauty wise. A major major focus on my NVC skills, developing and honing them, and finally, loving my family and connecting with them heaps as my Grandmother eases into her final months in this life. So totally positive and wonderful things this year!

  28. Use my eloquent big, beautiful vocabulary that sets me free when I express.

    Am sure feeling Jupiter & Uranus approaching thingy. Good for my Leo Sun.

    Dress & Vibe feminine and exude peaceful warrior. Swear when necessary.

    Tai chi the energy in my own life dramas instead of trying “to rise above it” because the crap just rises up too. Don’t want to look like one of those pinched up long suffering chicks that I find myself acting out sometimes.
    I am thoroughly blessed with gifts.
    Be Courageous.
    I am thoroughly blessed with talent. I’m going to Use It.
    Remind myself that other people’s reality is not always mine and vice versa.
    Not have expectations but surpass myself everyday.


  29. I vow not to punch my ex boyfriend in the face when we go (prearranged) to nick cave on friday night.

    the 12 year old he’s seeing (he’s 50, she’s in her 20’s) stole my phone on the weekend. drove him to her house & stood with my hands on her doorbell until she came out & handed it over.

    then I asked him if he wanted to walk home.

    the end!

    • ew tacky, can see why you’d want to go in swinging. I don’t know if I could go to a gig ,loved group or otherwise, if someone I wanted to punch in the face was my date. maybe a libra diplomacy skill I do not possess. xx

      • libran’s can overlook any kind of personality flaw / known predisposition for something unsavory if there’s an upside and nick cave is def the upside to that scenario. He has a way of mesmerising & impairing peripheral vision she won’t even be able to see the ex.

        I suggest losing your purse so he has to pay RLP.

        • watevs – even though I bought the tickets – his for xmas – he’s paying for the whole shabam. goes without even being requested / demanded!!

          not sure how forked tongue will stay in check lol ….

      • I don’t actually want to punch him in the face – my death stare re Klepto 12 year old smacked him hard enough. he snapped into action when I rocked over to his & said “fix this fuck head or there’s gonna be more trouble than you can imagine’ – he snapped into action. was a long silent drive. which oddly some perverse part of me enjoyed. I wasn’t leaving without my phone.

        the look on her face seeing the pair of us on her doorstep – priceless.

        worth more than the cost of replacing a brand new iPhone!!

    • because he’s mates with Nick Launay …. & Nick & Nick & he & I are having a beer after the gig …..

      I can overlook anything – even a 12 year old Klepto – for Nick Cave!!

      BTW when I walked in this chick was doing lines of coke (class) whilst gabbing on the phone (to some guy) & without missing a beat I sweetly said to him, saccharine dripping of every clearly articulated word

      “good to see you’ve solved your cash flow issue by babysitting. your mother will be thrilled’

      (his mother does his books, pays his mortgages & never cut the umbilical cord)

      then 12 year old asked if we could have a threesome!!
      heee–loooo? earth to brain cells!

      BTW his babysitting gig must have expired. he abhors thieves. like I care. they can have each other ….. another one picked up on the job. the film industry never fails to amaze at how low its participants perpetually stoop!

      & I like to leave the building nothing short of being a class act.

      for the love of Nick!

      • I am literally rolling off my chair laughing….

        And yes, the film industry is rife with fallacious presumption but there are a few good eggs, no, golden eggs, in there too remember.

        • yes of course there are good eggs, some of them dear friends of mine.

          but the ones that have to root a crew member every time they do a job are also the ones who make toilet paper commercials & bang on about it like they owed an oscar.yawn.

          only me & his significant ex (who’s up the duff to the brother of another chick he rooted on the job) – are not in the industry. aside from that he’s for 35 years of one-the-job notches.

          the 12 year old was bragging to me she’s a ‘data wrangler’

          forked tongue reply ‘oh so that’s what they call clapper loaders now?’ ….

          • Lol , I wish I had one of those V tongues. My revenge swipes are instant moodswings which, while effective, need to be punctuated with more saturnian drollness than I can find most of the time. …

      • pot calling the kettle black much? you talking of class when all you do on this blog is name drop and boast. *nauseating*

  30. I have just bought a really great dress – long, sleeveless, black, with a huge, glittery butterfly around the neckline and bust. Symptomatic of transformation. I was going to say hopefully, but no, will do!

  31. resolutions, I got plenty. trouble is which ones are mantras for life and which are achievable goals? I have to do the straight and narrow sure, but I am not a mouse, I need my kick off space and adventure. truth is I am bored and wondering wtf I am supposed to do with all this surplus?

    I have some serious shit to get over and on with, part past relationships part body mangle 06. insights are rad and scary.
    pluto is ripping through my heart again but its such revision of the carnage of last time not the destruction. If anything it’s creation. So when that hurdle gets jumped its back to jupiter in aries game plan as its on the MC this year. So despite this saturn pluto conjunction giving me laser beams in my eyes it must be tempered with gentle body love and heart space. Insert lots of creative birthing metaphores and phoenix like temperance.

    So my rad resolution: loving body back to self. cane thy bike. yoga, pilates and some kind of fighting art as I think I seriously need some art of war discipline

    honour saturn hotness regime to thwart depression of any health bs and self esteem crisis that may avail on road to glory

    Saturn girl on man space

    Saturn girl on work space

  32. no more fuckwit guys.
    no people who do drugs. or steal. (man neither are on my menu!!)

    drink less, exercise more.
    rise above the mire of print publishing (magazines) & reap rewards from digital frontiers. land multi-book deal.

    not to get a hair cut or a job.
    not to settle for anything less than wonderment, fulfilling love and a life packed with adventure.

    like Ms – Saturn girl on man space / Saturn girl on career space!!