Astro Decor: Chic Neanderghoul

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This is the apartment of Lauren Santo Domingo (an uber-chic Voguette) and it’s actually kind of awesome but what do you think of the giraffe skull?

It flips me out, though i can see the artistic aesthetic of it.  We sort of went here before with the Astro-Decor of Taxidermy but this is different.

Being into the clean, bony lines of things seems tres Capricorn: structural and all. Ms S.D. looks Capricorn as well.

It’s not, of course, totally Neanderghoul – there is but a teensy hint of it.

Would you or would you not have a giraffe skull mounted on your coffee table?  Don’t start me on the Feng Shui.

54 thoughts on “Astro Decor: Chic Neanderghoul

  1. I’m a Cap sun and this doesn’t appeal to me at all but would perhaps to a Cap Moon or a Taurus?

  2. Well, i do like bones & stones, shells & wood, furs & feathers but Giraffe
    skull no, skin yes ,but only if it died of old age.
    Was given an Armadillo handbag (lookedlike a football) whose
    head was the opening clasp. The giver paid a mint for it & my Irish
    Setter chewed it up, as they do, maybe jealous? Have only ever seen one
    other the same.
    Would have been at home in 2000 BC, methinks avant plastic.

  3. quite appreciate the rest of the decor aesthetic – modern eclecticism ala her decorator – but that skull is too much. the ultimate hypocrisy would be she’d be a vegan or uphold some wild diet yet remain blinded to how inappropriate in an urban environment having a giraffe skull as hero decor item.

    sends shivers up my spine!

    (ps that model looks preggers….)

  4. Scorp – BLEC! I’m the crystal (human) skull type…

    I couldn’t help but obsessively conjure up stories about it’s (untimely?) demise every time I looked at it.

    The only way I could possibly coexist with that monstrosity would be to put a silly hat on it and a cigarette between its teeth.

  5. I love this whole look, and have had a skull on my coffee table before, but mounted on a stand it looks a bit alien/ museum piece, which is not very kind to the animalia or the animus in us all when we enter the room.

    I really dig earth women but She does look a bit primal smug , like ” I just petrified my mother in law. She’s in the dehydration cupboard, we can look at her later if you like :)

  6. 8O

    I couldn’t even kill a rather large prehistoric mozzie (it was practically the size, height, girth of a dinosaur) on sight that flew into the kitchen the other day until my peeps had a meeting about whether it was the right thing to do…

    So no, I couldn’t have any part of this room in my house. There would be MAJOR tears… 8O

  7. Would NOT!!! Do love the room though. And that table sends my Sag Asc into delirium. I WANT!!!

    Won’t mention the feng of the skull but am curious about something. Have been gifted 3 feathers the last three days in different ways. After finding the third I decided to bring it inside and put it somewhere special. What’s the feng regarding this? I paused for a moment unsure but went with my gut anyway. Have never received feathers like this before. Looked the meaning up and it says it’s a message. lol Yeah, I realise that.

    • Chris Brazel feng Shui consultant is of the view that feathers are messages from Angel – therefore very positive.

  8. cap sun, aqua asc
    Irk … there is nothing in that room that I like at all … nothing. The whole thing is so unattractive to me that the giraffe skull doesn’t even stand out – barely noticeable in that mire of brown and dead stuff. Are those flowers withered too?? It bugs me that I can’t even tell what half of the stuff is – what’s the beaten copper thing – and the red plastic looking thing beside it – places to sit? The glass object? Hell, the only stuff I recognise are the skull and the metal vase.

    • Yeah – totally trying too hard. Brown, earthy, hewn, hand-beaten, hand-loomed, oh yes and exhumed, I get,- but dont love.
      But the chemically dyed mexican blanket and that red thing scream “wrong” as do the curtains -which are perfectly ok but in that setting make me want to hurl.

  9. This Leo hates the room, but likes that table. Does that giraffe skull have tusks or am I just looking at it wrong…? I don’t really mind the skull at all, the room is just plain ugly.

  10. virgo sun/taurus moon/ cap rising says yes to the skull, ick to the rest of the room. esp the dreadful dress. however, i would not mount the skull on my coffee table; the cats would knock it off, and besides, how do you see anyone across the table from you? no, it’s better off on the wall or sitting on a bookcase or something.

    that said, aries/scorp/leo hubby and i have a whole collection of vertebrae in our dining room. but again; on a wall shelf. :)

  11. A very original representation of the Horned God.

    I have not seen a Giraffe skull used in this way before. Didn’t appreciate they had horns, but they do.

    I’m not sure that sitting on the settee is quite the right place for him. But she looks quite comfortable having the Horned God with her on the settee, so why not.

  12. not a fan of skulls as decorations. skulls belong where the creature fell or was buried.

    coffee table is kind of cool but i would worry about stockings / chiffon / delicates getting caught on the rough timber…more an outdoor / back deck table only I believe..

    love the couch and everything else though. except her dress. but hey . anyway.

  13. aries sun, cap rising, aqua moon love the skull, only if the giraffe wasn’t killed for it but died a natural death

    i collect found bones (have a deer skull), shells, feathers love them
    sometimes i feel like the old woman shaman in 10,000 BC, very stupid movie but that woman totally appeals to me
    past life? mmm

    The Empress: please enlighten me about the feng shui issues!

  14. Nope, no skulls on the coffee table, but I have made some really amazing works of art with skulls. However, the Feng Shui as in where to put it; is indeed challenging. I like to juxtapose it with art of a living version of the same creature, somewhere else in the room; for contrast and balance.

    The rest of the room is too ‘ yang ‘ for my Libra moon to appreciate. It doesn’t have to be pink, but it does need to be a bit less rustic for me. The gal in the photo looks happy though, so that’s what counts !

    • I agree.
      Apart form the Vinyl room… I would have the Vinyl room.

      Is there a reason for the brown, brown, brown on brown and more brown?

      Why do I get the impression that they have things so they can say “yah… so when I was walking past my Dali/Warhol/etc etc, I could help but think about how I can start up an inspired push for world peace. I just haaaad to call Bono…”
      It’s a whole lot of stuff that they want to be seen as having, so opposed to (here come the Toro sun) personal, intimate articles that show their own personality. Part from maybe the ring bowl. It’s a show (pony) home. Not one that you live in.
      Good luck when the kid arrives.

  15. To Much Clutter no sense of Placement. The Skull has got to go. Not Good Feng Shui , I use to have a Day of the Day Collection of Skulls and collected them.
    After studying Vastu i got rid of all Skulls . My sense is Life baby Life. The space needs Balance.

  16. The dead animal has to go, that’s disrespectful.

    I like a lot of the individual pieces in this room. However, they seem to have been randomly thrown together — “bring me everything in the warehouse that’s colorless and that screams Eclectic, this client will absolutely buy it.” It’s all taupe. It should be warm, but it isn’t.

    Change the drapes, then throw out the rigidly arranged sofa pillows. What’s with the striped thing? Remove clutter from the coffee table. Add a plant.

    Great coffee table. My cats would love it.

    • That’s the only thing that table is good for – a cat scratching post. You’d never notice where kitty had been stroping her claws

  17. Cap moon and Asc (Scorp sun) and I have no problem w/ the skull. I do think that it shouldn’t be on the coffee table though. Too large and obstructive there, would be better put on a pedestal somewhere in one of the corners.

  18. Well my imaginary fave space is totally Feng’d Out, so, NO to:
    – creepy antiques
    – dimpled copper ANYTHING
    – animal skins on the floor
    – skulls of any type (though I do love the horned god look it has)
    – weapons, wooden or otherwise

    Leo Sun, Scorp Moon. I don’t find this very stylish or fresh. The railway sleeper table is ok.

  19. Cap moon–everything but the skull is soothing. I do appreciate the beauty of old bones and would like a painting of it or to treat it with more respect under glass or something. And not on a coffee table! Love all the texture.

  20. I love the table but the way they’ve set out the nick-nacks looks like they’re trying to hoc them at the local markets.

    “Ten bucks for the ugly skull thing, Luv?”

  21. Giraffe skull. Natural death, I hope. Otherwise, no.
    Love the clunky table and the couch that looks like peeling birch bark. About the taxidermy thing, I have come to this conclusion about it regarding myself…I have some skulls, and I have strong ‘horn’ signs.
    (Cap ASC, Saturn Aries, Toro Moon)
    I am comfortable with life and death, if a skull is a nature find ala Georgia O’Keeffe, or a clean kill that has been blessed. I have lots of found Earth stuff in my place~rocks and tree pod balls, porcupine quills, feathers and all sorts of oddities. Cardinal Earth

  22. Libra Sun, Aries Moon

    I like the skull – I think it’s beautiful & strange – but I’m too much of an animist to have real sculls in my home. They just feel too powerful & it throws my balance off.

    Other than the skull, I like the overall warmth of the room, hate the metal mushroom & log stools, love the table (I hope they didn’t gloss it – big hunks of wood should be matte) and am indifferent to the rest of the objects.

    What I like about the room is that the hodgepodge makes it look like people actually live there – instead of the sterile, too-arranged look of many magazine interiors photos. It feels like you could eat snacks on that couch & your hosts would be right there with you, their bare feet on the table pushing the pipe thing & the vase to the side.

  23. it’s hard to work out who to shoot for this set up – the decorator? ….um it’s about that beaten copper toadstool & plastic/wax faux tree trunk in the foreground … ?

    the stylist – WTF’s with the Mexican blanket?
    the fashion director – for the preggo-look module?
    or the art director – for asking preggo-look module to moonwalk?

    maybe they were all trying ‘too hard’ & overlooked how wrong the Giraffe skull is … especially sitting atop the hide under the table.

    maybe they all had a hit on the crack pipe & said ‘let’s create fashion’ ….

    • Barefoot and pregnant maybe? Might as well throw that into the whole contrived caveman look.

      • Ok – I just followed the link to the entire vogue article/feature and seeing the rest of the article helps make sense of this room. She is pregnant in the photo, and there’s no stylist involved – the other pics show that. Looks like they are random collectors/hoarders to me. Her glass bottle collection is ok :) The rest? :x

        • yeah I was wondering if faux ‘up the duff’ was the new look also until clicked to article & realised same same as you CC – also paused for a second on glass bottles ….

          eclecticism’s only interesting when derived from a good eye …. this reeks of random meaningless objects, overly considered. except for the crack pipe ….. ;-)

  24. Too much clutter – I like the table, but clear the junk so we can spread out some snacks eh ??

    I agree with most others – no to beige curtains, animal skin etc, love the big wide couch.
    The skull is beautiful, but not in the house. Years ago a friend gave me her (beloved) skulls when she moved interstate – a horse & a cow – I put them in the garden – but they really just reminded me of the terrible drought years in the 60’s when I was growing up !!

  25. She is pregnant, which explains the horrible dress in the first image, but not what she would pair leopard skin print and polka dots (see last image on the slideshow) and why that fugly dog is everywhere.

    The only things I’d take from that apartment are her glass bottle collection and the idea of a compartmentalised jewellery drawer. I’m taking a trip to Howard’s Storage World tomorrow to get straight onto that.